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02/28 AK@Team

Peter Baskerville invites the Knol Author Foundation to discuss the very important Knol “Knol Collection” by Michael McNally and Knol Help.

02/28 SK Dear Panos:

I am trying to post a knol, ‘Dear Panos’ inspired entirely by you, but I cannot get through:

Dear Panos:

I am almost 60 years old. I am part of the present of knol but soon I will be the past. You are the present and will remain the future for a long time to come. My hopes are with knollers like you who are not only well prepared but have all the right questions to take knol forward. I am just hoping that it is individuals like you who will pick up the few eternal insights that I have created and expand them for the benefit of all mankind.

Interestingly there is an article in the NY Times today, ‘A land of nonbelievers, which is not to say atheists’ by  Peter Steinfels it describes the findings of Phil Zuckerman who spent 14 months talking to Danes and Swedes about religion. He describes how Danes and Swedes are the least religious nations in the world. He also states that it is also well known that these states rank first in various rankings when it comes to issues like life expectancy, child welfare, literacy, schooling, economic equality, standard of living and competitiveness.

He goes on to say that this is contrary to the belief of many Americans that societies that have little religion would be, in Mr. Zuckerman’s words, “rampant with immorality, full of evil and teeming with depravity.” What Mr. Zuckerman says in his book, ‘Society without God’ will surprise many people asserts Peter. These findings even surprised Mr. Zuckerman himself.

Mr. Zuckerman’s findings prove what I have been saying all along. The ideal aim of religion and science is/must be the same to make every individual actualize the humanness potential within every person. You don’t need Gd to actualize the goodness in you. You need a good healthy upbringing. I bet if someone researches the upbringing ways of these two states they will find that the superior education of these great people is the reason that they are good nurturing parents that help sprout the wisdom tree in their fetuses’ and children’s brains.

The Scandinavians think less about the meaning of their life and live their life more; a sure sign of wisdom.

Also  I have said that moral valves need not come from religious beliefs and they can be based on pure science; do selfless good because it is the +2, super mature thing to do. Do not commit murder because it is the -2, premature thing to do.

Even the bible tells us to actualize the Christ/the true goodness in us.The Swedes and the Danes take the path of emotional intelligence education by way of a healthy upbringing; to actualize the goodness in their future generations and so they end up wiser in spite of less religion. We can do the same around the world or can we?

SK @ MM (KH)

My knol ‘Wisdom is a tree’ is now posted. But what is this following stuff? I checked my comment is still there.

Write New Comment

Sorry! This knol’s owner(s) have blocked you from editing, making suggestions, or commenting here.

Will you please consider promoting a couple of my knols?

I wrote the following knol, ‘Wisdom is a tree’. But it did not register. I believe that I have something original and new that I am offering here. I think that the time for passive backing from your team must come to an end and the time for active backing has come. You must find ways to promote urgently needed new knowledge. Otherwise what is the point of our writing? Also what is this about when messages are addressed to you, you answer some and ignore others. I am willing to commit my time and even my money. (I plan to visit as many countries as possible and go to their national media outlets and universities to try to convince them to translate the knowledge of our English knols into their own languages and show them the connection between right knowledge and prosperity etc.)
I am of the opinion that one must be fully trained to play the game of life to the best of one’s fully developed potential. While the world is focused on researching and refining ways of how to develop one’s regular intelligence potential one’s other equally important emotional intelligence potential is more or less neglected. And as result most people live their lives struggling with a partially developed emotional intelligence potential. By the time experience grinds down this gap in potential they are ready to retire having missed out on playing the game of life as it is supposed to be played in full prime of life.

Most people are unaware that the means to a maximum ability to play the game of life lies in getting the right knowledge to develop one’s brain to the super mature level. And main stream science/education does not help either. Recently there was an article in the NY Times about some scientist having proved in one more way that relaxation helps the brain become more physically healthy. This is a more or less well established fact, yet the scientist says, “Relaxation may help …” Just imagine this well established fact yet the scientist states it with a ‘may’. Unfortunately it is not his mistake it is the culture of science that once some new insight emerges then instead of taking advantage of it the scientist asks the next question, ‘What next?’. It is like expanding the horizon and instead of cultivating the newly discovered field the gaze shifts to the new horizon. It is a perpetual quest to expand the horizons of science for its own sake.

There is a treasure trove of knowledge right under our chin which we can use to develop the science of emotional intelligence, which at the super mature mind/brain level is the science of wisdom, even the science of universal common sense (though many a times group common sense can be prejudiced and so we can say ‘the science of universal common sense’).

Man since ancient times did figure out that wisdom is the key to man’s emancipation and a good virtuous life. However man tried to define and figure out wisdom and as we did not succeed we decided to list all the attributes of wisdom. So the quest became, ‘How to teach the attributes of wisdom’. Now the very nature of wisdom is such that wisdom can be described as a tree where its attributes are the fruit of the wisdom tree. No wonder it is so very difficult and almost impossible to cultivate the attributes of wisdom like selflessness and humbleness; because it is the same as trying to grow my favorite fruit the mango with out growing the mango tree. No wonder main stream education gave up trying to teach wisdom.

Also just like life needs oxygen wisdom needs a nurturing environment to grow into a wisdom tree and sprout out automatically all its attributes of selfless love and grace etc. So the wisdom tree needs to get its roots nurtured from the womb onwards.

As some parents will always be inadequate to provide this nurturing environment and will only sprout the tree of ignorance we can develop ways to detect the absence of the wisdom tree and take steps to develop pre-K to 12 and beyond wisdom education. Which means making the brain squeaky clean; by removing of all traces of the tree of ignorance. Absence of the ignorance tree is the oxygen for the wisdom tree to sprout automatically.
Wisdom is a tree. The attributes of wisdom are its fruit. As man knows the attributes of wisdom man tries to teach these attributes. It is very difficult and frustrating to cultivate these attributes because it is the same as trying to produce bananas without the banana tree. Cultivate the tree and the bananas will emerge automatically.

2/28 KVSS 7.15 PM Indian Standard Time

I just saw our founder Peter Greenfinch’s site on Behavioral Finance.
See the visitors statistics

Start date: 9/30/2003
Total pageviews: 1,893,495
Total visits: 616,705
Total unique visitors: 522,044
Pageviews today: 508
Visits today: 162
Visitors today: 158
Busiest day: 10/22/2007 (2,585)
Busiest week: Week 48 2007 (13,979)
Busiest month: 4/2008 (54,716)

This shows the potential of our knol author community. It takes time to develop the material in a new platform unless people are copying and pasting it. Knol does not encourage and our foundation does not encourage it. There has to be creativity and value addition in the information that we are providing to knol visitors. Also, the author’s special knowledge of the subject has to be embedded into it. We have to be patient and have to do our job. The knol admin has to be patient.

But I keep on repeating. Knol authors have to do marketing of their knols. Knol admin also has to come out with news regarding marketing plans and achievements periodically and share them with knol community. One such news is that 100,000 knols were written. Probably I did not see this annoucement by knol admin in knol system. This is a sort of news that should be made known to the knol community through knol system. No doubt we want it to be publshed in various other channels and get the maximum publicity. But our own system needs to be informed frequently and energized.

2/28 KVSS


My own life’s mission is very simple:
Helping individuals, groups and countries to actualize their full potential.

It is our fortune that you joined us. Knol played its part in it.
It is nice that you said we have to start somewhere. As I look around many of the great organizations and great movements including religions are one man movements to start with. Some of the them will reach great heights and some will stop in their track very early. But we have to try and move ahead.
I agree with you. We do not have enough people with us to do many things at the moment. But as you yourself said we will get people and form enough sub groups to take various objectives forward. People can freely expresses their ideas and wishes. They will find a supporter for their idea in due course of time and a sub group will be formed. SK wants to initiate some business venture. I keep telling him yes, you will find some people with business orientation to collaborate with you and take your idea forward. I am slowly taking the idea of co-authors forward. Various subjects that I am attempting need co-authors from various disciplines and regions. I may get them over a period of time.
We all believe in people like you, Kemper and more. I keep repeating Kalle’s statement. If only we listen to youngesters! We believe positively in you and us.

2/28 SK @ MM

‘Google-Knol wants to promote Knolympics from the beginning of March 2009′. This is exciting and this is how it should be. It is a partnership between your team and our team. And when you see some knol that needs to be promoted then you must do your part. I do not know if Wikipedia is available in other languages or not but we at Knol can start building up a knol encyclopedia in as many languages as possible. The best way to remove poverty and hatred is to provide effective knowledge that is already present in English in all native languages all over the globe.

As you are aware we have been trying to frame our mission statement. It can also be your mission statement something like the following:

Bringing universal wisdom to every corner of the world in the native tongues.

Helping individuals, groups and countries to actualize their full potential.

We are committed to taking knol to the next level as well as bring knol knowledge to every corner of the globe in local languages; and we want you to help us promote more knols just like you have decided to promote the very deserving knol ‘Knolympics’.

My own life’s mission is very simple: Helping individuals, groups and countries to actualize their full potential. I would like to request you to consider promoting the following knols by me:
‘Wisdom’, ‘Economic Crisis’, ‘How to live your life’, ‘What is Eternal Time’ etc.

@ Panos
“Even in the case of the Chicago meeting I don’t understand how it is going to be organized and who is in charge for what task”. Right here in America there are just two full time team members so working teams with specific well defined tasks is not possible and will have to wait; also a good working group will take time. But we have to start somewhere. So the Chicago meeting is a chance for the two of the original founders to meet to discuss strategies. And we would love to have as many knollers as possible attend.

2/27 KVSS

Dr. Minoo Bhagia posted a nice piece on
Knol Authors’ – Knollers’ Endeavor and Excitement
We need to recognize and feel happy about addition of authors committed to knol.

2/26 Judge @ All Authors

The meeting in Chicago will be on the 4th of March, at 2 pm at the Holiday Inn, 5615 N. Cumberland Road. The number is 773-693-5800 or 1 877 863 4780. Hope to see you there.

2/26 MM

Sorry, we will not be sending a representative to your Chicago meeting.

We had a service outage today, and we are working to fix a problem with text disappearing after some edit operations. We will work to fix critical issues like these ASAP. To facilitate us getting fast feedback on critical errors, I am open to having some of the most active knol authors contact the team by instant messaging. (If any of the knol engineering team reaches out to you, please do not share the individual’s contact addresses with others.) The general means for contacting us will remain replying to Knol Help. Other accounts (like my own email) are checked far less often.

2/26 Panos @ Team

Considering the creation of a Journal many things need to be considered. Firstly, it’s virtually impossible to do a “quality check process” for scientific or even philosophic articles. Can anybody imagine what kind of a document should not be approved? Who will decide for that? A sign of approval means that the foundation takes responsibility for the final document. Do we have any respectful mechanisms to do this kind of verification? A sign of approval can be a potential danger in many ways and this is the reason most respective online newspapers of organizations or universities declare that “All opinions on this page belong to the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the organization“. This is a clever defense mechanism and if we need a sign, this is a sign of “not necessarily approval”. My opinion is that in every article we can embed the logo of the journal or the logo of the foundation but not a sign of approval.

One of our dreams is to organize online Books, Journals or encyclopedias. We all agree in this although it is not an easy task to accomplish. Since now I can’t see any any practical organizing plan at all within the foundation. Even in the case of the Chicago meeting I don’t understand how it is going to be organized and who is in charge for what task. It is very difficult to have a success if many responsibilities are assigned to only one person. For every objective there is a need for a specific plan with a time line and a working team with members assigned to different specific tasks. Every simple task needs a good working group and a reasonable plan. Right now, the foundation just began and doesn’t even have active members in many scientific fields and interests. Under those circumstances it would be an easy way to begin with a journal in the vague field philosophy writing freely about all kind of philosophical aspects. I feel that this decision is very risky. All new foundations are getting severe criticism in their beginning. Unfortunately that’s a rule. When people start reading articles associated with Knol Author Foundation they will be skeptical and try to find any kind of “suspicious” material about this new effort. Philosophy is a dangerous field because it’s the easiest way to erase criticism and create enemies. At this time Knol Author Foundation needs friends, and in fact it needs all Knol authors as friends. I believe that in the beginning we must avoid any kind of official philosophical discussions and restrict our efforts to the official embarrassment in scientific or educational Knols. This is exactly the reason why Google Knol main page is promoting mainly articles about science, medicine and general knowledge. In the beginning we need to promote similar subjects that nobody will have anything to say against. Later on we can create working groups in every possible field.

2/26 Judge @ Team

Skakos posted on in the forum. This is a good idea.


The Foundation could play the role of “paper publishing” on the Internet. Many newspapers are online now, why not scientific (and when I say “scientific” I do not refer to exact sciences only but to philosophy, literature, law and other similar sectors as well) papers online? We could organize a system of “Approval” (in terms of quality check: existence of bibliography if applicable, content, format etc) of Knols before they are published. If a Knol passes the “quality check process”, then it will have a stamp “Quality Checked” on it. However an author will be able to publish his/her Knol without passing through that quality check process.

We could use the stamp I created. or create a new one.

What does the team think?


I didn’t get a confirmation from MM about the Chicago meeting, or a web cam chat yet. I have contacted several authors. But the late notice, and it being midweek has kept many from attending. We may get them on a google chat with us.


2/25 KVSS@AK

It is good that knolympics will be taken up by knol admin. They have now a process in place to determine quality and number of views. They can automatically generate top knols of the month.

Chicago Meet
What is the latest news.

Knol Authors’ – Knollers’ Endeavor and Excitement
Mr. Peter Baskerville wrote a nice piece in it.
I am looking for the stories of Judge and Kemper. Your entry can inspire more authors.

2/24 AK @ Team

Matt Ghering told me that Google-Knol wants to promote Knolympics from the beginning of march 2009. Until march I set Knolympics into the moderate mode.

2/24 KS @ MM

yes, i’m a little bit confused but nevertheless, it’s an excellent first step . thanks .

what if we not distinguish between knol and categoy (everything is a knol) ?
each categorie may also have a list of knols that authors and readers have labeled it as belonging to .
so you can make a knol belonging to another knol (you can knit knols together to a knot) .
so, all i have to do is to write or to read knols and mount them into a big tree ( also on various places)
my tree (parts of my tree) can be part of another tree (and vice versa) .
and so i can do with each knot of the tree (that means the knots are knols too) .
so, if i click on my profile, there is a tree with all my knols and comments and listings …, structured as i want to have it .
(instead of directories) .
so, there is a big tree with many trees in it . the root (or the main branches) i find on the knol start page .
(vision statement)

2/24 MM @ KS

Glad you like the Category Browser. It isn’t part of Google culture to given individual engineers credit for individual features. But, I can mention that the Category Browser started as one of our 20% projects, where a volunteer from outside of the Knol Team stepped up, proposed, and implemented much of the feature — with some follow-up from others on the team.

How can I make subcategories?

You cannot. Just label a knol with several meaningful categories, and it will be findable under some or all of them.

Not a satisfying answer? Well, here is another explanation of what is happening. Each knol has a list of categories that authors and readers have labeled it as belonging to. All categories are created equal but some are more popular than others, there are no subcategories. So at this particular instant (2/24/2009), a knol on “Color Blindness Tests” may be found under Entertainment > Vision Care. Or you can find it by at Vision Care > Entertainment, if you start with the query: incategory:”vision care”. More popular categories are more likely to be discovered as “parents” and less popular categories are more likely to be found as “children” in the tree view, but their is no actual parent-child or superior-subordinate relationship between them. The Category Browser is a hierarchical interface into a non-hierarchical data set.

2/24 KS

most simple logo

logo logo


@ MM
i’m really fascinated by the category browser . it is the beginning of a an utter new knol browser 🙂
can you tell me which of you guys had made it, so i can give him 100 w(uffy) ?
how can i make sub-categories and how can i go back in the tree ?

2/24 KVSS

I have a happy news to share. My weekly views have gone up to 6579. So now I can look forward to 7500. That will be more than my blog page views. May be Judge’s page view crossed 2,00,000. Let me see. It is now 1,96,359. Next week the number will cross 2,00,000. We will celebrate. It will be good that it is happening before the Chicago meet. We are able to put our star author in front.

2/24 KVSS

I saw the modifications indicated by MM already and wrote a comment also.
I liked them. There is now a bulletin board to greet and meet.

I request all of you to visit and write your greetings first.
The mission statement discussion is progressing well. The new consensus can be transferred to the new knol on mission and any further discussion can be posted there. Let us evolve a mission statement about which many are proud of and will put efforts to realize it. The precision and meaning of words is important. Once the basic theme is agreed, we can examine the implication of each word. As Panos gave the example of attorney’s language, may be an attorney among us will polish the language and an English expert will also polish the language. But we are in right direction. If we are in the right direction we will reach the destination slowly if there is some inefficiency and also any deviation is more easy to correct.
What is the latest status on Chicago meeting. It will be good if some of our team members locate some more Chicago/Illionois knollers and post their names here. Even knol authors from neighboring states can be located and informed.

I am continuing developing my statewide list of knollers and knols regarding the states of USA. I started a similar effort for India also. I find many Indians had written knols. But then they stopped. We need to create good news about knol. They will return. We need to come out with exciting goals. Quantitative numbers that excite people.

Please write some good things that are exciting you.
Good things happening in knol.
Knol Authors’ – Knollers’ Endeavor and Excitement

Your views about good things can be communicated to many through various means. Sajid had written about blogs and chat rooms. We need to give some press releases. But we need news first. Chicago meeting can be the first event about which can release advance press release and then after the meeting one more press release.

Mission statement can be an issue of discussion for some time at Chicago meet. We need to understand the wishes and desires of new contacts at Chicago meet. We should not give our side only always. Collective effort needs to be reflect the aspirations of many rather than that of one or two persons.

A leader of a team has to be first among equals and not one above everybody else. In democracy reflecting the desires of people is more important than coming out with ideas and imposing them on people. In many democracies, this representing people idea is in short supply.

2/24 MM

We just made a reorganization of some of the help content. See the “Learn More” tab on the home page.

I am retiring Julian’s “Feature Requests” page, and the old “Bugs and Workarounds” page. Instead, people will make bug reports more-or-less anywhere on Knol Help pages. We will (eventually) add the ability to sort comments by votes, and to move comments between knols, so that if a question is asked in the wrong place, an author can relocate it to a more appropriate page to answer the question.

Regarding: “We must bring the depth and knowledge available in English to the rest of the languages of the world. To do this we will need a letter to be posted on various web sites of different nations.”

We are very interested in the use of Knol to provide useful knowledge into additional languages, especially those languages which, as you are saying, lack much online content. Sharing knowledge into more languages is a very worthwhile and important objective. If this is something your group is interested in, wonderful. You’ll need more membership, more expertise, more professionalism. Some recent steps look positive. Examine yourselves – what do you need to do or change to grow, to be taken seriously, to build momentum? And the same questions apply to the Knol platform.

We need help from users in:
– translating Knol Help pages
– translating the knol user interface into as many languages as possible – using the Google in Your Language tool.
– finding responsible and non-commercially motivated persons to help keep knol pages clean in languages for which we have no Google admins.
Translators need to be technically adept native speakers of the target language. Quality is essential.


2/24 AK @ SK

You’re right. But maybe there’s a lot of research and knowledge in mandarin language (for instance chinese medicine) we don’t know in the western world.

2/23 SK @ Panos

use internet to bridge the gap of knowledge in very corner of the globe including countries in the 1st world”. You made the statement even better. I think ‘close’ the gap will be more appropriate as bridging the gap means covering the hole/gap. Also instead of ‘use the internet’ we can say, ‘use the knol platform’ (remember it is knol tecknology we are using for free); so the mission statement can become, ‘To use the knol platform to close the gap of knowledge in every corner of the globe including the 1st world countries’. This reflects a very focused and original approach, a trail blazer and I hope everyone else copies us. I also hope that the MM team steers knol towards the same goal. However as the Team has entrusted you with the mission statement and the logo in the end whatever you dicide I will go with that.
@ AK
As far as I am concerned what makes a language magical is the number of inventions and research papers written in it and not the number of speakers! And the English language takes the cake. Whether Greek was imposed or not, at its height it expressed the apex of human knowledge at its time just as English does now.

2/23 Panos @ Team

The logo: The feather on the logo was my personal version of “original” , classic and authentic. Michael McNally and some of the Founders propose that we need adjustments or changes. This means that my opinion over the logo, as it is, doesn’t reflect the general consensus. I believe that every person in this discussion reflects a percentage of the general population who think in the same way. Therefore the logo must change. Putting an earth – sphere is an interesting idea. A basic rule about the logo is that it has to remain in a small size and it’s not professional to have two logos, one on the left and another on the right. I tried the Keyboard and it seems too large, not practical at all. Also keep in mind that creating a logo is like creating a painting. You can’t guarantee that the final painting will look nice. Any object can look good or bad and it is relevant to the talent or the tools of the creator. It may be difficult for me to do something with pre-determined characteristics. I’ll try to find some creative time and I’ll let you know.

Mission Statement: When a new effort comes in public many people are ready to say all kind of offensive stuff. This is the way many narrow-minded bloggers treated Knol. My main effort was not to add new ideas in the mission statement but to rephrase the old ones and “remove” some phrases in order to eliminate potential “problems”. The mission statement (2nd version) was made as an effort to reflect the general consensus and the general values that we all stand for. Of course any mission statement should be voted by many people in order to reflect the consensus. I’ll be more practical with an example from everyday life:
EXAMPLE : When someone lies it is logical to say “you are lying”. However, it is a criminal action to call somebody as a “liar” without providing evidence of the action. This is the reason why lawyers say “he is not telling the truth” instead of “he is lying”. In this case the “liar” is the one who must provide evidence that he tells the truth.Choosing the words carefully is a defense mechanism that eliminates possible accusations.

In our articles we can write anything that we believe in. However when a statement becomes public and official every phrase put wrong will be a subject of criticism. For instance the phrase “magic of internet” by Sajid Khan is truly expressing the spirit of our objectives. However some narrow-minded religious people will say that our objective is to serve “magic”, “devil” and “demons” … I know, it is silly, it is outrageous but I know that it’s going to happen. Another example is if a French guy read that English language is perfect. A statement like this will definitely receive severe criticism. On the other hand Knol is a perfect tool for supporting languages and a great tool to learn a foreign language (like English) by asking native speakers to collaborate and correct your grammar/vocabulary mistakes in your articles (that’s what I do with my English). In all objectives we must keep the main principles and try to re-phrase them in order to be accurate and reflect the consensus.

SK, I totally agree with the objective you proposed. I tried to rephrase it a little bit: “use internet to bridge the gap of knowledge in very corner of the globe including countries in the 1st world”. Maybe other members can rephrase it better in a better way. I also liked the phrase “Making local wisdom universal” by KS. I don’t know if it is appropriate to add it in this way in the objectives but we can definitely include it as a logo-phrase in the future.

2/23 AK @ SK

Ancient Greek was not a magical language because of the ancient philosophers, it was a lingua franca because of the imperialism of Alexander. And so is english not a magical language. It is popular because of the imperialism of the British Empire. The very most spoken language in the world is mandarin, not english. There are 690 Mio. English-Speakers, but 1.215 Mandarin-Speakers in the world. One of my famous philosophers is Ernst Bloch, a jewish german philosopher, who fled three times out of Germany (1917 as a pacifist, in the 1930th as a antifasicst and 1961 from the socialist part of Germany as a marxist critic of the authoritan socialism). As he was a political refugee in the United States he don’t want to learn english. His philosophy is not so easy to translate into english. And it’s even not easy to translate Hegel into another language. So there are a lot of philosophies in a lot of languages.
I live in Germany at the border to Netherland. Many Germans are very ignorant against the dutch language. As the Dutch are in Germany, they speak a perfect German. As the Germans are in Netherland, they speak also a perfect German ;-). And so it is with native English-Speakers. Many native English-Speakers speak English in Germany, not german. But I can’t speak german in the US, I have to speak english. There’s an ignorance of the Native-Speakers of the dominant languages. And I see this ignorance also in Google-Knol. I made the Knol Knol Translations. Some Knols are waiting for translation in English. The most Knollers are native English-Speakers, but no one wants to translate this Knols. In China are more and more Internet-Accounts. Maybe it’s only a question of time until the lingua franca of internet will be mandarin.

SK @ Team

We are about spreading knowledge around the world. One of the reasons that the English speaking world is better off is because English provides a huge treasure trove of knowledge and research. Many languages lack this knowledge base. One of our main aims is to create and bring up the knowledge base of as many languages as possible to the level of the English language.
Is English a magic language? For all practical purposes yes; yes English is a magical language. In fact every language is a magical language. It is the history of the English speaking world that has given English the power that it is today. For instance English has the power to directly have a positive impact on poverty, even eliminate poverty to quite an extent. And there is a big reason why English has such positive impacting powers. It is because the amount of data, knowledge, insights and especially latest knowledge and research is huge. In fact it is so enormous that it is overwhelming.  No wonder in India as in all other parts of the world those who have a better education are most commonly the ones who are fluent in English. And there is a connection between knowing English and one’s economic status. It is no surprise that those knowing English are generally economically better off.
With the exception of a few European languages the knowledge base in most languages is insufficient and needs to be expanded and brought up to level of English.   Knol/google is a big opportunity for our foundation to focus on bringing English language level knowledge base to the rest of the native languages around the world.
We must bring the depth and knowledge available in English to the rest of the languages of the world. To do this we will need a letter to be posted on various web sites of different nations. I can put one on the UN board and a letter addressed to all the ambassadors so that they can cooperate with us in our objectives.
The only tool for eliminating poverty is through knowledge. The only tool for eliminating hatred is through knowledge. The only tool for making the world a better place is through knowledge. Our mission is to spread knowledge and we will focus on spreading knowledge not just through English, French and German etc. We will focus on improving the knowledge base of all local languages by translating cutting edge knowledge into as many languages as possible. We will help bring up the standards of local languages. We will provide the tools to eliminate poverty and hatred and spread quality of life by improving the knowledge base of peoples by giving them knowledge in their own language.

Our mission statement can be: We are about filling the gaps in knowledge around the world including the gaps in the 1st world; bridging these knowledge gaps in native tounges in very corner of the globe. (Our mission statement cannot be the same as everyone else’s ).
To day I spent over an hour on this posting. Every time something funny happened and it disapeared.

As for the logo a feather and the computer screen do not go well togther. A feather and a book is a classic since ancient times and hits the bulls eye every time. However we are about the prestent and the future. We can have moving fingers hitting a key pad on one side of the mission statement and a screen on the other. with waves going from left to right.
Or we can have a globe on each side. The left globe when clicked gives the foundation branches and when further clicked gives the information on each branch. The right globe can give detales of our projects around the world.

2/22 KS

i made a knol “Google mail group chat” (see above) and combined it with a “Knol Author Foundation Forum and Chatroom”
so we may delete the post relating to this below .
@ Team
if anyone (beside the Prof, SK and me) wishes to be a co-author , i’ll invite them .

2/22 Judge @ Team

 I have put a knol up for changes to the mission statement and aims and objectives.
Read and make suggestions.
KVSS is correct that we need to enlist more author to this project. I am e-mailing associates I am involved with to encourage them to join. I have enlisted 5 authors from my area.

2/22 KVSS 9.15 am US Time

I think everybody was busy. No chat was possible.
I saw that one more person whom I encouraged became an author on 29th January. That makes my list of author recruitment 27.
All of the team members have to believe in the network effect. Knol will not prosper if we only write knols. We need to encourage many others to write knols. Have a target of encouraging 100 authors in one year. If 100 of us decide to do it the foundation will recruit 10,000 authors in a year. A good goal of spreading awareness about knol. May be Kemper could have encouraged many authors. We need to involve 100 persons in finalizing our foundation mission. That is our first target. May be each of these 100 persons will recruit 100  giving us 10,000. Thus these 100 members will be special members of the foundation after the 7 founders and country/language directors.
Great objectives require great efforts. We cannot measure the time spent in achieving them.
MM replied to my comments on new home page format. He said some of the comments will be made use of and some are not appropriate and will be ignored. I thanked him for the quick response. Personally, MM is a model of customer response and  service for me. I am inspired by his and his team’s response times as well as responses.

2/22 KVSS

Yesterday I brought one more author into the knol platform. I can count him as 26. It is good that he said it is fun to write on knol.

I also met a professor from a US university yesterday in Mumbai. Many still do not know the existence of knol. What Sajid wrote  and I also had said earlier is important. We need to create a lot of buzz. We need to create lot of positive stories.

Please write your thoughts on the knol Good things happening in knol. I created this knol long ago to capture what we feel are good things. We need to strengthen this sort of information and circulate it widely to attract visitors and new authors. What I am finding as I am making author pages for various states in USA is that many authors lost interest in knol. We have to bring them back and encourage them to write more. They will come back if they read and listen good things about knol. We feel knol is good and we have to create the argument why knol is good.

I want Sajid and Judge to create a you tube video on Chicago meet and post it on youtube and through that on knol fundation knol. Inform local papers in Chicago and Illinois about our author meet.

Google mail group chat

The group chat feature lets you chat with many friends at once. There’s no limit to the number of people you can chat with, and any participant can invite others to join. To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Start a chat with a single person in your Contacts list.
  2. Once you’ve started the chat, click Options at the bottom left of your chat window and select Group Chat.
  3. In the field labeled ‘Add a person to this chat,’ enter the name of the contact(s) you want to add to your group chat.

To end your chat, click the X at the corner of the chat window. Others in the group chat will get a message saying that you’ve left the conversation. If you want to rejoin, you’ll need to be invited back by a contact who’s still in the group chat. The group chat will continue until all participants have left.

 We have to use google mail group chat as proboard chat is not working on sundays. Chicago meeting related issues can be on the agenda to day.

Without the feather, the logo looks like a mouse pad. That is good.  Can we put a keyboard in it with keys authors?
If space is there, there can be three lines of keys

  1. knol
  2. authors
  3. foundation

But space may not be there for three lines. Two lines

  1. knol
  2. authors

2/21 KS

mission statement :
hope, that everyone becomes a knol feather 🙂
that means : reading & writing ! makes knol go round .
@ Panos
the logo is a feather in your cap
SK proposed you as the knol star for the month of February .
if you agree , i can put you between him and the Prof.
@ SK
Making local wisdom universal
each knol is a little nugget . so my German knols are local nuggets . We only have to translate them .
but if i write here i already make my local wisdom universal .

2/21 KVSS

The new home page looks interesting.

I wrote my comments on the new organization in MM’s bio page.

Mission statement
I thank Panos for initiating discussion on mission of foundation and coming out with a definition after a strenuous effort. I thank Judge for taking it to the market. Our immediate market is knol authors. I think it is time we involve knol authors in discussion regarding the mission statement that they would like to see everyday on the knol foundation page. We have some background work ready. The existing definition, proposal of Panos, Suggestions from Sajid. Now knol foundation members can give their inputs into the mission statement. Judge can open a new page for discussion on mission statement under knol foundation ownership. We encourage knol foundation members to write their opinions and their suggested mission statements. After each ten such opinions, Panos and Sajid can bring out the consensus of the group. After 100 knols authors give their opinion we can freeze the mission statement. So it will be a mission statement arrived at through consensus of 100 authors who own it as their own and work to promote it in collaboration with other knol authors.

This exercise will force us to quickly enrol 100 members and involve them in foundation activities as well as in participating in this bulletin board. The participation in the bulletin board is still limited to less than 10 persons. We need to increase participation. Developing the mission statement can be the exercise that can force us to actively involve more members in discussion.

2/21 MM @ knol authors

We launched the Norwich version of Knol (see Knol Release Notes for details). Let us know what you think — and whether you notice any new problems.

2/21 SK @ Judge and Team.

I will go with what ever our team decides. I just feel that we have a chance to open up a new frontier of opportunity with even newer horizons and chart a new Tao/path for our foundation and even for knol. But we can keep the mission statement as stated by our main guy Panos and I will add my own bit to it, as others can add theirs. I do not want to rush this because our foundation is alive and is a force in the fetus stage. It will need time to grow up!

And as any venture needs money I thought an internet thrift store will be a good way to try out a totally new idea. If it works then we can do a lot of good. If you go to “Wuffy thrift store” you will get an idea. All foundation founders will be on its board as it will be under the auspices of our foundation.

However the thrift store is not the main idea; it is just a means to make our projects backed by money that is created by our own efforts.
(In fact we can start hypothetical trading in Ws ( KS’s idea ) for now till we can make the W a reality, can one of us please make the W with lines like the Yen or Dollar).

As to, ‘Michael McNally commented that I should make it more clear in the design that it’s about “internet” and “technology”.
I would add it is indeed about the internet and technology but the internet is technology. And our foundation is about empowering people, even groups and countries. It is about supporting our fellow knollers as well as people at large by making available to them knowledge that will help eliminate poverty and hatred, ignorance and frustration etc.

But let me add that Panos is on the right track and he can ask for his W100.00 any time in US dollars. I am already a fan of his and would like his autograph when we meet.

If I would give our mission statement in one sentence it would be:

1) Aim of the knol platform ( The MM team) : ‘To empower people, groups and countries to master life through the magic of the internet by spreading relevant/focused knowledge, even expanding knowledge via the creativity of knollers’.

Mastering your own life means changing not only your own reality it means having a rippling affect on at least your own neighborhood. Just imagine what the world will be where the majority of people would be +2 super mature! Just imagine the majority of American’s living +2 lives. Where would the present economic mess be; if only!

2) Aim of our foundation would be:
a) Helping our fellow knollers as well as identifying and creating/writing the exact steps/knowledge needed to make the world actualize her true potential in every field!

b) Our mission is to bring together these creative knollers and help them help themselves and help the world eventually become healthy, wealthy, wise and just one big happy family!

So the combined missions of the two, our foundation and the knol team would be:

We create knowledge and knol/google brings it to every home/school/office around the world.

If we are really successful then we may have to eventually create a combined logo but for now Panos must focus on a logo just for the foundation.

Eventually we will have to create a list of super knols/ must read knols as there is too much information out there.

2/20 Judge @ Team

SK stated:
Of course I do not want to drag the mission down to just my agenda so we can just add that each and every branch can peruse their own specific mission
Is the main mission of our foundation to pursue an internet thrift store?

As to new old mission statement vs. the old mission statement. I asked about ten of my fellow employees to read them both as a customer would. The majority preferred the new mission statement.
So I agree with what KVSS states below:
But a good marketing team has to ascertain first that customers like a message before declaring it publicly.
If one of our members can write a better mission statement I think it should be done and be presented before the members, otherwise I vote for the new mission statement.
SK stated below:
Also I do not like our logo. We are about advancing the frontiers of knowledge and we must break loose of the past and create now/new the vision
Panos stated:
Michael McNally commented that I should make it more clear in the design that it’s about “internet” and “technology”. I really appreciate his comment and I’ll definitely take it into consideration and make some alternative designs. Of course, I need more time.
Looks like our team member Panos will be making some changes, when he has time.
Thank you for your great efforts.

2/20 SK @ Team, MM and Silverio:

It is very clear that Panos  is a major asset to our foundation. I am nominating him as a full founder of our organization and also the Knol Star for the month of February ( which will come with W100.00 (we will have to find a way to put two horizontal lines across the W like  the Yen has or like the $). His mission statement is very profound and well polished. However it is similar to hundreds of other existing foundation goals.

Our foundation’s mission has to be original and different from anything else out there, and it must be so that it takes education into a new territory of empowering not just individuals but even groups and countries.(MM please note that this should be the direction of the knol platform too) In fact I have a pending patent called ‘self mastery for individuals, groups and countries’, it seems it has been approved,though I have a major problem and I still have a long way to go, I will post it as a knol soon. 

Instead of changing/educating one person at a time we will create templates for changing /educating the masses all at the same time. I have worked very closely with Werner Erhard of the Forum (Look up ‘ the forum’/’Est’ on google). His organization does change most people one audience at a time over a period of 4 to 6 days.( mostly people who are bottled up take it all out in a sympathetic and understanding emotional environment). Because of the knol platform we will change entire masses, groups and countries. We will wake up/empower entire nations to their real treasure troves, direct them to where and how their real untapped power can be mined.

I have a friend who is the head of (I think) the international artificial intelligence organization and his company is developing innovative cyberspace education. His company just won a major contract from the Canadian Gov. It is this kind of league that we want our foundation to be in. I will post his name/co. name if I have his permission.

Just look at the cutting edge message posted by our Italian chapter director: We must request Silverio to give us his inputs for the mission statement.


2/20 SC

DIDASCA – Task Force for Innovation in Education
Italian Speaking Chapter

Let me introduce myself, the Organization I represent and our Knol initiative.

My name is SILVERIO CARUGO; I am the Rector of DIDASCA – The First Italian Cyber Schools for Lifelong Learning.
My email address is: .

DIDASCA is a cultural non-profit association that runs a digital network – -that can satisfy the needs for cyber tools of 10,000+ Italian schools.

The Didasca Cyber Tools comprise web services such as Google Apps Education and Knol.

Using the Knol technology, Didasca has created a digital textbook titled ‘DidasKnol’. It can be accessed through this portal: .

DidasKnol is destined to become the largest and more authoritative digital textbook in Italy.


Also I do not like our logo. We are about advancing the frontiers of knowledge and we must break loose of the past and create now/new the vision of what we want! Not even what the future to be but what the present to being in the now! (there must be thousands of logos with the feather)

Also in the mission statement we will have to add that we will start an across the globe thrift store solely on the internet, where a movement of knowledge, goods and services will happen from those who have excess to those who need. (This thrift store approval will need added paper work)

We will create love, warmth and security (the goals of our basic human nature, our ‘Id’ for individuals groups and countries) for all through wisdom education, the highest stage of emotional intelligence. Our basic driving forces of life will be powered by wisdom!

Of course I do not want to drag the mission down to just my agenda so we can just add that each and every branch can peruse their own specific mission as long as it is in line with the foundations broader mission. And all those individual projects that succeed (Locally successful ideas/wisdom we will make global) will be converted to templates and adopted across the globe by our foundation.

Please let me know your thoughts and I will appreciate a comment by MM. Knol is evolving and I feel it should consider my direction.

@ KS

Would you be interested in opening a knol, ‘My regions little nuggets of wisdom; what is unique about my area of the globe’. The sub title can be ‘Making local wisdom universal’. You invite people from all over the world to share their countries/regions unique ideas that have worked.

2/20 KVSS

The view that I have taken regarding mission and vision statements is explained in  the following knol.
They do not come out separately. They are part of objectives and goals of the organization.

An organization has many objectives. It has many stakeholders. For each stakeholder, it may have one or more objectives. The objectives related to the customers, become the mission statement. In our case, we have knol readers as the ultimate customer and knol authors as the immediate customer. We facilitate knol authors. The mission statement should indicate to the customer what we are offering to them.

Goals are objectives expressed in a time frame. Goals help in short term planning. We want to enlarge the base of knol authors. It is an objective. When the plan is enlist 10,000 knol authors by December 2009, it becomes goal. Vision is the most important goal which we want to advertise vigorously. We believe that goal galvanizes our organization.

It is good that we are spending time to declare our objectives and goals and from them the mission statement and vision statement. Unless they appeal to us first and they do not appeal to others. But a good marketing team has to ascertain first that customers like a message before declaring it publicly.

Good that you wrote a knol on day of social justice and informed all of us. As a sociology of person it is very relevant for you. As I also wrote a number of articles on sociology, it is an interesting topic for me also. I also started a knol to explore the issue. In India, social justice is a problem area and we have a ministry of social welfare at the central and state levels.

2/19 Judge

@ Panos & Team
I like the new mission statement and logo. Panos, if you think a slight design change is what it needs yet, do it. After reading quite a bit on the internet about non-profit mission statements, I think this states our mission quite eloquently. What does the rest of the team think?
I also like how the aims and objectives are written. Does anyone see any changes in the above that need to be made?
I have emailed several authors in the Chicago area about our meeting. I had a couple of replies.

I looked at Wikiversity-very interesting. It is something I will have to explore in greater detail. I was not even aware of World Day of Social Justice, declared 2007 by the United Nations. I will let my co-workers know of this. I do think in time, we need to work with the United Nations

2/19 Panos 

@ Team

A. As you encouraged me, I created an alternative version of the mission statement. This is the link:
 It was not an easy task to accomplish. It took me many hours searching the web and reading other mission statements, writing and re-writing. I tried to rephrase some of your own ideas already mentioned in this discussion, and in the older mission statement made by the judge. When needed I joined some objectives together in a simple shorter one.

I totally agree with the ideas of AK about the United Nations. This is exactly how I feel about our mission and therefore the mission statement of the foundation must not be just about Knol, Knol authors, marketing etc. I rephrased some of the objectives in the mission statement in order to promote principles similar to organizations that cooperate with UN like UNESCO. I’m not a native English speaker and I took many of the phrases from other internet sources. It was like a university research project to me. I’m looking forward to your feedback.

B. I designed a new logo. It took me two weeks of hard work to come up to this logo. I’m really interested for your feedback  
Michael McNally commented that I should make it more clear in the design that it’s about “internet” and “technology”. I really appreciate his comment and I’ll definitely take it into consideration and make some alternative designs. Of course, I need more time.

UPDATE: Now that I’m re-thinking, when I started creating the logo I didn’t have in mind people who are already familliar with new technologies like us and Michael. I did this intentionally. I was considering my University Professors that are not using internet or web 2.0 social tools because they feel some kind of fear in new technologies. I believe those people are more familliar to a classic academic image like a feather writing a text. This is the reason I tried to make a logo look more old fashioned in order to look more trustworthy. When creating this logo I was targeting to older people (>50s) who are in charge of many educational communities and want a symbol to be familliar with in order to be attracted. I’ll try to think if there is a way to adust it a little bit. We’ll see.

@ The Judge
I have some ideas that could support the Chicago meeting but less time to write them down. An idea is to invite facebook members who already joined user groups dedicated to Chicago. I’ll try to find some time writing about University of Athens and how we can utilize Knol.

2/19 AK

World Day of Social Justice
Tomorow is the first World Day of Social Justice, declared 2007 by the United Nations. If the Author Knol Foundation want be a worldwide NGO, we have to work together with the United Nations.
I wrote a Knol about the World Day of Social Justice. It’s in german language and I wrote about the problems of social justice in Germany (on average, half of the population in germany has no assest; only 23% of the people with parents without academic degree are going to university, but 83% of people with parents with academic degree are studying at university).
My Knol is on the first page in Google-Search. Someone who makes “Gandhi-like” a march to the capitol (630km) has made a long commentar to my Knol and the assistant party leader of the party “The Linke” has copied some sentences of my Knol in a press release today. So we can have a formative impact with our Knols.

Knol and Wikipedia: Please notice Wikiversity.

Wikiversity is a Wikimedia Foundation project devoted to learning resources, learning projects, and research for use in all levels, types, and styles of education from pre-school to university, including professional training and informal learning. We invite teachers, students, and researchers to join us in creating open educational resources and collaborative learning communities. To learn more, try a guided tour or start editing now.

We should also work with Wikiversity together. The problem in Wikipedia is: there is no Wikipedia-Author-Foundation, there are only Wikimedia-Foundation around the world. But the Wikimedia-Foundations are foundations which reflects the interesests of Wikipedia, not the interesets of the Wikipedia-Authors.

2/19 KS @ Judge

my points :

  1. biggest point (inspired by PG) :
    imagine, there were only two versions of each knol , an open (public) one and a closed (private) one .
    there is a button by which the open version can be made the closed version and vice versa .
    and that’s all you need . really . (and yes , a “compare checked” button) . it’s a mix of open and moderated collaboration . you always see and edit the open version, but in the background there is a closed owner version .
  2. knol author foundation knol hosted by knol help .
  3. of course back ground coloring by <div> and not by <span> .
  4. categories : we only need a fix link on the knol start page to an open knol .
    there we will first gather knols and then categorise them .
    let this be done by AK . he has some experience with german knols .
  5. on the bottom of each page knol may list the most important return links (back links, referrers) to this page (0 – 5)

2/19 SK @ Judge

A very big thank you, to you and the team. and to MM for his always prompt responses.

Our agenda for the Chicago meeting can be the following:

  1. How to invite more knol authors especially ‘academic star’ authors.
    Most of us are or have been students. We must approach our class mates, our teachers and our neighbors. Personal contacts/friendships make a big difference. Next time you go to a reunion, company picnic etc. take a flier with you about knol. Talk to the local schools, especially your own children’s school teachers. Ask your contacts at the UN etc. if you can put up a flier on their notice board. I have just got a very prominent prof., a dear friend and the softest man I know to jointly write a few knols. He is Dr. Jean-Pierre Simon, PhD who is a Prof. at NYU. He teaches neurosurgery and art (what a divine combination). We need more known people. Next time I meet my mentor Prof. Chomsky I will ask him to write some knols. I will also approach my friend Joost Ellfers the NYT best selling author.
  2. How to increase knol readership.
    As I said earlier on this board being mentioned in chat rooms can give a big boost to readership. We must join as many chat rooms as possible. We must have multiple members of our team in each chat room. I have written in two chat rooms my responses. I have entered one as ‘common sense coach’ and another as nawab123. So team, think of getting into chat rooms and spreading knol news.

    Another strategy can be to wake up the world to the fact that the goals of Wikipedia and knol are the same. If we join forces with those who like Wikipedia our readership will increase. The following I have put up in one of the chat rooms and we all should flood similar posts in every media:

    Wikipedia and Knol; Rivals or Partners?
    There is a lot of buzz on the web that google created knol to wipe out Wikipedia. The goals of both is the same: to provide knowledge through the internet. Wikipedia’s goal is to spread established knowledge. Knol is looking to take this established knowledge into uncharted territory to expand the frontiers of knowledge. Though knols are not research papers in strict scientific terms, knols are hypothesizes with the potential of many turning into theories. While Wikipedia is the ‘theory board/platform’ of the internet knol is the hypothesis board/platform of the internet. Both are essential and while the goals of Wikipedia are quite clear a clearer function is emerging for knol: to post new hypothesis in a collaborative manner and let the wheat rise to the top and the chaff eventually cast aside.

    The time has come for both to work together. Knol writers can research topics by also including knowledge from Wikipedia (which many knol writers are already doing). And Wikipedia can expand their articles by including the knowledge from the top knols that make scientific (common) sense.

    The Knol Author Foundation has been pushing knol creators to start recognizing the star knols. They are now doing it. However it is an algorithm that decides the quality knols. The human factor is missing. We at the foundation have created our own stamp of approval.We will have two categories of star approvals: Knols that are speculative and need to be considered for acceptance and knols that need to be stamped with the ‘star of need to be in the category of established knowledge’. We would like to see Wikipedia to start mentioning relevant ‘established knowledge star knols’ at least in the reference section.

    The time has come for both to work together. Today’s top star knols should become part of the collective human knowledge and should become part of the Wikipedia data base as well.

  3. The following message must get into every chat room and media, with your own knols as examples : Knol is different. It has many original, cutting edge articles. Check out knols, ‘Wisdom’ and ‘How to live your life’ and tell me if you have ever see anything like this anywhere else.
  4. How to make the knol foundation financially viable so that we can launch ambitious projects around the world.
    I have knowledge of thrift stores. The main reason I wanted a non-profit foundation is to start a thrift store. We will start a thrift store where the foundation will be the sole owner. Please read my knol, ‘Whuffy Thrift Store’. As soon as we have a complete 501 (C) 3 number we shall start the world’s first thrift store. There are 1000s of thrift stores but not a single one just on line in the whole wide world. Ours will be the first and we will encourage others to start similar stores. It will be like ebay but will include not only goods but also barter, exchange of goods and volunteering of time etc. offering mentor ship.

    I can also donate an invention to the foundation, but all of us will have to make it a success. I have some creative toys I have come up with

2/19 Judge @ Team

Very good news! MM has responded see his page to leave a comment.  


Knol Author Foundation

Just a note to you that our Foundation is having its first author meeting in Chicago on March 4 at the Holiday Inn. We are growing in numbers and directors in several languages. Chapters are being organized in differet countries. I want you to know that schools and universities around the world are talking about using knol as a platform for their studies. Authors around the world are taking notice of this great tool and I would like to commend google for a moving forward with this great idea.
I would like to invite you to this event if you could make it.
The Judge

This is MM’s  comment :
Dear Judge & Knol Author Foundation.
Thank you for the invitation. I certainly applaud and encourage your efforts in support of knol authors. How many people do you have attending? I will ask whether it is appropriate to have someone visit at this time.
I will try to organize as many authors as I can on this short notice
If the team could help start a list of things I should discuss and any other ideas I would appreciate it.

2/19 SK @ Team

My latest knol: Science and religion; two sides of the same coin or the same coin?

A few weeks ago all of a sudden my page hits went up just for a week or so to almost 5000 a week! And I was wondering what happened. I discovered that just two of my knols, ‘Horniness’ and ‘Review of Barack Obama words’ were getting the extra hits. I found out that someone in ‘’ wrote on, ‘knol six months later’ and mentioned these two knols. even though not favorably. So it is clear that if we get into as many blog posts/chatrooms as possible; we can substantially increase the traffic. 

I was thinking of creating a knol, ‘Challenging the world of main stream science/psychology to prove my wisdom hypothesis wrong’. If we are lucky we may get some prominent scientists into this discussion.

@ MM
All my activity numbers for all my reviews have disappeared. ‘Review of Barack Obama words’ now shows just 8 hits and 6 ratings! And I cannot invite co-authors.

2/19 KS @ Judge

great !
i hope MM comes to chicago .
it is very important that you have direct contact with google people because you are our elected speaker .

2/19 KVSS @ Judge

You gave a wonderful message addressing almost everybody in the team. It is great that Wisconsin and Chicago meetings are underway. Once he goes back, Sajid can plan one in New York. I can do one in Mumbai. I wait for details or proceedings at your places and then organize one in Mumbai. I already have 25 authors in my institution alone. I am sure as you have said we will get enthusiastic people from other states in USA and from other places in India. Already German authors are in good number. Kemper can certainly organize such meets in Germany. Many people write in blogs that they do not even know the existence of knol. As our author meets get reported in various blogs as well as prinit media, more people will become aware of the platform. The power of leverage is very important. A news item appearing in a paper reaches a large number of people. These author meets have to create news items that can be reported in news papers. I am sure you will organize some publicity in your place and show us the way.

2/18 Judge

Thank you, Cheung Shyienemo for translating the Chinese page. I welcome you as the Chinese director of our foundation.   I invited Matt Ghering and Michael McNally to our meeting in Chicago.

I will try to invite some Chicago authors tonight. It will be nice to finally meet after conversing with you by phone many times.

I have a group of five Wisconsin authors that will be meeting soon. We are talking about becoming the Wisconsin, USA Chapter of the Knol Author Foundation. I am also trying to recruit some more Wisconsin authors for our chapter. Eventually more states will form groups. The goal would be a chapter in each state.
I will try to start enlisting more authors. I may try to contact US book authors and see if they are interested in joining our online community.

I agree the mission in the statement we should avoid general statements that could lead to religion, politics, economic influence etc. Keep up your enthusiastic approach with the foundation. I am sure the foundation will keep moving in many directions as it has been since the beginning.

I know you are busy with your studies and hope all is well with you.

Sajid and you are a great inspiration for all of us with your spirituality.

I have been reading more of your English knols and find them very interesting. You are certainly an expert on the subjects you write about.
I see that you have quite a list of german authors. I am hoping the US list will grow with author groups in each state, like you have. Maybe someday these groups will have regular meetings like you mentioned before, how Wikpedia does.

To summarize the Foundation since 2009/1/9 when we formed. I think we are doing a good job, but this is just the beginning. We have alot of work ahead of us, and I am happy to be part of this great group of people we have in our Foundation.

2/18 KVSS

Today I could bring in one more of my colleagues into the knol author circle. We need to increase number of knol authors also to get more knols and more visitors to knol. So far I enlisted 25 authors. I should take this figure to 100 as early as possible. Bringing in 100 new authors to knol platform.

You can actually decode the essence from the Bible, The Quran and the Hindu scriptures. You are uniquely qualified for this effort. You wrote about Arjun. Actually it is Arjun’s son Abhimanyu who learns archery while he was in his mother’s womb. You are a very knowledgeable man in all three religions. You can really do great job of identifying the common unity.

2/18 KS @ mission statement or quest

encourage online collaboration and open participation in decision making processes“. (2/18 Panos)
today , with the help of the internet , we can make a new corporate form, which is completely free from force and is purely based on the word,
jesus is definitely a role model ,
for the bible is telling us about that part of history which is called patriarchy and which is now coming to an end.
the “knol star” structure comes to my mind :
bible (mount sinai): from heaven to earth . jesus (knol-star) : from earth to heaven .

2/18 Judge @ Team

 I asked Panos to come up with another mission statement to compare it with what we have. Then we can decide what we should  use and if it needs to be modified. The more ideas and thoughts we have, the better this foundation will grow. I am happy that we have a director that is actively involved in helping to make the Foundation grow.
 We will soon have a Chinese Chapter of the Knol Author Foundation. It is being translated now and the author make then take over the page. This is another step in our worldwide quest.
 I am trying to get an author or two from my state to join us for the meeting in Chicago. Will keep everyone posted.

2/18 SK @ Panos and Team

Even single ideas if you chew and digest and uncover new angles then it can be yours! Also I feel there are many ideas out there that are sitting in one area and that need to be mixed and knit into many more applications in other fields. My idea that the human mind is ‘womb-conditioned’ has applications in 200+ fields! And I discover new applications every day.
As there are four levels of the mind:

There are four layers of society in any society, four qualities of people, four different groups/qualities of countries, four different possibilities in every life, four different standards of emotions, expectations, four different qualities of happiness, four levels of relationships etc, etc, etc…and four levels of the real ‘you’. This simple insight has applications in most human fields (actually there is a prof. in Texas University who says this has applications in Physics!). From how to fight crime to how to create priorities in education to diplomacy to defense budgets etc, etc, etc. A prof. friend of mine said to me that now that I have brought my stuff to the attention of the highest authorities my job is done. (I even gave my papers to President (then Senator) Obama in person and I talked to him a couple of times about my stuff).
I don’t think my job is done. Till the last breath in my lungs I will keep trying to wake up the world to her true potential. I will stop when self images will stop running/ruling our true beings/selfs.

When govs. will be run by true self masters. President Obama is not a 5* general in wisdom like Gandhi but he is very close and that is why I am excited that real change will come and this is why I went arround the country with my wisdom express in support of President Obama.
When I say change the world I mean wake up the right powers in govments, education, corporations etc. to the area in education that is being neglected. We can teach wisdom directly and I will keep hammering this point.

As for the mission statement I think what the Judge has already articulated on the forum  page is ample. I just want to honor the views of all the members thats why I wanted feed back from all. Actually we may have to trim the aims down and take up real concrete/specific measures in real time.

As for ‘traditional myths…’ I think our Prof. can approach ‘Chandamama’ group of publications in India to share their stories as knols. This way we can start with Indian myths and other countries magazines can follow.

If you all are with me I can also try to create some funds through an invention or two. We can form a private co. so that we can have enough income to do this full time. I have a few ideas for creative toys that I can get a pending patent for and then I can apply for a non-provisional patent (full patent) with all the members as inventors. Alone I have not made a dime with my inventions but as a team I know we can succeed.

So please let me know what you think and if you all are with me on this.

As for the bible I decode only those ideas that can be explained strictly in scientific and common sense terms. 90+% of the bible I don’t understand so I stay away from even attempting to explain.

2/18 Panos

@ KS
In my country we say the following: 

If you steal an idea from a book, it’s called “stealing”.
If you steal ideas from many books, it’s called “research” ! 

Traditional myths and bible are great sources of wisdom! Some people are skeptical (most of my colleagues) and I understand their skepticism but I’m very glad we agree on this too. I’m studying the bible and I’d love to learn more about myths of other cultures. 

@ SK & Founders 
Concerning the mission statement, I’ll try to create a new document and rephrase some of my ideas and ideas already listed here.  I found on the internet that the mission statement of a foundation is only a small paragraph, a sentence or two. This is quite a challenge. I researched a little bit and we can take ideas from samples of the following link  (choose the non-profit category inside).  I’ll try to make a document (with two versions, a short and a long one) of some ideas and you can all edit the final document.  I think the important think to keep in mind is to give the right impression about what we are and what we are NOT. If we don’t phrase it acurately many people may take a wrong impression.

 A case in point is one of my favorite topics, e-democracy. By using the word “e-demorcacy” many people may take a wrong impression that “google” is trying indirectly to dominate in politics and many other dim conclusions about the foundation. So we must be very careful to be accurate and make it clear that we are interested in discussing with other intellectuals, scientists, writers etc. Instead of e-democracy I would prefer the phrase “encourage online collaboration and open participation in decision making processes”. 
Individually we may have strong beliefs about faith, politics, economy etc but in a common statement we should avoid general statements that could lead to religion, politics, economic influence etc. In the future, if we use the logo “change the world” it must be clear that we don’t serve specific interests in politics, religion or economics or even Google. Of course, individually, all authors should be encouraged to write freely about their personal beliefs and create working groups about any possible subject like “Bible studies”, “Quoran studies” etc. I just fear that many bad  people are always in the edge of saying bad things and we must be careful in the mission statement. I’m also concerned about the use of “Knol” word since it’s a google logo. I think we must be clear that the foundation is not just about Knol and that we are using Knol, google technology and other web 2.0 platforms to promote our objectives.
 I’ll write down my thoughs and I’ll let you know.

2/18 SK @ KS

As long as you take the existing ideas and reconstruct them into something useful then it is called standing on the shoulders of giants. My own hypothesis that is the root of all my ideas is as old as Indian
Mythology! There is this warrior Arjun a legendary fighter. It turns out that all the fighting skills that he learned he did it in his mothers womb! I just learned how to extract/decode practical applications and implications of profound truths that are mentioned in the Holy Scriptures. My bottom line is,
‘Of all the people that you should know there is someone you should check out first – your own true self. Most people know their self image as their true self and so we have all these individual problem and even group problems’. Imagine this whole world where all interactions take place between true selfs!
All inter relation problems stem from self image inter acting with self image. Even things like divorces happen because people fall in love with each others self image generated phony images. Because eventually reality rubs in and grinds the phony illusions and exposes not the image but the real self and so love starts to vanish into thin air.
(You just gave birth to a new idea! We should have a questioaire that asks if it is you who fell in love or is it your self image that fell in love and also are you falling for the real person or his concept/image in your mind, You build up this questionaire).

Even bloated defense budgets can be traced to distorted group images – ‘my flag is more honorable than yours’.
And inspite of all the strides that the science of the mind has made we still don’t take fully into account the profound affect that ‘womb-conditioning’ (I have coined this word and the concept) has on the brain of every human being. There are thousands of books on the same theme of ‘know thy self’ there is nothing new here. However I am just adding that know how the very concept of the self gradually emerges and the roots of basic human nature at least partly can be traced to womb-conditioning.
So know human nature in general and know your own human nature and all its causes; inorder to know who you are and why you are what you are. So that you can go back and take out any emotional baggage still churning in your brain. ( I posted my part as a knol, My bottom line. )

With your imagination you can even do better than me. Your idea of this connection needs to be expanded into a knol.

2/18 KS @ SK

i don’t know . perhaps i’m good in stealing ideas from everywhere and knitting them together .
(i was far better when i was young)
btw. i’m decoding the bible like you do .
do you know that the tree (tree of life) and the mountain (pyramid) are two symbols of the connection between heaven and earth . they knit it together .

2/17 SK @ KS

In America it is amazing no one is looking for perfection especially when it comes to speaking/writing English but today because of spell check and other web help it is a little less tolerated.  All different kinds of accents are acceptable. Your English is better than OK. It is your imagination that is amazing and original.

2/17 KS @ “most original”

do you mean my legendary english ? 😉

2/17 KVSS

I am very happy that SK and Judge are now planning a knol author meet. It is good that SK is inviting MM also. Once the meeting is planned, MM can be contacted by email and a letter on foundation letter head can be sent to him by courier.

Sajidji, travel to US in no problem. I shall be definitely there for our first international knol author meet may be by this time next year. Once you start doing statewide meets in US, may be we will plan meets in our places and create the ground for international meet.

2/17 SK @ Team & MM

I have extended my stay till 5th of March. This will be a good opportunity if we can get even a few people to meet. This will be a historic event, because I know that eventually we will become an international NGO that will change the world through spreading wisdom education, the key to world peace and prosperity! It can become even a bigger event if MM attends. This way we can all meet face to face. All those involved. Us and the knol team. MM can attend as an observer. I can postpone my meeting with the Chicago Board of 5th of March and we can meet on the 4th. Or we can meet on the 5th. I will leave it to our Judge (our inspiration and our mentor).
@ Team
I wish some of you would start decoding the Bible like I do. A beautiful sentence attracted my attention today: ‘You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother’s womb’ – Palms: 139-13. The key word here is knit! It means we were put together with loving care with Mother Nature’s own hands over a long period of time. Which means that even our concept of our own self was put together/developed over a long time. I could write a whole book on this one divine sentence.
This whole venture is taking a life of its own. It means our foundation is gradually becoming real. No body planned this Chicago event (though as always it was the Prof. and the Judge who initiated this) but if it happens it means our foundation is taking a concrete form. Maybe in the future we may need the presence of our President here at short notice. So I am thinking we can apply for a US visa for the Prof. If it is OK with the team I can send him a sponsorship letter on the foundation letter head. Would it not be exciting if our whole team could be here! The rest of our foundation team does not need a visa. I would especially love to meet KS in person, the most original person on our team.

2/17 Judge

Thank you Andrzej Kierus for re-translating our Polish Foundation knol.

@KVSS- I will co-author the Wisconsin Writers knol. In the future I will try to set up a meeting with authors from Wisconsin.
I will see if Sajid has time for a writer meeting in Chicago. He is very busy and may only be able to meet my wife and I for dinner on March 4.
MM is thanking us for our feedback. When we have new ideas we need to post them and if Google reviews it and likes it, things happen. I especilly like the thought of a new home page for knol.

2/17 KVSS

I created knol author pages for New York, New Jersey, and Wisconsin. I hope this initiative will give us some benefit in enrolling authors for the foundation. I request you to add to the entries whenever you see a knol author of some state of USA in the knols that you are visiting.

I shall find out the reasons after I interact with the faculty of the institution.


2/17 SK@MM

Thank you for your prompt responses. I am having trouble inviting other authors for co-authorship. For a very long time I get the following message:
An error has occurred
Sorry! You have reached your daily quota for the action you are performing. Please try again tomorrow.

2/16 MM@KVSS

Writing a knol is too hard for some people, all too easy for others.

I would be curious to hear what specific problems people are experiencing.

We should make a YouTube tutorial video, perhaps. Also — if users want to create some additional Knol documentation, we might possibly be able to use it. We’ve done so with a few how-tos and help page translations.


2/17 KVSS

One of the deans of a management institute told me that they are not able to write on knol. I agreed to go to their institute and show them the process. But the comment means you have to create a tutorial right from the first step. May be it starts with the statement you need to have a gmail account. You have to sign in. etc. If such a tutorial is made, it can be advertised on google search page. Similarly a tutorial can be made for visitors. They do not require a gmail account to visit any page. But when they want to post a comment or edit a little bit, they need a gmail account. If a tutorial is made it can also be put on google search main page sometimes with a caption like want to know something. visit knol. Some thing like Knol to know anything.

You have to go to the knol of Yohann and write a comment.

2/16 MM

I’ll see if we can do something about the proxy sites (,, etc), appearing in “similar content” and elsewhere. Sorry for the delays in addressing it. Sometimes changes take a while to work through out release pipeline.

Some Knol news: Knol has been featured on the home page in Arabic. Coming soon in the “Norwich” release: we will have a new layout for the home page. We are working on some new support for translation and international versions of Knol. We have some improvements to Categories, and more bug fixes.

We are considering both new features possible adjustments of product-direction for Knol.
Thanks for the feedback Panos and various other knol authors are providing.


2/16 AK @ Team,, …
This sites have sometimes a better ranking with the content of MY Knols as my Knols. How can that work? What can we do against it???
Mostly you can’t open this sites of gutterqueen, pzeg… . That has a very bad effect. If people saw my knol “Diskriminierung – a knol by Andreas Kemper” and can’t open it, because it’s the gutterqueen-site, they won’t open it if they saw my original Knol!

2/16 SK @ Yohann

Lets talk, my ph # 212 421 4848.

2/16 KVSS@SK

Please contact

Yohann Sulaiman
Attorney at Law and Engineer (Systems, Electrical/Electronic)
I am a systems/electrical/electronic engineer and an attorney at law (NY) having fielded complex engineering challenges and IT projects as well as working in the legal field.

Hope he will join you in developing knol author membership in New York. Once you come back from Chicago, effort must be there to have mini-meetings at New York and New Jersey. Judge I hope can easily organize one for Wisconsin. Then we may be lucky to find some others in some more states. Just now I wrote a comment on Idaho knol author’s knol.

2/16 SK @ Team

These Presidential debates were not that real after all. For if they did not like my take on the economic crisis they should have rebutted my insights instead of taking them off. I welcome criticism even to the extent of ridicule if it helps the main cause of expanding knowledge and pushing the frontiers of science further. But I feel bad if I am not heard especially if such cutting edge institutes (for whom I have the highest regards) choke a genuine discussion.

It is clear that even these beacons of research are not willing to consider anything that is radically different from their own main stream views. In all of this the knol analog came out with shinning colors.

For when I discovered and felt disappointment that the Presidential debate organizers axed even my review lo and behold the knol analog put up my knol Economic Crisis right at the top in the general knol section. To this day it is coming up #1 or #2! So I am thinking lets start a knol called, ‘Knol Author Foundation Research Board’. (I would like to request the Prof. to open this knol). Where we can have real honest debates where all insights can be honored. And then the full board (lets take Panos as a full founding member; please) can vote on those ideas that need to get the most attention. The top ideas can then be presented as petitions to the Govs, UN etc. A good knol in the form of a petition would be, President Obama must re-establish the original purpose of Philosophy: to give us wisdom and help us achieve happiness

.< board 2009


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