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4/15 Knol Help

We launched the Elo Release of the site today. Post comments to any page owned by Knol Help if you see any problems. Elo itself is a pretty lightweight update, but it has a few interesting hidden features that we hope to turn on and announce soon, pending coordination from other teams at Google.

4/15 AK

There is a little trouble about the new licence in Wikipedia. In the german speeking Wikipedia I want to etablish now an author foundation.

4/15 SK @ KS

Thanks for your input.
@ KVSS, PG, Panos
I have struggled with the idea of how to get more traffic to my knols. I thought that google can help, may be they can but I have concluded that it is best the way the analogue dicides. The best knols are getting the best traffic. Look at the traffic to our Randy’s knols. His knols are full of quality and so he is getting the highest visitors. Compare that to my knols. Even though I have a few original concepts that are needed my knols are poorly written and the formating is below par and I provide no refrences or mention related knols. Thus my page views have just reached only 40,000; not one, not one of my knols has Top Pick Knol Award. For me to improve my page views I will have to improve the quality of my knols; it is not enough to show a new angle/path to wisdom etc.

Thus the first step is to focus on improving the quality of our knols. One idea expressed finely in the right manner can catch the attention of the world and only when it catches the attention of the world can it begin to change the world. A hundred ideas expressed poorly will more or less be ignored and this is just the way things work with the human brain. So I have slowed down on writing knols. I am editing my first 100 knols into a well formatted book. I am going to put it up as one super knol. Then we will see if it is the way I think it is; it is the quality of knols that is the bottom line.

4/15 KS @ SK

english is not my mother-tongue .
so i can not judge the quality of your poem .
the version of the prof is a little more understandable to me .
i like your engagement in humanity .

4/15 KVSS

Thanks for congratulatory message. You have a web site with many thousands  of visitors every year. This is my first unit to have a cumulative one lakh page (100,000) views. My popular blogs, have not yet got cumulative 100,000 figure. Thus, this knol portfolio is my leading online initiative. I hope, in the next one year, it will have a better performance, as I may get more time to devote to the activity and revise the articles.

I request you to give your ideas on how we can launch the initiative to encourage existing authors to come out with at least one good piece every quarter. Please give a mail to by including copy to all ids in the mail.  We are asking their certification only. We are not launching a competition. We are asking them to plan it over the next 75 days and we are trying to collect a list. Not a competition. We are trying to collect the list as a foundation. We will promote the list as a foundation. This initiative may be thought of as an initiative under our knol content strategy objective. We are now trying to say, each author shall try to write one detailed knol every quarter.

I posted a knol.
Knol Author Recruitment – Double the Number of Knol Authors
See whether it makes sense. An initiative to double the number of knol authors by the end of June with the involvement of current knol authors. It looks feasible to me provided the existing knol authors feel, they get benefitted by expanding the network of knol authors. Then they can put in efforts to inform some more people and make them knol authors.

4/14 PG

Congrats for your entry in the exclusive 100 k2 club (1 K2 = 1 k knolview).
Also I saw your proposal to motivate authors. The “knol of the quarter” contest is good to put animation but most authors might find it unattainable and discouraging. Seems to me that the idea should be completed with some other honorific incentives.
@ Team
I noticed there was no general index for knols related to finance. I just opened such an index and started to fill it with some categorized samples. I will try to feed it progressively. As it is in open collaboration, you are welcome to add your knols and other knols you find interesting on the topic, and also add or change category and whatever else you would find useful.

4/14 AK

The worldwide voting for a new licence in Wikipedia started since yesterday. I think, it’s a problem, that the voting starts directly with the voting and not with a discussion about the new licence. If there is a new licence (the voting ends May 3th 2009) then Wikipedia and Knol could have the same licence (CC-BY-SA 3.0). It is possible to copy&paste Wikipedia-articles to Knol, if you make a link to origin article and the right licence (CC-BY-SA 3.0). I think althoug Google didn’t like copy&paste-wikipedia-articles, a lot of people would try to make this copy&pastes.

4/14 KVSS

Thanks AK.
Yes, my page view number crossed the six figure mark. 100,000. The first unit in my online portfolio to cross this mark. It did so in 9 months only. May be it has some future. Judge will cross 300,000 page views in a day. With 150,000 knols, knol as a whole  can have 9 million page views a month if it is a reasonable portfolio. But I do not think knol is reaching such a page view figure. I think knol may be having around 5000 participating authors. If each of them writes one detailed knol every quarter we should have 5000 good knols which are worth mentioning in our best knol competition page every month. We need to think about our content strategy, come to some understanding and circulate the idea among authors.

If only 10 to 15 knols are nominated for the competition, either authors are not happy with the format of the competition or they are lazy to market their output. I do not know which one is the right answer or the right answer may be some thing else.

I thought I shall arrange SK’s words differently.

I push you deep into essence of human kindness
deflating the mirages and destroying cruelness
I push ideas deep into your memory chinks
that shred unwanted images and churn misgivings
I make your self free
to climb the wisdom tree

I turn your vision into reality
Oh! Wisdom creates a beauty
I lock up every second in eternal time
and collect every second a wisdom dime

I do not let you wait for old age
to grind down your ignorance maze
I provide the thought
to erase your trophy plot

I midwife birth of additional brain cells
which create life’s real bells
I do everything to summon your neurons
to love me and my aspirations

Have you read Dr. Wane Dyer’s Wisdom of the Ages.

4/14 SK @ AK

I like your sincerity.
@ KS
Do you think I can write poetry? Please review my latest poem.

I push you deep (into)
essence of human kindness
deflating the mirages
memory by memory
shedding the image
churning misgivings
inside out
your self now free.

Turning your personal reality
into actual reality
Strengthening, succeeding to lock up
every second in eternal time
from yesterday to tomorrow.

Not letting you
waiting for old age
to grind down ignorance
Eternallizing life
to dump imagined heritages
enriching each corner of

I midwife your birth
of additional brain cells
creating life’s real dances
in the pores of eternity.
Doing everything to
summon your neurons
to love me
to love me more

4/13 AK

Congratulation for your 100.000th pageview!

I got the invitation. Thanks Sajid. I will be part of the Knol if I have to say something. I have to read more about the topic.
Your nominations for Best Knol ot the Month are too “young”. There is now only a small “time-window” of two month for Knols created between Feb 1th and April 1th. You can nominate them for the May- and June-Contest.

4/13 SK @KS

The emails finally went through. Thanks.
@ AK
I invited you to co-own the knol, ‘Virtual Water Exchange’. Did you get the invitation?

4/12 KS

@ SK
the bulletin board belongs to those who use it .
if they use it strongly it belongs strong to them .
email : look at 4/9 KS @ SK (you can click the top list (more)) . hope this works .
i don’t know internet programming .
all i know is that there are 4 lists (among them a list of authors with more than 3460 page views)
knol help shurly has a list with all authors .
i think, it’s a very good idea to contact more authors .
perhaps chrissy’s newsletters can help .

4/12 KVSS @ KS

Can you write a search query to find the knols that have more than 100 page views per week? I think the number of such knols is not high. There has to be campaign for increasing such knols.

Also how many authors have registered on knol so far by writing at least one knol? Will it be 5000? Each author may need to be encouraged to write one detailed knol every quarter in the field of his specialty. That will give 5000 very good knols every quarter. But do we have 5000 knol authors? Is the number increasing every month? We do not have answers.

4/11 SK @ KS

The emails are still not going through.
Our aim may be that the bulletin board belongs to knol help but knol help does not want any official association with us so it belongs to our foundation.

4/11 KS

@ SK
there is another flaw in the email address : it’s not… , it’s ..mpibberlin… . 
i think i’m becoming old 😦
bulletin board
the aim was, that the bulletin board belongs to knol help .
hat diese frau noch alle tassen im schrank ?
kannst du dir vorstellen, dass solch eine person die geringste chance in unserem knol-star baum hätte ??
in der zukunft wird es dieses ganze problem wohl nicht mehr geben . schon mal was von cloud-computing gehört oder vom once and only once prinzip . man kann es auch all in one nennen .
die inhalte werden in ihre kleinsten sinn-einheiten aufgeteilt (knols?), die nur einmal vorhanden sind und per link-zitat überall und beliebig eingebunden und kombiniert werden können . mit einer funktion ähnlich der search for knols that link to this page funktion kannst du dann sofort sehen wo sie überall vorkommen .
(wenn du das für allgemein interessant hälst, kannst du es ja übersetzen . wie ist denn der umtauschkurs 
KTP ~ whuffy 😉 )
@ Team
i’m with Panos .
we need ideas that change the world .
copy right does not change anything . in the contrary . it only blocks .

4/11 AK

(I wrote this in the same time as SK, sorry for some intersections)
@KS This Knol is CC Attribution 3.0 You are the lincensor and every one who writes here, is the original author. The authors moral rights (Urheberpersönlichkeitsrechte) belongs to the authors of this site. But because everybody can use this article. He/she has only to lincence it under the same licence and must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor. (Im deutschen Wikipedia ist gerade ein riesiger Streit entbrannt über die Lizensierungspraxis – und das kurz vor der weltweiten Wikipedia-Abstimmung über die neue Lizensierung. Allein bei Heise gibt es jetzt zu dem entsprechenden Artikel schon 357 Kommentare. Die meisten haben allerdings keine Ahnung, worüber sie reden. Ich kenne die “Übeltäterin” von der entsprechenden Lizensierungsseite in Wikipedia und sie hat eigentlich mein Vertrauen, wobei es sein kann, dass sie sich hier im konkreten Fall vertan hat.)
@Panos I think it belongs to the licence. If it is a licence like CC-by-3.0 it’s possible to translate and to publish the Knol without permission of the author. You have to write: “This is a translation from Spain into English from the orignial work xyz” and you have to licence it under the same licence and you have to attribute the work in manner specified by the original author. If it is a copyright “All rights reserved” you can make a translation only with the permission of the author and if it is a cc-by-3.0non-commercial you have to make the same things as in CC-by-3.0, but you can’t use adsense (because using adsense is commercial). But I think Google-Knol don’t like translations of Knols without permission and they will flag such translated Knols.
But you’re right: the copyright could be a problem.
And you’re also right that we can’t do the knol-translation-system manual, if it is growing. Until now, it’s a little work, one or two translations per month, i didn’t loose the overlook 😉
@SK No, it’s not too much. It’s very few. I’m not sure if the proportion is right: translating 100% proofreading 10% of the translated characters.

4/11 SK @ Team

It is tax filing time in the US. For non-profits the deadline is May 15. I will file that the foundation received the initial registration fee as income and the same amount as expense. If any other member has spent any money on the foundation please let me know.
I am going ahead with filing the next set of papers with the IRS if we need any changes we can always pass a new resolution and change what ever we do not like.
@ KS
The bulletin board belongs to the foundation. Any ideas posted on it belong to the individual putting up the post. Any income from the bulletin board must be used for non-profit purposes only. However we have the power of how to use this money to further the foundation’s goals.
@  Panos
The copy right will always stay with the original author. The translator will get credit for the translation and will have no copy rights over the translated knol. He will have the right to collect the revenue generated just by the translated knol.
@  AK
555 Knol Translation Points Wow! I feel this is too much. It is much more than even the best knol of the month gets. In any case I am dedicated to helping all our foundation members for furthering our foundation goals as well as in which ever way I can help you all personally. So which other knol you want me to proof read? If I can help you in any way to advance in your life my reward is being associated with the likes of you.

4/11 KS

i don’t understand this copy-right thing .
to whom belongs our bulletin board ?

4/10 Panos

I’ve already read the two sites you mentioned. Although it’s an interesting effort it is a manual system. I don’t think this is a practical solution for large-scale participation by many people. We need a new web page (a new ebay) with a professional CMS (content management system) dedicated for this purpose. I’m not sure that I have the technical skills to create something like this but it would be a good idea for the future. We can make it a long term objective of our foundation. In technical terms let’s say we create in the future a new joomla site (it’s an open-sourse free CMS). We need to embed two systems, an auction system with the translation requests and offers (this is the easier step) and another system where the members will exchange credits instead of money (this is the step I don’t have any easy solution on). It’s like ebay and paypal. In ebay you post your offerings and ratings and with paypal you exchange money.

@ SK and KVSS
The idea of having the translator keep the copyrights of the translation for 1 year is somehow problematic.
1st) it’s opposite to the international copyright law system. The law says that the copyrights of a document are always given by default to the author who can utilize and sell authorized or even unauthorized (!) translations. I’m not a lawyer but I believe in order to keep legally the adsense money for a short period (1 year) we need special statements signed by all authors and delivered to Knol Author Foundation secretary.  It’s difficult to initiate an effort opposite to the law and based only to open creative commons license. Even in this case I don’t know if it is legal to make money from documents under the creative commons license since they can be used for non-commercial purposes only. This makes our effort more complicated.  When we deal with many people we can’t act based only to mutual respect. Someone may say “Ok, you can translate my article and keep the copyrights for 1 year” and then sue the foundation for thousands of dollars declaring no previous knowledge of the translation. 
 2nd) It’s not necessary. By translating someone else’s article you gain Translation Points and get your own articles translated in other languages. Therefore you can gain the same amount of money with ads by spreading your own articles. In this way the process is totally legal and the translator has a motive to participate and get some money out of this.

4/10 AK

I agree, it’s a good idea. But there’s a problem: It’s an easy way to let the translater earn money. But it has to be shown, that the translator is only the translator, not the author. So maybe the translator won’t be seen as the author of the translated Knol, because he didn’t agree with the content. The best way is, when the translator is the owner for one year, but not the author. This should be an option in the settings.
@SK Thanks for proofreading! I gave you 555 Knol Translation Points. Bartering is also an idea of the whuffy-system. Maybe we should have two systems. Knol Translation Points and Whuffy. There are now 5 ways to get Knol Translation Points. I want to have this system as a controlled and restricted system. It’s also possible to use Whuffy or do a direct change (you translate some of Kalles Knols – he goes to the MPI).
Do you know the sites Knol Translation Points and Knol Translations?

4/10 SK @ KVSS

It is a good idea. The author can keep the income from the original language knol and the translator can keep the income from the translated knol may be even for ever.

4/10 KVSS

Can we think of an alternative. The translator can keep the translation on his name for one year from the date of posting. After one year from the date of posting the knol in foreign language will revert to the original author. Therefore, the translator has income from adsense for one year and also his name becomes popular. In the meantime the original author also becomes popular as his name becomes familiar to many people in the world. In this system, the translators choose the knols they want to translate and announce their intention through the comment. If the author has any objection he may say no. Our foundation can maintain a table for recording intentions and objections if any. I don’t think many authors will object to a proposal. If an author from another country wants to translate any of my knols I shall be very happy and I do not mind losing a year’s income. How much really are we making money out of it any way? The average will be 2 page views per day. Judge is getting may be 3 page view per day for his knol portfolio.

4/10 Panos @ SK

I didn’t know the meaning of the word “barter trade” and I looked it up in Wikipedia. (Bartering is a medium in which goods or services are directly exchanged for other goods and/or services, without the use of money. Source:Wikipedia)
Yes, why not? We can use translation as a basis and then expand it to other services. First of all we need a very specific technical platform. Currently, I don’t know any easy way to solve this problem. 

4/10 SK @ AK

I took a look at your virtual water knol. It is a very essential idea for the times. It really excited me so I tried to correct it a bit. I added the following sentence to your knol: ‘It is most urgent that we wake up to this big problem of the hidden consumption of water and thus change our consumption patterns to make efforts for ‘water sustainability’.
 @ Panos and AK
How about barter trade on knol? I am living here in New York and KS in Germany. I need him to contact the wisdom institute in Berlin and in exchange I translate his knols. All kinds of trades can be developed which may or may not involve translations.

4/10 Panos @ AK

I totally agree with your theoretical analysis on the translation project. Maybe we can add those ideas in a separate Knol and make proposal to Knol team. At this point, in Knol Author Foundation we can’t do anything productive in the translation process unless we have an ebay-like online content management system (CMS). I believe that currently, page can’t support a system like this. In the following months maybe this is something that we will discuss and/or try to build. One way is to use quality-rating systems for every translation and every translator.  
Another idea would be to exchange credits. Even in this way we need complicated algorithms in order to calculate the credits from the quality of the translation and the standard percentages 100%, 10% as you mentioned in your analysis. However, in the end, who will determine that the standard percentage of the proofreader should be 10% or 20%? This can be too complicated.  
So, another idea would be to act like ebay and use credits as visual money. Different translators and proofreaders will set their own offers for a specific article. One translator may feel that the document is too complicated for him to translate and ask 1500 credits for a 1000 word document. Another translator may make another offer 800 credits for the same document. The Author will take the final decision and choose the translator. The author may accept to pay 1500 or 800 credits judging from the qualifications and the previous work of the translator and also from the credits that he has to spend. If one Author doesn’t have any credits he can gain some by translating other articles. Also in this way an expert in translation or proofreading may ask for more than 10% to do an expert proofreading and/or editing of the article. It is only fair to gain more if your work is better. It is also fair for the author to make the final crisis of how many credits he wants to spend.
Transparency: The credits of all members (authors and translators) will be in public showing the links of their translated work. In this way we will have total transparency and no technician or hacker will be able to secretly add more credits to his “friends”.
This is just an idea. I would like to hear other opinions.

4/10 SK @ Our Christian and Jewish Family.

Happy Holidays!
@ AK
I am just a dreamer and it is a few people like you who make dreams come true. Lets start with adding a sentence something like, ‘ Please help translate this knol in your mother tongue’ at the beginning of each knol. Lets also work out how we can implement your suggestions. If I can spare the time I will try to proof read your knol virtual water. Thanks.

4/10 AK@SK

In Wikipedia, there are amazing translation projects. They have a lot of ideas about translations and a big international community. With the OmegaWiki or the TransBabel-Project they have pretty good infrastructures for translation.

If we want to have more translations of Knols, we have to some things.

  1. We have to build a translations-community.
  2. We have to make visible
    • which Knol should be translated
    • who can translate from one language to antoher (at native speaker level)
    • who can proofread a translated Knol
    • a list of the translated Knols by each translater
  3. We have to establish a system to honor the translator for his work
  4. We have to show the best way to let your Knol be translated

We have to build an “EBay”-like system for Knol-Translations.
The five keypoints are:
Community, Visibility, Trustfulness, Honor, Pleasure
Here is one of my translated Knol Virtual Water. It was KVSS idea to make a box at the top of the Knol.
The steps of this translation:

  1. I had some Knol Translation Points
  2. I linked the Knol Virtual Water in the Knol Translation Table, to make it visible that I wish to have a translation.
  3. Angela saw it and offers me to do the job.
  4. I copied my Knol and started a new Knol with this copy and I send this link to Angela
  5. I don’t speak English at a native speaker level. So I ask Proofreaders to proofread this Knol. If they say, the translation is okay or if they find only some little mistakes, Angela gets some of my Knol Translation Points.

Proofreading can be done by Knol Authors who have only little skills in translation. You can use some translation-projects like Leo and if you are not shure about one word, you can ask the Author or the Translator. So I think the proofreading is a service which will be honored by 10% of the Knol Translation Points the translator earns. The Author has to pay 110% of the characters of a Knol: 100% to the Translator and 10% to the proofreader. Maybe the percentages will be variable in future: a bad translator gets only 50%, a very good proofreader gets 60%. Maybe a translator can be ranked and his percentage he will get depends on his ranking.
But thats future. Now is the important question for the day: Want somebody earn 10% of the characters of my Knol Virtual Water by proofreading it?

4/10 KS @ SK

i get my mail back, because of an email-address typo . it’s not sec(frevert and so on), it’s sek… . 
sorry .

4/10 Randy

Welcome new member Jagadeesh M – India
Director of the Tamil and Malayalam language


4/9 KS @ KVSS and SK

the hiduism link shows a wonderful article .
we can knit that together with the $$$ topic .
so money becomes the religion of the material things .
there are many forms of money, but indeed there is only one money .
to make more and more money, is the wrong way .
the right way is to start with a universal unit of money and devide it to make it as fine-grained as it is needed .
now we can convert all the other currencies into this money .
in the bible there is an interesting picture, which fits it :
6 The LORD sent fiery serpents among the people and they bit the people, so that many people of Israel died. 8 Then the LORD said to Moses, “Make a fiery serpent, and set it on a standard; and it shall come about, that everyone who is bitten, when he looks at it, he will live.”
9 And Moses made a bronze serpent and set it on the standard; and it came about, that if a serpent bit any man, when he looked to the bronze serpent, he lived.

btw. the bronze serpent on the standard ($) is a double symbol of wisdom .

4/9 SK @ KVSS

Thank you for all your guidance. You are the captain of our foundation ship. Yes indeed I am in a hurry. And what bugs me is what is knol help waiting for? The technology to translate is probably developed by google but it is Wikipedia that has the translation button, ‘Help us with translations!‘ right where knol has ‘write a knol’. I bet that if knol help adds the translation button next to ‘write a knol’ the speed of translation of knols will go up.

I truly believe that I have original knowledge when it comes to emotional intelligence yet my 400 knols have not attracted even one review. With all the mess in education today I was hoping that experts from main stream education will atleast critisize my work so a healthy discussion can start. But nothing of the sort I was hoping for has happened. And even though I think I have figured out wisdom I know I am not wise because I want to change SK into $K! But I also want to change KVSS into KV$$. I want to change all peoples into people$ especially our KS into K$. And I know it can be done. The real knowledge and understanding comes from the quality of the brain. Yes I am in a hurry to wake up the world to finding the real treasure that can make us into u$. Making u$ $uper being$ enma$$, our true potential, the ‘I’ in each one of u$. When I say $ I don’t just mean wealth, I mean a pure life with $!

4/9 KVSS

The above link is to an interesting article on Ramakrishna Paramahamsa by Swami Vivekananda. Yesterday I read the article in a book and first remembered Sajid Khan.

Why did I remember Sajid Khan? He has great thoughts. But one should not get agitated that others are not listening to them instantly especially in this big world. It is many times difficult to make our family members agree to our line of thinking. Then how difficult it must be for making many in the world agree to a line of thinking. If one thinks of scientists it will be still more difficult. They are trained to be sceptical. They first look for logical errors. Then for empirical proof. Then for deficiency in the empirical method and so on. In this context I liked this paragraph from the above article.

“Few understand the power of thought. If a man goes into a cave, shuts himself in, and thinks one really great thought and dies, that thought will penetrate the walls of that cave, vibrate through space, and at last permeate the whole human race. Such is the power of thought; be in no hurry therefore to give your thoughts to others. First have something to give. He alone teaches who has something to give, for teaching is not talking, teaching is not imparting doctrines, it is communicating. Spirituality can be communicated just as really as I can give you a flower. This is true in the most literal sense. This idea is very old in India and finds illustration in the West in the theory, in the belief, of apostolic succession. Therefore first make character–that is the highest duty you can perform. Know Truth for yourself, and there will be many to whom you can teach it afterwards; they will all come.
When we believe in something, there is more and more need for us to practice it and realize its benefit and as we know it is useful to the society also to keep communicating. Society will accept it at its own will and pleasure. Of course it is so when we are doing something as a voluntary, spiritual activity. The moment we convert anything into a wordly activity, goals and targets set in and what we do is something totally different. A business man cannot wait endlessly for a customer. It is a transaction oriented activity and transactions have to occur in a defined period and there has to be hyperactivity to make sure it happens.

I have some more lines that attracted my attention in this article. But it is for one more day

Yes escaping this world of birth and death and serving this world of birth and death are two interesting ideas. There may be many who focus on first and they are many who focus on first as well as second and there may be people who focus on second only. We come to know about spiritual realization from people who focused on both first and second.

4/9 SK @ KS

You are a true friend. I have emailed the knol ‘wisdom’ with a small note to all four. Thanks. We zeros have to keep plugging along.

4/9 KS @ SK

berlin is in my life as far as the moon . and even if i were living there, the max planck institute would be as far as the moon, it wouldn’t be part of my life .
all i can do is to post a mail, but an email from a nobody is of zero interesting for these people .
if you write from new york it may be a little more interesting for them .
there are at least four adresses you can post at:
adaptive behavior and cognition – prof. gerd gigerenzer –
lifespan psychologie – prof. ulman lindenberger –
center of educational research – prof. jürgen baumert –
history of emotions – prof. ute frevert –

ok, i posted a short mail to ute frevert . she was professor of german history, 2003-2007, yale university, usa .

4/8 SK @ KS

The leading research institute on wisdom is The Max Plank Institute of Human Development. They have tried to define wisdom from every possible angle. They have almost covered every tiny bit of knowledge about wisdom. Yet they are not able to pin down an exact definition of wisdom and they acknowledge this. They are making the same mistake every one from the ancients to the present have made – they are trying to define wisdom as wisdom and as wisdom is a fragrance of the brain it is almost impossible to define.To know and understand a fragrance all the research has to be done on understanding how the flower produces fragrance. In the case of wisdom the focus has to be how to improve the physical quality of the brain which means the physical and emotional health of the brain. So wisdom research has to be brain research.
Please approach them with my wisdom knols and you can charge me the Ws/$s for this work.

The beauty of Christianity is that Jesus says that we can all become like him in human qualities. The beauty of the Hindu religion is that we are all from Gd and our life purpose is to merge back and become part of Gd again. Jesus’ qualities can best be described as perfect wisdom. And becoming wise is possible. It is the human brain quality that determines the inner reality {that I have termed personal-reality (PA)} and it is the PA that mostly determines the outer reality {that I have termed actual-reality (AR)}. The aim of education has to be to make our PA powered by wisdom. I believe that the aim of life is not just salvation later but salvation now in this moment and every moment of life. So instead of waiting to go back to the spiritual house we need to make this world a spiritual house for our self and the world in the present time. And with your help and the help of our team and knol help and MM we can create the spiritual house in our lives!

4/8 KVSS

I spent three days in studying a book by a disciple of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and scribbled something on You Can See God in This Life .
I wrote a poem also on a theme given in the book. Every person is a child who came out into this worldly affairs from the spiritual house. To go back into the spiritual house, he has to tell his divine mother, I am tired of these toys and play. I want to come back. Please open the door.
Good. Why don’t you send them some of your knols by email? My own experience so far has been whenever I sent a large of mails on my research papers, I did get some replies from professors. May be 2% response. I send 500 mails and 10 persons respond many times positively.

I am exploring the possibility of holding a research conference along with knol authors meet in US. Hope your New York author meet will have some faculty members present in it.

4/8 SK @ KS

How far are you from Berlin? The leading wisdom research institute in the world is The Max Plank Institute for Human Development in Berlin. For many years now they have been researching wisdom. In spite of all these years of effort they are still trying to define and are defining wisdom as wisdom and you know as wisdom is a fragrance they are focusing on an almost impossible task. But I still like their depth of knowledge regarding wisdom and I want you to share my knols on wisdom with them. I think after all these years they need a break.

4/7 KS @ KVSS

🙂 🙂
as to your question below : star rating can be done anonymously.

4/7 KVSS

I am thinking of your knol star system.
Is it a system of decision making in virtual groups.
On the due date of decision making, if somebody does not participate, the person above him in the tree can vote or express opinion on behalf him.
And the group can go forward. Is it the explanation. Every virtual group requires such a system.

4/7 KS

3 types of movement
the google car (fotostrecke)
you can also ride on it
looks nice ?
@ SK
what can we do ?
Andy, can you help to translate wisdom ?

4/7 SK @ PG, KVSS, MM, KS, Knol Help and Team

Intelligence is that property of the brain/mind that enables the understanding and mastery of the ropes of life. Emotional intelligence is that property of the mind/brain that enables not just the understanding and mastery of the ropes of one’s own self; it enables the person to become his full humanness potential.

The self takes shape through a process that happens in the brain. Emotional intelligence is the innate property of the brain that determines the quality of this brain process thus defining the quality of the self, the quality of consciousness – the very quality of humanness.

Seems to me that emotional intelligence is to be conscious of one’s own emotions as well as of other people’s emotions’ ( in order to guide ones thoughts and actions) – Salovey and Mayer. In other words it is the ability to understand and manage emotions. Observe that after all these years mind scientists are talking of ‘conscious of one’s own emotions’. In Hindu mythology awareness of one’s own self is 1000s of years old! In fact emotional intelligence is not a new concept as claimed! It is just giving a new name to an old concept. Before it was known as common sense, native intelligence and grandma’s wisdom. In fact wisdom is the highest stage of emotional intelligence. Thus if we can define emotional intelligence we can define wisdom.

Also science will not whole heartedly touch anything unless it can measure it and define it in mathematical terms. So I quantified the brain into -2, -1, +1 and +2 levels. Thus wisdom can be measured as a +2 super mature emotional intelligence.

Again most universities will not teach self mastery, the Holy Grail of education, because man has not succeeded in defining the self within the paradigm of science. Why do we have to define the self (even though I am doing that too) by whether it is divine or immortal and why do we have to wait to resolve this question of immortality? Why can we not define the self by its qualities? After all in the end what counts is how good a person is. Why can we not say that the aim of emotional intelligence education is to develop every self to the highest and purest +2 super mature brain level.

For me the important issue is not what is the very nature of emotional intelligence for me it is what is the purpose of this brain property? Why are we humans endowed with emotional intelligence? For our leading mind scientists it is to understand and manage our emotions. For me it is to use emotional intelligence education to become our true self. A true self does not need management and control. A true being acts authentically/naturally. It is exactly pure love as opposed to managed love.

Another difference between my aspect of emotional intelligence and the main stream view is my emotional intelligence test. My EIQ test tests the selflessness of the person. Selflessness/humbleness is the DNA of the highest emotional intelligence quality of the brain. The level of this DNA is the level of emotional intelligence. So I test the brain level rather than the individual emotional qualities of the person. also instead of teaching individual character traits which are almost impossible to teach (over a long period though, actual reality grinds down ignorance in the brain and so wisdom gradually sprouts -notice how even religious institutions that try to teach the attributes of wisdom struggle for a long time and their success is spotty). Emotional intelligence/wisdom has a nature of its own. It is an all or nothing deal. Wisdom has multiple qualities – selflessness, humbleness, sincerity, sacrifice, honesty etc are all the very nature of wisdom. It is like I said wisdom is like a tree and its attributes are its fruit. Man has an almost impossible task trying to cultivate the attributes individually just as it is impossible to produce mangoes without cultivating the tree.

So to test emotional intelligence we can devise tests that can quantify any attribute because any one attributes quality will reflect and represent the quality of all the attributes. A selfless person will also be a sincere, honest and humble person. So I decided to test the humbleness level of each brain/mind but you can test the love level or the honesty level or… it will mean the same thing. You test one and you have tested all.

My small little definition on emotional intelligence, ‘Emotional intelligence is that property of the mind/brain that enables not just the understanding and mastery of the ropes of one’s own self; it enables the person to become his full humanness potential’ packs so much power that it has beneficial practical applications in every human field. It touches every aspect of life. All human life depends on the collective and individual quality of human beings. Now imagine if we had a system of education where every one who became a doctor or plumber also had to go through a brain developing course and also ended up a wise human being. Imagine if America had such an education system in place where would America’s current problems be?

Defining the aim of emotional intelligence education ‘to develop every individual’s full humanness potential’ has practical applications in every aspect of life from removing poverty to bringing peace, from shifting the priorities from brute power to the power of selfless love. From reducing defense budgets to focusing on removing hunger from all parts of the world etc., etc., etc….


I was thinking that at least in knol search my knols will come out on top. They did for quite a while. But now in the education category I could not find even a single knol in the top 100. If this is the situation in knol to which I have given all my free time I can forget the main internet. It is only when our foundation team and knol help join my quest can I hope for success.

To be continued.


This above posting I have put up as a knol, my 400th knol, ‘Emotional Intelligence Discussion Board.’

Even if I know that Lao Tse said “an intelligent man has no desires” – I guess what he meant was that an intelligent man has no selfish desires for his own self. For an intelligent man always has thirst for more knowledge etc.

I think there are times to be cool and others when to rev up the engine. How do you see it?
 I agree with you but a self master is always cool emotionally 24/7. However in the Gita, the Indian bible it says, ‘The master is calm amongst turmoil and is agitated in calmness.’

Mirror neurons are a recently conceived concept. It is interesting and I suspect that mirror neurons play a much more significant part than is now understood. After all the human brain works in images and we do not see actual reality we see its image.

4/6 KS

favorites list
actually the favorites are sorted bottom up in the succession of clicking them .
there must be a possibility to rank them top down .
emotional intelligence
i think that mirror neurons are fundamental for it .
also the connection between the celebral hemispheres plays a role .

4/6 PG

@ AK. This bulletin board is also ranked 5

@ SK; Seems to me that emotional intelligence is to be conscious of one’s own emotions as well as of other people’s emotions. But I think it doesn’t mean to cancel emotions fully at all times, as some adrenalin or dopamin boosts in the brain might help to act and to pursue goals. Even if I know that Lao Tse said “an intelligent man has no desires” ;-)). I think there are times to be cool and others when rev up the engine. How do you see it?

4/6 Randy

One way to find page rank
Download the google toolbar. There is an option on the toolbar  to show page rank.

4/6 KVSS

How do you find page rank of a knol page?

I did write on this page regarding best knol of the month of competition and asked for the opinion of our participants. May be you also can remind them the due date for suggestions. I hope you are in touch with knol team for their views. KS has put in some good ideas that are worth thinking about. Asking people to simply click on their favorite button as a vote is an interesting idea. If nominated knols are large and voters are large, there is no need to ask for three votes. If people like a knol they will simply add it to their favorite. They can vote for 10 knols or one knol. It does not matter. You are looking how many people liked a knol. I think to click on favorite button you need a gmail id. You cannot anonymously do it. May be star rating can be done anonymously. I do not know.

But anyway, I hope many of our active authors give their opinions and help in designing and popularising the contest

4/5 AK

Slowly the Page Rank is increasing. This Knol has now a Page Rank of 5. Also some of my Knols have a Page Rank of 5 this, this, this and this. Do you know any Knols from Authors with higher rankings than 5?

4/4 SK @ PG

I wrote a new knol: What is emotional intelligence?
Does it answer some part of your question? This is such a crucial issue because it affects every aspect of life and I feel we should open together along with KVSS an ’emotional intelligence discussion board.’ What do you feel about this?

4/4 Randy

Welcome Mai Sao – Vietnam
Our new director of the Vietnamese knol author foundation.

4/3 AK

I opend a Knol-SEO-Forum for questions about the ranking of the Knols in search-engines.

4/3 SK @ PG

Blushing is a good sign. It proves you are much greater than you think you are.

4/3 PG @ SK, KS & KVSS

Thanks for your nice appreciations. I’m blushing :-))

4/3 KS @ PG

made democratic globalization one of my favorite knols (ranking)

4/3 SK @ PG

It is the current events that shape the present and the future. It is the current events that later become history. As for staying away from sensitive topics it is not about how sensitive a topic is it is about how impacting the topic is. There will always be personal perspectives on all issues. The ‘heatedness’ comes in because most people believe passionately in their own opinions and their ego drives the heat. Perhaps there is an opening here thanks to your posting to make the knol forum and especially this bulletin board, an ego less (wisdom) platform. Your democratic globalization knol is very timely and the way you write it is clear that your knols are not only well researched they remind me of a meeting between Einstein and Tagore. Both noble prize winners; one the world’s greatest scientist and the other India’s greatest artistic giant. When they met the scientist talked like an artist and the artist talked like a scientist. I cannot figure out if your knols are scientific definitions of aspects of life or artistic descriptions of aspects of life. Your knols are that good. I am giving you 100 whuffys (I know it is only virtual money but who knows what it will eventually turn into but to make it really happen I am converting these 100 whuffys [it should be written as W100.00 with the W with two lines across it like the pound sterling] ) into $100.00. So I owe you $100.00.

It is amazing that even the best writers of economics don’t get the whole picture. Take this beautiful article by David Brooks in the NY Times today. They all miss the main point of the financial melt down. Derivatives and trades became so complex that in many instances they became virtually just paper trades. Thus the books showed more profits than in the actual and real world. And as a result parts of the assets became assets in the domain of thin air. However when deciding their own compensations and bonuses and salaries and even expenses (notice how executives take private planes) they based it on the phony puffed up paper value.Thus they took out real money from the company thereby making the real value of the company more and more hollow by shifting the balance more and more to phony paper assets. Naturally with the foundation of the company becoming more and more virtual based on thin air, the foundation collapsed. New rules will have to be written with this fundamental factor in mind.

@ KS
I have thought long on your idea of internet money. Lets start with virtual money. Perhaps you can open a knol ‘Knol Stock Exchange’ and through it we can teach economic super maturity. I do not know if your background is economics but I am a novice in economics. If KVSS and PG get interested in it then it can take off.
However your idea of auctions is not legal for anyone except governments (?) and even govt. financial securities do not increase in value that much. But you can create a virtual bazaar with real services;even an expanded eBay like organization.

@ Knol Help (MM – I actually miss our MM)

I have heard that our Indian government is looking into creating a symbol for the Indian rupee. I feel that  the best symbol for the rupee will be ‘Z’ with the two lines across it like the yen. Please submit this to them. Z can represent and reflect Indian values most perfectly as in the power and the ingenuis originality of the number zero. This will represent not only the importance of 0 in math it will also represent zero as in selflessness and humbleness.

@ Team and MM
Several of my dear friends are saying that my commitment to knolling has eased off. It is true that in the last month I have not written even half a dozen knols. I don’t like writing unless I have something original to say. Sometimes an idea comes to me in a trance and I write it up half asleep. Other times it takes me days even weeks of thinking to come up with something new. But I have realized that my best hope to convince the world that the time for wisdom education as a scientific subject has now come; through this knol opportunity so my commitment will continue. And our team is my best support. I am also hoping that MM and his team will find a way to promote some of my/our most essential and needed knols.

I am now working on improving the editing and formatting of my knols and soon I will convert my 400 knols into 4 volumes. The first volume (made from 80 knols) I will post soon as a book knol.

My friend Prof. Sri of Columbia University communicates at a fixed time through internet radio with his students. We must explore this means also.

4/3 PG

I don’t know if writing about current sensitive events befits the knol philosophy. It can help to draw more readers but on the other hand it is very delicate, as such topics can lead to heated conflicts of opinions. Anyway I just put my comments on the London G20 meeting in my democratic globalization knol. If there is something wrong with that initiative, please tell me.

4/2 Randy

We welcome a new member
Kees Pulles – The Netherlands

4/2 KS

foundation money
yes , it was not only an april joke , the financial crises is also a currency crisis .
the chinese are right : we need a new world currency .
but the chinese can’t do that , nore can this be done by the usa or by europe .
it can be done theoretically by the un , but in practise they depend on the big nations ,
so it can’t be done by the un .
a new money only can be done by the internet , more precisely , by google .
so it’s exactly as SK said : whuffy will become more and more real .
in the meantime we need a mechanism for converting whuffy into money .
and here our auction gets into the game .
btw. google also needs this money .
advertising is not a good foundation to make money in present times .
@ SK
i like the new edit button .
but where are the other buttons (version, management) ?
okay, i found “versions” . it’s the last entry in the “share and invite” box (where are also the settings of the knol) .

4/2 SK @ Team

The idea of foundation money is sound and needed. We are going to make the knol foundation into an effective organization that will bring understanding to every tiny corner of the globe. The internet is no longer just a virtual world. It is bringing real changes into the lives of hundreds of millions. We now have many internet currencies that are no longer just virtual; virtual money is now being traded for real money. Our foundation must not miss out on the currency part of the not so virtual internet world; as the internet world becomes more and more real our KS’s whuffy will also become more and more real. After all who knows how the internet’s more or less virtual money will finally end up?

However I do not yet understand the exact fundamentals of KS’s whuffy concept of auctions etc. KS must explain his concept in more detail. He has to convince the majority of the team before the foundation can consider it as part of our foundation.
I think the time is ripe to file the next stage of papers with the IRS. Should I go ahead? With just one virtual board meeting we can make any changes later.

4/2 Randy

Thank you for translating the foundation page in your language

  1. Daniel Rumana – Portuguese
  2. Petr Frish – Czech

I agree with AK on foundation money. I am also skeptical.
I am not sure that will work for a non-profit organization.

4/1 Knol Help

We deployed the Sharpei Release  earlier today. We still have a few bugs to shake out — post to a Knol Help page if you see anything amiss.

A lot of the changes have to do with upgrading the permissions authors have over their knols, in preparation for more changes to authorship coming later.

There are a lot of tiny changes & fixes we can’t enumerate.
As we work on protecting the product from spam and abuse, you may see more pages and user accounts getting flagged. We will try to proceed with this carefully, but please report if you see anything amiss and we will fix it as soon as possible.

If there are any questions about Google’s guarantees / agreements with the user community, see the links on the bottom of every Knol page:  Terms of Service  |  Privacy Policy  |  Content Policy .

4/1 KVSS

I am happy to see one more of my suggestions being implemented. Contribute and edit this knol is now prominently shown. That should motivate some visitors to add their bit to knols.
Welcome Alec Radford

4/1 Randy

We welcome you as a new member
Alec Radford – Dallas Texas

4/1 KVSS

One more professor using google knol for the assignments of students

As you know this semester, the assignments of my students were posted on realtime basis. I have to go through them and decide whether to keep them or to unpublish them after evaluation.

p>AK made a new knol of rules for the contest.

We all need to get involved in developing this feature of knol. We may have to run a campaign this month to ask many knol authors to nominate their best knol that satisfies the time rules to the contest. Authors are not taking interest in a marketing opportunity for their best knol. I made two suggestions so far. The voting should not be restricted to authors only. Visitors must be encouraged to vote. Second, there has to be a quality team that will disqualify a knol on content quality considerations. No doubt the author may improve the quality and submit it next month or in any future month. My thinking in making the suggestions is that we have attract to more visitors to the knol platform and competition has to be made a vehicle for that purpose. We have to ensure some minimum quality in the knols that we are presenting as top knols or best knols of a month and quality checks by a team will help in this regard. The very fact that a knol is on the nominated list itself must be felt as an honour by knol authors.

Who will constitute the quality team?. We can volunteer for various months. Each member of the team may have to read around 20 to 25 knols in that month and give his negative opinion if required for rest of the team to approve. It is additional work. But it will help in improving the quality knol portfolio of the platform. Other knol authors and visitors are free to express a negative opinion on any knol at any time during the contest month and the quality team will examine the knol.

4/1 AK

A Million-Dollar-Guarantee??? Wow! Respect.
Maybe they love new ideas as TiSP, Virgle or your new money-project.
But however I’m a sceptic.

5/1 KS

google guarantee
i wrote on foundation money that we may have a financial crises and that we need a guarantee from our knol government .
now larry and sergey have posted to me .
so i’m honoured and proud to present a million $ guarantee .
google will guarantee to buy the rest of our ABCD .. auction till $1000000 ($5 each) .

4/1 KS @ AK

make an open knol, where we and erveryone who is interested can discuss it .
the only condition : if we cannot unify within 10 days, then a judge (knol star) may decide .

.< board 2009


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