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08/16 SK @ KVSS

Yes you are right there is a lot of research being done now, thanks to the work of such pioneers as Dr. Goleman and Steven Pinker. I just think that the time has come to move on to the next phase of extracting practical applications from this research. We must now start the task of creating a new compulsory subject that teaches emotional intelligence.

Yes I am in a hurry because I think I have found the link between emotional intelligence, wisdom and the human brain and have put wisdom in the domain of science.

My criticism is not personal. I have the highest respect for people who have dedicated their lives to expanding the frontiers of science. I am just trying to shake things up and make main stream science to take notice of my work!

I am mostly explaining my work through common sense… And my bottom line initiatives are explained through common sense.

Thank you once again.

8/16 KVSS

Dear SK
Emotional intelligence education is being tried at many organizations by people involved in developing science related to emotional intelligence. There are many descriptions of such initiatives in Goleman’s book. There are going to be many more which are not described by Goleman. You may be in a hurry to see it being scaled up. But many bottom level initiatives (trials) are required before some thing is imposed from top. You have no time or resources to document the bottom level initiatives. You have no time or resources to initiate bottom level initiatives. I don’t blame you for it. Each of us are in different sphere of remunerative activities which are more productive from our point of view. But if we freely criticize people in other fields using some line of reasoning it will become counter productive. Many will ignore us giving some labels. Some will take a more aggressive stance and unnecessarily fight with us. Your +2 brain will be converted to -2 brain in defending their aggressive attempts to attack you. They will not see any reason anymore except that of attacking you. But you are only inviting such attacks by unnecessarily referring to them frequently instead of explaining what you are promoting and allowing the ordinary people to follow your advice when they understand what you are saying.

8/16 SK @ KVSS

Thank you for being such a good mentor.

“Your repeated public criticism of main stream science would be counter productive.” – I am not criticizing main stream science I am simply stating facts. In fact even the scriptures I am trying to interpret from the scientific angles. What I am trying to point out is that even main stream science has a well established old patterned way of doing things some of which needs to be changed. They will mostly ignore new ideas if these ideas are coming from non PhDs. As you said they will consider a hypothesis only if it is written in a certain way, no matter how essential to the advancement of knowledge an idea may be. It is like there is a fire raging and instead of rushing to douse it, they first want an application to be filled out in a specific manner before any action is taken. No fulfilling of certain steps according to their standards, no action will be taken! The majority of mankind is stumbling through life with a +1 brain power when most can have a +2 life!

Yes I can take a hypothesis template and rewrite my ideas in the form of scientific papers but I am taking a principled stand. My ideas are based on common sense and I will keep explaining them in common sense terms!

Please consider the following statements that I have been making again and again:

1) Main stream science considers wisdom as fuzzy and in the realm of philosophy while considering emotional intelligence as science. I have been saying that wisdom is the highest stage of emotional intelligence, which is in the realm of science. They are both the same entity. Thus wisdom is and deserves to be in the realm of science. Just this little paradigm shift will fill the big hole in emotional intelligence education.

2) There are 100s of courses for math and science and not a single compulsory subject that teaches emotional intelligence. Why? Especially as we now have all the knowledge to put together an entire new subject that teaches +2 super mature emotional intelligence.

Why can’t I get a healthy review of these two statements?

8/16 KVSS

August 15 is associated with Virgin Mary. Good to know.

Open a blog on wisdom. You can write more freely about your inspired thoughts on brain, mind and wisdom. I think your views will have better acceptance if you take the side of religion and extend the current ideas with your inspiration. Also blogs have a very wide readership and a separate search engine that is accessed by much large viewer base. You can complement knol articles and blog articles to promote your ideas.

Coming into science with inspiration does not make sense to scientific people. They always want a literature review so that the currently accepted science is properly understood by the new person. Then they want a logical argument why the current body of knowledge is insufficient. Is it not explaining some currently collected facts. What are those facts? Then what is the new hypothesis? How is connected to the present body of knowledge? Is the proposed new theoretical proposition logical? Can it be tested empirically?

Inspiration is good for prophets. Religion and Science are at the two ends. Theology is more closer to religion. Bertrand Russel said that Philiosophy is between theology and science. Your repeated public criticism of main stream science would be counter productive. Because now all religious heads have accepted the contribtuion that science has made to improving human life. Religion also made a great contribution by channeling human energy and also by providing comfort in troubled times to many people mentally as well as physically. Scientific community will not be easily distracted from the criticism which is not supported by work in scientific tradition. It is a fact that many persons with PhD also do not produce works in scientific tradition after their PhD thesis. I feel your work is better presented as inspired thinking in the area of wisdom and in that perspective, it will have more acceptance. Definitely, some directions will be used by scientific community as and when somebody of that area reads your articles and finds an interesting line of thinking.

Your are doing your side of job by documenting your inspiration and also probably by helping some of your neighbors by advising them personally on improving their brains and minds.

08/15 KS @ SK

wow, suddenly i can understand your talking πŸ˜‰

08/15 SK @ KS

I am sorry that my attempts to speak to our KS are a failure and the fault is all mine; however I will keep trying because you are one of my favorite mavericks in our team. I am bringing up my kids the best I can and I am proud of the results of my efforts. Thank Gd they are all able to thrive on their own brain power.

08/15 KS @ KS

my aim is to show you that you are speaking to yourself but not to me .
thats not the love, the bible wants you to know .
you have four children . surely they are all +2 .
tell me what you have done with their brains .
perhaps i then can understand you a little better .

08/15 SK @ KS

“{You may} know this love* that surpasses knowledge…” – Eph. 3:19
Manipulation implies some ulterior motive. My aim is to point out the connection between an emotionally and physically healthy brain and wisdom. Notice how when main stream education mentions wisdom they do not talk about a squeaky clean brain. It is not a question of manipulating the brain; it is about restructuring the brain to project the fully developed human potential in every self. I am simply pointing out that to get to know, understand and become this full humanness potential, the Tao goes through by way of cleaning the brain! I am just pointing out how you can know this love* that surpasses knowledge – this love that is beyond knowledge and the bible wants you to know!
Who you are has everything to do with your current physical brain infrastructure. And as your brain is physical its physical properties can be changed.
There are many different schools of thought on this topic and some will second your views. Mine is just a fresh new angle to this debate and if you disagree with me then it is your duty to point out the mistakes in my views so that I can fine tune, chisel and distill my ideas.

08/15 KS @ SK

do you know, that a baby dies if it has no chance to communicate .
it’s like a tree without sunshine and rain or a car without gasoline .
you can manipulate the tree (car) like you want, without  sunshine and rain (gasoline) it will not work .
likewise the brains software is manufactured by the whole mankind and not by your brain .
but your brain needs it to participate on consciousness . happy mother, happy child .
manipulation of my brain is not what i want  . you can manipulate your own brain but don’t call that wisdom .
and don’t try to manipulate others .
this is the reason why i will not review your knol .

“the brain is a very real physical organ” but very, real, physical and organ are all conceptions of our conciousness, so the brain is a  conception of our conciousness . that does not mean, it is not real . it is as real as the colour “blue” .

08/15 SK @ PG and SKS

15th August is also India’s independence day.
@ KS
1) There is still much that is not clear about the brain but consciousness is a projection of the brain and it is clear that the brain is a very real physical organ of the body and it is not a conception of consciousness.
2) ‘a richly structured hardware does not create a richly structured software. but it enables a richly structured software.’ ‘Richly structured hardware enables a a richly structured software.’ This is true for computers but not for the brain and mind. The mind is a product of the brain so the minds software is manufactured by the brain’s hardware. It is very clear that the quality of the brain determines the quality of the mind. In the case of computers the software is created elsewhere which is not the case here. But your analogy is correct if we consider spiritual and religious science in which case the soul/mind/consciousness is put in from outside.
3) Yes we are all potential kings of wisdom but I was using it in the context of my own struggles where I rose from the pits of ignorance. What I am saying is that if a person like me who was less then ordinary but one who put my heart to researching wisdom; ends up as the unlocker of the secret of wisdom then imagine what a normal person can achieve. Just imagine the huge untapped potential of the vast majority of man kind!    I am just trying to frame this vast potential in the context of my own life…

‘the end of your wisdom is the beginning of our wisdom.’ – I certainly hope so. I want and pray for others to take my work further. Thanks for your feed back on my knol. I hope you would review the whole knol and then I could review your review.

8/14 PG @ SKS

Yes, tomorrow August 15th, a religious celebration in many parts of Europe, the day the Virgin Mary rose to the sky. The first astronaut, we might say…

Maybe I have a poorly structured mind πŸ˜‰

je te souhaite un bon se lΓ©zardez au soleil . — KS

08/14 KS @ SK

as SKS shows us, there are two points to remarque to your knol .

  1. conciousness is an output of the brain .
    and brain is a conception of the consciousness .
    you are playing in a circle
  2. a poorly structured brain creates a poorly structured mind .
    no, a poorly structured brain hinders a richly structured mind .
    that’s a difference .
    it’s like hardware and software .
    a richly structured hardware does not create a richly structured software
    but it enables a richly structured software .
  3. a third point :
    i am i” is the same as “i” .
    today i’m the king of wisdom …” is the same as “we all are kings of wisdom” .
    you are not the exception because we all are exceptions .
    the end of your wisdom is the beginning of our wisdom .

08/14 SKS

Tommorow it is a great holiday in Greece…Going for swimming and sun…! No Knol tommorow! πŸ™‚
What is the occasion or festival? Eager to know. KVSS

8/14 SK – My latest knol: And me – I was real.

08/14 SK @ Team, MB, Jag & AK

Please write comments on the knol Neighborhood Swine Flu Action Plan.’ so I can invite you all as co-authors.

08/14 KS

@ SKS : let us try to discuss the Big Bang idea in a new way .

@ A : my comment was only done to be synced with your picture πŸ˜‰

8/13 KVSS

I saw just now that my cumulative page view figures has gone up to 251,483.
Jim Strickland was earlier in fifth position. I was in sixth position. Today Mr. Jim Strickland’s page view number is 251,177.

So for a day at least I got into top 5 authors on Knol in terms of page views. I did not think of it when I started writing on knol. Writing on knol was an extra-curricular activity. But contacts and relationships with you all in the foundation and bulletin board made things interesting and developed strong commitment to the platform. There are many experts already registered on the knol platform and they are writing number of knols. I hope many of them believe that page views for their knols will go up with some change in strategy and tactics and continue to focus on writing more knols, improving the knols and informing their colleagues and neighbors about their knols.

My knollet thanking visitors and fellow authors Top 5 Knol Author

@ Angela

You discuss the knols that you think are very good. No request from me to write about my knols. I want knol platform to prosper. For individuals there is a lot of time if knol survives and prospers.

Best wishes for your current assignment.


I always informed my colleagues about my activities in the area of online publishing. My activity on knol also was communicated to them right from day 1. Some of my colleagues have written some knols. I made my students publish their security analysis assignments on company, industry and country on knol. Now one of my colleagues made his students of the entire institute write their experience of a practical project on sales. Many students have seen the power of the platform in terms of comments from their batch mates, faculty members and alumni. Even students of other institutes have made some comments. They are now going to publish their reports on start up ventures. Hence I am indirectly responsible by first encouraging my faculty colleagues and then getting assignments of my course published on the knol. Now internationally knol is being recommended for posting of term papers of students by many teachers as well as by some platforms. We will see many more postings by students. This is already confirmed by our knol metrics team also. Students are the largest contributors to the knol platform. But they are contributing because faculty members are encouraging them to contribute.

8/13 A @ KVSS

I would, believe me, if I had the time. I’m quite busy with a rough draft of a new production, and all my spare time I spend writing my new blog posts. You also know my policies on “no fluff” knols. I’ll see, I might have a bit of extra time on the weekends.

08/13 SK @ Team

We must make plans for the coming flu crisis with all our resources. How about making fliers for the interior of the countries where people may not know what to do. The doctors/medical profession must be in the front lines and psychologists to social workers must also hammer out specific action plans. There must be a cooperative action plan in every neighborhood well in place. Flu action groups must be formed in every corner. We must also keep in mind the devastating economic impact of this. At the lowest level it is hard for the very poor to feed themselves who will feed them when this crisis hits. Schools will have to be closed. From now on plans must be made to designate at least parts of schools as flu wards for patients. Also businesses must not be allowed to hoard medicine. Medicine must be stocked in spread out locations. I am making a pact with my neighbors, families, and friends that if any one of us gets sick we will pool our resources for instance help out in cooked meals, drop and pick up kids if schools are open etc. Lets start by making a joint flier.

I have created the following knol:’ Neighborhood Swine Flu Action Plan.’ Lets start writing on it right away. We will make it a knol on behalf of KAF or a joint co-author knol with our whole team.

08/13 SKS @ KVSS

I will follow KVSS’s advice and greet new knol authors as often as I can.
But concerning the recruiting of new authors: where did you find 250 authors KVSS? That is indeed remarkable, but how did you do it? I sent two emails to two Greek magazines and so far I had zero response.

8/13 KVSS

Swine Flu is a serious issue that requires involvement of Medical specialists, Health Administrators in both government and corporate concerns, many social organizations and media that includes knol writers. This particular infection does not spare advanced countries. See this blog post
CDC: 40% will get swine flu in USA.
Get involved in understanding the issue and in helping many to minimize the damage that it will cause. The entire episode will happen here before our eyes in the next two years before we bring it under control. The last time a big scare like this was there was in 1968 it seems. The last major flu was in 1916-18 for it killed 40 million persons which included 650,000 in USA. This time Chief of WHO said we have grace period to plan and prepare. The warning is given. It is up to us to take action.
Read blog posts of Dr. John LaPook
Suggest web pages for inclusion in the list.
Do some activity. I am so far responsible for registering 250 authors on knol from India. I hope this number will snowball into 1000. Presently I am talking about greeting one new knol author per day. I hope all 10 active knol authors on this board take up some activity or other that brings knol authors closer and encourages them to keep writing knols and popularising knols.
@ Angela
I visited your blog and wrote a comment. Not sure whether it was posted or not.
Request you to write about individual knols. Any knol you like. One a day could be very useful.

8/11 A @ KS

πŸ™‚ It’s to be synced with my blog.

08/12 KS @ A


08/12 KVSS

Forecast and Subsequent Managerial Action.
Every forecast needs managerial action to bridge the forecast – desired state gap.
My thought for the day
Forecast is that 2 billion people will be infected by Swine flu. Everybody in the world is at risk. What is our preparation? What is our action? Are we simply waiting for things to happen?
Panic No – But preparedness Yes, Where is it?

08/12 Jag  

@ KS – Thanks for the saying and hope you have read “How to Improve Knol writing using SEO to Rank in First Page?” and this will help you to demonstrate to existing Knol authors and upcoming new authors about the flow
@ A – Thanks much for the invite. I will accept it soon
@ All – Feedback is appreciated so that I can add value to it and move on to my next “How to” πŸ™‚

08/12 πŸ™‚ the team @ SKS

this has been our dream from the beginning .
and this is exactly the idea behind the knol star structure .

08/12 SKS – About expanding KAF

I am thinking of ways to promote our efforts in Knol more. I can see that this page is becoming more and more an “internal” chat room for us and us only. And even though I enjoy our discussions and ideas, I would love to see someday that page filled with entries of unknown people that just happen to like knol and remember the good old days when we were just 10 people writting here…  πŸ™‚
I am thinking of a Big Bang idea of expansion: Preparing a statement and going to EVERY knoller in Google Knol and post a comment asking him/her to join us in our efforts: to help in finding ideas to promote Knol, to help in finding new ways to use Knol functionality and so on.
About this Knol’s picture: I searched Google for lighthouse pictures and found some interesting pictures. You can see them at I think of our efforts as a lighthouse showing the way to lost travelers. If you can find a good picture to add here it would be nice…The brain of Angela is nice as a picture (not kidding now), but I know she will change it anytime soon, so I think we should find something…What do you think?

08/12 SKS – About the flu

The flu is something serious and indeed wrong information can have bad results. We must all help in informing the people correctly and not spread panic.

8/12 KVSS

People ask for criticism, but they only want praise.
W. Somerset Maugham

Swine Flu is a problem. Some estimate that 30% of the population in a country can be affected. But still, proper steps are not being taken for containment. Highest level administrators are saying some will die. There are behaving as thought they do not care. Some are specifically saying there should not be any measures to contain it. Let it spread and let some unfortunate people die. It seems to be the motto of the society at the moment.

Meanwhile, doctors in New Delhi have been observing the nature of HINI virus to contain the mortality rate of the disease, Randeep Guleria, professor of medicine said.

β€œIt is a self limiting disease so even if it spreads to the community, most people will become alright without treatment. Our aim should not be from containment point of view but to pick up the higher risk people and those who have higher chance of dying and treat them so that the death rate is low,” Dr. Guleria.

Dr. Guleria also said they are observing the nature of the virus and until it changes its form, it is not a serious concern.

β€œSerious concern is not there as far as the mortality is concerned. But number of cases will increase. People need to be told that they need not worry. We need to observe it very closely and do good surveillance,” Dr. Guleria, added.

I opened some knols on the topic and if you have some information about the steps being taken in your country, please try to add them. You can even write a knol yourself. Swine Flu is the most searched item in the internet now. We need to do our bit to know more ourselves, to inform people, and to limit the damage that it can do to human life. May be some wealth is damaged, but human life cannot be recovered.

8/11 A

Not sure what to do about the page view problem!

I invited SKS, and Jag, too.

8/11 SK

The page views of this board have fallen dramatically as when we look for it the earlier bulletin board comes up. Can we do anything about this? Please also invite SKS.

8/11 A

I’m going to work on my blog more today, it’s quite raw as of the moment.

The Internet Explorer, my new blog. Feel free to comment. πŸ™‚

Phew, just finished a new post. These things are draining!

08/11 SK @ KS

I want to get the the actual reality (A-R) of the mysteries of life. Even my research foundation I named ‘The 4th R Foundation’.( Where the R stands for reality/truth ) . As the brain is a very physical entity the foundations of consciousness/mind/self/I/me/you spring from the physical processes that happen in the brain! Finding this out how it happens is virtually too complex to understand given the number of complex activities that take place in a virtual instance. It is like millions of workers producing the parts and putting together an end product/consciousness every moment of our life, again and again and again till the brain activity stops. Then the whole process of consciousness/mind/self/I/me/you comes to an end.

08/11 KS @ SK

as far as i can see (thanks to SKS) you want to solve the problem in a technical (patriarchal) way .
the real human solution might be much more simpler and on the other hand much more difficult :
if mother is happy, child is happy .

08/11 SK

SKS has written a very intriguing knol, Human Consciousness and the End of Materialism. To highlight some of the same complexities he has raised I had written a couple of knols: ‘Mr. Brain in his own words..’ and ‘Mr. Brain Cell In His Own Words.‘, from which I am quoting a paragraph:

“The most miraculous part of our (brain cell’s) job is the creation of consciousness. How do we do it? Let me give you a crude example. Suppose you are showing a movie. Suppose you want to see a movie. You select a film that has already been made and you put it into a projector and you see the film on the screen. In our job it is like we instantly have to read the script of the actual reality, the out side information what you call perception, we have to perceive the life situation and then almost in an instant moment we have to produce the reel/film that will be projected to give the mind the image in the form of consciousness. Except that we don’t make film reels and there is no physical movie projector. Our machinery is far more complex. Our film reel is literally hundreds of different chemicals that we secrete of which you have discovered only a tiny fraction. You call these neuro-transmitters. Actually you will soon discover that according to the situation we pass on information in the form of neuro-transmitters that are compounds of different substances. My job is to project life consciously by determining what permutations and combination of neuro-transmitters (n-ts) we not only have to send to other cells but also to other parts of the body. In movie terms it is like we have to virtually instantly not only manufacture the exact physical film required with no editing to make the right projection of perceived out side reality. But even more important we have to create patterns of film to determine our masters internal reality.  Even the film we have to manufacture of many varieties.  Also our job is not only to know exactly what chemicals to secrete we even have to determine how much to secrete in what combination and even how much of an electric current the situation warrants. All in an virtual instant.” So how can you figure out (given the virtually instant amount of time) the end product of consciousness as it is virtually impossible to observe each neurons contribution to the consciousness process.

I have also reviewed SKS’ miraculous knol.

08/11 KS

@ Jag : as you can see, you inspired me making our knol more readable . thanks !

@ SKS : great article . five stars .

08/11 Jag @ All

The Knol is about improving your Knol writing to rank in first page by following SEO standards and factors that can help you to reach your Knol content to all your readers who search for similar information. Though it is long its easy to implement and time worthy!

Don’t give a chance for your readers to miss your Knol
How to Improve Knol writing using SEO to Rank in First Page?

08/11 KVSS

Philosophical argument on the existence of God by a professor.
See for the link a new web page collection that I attempted today.
Spiritualism – Web Pages Collection

Had a look at it.
I appreciate the fact that as a research scholar, you are taking good interest in philosophy. As the aim of philosophy is to find the most general causes, this interest of yours may help you in coming out with the more general causes in your research area. Many time, persons finally receive their degree for some data they developed and some analysis. Many thesis do not have rigorous theory building as a component in them.

08/11 SKS

Hello again! Unfortunately I have little time and could not write earlier.
Please have a look at my new Knol on Human Consciousness and the End of Materialism.

8/11 KS

we can invite Minoo to join our knol star structure .

8/11 KVSS

I started a knol today on history of blogging. 2009 is 10 year of some thing related to blogging and 15 year of something related to blogging.
Blogs, Blogging and Bloggers – History and Current Trends

@A Give the id of your blog.

8/10 A @ All

Hello again!

Started a blog today.

Should I still invite Minoo as a co-author?

8/11 KVSS

Today I made my knollet Principle and Practice.
It of course mirrors SK’s thinking.

Can you describe the neuron model of physical brain in a knol. As you are speaking of physical brain, it will be interesting to read about the current accepted model of the physical brain.

Started a blog very happy

8/10 SK

@ KS
I couldn’t have explained it better. Indeed it is this hunger for more and more power that has destroyed paradise on earth! What I am trying to wake up the world to is: that this evil is not part of our original self. The cause of evil in us lies in our faulty upbringing that makes us a slave to our own false self image; that powers the evil in us.

Thank you for introducing me to ‘The Idea of Justice‘ by Amartya Sen. His basic idea reinforces my own idea that we should not put justice and democracy on a pedestal rather we must understand the practical benefits of these ideas and implement them! Instead of singing the praises of justice we must go out of our way to look for injustice in all areas of the world and take steps to bring justice to these areas. It is just like we sing the praises of honesty but still many of us act dishonest. What Sen is advocating my guru in Vrindavan, India takes it even further:

“The importance of life is not judged by what one says, nor is it judged by what one does; the importance of life is judged by what one actually becomes.” Sen is saying the importance of life is in doing the right thing. My guru taught me that doing the right thing is better but doing the right thing is best when done selflessly. For one may do the right thing for selfish reasons like for vanity and fame! And above and beyond that the true importance of life is judged by becoming one’s true self! By becoming one’s true self one becomes selfless and thus all life turns out into the right behavior from the inside out and out side in 24/7. So not just do the right thing but also become the right thing!

My own advancement of this idea is that indeed become the right thing by developing your brain physically to the right level! By making your brain +2 super mature. The relevant thing to achieve this in you; is your brain, an organ just like your liver or your hands, a very physical entity. So what I am saying is this: If you agree with what my guru is saying then take steps to know, understand and become your true self. Which becomes a reality by creating a +2 super mature brain physically. The physical quality of the brain determines the emotional quality of the brain. Our physical fitness determines our emotional fitness and of course our emotional fitness affects our physical fitness.

I have converted this post into a knol: Dear Prof. Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.
Once again thank you.

8/10 KS

@ SK
the self image of mankind for the last 6000 years you can find in the bible .
it’s patriarchy .
for hundreds and hundreds of thousands of years, the word father was unknown in the human language .
the bible calls this time paradise .
then, with the technical evolution man got more and more power .
but the bible calls this the fall of man . it’s not the real self of mankind .

do you know something about Michael McNally’s shift to the revenue side ?

8/10 SK @ KVSS

Yes indeed the US rank is # 17 and I guess it is because even though the constitutional spirit of America is as democratic as it can get; there are an entrenched vested interest lobbies that are very powerful that push their own narrow agenda. For instance big tobacco makes sure that those who support its own vested interests get all the help to get elected. They not only give huge sums of money to their favorable politicians they even get their own 1000s of employees to vote for them. And as you can see many multi nationals have more power, financial and other wise than even some countries. Just like in India it is the caste elders, the feudals, the entrenched ideological party leadership that controls the real vote. It is a similar situation here on a lesser scale. Also I believe that the ranking measurement itself is definitely not perfect because by personal experience I know that the American constitution is mostly followed in spirit as well as in kind.

Also the democratic values stem directly from the soul of every country – its historical foundings, and America’s are as good as they come. Please read my knol: ‘The Wisdom Of America.‘ Here is an extract from this knol:

The foundations of America’s greatness is the wisdom of her founders. The soul of any country is her constitution. It determines her character. It creates the enabling atmosphere in which freedom and democracy thrive. The American constitution is very similar to Mother Nature’s constitution just like Mother Nature tries every possible life creation possibility. America not only lets you try every nook and cranny in creativity(creativity in every field) she also honors you when your creation blooms as no other country. Other countries exaggerate their heroes contributions to mankind by creating myths and legends. All of America’s myths and legends are real. All her heroes are real people. Her myths and legends are actual history. Her accomplishments are real. Her citizens don’t need the crutches of mythical heroes to feel proud of their country. Americans are genuinely great because America’s greatness is real.

But of course we have multinationals and entrenched prejudiced groups who want to control America and the world. And as these groups are very powerful they have a very big negative impact on American democracy.

8/10 KVSS

The Idea of Justice
My knollet. It is a small post on the recent book by Amartya Sen on Justice – An important issue related to Philosophy.
Thank you for comments on difficulties of diversity. Everything in USA is not up to the World Bench mark. As I had written, in democracy USA’s rank is 17. I do not know the reasons. But there is a scope to examine and improve things in many countries including USA. Some people have to make intellectual efforts and then some people have to make managerial efforts. May be some people have to finance both. Let knol authors do their bit.
A new author I greeted john. Greet at least one new author every day and increase cohesion among knol authors.

8/10 KS

i put the january board in a revers order . so visitors can read it top down .

Marwa el-Sherbini : as far as i know the murderer was a russian immigrant, who feel himself insulted by Marwa el-Sherbini .
those immigrants have big problems in germany . i think it’s like take the case of terrorism .
Good that we are able to exchange info. on events and incidents in a neutral way to the extent we know.

8/9 KVSS

I completed sub-directories for 150 subjects out of 250 that I created in the main table.
Main Directory of Interesting Knols
In the sub-directory related to Jesus Christ I found two knols of SK and I included them. So far knol directory has 400 page views in a month. It is a required facility and I hope it will serve some purpose for visitors as well as authors.

It will also be useful when you want to write blogs on interesting knols. I urge all of you to write blogs.

8/9 SK

My latest knol:
Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. Ephesians 5:11.
I have also converted this post below into a knol:
Lets create a new standard for truth.

I showed my earlier knol,’.

. to a neighbor and he said it is BS. Well may be it is BS but who cares – look at practical/magical benefits of this knol! My philosophy is to seek out and adapt ideas and ways that have real practical benefits and leave the truth and falsehood part to the heavy duty philosophers and scientists. Also after all we all know that some basic mysteries of life may never be solved – ever; so why miss the train of success opportunities in the mean time! So lets jump on the train of insightful ideas that have practical benefits! Also till we know the truth, lets adopt a new criterion for truth: any thing, any action, any idea that brings goodness, profit, health, happiness etc. to all without having to compromise moral values,and that brings only benefits to all and harm to none then we can say may be it is the rightful and true idea.

Your knol: Difficulties in the World due to Diversity misses the point when you say that it may be due to diversity/prejudice that Vikram is being punished. I have lived here for the last 23 years. I have also visited and seen first hand the democratic conditions in many countries. There is no place on earth that respects and even celebrates and honors diversity like America does. Here you can be born in any country and if you become a US citizen you can become a governor or any other elected official except President and VP of America. Can you imagine a Bangladeshi born naturalized Indian citizen becoming the governor of UP? 

” You are no longer foreigners or strangers, you are now fellow citizens in Gd’s kingdom…” – Ephesians 2:19 The American constitution follows this very dictum by embracing foreign born peoples as pure American citizens!

The US is also a country of law. And the law is that anyone who threatens any other citizen let alone the President of the country must be punished to the full extent of the law. We Americans respect and follow our laws and this is what is happening in the case of Vikram.

Also in the case of the Egyptian woman we do not know the circumstances of the incident. May be arguments boiled over and the person who killed her lost his mind. So till we know what the real cause is we cannot blame the whole country.

However you are right when you say that diversity creates walls of prejudice in the world and we must take steps to correct this anomaly.

8/9 KS

female on the board

we can invite other women .

8/9 KVSS

I made this post in my knol on news and views read-heard-viewed by KVSS NRao.
The murder of an Egyptian woman Marwa el-Sherbini in a courtroom in Germany and possible punishment of Vikram, a research scholar in Purdue University in USA. It is difficult for persons like me to evaluate or understand these issues but an international or global combination can make things some more clearer on the antecedents and the effects. Can KS or AK comment on Germany incident. How about SK having a look at US incident. Every one of us reads sometimes something in the news paper we read. We don’t have wider perspective. As a group we may try to some extent develop broader understanding.
A knol author I greeted today: a.g
I request all to greet at least one knol author everyday and encourage him. Give your suggestions gently for improving his knol.
I appealed twice to AK and SKS to write blogs to promote knol. Today I wrote a knol urging all knol authors to write blogs to promote knol. Knol Promotion – Role of Blogs

8/9 SK

That will be even better. Two females on the board. MB is minoo bhagia consultant obs & gynae.

8/9 A

Thanks everyone, and thanks again for the Whuffy. I hope the board is to your satisfaction.
I’m inviting everyone as co-authors, if SKS visits the new board I’ll invite him too.

@ SK
Who would MB be again? (She would be the second female on the board, by the way!)

8/8 SK @ A

Lets also please invite MB. We don’t need an all male club once again. Besides she is a very active and valuable contributor to knol.
@ KS
Anytime if I do anything wrong please just correct it. In my book yours is the last word.

8/8 KS @ SK

please don’t use header formatting in your normal text, which doubles your writing at the top of this page .

8/8 SK

There I go again: I am claiming that the self image and the human mind are one and the same entity. My latest knol: 

Today was one of those magical moments when time stood still. This one time please I would like a comment from each one of you! Here is an extract from this magical knol:

“I guess there is nothing new in what I am saying so far, so what am I so excited about? Well we feel and see our self/self image, we feel our mind but we do not see our mind, so now if the self image is our mind then we can actually see our mind in the shape of our self image! Thus our mind has an image, after all that can be felt and seen!
So even if we can see our mind what is the benefit of this? Well if we can see our self we can examine it in contextual mindfulness and thus we will also be examining our mind visually in contextual mindfulness! So to fix and improve our mind all we need to do is to fix and improve our self image! So the key to an improved mind is the key to an improved self image!
Therefore a selfless being is no longer a subject just of philosophy and religion. A selfless being is a subject of pure science! We can build a whole curriculum of how to create super mature minds by creating selfless beings! And just like the self image the image less self is a projection of the brain and so we will have to ensure a squeaky clean brain from at least conception onwards.”.

8/8 PG @ A

Thanks. The archiving of past boards and the creation of this current one is a good initiative. I added an observation above for writers, as the minor heading does not appear when doing copy/paste of the personal line.

8/8 KVSS

Happy to be on the new bulletin board.
Enjoy the Effort and Accept the Result is the latest post of mine in my recently started knol Read – Heard – Viewed – Thought by KVSS Nrao.
Dr. A. K. Sengupta, a senior academician and academic administrator has registed himself as a knol author and posted three articles so far. Entry of such eminent persons will bring more persons into knol author group. Also a different set of visitors come to the knol. It is a good thing that happened in knol. No doubt we need large number of such good things to reach the goal of knol.
Nominations Invited for SAARC Award
For examplary work to promote peace, understanding, friendship and development of the region.
We have to think of such high rewards and develop our democracy improvement project. It may go on for number of years. But we need to attract some experts in the field and facilitate discussion that leads to innovative ideas and plans and spurs their execution that improves the democratic systems in the world. I came across a publication by Economist that rates Sweden as Number one and US number 17 in the democracies.
Greeting New Authors
Today I greeted Sasi Rekha – an author developing Telugu knols
Try to give description of democracy in US and make attempts to figure out why US is at 17 and UK is at 23 in democracy index. France and Germany are also at lower levels.
Hope the changes made are acceptable to you.
Thank you for updating the first bulletin board.

8/8 KS

everyone can make their own header by copying one of the templates at the top of the page
don’t forget to make an empty line first (for the text) .
you can also make a normal entry
month/day Author
-> format (minor heading h4) ->

month/day Author

-> text background color ->

month/day Author

@ A : 30 W

8/8 SK @ A

Congratulations and good luck! Also please make it open collaboration.

8/8 A @ All

Here it is!

8/7 A @ All

Ok, I’ll open a new page. Everyone, please comment on it so I can invite you all as co-authors.
Link :

8/7 KVSS Goal of Knol

In first year 25,000 authors have joined. Approximately 250,000 knols were written.

Now these 25,000 authors who joined at different times, will write 375,000 in the full year. Very absurd estimate. Is it? Mr. PG
We have a saying in Telugu language. Unless water is poured into the conch shell of a priest, it is not God’s gift. There are some people who think like that. They only can collect data and they only can say something about the future. But knol platform has many persons with exposure to analysis and forecasting and may be product growth patterns and life cycle. No doubt future is always risky and prediction is also risky, but still we need to make an attempt.

8/7 SK @ KS

On KAF board we always do things by consensus and you always have the last word. How can you take Panos’ wild allegation seriously. He is young and inexperienced and he will learn.

8/7 KS @ SK

KAF has the handicap that it is said to be not democratic (think at Panos)

8/7 SK @ Team

If all our team members are reluctant to take up this responsibility then lets start it in the name of KAF?

8/7 KVSS

I migrated a blog of mine Thought by Nrao to knol.
Read – Heard – Viewed – Thought by Nrao
It will help me to develop a knol by collecting knollets – a subunit of knol – unit of knowledge.

@A We request you to take up the responsibility. PG already indicated that he will not take up. It will be good if it rotates. We started it with that objective. As you said it is giving number of problems in loading and hence a new page is to be started immediately asap.

8/7 KS @ A

we all should take turns . KVSS, SK and me did it already . now you or PG or SKS are the next in line .
so we need a decision . if you all agree, i propose again PG (as our knol star) to make the decision . i don’t know a better way, because our voting structure is the best structure for even a world democracy .

8/6 SK @ A

I guess you are the biggest maverick of us all. PG is indeed a maven which also means he is very busy and we cannot impose on anyone let alone him, our biggest asset. So lets leave it to him whether he wants to take this up or not. As for KS he is the most popular amongst us we would like him to continue as the author of this knol.
My latest knol:The mind of a self master.

8/6 A @ KS

Perhaps we all should take turns, but isn’t PG more fit for the job? Going back to an old SK (I think) quote to you, “You, me, and Angela are all mavericks! PG is a maven! He is perfect for the job!” Or something like that. It really matters more to me that we start a new page PERIOD, because I am ready to throw my computer out of the window if it takes 5 minutes for this page to load again.

Also, your knol/brain analogy is perfect. πŸ™‚


8/6 PG

I entered a new knol for our “democracy” project / collection (please consider it as a draft, as it is a vast topic and I’m not a law specialist)

8/6 KVSS

Making a presentation on knol.
I made the above entry when I was actually making the presentation on knol in a business school. I am doing my effort for the message I gave: Recruit more authors. I may give presentation in another business school also.
knol is a brain, and our knols are the neurons .
Interesting message. Used for hacking. News to me.

8/6 SK

including the knol in New Knols – August – July

8/6 KS @ A

i’m glad that you are fine with my authorship .
your question is entitled and it’s a pity  i couldn’t answer in a way i would have done in german .
yes, it’s not only for the technical difficulties, we started this page as a team work, and in a good team functions are rotating . l would be happy if you could do it .

knol is a brain, and our knols are the neurons .

@ KVSS : this (korean) is just the same scripture the hackers used when tey hacked the english knol display 3 days ago .

8/5 SK

One of the most insightful essays/letters I ever read is ‘On the shortness of life’ by Seneca. You can read it on the internet.


8/5 KVSS

Getting into engineering these days. Especially Automobile. Opened my old book that I received as prize from the institute for topping 2nd year of Engineering. Posted a knol
Leaf – Affordable Electric Car from Nissan. Starting point for doing some research on design issues in electric cars.

Interesting knol metric
Total page views for top 800 popular knols: 9,895,730
Estimation details: Page Views for Top 800 Knols

Taking the comments of PG and A seriously. Made three knols listing my popular knols.
Popular Knols – Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. – List 1
Popular Knols – Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. – List 2
Popular Knols – Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. – List 3

I shall update each of them in the coming days. Add more material as needed. Correct things as required. Add cartoons and pictures as available. etc.

I created a new knol today to recognize authors whose knols are getting inducted into top viewed knols list.
Recent Entrants to The Top Viewed Knol List

Have a look at this author. Great performance. Go and greet him. We need more authors like him.
μ•„λž€μ˜ μ•„λ₯Έν•œ 흔적
By μ†μ§€ν›ˆ
1049 pv
His total page view number is 330,845 and this week his page views are: 52,484. Astounding number. Congratulations.

8/4 A

First of all, many thanks to SK for the helpful template!

I do think we should start another page, but shouldn’t KS be the one to start it, then invite us as co-authors? I am fine with him as the first author.

8/4 KVSS

Friendship day knol was a success from the experiment I wanted to do. In one day it got 100 page views. If more persons participated we would have got many more page views. On right current issues we can create knols that will attract 1000 page views a day. We have to agree on the topic and then collaborate to accumulate information and edit the knol repeatedly to make it very comprehensive and good to read. Some persons like KS can make them beautiful. Some persons can improve the language.

Knol Directory of Interesting Knols is progressing well. I posted 128 sub-directories so far. More than half is done now. Page views of directory crossed 300. Some subdirectories have more than 100 page views.

Looking for blogs by AK and SKS to spread good  things of knol in blogosphere.

An appreciating comment on my blog
I chanced upon your blog and found it very interesting as well as very informative, I need this type of information, which you have submitted. I am really thankful to you, this posting helps a huge number of people. Great … Keep it up!
August 3, 2009 5:50 AM

We have to wait after we do our effort. Results may not be instantaneous every time.

A faculty member contacted me after reading my friendship day mail. We may hold some event on the occasion of International Youth Day.

Knols are working, blogs are working. web sites are working. Motivation has to come from your inside. It has to keep coming from your inside. Environment sometimes supports. Sometimes it does not. You need to go all alone if required.
We have a Hindi song
Chal, Fakiraa, Akela chal, chala chal
Move along alone if required.

I suggest that all active authors greet at least one new knol author every day. Your greetings will make new knol authors comfortable and they will stick to the platform. Give them assurance and give them some suggestions gently. Make them feel welcomed to the knol author group. This entire year our foundation can have a single point program. Make new authors feel welcome. Assure them that knol is on its way to success and their efforts also contributes to making knol a success. Spread positive feelings all around.

8/3 SK

It is very disappointing that my knol:’Laboratary Rat Club.‘ has not attracted a single posting. I was hoping people would share their life lessons of how they created emotional balance in their own lives. And how they overcame their emotional holes.

Don’t feel disappointed like that. Don’t expect instant matching of interests. You have done your side of the job. Now wait for others to respond when they want to.

8/3 SK @ PG

you are indeed a great knol star . I’ll help too and everyone can make their own header .
So A is asked to make an open knol, named “Knol Bulletin Board for Authors and Visitors” or “Knol Bulletin Board 2009”, and to invite us as co-authors . Lets invite Jag and MB too .

8/3 PG

If the decision is to make a new page 2009/2, OK, but I don’t see myself managing it. Maybe helping.

8/3 SK

My latest knol:Brain, Mind and Awarness.

8/3 KS

new page
as A wrote : i think it’s time for our very own PG to do his job again and to make a personal decision .
we can then use this page as a new archives page .

i discovered a great game, which i’m playing now for weeks, day and night .
wesnoth is participating in google summer of code .

8/2 KVSS

Friend Ship Day Celebration News 2009
Tiny tots tied friendship bands to various animal at zoo. School teachers accompanied the kids to zoo and said that will make children connect with mother nature.

8/2 SK

As KVSS suggested offering our hand in friendship is a very good idea. I posted the following comment on the knols of Kevin Spaulding and Claes Johnson:

“I am very impressed with the depth and clarity of your grasp of the fundamentals of the underlining phenomena in so many fields of knowledge. I would be greatly obliged and honored to have a couple of my knols reviewed by you. Like my knol, ‘Wisdom’ and ‘Redefining Philosophy to Master life.’
I am a big fan of your knols. I can see that we are on the same page when it comes to trying to make the world better by improving knowledge.

I want to start a ‘Wisdom Day’ to make people, en mass aware that wisdom is within grasp of every individual, even group and country. Could you be my partner in this task?

Today is world friendship day and on this occasion I would like to offer my hand in friendship to you.”

My latest knol: ‘Of course, usefulness helps understanding and vice versa, while non-usefulness implies not understandable and vice versa – Claes Johnson.’


8/2 KVSS

Please write your messages and ideas for celebrations in the above knol. Please write about the origins of celebrating the day if you know.
The knol is attracting visitors. 50 page views happened already. You write your messages and more visits will happen. I think we need to open around 50 knols on current issues of general interest in this year under knol foundation name or on our own names depending on the initiative and time. Some from these knols may get 100,000 page views in a year. We need to think and try.
Mission Million needs your active involvement for a year.
Meet and greet a new knol author today. I did it already.

8/1 SK

@ KVSS, PG and Team
One of us has to find out what date we made Panos  the Technology Director and start from that days KAF knols. We don’t need to start from scratch.
It is indeed a great blessing to have true friends. Thinking of friendships, the legendary friendship of Krishna and Arjuna comes to mind. They were both princes from neighboring kingdoms. Arjuna was in love with Krishna’s sister but Krishna’s father was opposed to the marriage. Krishna advised Arjuna to kidnap his love!
@ Team
I just discovered that my knol ‘Laboratory Rat Club’ was closed collaboration I just opened it. 

8/1 KVSS

Friendship Day Celebrations on 2nd August – First Sunday of August. Best wishes to all knol authors and visitors.
Keep the old friends and make new friends.
Meet and greet knol author friends virtually.

8/1 A

Hello again, sorry that I’ve been terribly un-posty. Things are quite stressful, but I’ve dutifully returned. πŸ™‚

I think it’s time to start a new page. After all, we have been using this one for awhile, and it’s taking forever to load on my computer.

How is everyone doing?

8/1 SK

My latest knol: Why is wisdom/emotional intelligence so important?

8/1 KVSS

Become Cheer Leaders of Knol.
All members of KAF have to become cheer leaders of Knol.
There is momentum That is why more authors are joining and more knols are being written.
Are there any good new knols? Yes, Knol of Wit and Wisdom, Ways to Improve Knol, Knol Directory, Philosophy debates and more. Each of them is getting around 50 visitors per week.
Democracy Around the World is also getting very good visitors. So far only Artur Barrera posted information on Venezuela. Information on many other countries can be posted by various authors.
@AK and SKS
I request you to open blogs related to knol. AK has written recently also that in blogosphere even now somebody says knol is dead. We need to spread cheerful news. Open blogs with themes relevant to knol and write good things about knol. There are good things. After reading Kemper’s comment, I decided to make frequent posts in my blog titled About Knol.
One more idea.
Each knol author should keep some knols on creative commons attribution. These knols are used by various blogs and websites and this will give traffic to knol. When visitors come to knol, they see author’s copy right protected knols and other authors knols. I would advice have one in ten knols as creative commons attribution. There is a recent article in Harvard Business Review regarding value of Free customers.
I started implementing the idea in reverse way. I am now searching for knols with creative commons attribution license in the subjects where I have my blogs. I am giving selected passages from these knols in my blogs with an indication to visit original knol for more details, diagrams and updates. That way I can send visitors from blogs to knol.

.< board 2009


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