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authors : Narayana Rao, Sajid Khan,kalle schwarz, Jan Eijking, village idiot

1. Self certify your knols. Certify the knols that you have completed in all respects and you feel that they are comprehensive and authoritative.
2. Good Things – Happenings in Knol
You can identify and write good things that are happening in knol.
3. Certify knols of other authors and build up a bank of other author certified knols. Such a certification will provide confidence to visitors and potential visitors.
This knol is an authoritative article – Certification by Other Authors
4. A style sheet that can easily be applied to with Firefox.
5. A detailed knol I visited today. risk management in commercial banks
I wrote a comment that references are to be included in the knol to make it useful to visitors and readers.
6.Knol – Success or Failure. A view
Based on my analysis of the Google JotSpot acquisition and the still youthful Knol service, I’m not prepared to label Knol or describe it as either a success or failure. In my opinion, Knol is a multi purpose beta. Its principal value may be in the enterprise, not the consumer space. But for me, I have too little data and an incomplete understanding of how the JotSpot “plumbing” is implemented; therefore, I am neutral. What’s your view?Stephen Arnold, September 23, 2008
Knol authors! What is your view?
7.Knol – Success or Failure. A view
Knol is far less similar to Wikipedia than it is to Squidoo…
If Knol is destined to become another Squidoo — not a total failure, but not a success by any means, then Internet users can feel free to ignore it (just as they did Orkut, Google’s Facebook competitor).
Knol authors! What is your view?
8.Knol – Success or Failure. A view
Number Six: Knol
It’s too early to tell if they’ll succeed, or for that matter, to label Knol an also-ran or a gratuitous use of server cycles. But it shouldn’t take long.

Interesting knol on knee replacement surgery.
Quadriceps sparing total knee replacement
Interesting knol
Clean Energy 2030 – Google’s proposal
Interesting knol
The Teachings of Jesus in The Gospel of Matthew
Interesting knol
The Achievement of Obama – An Individual Rising to the Level of Creator

Can I share this? Please remove it if it is not appropriate here. – Sajid Khan
Love and wisdom are made up of the same raw material; the authentic being (self). How does love management sound? Wisdom/Love is the ultimate expression of being human; if it needs management then it is a controlled wisdom/love and not authentic wisdom/love. When one talks about managing wisdom then what one is really talking about is managing those negative emotions that prevent one from becoming wise. Which means that one is carrying emotional garbage in the mostly unconscious part of the brain and in order to manage ones behavior wisely one has to learn to manage the negative forces generated by the emotional baggage. To become authentically wise one must learn to remove the emotional garbage from the brain. Wisdom management is like gold plated brass and wisdom is like pure gold. They may look the same but they don’t ‘experience’ the same. They don’t even produce the same results. In fact you can put value to wisdom management – it is tremendous; but pure wisdom is priceless. Pure wisdom is pure wisdom and wisdom management is controlling ignorance.
The next big leap in human evolution is in our own hands.
The whole universe is evolving. Mother Nature has produced this earth as a laboratory to try every means possible to create a perfect living being. Through trial and error, through permutations and combinations many species have evolved. Perhaps other species have extremely intelligent brains too like dolphins but they don’t have the right body to carry out intelligent behavior to produce goods. We humans are the only ones that have evolved with the right combination of brain and body to perfect and mold the world to our desires. Our brain/mind has now developed to an extent that we can now use our own brain/mind to evolve our very own brain to the next super man level! We can use brain/wisdom exercises/therapy/education to produce physically and emotionally superior quality human brains enmasse. The next big leap in human evolution is in our own hands.

My latest knol
Knol managers are quite fast in responding.
I saw an article on knol today.
Why does Google Knol’s search suck so much? (by Deane   September 6, 2008 9:47 PM)
There was an answer by by Michael McNally,   September 18, 2008 3:54 PM   in the comments.
You caught Knol during a period when we had updated our site and broken our search relevance. Sorry! It is better now. The search for [content management system] retrieves more reasonable results.
What is a Content Management System? Knowledge Management – Back to Basic Principles Business Service Management Knol Terms of Service Content Strategy
Cheers, Michael McNally
But I do not think knol authors have shown such response so far in finding out what visitors are saying about their knols and doing the necessary things to improve the reader utility.
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2008 11-15 kalle schwarz

first i beg your pardon because of my bad english .

this is the reason for answering so late .

its also the reason, that i can’t tell you fully the details .
the criterion for a super group of knol authors is the readiness to communicate (sajid khan would call it wisdom) .
you can figure communication by a system of streets, which connect you wit other persons .
if you look for the main streets or for the streets which lead you to the capital, you get a structure like a tree .
i think our capital is google . so we need an election tree (knoller tree) to discuss with google (for instance to change the start-page (yes, we can:)).
“autor des monats” (knoller of the month) is a beginning .
for an example of the structure, please look here : )
kalle schwarz
2008 11-15 Sajid Ali Khan
Dear Mr. Schwarz you made my day! If you are ever in New York please give me the honor for lunch.(Your English is better than mine and so is your brain power). Since the ancient times all the prophets are telling us to follow ‘the way’, the Tao. One is supposed to follow the way in all respects of life 24/7. I am just trying to make the way more concrete. All my knols are explaining the bottom line theme that the Tao is real. It is not just a belief system. It is the way of wisdom. And I am trying to wake up the world that every one has the potential to become wise. It is an innate part of our human nature. I am trying to make the wisdom path/Tao an exact science. I know I have done it. I have removed wisdom from the realm of philosophy and put it solidly in the realm of pure science. The bigger task for all of us is to convince the movers and shakers of education from the political leadership to the education leadership to explore the possibility that wisdom is the fragrance, that comes from a fully developed emotional intelligence, which it is. In my equation it is people like you who must take up my torch because this is not for me. It is for the whole world. Just look around you, can you even measure the cost and I am not taking about just the emotional cost of being a few steps away from a wisdom powered life. Look at the economic costs of whole groups and countries running/ruining their brains on a group trophy self image. (I am putting up  an expanded version of this message as a knol addressed to you).
2008 11-15 Narayana Rao
Knollers want the start page of knol to be changed. Kalle schwarz says yes it can be changed through a dialogue between author community and knol. In his terms it requires a knoller tree to continue the dialogue with the google.
 “autor des monats” (knoller of the month) is a beginning to form the author tree.
for an example of the structure the following wiki page is to be visited )

2008 11-15
Sajid Khan

Dear Prof. Rao:

This message board you created is quite a miracle.
I would  like to invite you to join the board of directors of my ‘Wisdom Express’. I am going to have 5 members. For now it is not much but I do intend to announce 10 stars of wisdom as starters. You will have the right to choose two wisdom stars. Please let me know.- Sajid Khan
Fellow knolers must help each other in any way we can. We can set up our own association like I suggested “World Knol Association”. I have an antique shop dealing in antique and custom lighting called ‘Sheba Antiques’ at 233 East, 59 Street, NY City where fellow knolers can come and shop if they need lighting.  I would like to encourage other knolers to share their business interests so we can all help each other in business or other profession wise. Right now I need a carpenter and I can give this work to a fellow knoler who is also a carpenter. My house is near The George Washington Bridge area. I have even thought of an internet portal like Sim City. The difference would be that ‘Knol City’ will not just be an internet/cyber space reality. It would be a mixture of both. People can become citizens of ‘Knol City’ and share their real happiness and pleasures and problems. People can enter this knol city as real as possible and say things like, ‘ I am so and so, I am looking for a life partner. This is who I am and this is what I want.’ Or ‘I am a plumber in this area and I want a job. These are my references’. A whole new way of life will be created with a real inter action between the real world and the internet. So lets start ‘Knol City’ or we can call it ‘Google City’. We can also be guides or even host fellow visiting knolers from other cities/countries. Even a local knol association for India to help our fellow knolers there. How about starting a ‘Knol thrift store for the poor. I have not seen a single thrift store in India. I can provide you with information how to set it up.

2008 11-16
Narayana Rao

My 500th Knol
Maharashtra – A State of India – Economy
An open collaboration knol
“World Knol Association”.
Mr.Sajid Ali Khan has given the call.
Mr. Howard is looking for a knollers association in New York. We can look forward to the association shortly.
Dear Sajid Ali Khan
As you mentioned in your knol we need two actions: One some activity for good quality knols. Two some activity for bringing  visitors to knol. Authors should communicate what they are doing to promote their knols and motivate others also to do something.  Thank you for the directorship offer. Do you want to choose your stars from knollers?
I hope knol help team launches knol bulletin board quickly and promote messages between authors or visitors on a centralized basis..
 Daer Prof. Rao:
You have already started this message board. Lets make this one a success and fellow knolers can start similar message boards in their own areas all over the world. We must create knol associations not only to help fellow knolers but also to help change the world and for instance as I suggested we can explore ways for instance to take effective ideas from different parts of the world and introduce them in other parts of the world like we can start thrift stores in India and we can introduce ‘gobar gas plants’ in the rural areas of America.  We can categorize the message board into as you already did, new ideas and unique ideas that already are effective in local areas. Its like taking tested and beneficial local ideas universal. For example one area where America is very good is that there is very little red tape. Another idea is that the reason New York City is the most successful city in the world is because there is unlimited access to the city. When I look at India I say to my self India can be another America but it is the corruption, the red tape and not the least bottle neck in the exports that is keeping India down. No matter how much we increase our manufacturing if the goods cannot be delivered efficiently and in time then all progress will remain stunted. Please also read view my knol ‘Wisdom Authority’.Mr. Howard can email me at and we can start the ball rolling for a knol association in NY.
Wisdom Stars will be people who are wise and are having a ripple effect on the community at large. In my mind President Elect Obama comes to mind but he does not need this award. We must give these to people who deserve our respect and are unrecognized. This award can be given to a knoler or anyone else who is making a difference in other people’s life. So you can choose any one you think deserves this honor. At the end of the year, if it is Ok with you we can announce all 10 wisdom stars in as many message boards as possible starting with your message board. Thanks for giving me new ideas. When you said ‘your stars’ I immediately thought of ‘our stars of humanity’  – Sajid Khan

2008-11-16 / kalle schwarz
you really encourage me to continue this communication 🙂
fragrance memories come to my mind :
a former group, the most concious group of my life
(+2 +2 (two women + two men)) . we lived together for some years, and life was paradise .
but yes, i agree : lets make this message board a success . as a group, we can also make others wise .
because a concius group is like a wife, which loves its children .
an old friend (of my wiki days) comes to my mind . i would like if we could make him wise (and perhaps he can make little translations for me (he likes to speak english :)) . so, what do you mean, let us invite him to this ting (old word for council) ?
2008 11-17 Sajid Khan.
Bhagwan Ragneesh was once asked ‘how come you are a god and I am not?’ He replied ‘you are a god too the only difference is you don’t know it.’ And this kind of stuff is in every scripture.  I am translating this to mean that I have wisdom and I know it. You have wisdom too but you don’t know it (I mean others don’t know, not you specifically). So I have taken up this task to awaken you to your true self which in its fully developed state is wise. I can see that you are a free spirit. Which means you are closer to wisdom than you realize. On a little more serious note I have decided to start ‘World Knoller’s Association’ and not ‘World Knol Association’ in difference to our Prof. Rao. You can start your own chapter in your neighborhood and invite your friends to join. And what is this about your English not being good enough? At least in America and this is one of the great thing about America, any accent is good enough and any form/level of English is good enough. Your English is more than good enough. It seems to me your self image is telling you that your English is not good.  Please don’t believe your self image. Get rid of him ASP. You can do it.

2008-11-17 /
kalle schwarz
you are right, but it’s much more easier to write and to think in the same language
espacially if the context is more complex and you are trying, not to lose the thread .
the problem is, that if i’m writing in english, i’m thinking in german .
the name ‘world knoller’s association’ is better than ‘ world knol association’, because things exist to serve persons . on the other hand, persons organise in groups to manage things better . americans are self-made men – the next step is to learn to make self-made groups (conscious groups) . my question was : if a newby (newbie) comes down to this knol, are we ready to concentrate us to (her/him) ?
what does ASP mean ? answer set programming ?

2008, 11-17 Sajid Khan
There you go again you gave me an idea. How about if one consciously thought in one language and wrote in another; would it not be a new kind of brain exercise?

No matter how complex, so far you have expressed your ideas in English elegantly.
I know that the Prof. and you are both right as I said I will register ‘World Knoller Association’. We can all three do it at the same time, you in Germany, our Prof. in India and I here in NYC. But it is not going to be easy I am already trying for people to start my free franchise of the Wisdom Express. So far there is one branch here and one in Jaipur, India. As for new people coming to our knols as time passes more and more traffic will come.  But the best bet lies with the google people themselves. When I google my full name Sajid Ali Khan I come up #1 only because some company is impressed with my inventions and is tracking them. When I google Sajid Khan I come up on page 8/9. Some actor Sajid Khan is all over. Acting is good it entertains but I have sweated for decades before I succeeded in taking wisdom out of the realm of metaphysics/philosophy and have put wisdom firmly in the realm of science.
I have quantified the mind, which means all human action is quantified. It was Pythagoras who said life is numbers. I have made it crystal clear that every life can be lived by numbers. Even war and peace is quantified. War is -2 and peace is +2. Will -2 ever = +2? They can keep fighting for 1000 years but still war will never equal peace because -2 can never = +2. Read my knol on my bio.
By my number theory Western European Nations are at peace only in name. Because by numbers they are at a truce which is +1 and as a result of being +1 they outspend each other just to be the toughest in the neighbor hood inspite of all the peace around them. By my numbers theory I can prove that American upbringing is +1  where as it can be +2. Most 3rd World countries are -1 and it is the reason why life opportunities there are also -1. I can even prove what is right and what is wrong with your life if you answer my questions. I can even tell you what your life will be 10/20 years from now. I have even figured out the reasons for the current economic crisis, my knol is running #1. The real culprit is American +1 upbringing. In plain words America (and every one else copies us) earns money with a well educated+2 mind and spends it with a +1 mind/brain. (Earning money with the mind and spending it with the heart). Earning money through the true self and spending it on the whims of the self image.
I have even speculated that the ego is the self image. Id is the desire to recreate womb-reality and super ego is the real you. I have said that human nature is due to ‘womb-conditioning’ a concept I coined. I even have a formula for success. I have even defined the self within the paradigm of science. I have…many more original ideas yet do you think by googling my name Sajid Khan I can ever come up on the first page of google ahead of the actor Sajid Khan? Only when google decide that some of our knols are ground breaking and need to be read by millions and so our best bet for now is to convince google to give our ideas more exposure on the main web. I even discovered a spreading epidemic that is below the radar screen – this problem of 24/7 horniness.  Yet my warning of this spreading epidemic has been read by not even a few hundred people.  I better stop before this becomes another knol.
ASP means as soon as possible. I meant your English is good but your self image thinks and has made you believe that your English is not good. So I was saying get rid of your self image as soon as possible.

2008, 11-18 Narayana Rao

Knol Author Bio-Data – Write It Strategically
It is an open collaboration knol. I look forward to your additions to the knol to make it more useful.

2008, 11-19 kalle schwarz
@ ali
you got it . i will write in english, like i think in german .
we can call that knol speech 🙂
i am very curious to know, what my life will be 10/20 years from now .
therefore i am ready to answer your questions .
@ prof
i dont want to write into your knol (because of my knol speech ;)),
but i can give a hint : as little as possible, as much as necessary .
what to the links, i think, a number of 4 till 8 is enough .
one of them should in any case point to our message board 🙂
@ wisdom council
we don’t need 1000 pages . we can start with this one .
if it grows and becomes longer and longer, we can put the lower part to a proper page .
if nobody cares, i will do that . (done)
we also don’t need europe or america . we can start with ourselves .
if our group grows and becomes bigger and bigger, we can make two groups .
we should unify about this .

2008, 11-19 KVSS Narayana Rao

This bulletin board for December will be opened by Mr. Sajid Ali Khan as his knol. For January Mr. Kalle Schwarz. Until Knol opens a central bulletin board, we will keep rotating this knol between knollers. This itself can be treated as a knoller association activity.

Narayana Rao K.V.S.

thank you for the rotating offer . does that mean, that in january i can reset a version, if necessary ?
can’t see a corresponding button .
as you noticed, i deleted the title ‘messages’ (as an example of “as little as possible .. “) .
if you think, the title is necessary, please restore it .
kalle schwarz

2008, 11-19 Sajid Khan
Dear Prof. Rao:
I know nothing how to manage bulletin boards. This knol is yours alone; you are a rare gem. I am focused on trying to publish 75 knols on wisdom in book form. There are a few ways I can do it ( is willing to publish and sell on the internet) but I am looking for a big publisher. As soon as I succeed I will push for a book on your knols. If you want you can email me 75 of your knols in proper order with a name and a forward. I will publish a few samples of your book and take them to publishers when I take my sample book. Maybe both our books can come out at the same time. I first thought of, ‘My first 75 knols’ as the title then I decided on ‘You’ as the title. If you read my knols, Forward and Super knol: Who are you? . it will give you an idea of my book’s theme.What do you think of starting a ‘Chanda Mama’ kind of knol section for kids?Also how about starting a barter business on your bulletin board?  Suppose one person has excess ‘A’ goods and wants to exchange for ‘Y’ goods. Or I need a bunglow in Banglore for two weeks in exchange for 2 weeks of my house in US. This will work locally and internationally.Dear Mr. Schwarz:
All the wisdom you need is already there in the Gita and the Bible. “As you sow so shall you reap”. Do I need to explain more what your life will be 10/20 years from now?

2008, 11-20 kalle schwarz
first i should know, how i should mention your names .
for me prof is nice and ali is nice and as i guess, i’m the oldest of us, i took the privileg to call you so .
but now, i’m not shure if you like that . please tell me, how you prefer to be called .
by the way, you can give me every name you like
(if you translate my author-page you’ll find that kalle schwarz is only my author-name) .
second we should unify about the top of our massages .
i think date name is the best form, because one can refer to it .
therefore, though date1 name1 name2 is shorter,
date1 name1 date1 name2 is better .
and in the futur bulletin board google can use this form by automatical linking it  .
(what do you think of a special back ground color?)

2008, 11-20 KVSS Narayana Rao

I am happy to see  the page view number of this knol.

Are we providing useful information for the visitors? We need to encourage more authors to write their messages on this page.
@Kalle Schwarz
For the questions of Mr. Kalle Schwarz, My proposal is that a new knol should be opened for each month by a different knoller. Mr. Sajid Khan need not worry managing it. He has to open a new knol on 1st December on open collaboration basis. We will manage it. In January Kalle Schwarz opens and he will make more innovations in it.
Date1 name1 date1 name2 convention seems to good. Also authors can sign off with with their name with link to their bio knol. Then visitors can go to their bio knol easily. Special back ground colour idea is good. While it is ok to call me Prof, there will many profs on knol. Narayana Rao may be more unique.
@Sajid Ali Khan
It is very good that you are searching for the publisher. Your knols are very unique and specialized. They should get wide circulation through print medium. In contrast I am writing usual stuff. But luckily at the moment I am in touch with all the top publishers of text books and they want me to write a text. But I am not taking up the assignment as it will block around two years of my time. First let me complete this knol project and write 1000 comprehensive knols. Only a handful of my knols are comprehensive in a simple sense. I have to bring all the knols to this simple comprehensive level and then enrich them to really comprehensive level. It will take good amount of time. But the page views and interaction with co-authors like you and Kalle provides the motivation to remain with the project. Also I have to specially appreciate knol help. They respond to every suggestion many times positively. It is really nice to work with such a team.
2008, 11-20
Sajid Khan
@ Prof.
When I hear the word Prof. three names come to mind. Prof. Chomsky at MIT, Prof. Polimini of Turo College, NY City and you, Sir. As far as knol is concerned you will always be the Prof. Just like the Judge . The fact that you are so humble shows that you are a miracle of Mother Nature. It is an honor that you think so highly of my work. Also how about a knol section for kids?

2008, 11-21 kalle schwarz
i fully agree with sajiad khan .
even, if there are other profs, they are prof 2, prof 3, and so on .
but you are prof 1 .

2008, 11-21 KVSS Narayana Rao
My latest knol
Maintaining Strong Body During Old Age
I am inspired to write the knol by news item that described the effort of an eighty one year old lady in winning the New York Marathon in her age group.
I am also an old man now. Let me know how to keep my fitness by writing this knol.

2008-11-21 kalle schwarz

@ prof

i think, our wisdom council is the right challenge to keep us young 🙂

as to the links to our bio knols :
there are already links to each of us made by google on the right side of this page,
while that’s not the case in the sub page i made : board 1 . so i will link us at the top of  that sub knol .
could we delete the corresponding part of “board 1” in this page
and instead make a link to “board 1” ?

@ sajid khan

once more 1000 thanks for your genial idea to make my foible a faible (as we say in german (a special liking)) . so we can call my denglish knol-speech and everyone can buy it 😉

i also agree, that kids will come to knol and we have to gave them a hearty welcome .

2008-11-21 KVSS Narayana Rao
I agree with Mr.K.S. Links are available on the right hand side.
We need to write some messages that are useful to visitors.
Authors need to write their latest knols, recently updated knols, any assistance they want from the visitors in enriching the knols etc. need to be written to make it worthwhile to visitors to have a peek at this page.
My latest knol is once again on old age health.
Sharp Memory in Old Age – Biological and Behavioral Aspects
In this week I completed two training programs for working executives
1. Strategic Cost Management
2. Cost Economic and Financial Analysis for Operating Executives. I am making available the materials used by me as reading material for the program as knols. 

2008-11-21 kalle schwarz
uups, i forgot to publish board 1 .
it might be that this happened to you too, prof, for i can’t see your knol “Sharp Memory in Old Age”
as you now can see beneath i made board1 a proper page and linked it .
i plan to translate a knol named google gold and i would be happy, if we can discuss it here .

2008-11-21 Jan Eijking
Hey, Kalle! now in english. Did you think that could be a problem for a damn teenie (I am in a bilingual form, so don’t worry…)? Wait, there is nothing in my head to say (respectively write) anymore! What do I have to do now?
I’ll wait a bit and then see what I can do.
Till then,

2008-11-22, Narayana Rao
Welcome to Jan Eijking.
board 1 archives is interesting.
Sajid Khan’s idea of material for children is also an interesting idea. But as we can see we want some people to take up focused ideas and stick to the idea for a long period to develop expertise and create powerful output. Certainly Sajid Khan in his wisdom development steps can include stories for children and make the exercise a part of his current agenda. Education and skill development tools for wisdom and emotional intelligence.
Dear Sajid Ali Khanji make announcement of your recent updated knols in the bulletin board. Even we will be benefitted by such announcements. We will read them once again.
Today I came across the knol “Things You Need to Know About Automotive Brakes”
It was written by Charles Evans, Chairman – Society of Automotive Engineers – Brake Linings Standards Committee. A real authority on the subject. He has offered to answer questions of visitors.
Bulletin board of knol should be helpful in announcing the entry of such personalities as knol authors and their output of knols.
I suggested to knol help that they should include in their what’s new feature a list of recently registered knol authors (say 10 recent authors) and a list of knol authors who page views have recently crossed 10,000. Such lists allow us to know recent authors as well as popular authors on knol.

2008-11-22, kalle schwarz
hi, jan .
this is a great day for our group .
one can say, you make a difference in our group history, because you are young and we are old .
true wise guys know, that we live in a time when the old can learn from the young .
so you surely deserve the title “knoller of the month” .
prof rao, sajid ali, what do you think ? shall we vote jan “knoller of the month” ?
we can do this by renaming and translating “autor des monats” .
jan, one little question : do you know, why 2008, 11-21 NR is general colored, whereas the others are colored by lines ? can we look at html for this ? 
2008-11-22, KVSS Narayana Rao
@Kalle Scwarz
We can recognize knoller of the month under two categories. One is established authors and the second is new authors of the month. In both cases, the criteria have to be a mix of number of good knols written (knowledge based topics), number of good knols updated and number of visitors and quality of knols.
When we declare somebody as a knoller of the month, immediately a minimum number of visits should go to his knols as visitors believe in our choice and visit his knols.
So let us judiciously make the choices and encourage fellow knollers by recognizing them as knollers of the month. Along with declaring them as knollers of the month, we need to write why we are nominating them as knollers of the month. Visitors know the reason, the achievements of the knoller concerned.
Each visit of a visitor to the knols of the author declared is a vote by them supporting our choice.
I wrote several knols about simple subjects, but thus far, can only find them when I use my name as a search term, rather than words in the title, or the general category, e.g. recipe. So I know that someone searching for, say, recipes, won’t necessarily find my recipes.
Anyway, my take is, indexing should be very high on the list. This is post made by Carole Powell in the knol Need for a Dynamic Knol Author (Knoller) Community,

2008-11-22, Sajid Khan
Dear Prof.
I have created a bulletin board knol for December, I have just copied you, Prof. You are turning out to be our mentor. Please take a look at it. I have not published it. I could not have said it better that we need to look at the over all quality of the knols. Also if we are going to decide then we cannot give our selves any credit. Also I thought we should create a ‘Hall of fame for the top 100 knols’. This can be an open knol where people can write which knols they want in the hall of fame. Others can give star ratings, from hate to loved it. The ones that get the most stars can stay in the list.

2008-11-23, kalle schwarz
@ prof
you are right, the term “knoller of the month” is wrong (it’s a typical knol speech thing) .
i rather thought in the direction of sajids expression “wisdom star” . or our star .
so, yeah, lets call it “star of the month” . what do you think ?
@ sk
there you go again you gave me an idea. how about if we make an open knol for children and call it “sandbox”?
there they can meet and learn and play together .

2008-11-23, KVSS
Hall of Fame 100 knols. Very good idea. Sajid khan – open the knol. My first recommendation is Google’s proposal for clean energy.
Wisdom stars of Knol. Another good idea. KS to open the knol. We have to spot the stars. Jan’s name was already proposed.
Sandbox or Seashore for children to play. Interesting idea. Let us start it and make a beginning. We have to attract chidren to knol and to this knol.
Today I saw a knol on Mexican Fried Rice by Carole Powell . A small piece but interesting knol. I told my wife about it.Some day we will eat mexican fried rice by the recipe given by Carole Powell.
One of my recent knols
The Qur’anic Call for Social Consciousness
My interest is explore the topic of social consciousness. I look forward to Sajid Khan to expand it.
My request still remains. Keep mentioning your recent knols or recently updated knols frequently so that we or visitors have a reason to see them again.
Mr Greenblatt informed me through comment that he has updated the knol. I could go and see it. Please make it a practice to highlight your recent knols. Then other authors will also follow the practice and write their recent knols as messages in this bulletin board.

2008-11-23, kalle schwarz
opened wisdom stars of knol  ( excuse the knol speech)
jan is star of the month .
i elected sajid . maybe he is our next star .
jan, can you write a new introduction ?

2008-11-23 Sajid Khan
@ KS
If we are going to work together then you cannot name me or our Prof. as wisdom stars.
@ Prof. and KS
Notice how when ever there is an article on human nature, or emotional intelligence or self mastery, the emotional mind development is referred from childhood onwards. The most fundamental foundations of the emotional as well as the physical brain are formed from conception to the stage where the fetus is ready to come out into the real world. This first stage of the mind development is mostly ignored when constructing an understandable model of the human emotional intelligence/human nature. How can one know and understand the human mind when the most essential stage of the mind development is not even taken into account? In fact I strongly suspect that the first conscious impressions on the tiny fetus’ brain for nine long months shape the fundamental concepts of the self and of the nature of the outer world; for each one of us. Our first impressions of our self and the world are shaped by the ‘womb-reality’ (this shaping of the brain by the womb environment I have termed. womb-conditioning). Each and every human being has his brain developed emotionally and physically molded by the womb-reality/womb-environment. As long as we ignore this first stage of the human brain/mind development our understanding of the self, of human nature and all knowledge that has to do with emotional intelligence will remain fuzzy and incomplete.
No wonder even today inspite of the fact that we know that the fetus becomes conscious in the womb and that it even has REM and that it sucks its thumb etc. We more or less ignore the implications of these facts. In order to create a top rate super mature mind we have to take into account the legacy of all the past brain/mind levels. This includes the brain power values generated by the physical and emotional structures that were created due to womb-conditioning. Thus to achieve true self mastery one has to uncondition the brain of womb-conditioning of the fetus stage and the upbringing-conditioning of the child stage.Because of this vital knowledge gap of ignoring the first stage of the brain/mind development which I suspect develops our so called Id; we consider the ‘id’ part of our human nature as innate. Something that is a part of our genes and so we take it as something that cannot be removed from our human nature. So all we do is we try to learn to manage this id.
Many turn out as masters of their id. Others have a hard time managing their id. Why is the quality of the id different in most people. Because the id is a direct result of womb-conditioning! Each one of us has a different womb-conditioning and so each one has a different human nature.In fact basic human nature is partly due to the direct result of womb-conditioning and as long as the world of psychology and education continues to ignore these facts we will struggle to build up a viable emotional intelligence education.I am emphasizing wisdom education because wisdom is the highest formof emotional intelligence.
So why not consciously go for the top when it is possible to create wisdom education. Are you with me Prof. and KS? Together with the other knollers and the knol creaters we can change every individual who wants to become wise.
I have posted a knol, ‘Knoller hall of fame‘, I would like to request the Prof. to open ‘hall of fame knols’.

2008-11-23, kalle schwarz
i didn’t call you wisdom star .
i called you ‘our star’ . that means star in our group .
if you’ll make a person wise, you must make s(he) the center of the group .
the group is a social womb . and if we make jan star of the month, we make him for a certain moment center of the group . are you with me ? 
in Knoller hall of fame it would be better if the names become links . perhaps i can do this for you ?

2008-11-23 SK@KS

OK. I am with you all the way. There is now a google way to change your knosl from German to English. Publish your knols in English too. Also please give me your email so I can officially invite you to co-author the knol, Knoller hall of fame.

2008-11-24 KVSS

I Opened the Hall of Fame Knols Pages. My idea is that every subject will have 10 knols in it.

All Hall of Fame knols are open collaboration knols. Any visitor or knoller can insert a knol into the hall of frame. When there are more than 10 in any subject, some knols will be dropped. The number of views is an obvious criterion, but a qualitative criterion can be applied sometimes by knollers and knol-readers. 

The whole exercise is to recogninze knols and knollers by author community and knol-reader community. 

A to D etc, show the subjects included in the knol. We can write the full subject names later on. 

Wisdom as a subject is there in U to X as well as in Special interest groups. You can choose one of them and write your choice of top 10 knols on wisdom. I spent the whole morning session for this exercise. May be internet is very slow. I can contribute some more over a period of time.
I look forward to other authors to contribute their thoughts.
I am very happy with viewership of this knol. Many are visiting it.
We request them to strart writing.

2008-11-24 SK@Prof.

2008-11-25, KVSS

My latest knol is on supply chain management.


You have to write a knol on using google translator and reading knols in various languages.

You are yet to write the top wisdom knols.

2008-11-25, SK@KVSS
Do I have to list my top 10 knols on wisdom or the top 10 knols of the entire group of knols on wisdom? Also I think we may have to take out our own names from Knoller Hall of Fame?
My latest knols are Humanomics and  An interview with the lord of thin air.  Please let me know what you think of these two knols.

2008-11-25, KVSS@SK

The top 10 knols of the entire group of knols on wisdom is the obvious choice. Certainly some of them will be yours. In the first instance we have to make a list of 10 good knols. Even if you include your knols,  there is the option for others to remove them. So your choice is subject to approval from rest of the world. All are open collaboration knols.
So please include your knols and select the top 10 from all the knols.
I shall read your knols.
2008-11-26, KS
you wrote “what do I have to do now?”

well, we made you “star of the month” . here is a chance to get even :
you may declare us your friends . see my bio knol as a sample .
hall of fame the names became links .
my email is
wikikalle ( .
but since “hall of fame” is open collaboration, i think, it need not to be used .

as to Humanomics, i think, we need a +2-money . a sort of imaginary perfect gold !!!
as to “a knol on using google translator” i made a test by translating google gold .

but i gave up . it’s not readable .

2008-11-26, SK
Your email is wikikalle/
Humanomics is no imaginary perfect gold. It is the very real Toa/path way to making gold.

Would you be interested in starting a NGO in the name of ‘Knol Foundation’? Lets start one in India. If you agree then please find out how much the legal paper work will cost. I will send you the amount from here. If we can start one thrift store it will take on a steam of its own. We can eventually start making branches all over. Please keep me out of naming wisdom knols. I will suggest some other knols.

2008-11-26,Village Idiot
Just added a Copyright violation notice to this Knol and flagged the Knol but I have heard elsewhere that Google only responds to spam – not copyright issues – anyone know if this is correct?

2008-11-27 KVSS

Welcome to the author with the pen name village idiot. An interesting pen name.

It is not proper for any knol author to copy any article from a competing electronic publishing platform and paste it on knol. May be we start with it as basis and make substantial improvements before publishing on knol. Even if an article is creative commons attribution license, it is improper to paste it on a competing electronic platform. 
A site which is not an electronic publishing platform may do copy-paste because in doing so it may be giving some traffic to the electronic platform. Similarly we may take materials from a commercial site and use it more freely in knol as we may be giving traffic to the commercial site. But lifting material outright along with inbuilt links and copying on knol is a thing that knol writers should not do. 
Each knol authors should point out such incidents to the author and ask to him modify his article.

2008-11-27 SK
I have two new knols,
Mr. Brain Cell is ready to explain some of his mystery and An interview with Mr. Brain Cell

2008-11-28, KS
@ Village Idiot (oder wer auch immer)
that’s not copyrihgt violation, that’s data caching 😉
i don’t find it nice, that you give us only one star
@ SK
email adress : yes, but i dont write it in that form, because i don’t want to get spam .

2008-11-27 SK

Did you take your name off “Knoller hall of fame”?
I am writing a knol ‘Dear Jan; …’  I will complete it as I know more about you. Hey you are more handsome than that kid who stars as Harry Potter.Take good care of your emotional and physical development/education and you definitely have a shot at modeling and acting too.
*** I have written another knol called, The Self
their ideas and develop them further only after giving them power/proper credit.

2008-11-29 KS @ SK

no, i didn’t . can you tell me if you can see a line “mich entfernen (me remove)” on the right hand of my icon ?
i can see it . if others can see it too, it’s easy for them to click on it . i will make an edit in “hall of fame” . so i appears under “mitwirkende (co-operators) .

2008-11-29 SK @ KS

I am sending you the invitation again. I do see the word ‘remove’ in the manage section.

2008-11-29 KS @ SK

ok .

2008-11-30, KVSS
A knol by Klaus Rohde

Theoretical foundations of economics


Dear Sajid Khan, Your knol on bulletin board needs to be published tomorrow. The idea is that this bulletin board needs to be set up by knol administration. We are getting a large number of visitors now. When knol ad sets up the bulletin board large number of authors will write their messages and large number of visitors will see it. We will see the establishment of a big knol community.

In the mean time the rotation of this knol among authors will convince the fellow authors it is not for the interest any one author or a group of authors. This initiative is for the knol as a whole. We will be happy to see central knol bulletin board facility as early as possible.
I want you to identify your best knols (according to you) and include them in hall of fame knols. Then of course we will evaluate them and some more knols and change them as per our thinking. Take up the responsibility of identifying the best from your own knols as there are many.
In your knols,  when dealing with pure scientific concepts, try to provide references to the scientific articles that contan those concepts. That way people can refer those articles and appreciate your article better.
Till June 2009 I am busy with a family responsibility. I have to take up my knol writing project seriously for at least one year from July 2009 and then only I can decide what more things I can do. As you know my formal official duties, which have the primary demand on my time are to be taken care of with maximum priority and attention for eight hours a day. So any physical activity in Mumbai cannot be attempted by me for quite some time.

2008-11-30 KVSS

Comment by Peter Baskerville
This is why I write Knols.
Well done Carl for putting in the effort to fully espouse your position. (Although maybe invite a graphic designer as co-author to wrestle with the difficult Knol formatting, to make the presentation of the Knol as good as the content)
I have had a similar experience with Wikipedia as many of the comment makers. I have tried to make a contribution to a few articles in Wikipedia on my subject area (Entrepreneurship) only to have it deleted by the likes of a self proclaimed poet and a new-age flower person. When I heard about the Knol project I jumped at the chance to share what I know, safe in the knowledge that my argument and content will not be hacked by faceless people whose expertise I least respect. So far, the Knol experience has been very worthwhile and so I will continue to make my contributions here.
On the knol Corruption of Wikipedia
( latest knol
Review knol on
CHAPTER 1.1  of Maynard’s Industrial Engineering Handbook

I am writing this series following the idea of review in knol. Write a different knol on the knol that you have studied if you want to express some thing differently.

Thanks Mr. KS

board 2008


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