board 2009 (august II)

8/31 SK

My latest knols:‘Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see Gd.’ – Jesus
and ‘Banker to the poor’ doing just fine in tough times. – Ambica Ahuja (API)

8/31 KVSS

I made a collection of knols written by me in Industrial Engineering.
Industrial Engineering – Knols of Narayana Rao K V S S

About 30 knols are there with around 7431 page views, giving an average of 250 page views per knol. I like the outcome and plan to write more knols on the subject. I look forward to 100,000 in this subject alone, and another 100,000 page views in investment management. Rest of the management subjects may give me 800,000 page views, giving a total of one million page views. Will it happen this year or next year? May be next year. In July first week, I wrote 14 knols on one subject. Then on, I could not really do anything further seriously. May be it will take two more years to complete the entire portfolio of management revision knols (around 30 to 35 subjects).

I pointed out the need for plans for one million knols by many knol authors. I am making my plan. Will I succeed? All forecasters and planners are humbled by the environment. Some succeed and some fail at each opportunity. But all have to forecast, plan and then act.

Thank you for the online citation. My thinking is that  till knol is really successful, we will not have any celebration. Well if you are coming to Mumbai for any occasion or I am coming to New York, then there will be some meeting. The real celebration for us will be when the success of knol is declared. You can say doctor or professor, both are fine.

I am developing one more knol on  knol authors
Top 100 Knol Authors and Their Top Knols

08/31 KS

@ A, the most important cat of the planet
a reaction of the team would be fine .
@ SK
i deleted  your and mine color guide .
your above summary are too big words . our true self is happyness .
so why not give brother jonathan and his brothers a hearty welcome . that’s more than enough .

8/30 SK @ SKS

Yes. I want to start a blog too thanks to your mentioning it. I have already posted the knol,
Knol Journal of Science by Laymen. It will be interesting if this knol is co-owned by experts and non experts. Would you like to be part of this knol? I know there is a big need for a journal of science by laymen because at least in the emotional mind sciences even things like psychoanalysis are not considered a pure science. Especially in my field of wisdom they are still stuck in defining wisdom by its attributes. I being a laymen should not my definition of wisdom be examined and discussed in a scientific journal? Shouldn’t my claim that my hypothesis has extremely important and needed; practical insights and benefits, be examined by the experts? The attitude of experts towards non experts like me is like I discovered a gold mine. They want to know if I discovered it scientifically. Also for them to even consider it the paper has to be written in a certain way. I feel new and original knowledge is knowledge whether written, examined and measured scientifically or not. I think the taste of the pudding should be in the flavor and sumptuousness. The criterion should be does this paper by a layman improve the quality of life. Does it expand the horizons of knowledge in the right direction. I think if we market it in the right way this knol can be a big hit because there are a lot of people like me who have ideas that can change some part of the world. Wouldn’t it be nice if laymen posted their knols and experts reviewed these knols!

Isn’t the idea behind knol the same thing, that any one can have a world changing idea?

08/30 SKS

I am currently busy with some obligations and cannot follow your discussion. But I realize you want to start a scientific journal, correct? Where do you want to host it? As a blog or in Knol?

Also I must say I feel much more important now that someone has posted an anti-Kakos knol about me! I do not mention the name of that person or make a link to that Knol so as not to promote it.

8/30 SK

I am confident that one day soon Prof.’s page views rank amongst individuals will become # 1.
I was flipping through my notes and I came across this gem I wrote many years ago:

‘New knowledge is like a drop of fresh water that is
dropped into a glass full of old water.
The key to wisdom is to learn to remove the stale water and replace it with the fresh water’.
I am planning to present you with ‘The Star of Wisdom Award’ in Mumbai. I would like to hold a ceremony in a restaurant where you can invite your family and friends. I will approach Dr. Gupta of IHEF or one of my VIP friends to honor you with this trophy. What would you like to be referred as Dr. or Prof. in the citation?
The trophy will be a self standing acrylic plaque with the following writing:

The Star of Wisdom Award
It is our objective to identify persons who personify wisdom. Our board of directors is honored to declare Prof. Narayana Rao KVSS The Wisdom Star of 2008. This is in recognition of his selfless services in the field of education. He is more than worthy of this honor.
The Wisdom Express.

@ A & KS
I feel that we may remove the above color guide as it looks odd. We all now know what our color is.


8/30 KVSS

Still not much progress in my preparation of seminar paper. Of course I studied some chapters of  a 1914 or 1915 book on applied motion study. So busy till tomorrow evening. Three days, I wrote one more poem on stock market – Portfolio Analysis. Poems are good for memory. Rhythm and rhyme help in memorizing things.
On 28th August, my author rank has moved up to four. Will Johnson has recorded it in his Current Table of Top Viewed Authors. Yes Johnson said you will stay at number for considerable number of days. Thanks to SK who first gave the confident statement that Professor will move up in rankings. Thanks to all authors on the  bulletin board for the constant interaction and encouragement. Thanks to all the members of the Knol Author Foundation and to my coauthors and visitors. Such successes make me or any other author show more commitment to online writing, knol platform and for improving the articles to make them more useful by responding to all the comments as early as possible.

 8/29 SK

My latest knols:One of the biggest misconceptions in education – 8., One of the biggest misconceptions in education – 9., One of the biggest misconceptions in education – 10. One of the biggest misconceptions in education-11. and Knol Journal of Science by laymen. This last knol is due to inspiration from KVSS, KS, PG, AK, SKS, MB and even Panos. Thanks.
@ Team
What do you think of these latest series of knols? Should I combine them into one super knol?

8/28 A @ KS

SKS would be perfect for the job! SKS or PG. Must keep up with the Joneses.

8/28 SK

My latest knols:

One of the biggest misconceptions in education – 5.  ,  One of the biggest misconceptions in education – 6.

and One of the biggest (the biggest) misconceptions in education – 7.
@ Team:
SKS is currently busy he will soon get back to his excellent knol activities.

08/28 KS @ KVSS

sub-collection means a collection within a collection .
there is no difference between a collection and another knol .
you can likewise make a collection a part of another collection .

PG’s article shows that the solution is a global book-keeping, likewise we do it with our whuffy 🙂

8/28 SK @ KVSS

‘Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.’ I think creativity is indeed thinking up new concepts/things. Innovation is making this new concept/thing practical in a novel way. Creativity is dreaming up a new invention and innovation is making it real in ones own unique way. Henry Ford created the assembly line for car production. The Japanese perfected this concept by introducing their own unique innovations/changes/improvements. Lots of people are creative but they are not innovate enough to make their creations practical. Innovation makes creativity practical and efficient. Most inventors fail because they are not innovative enough. Most painters are creative but when they introduce innovation in their creation/art they become artists. Without creativity there is no product/concept that needs implementation and once something new is thought up it needs innovation. Research and development is about innovation. Sometimes innovation can lead to a realization of the creation being impractical so this new creative idea may be abandoned and another creative idea may be born thus innovation may lead to creativity.

There is confusion  and fuzziness between creativity and innovation  because indeed innovation is about creating new ways to implement the existing/created concept. Most PhD courses are for researching innovative ways of doing the old stuff in better and more efficient ways. Innovation is about solving existing problems. At a deeper level innovation is research. At the research institutes they are creating better and better innovations for existing solutions.

One does not require a PhD for creativity but for innovation at the cutting edge highest level a PhD is almost an essential requirement. In fact at the research level innovation is preferred over creativity. For any newly created idea is doubted till it can be scientifically defined, measured and tested. However anything that is already in use and has proved its utility then any improvement through innovation is accepted whole heartedly. 

Creativity is essential for innovation for a product must exist at least in a concept stage for you cannot innovate  anything that does not exist. Thus innovation depends on creativity while creativity persey does not depend on innovation. Though the better success of creativity depends on innovation. Innovation is giving  a practically improved shape to creativity.

Creativity = Invention & Innovation = improvements = changes to make it effective and efficient = making it practical =  researching new ways to produce and improve creativity = the same concept in a newer and improved form = research.
I have converted this post into a knol:The difference between creativity and innovation.
It is very crucial to know the difference between the two.

“Beginnning of Wisdom is Fear” This is the same theme as an interpretation of the bible, ‘The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom’. I think this is a superficial interpretation of the bible. Beginning of wisdom is wisdom! Fear is an attribute of ignorance. As FDR said ‘The only thing you need to fear is fear itself’. I will take this statement one step further ‘The only thing to fear is to fear the cause that creates fear – thus the only thing to fear is ignorance!’

I think PG’s knol is very promising. It introduces a new ethical standard along with better financial security for the average investor in the stock market. The way things are we need this kind of new creative tool to make stock trading more stable and more reliable. I think PG must expand it into a scientific paper and present it to some financial research journal.

08/28 KVSS

Busy for the next three days as I have to finalize a seminar paper and send it by 31st. The topic is related to Human Effort Engineering.
Two of my posts on my thoughts knol.
Why don’t you initiate an online journal for publications of research scholars exclusively. You can rope in AK for this purpose. From professors, we will bring some. But the promotion part for this knol will be taken up by research scholars. So we will create a group of research scholars who will be the organizers for promoting the knols and also act as first level reviewers. At second level it goes to a professor/faculty member for review. Let us start with some subject areas to start with and then it can be extended to many subject areas. This mechanism will enable us to contact many potential persons for writing on knol.
It is nice that SK found your knol very interesting. An early appreciation for the knol indicates its potential. I shall have a look at it after I complete my seminar paper.
What is sub-collection? Is there any formal feature like that? Or is it like my Directory and sub-directory?

08/28 KS

moderated collection
@ A  very good idea .
i propose SKS to make a moderated collection (the mother of all collections)
with 12 knols at best (some of them may be sub-collections (at least 2 should be normal knols) ) .
we can make proposals and our knol star may decide .
my proposals :

  1. bulletin board
  2. archives (we can make them a sub-collection)
  3. related knols (sub-collection)
  4. whuffy

 8/27 SK @ PG : Your latest knol is 5 star+! You are on to something big here.

My latest knols: One of the biggest misconceptions in education. – 3 and

I see that the debate about traders’ bonuses is heating up among medias, politicians and the public opinion.
Seems also that that debate focuses a lot about the morality of the millions or billions involved and forgets a bit the basic aspects: what are the risks involved for all of us, bank depositors?
I don’t care that others get a fat wallet, nice for them, but what I care about is how mine can be affected, as a bank customer.
And to ignore basic aspects is not the best way to find solutions to avoid future problems.
I tried to explain it, and I propose an original solution, in my new knol
Are bank traders’ bonuses perverse incentives?

8/25 SK

My latest knols: One of the biggest misconceptions in education.-1 and

8/25 A

Hello, sorry about the late post, but the new kitten was walking on (and messing up) the keyboard.

Whoever starts the new page should put it in a moderated collection. They’re classier looking, to say the least. The KOTM is in one, by AK.

Happy 1000th comment KVSS! Keep commenting!


The fellow who wrote that article you linked to is a good writer. It was pretty funny.

08/25 KS

the 12 most annoying types of writers

@ SK : you can correct your header with format->clear formatting

8/25 SK

My latest knol:The nation of Israel: Why the rest of the world must not only let them be; we must also help them prosper.
I wish I had the time to write a whole book on the lessons of Moses in the art of creating prosperous and thriving nations, individuals, groups and companies! But I will share enough insights here to enable individuals , groups and countries to correct their ways in light of the insightful wisdom of Moses and the other Jewish wisdom collective. I wish one of my fellow knollers would write a book on the wisdom of the Jews, on my cue. I can share all my own insights and observations to help them write this book.


8/25 KVSS

One more Indian author registered on Knol. Knol author encouragement is going on well.

8/24 KVSS

This knol is also an example of knolstorming. The suggestion of KS resulted in this series of knols. I think this collection will act as a dash board to me to point out the need for updating and improvement of the knols. I might have forgotten about some of them. But now I can have a quicklook at them and determine where new developments have occurred that I can update them. Also knols needs to be linked to other knols. Such dash boards will help in identifying linking opportunities.
? Whuffy to KS.
I also noticed that my cumulative comments have reached the milestone number 1000. I think this includes comments that I have written and comments fellow authors and visitors have written on my knols. I find for every comment that I have written there is a reply from authors. So there is a good interaction with authors through comments.
I request you join the editorial board of Knol Magazine of Equity Research. For Journal of Equity Research, I want the members to be doctoral degree holders. I do not know your exact academic qualifications. You should excuse me for not knowing it so far.

08/23 KS @ I do not get your latest suggestion (SK)

the idea is that we (the team) are the mother cell of a new social body .
all the other authors are searching a group (cell) they can melt with (like sperms) .
the first to reach this is a model for the following growth .
so let us concentrate on the first .
you can test the structure on About My New Knols

8/23 SK

My latest knol: Why it took Moses 40 years to move on to the Promised Land.
I was able to solve this mystrey because of one simple question I asked, ‘What was Moses thinking when he did not directly march on to the Promised Land?’. To understand any person and his actions you have to peek into the nooks and crannies of the persons mind. Would you like to write a knol on, ‘What was Jesus thinking when he said to offer the other cheek?’

8/23 KVSS

Knol Journals and Magazines.
I also initiated journals and magazines on knol.
Knol Journal of Equity Research
Knol Journal of Industrial Engineering
Knol Magazine of Equity Research
Knol Magazine of Industrial Engineering

Knol Directory of Interesting Knols is becoming popular. Now its page views crossed 600. Two of its subdirectories have more than 100 page views. I request you all to include your knols in the appropriate sub-directories. If appropriate sub-directory is not there, please let me know. I shall open one in the more category. I also opened a new knols directory for new knols. According to me more than 10,000 knols could be included in the interesting knol category by the quantitative criterion of 500 page views. I am first creating the framework. Then I shall concentrate in identifying more knols and add to the lists. If authors participate enthusiastically, the process becomes faster. Then I can concentrate on promoting the subdirectories to visitors through various alternatives. As some of you might have noticed I sent a mail to all contacts in my mailbox and that day knol directory is my best viewed knol. If we communicate sensibly useful information to a community, you get reasonable response. As more knol authors participate in it, we will have more success.

I want a month in which every knol author tries to bring 100 visitors from his friend circle to the knol platform. See how the knol platform will shine. If the present knol author strength of say 10,000 brings 100 visitors each in that  month, million visitors will come to the knol in that month due to our special promotion.Such promotions by knol authors make knol platform more and more successful.

Thanks for revising my knol.

Thanks for your good words.

08/22 KS @ SK

if you make (mark) your header, can you click first on format->minor heading(H4) and then on text background color?

8/22 SK

My latest and one of my most important knol: Would you like to see your mind? I hope the world of main stream science will wake up to the A-R of the human mind. And then education will change from management and control to becoming. Remember we are human beings. We have to become our true selves, our true minds. We have to become our minds and not control/manage our minds!

I am very excited by the success of our KVSS. When I first approached him I had the same number of knols as him. But when I read other people’s knols I not only try to get the bottom line of the expressed ideas, I read not only the thoughts in between the lines. I also try to figure out the mind of the person writing the ideas. I saw very early the humility and passion and range of the self that is KVSS. As the founder of the Wisdom Express I have the privilege of awarding the Wisdom Star. Now KVSS has proved beyond doubt that he deserves this honor. So I would like to announce that KVSS is getting the Star of Wisdom Award. It is a trophy which I will mail to him. Financially things are awful and so I would like to add an antique that has a wholesale value of 100,000.00 Indian Rupees (US$2,200.00 approx.) .

I do not get your latest suggestion.

08/22 KS @ KVSS

who is worth our co-writing ?
the solution comes from the solver of the mystery why the sperm is tiny and the womens egg is huge .
the first author to write us and put a link of an open knol blog on our bulletin board is worth our co-writing .

8/22 KVSS

I found an Orkut community World Politics.
Consider joining it to promote discussion about democracy in various countries and also our knol about democracy.

I made two categories in the democracy blog. Issues and News, Events and Views about specific countries.

You can invite the present contributors to be coauthors to the knol. Being a coauthor will allow them to know when the knol is updated and when somebody makes a comment. They can respond asap. Please post something on USA. I placed your earlier posting in Knols on democracy.

I made a full column for wise men and their sayings. I am looking forward to your knols on wise men and their thoughts. You have a great ability in picking personalities and their thoughts. Your highlighting various wise people could certainly promote their thought and thereby some wisdom in the society. In the commentary on their thoughts, you can give your present contribution to their thoughts. You may indicate how people can remove the garbage that is hindering the acceptance of thoughts of really wise people. Knols on wise people can really give you a platform to promote your inspiring thoughts. Knowledge about the physical world as well as the behavioral world is never static. It is expanding bit by bit. You add your bits.

I implemented your idea.
About My New Knols

I am getting good response to my comments on various authors’ knols. One of them said that he is motivated by my including his knols in a sub-directory. I request you all to greet as many authors as possible. This will generate goodwill among authors and create a feeling in them to continue writing on knol.

What is your suggestion on focusing one author at a time. Please explain it more and I am willing to follow your suggestion and do the needful. We need number of initiatives to make knol a big success this year.
Goal of Knol: Knol Authors 100,000 – Knols 1 million – Top 100 Website needs many initiatives.

08/21 KS

reading your postings an idea came up.
what about knol blogging ?
we can invite authors to open their personal knol blog .
thats nothing else than a personal bulletin board .
the special thing is that there are only two colors .
one for the author and one for us .
so the structure is always :


let us start with one author a time .
all we need is an author, worth our co-writing 😉

8/21 KVSS

All knol authors must be happy with the announcement. Serious scientific papers which are reviewed or moderated are being published on knol. PLOS a body of scientists for open access publishing started publishing on knol. I made a blog post on the announcement. You also make similar announcements in  your blogs.

Reviewed/Moderated Science Paper Publishing on Knol

So knol platform management came out with a strong support statement on knol platform with an initiative. My appreciation to them.

8/20 SK

My latest knol:How to teach ethics education.

8/20 A

Greetings everyone! How are things in the other parts of the world? I’m in fairly good cheer, as I’ve decided to get a cat tomorrow.

I’ve been looking through a lot of knols lately, and I have noticed the lack of reviews in most knols. Authors mainly comment with their ideas on the knols, instead of reviewing them. I find this interesting. The next time I like (or dislike) a knol, I will try to review it instead of just commenting.

08/20 KS @ KVSS

yes, let us do something more constructional .
let us concentrate on one author a time
so we can combine all our runs and work as a team (little big bang) .

8/20 KVSS

Many authors are going for moderated comments now. At this stage, disputes between authors are not warranted. But then some people believe in hard hitting. They may be feeling happy in the process.  Some victory at some place in some way to compensate other situations. We need to bear them when we are in public and doing some performance.

I am continuing my theme Capitalist Morality versus Socialist Morality in another knol on business ethics Alternative Business Systems – Free Markets – Socialist Systems – Ethical Issues. The earlier one was started from a different idea. The latter one is part of a text book and subject for MBA curriculum.

I am continuing my initiative of greeting authors every day. I urge all to do similar thing and build more relationships among knol authors. Make knol authors feel that they are welcomed on the platform.

8/19 KS

Kyriacos Kyprou
he comes on here with an insistence that we only can write on knol with his permission and will not hear  anything contrary.
🙂 this guy is a total idiot

8/19 KVSS

Knol Directory has crossed 500 page views.
Knol Directory of Interesting Knols

Many of my new knols are attracting 50 or 100 page views quickly. But old ones may be lagging. But during the last week page views went down by 15 to 18%.

AK started a blog. We need to start one blog each. SKS said about a blog community. I think we should join an existing blogger community in orkut, facebook etc. Developing a new community is very difficult. But joining an existing community is easy and may be if we are active we can give the discussion a new direction there. I am nowadays active in linkedin community also.

Democracy knol is attracting visitors. But contributions are less. We had a foundation member Artur Bartera taking interest in that knol.  Please give small bits of information about your country. No information on USA, Germany, France, Greece in it so far.

Knolstorming worked once again. I started a knol on human rights. This push came from PG’s knol. In India we do hear about State Human Rights Commissions. Now I shall go into more details about their activities. Human Rights is topic in Ethics also. So it is useful in my management knowledge topics also.

Human Rights – Declarations and Mechanisms for Implementation Across the World

8/19 SK @ SKS

Please don’t worry about abuse from this guy. From his language you can see he is a -2 guy. This is what you can expect from him, he is not capable of any better. And he is indeed a famous author but only in his own head!!!
@ A & SKS
The more blogs we start in favor of knols the better. But we must find some one who can build up our bulletin board like, They have just started and yet they are on top in the search engines.

8/18 (I think) A


I googled his book, apparently he’s trying to sell it on the MySpace forums without luck. He also calls the forumers “idiots.” Wow.

@ KS

Thanks for the templates. My fingers feel better already.

8/14 PG @ SKS

Seen the comments, and the bio of the guy, who pretends to be a …philosopher (*). Calamitous !
(*) or an antiphilosopher, things don’t seem too clear in his mind 😉

08/18 SKS – Abusive comments

8/17 A

I would be more than happy to start a blog about Knol. I could promote it on my blog.

@ KS
Could you please post the templates at the top of the page (above the Start Writing Here Line) so it would be easier to post? Thanks.

08/18 SKS – About Knol Blog Community

I am in favour of creating a blog community to promote Knol. Maybe that way more attention is attracted…

08/17 SK @ Team

As KVSS mentioned blogs have a separate search engine why don’t we start a joint blog to promote knols? 

08/17 Jag  

@SK – Thanks for the proofread effort for one of my Knol How to Improve Knol writing using SEO to Rank in First Page?
@SKS – Knolstuff is a community site. You can blog about Knol and as well you have forums for discussions. Added some other activates happens there. 🙂
@ AK – You have my feedback.

08/17 AK

Google is testing a new infrastructure for Google-Search. One of my very bad ranking articles will rank now better. Please test the new search and give feedback: Caffeine and Knol-Ranking

08/17 SK

My main field of work is wisdom. And as philosophy is considered the love of wisdom which means one of the the main goals of philosophy is to try to find out what is wisdom. Most experts on wisdom are still stuck where they define wisdom by its attributes and are still struggling to define wisdom. Notice how without exception all books on self help talk of ‘7/9 steps. There is just one goal/step as far as self help is concerned – become wise.

As the wisdom potential is there in every brain just like blood and as absence of wisdom means presence of ignorance (where actually there is a mixture of the two) so every life is affected by lack of wisdom, from individual to group to country, so the stakes are very high. In fact much of the present mess in the world today from the economic crisis to the problems of war can all to traced to lack of wisdom. So if I can wake up main stream education/science to my wisdom insights I think my work will be done.

You mention religion, philosophy and science. In my view they are much more connected then we realize! I have found that at the highest stage of the mind/brain development the quality of the character traits (as defined by religion, philosophy and science) of every person are all one and the same!!! Religion wants you to be altruistic, philosophy wants you to be wise/altruistic and science/education wants you to be emotionally super mature which is the same! So wisdom is the common thread in all of them. And I would love to be challenged on my wisdom hypothesis. It has taken me 35+ years researching wisdom!

The recent exciting thing is your introduction of Dr. Sen. He made me a member of his Higher Education Forum. I wrote to them and a few have already responded positively to my proposal to work with me on introducing my wisdom education in India. One of them wants a meeting in Mumbai! I think we may have to consider our KAF conference in Mumbai. The one advantage we have there is most of my own backers/friends are in Mumbai. People like Mahendra Doshi, builder/antique dealer, Sadruddin Daya the shoe tycoon etc. Even my friend Vikram Kaul, first cousin of Indra Gandhi has promised to do all he can. So we can use his influence too. What do you think? Of course our whole team will have to approve.

As I have mentioned before we must duplicate some of the ideas that are effective in America. We have lobbies here for every interest. Some are good and some are bad. We must start an education lobby in India to push for educational reform. What do you think?

@ Team, MB. AK and Jag
Can you all please join this discussion between me and KVSS.

8/17 KVSS

Knol has fixed some bugs in the search algorithm of top viewed knols. So I made a fresh estimate of total page views of knol. The total page views come out to be around 30 million.
Page Views for Top 800 Knols and Top Viewed Knols

I shall make an estimate for daily page views of knol in two or three days. My initial guess would be that it will be around 250,000. But I may not be surprised if it comes to be 150,000. My contention is that average page views for knol portfolio will be around one page view per knol per day. Is it a bad figure. I do not think so. The cost of storage of a knol may be very little. Cost of delivery of a knol to a viewer could be much larger than cost of a storage of a knol. Economics of an article website depend on the number of page views and not on the number of knols stored. It is my view and I do not have any data to substantiate my point at the moment. So when by end of the next year knols reach one million in number, one million page views per day will be a reality.

@ SKS : There are many such things now on the net. But no site is really focussing on knol.

08/17 SKS

What is the about?

8/17 KVSS

Knol will be unavailable during scheduled maintenance starting at August 16, 2009 10:30:00 PM UTC+5:30. We expect the maintenance to be completed at August 17, 2009 12:30:00 AM UTC+5:30.
Version: Bkomondor411
Around 14 hours knol will be unavailable. All please note.

Recently there was some discussion on brain, mind and consciousness. I went through the psychology book today and made a small knol. Consciousness – A Concept of psychology. This simply gives the concept as being used in psychology in an introductory book. I keep pointing out that, one can confuse the usage of an idea in religious texts, philosophy texts and science texts. Unless one is very clear of the differences that exist at the present point in time, there is a possibility of confusion and improper use of the idea takes place. In the field of logic, philosophy and science people are very conservative. People are not propaganda oriented in these fields. The scope for scepticism is kept high in these fields. Of course when the same people move into practical fields like selling say in the field of medicine, the outlook changes as there the focus in on selling a product.

.< board 2009


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