2009-01-01 the judge

Fellow knollers,

The professor K.V.S.S commented on my bio page to give some of my views on knols. I want to talk about search engine performance.

I believe one of the primary ways to improve your search engine performance is to having internal and external linking of your pages.

This is how I have set up my knol pages,

My knols are all related to the outdoors. My main page of my outdoor encyclopedia is

That page is where all of my main knol pages originate from. They are divided into different chapters. Each chapter has all of the related pages listed accordingly. On the bottom of each of the separate pages listed under each chapter, there are a few internal links going back to related pages listed in that chapter. I am also in the process of putting my main internal chapter links on the bottom of each page. That way readers may see another subject they are interested in reading

As readers find one of your pages on a search engine, they will see other related links, along with links to your main pages. In that way you are more likely to have more of your pages visited by that visitor.

If you have the google toolbar you can see the page rank of your pages. I believe these rankings are only updated occasionally. I notice google must have had a recent update as a lot of my pages now have a page rank.

I have also noticed that my page with the highest page rank

http://knol.google.com/k/the-judge/-/14g5pj4cyuk5u/0# is my name, which appears on every one of my pages.

This leads me to believe that because that page is linked internally to ALL of my other pages, the ranking is higher.
So internally linking will help in SERP. This may or may not be true, but that is the conclusion I came to.

I also think that when your internal pages that link together are of similar content, that may help in Search engine performance.
That is part of the reason I have stayed with the outdoor theme, which I have plenty of knowledge in.

I would like to hear what others thoughts are on this.


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