what it is about

2009-05-02 Will Johnson

What is it?
You need at the top of this, some kind of statement as to what this Knol is about.

2009-05-05 kalle schwarz

i could write a book what it is for me, but i can not say what it is for you .
perhaps one can say it is a voting-tree . as you live in in america, you know the election men .
(please exuse my english (i call it “knol-speach”), it’s a big handicap for me not to write in german (sometimes i wish we had won the war, then we could speak in german now ;-))
perhaps you can say, it’s an election system without parties .
you can tell me, who of the knol authors you know should be knol star and i’ll mount you .
but as you are constructing family trees, you surely can do this by your own .
you can write at the top some words of your own . it’s open collaboration .
(a quote of alexander the great comes to my mind . he was asked, who should rule after him . – the best !)
p.s. on the right hand you have a button : “search for knols that link to this page” .
p.s.s. perhaps we can say it’s a super neuron . knol is like a brain . the pages are like neurons and the links are like synapsies .

2009-05-07 Murry Shohat

Hate Speech, apology demanded
I take extreme objection to this comment by Kalle Schwarz in the exchange with Will Johnson, above. She or he may not know how truly offensive this is, not just to those who claim connection to the Holocaust, but to all freedom loving people everywhere. Thinking about the world’s languages, this is hate speech even if he maintains it was said in jest.
“sometimes i wish we had won the war, then we could speak in german now”

2009-05-07 kalle schwarz

internet can be so wonderful .
your comment will bring me millions of trillions of page views .
didn’t know, that i am such a master of black humor . thanks .

2009-05-07 kalle schwarz

dear murry monster, your charge has a logical flaww .
you can’t win a war against the jews .
the jews in germany were the intellectual elite .
so if the germans had wanted to win the war, they had to use the jews as their elite .
then, because of the big jewish influence, even america wouldn’t have fighted against us .
some people say the jews learned the genocide from the nazis, but that is not true .
did you know that the jews were the first in human history to practise genocide ? (book of joshua)

ATTENTION ! this is an ironical posting !
mandierhamsedochinshirrnjepupt .

2009-05-07 AK

Hallo Kalle. Ich weiß, dass du deine Kommentare nicht ernst meinst. Aber auch eine witzig gemeinte Zuschreibung bleibt eine Zuschreibung. Ich finde die Kommentare NICHT witzig. Auch nicht die Titulierung “Murry Monster”.
… Du hast sehr gute Ideen und sehr viel Humor. Das ist gut. Auch wenn ich nicht immer damit übereinstimme.
I wish someone will do the first steps to build a new group. A group with enough place for the different point of views and ideas.
Let’s looking forward, let’s build a new group together with Panos, Peter Baskerville, Murry and Krishan.

2009-05-09 Angela

Hallo Kalle,
Ich klassifiziere wirklich das als Hass-Rede nicht! Ich finde, dass es nichts hat, um mit Juden und keinen politischen falschen Behauptungen zu tun. Vielleicht ging das ganze “Ungeheuer”-Ding ein bisschen zu weit, aber “ich wünsche, dass wir gewonnen hatten der Krieg” scheint mir fein zu sein. Sie sprachen nur über Ihr Englisch, das schlecht ist, und ich finde, dass das keine Hass-Rede ist. Murry, versuchen Sie, es vom Gesichtspunkt von Kalle zu sehen!

2009-05-09 Peter Baskerville

Kalle, ‘black humor’ based on race for the purpose of attracting ‘millions of trillions of page views’ is unacceptable behavour to me and so I have reported it.
You discredit the Knol Site’s Number ranked 1 author with the word ‘monster’ yet continue to honor a self confessed plagiariser (Randy K) and a Knol Site phantom (D Boone) by continuing to leave their links on a page headed “Knol Author Foundation” (KAF).
Is it any wonder that the KAF continues to suffer resignation after resignation, including your long serving countryman Andreas Kemper, with behavior like this from a founding director of that foundation.
The future of Knol will not tolerate this kind of language or behaviour, so I suggest an immediate apology to Murry and a take down of all comments based on race or personal vitriol (however ironic), if you wish to play a part in Knol’s future.

2009-05-09 Murry Shohat

Your support is deeply appreciated, Peter. Having flagged this immature idiot, I’ve chosen to employ the Peter Baskerville strategy for excellence: show ’em your tail.

2009-05-09 KS @ AK

you said “Murry Monster” ;-(
dassdiesejudeneinendochgleichimmerandenpfahlbringenodersteinigenmuessen 🙂

2009-05-09 AK@KS

I didn’t say “Murry Monster” – I criticized you for your words. Please stop the provocation and don’t make such kind of jokes. It’s time to gain confidence – but if you call other people “monster” and if you make such kind of jokes, nobody will trust in you.

2009-05-09 KS @ AK

look at the videos und überleg dir außerdem, dass die kritik für einen nicht-deutschen ja gar nicht erkenntlich ist, dann verstehst du vielleicht den witz . es steckt aber noch viel mehr dahinter . es ist ein suchen nach der richtigen antwort auf die gemeinheit unseres kleinen m-monsterchens, der hier einen zusammenhang an den haaren herbeigezogen hat, der mir überhaupt nicht in den sinn gekommen ist . verlangst du etwa, dass ich mich jetzt entschuldigen soll . für etwas, was garnicht vorhanden ist ? in eine solche verrücktheit kann man doch nur durch angst und feigheit getrieben werden .
natürlich ist Murry kein Monster, der ausdruck soll ihm einfach nur mein bauch-gefühl widerspiegeln .
moreover, I believe that I get more confidence when I am authentic, instead of behaving tactically.

2009-05-09 Peter Baskerville

In a comment to Andreas – 5/9 KS @ AK – Kalie admits “Murry is obviously not a monster” (Google Translate) yet he chooses to inflame and Spiros Kakos also points out on the same Knol that “Too many people spend much time and energy for personal attacks”. Kalle is the loose cannon on Knol, treating the platform as a bulliten board for personal attacks and I hope that it is within Knol’s policy to deal with it.
I agree with your new approach. Becides it’s not the Baskerville strategy, it’s the one I adopted from my favoutite poem – IF by Rudyard Kipling
“If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools” … then you’ll be a Man, my son!

2009-05-09 Murry Shohat

Good points all and proper credit as well. That ship of fools has struck a sandbar in poor weather. Lack of proper nutrition is generating hallucinatory proposals, childish games. Mutiny continues.

2009-05-09 Angela

I find Kalle’s message to contain no hate speech. Kalle merely had a comment that to me had zilch to do with Jews or politically incorrect material. I believe you completely mistook Kalle’s meaning. What happened to freedom of speech anyway? You misinterpreted him, it seems.

2009-05-09 Murry Shohat

Angela is a fake and anonymous i.d., a “sock puppet” in Wikipedia language. Kalle in his own defense. But he is naked. Kalle, your remarks are offensive to many for the very clear reason that your wish to have won the war promotes an anti-culture achieved through german hegemony or an empire or imperial state. It is egregiously disrespectful of every other culture. “Offered in jest” is not an excuse.

2009-05-12 Angela

A “sock puppet”?!? Murry, this is just as unacceptable as you believe Kalle’s comment was. I am reporting yours as an abusive comment. Calling me a fake is also unacceptable. If you wish to call Kalle an “immature idiot”, you are only being very immature yourself. I expected a more mature from such a prolific, intelligent, and popular knol author. I agree with Murry on most of his opinions, but not this. This is an immature way to react.

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