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President Clinton took upon himself the task of helping aids patients get their pills and get education regarding aids. He has collected billions and yet the other day at Columbia University he said his funds cannot cover everyone. Knol has even bigger ambitions. We want to take the world to a higher level of education. This will require a lot of money.

dear sajidi
i don’t try to take the world to a higher level of education.
i try to take you to a higher level of knol writing 🙂
please don’t think you are the extra one . try to look for correspondence .

My latest knol.
Today I am emptying my mind of all thoughts. Whatever thoughts come to mind I am going to jot them down.

that’s a good start .


KAF is not dead but it needs a new conciousness .
Good to read it.

Knol Marathon Commentary

The role models on knol are changing. Now it is millionaire knollers who are the role models. The rhyme and rhythm badges have lost their relevance. May be now people know how get them. They get them even when their knol does not have 10 page views. How? Arrange for reviews, arrange for ratings and arrange for some people to keep their knol on favorites. If every thing is arranged, the badge will stay there even if no further visitor goes to that knol. We know not every author is into it. But  about people who are gloating over it and writing about manipulation all over knol!  But that line lost its relevance. The speed breakers in knol are shattered forever. It is up to authors to think creatively and do something to increase page views to their knol portfolio.

No use blaming other authors. No use blaming knol platform. Your knols and your promotion decide the performance of your knol portfolio.

Knol is Green All Over

SK Yesterday I went to Trenton to convince the current governor’s team to submit my proposal for the Innovative Education Fund from President Obama. The Corzine government said that they are now not taking any initiatives as they are lame duck. Also they have no new ideas to justify getting the funds. I told them and shared with them my proposal for a new subject. I could not convince them. It is a shame because I do have what is needed and the minimum NJ could get is 5 million. Then I went over to the governor elects staff. There I got a much better response. I had a long chat with his assistance. I was able to convince him that we can and should get at least 10 million. He said that he will brief the governor elect and get back to me. So there is some hope.
On my way back from Trenton I went to Princeton University and tried to meet Prof. Paul Krugman. He is on leave till February. I left some of my knols with his assistant. I met many other students and a couple of professors. I found out one every interesting thing about wisdom. The concept of wisdom is still stuck as it was since the Egyptian book of the dead. As soon as I said I have solved the mystery of wisdom people were suddenly becoming busy and I could see that they thought that I was some kind of a nut. However when I said that I have a few hundred original articles on emotional intelligence and that the highest stage of emotional intelligence is wisdom they took me seriously. Many promised to read my knols and also share them with others. It was a good day.

Thanks SK and KVSS for the invitation and encouragement. I will definitely participate in this  Bulletin Board. This is really a good platform to the knol authors to post their ideas, views and suggestions.


some people say, our board has low quality . in a certain sense they are right .
always to post my knols and my feelings is not necessarily quality .
don’t misunderstand me, the knols and the feelings may have quality but there is no discussion and no decision .
we need team quality . but only to ask for quality is also not necessarily quality .
PV Ariel answered to one of my comments in a constructive way and that made my day .
so i think, concentrating on others is quality .
@ Ann
as you said : ” .. ideas, views and suggestions .”
SK is also posting his personal diary here . i am interested in it, but there are people who do not want to read this . they feel exploited and consider him a cryer .
how can we convince him to make a knol of this , so we can link to it ?

My latest knol: Knol’s Agenda, KM(the ‘Q’ of Knol Metrics) and why Krishan and team have much to learn about knol.
@ KS
Our board is not managed and controlled but like knol it is free with no rules. Just as to each person knol is different just as life is different our board is also different to each person but now you have made it a little weird by posting the same stuff twice but who am I to complain, as this is as much your board as it is mine. So please let me do what I do and you do what you think is right. Both of us are doing a fine job.

About my crying I want you to know that the way things are going there is not much to laugh about. We want to live +2 lives but we do not get it; that to live +2 lives we have to have the resources to create +2 lives. And the fundamental resource to creating +2 lives is to retool our brains to become +2. But does Main Stream education even think of brain education? All they think of is better and better insights of how to manage and control the beast in us instead of getting rid of the beast: our Emotional Brain Garbage ( EBG ).

Surprise, surprise ! How come that knol Why Are Europeans White? surging from nowhere made instantly and miraculously 125,000 page views in a week?

According to my KM (the ‘Q’ of knol metrics)  you are the perfect example of what a knoller should be. You are the poster boy of knol!

PG 2 SK Thanks, although I don’t know on what basis I am what you say. Anyway I need to lose a few kilograms for the poster photography.

To do full justice I should write a whole knol, ‘PG: the poster boy of knol’. Knollers are supposed to be extremely objective about what they write. Especially what they write about other knollers. Their attitude towards all knollers, knollers with whom we agree or not should be impersonal. We can be very subjective about the objective realities of life and thus post our opposing takes on issues; but when it comes to the personal character traits of knollers then we have to be totally non judgmental especially when we do not like some knoller. And when it comes to being non judgmental on knollers you are the gold standard of knollers! Also from your writings I have not detected any Emotional Brain Garbage ( EBG ) in your brain. In fact my next knol may be, ‘Murray and team: What Emotional Brain Garbage they carry in their brains and why you cannot blame them.”.

perhaps we should write a knol “why american indians do not have beards ?” any idea ?

no hard feelings .
i am older than you . so you are to me like a son . one day you will understand .

I love you as a brother and you are definitely one of my favorite knollers. But as i said let knol be unto me what I think it is as I let knol be unto you what you think it is.


Regarding Europeans are white there are many messages on twitter by various persons.

I updated Knol Progess – Weekly Bulletin and Knol Marathon Commentary.
I am reading systems engineering material. The steps in it are interesting. systems requirements planning, system functional analysis, system synthesis, system analysis, system optimization and system decision making. System Engineering Process and Its Management System synthesis that is creating alternatives or a some final designs is the first thing. Then analysis starts to find out the extent to which it satisfied the requirement. Then each of the designs is even improved further because original designer or design must have overlooked number of improvement opportunities. Then a final selection is made among the alternatives. Each knol is a system and fellow authors who have time to read can analyse each knol and give their comments right from the usefulness of the topic to various issues connected with the knol. I am sure many do not have time, but people who do have time have to make some constructive contribution. In the last week, I introduced three more authors to knol.

Today I attended a session of a conference on Gandhi’s Hind Swaraj Book. I spent some time sitting with many professors of various universities from UK, USA and South Africa. In the last week page views some authors have gone up. A Hungarian author is building up an encyclopedia of 1500 knols. We can expect many such big projects on knol. According to me some exciting things are happening on knol in various languages. Probably English has many speed breakers including the fact that a lot of material is online in English already. So if knol succeeds first in other languages it is fine.

My latest knols:
What is pure happiness and why it eludes most mankind.
Twitter knol – 217: Why do a good number of love marriages fail and most arraigned marriages succeed?


Greetings season has begun.
Season’s Greetings to all knol visitors and authors.

Thank to PG for updating centurion knollers page.

I am updating my knol on Industrial Engineering
It is a part of my collection of knols on industrial engineering.
Industrial Engineering – Knols of Narayana Rao K V S S
I am advocating a change in the emphasis in industrial engineering. I am developing the systems engineering knols (System Engineering Process and Its Management) also to support my advocacy in industrial engineering only.
I am now highlighting that industrial engineering is a functional area in corporate concerns. Therefore it has to be a subject in the curriculums of MBA in business schools.

i wrote the following comment on one of your knols :
my two pence

garbage is a -2 expression .

nobody is thinking that s/he has garbage in its brain .

of course every one is thinking that all the others have many garbage in their brains .

it’s hard work to make a person see that its behavior does not fit to its self image .

you must give them a chance to a better behavior like if someone has an old bicycle and you give them a new one . they will not hesitate to use the new bicycle .

but in our case they will only act in a new way if they trust you like a child trusts its mother .

perhaps a good team has a better chance .
if you are my brother then please tell me whether i’m right .
if i’m not right then please tell me, why .
if i’m right, then you should not use EBG any more .

PVA has made a knol about the existential value of trees
that fits to our knol tree 🙂 . what do you think of mounting it there ?
perhaps A/A1 or A/A1/related knols .
we can also make related knols two sub-collections
p.s. KAF should give 30 W to PVA .

‘nobody is thinking that s/he has garbage in its brain’. You said it – people have garbage in their brains and they don’t even know it. Half the worlds problems are due to this EBG. Why should I not wake up the world to this huge emotional intelligence problem and also why should I not show them how to get rid of this problem.
‘you must give them a chance to a better behavior like if someone has an old bicycle and you give them a new one . they will not hesitate to use the new bicycle’. I wish it was as simple as replacing an old bicycle.


first you say : “why should I not show them (THE WORLD) how to get rid of this problem .”
in the next second you say : “I wish it was as simple as replacing an old bicycle .”
what then ?

SK – The solutions are hard but that does not mean they are unsolvable. I have found the solution and I am trying to explain it in as many ways as I can. In the meantime my first book of 200 twitter knols is under publication and I have acknowledged you as a contributor. My second book will be ready in 2-3 months. And as I mentioned that I was arguing with the authorities to apply for the innovation education fund from the central govt., guess what the amount my NJ government was letting go? $200 Million. I cannot let this money go even if I have to take the Corzine Govt. to court!

about education :
you want to educate your children? forget it . they imitate you anyway.
did you read that i wrote :

but in our case they will only act in a new way if they trust you like a child trusts its mother .
perhaps a good team has a better chance .

the solutions are still harder than you are thinking .
without a team you can do nothing .
you don’t need teachers, you need a social womb .
but your behavior of writing on this board does not give us a solution .
if you want others to learn from you then be an example .

‘you don’t need teachers, you need a social womb’ . We need teachers and a social womb and what I am saying is we also need a new direction and a new curriculum to teach emotional intelligence education. My behavior is insignificant. It is what i am saying and not how I am saying it, that is important.

really ? you say, the solutions are not unsolvable . does that mean, solutions can be unsolvable ?
solutions !
so what you are saying is nonsense . only with respect to how you are saying what you are saying it is understandable .

As always I let you have the last word. Whatever you say!

नो क्नोल इस अल्लोविंग में तो पोस्ट इन हिंदी ओनली.

hi KVSS 😉 does that mean it is allowed to post hindi in this knol ?

My latest knols:
The reason why inspite of all the books on leadership the majority still do not become leaders and how you can become…
Baskerville and team have done it again. They took my bait again!

They must understand that substance and spin, self and self image are my field of expertise. And I have a US patent # 7,029,282 on EIQ! So I know a little more about IQ then they do! And it seems I even know a little more on what knol stands for and that their kQ is quite hollow when it comes to IQ quality.

Do they even have an idea how difficult my niche task is: I am telling people that their brains carry Emotional Brain Garbage ( EBG ). And you know how sensitive that is? And I am repeating the same stuff again and again. And yet my current page counts are in the top ten.
Yes I have a big mouth, taking on these giants of knol. But I open my big mouth only on stuff that I know about. And I know that their kQ1 is practically hollow and now they have said it themselves.

The latest I have heard is that the NJ govt. have changed their mind and they are going to try for the $200 Million! I actually had a big fight with Gov. Corzine’s aide and I had told her that I would expose him on my blog for forgoing this money for the wrong reasons!



In a knol now coauthored by number of internet and web experts it was written as a wish that I should be blocked from knol from 2010 and my email id which is a private one was publicly exhibited. Now I see the some related action. May be it is a small prank which can be set right very simply. But is it the sort of behavior one expects on public platform? I do not know what sort of teachers, professors and wisemen we are? We are on knol to share some information which we feel is useful with others. Not for this sort of fighting.

Social book mark effect
The knol titled as Environmental Value Engineering had a mild social book marking effect today. When this effect is strong it seems you will get more than 1000 visits in a day and the traffic will persist for some time
I could not find this knol.

Block buster Knol
We have not discussed the issue of block buster knols. What are block busters? How many page views? what are their features? How to create them? It will be good if we discuss them and plan to create new ones or upgrade some current ones to that level.
KS @ SK – and I am repeating the same stuff again and again.
yes, you are the first to write about his own writing  behavior on knol .
you are so close to the solution. how and what .
thus you are the first sperm (i) to penetrate the egg (we) .
no one can see his true self, except in a mirror .
look, there is another ex-press-ion for saying the same stuff again and again .

It is not just about seeing ones true self it is about becoming ones true self. It is not just about seeing one self in the mirror because all you can see is your physical part and I am talking about the physical as well as the emotional part of your being. When I say, ‘and I am repeating the same stuff again and again.’ I am saying that my theme is the same but the angle each time is different. It is like it is the same chicken meat but the dish each time is different. five stars



I got the answer from Knol Help regarding the transliteration button.
Knol is unit of knowledge. What can be units of knowledge and accumulation of units of knowledge?
Chapter of a book
Part of a chapter of a book
Chapter summary
Revision points of a chapter
Research Paper
Abstract of a research paper
Concept paper
White paper
Introductory article
List of videos
One video link
One picture
Still more could be there. Knol in their content policy said don’t write teaser knols. A one line which says I shall publish an article shortly on this topic. General recommendation they gave is one word page length.

if we talk about cloud computing then everything should be a knol .
our postings on this page should be knols .
e.g. if everything is a knol then you don’t need the email-function .
email is nothing more than a private knol .
but there is still no browser to handle this .

It is like it is the same chicken meat but the dish each time is different. 

how exciting
It is not just about seeing one self in the mirror because all you can see is your physical part
are you kidding ?
no, you are not kidding .
this is ignorance . it’s -2 .
in german we would say : it’s a monkey dance .
do you really not understand that we are your mirror ?
and this is what we can show you :
you are like a sperm without an egg .

Thanks for being my mirror. But as I said I am trying to put together a few books. And as KVSS says below What can be units of knowledge and accumulation of units of knowledge?. To fill a book one has to fill a book. My reading of knol is coming true. It is modeled on life. We are seeing the formation of groups where rivalries are becoming personal. Knollers are trying to push out knollers who they don’t like. I still think that we can put our differences aside and make knol a +2 platform where even if I oppose an idea I still defend the right of the knollers to post it. My latest rebuttal of knol metrics is stuck in one page view. I cannot figure out why.


I still think that we can put our differences aside and make knol a +2 platform
do not put aside . discussion solves everything .
you want to be the first . so your own person has to be an example how we can make -2[-1, +1] +2 .
let’s look, what is your -2 or -1 ?
the first point is : you are like a sperm without an egg (see your discussion with minoo bhagia on your knol about why the sperm is tiny and the womens egg is huge (couldn’t find it yet)) .
other points : EBG is a -2 term . self image is better .
but if we want to have +2 we must look at your behavior.
that’s your real you, in the sense that it is a contradiction to your self image .
another term : the Christ in us . the bible does not say this . the bible says we can be a part of the christ, a cell of his body . perhaps you mean the you in you or the i in me or the we in us .
and last not least : It is what i am saying and not how I am saying it, that is important.
if the topic is emotional intelligence then it’s the how and not the what .
we are the magic way and only together we can become a super being .

The following is a new angle that I just wrote in my latest knol:An Open Letter to President Obama and all those involved in education.. Don’t you think the knol library is richer for my having written the following magical lines? Let me ask our mavens KVSS and PG what they think of these lines.
Until we create a cumpolsury subject ( which I have been describing in my knols all along) that teaches emotional intelligence our education mess is here to stay. We must wake up to the fact that emotional literacy is as essential as regular literacy. Regular literacy is essential but not sufficient to give a complete wholesome education to our students.

other points : EBG is a -2 term . self image is better . EBG is a reality in most lives so we cannot ignore it just
because it is -2. It is only when you become aware of -2 can you remove it. Also EBG can also be -1 and +1. In fact it is +1 EBG that mostly causes wars and economic melt downs.
Also EBG and self image are not the same entity and thus they are not inter changeable. EBG is the cause that creates the self image.
the Christ in us. The bible is saying become like Christ. Our full humanness potential is the Christ in us.

let’s ask A, Ann, MB, SKS and PVA too .
the Christ in us.
now i’m understanding what you mean . you mean us, as a community
the Christ in (us as a community) .
thats indeed the sperm and the egg . that’s +2 .
A blockbuster knol might might be one that is unique and deal with the right topic that a mass of people are eager to understand at the right time when they want that information. Like a product corresponding to a new need that no marketing study could detect. As the success of Harry Potter could not be foreseen :-)).
Quantitatively I would say that 400 pageviews a week (20,000 a year) would qualify a knol as a baby blockbuster ;-))

Knol Success – No – Knol Failure – Debate in Blogosphere and Webworld
Can you find web posts or blog posts regarding the evaluation of knol
Environmental Value Engineering is the knol. Hope link works this time.

Blockbuster knol: Quantitatively I would say that 400 page views a week (20,000 a year) would qualify a knol as a baby blockbuster. That means as KS said our we have only our bulletin board as block buster knol. My best individual knol has 13,000 page views so far.
How to write one? I think it can be based on market research or it may not be based on one. But I think block buster knols are for really well established authors. PG with a very successful web site on behavioral finance qualifies as a very successful and established author. I keep sharing what I feel is important and only from the feedback in terms of page views that I come to know that some of the things that I create are appreciated by my readers. But on knol, even though my top knols have similar performance as many other knol authors, some people want to spite me for creating a directory of knols etc. etc. experiments. I don’t know they do not recruit new authors, they cannot write more number of knols, their knols get around 100,000 page views in year, Still they think they are making knol survive. On what?   on controlling you


i do not believe in santa claus .


KS – blockbuster knol
no, no, no 😉 the real block-buster comes from our very own SK :
the same chicken meat but the dish each time is different.
I have updated my knol: Happy New Year.
I have one more Prof. who admires my work
“I find Sajid Ali Khan’s research both fascinating and with merit. What Mr. Khan is proposing is to expand the realm of education and thus expand the limits of the mind to enhance all the options that one uses to think. Mr. Khan is taking Rosseau one step further when he stated that the mind is a “tabula rasa” awaiting the wonders of the universe.” – Prof. I. E. Weinstock.


the same chicken meat but the dish each time is different.
btw. google does not know any “Prof. I. E. Weinstock” .
but it’s interesting that jesus said ” i am the true vine (i.e. weinstock) – john 15:1 . perhaps ..
(i know, this is not +2 . it’s to test you whether you can qualify it (+1 ?, -1 ?, -2 ?))

These postings are not for google. They have provided us this platform to share our unique knowledge with the world. It is what it is to you and to me I would rather suspend judgment.

same as with jesus ?
he is what he is to you and to me .
i must read it because you write it on our board . so you want me to read it and to react to it i think .
btw. not to react is like a death sentence . do you really want this ?

This whole thing is becoming a distration. I am just trying to decode the applications of what the bible is saying. And please do not take anything I say persnally. If you want to controll this board your way and don’t want me to use it my way it is not fair but I can quit on it as you are important to me.

ahhh you misunderstood .
to say i want to controll this board is really -2 . in german we say : kindergarten .
except for some formal things (using false headings ..) i have not changed a word of your postings .
even if you say “heil hitler” i would not delete it .
i even don’t want you not to use this board in your way even if your dealing with the logic  for me is very strange, but i say to myself : this is another culture . so we can learn from each other .
but obviously you don’t want to learn anything from anyone (exept from your godess (please don’t take this personally)) .
in my culture it’s a logical flaw to say “please do not take anything I say persnally” and to take anything personally others say to you .
in my culture it’s a joke to say “you are important to me” and then to say “please do not take anything I say persnally” .

Here is another original dish I have prepared for my fellow man on this most important day of Christmas: “I am the bread of life, Whoever comes to me shall never go hungry…” – John 6:35

KS – “whoever comes to me should not be very hungry”
i can’t say what this knol is .
perhaps it is easier to say what it is not :
it is not -2, it is not -1, it is not +1 and it is not +2 .

it’s a dish with almost no chicken .
but it’s originally to call it original 😉


I started working back on my concept directories. 

In Hindi I started 

है बातों में दम? गब्बर और साम्बा के बीच संवाद Is there power in words: Discussion between Gabbar and Saamba

Gabbar and Saambaa are well known names from a popular Indian movie Sholay. The knol is discussion between them regarding the new Hindi knol competition being conducted by google. It is attracting good number of entries compared to earlier competitions of knol. I think Arabic knol competition has given some good direction to knol contests.

.. and what’s with the Muslims and so on ?

Happy new year is for everybody. Christmas comes close to it. In India we have a festival Pongal which comes in the middle of January. So we are covering everybody. Inclusion is our theme. Not exclusion of anybody under any algorithm created to exclude many.

KS – tabula rasa
we can only recognize what we already know. space, time, causality, colors, sounds and perhaps even shapes .
so to state that the mind is a “tabula rasa” is ignorance and -2 .
but if we say “knol
is a “tabula rasa” awaiting the wonders of the universe” it’s +2 .


I just thought of the terms “Storehouse of knowledge” and ‘Machines of knowledge”
Many of us may be building storehouses of knowledge on knol hoping that some readers will convert them into machines of knowledge and provide products and services to the people of the world. If we are unable to provide products and services directly to people we are trying to contribute indirectly by helping some to become aware of some theories, hypothesis and in some cases to understand them better or understand as we understood the principles and then make a good use of it.

Thanks for reformatting discussion between Gabbar and Saamba. The idea was liked by Dr. Minoo Bhaagia. Yesterday I could not get this knol into edit mode. So I cound not change it myself. Have you written any new knols? What is the area in which you write knols? I am yet to get into translating other language knols and reading. I have to start it.

Very happy that a professor gave you good appreciation.

I also saw the comment byDouglas McKee on your knol Out of all your knols I like this one most. So I am happy that Mr. McKee has commented on it. He also gave reference to his ideas in

His comments made to write that Sajid should open a debate knol on Has psychotherapy delivered some benefits to patients suffering from mental diseases? So start one. SK is the knol author concentrating on psychotherary issues on knol.

Updated knol progress weekly bulletin. Knol Progess – Weekly Bulletin
Made a new knol American Political Process – Study Resources

SKS Hi to all members! I just added two new Google gadgets on the page: the translation gadget on top of the page and the conversation gadget at the botoom of the page!

There are many new Google gadgets that we can add! Just go to Insert -> Google gadget and enter your search term in the Search box! I have entered some of these gadgets to my various pages, so you could have a look there to get a small taste!

Happy new year to all with health, love and hapiness!

Best of Decade. Suggest your choices.
Best of the Decade 2000-2009
Super Persons (Men and Women) of the Decade 2000 – 2009

Sorry if this is a bit late, but Merry Christmas to you all and a happy New Year! Keep Knolling enthusiastically!!

the family meets. it must be christmas 🙂

interesting metaphor. is there a counterpart ? perhaps white swans ?


danke für dein interesse an meinen knols . ich bin wirklich froh, mit jemandem über ihren inhalt sprechen zu können . welche meiner knols gefallen dir denn am besten ?

danke für dein übersetzungswerkzeug . ich bin wirklich froh, jetzt meine beiträge auf deutsch schreiben zu können 😉

SK – my latest knols: Difference between intelligence and emotional intelligence.
and There is a very deep connection between ignorance, wisdom and emotional intelligence.


the same chicken meat but the dish each time is different.


My latest knol: The difference between happiness and pleasure


the same chicken meat but the dish each time is different.

Just opened a new Free Online Gaming portal at Come in and have fun! 🙂


Today I am having trouble writing any new knols. My book under publication, ‘The Knols of Wisdom’ I cannot post. I have acknowledged the following in this book.
Thanks are also due to the latest contributors to my life: Prof. Naryana Rao K. V. S. S., Peter Greenfinch, Kalle Schwarz, Angela, Minoo Baghia, Andreas Kemper, Khuda dad Azara, P. V. Ariel and Spiros Kakos.

I have tried every trick. I cannot post this knol. Even the published knol that I post ‘Knols of Wisdom’ on gets unpublished! This is very strange.

i can make a knol for you, so you can write on it : SK1
then, if you have figured out the operating error, we can transfer it from me to you.

i was looking for the translation gadget, but is has gone .
the disappearing was between my versions but there is no hint that i have done it and i know for certain that i didn’t . perhaps knol has done it becaus when i clicked on it i couldn’t go back . there was a loop of always translating new .



Translation gadget in place again! 🙂
I added the clocks as well. The gadget is fully customaizable! You can choose the clock hours you want to be displayed! Please feel free to play with it. More that 4 hours can be shown.

I cannot publish my knol, ‘Knols of Wisdom’, not even on KS’s  SK1 but I have been able to publish another new knol: The human brain and society


From tomorrow 2010
What are your knol dreams?

Mine is 1000 knol authors with 5000 weekly page views. Presently there are 35.
5000 Weekly Page Views Knol Authors

I created three course pages to incorporate my knols into the courses that I plan to teach and also they are available for other faculty members to have a look at them and judge their usefulness. Of course they can write better ones. My public display may encourage them to sit on computers and do better things.

Introduction to Industrial Engineering – Course at NITIE
Equity Research Course at NITIE, Mumbai
Investment Banking Course at NITIE, Mumbai

I plan to improve the knols included in the above collections by involving my students in the class. Even alumni who were in my earlier classes will be requested to suggest content and format that will improve these knols.

Quality improvement program is in operation. If quality badges remain as they are now, you should not be surprised if all these knols pick up quality badges. Afterall quality badges are a combination of favorite buttons, star ratings, and reviews and may be comments. We are more looking for more knols, authors and visitors rather than these ratings. Once we want these buttons from some select group of people they will come. I introduced more than 300 authors to knol and I am going to introduce another 50 next month. If I ask for buttons they will come. But those buttons and badges are useless if rest of the readers and visitors ignore your knols. That is where millions of page views count. You cannot get them by clicking pages yourself. You get joint pains and nothing else from that clicking.

Do the knol writing and promoting game earnestly with service motto.

Self centred people suffer more when calamities come compared to community service oriented people. This is what Sri Sri Ravisankar said the other day. A community service oriented man feels I have done my duty to the extent God permitted me energy and ability. My self is at God’s command. If he chooses to trouble me fine and if he chooses to make me more comfortable fine. To the extent I make a choice I serve my community.

==> Shirdi Saibaba’s Sayings on Behaviour addition to wisdom knols

I liked the world times clock. Thank you.

My latest knol:
The silent Tsunami that constantly affects our lives.
I have finally been able to post, ‘Knols of Wisdom’ but with 50 mini knols instead of the 200.

< board 2009


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