board 2009 (february I)

2/16 KS @ how to make money

gold has been a +2 money for long times .
then men invented gold covered paper money (+1) .
after a while it was no longer gold covered (-1) .
today there is much more money then there are goods (-2) .
how can we turn this to +2 ?
we can do it by google gold
with our pledges we can buy google gold by auction and sell it again .
the returns are used to pay out whuffy if requested .
so , how can we contact udi manber or marissa myer ?

how google decides to pull the plug

2/16 SK

@ Prof.
Bravo! What a 100 engine mind/brain!
We now have a good idea of what we want to do. I feel that the time has come to take practical steps to start implementing some of the objectives of the foundation. Every area has its own unique ways and innovations that are local and can be taken and spread to other parts of the world. In India we create electricity powered by animal dung (locally called gobar gas plants). We need to introduce these in other parts of the world. Prof. please create a ‘business ideas exchange board’ where we can list the information of how gobar gas plants work. Also list companies that manufacture these plants. We can even post some company brochures. If you think we should start our own importing company I can explore the market here. To find antiques I travel in a 200 miles radius and I pass hundreds of farms. I can stop and show these farmers and get them to use gobar gas plants. Other directors can do the same in their countries. And they can post local innovations of their countries and try to spread locally successful ideas worldwide and with this if we can make money for the foundation and/or for ourselves all the better. I guess there already may be such plants here but these are not common.
@ KS
How about if you write a knol on, ‘How many engines of the brain have you helped/nurtured your child to actualize?’ Every child has the capacity for instance to develop his music engine, dance engine, multiple language engine…These are engines that are bottled up and atrophy if they are not actualized and this affects the whole mind/brain.
@ Team
In the Presidential debates I wrote my own comment of the economic crisis and the writers of the original knols axed my comment and blocked me from writing. So I wrote a review and it too was axed. The main thrust of my argument was that the economic crisis is as much to do with emotional intelligence as with bad economic policies. Today it is becoming more and more clear that confidence, not just bad finance alone is the key to getting out of this mess. So if you are with me on this we should also start a joint petition that we let as many people as possible endorse. We can write it as a open letter to the Government as well as to the media. We have to wake up America and the world to her real strengths that she is ignoring and the weaknesses that she has embraced. If I was asked to choose just one thing that should be changed I would say stop bringing up our children on a trophy self image (creating) upbringing.

2/16 KVSS

@Sajid and Judge
Once I came to know that you are likely to meet at Chicago, the idea of mini-meet of knol authors at Chicago came to my mind. I started collecting some names. Now I am developing a statewide knol authors list of USA along with knols on the state and educational institutes. It will be good for me to undertake this activity as I will come to know of the educational institutes in each state.
Please have a look at Illinois state knol authors list and try to find more and try to have a mini-meet. A small beginning like this can be continued by Judge in Wisconsin and Sajid in New York and New Jersey. I want you to hold a mini-meet and then send the minutes of the meeting to Mr. McNally and Mr. Udi Manber, VP Engineering Google.
If you have not read earlier you can read Udi Manber’s post on knol
I have so far created knols for eleven states of USA and linked them to names of states in the following knol.

2/16 KS about money

today our money is -2 . we have to make it +2 .

2/15 SK

@ Judge
I am honored and delighted and look forward to meeting you and your princess. I shall call you over the phone.
@ KS
Where are you? I miss your ingenious and original postings. Please read my knol Self Mastery Theme Parks(Projected Profile) and if you can market it in your great country the proceeds you can use for your local/national branch. There is a famous, ‘Mohegun Sun’ casino  here and they almost got to set up a “Party Tree” for kids it is a version of the same idea.

2/15 Judge

We had a good chat this morning.  Will have to try to do this weekly. I have joined Orkut.
We also had a good chat yesterday. As you said, the world and the web is rapidly changing. The more ideas our members bring up, the more options we have to discuss change. Post a mission statement and we can decide if we stay with what we have, chose yours, or make modifications of either one.
My wife and I would like to meet you in Chicago for dinner on March 4 if possible. We will do some sightseeing during the day.

2/15 SK

@ Panos
 I am ready to file the final leg of the application for the approval of our non-profit status. A mission statement is required. You are the most eager one for this job. Can you please draft a mission statement with your ideas and the ideas of all the other members which you can find on this message board. I will add the goals from The Judge’s very professional list posted on the forum page.
Also I agree that we should not put all our eggs in one basket but this should remain our main basket as we have reached this stage all thanks to the knol platform. We can start another foundation base at ‘’ and I will put you and the original 7 founders as owners of ‘’.
@ Team
I am very honored by the Judge’s enthusiasm that I will be in a location only 100+ miles from him so he wants this opportunity to meet in person. I am all for it but I think I have an extremely tight schedule and also for now I must focus on the task at hand. As you can see from the following if I a succeed I can actually donate some serious money to the foundation:
“Hello Sajid,

My apologies for my delay in responding, I’ve been working on some scheduling issues. Our client for this project is Kraft Foods – and we’ve scheduled the Innovation Connection event for Tuesday, March 3rd in Chicago, IL. Kraft is interested in meeting with you and discussing the application of your patent to their needs, and I hope that you’ll be able to attend. We worked with the Kraft project team to define their needs, and then conducted in-depth global technology scouting. We reviewed almost 50 technologies/companies with the Kraft team, who scored these technologies, leading to a short list of approximately 10 technologies – spread over several different needs – from which we’re recruiting 6-8 of these companies to meet with Kraft on Tuesday, March 3, 2009 in Chicago, IL, USA. Your technology addresses one of their primary needs…”

 So you can see that I now have a direct connection (In America it is all about who you know and even more importantly who needs you/r ideas) with the leading technology user for one of my inventions and I must focus on this. I think my chances are 50:50 that this could be the big time for me, which means big time for our foundation.

I will be there one more day to meet with the former colleagues of the new US Education Secretary at the Chicago Board of Education. This is equally important for my wisdom education agenda as well as our foundation’s agenda.

However if any fellow knollers want to meet they are welcome to have dinner with me on the 3rd or/and 4th of March. I would not like to drag The Judge so many miles and if he wants to come I will be most honored and delighted. I would love to host his whole family.I will post my hotel add. if I have indications that some of us want to meet.

Also how about meetings in our own neighborhoods? Like in NYC there must be hundreds of knollers and we can have a mini convention. We don’t even have to rent a place. I have a huge backyard in the heart of the city behind my shop on East 59th Street.

Also I would like the team to look at my knol, ‘Self mastery theme parks’ (the knol is called ‘projected profile’). This is a trade mark for a franchise that I have from the US patent office. If you think this is a good idea I can donate this to the foundation, through the WuffyThrift Store.I can invite you all to be co-ownners of this venture. Please let me know.

2/15 Panos

Yesterday I had a great online chat with The Judge (we used gmail chat). We discussed some ideas about Knol Author Foundation and later on I wrote a Knol in this link  writing down some of my ideas. You are all welcome to comment.

2/15 AK@KVSS

Hello Narayana Rao
Here is a list of Knol-Authors from North-America.
And here is a list of Knol-Authors with a list of Knol-Authors from the US.
There are only four or two Authors. But we have to match, coordinate, harmonzie (what’s the right word?) our Knols. Here is al little chaos. For german Knol-Authors we have a good list.
It’s important to let it grow, to let the Authors decide, if they want to be in a list or not. If I saw a new german Knol-Author I make a comment in his new Knol. He or she can put a link of his/her new Knol into the German Link-List. There is a Knol-Portal with links to important Knols for german Knol-Authors.
This Author-Portals are in several languages: Knol-Author-Portals.

2/14 KVSS

I made some comments in the proboard topics regarding suggestions of Mr. Panos regarding objectives.
Can we take them as subobjectives within Content strategy, Funding research etc.

I initiated an orkut community Knol Authors and Visitors sometime back. Even though you may not be able to participate in many groups and forums I request you to please join this group immediately. My experience shows that suddenly we may get an idea that results in the fast growth of a community. The community address is
I am the only member at the moment.

2/14 AK@Judge

Knol vistors month of January almost doubled in one month. From 140,000 visitors to 232,000 visitors. Knol is growing nicely.
Maybe it’s depend only on the featuring on the home page. I had in January 4000 pageviews each week, in February I have less than 1600 pageviews. That’s my old status.

2/14 KVSS

In my visit to USA, I Visited Chicago and New York and of course New Jersey, where Sajid is there. Mr. Judge, what is your actual place?

Some US Knollers

  • Amy Markowitz, Editor and Scientific Writing Specialist, San Francisco, CA
  • Joseph Zekas, internet advertising, marketing , Wilmette, IL

I tried to search and find some knollers in Chicago. But search was difficult. If other members can search more easily, please give some more names from Chicago. May be the meeting between Judge and Sajid can be extended to knol writers in Chicago if more knol authors can be identified in Chicago. It will be good if a mini meeting of knol writers (say around 5 writers) is arranged in Chicago.

I extended my effort further in evening and made a knol for making a list of USA knol authors
Knol Authors – Knollers of USA

Please add some more names to the list. I added the names of Judge and Sajid Khan. Co-authors of Judge are to be added.

My latest knol
Human Resource Management – Introduction – A Revision Article,

I am writing a conference paper  discussing enhancing the relationship between human effort engineering (industrial engineering) and human resource management. In regard to it, I am reading the book on human resource management. Hence I can write some revision articles in the process and also write some more management concept knols. By the way I am now posting knols with four figure id numbers. Judge had done it long back. But his knols have a lot of stuff and good formatting.I have to first gather the stuff. Anyway, I  do not have that much energy now. I have to take some rest. Sometime back we advised Sajid to take rest. Now I have to follow the same advice and take some rest.


2/13 Judge

Knol vistors month of January almost doubled in one month. From 140,000 visitors to 232,000 visitors. Knol is growing nicely.

I was going to open the password protected forum section to other directors of foundation pages. Are there any objections from the founders?

I may finally meet my partner in our US foundation. Sajid will be on business in early March in Chicago, Il.
I live about 120 miles north of there. Otherwise we live about 900 miles apart.We will discuss our non-profit venture.

I will try to be in the G-mail chatroom at 8am CST in the US Sunday morning.

2/13 KVSS

My comment on the blog post

Why Has Knol Survived Google’s Orphan-Project Killing Spree?

I am actively writing blogs. On the blogger dash board I saw knol announcement and immediately posted my first knol. I am a faculty member, and whatever I wrote, was within a defined strategy. My first idea was that I shall create articles based on standard text books that facilitate revision of the material by working professionals. Now I added some more projects like management concept knols that give a very introduction to the concept, but indicate knols available on the topic and also research papers available on the topic. The collection of research papers will occur over a period of time with the development of a community of researchers. I am a part of 50 member research community. I have to motivate them to get involved. Similarly I started a project on concepts related to investment field. All these ideas to be executed by individuals will take time. Google knol is technical platform and content writers will emerge after some time. Why are you advocating closing of the platform? While many top institutions have provided internet writing platforms to their faculty members, still there are large number of institutions who have not provided such facilities. Many faculty members from such institutes will register with knol and provide content.

Please do not actively canvass for shutting down the platform. If google with its commitment to charity cannot support such a platform, who will? The platform will do good to the society.

2/13 SK

Every day I wake up and say to myself what new way can I describe my same old insights on wisdom and emotional intelligence. Yet each day I realize there is a fresh angle that has to cleaned and polished; where the old assumtions have to be cast aside and new horizions explored. I had approached Wikipedia with my wisdom insights telling them that I have taken wisdom out of the centuries old rut of philosophy and put it firmly in the realm of science. But they only wanted established knowledge; no persnal hypothesis and no speculative knowledge. Here at knol I have a fild day every day. So for me Knol is the hypothesis board of the internet, a blessing to be actualized.

2/13 KS

a nice example of cooperation by competition is our knol star voting structure .

2/13 KVSS

Have a look at it. Last edited in Oct 2008
Google Knol A Knowledge Management System (KMS) or an Encyclopedia

I think Kemper can explain the difference between animal competition and human competition and its distinction with conflict in Sociology.

2/13 KS

animals compete for food , knol authors compete for feedback .
you may think , authors compete for feedback given by the visitors , but in the long run visitors become authors (this we call social web and this is the aim of knol , which wikipedia cannot do) .
so it’s we who have to feed the good and to starve the bad .

2/13 KVSS

Wikipedia and Knol; Rivals or Partners?
There is a lot of buzz on the web that google created knol to wipe out Wikipedia. The goals of both are the same: to provide knowledge through the internet. Wikipedia’s goal is to spread established knowledge. Knol is looking to take this established knowledge into uncharted territory to expand the frontiers of knowledge.
The modern society is built on the theme of competition. It is competition that brings out excellence. Monopoly results in less consumption of an item by the society due to the self interest of the monopolist. The same self interest of a person results in public welfare in perfect competition. But the word competition is to be emphasized. It is not conflict. We all cooperate to make everybody survive within a system of distribution. Hindu philosophy says you cannot eat if somebody is around your house without food. Islam talks of charity from your income. The good Samaritan message of Christianity is very much known. But competition is to be encouraged.
Sajid correctly stated that the goal of knol and Wikipedia and many other wiki based platforms is same.
To create knowledge bases on internet servers. Wiki created a knowledge base by providing an opportunity to very large number of people to contribute small bits of information. But there are many other ways of creating knowledge bases and these knowledge bases will have certain unique features that Wikipedia knowledge does not have. Google knol came out with one alternative that gives initiative to authors to create knowledge bases within the area of their competence. Visitors can assess the competence of the primary author of a knol and then judge whether the article is worth reading or not. Search engine of knol also does a selection. Visitor quality rating also indicates the use of an article to new visitors.
Yes, knol and wikipedia are competing platforms. May the competition provide more useful knowledge base to the society.

2/12 Judge

I have begun adding thumbnail pictures on the main page of directors from other languages that are taking control of a knol.
We now have 11 languages with someone in charge of that page. The Foundation is stretching around the world.

2/12 KS

“knol can reach unique sources (=people) that other websites (like wikipedia) can’t”.  that’s right .
i too see three fields of  worldwide colaboration . but science, education and culture are only one field . the others are economy and policy . knol can reach these fields too .

difference between wikipedia and knol :
on wikipedia people work for things . on knol things work for people .

2/12 SK

Panos’ ideas are well polished and needed.
Wikipedia and Knol; Rivals or Partners?
There is a lot of buzz on the web that google created knol to wipe out Wikipedia. The goals of both is the same: to provide knowledge through the internet. Wikipedia’s goal is to spread established knowledge. Knol is looking to take this established knowledge into uncharted territory to expand the frontiers of knowledge. Though knols are not research papers in strict scientific terms, knols are hypothesizes with the potential of many turning into theories. While Wikipedia is the ‘theory board/platform’ of the internet; knol is the hypothesis board/platform of the internet. Both are essential and while the goals of Wikipedia are quite clear a clearer function is emerging for knol: to post new hypothesis in a collaborative manner and let the wheat rise to the top and the chaff eventually cast aside. The knol platform is clearly emerging into the research board of the web. If it is not then we will make it so.

2/12 Judge @ Lars Terjesen

Lars, thank you for contributing to the Norwegian Knol Foundation by re-translating the page. I welcome you as a member of our foundation.

2/12 Panos

@ Team
In this Link I just commented and put my ideas about the objectives of the foundation. I had some trouble expressing myself in english. I hope you will understand what I mean.

@ The Judge
thank you for the forwarding of my proposal.

2/12 Judge @ Team

I have taken out all links in the Chase Account Info below for security reasons. There are always hackers looking for a way in.
As SK said, we are inching along and that is good. I have received encouraging emails from several authors on what we are doing.

@SK – I will get in touch with you tomorrow.

I read your proposal for the future of knol. Very interesting. I think knol is much different than wikipedia, it is like comparing apples to oranges.
I commented to Michael McNally, Tech Lead on the knol project and gave him your knol address to look at. They listen and comment on our ideas ocasionally.
I have set up my knols with a main page and separate categories. You can access every page from my main page, similar to the knol book you describe in your proposal.
That is also a good idea to write about the history and culture of our country. What I have started is writing about the 1000 natural wonders of the world  partly for my own daily use. The pictures on each page are great for my daily meditations.
I select a different picture  daily and use it for my meditation.
I also think knol needs to be categorized into different fields as you have mentioned.

I commented on your page below. As things move along we can have our own writing contests.

2/12 Panos

@ Team

PROPOSAL:THE FUTURE OF KNOL  I spent some time creating a new Knol writing down all my personal notes about how Knol should evolve in the future. I would like you all to comment my ideas.

@ SK

I think that within the aims of the foundation is to use internet in order to promote worldwide colaboration in all fields of (1) science, (2) education (3) culture and one of our main goals is (4) to seek and promote ideas that can change the world and make it a better place. (I don’t know if my english grammar was very good here). I think it is crucial to make it clear that within the aims of the foundation is to promote culture. For instance French authors will contribute to promote the History and culture of France, Greek authors writing about the history and culture of Greece etc. I believe this will make our effort more trustworthy and more valuable inside the population of every separate country. All authors will feel that Knol Author Foundation is their own foundation and this will help us unite. Also, in this way we may find more easily support from national organizations. In every country they usually support cultular initiatives.

I would be very happy to join the thrift store, but I’m afraid I can’t. In Greece we have a very complicated and hostile tax system and it’s quite difficult to explain you why. To my mind the Greek tax system is the definition of beurocracy. Currently I’m a university student and I’m afraid that it will be very risky for me to officialy get involved with an international foundation. Keeping my tax involvements as simple as possible will make my life easier. As you say in US “Nothing is certain but death and taxes”. However I would love to contribute in your effort as a volunteer and help you make this foundation a success.

Lastly I would like to note that it is very dangerous to disclose details of your purchases online in Knols. There are many many thiefs, hackers, crackers etc. who would find some minor or unimportant details in order to hack you down. Please send this kind of information only in mails. Alternatively, The Judge created special topics in proboards forum and only founders or directors with special permission are able access. I’m afraid that even minor details like dates with specific amounts of dollars etc could be useful for bad people to do bad things.

2/11 SK @ Team

Team we are inching along! I just opened the account with Chase. I will put The Judge as an account holder. And give him the account # over the phone. And the user ID and password. Any adsense or other revenue can now be sent directly to the account. I have also opened a knol, Whuffy thrift store under the auspices of our foundation (Please read the knol to get its aim). I will invite all the founders and Panos to be joint owners of this thrift store. Right now I am having trouble inviting but we will work it out.
I am now preparing the next stage of the application. This is a good time to put all the aims of the foundation. If members want to add any specific aims please post them here. This is also the time for specific mission statements.

  Wednesday, February 11, 2009 

If your e-mail is incorrect or missing, please update it now.

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2/11 KVSS

I am quite excited reading the entries of Krishan Maggon and Peter Greenfinch in the knol “Knol Authors’ – Knollers’ Endeavor and  Excitement“. I request all knol authors to write their endeavor and excitement. This could energize all of us. We are a group of people who came together in search of a similar opportunity to express ourselves. We seem to be happy with what we have done so far and hence will continue to do it with more vigor and zeal.

Knol contests
I advocated knol contests for popularizing knol. One is currently taking place. Now around 160 entries are there. By the end of the contest will we get 1000 entries? How many page visits will come? We need to be aware of them, do some planning for them and take some actions to make the contest successful.

I wrote my initial ideas on knol contests in It is an open collaboration knol. I request you to add material to it or modify it to make it more relevant. We (Knol Author Foundation) also want to come out with a contest at some point in time.

Thank you for ideas and plans. As KS keeps reminding us it is only youngsters with energy who will achieve greater successes. If  only elders listen to them… is a constant message from KS.

2/10 Panos

@ Judge
I need to do more research to make my final proposal about where to build the forum-portal and why. I have some ideas better from proboard but I want to check some alternatives. This will take me some time. I’ll let you know.
@ KS
thanks for the wuffies …
I agree to make one step at a time and use proboard for a while. This will give us more time to build web2.0 designs and make our effort more attractive to blogers and internet authors. Unfortunately it’s never easy to persuade colleagues that are not already internet active. However in the academic community, all teachers and students, have notes and Knol can be used as a mini online “publishing company” for those notes.

2/10 KVSS

Recruiting members for the foundation is one thing. Recruting authors for knol platform is another thing. Of course if we recruit for the platform, they will become foundation members in due course. We have to believe in the network and try to increase. We have to pool our ideas. I keep doing it because I have colleagues in my institute and I want them to start writing on knol.  I even encourage my friends through my emails. I shall send one now. On Sunday I spent 2 hours with one person and made him open a page on knol. Today I sat with another and made him start a page. I am sure you are all doing it. But mentioning it here will motivate all of us to do little bit more.
  I came across an article in Harvard Business Review on Contribution of people to profit institutions. I want to bring it to your notice.
We need to think how to encourage visitors to our knols to contribute to improve them.

@ SK

Thank you for the phone call. I made the modifications. As the knol is open knol you can add some more quotations.

2/10 SK

My latest knol: How to know what is pure happiness.

2/10 KS

@ Judge
wow , 200 ws . that brings heaven to earth .
i think , we’ll soon need a simulation what to do with the pledges and how to get google on board .
to recruit more authors we must read what they are writing to find interesting points where we can enter into relations . that takes time but if we all do that, then by growing in number it works faster and faster .
backlinks : it’s only a demonstration what google can do . there must be a ranking , so they may show only the most importend five .

have you seen “david after dentist” on you tube . it has had 4 million hits in its first week and is the biggest success on you tube ever .
and the best : it is real life !

is this real life : whitetail deer attacks hunter ?

2/10 KVSS

Hope you are happy now.

But I am not happy when I saw now that only 375 knols are new knols – either new knols or modified knols in the last 24 hours. We need around 1000 new knols per day and another 1000 existing knols must be revised to improve them. There is a need to recruit more authors and we need to come out with some initiative. I enlisted around 25 authors so far.

Hope you are enjoying your outdoor activity.

A Wisdom coach with origins in the East.
Gandhi must have anticipated you.

Mahatma Gandhi – Wisdom from the East

All the best to your efforts to make everybody wise. Especially Americans.

2/9 Judge

@ Panos
I am very happy to have you on board. You have many good ideas. Listening to your suggestions, we now own several web addresses that may come in very useful in the future. As to a different board, which site would host it? It is something we could look into. The proboards we are now using could become ad free for a monthly fee. $7 US dollars per month for 50,000 page views. I look forward to any thoughts, ideas and help you can give to this foundation.

SK sent my wife beautiful earrings. I know they are worth 200 wuffy to us. Chris (my wife), said you were a thoughtful, caring person and I agree.

2/9 KS @ KVSS

i’m very sorrowful that we don’t listen to our young people .
if i would be the judge , i would be happy about such a helper .

2/9 AK

Digg it – sorry for the wrong thumbnail. It was a mistake and I wrote an e-mail to the support-team.

2/9 KVSS

Yesterday Sajid and I had a chat. Judge is on his outdoor activity. Next week we may try to have a group chat.

backlinks idea is good. By why only two sites came. Many other sites may also be giving back links to this knol.

Your idea on board forum could be useful. I think for some period of time we shall use the proboard started by Judge. As you, yourself said he had put in good effort for it. It is yet to take off in a meaningful way. We want to start number of pages on knol author foundation ownership. We are waiting some more clearances from IRS I think before we open a bank account etc. Then we move the forum to another location from which foundation can make some money through advertisements. Your suggestions and offer to help in this regard will be very useful to the foundation.

In the short term I think, we need to concentrate on increasing visitors to knol platform. This can be done by writing more knols, encouraging more authors to register with knol, revising existing knols, enriching others knols, marketing knols by emails, writing good things about knol in various blogs and some more things as ideas emerge. As author foundation we need to show some incremental performance from our activities to viewership of knol platform.

My new knol

Relative Stength – Technical Analysis
I opened my 900 series
I am now teaching the subject. So writing two or three concept knols per day is possible. All these concept knols are open collaboration knols. I look forward especially to research students to contribute to these knols and develop bibliography of research papers on these concepts.

2/8 SK & KS

2/8 KS @ Panos

pretty work . 5 *s.
i’ll give you 10 ws , and more when the work goes on . i would like to have it on this page here (done) .

i didn’t color your posting because i’ve seen that you can do it yourself .

2/7 KS

@ SK
i’m with Panos . banners are ballyhoo.
@ Panos
i fully agree . one of knol purposes must be to promote ideas that can change the world.
google has the power to make a world currency . so, why do we need the advertise pennies ?
i have to say much more . but i must stop now . cu .

2/7 SK @ Panos

I am not that technical. Lets let the team decide. I love you for what you are doing. But as far as banners are concerned there are people who are earning in the tens of thousands of dollars. One day we will get there too. And we will need this money because we will expand our foundation to all corners of the world.

2/7 Panos @ SK

1) To my knowledge  is already showing an advertising banner on top and we can’t get any money from it (!). So why this banner is needed? Proboards takes all the money and the banners are just annoying non-profitable elements. Please correct me if I have got the wrong impression. Also, I take it for granted that The Judge will have all executive privileges.  I have done this before and I know how many hours it takes and how boring it can be to build forum categories and subcategories from scratch. For this purpose I offered my help (if needed of course). I felt that The Judge would “kill” anyone who told him to make the same work again by himself :).  I made a new Knol here uploading my first design. Rate it if you like it or not. Give me some time, a week or so, in order to show you some of my final forum designs.
2) Now, on the other hand, building a new site in your own server is very risky if you are not a specialist in server sequrity and I’m not one. If you visit now the main website  you’ll see that it has been hacked. We are talking about the number one forum that builds and provides support for all phpBB forums! Therefore I think it would be more wise to build a forum on a free (= more secure) platform like proboads (but not proboards), a platform without annoying advertisements and try to make a more professional impression.
3) SK, I’m a biologist, I’m making research in molecular biology and  at the same time I’m studying medicine in University of Athens. Your ideas about wisdom and psychology makes me contemplate better and think “out of the box”. Your ideas can definitely be a basis for scientific research in the future. One of Knol purposes must be to promote ideas that can change the world.

2/7 Panos @ KVSS, The Judge, SK and other Directors and Knolers

I saw that The judge did a great work with the new forum creating many categories and subcategories. However I’d like to propose you something else. I am able to design a more professional phpBB forum with a more professional look. A new forum with main portal, user groups etc. without annoying advertising banners on the top and without having to pay any server fees (maybe it will cost me only 20-30 Euros per year). I’m willing to make some web design for this purpose (if you all agree with this of course). I know that The Judge must have spent hours and hours building the structure and if you agree with this plan I will provide The Judge administrative privileges and help him build the same structure from scratch. In this way we will try to build a more professional forum-portal that google will be proud of.

2/6 KS @ KVSS

happiness :
living in a good family , working in a good team .

2/6 KVSS

Thank you.
Thanks to your continued knols template, I am now writing on the subject that I am teaching. So, my writing every day is of help in my regular teaching.

I am happy that you are engaging Sajid in discussion. Today I started a knol on happiness. One of my colleagues showed me a magazine with the current month theme of “Hunting for Happiness.”

I came to know about happiness of the mind despite having pain in the body. A person about to die and suffering from severe pain can still be happy that he has done his duty and leaving the earth for an after life that will provide more happiness.


Congratulation for 50.000 page views! Keep on!

2/6 SK @ KS

You are taking my quantification to a better level. However there is some flaw. Feelings of omnipresence cannot be +2 (except in a philosophic way where everyone is one soul. Then you can say one is omnipresent. But we don’t want to confuse the issue here). Even omnipotence being +2 requires deep explaining! Which we may never be able to prove scientifically. The rest of it is an improvement and good. You are explaining the transfer from -1 to +1 beautifully. Keep up the good work.

I think in our knol family you are my best friend.

2/6 KS 

@ SK
to your question about limited co-authors i found this on “knol bugs and work around ( if it’s not obsolete by this time )
5.4 We can invite as many people as we like to join a Knol as co-owners or co-authors, but after the first ten the rest get rejected.
We intent on keeping the number of owners and coauthors small, but not giving sufficient notice at the time invites are issued is a design flaw. We will consider what we can do to support additional ownership options.

by reason of our discussions i did little changes in my refactoring of the “wisdom” translation .
 i hope, you can adapt it and will not axe it 😉
Every human starts with their brain being conditioned by the womb environment (this I have termed ‘womb-conditioning’). Assuming that the the womb life and the genes are healthy every child is born with a self image of being omnipotent and omnipresent (+2), even though it is totally helpless (-2) : a +2/-2 self image . If after birth life is again healthy then the child slowly forgets the feelings of omnipotence and weakness and starts to enjoy feelings of being the center of attention (+1) even though the child feels totally dependent on the elders (-1). Its +1/-1 self image gradually takes hold. Gradually feelings of being dependent (-1) now gradually give way to a trophy self image (+1) due to the parents implanting the thought in the brain that the child is the best.


Knol familly ?
yes, we are !

2/5 Panos

thank you all for your welcoming comments. I feel like belonging to a welcoming Knol familly!

@ SK. is even better solution. I think that netscape is good. I was thinking of (knol author foundation) but it was taken. I will be happy to help you with the html. You can contact me at panagiotispp AT (write @ instead of AT). We often write AT instead of @ in public, in order to protect our mails from automated mail fishing and spamming.

2/5 KS

@ Panos
congratulations you are starting with some tremendous input 🙂
i’m happy, we have a member with that kno(w)ledge . you shurely are a html expert . can you help me by making the colors ?
@ Prof
comments don’t have full knol functionality .
a more stringent solution : everything is a knol .
so there will be a special knol browser .
(here are some roots)
a first step : on the bottom of each page there are listed all return links (back links, referrers) to this page
(see this page) .

2/5 KVSS

Welcome Panos and thank you for the suggestions.

@SK great that you acted very quickly.

I hope many of you noticed that ad sense ads are appearing below the article at the bottom of the knol from today.

2/4 SK @ Panos

Welcome. I have registered It is with netscape it comes with 1000 email addresses. It is a good idea to shorten the url. I just registered Congratulations you are starting with some tremendous input. All the founders and country/language directers can post their own email preference here. I will register

2/4 Panos

Hi! My name is Panagiotis Peteinatos (you can call me Panos) and I took over the Greek Knol site. I’m very fascinated with the work you are doing here. I started a new Knol here inviting authors to contribute with their ideas in Greek language. For start I want to share with you some ideas:
1) I would propose you to buy the domain .org and not .com. To my knowledge .org is more suitable for non-profit organizations and .com is more suitable for companies.
2) Please think about shortening the url instead of to It is common practice for web designers to shorten the urls. This makes mailing accounts more practical. A mail like is more short and simple. Imagine instead a mail like It’s a dilemma that we have to discuss.
3) Please be careful about where you are buying the domain from. I’ve worked as a web designer for a while and I know (from bad experience) that you will need to create sub domains like,, etc. and maybe target them to several different host servers around the globe. I know that registering with you can manage your domain name server (DNS) records, set your email, FTP, sub-directories, web site location, and more with a Domain Control Center. Some other domain registers don’t provide this kind of support and this will be a problem.

Looking forward to reading your opinions!
Athens, Greece

2/4 KVSS

Nice Idea. I vote along with KS.
All the best for your outdoor camp.

Please see the founder’s area discussion topic on membership process in Knol Author Foundation Forum and Chatroom.
You are not posting your ideas in Knol Author Foundation Forum and Chatroom founder’s area. That is a good provision to discuss complicated issues.

@Jesus Martin Calvo
All the best for your examination preparation.
I saw some blogs having the ability to copy anything posted in my blog immediately on my posting it. May be we can use that technology to build an archive of the bulletin board. Anything posted in the bulletin board gets copied to an archive immediately. But it not an open collaboration. Other thing is to use comment feature. That will reduce instability to a large extent. Let us think and find some solution.

2/3 KS

nice idea . who knows, what is coming .

2/3 Judge

I just bought the domain name I didn’t want someone else buying it up on us. This could be used for us in the future.

2/3 KS

PG has a very interesting idea .
he wrote : “I think also that open collaboration, however useful, might make this page (knol author foundation) highly instable . Maybe instead we could set up “mirror knol”, based on open collaboration, to work together on adaptations.”
this bulletin board has 824 (no, 825, no, ..) versions . imagine now, there were only two versions of each knol , an open (public) one and a closed (private) one . there is a button by which the open version can be made the closed version and vice versa . and that’s all you need . really .
(and yes , a “compare checked” button)

2/3 KVSS

Great. For the present only online whuffy accounts. Only when we organize a knol authors conference physical Whuffy awards paper certificates and tangible things will be exchanged. May be our foundation can become the central bank and finance the whole awards.

But it is nice that you and Sajid came forward with voluntary initiatives and set the ball rolling. I may have some credit given by you but not really in a position to create something on my own. Let us see! You saw my plan July 2009 onwards. 500,000 page views per month is the target. That should give some ability. But may be, Company of central banks may convert me also into a central bank.

See the proboard forum. I made some suggestions regarding opening knol author foundation pages. If we open them we can write our super knols in those pages. All such pages will become more popular when they are on foundation name. I still think you should see The Power of Postive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale and develop one on Becoming a Wise Man by Using the Sayings from Bible, Quran and other Scriptures.

2/3 KS @ Prof

whuffy central banks
yes, we are . my capacity actually is 1000 € .
i think, we will pay the money as soon as we can unify what to do with the money .
btw. i made a triple-entry for MM (whuffy, journal, pledges) .
it’s only a template , you may change it .
so you are a central bank too , are you ?

2/2 Judge

We have a new owner of the Greek foundation page . Welcome Panos;

2/2 SK @ Prof.

Please open a new knol for the list of super knols that have the foundations seal of approval. Each member can propose their own knols in the list, we can list them by category. Each knol in the list must have two approval *s. And any knol can be taken off that gets two xs. I am proposing the following knols by me in the super knol list:
1) Wisdom
2) The code of life
3) The key to wisdom
4) How to live your life
5) How to become a better writer and encourage children to take up creative writing
6) President Obama must re-establish the original purpose of Philosophy: to give us wisdom and help us  achieve happiness
7) What is eternal time?

2/2 Judge

An author in the Hindi language just re-translated our page to the proper Hindi. Thank you Minoo Bahagia
I will look into setting up a link to an off-site page with a search engine for knols and blogs next week.
KVSS – You are correct in saying we are throwing out ideas for the Knol Team to look at and decide if that would be something they may want to look into. I have communicated with a Greek teacher ay a university that just discovered knol. His students will be using knol as a tool with their studies. That is on of your aim also. I will send you his email address.
MM – I figured your reason below was why javascript wouldn’t work when I tried it.
AK – I had an idea. I think we should have knolympics on the main foundation pages. We are all authors and having a writing competition is one of our Foundations aims. Would you be agreeable to this? I noticed on one of your pages someone had suggested we have a voting poll box for this. That would involve javascript, which the knol pages don’t support. We could set up a link to an off-site page that could be set up with a voting poll box. Think that may be an idea we should look into?
As a side note. We have had the main foundation pages re-translated from google translator in nine different languages by authors fluent in the language. Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Telugu, Hindi, Greek, Russian and Italian. They all have a director, except the Hindi language.


Thank you for your post.
When you take decisions you are supported by persons with knowledge and adequate facts, information and relevant research and consultant advice. I keep on suggesting what comes to my mind as I keep thinking about how to promote the platform and knols.
We are trying through this bulletin board to filter out ideas. So that only ideas which are supported by more authors and visitors are presented to you.
Matt Cutts in his blog said knol team did not sit quiet and they responded to suggestions by the various members of the knol community. I hope from this statement, there is appreciation of your team. I also appreciate it. You made communication channels and responded to the suggestions and implemented what you thought were interesting and useful to the platform. I think the community also deservers appreciation that they showed enthusiasm in using the platform and came out with ideas worth implementing.
We will keep coming to you with suggestions till knol becomes a big success and we divert our attention from promoting the platform to promoting our articles and supporting new knollers.
A big Whuffy appreciation from me to you. You really made things pleasant for me.
Whuffy: Wow! I am happy with your act. When we conduct a knoller conference, we will make Knol Whuffy awards (Courtesy Kalle Schwarz and Sajid Khan – two whuffy central banks).

My New Knol
Future of Journalists, Authors and Writers in Digital Economy

2/1 MM

Sorry for the delay. We can answer many technical questions quickly, but policy questions take longer.

Javascript will get scrubbed from knols. Allowing untrusted javascript opens security risks. (For an explanation, search for XSS, for starters). The javascript that searches and blends Knol + Blogs would have to run off a different site.

2/1 KS

@ Prof
what do you mean with “proboard forum” ? if it’s not a normal knol page then i think i don’t need it .
we should do things as simple as possible .
@ AK
looked for your adsense posting, but didn’t find it . seems disappeared .
my opinion is : it’s okay if someone is using adsense, but i’m not a fan of ballyhoo .
in the long run advertise is not a solid basis .

2/1  Judge @ Team

I tried the Google Custom Search. It is javascript and does not seem to work correctly in the knol page. Once it is loaded, the search will work once and disappear. I will work with it a little more. Maybe someone else can give it a try.
We have three Greek authors, and one of them will be taking over the Greek page. We now have nine languages under the control of an author in those languages.
I have word out to a few authors in other languages yet. We may sign on a few more. I will get a master list set up soon.
The [inurl] search MM talks about below narrows down the search nicely.

KVSS and I had a good chat this morning and discussed several things pertaining to the foundation. We will try for a weekly chat.

2/1 SK @ MM (KH)

Could you please find out why my 7 knols were axed from the Dummies competition? I planned to write 50 for the competition. Please read my knol, ‘How to live your life’ and let me know what is wrong with it. I took a line from the Bible and decoded it in my own unique way. I need your feed back to improve my knols.

2/1 MM, writing as KH

We have reviewed this page, the Feature Request page, and various Knol Help pages, and added a number of feature requests and  bug reports to our queue. Here are some responses to specific items on this page.
  • Site-wide stats. This is not something Google generally reports, but we can consider whether it is useful and appropriate for Knol.
  • For “Search with results”, we do not have that feature as such. But you can search within an author’s knols in a few ways:
    1. Use a query such as: [ inurl:the-judge spawn ] It finds pages with “the-judge” in the URL, and “spawn” in the contents. This might be adequate for some uses. (It’s useless for authors whose names don’t use the ASCII character set.)
    2. Go an author’s page, then from there click on Search Toolkit. There will be an option “Search only documents by the author(s) of <author’s name>” Select that option, click Search, then bookmark the results. You can then revisit that bookmark, to search within that author’s pages just enter a query. So, for example, to search in Andreas Kemper’s knols, click here and enter a query.

      We could make this easier, though.

  • Simultaneous search of (knol + blogs) is not something we are likely to add — unless we someday decide that knols are in fact a form of blog. Note that any engineer could easily create a simple version of such a search using the Google Custom Search API , or just do it from scratch as an Ajax / mashup application.

2/1 AK

High Sideimpressions: the weekly viewership of my knols has also gone up to 4000 and my impressions of the last three days are more than the double of the average in January. That’s a surprise, because the Google-campaign for Knol is an american-english campaign, but more than 90% of my Knols are in german language. What’s your experience of the last three days?
My disagreement:
“8. We as knol authors and foundation members will not click on any advertisment on knol.” I didn’t found the discussion. My opion: if an advertisment made me really curios I will click on it.
Sorry, unforseen I had to work, so I can’t use the chat. Kalle Schwarz told me, he don’t like to chat especially when the chat isn’t in the native language it’s difficult to follow.

The winner of the Knolympics January 2009:

  Gold: The Attraction Theory of Gravity and other Forces by Wincent Vilmot
Congratulation: Mr. Vilmot gets 22.005 Knol Translation Points

   Silver: Democratic Globalization by Peter Greenfinch
Congratulation: Mr. Greenfinch gets 5.348 Knol Translation Points

   Silver: Knol Translation Points by Andreas Kemper
Congratulation: Mr. Kemper (thats me ;-)) gets 5.698 Knol Translation Points

2/1 KVSS

The forum chatroom did not function. Judge and I had a chat on google chat. This is my first chat with Judge. Sajid and Peter GreenFinch had tried to be in the chat. But due to the problem they could not join. We exchanged some personal background. Agreed to make efforts to initiate regular contact among foundation board and with knol admin. The guidelines/commitment of members, that I proposed were already posted by Judge on his profile. Kemper voiced disagreement on one of the points regarding adsense. We need to discuss the points in the proboard foundation board topic. I request KS, Sajid and Greenfinch to give their opinion.

Jesus Martin is busy with examinations. We wish him all the best with his examinations. He informed me.

Please register with proboard forum.
january (1/15 – 1/31) is not yet published. I could not access it. (published)

2/1 Judge

Hope to see everyone in chat in about 1 hr. I am going to engage in my daily meditation now.
We have not heard from knol admin on this board in some time. I hope they are reading our posts.
KVSS You have very good ideas.

2/1 KVSS

5,000,000 page views in year. 5 million, right. 

The stamp of approval is very nice. We can use it for various purposes.

Today I am happy to see that weekly viewership of my knols has gone up to 4000. Of course Judge’s weekly viewership is above 10,000. I am not really free to concentrate and write knols and my health is not also good at the moment. I shall have more focus from July 2009 and I am thinking I can plan for 1000 knols each having 5000 page views in the year. That will give 5,000,000 page views in year. 5 million, right. I think it is possible. 100,000 page views in a week.

Many other knollers will achieve similar targets and knol platform will move away from the worries of the survival of the platform in 2009-10.

I think knol admin should release knol page view and other statistics for the entire platform on daily basis or weekly basis. Some of the statistics can be:

Daily page views
Cumulative page views
Daily authors registered
Cumulative number of authors registered
Daily knols created
Cumulative number of knols created
Average page views per week for a knol badge quality knol
Average page views per week for a five star quality knol
Average page views per week for a four star quality knol
Average page views per week for a three star quality knol
Average page views per week for a two star quality knol
Average page views per week for a one star quality knol
Average page views per week for an unstarred knol
Average page views for an author
Average page views for an active author

Such a score card can give excitement, information and enables planning by knol writers.

One more of my suggestion is that blog search engine of google should search knol also along with blogs. Blogs are user generated content and knols are also user generated content on a different platform. Hence it makes sense for blog search engine to search knols also.

Knol search needs to have search within results facility. Lack of that simple feature is making things difficult for people to access our knols. If I know judge as an author, I should be able to say judge in the knol search engine and then find all the knols that judge wrote and then give some words in the knol I want in “search within the results?” and I should be able to reach the knol. Then we can explain our acquaintances how to reach our specific knol very easily. What is your view on this search feature?

2/1 KS

kalle proudly present : here you can clearly see that the judge is an eight point.
@ Judge
nice html code 🙂
can you find someone , who is hosting the february board and doing the html work ?
perhaps we may spend him some whuffy . i’ll give 20 ws .

2/1 Judge @ Team

What about something like this for an approval stamp? I changed the html code so the link to the foundation is built into the image. Clicking on the image will send you to our foundation page.
Here is the code:
<TD style=”TEXT-ALIGN: center”><A style=”MARGIN-LEFT: auto; MARGIN-RIGHT: auto” href=””><IMG src= border=0></A></TD>


Please post the agenda in foundation forum. I request you to include the member guidelines that I proposed also into the agenda for discussion. Removal of your knols from dummies contest also has to be on the agenda.

2/1 SK @ Team: Agenda for discussion:

1) Expanding the template for different countries home page? I would like to suggest that on the American home page we can post facts why America is America, what is special that other countries can follow. Each country can put their assets and insights for others to follow.
2) Should we create our own standards and stamp with our corporation seal for must read quality knols?

.< board 2009


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