financial crisis

5/15 KS @ WJ
you are right . today it’s the same . whuffy is a writing system . no less and no more . but it’s global .

5/1 WJ @ theworld
Below somewhere it is mentioned that the invention of money created math. I just wanted to say here that I think rather it was the invention of *trade* not specifically money. That is, if today I trade you 3 chickens for 5 barrels of wheat, then tomorrow I trade someone else 5 barrels of wheat for a donkey, then I want to keep track of all those trades. Over time I want to see if the value of a chicken is going up or down compared to a donkey. So I keep careful records, and shrewdly I exploit the market when chickens are valuable to eventually buy a house or a bar of gold. You do not need money to do this, only the ability to trade and record your trades. So trade created writing for one thing. And also led to the creation of money later on.4/22 KVSS @ KSI think we are yet to understand the google gold (the blood) and whuffy, the heart that circulates the blood and the body that creates the blood as well as heart and ensures that it grows. We will understand at some point in time as you are repeatedly explaining to us and implement it. As I told SK you may feel you have a logical solution to a problem, but others may not feel so. It may take some time for them to see the picture that you can imagine and see in a phenomena.

4/21 KS
“every single individual has to be offered a certain minimum of some viable currency to live a basically healthy, educated and respectful life.”
that’s a very popular idea in germany . we call it “bürger-geld” (cityzen money) .
money is like blood a circulatory system . but the circulation doesn’t work .
whuffy may start a circulation . but there must be a circulation, which enables whuffy .
the pledges start whuffy . so money -> (whuffy -> doing something -> whuffy) -> money is the circulation .
the google-gold auction provide us with fresh money, so we can change our whuffys and the circulation goes on . but the google-gold auction can only take place, if there is a guarantee that the game (slumdog millionaire) continues . if the team agrees, we may test it . i guarantee 1000 $ . so we can at least make 9 auctions (one or two per month).
btw. this is a strong motivation to become a knol author, because only knol authors can take part on the auction .

4/19 SK @ KS
I was thinking of your whuffy. It is a very noble idea. Every single individual has to be offered a certain minimum of some viable currency to live a basically healthy, educated and respectful life. It has to be an international standard currency on lines of the World Banks SDR (which is just paper money) but real. We have to keep researching it till we find a viable model. Did you know that Ecuador abolished its own currency and adopted the US dollar as its official currency and now their standard of living has actually gone up? This Ecuadorean effect must be studied very seriously and thoroughly researched to extract better understanding of what happened there and why.

4/9 KS @ KVSS and SK
the hiduism link shows a wonderful article .
we can knit that together with the $$$ topic .
so money becomes the religion of the material things .
there are many forms of money, but indeed there is only one money .
to make more and more money, is the wrong way .
the right way is to start with a universal unit of money and devide it to make it as fine-grained as it is needed .
now we can convert all the other currencies into this money .
in the bible there is an interesting picture, which fits it :
6  The LORD sent fiery serpents among the people and they bit the people, so that many people of Israel died.
8  Then the LORD said to Moses, “Make a fiery serpent, and set it on a standard; and it shall come about, that everyone who is bitten, when he looks at it, he will live.”
9  And Moses made a bronze serpent and set it on the standard; and it came about, that if a serpent bit any man, when he looked to the bronze serpent, he lived.
btw. the bronze serpent on the standard ($) is a double symbol of wisdom .

3/29 KS at PG
“the invention of money (that contributed to the invention of maths and of writing by the way) was one of the greatest advance of mankind”
i agree .
btw. the chinese are proposing a new world currency .
but i think, the next step is whuffy, followed by google gold 🙂

3/27 PG at SK, KS, KVSS
About the financial crisis article, I flagged another article using the same title which is just a copy & paste of a wikipedia article # * About the trader psychology article, to answer SK question, maybe we can become creative and start together a specific article about what are the psychological effects of the virtuality of money and of other money-related instruments. To deal with non tangible assets certainly affects the mind differently than buying apples in the supermarket or a house to live in, things our senses can smell, see, touch…. This is specific not only to traders but also to official bodies (country gvts, treasury, central banks) that can think they have a god-like power to create money and that they are creating riches in doing so, while in fact creating commitments. Personaly I think that the invention of money (that contributed to the invention of maths and of writing by the way) was one of the greatest advance of mankind, and also something with metaphysical traits, but on the other hand it creates enormous responsibilities when creating it and using it.

3/27 SK
“More money is needed but new and judicious ways to make it effectively solve the current economic mess is more essential. No more just giving away money to the big financial institutions.”
“When money is just printed by a government then it is being created from the domain of thin air. For all practical purposes this domain of thin air is real. And there are laws even in the territory of the domain of thin air. In fact I have interviewed the Lord of thin air and it is clear that even he acts by the laws of actual reality! What if most of the toxic mortgage swaps that the banks are under pressure to honor are and were illegal in the first place. I think all mortgages must be examined, I know it is a long process but it is necessary and the ones that are illegal the government must understand that it cannot use money from thin air to legitimize illegal mortgage swaps.Actually many of the mortgage swaps themselves have been traded in thin air. There came a point when these paper trades became worthless. Trying to make these worthless trades real is going to be very costly and perhaps illegal for the government to cover. Sooner than later the Lord of reality will force the Lord of thin air to start taking these borrowed trillions back by reducing the value of the dollar and then real values, net values of the whole country will start vanishing.
A quote from the Lord of thin air,
“Stock trading takes place in the real world and stock trading takes place in thin air. Look at all the money that trades on paper every day. Do you think this value really exists in your real world? Why do you think the value starts to sink of a stock as soon as a few big guns start dumping the stock?
Much of this trading takes place in my domain. So your government better wake up to the laws of my territory and not legitimize paper assets with real printed money that is coming out of my  domain of thin air for then I will have to devalue the dollar across the board!”

3/23 KVSS @ KS
Yes, Why not?

3/23 KS
i just detected that

how to make money 

could also be read as a poem

3/22 PG @ KVSS
I liked your brilliant stock poems.
A few verses can make clear to people things that otherwise would need long technical explanations.
Maybe we should use more poetry in our knols 🙂

3/21 KVSS
I started writing some things like poems or rhymes. One of our foundation members is inspiration for that. One more person is a US educated Indian whom I met yesterday at a conference on management.
Stock Market Poems
A collection of poems/rhymes on stock market.
Any suggestions on how to write such things are welcome.

3/17 KS
it’s interesting : for the europeans money is slavery , for the us americans money is freedom .

3/9 AK
The World Bank today:
Crisis Reveals Growing Finance Gaps for Developing Countries. Research shows poorer countries are short of $270- $700 billion for 2009
Is Knol able to start a worldwide discussion about the crisis?

2/16 KS
how to make money
gold has been a +2 money for long times .
then men invented gold covered paper money (+1) .
after a while it was no longer gold covered (-1) .
today there is much more money than there are goods (-2) .
how can we turn this to +2 ?
we can do it by google gold
with our pledges we can buy google gold by auction and sell it again .
the returns are used to pay out whuffy if requested .



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