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4/25 SK

By yourself you can do nothing; seek a friend.

If you could taste the slightest bit of your
insipidity, you would recoil from it.” – Nizami, Treasury of Mysteries

@ Panos
I have checked his background. He is a very dedicated professor in one
of the leading engineering institutes in India. And please do not use
such language – ‘do not underestimate us’. When knol management does
not ask for CV then who are we to ask for it? I have not met him but I have come to know that he is a very popular professor. I just registered the foundation and it is he who has moved it forward.
He is the backbone and the main force. You just joined us so to speak he has toiled for our foundation and has even written the most knols. And people who say that he did not get the top pick award you should know that this BB is his creation. Even though I registered this foundation in November we have been working at it ( KVSS and me ) since the beginning.
And as there were only two members in the US at that time ( Randy and me ) and  the law was to have at least three directors so I asked a friend Juan Oleas ( a perfect soul ) to give his name. Now that Randy has  gone legally it is just Juan and me. And this is just registering the foundation in my state of NJ. I have not taken the next step of a full IRS registration yet. So you and everyone else are so far just on paper. I will have to find out how to register an international foundation so we can have the whole internationally legal team with our Panos on it. But if we are going to start fighting then I might as well just disolve this foundation. Believe me KVSS is a big asset to any forum.
One of my biggest prides is that I am a knoller and I must say again that the knol management has offered us this huge opportunity where their approach is so cool. They don’t judge, they don’t ask you who you are or what your qualification is ( so lets keep it that way ); only if you have some original knowledge or experience to share. They have made practical the old common sense advice ‘Do not judge a person by what he is but by what insight he has to offer’. And even better they ask you for different titles for your one idea! Implying that there can be two or more angles to the same topic. Which means we can all perceive the same situation with a different meaning. So the difference of opinion is cool!!!!!!!!!! As long as we respect each other.


If there is any one controversial person on our team it is me. I once had an off the record conversation with one of the greatest authors of all times let alone the current times. I said to him how come you didn’t win any international prizes. He explained that his problem is that he is a philosopher in a very broad sense and that he is all over the knowledge horizon and so he has expert opinions all across the board. And as in every sphere there are others who have toiled to get their wings/PhDs; he gets away with expressing expert opinions in their field and so he kind of steps on the toes of a lot of other experts. So in certain circles he is not popular. And he said to me that I am in an even worse situation. He told me that PhDs are awarded for more and more knowledge on less and less specific topics. Its like the leading character in ‘The Good Earth’ by Pearl S. Buck. She was a palace employee who was an expert in cutting onions. So if I am offering an expertly prepared dish then why should I not stir up human nature? And having no qualifications at that. How dare I open my mouth on topics I have no credentials in! Well all the so called experts on wisdom are experts on the attributes of wisdom. And if wisdom is a tree then they are experts on the fruits of the wisdom tree. And I am claiming to be the expert on the wisdom tree! So when I say, ‘solver of the mystery why the sperm is tiny and the women’s egg is huge’, some people will get offended because a layman is not supposed to talk about such things. Well I understand.

But I have to take a stand not just for me but for all those people who have some original insights without having any credentials. We laymen who have original knowledge to offer, should be heard. And I have the utmost respect for all PhDs and all qualified people, they paid their dues and for this I love and honor them and also wish them the best of the best.

So please calm down and lets work as a family. I have a son who is your age. I am sure you are going to be an affective knoller and a major contributor to the world in many fields.

How about you look into my knol, ‘Bottom line of successful nations’ and if you like we can develop this knol into a foundation. Also you can start your own ‘Wisdom Express’in your corner of the world.
@ PG & AK

Please let me have your opinion on this post of mine.

4/25 Panos @ KVSS

This is the 4th time you give me an indirect answer to a simple question. What is your work place and what is your current academic position? Please, login to  and post an analytical academic CV. I don’t understand your behavior. Do you need special permissions from your institution to post your academic CV in the knol platform? Do you have any CV at all? Please don’t underestimate us.  Provide us with specific analytical information about your working position and your educational institution in order to contact and verify that you are a real professor. If you are not willing to answer to this simple question consider this as my final notice, I will then propose to the members to vote for your resignation.

The voting procedures over the Foundation’s policy already started . Everybody can vote and start new voting procedure. You are all welcomed to participate in equal terms.

4/25 KVSS

It is nice to know that knol authors are excited about knowing my academic qualifications and professional experience. Any way google scholar has done some job. It has showed where I am working presently and where I was before the present post. It also showed the name of my Ph.d supervisor. It also showed a review article by professors of IIM Ahmedabad, the premier management institute of India citing my article. It is good advertisement for those articles among the knol authors. It also showed that I have some global relations and I was at a global conference in USA. The paper that I presented there is available as a knol and it was written there that the paper was presented in the New York State Economic Association Conference. All this should become some free publicity to my institute – National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE)  and the subject about which I am presently deeply concerned Industrial Engineering
Coming to a formatted CV that every academic must have, I agree with the idea of my team member. But, my institute web site is the first website that I should post it on. They gave me the job recently based on my CV and also they have a provision for uploading the CV.  I have not done that activity. I shall do it first and then publish the same wherever, the knol foundation asks me to post it along with other team members. Even if people are only graduates, now we should know full details about everybody.  My CV for the scrutiny of knol authors, even though that is not a real issue or an issue at this point in time, will be made available. After all, this is additional free publicity for my bio and my publications. I can as well include my important knols also. Why waste a chance to show your record to people? I shall be on that task.
@ KS
May be you have to transfer a lot of material to some other knol. It is giving frequent problems in loading.

4/25 Panos @ SK

I never denied that knowledge gems will come out of regular/ordinary people. However you must understand the consequences of our actions if we support people who are suspicious or dishonest.  Although you are passionate about this project you are not elected as a representative of the foundation, and niether am I. I am not going to decide if we are staying in this format and neither are you. You must understand this. I’m making some simple questions to KVSS and his denial to answer is confirming the suspicions that many of us have. I’m not the one who makes the final decisions and neither ar you.  The principles of democracy say that we must vote and the principles of open participation say that all members of the foundation have the right to be informed and vote and share their opinions. As a technical director I provide the technical solutions for both democracy and open participation.  We must not tolerate any kind of dishonesty among the leaders of the foundation. I’m sure that democracy will show us the way to resolve this situation. I started some votings in  firstly I would like to invite all members of this bulletin board to participate. Afterwards I’m going to invite all members of KAF as well.

4/25 SK @ Panos

‘respect to the principles of transparency and open participation just like we mentioned in our objectives.’ This bulletin board is as transparent and as open as any and principles of transparency are a given; 100% authenticity is a must for all and any forum.  It is just as easy to post here. And we are going to stay with this format…And all those who feel that there is something wrong with KAF should not grumble behind our backs they should air their opinions here openly. We will gladly address all issues.

And how many people have posted their CVs that you are insisting on KVSS to post his. One of the novel aspects of the knol platform is that it is honoring what one is saying and not honoring who is saying. This is why I am so passionate about knol it suites laymen like me who have no professional degrees yet we get the same help and support as the PhDs. Knol is not about PhDs postings, though they are just as welcome; it is about what really matters –  giving equal opportunity to one and all to share their knowledge and experience. Who knows how many knowledge gems will come out of regular/ordinary folks like me.

4/25 Panos@ KVSS

It is the 3d time I ask a simple question. Are you willing to upload an analytical CV like all academics do? Please state your specific degrees and the institutions you worked related with specific dates. It is an important matter of transparency.

 Knol Author Foundation invites both academics and non academics in all positions. It is totally normal for a non academic not to have any degrees and not any experience working in educational institutions. But if someone claims to be an academic at least he can show us an academic CV.
@KS and SK
The problem is not how I feel or what one of us think. Some members feel that something is going wrong with KAF. Can you blame them? First of all, it is not practical at all  to make conversations inside a simple Knol because it’s not technically designed for conversations.  We must start voting and making decisions all together with respect to the principles of transparency and open participation just like we mentioned in our objectives.  is a specially designed phpBB forum that makes it extremely easy for anyone to discuss and vote or even start a new voting.  is specially designed for creating wiki articles and does not support a poll – voting.


4/25 KVSS

 Congratulations Prize Winners of Dummies Knol Competition

I request all to read these knols and congratulate them individually at your convenience.
I am at least one of the people who recommended holding of competitions on knols on this bulletin board. I even proposed that KAF organize one knol competition on wisdom stories – The personal theme of Sajid Ali Khan, the main person behind the formation of the foundation.
I opened a bulletin board for Telugu Knol Authors and Visitors and I made this entry there also. I also made the entry for the present cooking competition of the knol.
Today. I advised one of the Chinese Knollers to start a bulletin board for Chinese and other such non-English speaking persons for writing in English and practice English writing.
I hope bulletin boards come up quickly in Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Kannad. I shall do some activity for initiating this.


4/25 KS

i can really understand Panos . he was shocked and irritated about the KAF drama .

but i have a little grin in my face 😉
 4/25 KVSS

I may not have searched google scholar earlier. I do not remember when I did. I did it today.
Monetary Policy and Equity Returns: Evidence from Developing Countries


edu Narayana Rao KVSS ICFAI University, Mumbai Jason Wolf Minnesota State University

Moorhead, MN Abstract Unlike prior studies which document that equity

Independent Equity Research from Business Schools: A Possibility

KN Rao –

Volume 2, Number 2 May 2008, pp. 157-162 KVSS Narayana Rao National Institute

of Industrial Engineering Mumbai
[CITATION] Bombay stock exchange: rates of return and efficiency; comment

KN Rao – The Indian economic journal, 1991


The Effect of Capital Ratios on Credit Union Rates Nationwide


Session II Session 2A: Investment and Investments SSU, Molinari Room Session Chair:

John Piccione (JWP Consulting) Dr. KVSS Narayana Rao Portfolio Analysis
Research on the Indian Capital Market a Review

SK Barua, V Raghunathan, JR Varma – 1994 –

inflation. Rao and investors. Rao and Bhole (1990) have examined the real rates of

return on equities in the Indian market for the period 1953-87
Thanks Google Scholar, It has showed that I exist.
I am trying to ask my students to post their security analysis on knol as I advocated similar approach in the paper Independent Equity Research from Business Schools: A Possibility. Now I find some faculty members are advising their students to post their term papers/assignments on knol. Such an attempt will make students take more care in writing their assignments and should reduce copy and paste which is rampant in all assignments today.


4/25 KS

because of a long walk which i made yesterday, i am thoroughly convinced that Peter Baskerville must be our new knol star . perhaps Panos, AK, KVSS and SK want to change their votes, so we may discuss how to arrange it . this is above all total independent from KAF .

btw. if PB (Peter) thinks that the bulletin board is a child from KAF he thinks that without a reason . KAF is a (problem) child from bulletin board .
the reason of my conviction is PB’s 4/24 note . he has the best connections to google help and he is a super-star (if not, he shurely will make a deep fall, deeper than RK, but that is his own risk) .
Peter, i am not kidding . this is the best way to help new and poor (KAF) knol authors . show us a new way .
i totally agree with Peggy, Spyros and Panos that this page is difficult to follow . but i think, the reason is, that there is no common speach . we must learn to speak knol speach . and the first and most important step is that we have a speaker with the best wire to the knol team (i.e.Peter Baskerville) .
further i agree with SK that this page is an appropriate place for conversation . perhaps we can make postings, which are bigger than a screen, a proper knol and link to them .
(how do you find my new painting)

@ Panos
your NEW FORUM is impressive, but (take it not personal (as we say in geman)) it’s not a knol ;-(


@ Spiros (about the way decisions are made)
2009-02-02 i wrote a comment on the KAF page:
i think, the above picture is only for external reasons (it’s like sim city or so) . my internal view is, that we are a group, where the functions rotate (bulletin board shows, that the prof is a fan of rotation) .

so everyone can make a proposal and we then unify .
if it takes too much time, our (voted) knol star may decide .
can we make a point “internal structure” ?”

@ SK
because you have no group for this .
one alone can not convince anybody, two are already irrefragable .

4/24 SK @ Panos

‘…this is not the place for an appropriate conversation’. Why is this not an appropriate place for conversation? We have built this up over many months. KVSS created it as a sample and I saw the potential and made it active and KS (especially KS ) and the team all made it into a successful conversation board. Where did you get the idea that I am thinking in terms of friends and enemies? As I have said that we knollers are all spiritual twins. And some times misunderstandings happen and its no big deal. I always say that if someone misunderstands me then it is my mistake and I never blame the other person. In fact I am a fan of all three: Peter, Murray & Krishan; I am grateful and feel obliged to them for correcting a big wrong. I am hoping that we will all become one single team.

As for my statement that I talked to then Senator Obama and that he liked my idea, it is all on tape. There must have been dozens of cameras on us when we were talking. When he was leaving the Meadowland arena in Secacus, NJ people were giving him books to autograph. His security detail was taking the books which the Senator was going to autograph later in his van and send back. Senator Obama was four people away towards the exit when I was still talking to him about how he should not say that he is wise but show it in his behavior. I can tell that he was still paying attention to me because I gave his security staff a Wisdom Express flier and a banner*. The security guy said he will only take one. I said that the flier is for the Senator and the banner is for his autograph. When the security guy refused the Senator was still paying attention to me because he turned around and told his staff to take both and he said to me to give it to him and that he will sign it and send it back. It is all on tape. ( If you don’t believe me I perhaps can get the tape?) The banner never came back. I started talking to a congress women and then Mayor Booker and I got distracted. I am hoping the Senator liked my banner and kept it or one of his staff kept it. I again followed the Senator over several days when he took the train tour in PA and I again talked to him twice! When he was in Paoli, PA I was sitting right behind him and I saw myself on CNN off and on for the whole period. You can buy the Paoli tape and see for yourself. Also while in PA I came to know that Senator Kerry was holding a rally in Warminister. So I went and attended this rally. On one of the Wisdom Express banners I have his autograph. He definitely liked my wisdom express idea for he let me speak at this rally. He even agreed to meet me later in Washington. When he was leaving he looked at me and said ‘wisdom’. I am going to meet him in Washington after my 1st. vol. on wisdom is published. My contact person is his assistant David McCain who was with him at that time.
I followed Senator Obama’s train tour with my ‘Wisdom Express’ ( my car decked with a few different banners like the following ) :
From Benjamin Franklin and George Washington to Lincoln, from

FDR to JFK America has been blessed with wise leaders. America
is at that time once again when we will be blessed with wise
leadership in an Obama Presidency. This is a great opportunity
for the news media to highlight the powerful force of wisdom
that is powering Obama’s mind. What is needed is The
Obamanization of America and beyond. Not just Obamanization
of political leadership but also the Obamanization of all
aspects of human life. We must wake up America and especially
the world of education to the fact that the time has come to
know, understand and develop wisdom which lies undetected,
underdeveloped and/or mis-developed in the vast majority.

Vote for wisdom . Vote for Obama

In this age of spin doctors and speech writers
everyone of the candidates can lay out a grand
vision. Take the example of President Bush’s
State of the Union speech. It was a brilliant
speech and his vision looked perfect but if
someone asked him for the details of the nuts
and bolts of his immigration reform plan his
solutions are much more messy. So one must not
go by what the candidates say. One must go by
their bottom line wisdom. Don’t get swayed by
the image, vote for the substance. Vote for
wisdom. Vote for your children’s future.
Vote for wisdom . Vote for Obama

You are saying that I should not write about wisdom all the time. 50% of every one’s brain power is wisdom ( +2 super mature emotional intelligence ) and if I don’t talk about it who will? Look at the chaos and all the pain and suffering that you can directly trace to lack of wisdom education.
I do understand why my profile is offensive to some people. No one would feel offended if I had a PhD. Just because I am self taught there are some people who will always say who is this guy to say that he is the solver of this mystery or that mystery. Look at my reasoning of how I answered the mystery of the sperm and the egg:
Mother Nature uses one big egg and hundreds of millions of tiny sperm

for one simple reason and one reason alone—to ensure that every human
that is conceived is a champion of champions, one so good that she/he
is the best from hundreds of millions! The sperm race ensures that
only a big winner is born and hundreds of millions of sperm ensure
that the very best of the very best is born.
In order to make this ingenious plan work the only practical way to
make every human being a champion of champions was to make the sperm
tiny. Imagine hundreds of millions of egg size sperm. The testicles
would have to be much, much larger which among other things would be
very inconvenient. The amount of energy and body material needed to
produce this large quantity and egg size sperm would produce its own
logistical problems and would be near impossible.. Even the pathway
for the sperm to run through would have to be made much larger. So
Mother Nature made the sperm tiny to create this perfect way to a
human race of only champions. Every human being has
to win the sperm race to get the gift of life.

Does anyone else have a better reasoning/explanation? In fact it was a Time magazine essay, ‘No one knows why nature tosses a billion sperm when one can do the job’ that started me thinking.
However I consider you a big asset to all mankind and I feel honored to know you and work with you. And I will do every thing in my power to make your dreams come true ( even your personal ones because I consider you my family ). We may have minor differences but in the final analysis I am with you all the way.

4/24 KVSS @Panos

You are a technology expert. You can search internet. Could you not find where I am working? Is it not there in my knol bio data? Could you not find any paper in any conference in India or abroad where my name is there? You say somebody did background checks?????

What is your background? Did I ask you the moment you joined us? You are somebody who has the ability to contribute to knol as an author and we welcomed you for it. Why do you say I have not given a straight answer? I publicly said that there will be a process that will take care of background checks. If you have put in place a process, I will appreciate you. Instead of acknowledging that you have put in place the process because I urged the foundation or requested the foundation to come out with such a process, you want to still say something. I do not want you to sing my praises. As a colleague on the knol platform I do look for some cooperation along with some competition. I do not want conflict which solely destroys people.
While I requested for the process privately and made an announcement that process will be put in place publicly, probably you have not informed about this action privately but you are blaming me publicly. Of course I should not say things publicly. It does not befit my role in the foundation. But you wrote last time it is not personal. Now you specifically made it personal. Does my existence today, on this page depend on my highest degree and achievement. Or it depends on what I am writing? If somebody did background checks every alumni association form where I had got my degrees has my name listed there. It can be found easily.
But is it the issue? You are doing background checks to make sure somebody is not a fraud. He is not posting something to bring knol platform into disrepute probably as an agent of rival publishing platform. You are not doing background checks to find the highest achievement of an individual. You are not here giving awards based on biodatas.

4/24 Panos Announcement @ all members and directors


I totally agree with Spyros and Peggy who suggested that this is not the place for an appropriate conversation. In the address I created a new forum for conversation and transparent voting. It is a far more convenient way to discuss. I invite all members and directors to join. For start I created 3 categories:
(1) WHO is WHO where all directors must put analytical information about their background. This is optional for simple members but obligatory for directors. It’s not about creating an academic elit. It’s about being more transparent and honest about who we are.
(2) Voting: here all members can make suggestions and vote the suggestions of others.
(3) KAF policy: here we can continue this discussion about the future of Knol and invite all members to participate along with the directors. I already started with a new topic answering to Peter Baskerville, SK, PG.
I asked 2 simple questions about your working and educational background and I didn’t take any straight answers. Please tell us more about your degrees and your current work with dates, places and work positions. Please support your answers with verifiable information. We don’t want to create a PhD elite, but we need to be honest and sincere about our background. Do you have any scientific publications published in Google Scholar search engine? Please register in the and post your analytical bio creating a new topic with your name under the WHO is WHO category.

4/24 SK @ Peter, Murray & Krishan

I have the highest regards for all three of you. I have approached Peter and Krishan earlier to join us. Simply because I am very impressed by your cutting edge knols. Peter the objectives you have expressed here are the goals of most knollers but given the talents of your group you can do a better job. Please don’t say you will not work here with us. We can always compliment and support each other. In fact I am grateful to you three for exposing copy right violations and for this I persnally owe you one.

Perhaps you don’t like my sub par knols ( you are judging them from your high standards) but I must tell you my work is original and I feel it is needed given the current state of the world. We knollers are all spiritual twins, though you three are the better twins than me by far. If in any way you feel offended by me then I want to appologise also if you want anything taken out of my profile please let me know I will take it off. To me, I don’t count, my wishes don’t count what counts is how I can wake up the world to the real issues and their soloutions. But if all I am doing is cause trouble then let me know and I will shut up. I love you all,have the highest regards for you and wish you the best.

4/24 KVSS

15,000+ Knol authors

That is great news.
Why is knol management keeping quiet about it?
Just sometime back I wrote about 100 authors coming in per day and the author size going to 36,500 in one year. It will mean by end of the second year we will be more than 50,000+. Actually as more people come to know of these numbers, the daily registered authors number will go up further.
My own judgment is that many mini encyclopedias will come up in Knol.

4/24 @ Knol Author Foundation – A note from Peter Baskerville

I do not speak for Murry nor Krishan, but I have no capacity nor intention of “taking over” your organisation. This is the home that has been built by the members here and not by me. I made no contribution to its founding or development and do not believe that it is the place where I can make my greatest contribution to the Knol Project. I wish you all well in your reconstructions but rest assured, KAF will not be part of my world going forward. I will make no more comments or replies here apart from posting a reply that I made to Kalle Schwartz in another Knol. If you wish to leave a comment on any of my Knols, I will courteously respond but I will not enter into any discussions about the future of KAF. It is not my place. Here is my reply (modified) to KS.

“Kalle, your English is difficult to understand but I must say it’s a million times better than my German, even though I was taught it at school. So, I am grateful that this debate is being conducted in English, because in German … I have already lost.
What has happen to the Knol Author Foundation (KAF) is no different to what has happen all over the internet. Everything of noble intent on the internet soon disintegrates to the lowest common denominator – spam, plagiarism and algorithm manipulation all designed for the “quick buck”. So, don’t be shocked, down-hearted or upset that it has happen here.
Your enthusiasm to exploit the benefits of globalized collaboration and the partnership offer with the dominant internet player, meant that you left the door open to others motivated by this lowest common denominator mentality. Hardly your fault.
My motives are no different to many of you from the KAF, but my methods may be.
My approach has been to write the best quality Knols that I could in my areas of expertise, applying all the tools provided by Knol and by constantly editing these works, craft them into an investment that will stand the test of time
be the best partner that I could for the Knol Team, by offering instructive feedback often, providing constant suggestions on improving the Knol Site, providing tools and articles designed to help new Knol Authors and thereby the Knol team, and taking the time to flag Knols that were in violation of Knol’s contents policy and in my final act, to help expose grand scale plagiarism.
offering encouragement and suggestions to other knol authors that were contributing quality works to the Knol Library. This I did by way of lengthy comments (like this one), reviews and ratings.
Not wanting to ‘brag’ but simply demonstrate the outcome achieved from taking this approach, I have:
Become a ‘Top 10’ Top Pick Author from the 15,000+ Knol Contributors on the Knol Site
The establishment of links from KnolHelp pages to my pages, dealing with articles that help Knol Authors, which has helped net me over 4,500 pageviews per week from as little as 27 Knols
Been awarded 20 Top Pick Knols – the most on the Knol Library now that Randy K’s and his phantoms are gone. 7 Knols selected by Knol team for voice reading. Most of my Knols are selected as featured articles for the front page.
A listening ear and quick response from the Knol Team to my suggestions, concerns and feedback and a speedy action to my flags.
Found, connected and collaborated with two outstanding people in the Knol Community. Murry and Krishan.
With results as good as this, achieved by applying my approach above, it was hard to get excited about joining KAF particularly when I noted some identities who’s contribution I felt was not in the best interest of the Knol Project. For me, the sometimes petty demands of a structured organisation can take you away from the really important work to be done on the site. There was much work to be done here and I had no time to be distracted.
I believe in the Knol Project … as I am sure Google does as well. I believe in it because if one open user content site can be made free from the ‘lowest common denominator’ mentality … it’s this one. So, I plan to continue with the approach outlined above and use all my energy to work with our partner to help build a quality and trustworthy knowledge library for the learner hungry people of the 21st century. In my mind – I need do no more.

4/24 SK

It has come to my notice that some people do not like the following that I wrote as my profile: ‘Wisdom (brain) coach, common sense coach, President of research foundation,solver of the mystery of wisdom, antique dealer, inventor, knoller, solver of the mystery why the sperm is tiny and the womens’ egg is huge., NYC, NY’ . The definition of wisdom by the main stream education is still fuzzy. Wisdom to this day is described by its attributes. I am saying that wisdom = +2 emotional intelligence = self mastery all of these are one and the same entity. If you can define one you can define all. I am also saying that wisdom is generated by the highest quality emotionally super mature brain. So wisdom education is brain education. Which in my book means wisdom is generated by a squeaky clean brain which means that if you want to be a wisdom coach you have to be a brain coach; so that you can clean the brain of all emotional baggage/garbage. Common sense coach means the same thing. I do have a couple of US patents and I do own a few US trade marks. I have registered tens of inventions.

However I do want you to know that Knol is just 5% of my life. My own research foundation is 10% of my life. The Wisdom Express is another 5% and I know it is going to be big because a lot of world leaders like it. And for your kind information I am a scion of one of the leading ex-royal families of India! More places are named after my ancestor in New Delhi then any one else. Safdar Jung airport, road where Indra Gandhi lived, railway station, hospita, enclave and moselum. My family at least on paper owns more land in proper Calcutta than anyone else except the government. Over 300+ acres in Tolley Gunj race course etc. Knol is extreemly important to me and I will continue on it as long as you all want. But as I said it is just a tiny part of my life and if you do not want me here just say the word.

4/24 SK @ Peter, Murray & Krishan

I must admit that the professionalism and polish in your knols is something I admire and can never match. But my knols are as original as they come. In fact Prof. Polemini, VP of Turo College the biggest Jewish educational trust in America, they control several universities here and abroad said to me, “Anyone who discovers wisdom deserves the Noble Prize!”. Am I beating my own drums? I am beating my drums to provoke a healthy discussion on my work.

A friend said to me why am I invoking my own agenda in this crisis well first it is because it is relevant to the issues raised here and also because I feel life must go on.
But more important for now I have the same question for you as our Ponos, ‘Are we together? And can we join forces? Please give us a clear answer. Knol is a big opportunity for all of us who want to bring all mankind on the same page in regular intelligence and emotional intelligence.’ I want to work with you and if I have to compete with you than I rather quit. Do you want to take over our foundation? As Jerry Seinfeld said, ‘Whats mine is yours’ today I hold the job of Executive Director and Treasurer, you can have both these positions, I will persuade our other members.
My Wisdom Express is openning up in a few places around the globe and I can just focus on that.
@ Spiros
‘I am just a member and not a director’. Why do you say just. You are just as important as any director. In fact we have people like Kavin Spaulding who are not even members and are having a bigger impact than all of us combined. Also we need directors for every nook of the globe and in your area you are all we have (?)

4/24 PG @ Team, PG @ SK, PG @ Peter, Murray & Krishan

@ Team

Plagiarism is a fraud, and cannot be accepted
But I start to be afraid that this conflict will become a pretense to restrict knol authorship to academics and public figures. That also cannot be accepted. Either a knol is worthy of interest by itself or it is not. Let us avoid “arguments of authority”.
@ SK
As you can see I side with you and others on this issue.
@ Peter, Murray & Krishan.
Maybe, in what I said above I misinterpreted your intention, therefore I would like you to clarify your objectives.
The foundation worked a lot to define what it sees as the Knol mission and spirit. There might be some more precisions needed. But how do you see it? Are you prepared to share it and build on it, or do you intend to create another organization and to split our efforts?

4/24 Spiros KAKOS

About the background checks: It is hard to perform such a check if the only thing you have from the others is a name and a surname (at best cases). Because I live in Greece and Google Knol has not installed the feature of “Person Verification” for my country, I have followed a different path for my “self-verification” and “validation”: I have added in my profile a link to my LinkedIn profile, where one can see who I am and other people with whom I cooperate and they know me. I think this is more than nothing.

About the way decisions are made: I am just a member and not a director. In that way, I do not have great insight about how you will make the decisions regarding the Foundation. This page is difficult to read and follow as many others have already pointed out. You should consider building a mechanism of public awareness of the decisions the directors of the Foundation make, so that the members can see if they agree with them and somehow express their opinions as well. Maybe a standard “forum-like” web page could facilitate that? By the way, what does the Foundation organization says about the decision-making process? Just asking because I did not find a link to such information.

4/24 KVSS

The foundation has accepted the resignation of Randy as a director. The issue is closed as far as the foundation is concerned.

One of the directors Panos brought out the issue of background checks. In our enthusiasm to create a group, we may not have done any background checks. Whoever was willing to join has joined. As with any association, initial body of directors was formed out of the initial people who joined. This initial body has to put in place some framework before they hand it over the new a executive committee. The process will take time and as an online group the process will take more time. As people respond when it is convenient to them. We shall have a process for background checks for every member who is designated as a director at the moment and who will be designated as a director in the future. At least everybody will be assured the person is an individual with physical address. Actually Sajid Ali Khan, who is the first member of the foundation did some background checks as he made phone calls to some of the founders. Now I appreciate him for that exercise.
This foundation was formed to support knol platform and to assist knol authors. The two objectives are valid and relevant objectives and we will keep working towards their fulfillment to the best of our abilities.
While some people keep publicly stating that we are unfit to be writers and knol authors, we do receive appreciation from readers who benefited from our writing efforts and that gives the motivation for me to write.
Today morning I received a mail from an alumni. He specially sent the mail after a gap of 14 years, to appreciate my knol articles. He said he found them useful for his present work. User/people written articles have a relevance and that is why there is readership for them. The readership may be limited and there are millions of writers now and they are happy to write for their niche readership.
Certain individuals believe in their individual performance and do not want even an opportunity for anybody else. But internet online publishing facilities have changed the paradigm. We will see the truth of it on knol over a period of time.
Andreas Kemper mentioned that in one day 100 new German authors have joined. If 100 new authors join knol every day, in a year we will have 36,500 knol authors. We as a group 50 or even 5000 are irrelevant before that huge mass of authors. We have an opportunity to provide some pioneering experiments at this stage. If individuals are allowed enough calm atmosphere to take their initiative with some minimum support that gives them a confidence there is a network it will be good.

4/24 SK @ Peter, Murry and Krishan.

I have the utmost respect for you and feel that you have every right to check for any doubts you may have regarding our team. If you find any thing bad about me please post it here. One thing I have learned is to do my job to the best of my ability and to do it as long as it helps the world at large. I have always had main stream experts saying I have no credentials. Yet consider my basic hypothesis, ‘Human nature is partly due to ‘womb-conditioning’. But look at the practical applications of my simple idea. I even have physical inventions that you can hold in your hands that are beneficial to humanity. Please read my knol, ‘Practical applications of quantifying the mind.’ Sometime back Salman Rushdie was saying in an interview that morality is there only because there is a Gd. And thus moral values flow from the scriptures. I say that moral values can flow from the qualities of the +2 super mature mind/brain. Do good because it is the super mature thing to do. Do not commit murder because it is the premature thing to do. Also every society has four levels of individuals, groups and countries. Countries like my beloved India are -1!

This has applications in law enforcement and even defense budgets! My hypothesis even exposes the biggest defect in American education and makes it clear that most Americans are +1 and how they can become +2.
You name any human activity and I will show you how my work applies to it. But if you think this stuff I am saying is BS then prove it and I will quit.
@ KS
This is what I love about you; you always have the last word.
As I said to you earlier that my 400 knols are just the appitizers and the real main course of another 600 knols I was going to start writing. I was going to start giving the inside and outside of emotional holes I was trapped in so those with similar problems can learn from my experiences and insights just like the example I gave you earlier of my love life. But now I am going to wait and see. I feel some hints in the air that some of us are phony. Well if I am phony I will stop writing as an expert on human nature and start writing children’s stories ect. What bugs me is that many experts think there is no science in my work on wisdom but they won’t come forward and challenge me on this. Why? KS why?

4/24 KS @ PG

this whole drama is of a Shakespearean dimension !!!


4/24 SK @ PG

I have the highest regards for your deep knowledge in psychology. Please read my last few postings on this board and consider the following sentence and tell me what you think. I want you to be honest with me. ( and don’t worry about me, if you think my work is BS then say so, I can always even at this age of almost 60, become a poet or fiction writer; and I will quit writing my 1000 knols on wisdom = +2 emotional intelligence = self mastery.)

<font size=”3″>’I think I know this stuff inside out and outside in, which one cannot say for most researchers.’ </font>
@ Team
I totally agree with Panos that Peter, Murray and Krishan did us a big favor by checking into our backgrounds. These are people who are doing a real professional job when it comes to writing knols. In fact I consider myself a fan of Krishan. I can vouch for Prof. KVSS. His educational background is as good as can be. He graduated from IIt, the Harward of engineering in India. And I am sure he can provide you all the proof you need. As far as I am concerned I just have a BA in English, Political Science and History. I have been a freelance journalist in India. And as I have been saying it again and again all I have done in my life is to understand my own self. I think I know a thing a two about such topics as nervousness, depression, shyness. emotional holes like once in a while I will feel terrified being alone. separate and alive inching towards more and more aches and pains and perhaps a painful death. I think I know this stuff inside out and outside in, which one cannot say for most researchers. Also via inspiration from ‘Durga Mata’ the goddess of good of over evil [ the same goddess inspired Satiya Jeet Ray, the Oscar winner and even ? Ramanuja the self taught mathmatetian.]( Who according to one of the VCs of Lucknow University becomes the goddess of knowledge at night ) I stumbled across the knowledge of what is wisdom. At least in my mind I think I am way ahead on wisdom and the world of education must wake up to my work.
However if my team or even our heroes Peter, Murray and Krishan think I am a phony then I am willing to offer my position to who ever one of them wants it. I will still remain a member as long as you allow me to be. I will still do whatever I can for our foundation and for knol. I have proof that I have been saying the same stuff for over two decades. In fact in 1986 I published a paper (after trying for a decade ) ‘Schizophrenia starts in the fetus stage’ in the Bombay Psychology Journal. The editor was Prof. Ghorpade of Khar College, Mumbai. I was over a year ahead of similar work in the West. I have quantified the mind which means we can now measure emotions like love, hate etc in numbers. Prof. Gosh the legendary editor of the newspaper Pioneer ( India) hailed me as a prophet. Also the # 1 journalist in India Khushwant Singh has written about my work a few times saying that the Indian Government must listen to me.
But mostly I have been criticized for saying that womb-reality ( this is a concept I coined) cooks the human brain. From Lucknow, Delhi, Bombay all the way to Cambridge universities have all said that my work has no scientific basis. It was only when Prof. Popel of Berlin University discovered that the fetus has REM that some of my earlier critics became my fans.
As I have already mentioned that I was very nervous and would get easily insulted; so I worked on my fragile emotions. It took me years but I soon became normal. Then I realized now that I was on a roll why not go for super normal. ( And this is one of the things I want to do for all society why shouldn’t every one become super normal? ). So I will not feel insulted or angry if I am told that my work is BS. My only aim is to make the whole human race, at least as many as possible, +2 super mature. My aim is to bring health, happiness and prosperity to all corners of the world and if my work is bogus then all I am bringing is falsehood and ill health so I will quit.
So the team and even our heroes Peter, Murry and Krishan can X me out. I am here to serve and not to betray or deceive or mislead.
By the way William Safire the # 1 maven of the English language is not even High School, he told me himself! And Prof. Noam Chomsky finds my work intriguing and is always interested in reading it.
Most of the practical applications of my work that I have tried have brought me fame and money. I started ‘’ a group of doctors and a head of a prominent synagogue gave me good money for it, I was able to pay off the full mortgage on my house. They also were interested in buying my ‘’ which I have for the world and it is not for sale.

And my Wisdom Express had the most success. Senator Obama liked it. In fact at the Meadowland, NJ rally Senator Obama said in his speech that he was the bridge to the future, I told him it is so, but this is an old line that Bill Clinton has already used again and again; and that his emphasis has to be on pure substance of wisdom of which he is made of. The one quality that puts him way ahead of the rest of the pack!! etc.! Senator Kerry liked it so much that he let me speak at the rally in Warminister, PA! Mayor Corry Booker of Newark, NJ loves it, so does Mayor Choi of Edison and a congress women appreciated it to the extent she said she would always point out the real difference between Senator Obama and the rest – he has wisdom!In fact a friend of Mayor Bloomberg has asked me to take out my Wisdom Express in his favor. I am thinking of doing it.
@ Panos
If you read anything bad about me then please post it here for I must get what ever I deserve. If I am a sham then I deserve to be exposed.

4/23 Panos @ Team

I believe that the problem is much deeper than most of us think. Peter, Murry and Krishan did a background search for most of us and I was shocked from their discoveries. Those people finally revealed the wrong actions of Randy and we must give them a credit for this at least . I’ve been contacted from this team because I have gain their trust. The reason is simple, they have checked my online background and attitude and they found it clear and non-suspicious. They are still concerned about some leading members of our foundation. I am convinced that they will join our team if we prove that we are all ready to set quality standards for the foundation and define values that will promote the most valuable and quilified members to active positions. This is not just a complaint from Peter, Murry and Krishan. I’ve read several articles in the internet making bad remarks and, unfortunately, some of them are making sense. I’ve been also receiving mails from people warning me about my online colleagues inside this foundation. 

It is always a risk when someone makes long distanse cooperations meeting new people. To my mind this is a risk worth taking. We are all in front of a new era of intercontinental online collaborations and we must learn how to live with that. So, what should we do?  The first action is to make it clear who is who. I will make a start asking some simple questions our beloved president. I wil also try to build a seperate voting system to invite all members and directors and put their suggestions and vote in order to make our decisions all together. We must decide in respect of the principles of democracy and open participation of all members.
Dear president, please don’t take it personal. I just want to make sense here. I haven’t read any analytical scientific CV of yours and I’m now concerned. Do you have any scientific publications that we can check out your scientific background? In what institution do you work and what is your official position?

4/23 PG

I’m quite open to  invite Murry Shohat, Peter Baskerville and Krishan Maggon as directors.
The question is: do they wish it?

4/23 SK @ Team

I am taking over from Randy as the executive director for the interim period and we are looking for a new executive director who has to be a US citizen. Nominations can be invited from the existing US members and or we may wait till some more members join from the USA. I hope someone can take over soon as I have plans to take out my Wisdom Express for Mayor Bloomberg just like I had done earlier for then Senator Obama.
@ Randy
Please send me a detailed email of all the information needed to do the job of executive director. I am sorry but copy right infringement is unacceptable not even for one sentence and for this massive scale it is totally intolerable.
@ Knol Help and MM
On behalf of Knol Foundation we would like to apologize for this insanity. You have given us this huge opportunity to bring life’s real chances through education to every corner of the globe and we will do our best not to let you down.

4/23 KS

write where ever you want, folks . this is open collaboration .
okay, the appell is dead and gone because of Panos’ resign .
what about two groups ?
kernel I : KVSS, RK, Chrissy, SK, KS .
kernel II : KM, MS, PB .
the others may join one of these groups or both .
the super structure behind this groups is the knol-star tree .
once again my opinion about RK :
the team KM, MS, PB did good work .
but i distinguish between the solo player RK and the group player RK .
i love the group player, the solo player ne m’intéresse pas .

4/23 AK

I think we should make an election for the leadership for the foundation.

4/23 Panos@ Peggy Strickland

Thank you Peggy for your comments. I agree with you. This is not a practical way to discuss online. I also  believe it is time to make some important decisions.

April 23 – Peggy Strickland

I have been reading the posts for several days.
My head is whirling from trying to make sense of all the back and forth, looking at initials and trying to associate them with the people who are writing, who said what, and whether they may have another agenda.
I have previously communicated via email for clarity.
So now I will post my humble opinion here.

It is obvious that much effort has been put into the search for truth.
The disillusionment that I feel at being made aware is apparent among you all.
And it is a sad thing.
While I commend for their compassion those who would exonerate Randy and his cohorts, I personally would never feel that the integrity of the KAF could be relied upon if he stays in any capacity.

I don’t know if dissolution of the group is the answer, but certainly a major restructuring is in order.

My thanks to those who continue to work for resolution.

4/23 By Krishan Maggon

I had posted some comments and suggestions here for discussions which were marked down by one of KAF director? The latest posting had always stayed on top, why this sudden change? I consider it a naked attempt to manipulate debate. It is a waste of time to post here. I have deleted all my postings. Please respect my wishes and remove my names from all of your membership lists ASAP?

It is copied from a new knol
New Knol Authors Group?
This knol will be unpublished after KAF reforms, if any?
All KAF Directors and Members,
I suggest that you first read the latest news and developments and verify the facts before any new posting.
Knol Site Metrics
An Appeal to all Foundation Members. Please give your opinion on the content policy violation here.

4/23 KS & .. (please sign here)

Today (4/22), we immediately received an e-mail of resignation from Randy K. apologizing for the problems that his actions have caused. My personal opinion for Randy is to make a public appology and remove all the copyrighted knols and keep his position as executive director. Knol Author Foundation is by no means silent or trying to hide anything. We are all humans susceptible to mistakes and bad decisions and all people deserve a second chance.

4/23 SK @ Team

I still think that Randy is very talented and was an effective executive director. If we can work something out with the people whose copyright was violated then perhaps we could keep him.

4/23 KS

very good idea .
our cause is much bigger than any one persons blemishes, but it is not bigger than any single person .
things are for persons, persons are not for things .
it’s just because of his hard actual experiences, that Randy is so precious for us .
not to speak from his engagement, which is not in our reach .
and look at his emotional intelligence . chrissy loves him and everybody can see, that he loves chrissy .
so i think, that his e.i. is much more bigger than that of Murry Shohat .
so please sign the above posting . if we all design, perhaps he will keep his position .
but executive director or not, he is knol star and so we will listen to his voice .

4/23 Panos

I removed my name from the previous statement. After reconsindering the facts I believe that we must respect the desicion of Randy to resign.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ Please keep the above block on top for all foundation members to express their opinions on the serious issue at hand
Please write your messages on other topics below this line _________________________________________________________________________________________

4/23 KS @ SK

to your sharing :
the problem is as old as the patriarchy .
if we get rid of the patriarchy, we will get rid of the problem .
let the girls decide with whom they will sleep .
(google said : “today is girls day” (what a coincidence))
i posted on Murry (knol author foundation) an old comment of mine from 2009-02-02 😉
it’s in the sense of panos (“concerning the executive director position I would prefer to choose it in a more transparent way as a team”) i think .

4/23 KVSS

I am surprised to see this statement as a part of Murry Shohat’s comment on plagiarism knol

Encourage the Knol Authors Foundation to either dissolve or find new leadership based on confirmed authorship of quality Knols, and to establish standards for entry into the group.
———————————————————————————————————————————————————— I gave the following comment on that page and requested all others to visit the bulletin board.

I am surprised to see this suggestion from a knol author. In any association, if there is a problem there will be changes in the organizing structure. But why dissolve an author association being developed to provide a committed authors’ body for knol platform?

The issue of changes required in the association in light of the events is definitely under an open discussion in the author bulletin board.

@foundation members
The membership is open to every knol author as on today. Comment.

@KS Please make the above three entries as a separate block and put a heading as Appeal for all the foundation members. Was it posted by SK?
   (KS: ??? . can you explain (perhaps by doing))?

4/23 KVSS

Comment by Murry Shohat
I wish to only double the number of quality ethical authors by helping establish standards. I thought the Foundation would be a good place to build traction. I no longer believe this due to the Randy K incident compounded by his apologists who have no desire to operate openly and transparently. This group will never subvert Knol’s mission, relegating it to merely become an SEO front end for personal profit (which summarizes the group’s chief accomplishment to date).
The Knol Authors Foundation should be offering thanks to the author team that unmasked Randy K (and authors like Peggy Strickland have done this privately). Instead, you block us and refuse to remove our names from the roster. Ugh.

My reply
Mr. Murry Shohat
You have an occasion to question the intent of many people. From the association of knol authors there was no bad intention whatsoever. Everything that happened and every comment written by every body is available for scrutiny on the knol platform. We all have wisdom stories that say truth only wins at the end even though many others seem to be dominating at various points of time. With best regards.

@ foundation members
Panos expressed his spontaneous opinion.
Many of them are facts.
He is not an apologist.
Please express your opinion in the light of your experience and knowledge.

4/23 Panos @ SK

I like the slogan.
Concerning the executive director position I would prefer to choose it in a more transparent way as a team. First of all I propose to invite Murry Shohat, Peter Baskerville and Krishan Maggon as directors contributing in the fields that they love and already have great experience with.  Krishan is an expert in the biomedical field,  and I’ve already exchanged some mails with him discussing the possibility to create a new online biomedical journal. As technology director of Knol Author Foundation I offered him my services in the web design. During the last weeks I didn’t find any creative time to spend on this purpose but I bought a hosting service for 2 years and I donate it to the foundation for building websites. We can also invite Murry Shohat and Peter Baskerville  as directors because they are doing an excellent work in their field. Afterwards we can ask all directors if someone wants the position of the executive director (who will be in charge of inviting international members). As a final step we can vote. One of our first goals must be to create standards of how someone can contribute openly and transparently to the foundation.

4/23 SK @ Team

The last two months have been the worst of my life. As you can see I have not written even a dozen knols in this period. I had an approved patent, ‘self mastery for individuals, groups and countries’ (I will post this application as soon as I can as a knol) all I needed was to clear some minor issues with the Patent office. Some how I missed the 3 month deadline. I had a self published book for children. After a long struggle I got one of the top 100 ( A list) agents who wanted to promote this book. Before I was able to sign the contract with her she was diagnosed with cancer. Then I came this close to licensing one of my main patents/inventions with Kraft foods. I would have made millions! Their decision not to go with my invention was 3-4 against it. No wonder you see my photo (the next day ) with Randy, I look so lost and frustrated it is my worst picture ever it was literally like I had lost millions of dollars. Then I had an accident. I have a hurting back. For the first time I now sometimes feel old. My infinity Q35 is not the same car anymore and it cost me 6500.00 to fix out of my own pocket. I only had liability insurance. To top it all I was going through the red light and the other guy was right. It was the cop’s fault. He signaled me to keep driving. Fortunately the accident happened where nearby a lot of people were sitting on benches. Over 10 people came over as witnesses saying that it was the cop’s fault. So if I want to recover anything I will have to sue NY City. And I have never sued anyone in my life. But in all this I thought that in my life I have done one good thing and I was always happy thinking about our team/family and felt happy about our activities and  that I have pushed our foundation along with my team. With KVSS to Panos I felt I would eventually bring big chances/changes to all corners of the world.

Now this revelation that our very own Randy has violated our trust is so unbelievable. If it is true then it is unacceptable that anyone let alone our executive director can take someone else’s writing and substituted his own name to it. We must accept his resignation and move on. Our cause is much bigger than any one persons blemishes.

@ Krishan Maggon
Sir, would you be interested in becoming our executive director? I am sure the rest of the team will want a person of your talent. I was about to file the next stage of papers to get non-profit status. Now I have to find out how I can take out Randy and put a new name in. But before I do anything further I will need to have a name.

@ Randy
I am sorry and just as embarrassed as if it happened to me because I think that the team is all my family. When we had our meeting we covered copy right laws and I just cannot understand how a thing like this can happen. I am sorry to say but I would like to rescind the award that was given to you. Please mail it back to me @ 2 union place, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660. The W200.00 ear rings you can keep because I still love you and I still wish you the best. We can still keep Chrissy as part of the team if her knols are clear.

How about our main slogan being ‘Bringing life’s real chances through education, to all corners of the globe.’
[ Bringing change is so everyone else ]

@ KS
As long as I have you and the rest of the team it is going to be fine. My 400 knols are just the appetizer and I was just getting started. I was now going to get into the more serious business of doing something that I do not know if anyone else has done. Analyzing my own emotional holes that I was in and describing them from inside out and out side in. I grew up extremely nervous, shy and depressed. I was in many emotionally deep holes. So I thought if I shared my struggles of how and why I got into them and how I climbed out of them may be my own struggles and triumphs can be a template for other people who get trapped in similar circumstances. Lots of the details will be embrassing for me but my large aim is to help others in similar circumstances so my own feelings are not important to me. To give you an example:
My love life.
Because of my extreme shyness and nervousness I was made fun of; so my life was only about experiencing one embarrassment after another. All my young life I was hungry for love and attention. In my early twenties I was desperately looking for love. All those girls who showed interest in me I did not think of much and the ones who rejected my affection were the ones I longed for! Then I came across this goregeous girl and I started chasing her. She became my obsession. She kept saying no to my advances and she kept saying we are just friends. I said to her that I wanted to marry her. I showered her with gifts. I treated her to the best restaurants. It took me three years before she finally said yes! I was in 7th++++ heaven. I never was before or after ever sooooo happy in my life. Even to this day when I want to feel relaxed I try to recreate that happiness. This happiness lasted me a mere 3 days. On the 3rd day I woke up at 4 in the morning and I realized that it was a mistake and she was not for me!

So I ended this relationship by saying to her that we will have to move to my farm 1200 miles away ( I knew she was from a village and had hated her earlier village life). She said that I was crazy and our relationship ended.

So I became depressed that perhaps I am really crazy! I chase this girl for three years and spend 100s of 1000s of rupees on her, I even made my mom angry when I gave this girl a family heirloom and when she agrees to marry me I promptly fall out of love!

I analyzed and I analyzed my behavior. Do you know what I found? I had no confidence in my own self. I was thinking that I am a no body. In fact I thought that I was less than ordinary. So when a girl wants to settle down with me that means she can’t be all that good her self! When a girl goes for a less then ordinary guy like me she must be ordinary too. So all those girls who were willing to consider marriage were too ordinary like me so were of no interest to me. All those who were rejecting me must be good for they wanted some one real good which I was not. Thus as long this girl said no she was the one for me and as soon as she said yes then how could she be good as she was approving an ordinary guy like me!

I want to share such life episodes because I am sure others are out there trapped in similar emotional holes. What do you think? Will this sharing be helpful?

4/23 Randy

I turned in my resignation. Please go to
I hope Murry, Peter and Krishan will join and help the foundation grow. They have the talent to do it, and do it properly.

4/23 Panos

reading this knol I realized that it’s not just about copyrights. Murry Shohat and Peter Baskerville and Krishan Maggon are making a good point when they say that we don’t have established standards for entry into the group of directors and they feel we are not as open as we should. As I have mentioned many times in the past (here in the Bulletin Board) people are ALWAYS suspicious to new efforts specially in the the beginning. I have many simillar experiences in Greek projects. Unfortunatelly, this time I believe that Randy’s mistake may heart the future of the foundation because Murry Shohat, Peter Baskelville and Krishan Maggon are very active knolers and very passionate about the future of Knol. This makes them feel we are a private club of people with the purpose of self-promoting. This time, I strongly believe that we must prove that this isn’t the case. I propose to dissolve any suspicion by:

1) by declaring that currenlty Knol Author Foundation is an “open-source” project and not a classical established organization. This means that positions are still opened and we still experiment in new ideas about the organization structre inside the foundation.
2) by making clear that unfortunatelly only a few people showed interest in the discussion inside the bulletin board of the organization (although Randy invited all new members). ALL active members in the bulletin board are currenlty holding a position. Therefore we did’t select our best friends to create an online organization. The doors are always opened to anyone and Randy were always kind enough to invite new members.
3) we must invite namely and publicly those three authors ( Murry Shohat and Peter Baskerville and Krishan Maggon) to be directors of the foundation and continue their excellent work (that they already do) inside the Knol Author Foundation. Peter Baskerville is an expert in internet marketing, Krishan Maggon is an expert in the biomedical field and all together with Murry Shohat are doing an ecxellent work. In my opinion we should have already invited them to hold positions inside the foundation.
4) More transparency. Invite all authors and directors to propose their ideas how we can create a more effective organization structure in order to be more transparent and effective to accomplish our purposes. We are all making a novel effort here and we need all the participation we can get. We must set standarts and invite all members to help us determine the standards. All active knolers with the ambition to contribute more must definitely hold a position inside the Knol Author Foundation. As an online organization we can hold unlimited different projects at the same time

Unfortuntelly KAF didn’t’ produce any practical results untill now because directors have limited time to work online, myself included. This doesn’t mean that we don’t have good intentions. I believe that you did a great job as founders of the KAF but in the future, in order to success we must be more open to invite people who are hard working and propose them to work along with us and hold new positions, according to their special skills. I can’t find a reason why we must not invite those 3 people. I strongly believe that this is the only way to prove to everybody (and specially to google team) that we are a trustworthy foundation where honor and justice are beeing served as it is supposed to be. Randy insists in resigning. He is still a founding member and this honorable position can’t ever change.

4/22 KVSS


I appreciate your editing. If something is not appropriate it is to be pushed aside.

@ AK
I am happy to learn from you that 100 new authors have come up in German language. I shall be very happy if everyday 100 new authors come up combining all languages. Do you think authors are joining in such numbers every day?

4/22 KS

“I haven’t meet Randy K. in person, since this is an intercontinental online participation project, but If you read carefully all post conversations (all are open to public acess in knol platform) you will see that Randy encouraged international participation of authors in Knol platform and, to my knowledge, he never encouraged other members to violate any copyright laws. On the contrary, he is devoted in inviting new members and kindly encouraging authors to participate and collaborate in the project. This is not an easy task to accomplish. Randy has never suggested to the KAF team any kind of personal agenda and in our online chats he always seeked for new ideas and advices for his own actions. His participation and his devotion to the project inspired me and many others to participate. This is the main reason why Randy K was honored as a main Knol Star and NOT because he has writen many articles. You see, we are not all interested in outdoor activities.” Couldn’t have said it better . (I beg your pardon because I didn’t ask for the copy right permission)
Please look at my post 4/11 KS . Perhaps I should translate the german part in english .

4/22 Panos @ Krishan Maggon

I really don’t understand why you are talking about the “silent majority of authors and members of the KAF”. We have endorsed discussions over the copyright laws and inflictions several times. Even in your new interesting idea of creating an online Journal of Therapeutic Biotechnology I personally initiated a discussion about possible copyright problems in your knol. I believe that since now the bulletin board of KAF deserves credit for encouraging this kind of discussions.

However, this is the first time I read about a copyright violation from a member of the KAF. From the begining it was made clear that Knol platform was specially designed to auto-detect copyright violations. Knol google team has analytical statistical data for every author and It’s virtually impossible to copy many articles without being cought. This is the technology miracle of the internet era and to my mind it’s quite stupid for someone to believe that he can go away from this.

I haven’t meet Randy K. in person, since this is an intercontinental online participation project, but If you read carefully all post conversations (all are open to public acess in knol platform) you will see that Randy encouraged international participation of authors in Knol platform and, to my knowledge, he never encouraged other members to violate any copyright laws. On the contrary, he is devoted in inviting new members and kindly encouraging authors to participate and collaborate in the project. This is not an easy task to accomplish. Randy has never suggested to the KAF team any kind of personal agenta and in our online chats he always seeked for new ideas and advices for his own actions. His participation and his devotion to the project inspired me and many others to participate. This is the main reason why Randy K was honored as a main Knol Star and NOT because he has writen many articles. You see, we are not all interested in outdoor activities.

4/22 KVSS

The two issues should not be mixed. Foundation members have not given 300,000 page views to Randy’s knols.  Neither they made him the writer number 2 of knol. The foundation is a spontaneous formation of online community with some objectives agreed once again online. Additional members joined the foundation by observing some online materials.

Now that there is a problem, the foundation members have to come together and think through the issue and take steps to provide the right path to authors.
Constructive attitude has to dominate the thinking rather than destructive attitude. Destroying people and institutions should not drive creative efforts.

4/22 AK@Krishan Maggon

Hello Krishan Maggon,
thank you for the information. I’m also shocked.

I just read yet the statement from Randy. He sent us an e-mail. He said that he has posted copyrighted pages without permission. He said he will resigning from Knol and deleting all his knols. He said he has disgraced the Foundation.

It’s very good that he has posted this statement. I have respect for what he has done for the foundation and I don’t want that he resign from Knol.

Thanks to Randy’s statement we have time to talk about what to do now and to talk about copyright infringement.

4/22 KVSS

I am not able understand the meaning of your statement. Are you saying that that there are 100 authors in German language. Or are you saying 100 new authors joined in the last few days?
Have you seen the author recruitment knol translated by Kalle Scwarz.?
Anwerbung von Knol-Autoren . Verdoppele die Anzahl der Knol-Autoren (german translation)
What is your opinion of the idea?

(AK@KVSS: about 100 new authors in german language joined yesterday)

I think we are yet to understand the google gold (the blood) and whuffy, the heart that circulates the blood and the body that creates the blood as well as heart and ensures that it grows. We will understand at some point in time as you are repeatedly explaining to us and implement it. As I told SK you may feel you have a logical solution to a problem, but others may not feel so. It may take some time for them to see the picture that you can imagine and see in a phenomena.

Interesting  Knols – My selection –  Add your choices
Clean Energy 2030 First Ironman triathlon
Software Testing
Rare Earths
Software as a service
Kerala Architecture
People search
Things to do in Singapore
Corruption of Wikipedia (
How Induction Lamps work
The Nervous System and Brain
My Opinion Of America
Democratic globalization

4/21 KS

every single individual has to be offered a certain minimum of some viable currency to live a basically healthy, educated and respectful life.
that’s a very popular idea in germany . we call it “bürger-geld” (cityzen money) .
money is like blood a circulatory system . but the circulation doesn’t work .
whuffy may start a circulation . but there must be a circulation, which enables whuffy .
the pledges start whuffy . so money -> (whuffy -> doing something -> whuffy) -> money is the circulation .
the google-gold auction provide us with fresh money, so we can change our whuffys and the circulation goes on . but the google-gold auction can only take place, if there is a guarantee that the game (slumdog millionaire) continues . if the team agrees, we may test it . i guarantee 1000 $ . so we can at least make 9 auctions (one or two per month).
btw. this is a strong motivation to become a knol author, because only knol authors can take part on the auction .
how do you think online writing will be rewarded?
by whuffy .

4/21 AK@KVSS

Since the promotion there are 134 new Knols in German language, more than 100 new Authors. I got more than 12.000 impressions in one day. The Australian, the Arabian and the Spanish Google-Search are also promoting Knol.

One of my Knols. At April 21th Knol was promoted at the German Google Search Site.

4/21 KVSS

It is very good.
How many German knol authors are there. Any count?

4/21 AK

The German Google Search-Site promotes Knol. In the last two hours I got more than 1.300 impressions 🙂

4/21 KVSS

My knol Knol Author Recruitment – Double the Number of Knol Authors  had 82 page views so far. I am tracking the activity on the knol to record how a campaign of this sort evolves. One needs experience to do things in future more effectively and efficiently.
My Comment on

Content Policy Administration
Knol management has to give somebody the responsibility content policy administration. A content policy is stated by knol and it may be monitoring the evolving content. There were some statements by some authors that their content was flagged. But I have not seen any case being reported so far specifically in any knol with reasons given. So if knol content policy administrator, gives the content policy violations seemed excessive to warrant a punishment by flagging off the knol, and informing some cases with reasons authors will come to make a better sense of content policy. A flagged knol should be given a badge as a knol flagged and should be made unpublished. If the knol author wants to republish that knol once again it has to go to content policy administration for clearance. Because certain issues were raised aggressively a group of persons, the importanceof role of comments, reviews and even links in ranks and badges of knol may be reviewed.

I do not know much of these manipulations, gaming and accusations. I felt visitors come when there is some useful material which is relevant. My knols and posts which come even as number one in google search come so not because of comments, reviews or links but because they are unique in discussing a theme. They are not based on any key word optimization. They are based on my evolution of my thinking on a subject.

But still google search, and knol search have to develop algorithms to come out search lists. They have to put in a logic and only some persons who know their importance can request others to take care of such support infrastructure. Despite knol suggesting many times that ask somebody to review your knols etc., many knol authors did not use this feature. Neither we did reviews. We did not have time even to create some knols we wanted to write. Only three to four authors took this recommendation of knol management seriously and made arrangements for review of their knols. There are being attacked now saying that they arranged for review.

Let knol management go into their stated content policy and then do an independent examination to the extent possible and come out with a status paper on content policy compliance and elaboration of guidelines.

Thank you for the German translation. Whuffy accounting is by you. You can transfer whuffy to the extent you do not make my account minus.

Why don’t you allow adsense in your knols? What is the reason for it? How do you think online writing will be rewarded?

We understand the importance of knol star now. When members in a group are busy to participate, online group decision making depends on knol stars. Knol star’s vote carries the weight of members he is authorized to represent. But still when issues are to be thought out really and critically, participation is essential to make sure that we are not doing something logically wrong. A critical issue itself came out from some lapse. The issue may be very minor despite its critical nature.  If we do not examine it in detail with active participation, the problem expands for no reason.

4/20 KS @ KVSS

Anwerbung von Knol-Autoren . Verdoppele die Anzahl der Knol-Autoren (german translation)
does 7 w 🙂

4/19 SK @ KS

Some of the criticism against me is legitimate given the standards of how scientific research is expected to be conducted and how its findings are supposed to be reported today. I am trying to tell them to keep their standards but once in a while they have to make exceptions. Even though I do not have any degrees let alone a PhD, all my life all I have done is to study why I was nervous, shy and depressed. And I have tried to find answers from every possible angle. I looked for clues in the ideas starting from the first Prophet Zoroaster to Baha’ullah. From the ancient philosophers to Jesus, Montaigne to Goethe,  Lin U Tang and Gandhi. From Shakespeare to A J Libling to Steven Pinker and Noam Chomsky. I searched for clues to understand my self better. Most researchers do their research and then make a living from it. Thankfully many become teachers and thus continue their research. I am one of those who you can say are serial researchers. And I have an advantage over most other researchers. I have had the privilege to research nervousness inside out and outside in. I love and respect science and scientists but I want to point out that science is not all crystal clear or black and white. There is a lot of gray area in science especially when it comes to wisdom and if I am making it less gray then examine it for what it is and not discard it just because I cannot write a scientific paper on it. ( I guess I can even do that but I want to stick to my guns)

If I tell the world of science that the truth about wisdom that I have found is closer to the truth about wisdom then what is officially known; they are not interested unless I have found the truth about wisdom in their standard scientific way; no matter how close to the truth I may be. It is like the scientist is lost in the forest and I am telling him how to get out of it. He refuses to listen to me unless I can satisfy him that I used all the standard scientific tools of inquiry to find the way out of the forest. Science wants the truth, in fact science is desperate for finding clues to the very nature of consciousness and wisdom but only if one arrives at it by way of their well laid out rules of the scientific path.

Whether it is one person or many as far as the criticism of my knols go I will be honored if the person could critique my work and rip it apart word by word and sentence by sentence; he can even do it as an anonymous knoller. I would love a healthy discussion on my work. In fact I would like to offer W100.00 ($100.00) to the first one who takes this offer.
I was thinking of your whuffy. It is a very noble idea. Every single individual has to be offered a certain minimum of some viable currency to live a basically healthy, educated and respectful life. It has to be an international standard currency on lines of the World Banks SDR (which is just paper money) but real. We have to keep researching it till we find a viable model. Did you know that Ecuador abolished its own currency and adopted the US dollar as its official currency and now their standard of living has actually gone up? This Ecuadorean effect must be studied very seriously and thoroughly researched to extract better understanding of what happened there and why.
It is interesting that my knol  ‘horniness’ did get awarded ‘Top Pick Knol Award’ but as soon as some professional said that it was BS the knol analog immediately took this award off! I guess the analog is all too human after all. Which is good. (By the way the main criticism was that horniness is only because of hormones and that I don’t know what I am talking about. I guess he does not see the following:
 Results 110 of about 300,000 for sex addiction and horniness. (0.28 seconds)

4/19 KS

Attack on our members
i don’t think it’s a group . i think it is always the same person which writes under different names .

4/19 KVSS

Awaiting the news of Wisconsin meet.
My knol Knol Author Recruitment – Double the Number of Knol Authors  had 47 page views so far. I hope the message is acceptable for more persons.

4/18 KVSS

Best Wishes for the Successful Get Together of Knol Authors at West Bend, Wisconsin, USA. They now have more issues to deliberate and come out with ideas to take the knol platform and their knol portfolios forward.
I just read a statement.
“Throw the ideas, broadcast, and let the result take care of itself. Let us put the chemicals together; the crystallisation will take its own course.”
Yesterday, I wrote comments on knol authors of Wisconsin and California. I found three or four authors whose accounts are blocked. MM gave a warning about it with his comment here. He said even authors who might have done some good things also will not be spared in this drive to block authors and knols. The drive seems to be going on actively. May be Knol is indicted seriously for some lapses and it is trying to bring order back into content. Hope it will result in more focussed content policy and guidelines. Much more important is positive announcement by google about its knol project. Any stringent content policy coupled with a long-term plan for knol will definitely find takers even if some make gruding noises initially. But if google cannot announce its strategy regarding the platform especially as competition is intense, it will be a let down.
Can you translate my knol on author recruitment into German.
How many German knol authors are there?
Some time back Andreas wrote about the decreasing interest among German authors. We need to do something to revive interest. Do you think a campaign of existing authors to recruit more authors will help in this regard to some extent. There has to be activity for getting result. If we simply sit without action, we cannot hope for any result.
I just made some changes to bulletin board to highlight the section on marketing. You have commented rightly. I have to make amends. I shall do it.
Now I opened a knol ArchivesBULLETIN BOARD SYSTEM to record the evolution of the bulletin board system and various sub boards that you have created. I shall go through the subboards and create links for each subboard you created there.

4/17 KVSS

There is message for Wisconsin Knol Author Meet from Don White, Teacher, Madison, WI,

“Thanks for the invite. I’ll be at the Kalahari this weekend, so won’t be able to attend. Glad that you are setting up the group!”

Congratulations Randy – Page views crossed 3,00,000.
It is also nice that your knol portfolio got 100,000 visitors in less than 2 months. Keep it up.

knol Author Recruitment – Double the Number of Knol Authors has got four endorsements so far. Hope more authors agree to the idea.

Yes visited the knol – Global Brain. I visited it earlier also. SK made the comment inviting the author to foundation.
Do you want to make any comment on the marketing activities of google knol. Go to the knol wisdom council and make your entry. I want to consolidate and bring it before the knol team. While the technology side of knol is very active and has improved the platform, marketing side is relatively inactive and inaccessible to knol authors so far.

4/16 KS

i found a very interesting article :
what a young woman thinks of AI and the semantic web, human IQ-EQ and the global brain
my comment :
five stars
and an entry into my favorite list
+ 5 w(huffy)

would be happy if twain becomes a new member to the foundation.

4/16 Randy

I welcome a new member to the Foundation
Salvador García Bardón – Brussels, Belgium

.< board 2009


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