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I opened a knol Top 200 Knol Authors – Profiles
Top 200 authors have a good job so far for knol.
We need to make top 1000 authors do a similar job by end of next year. But first we need to know what these top 200 authors have done so far. With that purpose in mind I started to collect profiles of authors.

I request all of you to first post your profiles. All participants on this board have their name in the top 200 list. Also I request you to post profiles for some more authors. If we post some profiles every day, we may be able to complete the knol in 15 days time.

My latest knol,  The mind of Udi Manber.


Top 200 Knol Authors – Profiles
Could post profiles of seven authors today. Seek your collaboration in having your profile first and some more profiles. The idea is to have to have similar performance in each country by this year end.

Update: I quickly posted weekly page views for all authors and calculated total weekly page views for all authors. The number came to 735,000. If this number is calculated for top 200 weekly page view authors it may come to one million. My interest and appeal to all knol active authors is to devise some initiatives such that knol authors with page ranks from 801-1000 achive one million weekly page views within a year. That may give 7 million page views for a week or more which means one million page views per day and that may be a breakeven volume for Knol.


Knol Marathon Commentary posted. The featured author is Dr. Eric Bernstein. He is an authority on laser treatment and has more than 50 patents. Kevin Spaulding reached the 500,000 pv milepost. Narayana Rao crossed the 600,000 milepost.

Started a new knol Indian Knol Authors – Knol Authors From India – Top 200 – Profiles. From each country the top 200 knol authors are to be identified and in some creative ways, they need to be engaged and encouraged to write and promote knols such that they will have a million weekly pageviews in a year’s time.

Started a new sub-directory Knol Sub-Directory – Dermatology.

What performance measure you want to be highlighted about authors?
You do not like page views. OK. You do not like number of knols. OK. What do you like about an article collection?  I shall track that performance measure.

Posted few knols on wisdom categories. under the title:


there were indeed some giants in the bible, but the LORD destroyed them.
Logic is only as good as its source.
and a knol is only as good as its author .

a scientific quality ranking : -2, -1, +1, +2 .
if there is a quality unlike +2, we have to think, how we can make it +2 .
your question is +2 .

I made a writeup Positive Psychology – Factors and Constructs – Definitions, Researchers and Research. I am planning to do this write up for number of years. Today I could make better sense of the topic and make a writeup. I shall develop the writeup to include explanation of many other concepts in due course of time.
It is interesting to see the term ‘wisdom’ in positive psychology concepts. Sometime in the future when I can devote time, I shall find out more about this concept in psychology literature.

Thank you for the comment. But let us develop measures of performance as and when we feel something is important.

my last (and best so far) comment on Knol Discussion Bulletin Board :
ks 12/04
– the potential of google-knol is virtually limitless .

today we have only a heap of knols .

thats similiar to the situation on a bulletin board where we have a heap of postings .

but now we have two bulletin board knols .

what do you think of making knol discussion bulletin board part of collection A ?

so we can show that the two knols are part of a greater unity .

(indeed this is a good example because the two boards must agree to it)
what do you think ?

this time it’s only +1 .
+2 would be : let us develop measures of performance . a measure of performance is (x) .
btw. my proposal is a measure of performance .

As I said all knollers should be one for all and all for one. And SKS is definitely one of us and we should do all we can to make his KDB a success.


Knol Marathon Commentary of today posted. A portion of it.

Knol is a collaborative platform. Each author should welcome others to contribute to his articles and write comments on his knol. But unfortunately there are some exclusive authors who feel they are losing their readers to other authors, if they allow contributions or comments. They remove the contributions, erase comments and even rebuke the contributing authors.

But then a large majority of people live in this world with faith that something better can exist between persons in this world than the combative and manipulative exchanges some persons initiate that threaten to destroy us today itself.

Thank you for your interest in good parenting. I could write a knol today on that topic and through that understand transaction analysis (TA) somewhat better.

I am happy that a new bulletin board appeared. I am happy that a new directory appeared. To make knol a success we need many many initiatives from many many knol authors. We need to recognize each initiative and incorporate in our list or sub-directory. Many of our initiatives are on open collaboration. They can also incorporate. But they want to practice exclusion. But we are inclusive people to achieve our primary objective at this stage – success of knol. If knol succeeds we can internally compete. I shall be very happy when 1000 knol authors cross the milestone that I made each with 100 badges. Knol will succeed and my commentary will be a success and may be my management will be success. But then any success is our success.

This bulletin board is your success. I might have proposed. But you nurtured it. Knol Foundation is nurtured by Randy. Whatever Randy built is still there. Idea could be that of Sajid and Mine. Any man-made machine requires repairs as some parts give away and some parts get rusted. The user makes some repair. Life goes on.

We are imperfect and the world is imperfect. But we need to make the trip and let us try to make it good (adopted from Staying OK by Harris and Harris (She and He))

It is interesting to see the term ‘wisdom’ in positive psychology concepts. Unfortunately the wisdom classes are still struggling in fuzziness. They are calling it ‘Wisdom 101’ and ‘Happiness 101’ but there is no full fledged attempt to teach wisdom as the result of the ‘101’ classes are not very good.

I am very disappointed at the news of Tiger Woods recent problems. I was hoping to build up momentum to get him into politics. However I had noticed that sometimes his photo appeared ‘horny’. And I was always wondering why it is so. Now I think where there is smoke there is a fire. I have discovered that from photos I can tell who is naughty and who is nice. I am not surprised that there are some more famous people out there who by the same formula I can bet are more naughty than they pretend not to be.

thank you for your support .

My latest and best knol: Twitter knol – 140: Why we need to redefine the aim of education. I have posted the following knol. All those who want to be co-authors can please post a comment.
Living wise men from all over the world today, who they are and what is their individual message in their own words. I have also posted a knol to find the the one knol that deserves to be the knol of the year: The Knol of the Year.

For Wisdom Day I have decided to celebrate it on the birth day of Benjamin Franklin.


my last (and best so far) comment on Knol Discussion Bulletin Board :
kalleS 12/07 – MBP Lee asks :

“But who is to judge that a writer has not exceeded the bounds or propriety?”

google can decide about knol because they are the owner of knol .

spiros can decide about this board because he is the owner .

he decided to make patrickL a co-owner . now they can decide together .

if they cannot reach an agreement then again spiros can decide .

so, the good news are that we can try to become a co-owner .

with respect to knol our aim shoud be to become a co-owner too .

KS @ team : in analogy to this we can say that if we can not reach an agreement whether a writer has exceeded  the bounds or not then A may decide . what do you think ?

First there is some extremely good news about my family:
Byline: ANI
Bangalore, July 31 (ANI): After more than two centuries of Tipu Sultan’s defeat at the hands of British forces in Srirangapatna, his descendants will regain the respect that most Indians believe they deserve.
The Karnataka Government has reportedly agreed to rehabilitate Asif Ali Shah, a descendant of Tipu Sultan’s fourth son, by providing him with a house, pay for the education of his children and accord him symbolic privileges of Indian royalty.
It is understood he will attend some ceremonial events.
Known as the “Tiger of …

For the last four decades my cousin Prince Asif and me were lobbying the Indian govt. that we are special among Indian royalty and our privy privileges must be restored! Our ancestor Tippu Sultan tried to free India from British rule over two centuries ago. He beat the British two times. One time was a draw and the last war we lost only because of British treachery.

We have finally succeeded. I did not report it earlier because these promises were made to us many times in the past. But now it seems it is official. Also we are the only, the only Indian royalty that did not take a penny from our privy purse and it is still in the Indian constitution that this money is put away and the descendants can claim it anytime. It is 200 years of annual purse with interest. It is billions of rupees. We are keeping the tradition of not claiming it as we feel it is blood money!
When people post stuff in my field of expertise which is spin and substance, self and self image, what is good and what is bad and what is ugly, I feel that I must clarify things and point out their ignorance if any and praise their original insights. So I have reviewed the two knols:
‘Toward a Useful Metric for Knol Quality: kQ1’ is incomplete and partly misleading.
and Knol Site Metrics Reveal Good, Bad & Ugly.

I am not interested in reading the knols of Murray and co. but if any one of you comes across me being mentioned by them then please let me know.


My contribution to the wisdom collection.
Well, in a fast food approach,I admit, nothing like the pheasant and truffle delicacies some of you bring to the wisdom table in the knol restaurant 😉
Anti stress and shortcut to wisdom


Please join in this discussion.
A discussion of what is the Knol Platform and what it should be.
Knol is turning out like life itself just as I calculated. Everyone starts off as one happy family, then two individuals have a misunderstanding and there is a hot exchange of words and then one of the individuals forms his own group and tries to break up the other older group. But for the sake of knol objectives we can rise above individual differences and join our forces to change the world. It took me 40 years to convice the Indian govt. that we were the first and foremost freedom fighters! Now I will try to my last breath to get all knollers under the same umbrella.
Now even SKS has axed me from his bulletin board. This is amazing the knol platform is turning out to be just like life. Opposing points of views have to be likeable to be allowed to be posted! For me all knollers will always remain my family and SKS will remain special, like a son to me.


i can’t see he has axed you ?

We need to  try and be as cordial as possible as we are for the success of knol platform right from the day one. We are not looking for any hegemony of any sort on knol platform. Confrontation may be the strategy of some persons to achieve their objectives. Luckily it is happening in cyberspace. We can tolerate it better. In many places of the world, it is happening in physical space and people are suffering.
Recent hindi knol writing competition has real support and I think many entries will come and many visitors will come to the knols because of this competition. Online content in hindi will increase due to this competition. Sajid Khan’s twitter knols’ concept is being really employed in this competition. I am writing some pieces for this competition even though my hindi may not be that good. But we want to promote hindi. So we need to write first and then improve in collaboration.
My entries so far.

प्रजातंत्र और वारसत्व

The last I saw I was axed.

First I thought that I will write a few more knols to bring down a peg of two my detractors but then I said these people have the knack to write top quality knols as they know how to make them informative and well polished and as they are the leaders in the interest of knol I should let it go. Besides it is a distraction from my own goals so I am going back to my old tricks in which I am king, of posting world changing ideas.

But it is amazing that our esteemed friends make a very low and fraudulent statement about me and when I confront them with facts they remove the wrong statement instead of trying to refute my statement and stand for what they said. This is not ethics it is not even journalism to post something bad about another person, which becomes public record, because it involves some one other than the writer and then just take it out. It is the same as someone calling me a liar and when I confront him to prove it, he says he never said it. But as a fellow knoller I still wish them the best.

My latest knols:

Everyone becomes crazy afraid of new epidemics and the ones that are more common and effecting us daily are ignored.  Besides the epidemic of ignorance; there are many ignorant factors in terms of health. You have a good opportunity to write on things in Hindi, like ‘kajal’ which people put as eye liners in children. Most kajals are full of lead in India. Also there is no concept of flossing in India and this is the leading cause of gum disease in third world countries. In fact flossing is very hard even in America. So I was thinking that there is a need to develop an invention that flosses much more conveniently. Now I have come up with an idea how to create a flossing brush. Anyone interested in this invention should email me. I do not have the time to perue it but who ever takes up this project will do the world a big favor. And will become immortal.

No doubt quality is important for any product in the market, but that doesn’t mean that as someone suggested elsewhere in knol pages, less quality products should be eliminated totally. How can one expect all products (here it is knol) should be like or almost like the quality off some of the top knol authors.? If that is the case where will the beginners go? Only few will be visible on these pages.

As one Mr Rajamanikam said, in one of his comments on a suggestion of “culling the low quality knol” he said it is unnecessary, I fully agree with him. For example, in the open market there are different kinds of products available (high and low quality material). It all depends upon the buyer’s ability and desire to procure it. Here the readers are the buyers, let them see the product and evaluate its quality and decide, either to go for it or not. Suppose if the customers are not buying it, I don’t think nobody will throw that in the sea. Instead they may try to modify or make more good quality products. Here yet another opportunity is available for knol authors. Suppose a knol is less quality one other fellow knol writers can co- author or suggest improving the same thru their comments, since knol is providing that facility to its authors thru open collaboration and commenting facility. But it is very unfortunate to see some people are out there to make a kind of discouragement to the fellow knol writers if they feel they are below their standard.

Let this forum be a constructive one please let us not use this forum for a destructive purpose. Let me repeat Rajamanikam’s words: “Let us not attack the weak”, instead let the strong help the weak.” May God bless. PV
(originally posted 2009-12-03 on knol-discussion-bulletin-board)


you are heartily invited to join our voting tree
the meaning is not predetermined. it is for now only the lowest common denominator of all authors, but with each new voice it is more exciting.



My latest knol:
The Tradgey of Happiness – Thomas Meaney in the Wall Street Journal.

Ann P
Hi Kalle
would like to participate in this kno activities. Thanks


hi all
what do you think about this display model ?
(the first clerk on the day should always copy the last date and update it . within a date the order is chronological.)
so you don’t need html knowledge

my last (and best so far) comment on Knol Discussion Bulletin Board / kalleS 12/14

on 11/28 SK @ KVSS you wrote
I am happy to see that at least one of our group finally sees that money is needed to bring real change.
i think you can count at least PG and me to this .
i wonder how we can combine whuffy and google gold .
may be we can make an auction where we can auction off google gold against whuffy (my last & best idea so far) .
what do you think ?


hi all
what do you think about this display model ?
(the first clerk on the day should always copy the last date and update it . within a date the order is chronological.)
so you don’t need html knowledge
my last (and best so far) comment on Knol Discussion Bulletin Board / kalleS 12/14
@ SK – on 11/28 SK @ KVSS you wrote
I am happy to see that at least one of our group finally sees that money is needed to bring real change.
i think you can count at least PG and me to this .
i wonder how we can combine whuffy and google gold .
may be we can make an auction where we can auction off google gold against whuffy (my last & best idea so far) .
what do you think ?

Any real money has to be backed up by some kind of real value that can again be bartered for more goods. So far as I understand Wuffy its value can be in the realm of labor on the net like translation, even gaming knols etc. The more the web gets real Wuffy will get real. However google gold is an illusion as long as there is no Google backing. With google backing your idea of google gold has tremendous potential. It would be like google backing barter trade on the net with google points just like AK’s translation points and your Wuffy. But it will still be like the World Banks SDRs where the real action will be trading in goods and/or labor.
I know that to bring change we have to have money. Just look at Wikipedia. For me I think my value is in posting all my ideas. They are coming faster to me than I can write them down. I just wrote over 20 Twitter knols in the last two days. So I have no time. But I can guide others.

your comment is +2 .
google is not yet backing google gold but does that mean we cannot do it ?
as PVA said :”if that is the case where will the beginners go?” .
whuffy is small money and google gold is big money .
you need duplicate small money to make big money .
let us make a group account (KAF) with the whole google gold (A) .
now let’s make an auction . i offer 5 W .
if i get them i have the right to split A into B1 and B2 for a new auction .
if nobdy bought them KAF will guarantee to take them back for 1 W a piece -> 2 W .
are this good news ?


Yes it means we cannot do it.However if google wanted to do it, it could be bigger than say PayPal. It could be a not for profit currency that could eliminate a lot of poverty around the world.

Knol Success – No – Knol Failure – Debate in Blogosphere and Webworld
Can you find web posts or blog posts regarding the evaluation of knol. Have you written anything on it on web or blog.

Knol authors need to say strongly knol is a success.

No doubt we have some knol authors who seem to be more happy with knol problems and less happy with knol successes. They are even unhappy with knols having good page view numbers. When some body appreciates a knol for good number of page views, they put a -1 as their comment. As an open platform, knol has to carry such authors also.

welcome to write on the board. Write frequently and you will get an invite for being a coauthor. There can be 25 coauthors for a knol now.

Whuffy and google gold.
Think through the issues more clearly and develop the model. On some other sites also such arrangements are there. It will be an interesting idea if a separate knol author group is developed to implement this idea. May be you will get people interested in floating and developing the idea. They may pool in real money for the purpose. This group may hold various knol writing contests and award the whuffy or google gold and may offer some services in exchange for whuffy. Every two years, the whuffy may be allowed to be converted into actuall money by people who need it. May be SK’s thrift stores gets added to this idea. People can buy items using whuffy. Promoters of money and some auction system enthusiasts can take up this activity. Certainly it has  potential and when you combine it with knol competitions it works to support and grow knol. People whose aim is now writing articles may not have that interest in the project. But not everybody is here to write and share his knowledge with others. There are many businessmen looking for promoting their products and business ideas. Also forming a different knol author group with a different objective is good to attract a different set of knol authors. KAF is not growing anymore.

Success of knol requires that more authors get in touch, collaborate and do things. KAF is a pioneer in it. But success is never final and failure is never fatal. More author groups need to come and accelerate the progress of knol.

as nobody cares i’ll make a new display . so you don’t need html knowledge .
(the first clerk on the day should always copy the last date and update it . within a date the order is chronological.)

“Think through the issues more clearly and develop the model.”
what do you not understand ? look at the other pages .
“They [we] may pool in real money for the purpose. This group may hold various knol writing contests and award the whuffy or google gold and may offer some services in exchange for whuffy.”
that’s +2 . yes, that’s the sense of the KAF account .

to say “we cannot do it” is the same as to say “we cannot make a bulletin board” or “we cannot make KAF” or “we cannot make a thrift store” .
the first question is :”where does whuffy come from ?”
instead of making pledges there is now the possibility for every person to create whuffy till a limit of -300 .
(-300 because you have already -200 :)) .
if you need more whuffy you can buy it from another whuffy owner (by real money) .
so the second question is : “how can we inspire people to need more whuffy than -300 ?”
that’s the sense of the KAF account (you can speculate with google gold . you need whuffy for this . so you will buy it from the whuffy earners .
but you are both right . to avoid a speculative bubble, knol must become a success . but knol will become a success if whuffy is a success . and whuffy will become a success if there is a speculation on whuffy .)

btw. what do you think if the KAF (you and me) will give 60 W to SKS for making KDBB ?

Yes it means we cannot do it, in terms of google gold.
“They [we] may pool in real money for the purpose.
I am talking real money not just a few thousands
. I am talking about at least a few million dollars to start with. Even President Obama is seeking money for some projects outside the Govt.. Even my friend President Clinton has collected billions and only then can he do all this work he is doing. Look at all the good that Wikipedia is doing but again through donations.


what do you need the millions?
to buy whuffies ?
there are +445 w till now .
i’ll give € 1000 to the KAF to buy whuffies (that’ more than twice the sum which is now needed) but only if we need this whuffy to give backing to the google gold auction (by whuffies) .
the background is the following :
mankind is to become a super-beeing . knol is a first model . it’s an embryo .
among other things it needs a blood-circulation . it needs a heart .
whuffy is the knol-blood . our group account is the heart (it collects and distributes the blood) .
the google gold auction is the lungs where the blood receives fresh oxygen .
btw. you can only buy google gold with +whuffy .
i wonder what PG (our money expert) has to say about it .

KAF is not dead but it needs a new conciousness .
in my eyes it is a group of authors where each author can make proposals which are discussed on the bulletin board . if we can not unite our knol star may decide .
what we need is communicative intelligence especially people that can traverse the communication back and forth until agreement is reached. all the others we are not interested in just because we could not help them even if we had a 100 euro billion disposal. because there is lacking the necessary infra-structure, and it would stay absent as long as they can not agree on it.
knol is real life but without violence . instead of -2, -1, +1 life it’s +2 life .

< board 2009


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