board 2009 (january II)

1-15 AK

There are some new specualations that knol will be one of the next projects which are closed from google.
But the most bloggers don’t think that knol is one of the next projects, where google uses the ax.

1-16 KVSS

Estimated Monthly Traffic
141.8K Estimated US People

10,769 rank equivalen This destination reaches over 142K U.S. monthly people. The destination attracts a primarily older, fairly wealthy, more educated audience.The typical visitor watches PBS Online, visits, and attends Penn.

  • 3 m US VISITORS is a top 500 site that reaches over 4.6 million monthly people, of which 3.0 million (66%) are in the U.S.The typical visitor visits, reads, and uses

  • 5.6 million US visitors

Squidoo launched in early 2006 and quickly gained traction as a platform for sharing ideas online. On Squidoo, everyday experts (yes, that means you) can handcraft individual web pages (just to be difficult, we call them lenses) about hobbies and interests and stuff for sale and ideas worth spreading.

How to increase visitors to knol? Don’t say google search should give your knols number 1 rank? That you have to earn it through your quality and SEO optimization. We need to know why wikipedia entries are getting number 1 rank even though the quality of entries in many disciplines/topic is not good. We can understand it as we know our subject.

We need to understand how Squidoo and Mahalo evolved over time.

1-16 KVSS

Big thank you. You initiated it and brought it to this stage.
I think our initiative will certainly delay any google decision on knol. Now we have directors for some countries. There is a need for personal contact with knol people and through them with google people. More and more knol authors are expressing the view that knol is a promising project and it takes time to organize things. We have to get in touch with google people and make them give a press release in support of knol. A buzz gets created only when we create newsworthy information. We have to inform the google bosses formally that we filed for registration of knol author foundation and we will step up activity in a short time.


1-17 KS

we need a fix adress for our bulletin board .
it would be great if  William Strathearn  could host it on his account .
i acually don’t know a better adress for us .
if we all post to him, he perhaps will do it 🙂

1-17 SK @ Team

“But there will be a promise and they will get promised content.” The Knol Author Foundation can certify knols with our own star rating. 

1-17 Judge

William Strathearn is an employee of google. Per Mike McNally we are  not affiliated with or officially endorsed by Google.  The professor has set up a knol owner for the foundation. Follow this link . This is  the address we will be working from. We have to determine how this will be set up. We are discussing this in the forum.

1-17 SK

My edit button is missing and for the last few days I cannot post any knols. It says technical difficulties. Is any one else having the same problems?

1-17 KS

no, i don’t mean the foundation . my background is the following posting of the prof :
I suggested to Knol Help to create a bulletin board for knol so that common messages can be scribbled by visitors and authors and various announcements can be made through that bulletin as well as opinions expressed regarding knol platform, its facilities, knols and author community efforts etc. Knol help team acknowledged suggestion.
In the mean time I opened this knol to act as a bulletin board.

hosting our bulletin board by a google programmer makes sense, because it gives google more experiance and feedback from the user . read my comments on WS .

1-18 AK@SK

Yes, it’s a bug. I sent an e-mail to Michael McNally.

1-19 SK@

I had a most exciting experience of my life. I still feel ecstatic. I have had spiritual experiences before but this time it was for a longer time and I remember it quite vividly. I wrote it out to put it up as a knol but I couldn’t. So I am sharing it here.

‘Connect with the Christ in you’.

How can I describe this feeling of pure consciousness?

When you are your true self there is a complete absence of a self image.
The urgency of life vanishes. You become calm. There is no fear or worry.
How you feel is indescribable. You feel supreme confidence and yet there is no ego. You just are.
You understand the meaning of, ‘I am who I am’. There is a feeling of deep connection with the rest of the universe. You are in the now.

Your worries of the past guilt and the fear of the unpredictability of the future vanish.
You have utter respect for every one irrespective of caste and creed.
You feel like a pure drop of humanness in a vast ocean of humanity indistinguishable from the rest.
You become non-judgmental especially about yourself and others.
You see others as trapped in their own ignorance and you want to show them the Tao of wisdom.
You treat them with the same awe as you treat your own self because you see their undeveloped and hidden purity. Your mind and body, even your brain feels fresh and rested.
You get the meaning of life, which for each person it is this unique opportunity to actualize their own unique talents. You focus on your true priorities.

For that magical time when you feel pure consciousness, when you experience the pure you;
time stands still and you enter eternal time. You know, understand and become your true self, your pure humanness, your pure consciousness – the pure you.
I have gone in and out of this stage before.  And parts of these indescribable feelings stay with you for a little while but this time they have lasted for a few days.

I was very worried about how my business Sheba Antiques in Manhattan is going to survive.
Now I feel this is the way that the business is for now and I accept it and will do the best I can to whether the storm. Instead of worrying about how to pay the bills I am focused on actual actions I must take to get to pay the bills. Instead of worrying about the future and waiting for things to change I am focused on how I can change my situation and even help others. So instead of reacting to this adverse business situation I am proactive and changing my odds in my favor.

One of the side benefits of this amazing experience is you are no longer in a hurry.
You don’t feel a thing if you miss the green traffic light or if some one cuts in front of you.
You don’t feel insulted by bad behavior and you understand the meaning of Jesus’ saying to ‘turn the other cheek’. Perhaps for us New Yorkers who are always in a hurry deep consciousness meditation may be a good solution.

To relax we go to our happy experiences like we go to the beach.
I think it is a more relaxing experience if we go to the pure consciousness that is there in each one of us.
This consciousness is not a figment of the imagination. It is real because it creates real electro-chemical actions in the physical brain. It relaxes the brain and even the whole body. In fact over time it even changes the brain physically. One feels far more energetic and cool. Believe me if you learn to meditate on your own pure self your whole life will turn around. Imagine if you actually became your pure self what would happen to the electro-chemical actions in your brain!

When you have a chance just close your eyes and try to connect with your true self.

It will be much easier if you make your brain squeaky clean of all your emotional baggage.

It is said that it is possible to be in a constant state of pure consciousness.
One of the sages who are said to have gone into a constant state of pure consciousness was Sri Aurobindo. You should google his writings.

It is the same experience that the scriptures are telling us all along, ‘Connect with the Christ in you’.


My next knol is going to be decoding from the Bible the following: ‘As Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life.’ – Roman, 6:4
‘Abstinence-only program faces battle to survive’ – A news story by the Associated Press.
We must all ask knol management to put a new debate topic, ‘Health care reform’ (Unless the substance of the health care policies are not addressed all reform will have little effect as it will be cosmetic. Just like trying to change your self image without addressing the issues of the real you.’

1-19 KS

this is indeed a wonderful posting .
let’s make a society, in which the brains can stir like fishes in the ocean .
perhaps the foundation and knol star are the first steps .

1-19 SK @ Team

Congratulations our corporation was approved on the Martin Luther King Day and on the eve of the Obama era! to me :
Thank you, your corporation was approved on 1/19/09 and documentation will be shipped asap. Have a good day.

1-19 SK @ KS

Your line, ‘…in which the brains can stir like fishes in the ocean ‘, is so original!

1/19 Judge@ Team

I set up a sample page of how our different country pages could look. sample 

I would like some input on this. We should keep moving along with our plans. I have a professor and an education writer and facilitator from Australia that would like to become members.

The professor has set up a separate account for the foundation. The owner of the account needs to be located in the US, so SK, The Prof. and I are in discussions about this.

Once we have some country pages set up we can start recruit authors to join our cause,

1/20 AK@ Judge

It’s a very good idea. I set up a page for the Germanspeaking section of the Knol Author Foundation. Sorry, Judge, that I use your idea, but not your sample. In this case Germanspeaking makes more sense as German (until now), because we have only a few active German knol-authors and there are less authors from Austria and Switzerland. But this German page is only a suggestion. I think, Kalle should feel free to create it.
@KS Kalle, you are the German Director. Please copy the content of the page in a new article under your name. I will immediately delete my knol then.

1-20 SK @ Team

The owner of the account can only be the foundation. Money will be spent with the approval of the whole board. Any withdrawl will have to be signed off by at least two directors. There must be a way where two directors can sign electronically over long distances, if not then we will help the banks invent such a system. I as treasurer will have to keep the accounts. The headquarters will be in US and each country will have to have their own local account just as they will have to have their own local incorporation. I will open an account as soon as I have the tax ID number. Eventually we will have to operate a full account office.

If we act diligently we can harness the generosity of the American people and bring about real change in the world. We can open foundation centers all over the world where money from the richer centers can help run those in poor countries. Even some leaders like Senator Kerry and Mayor Booker of Newark, NJ right hand men of President Obama have liked my Wisdom Express which I will eventually merge with our foundation. Once we get going I can approach these leaders and even approach President Obama. He did not make any promises but he did like my concept of wisdom leadership. We can even associate it with the UN. So lets pull up our sleves and approve all that The Judge is proposing. He has my vote on all proposals.

1-20 JMC @ Team

Dear members, I countinuously read your messages and I am updated about all your decisions which I see all very wise and based in knowledge. I would like to give my insight about country pages. As I have seen, the pages are for countries. It is logical if you want to separate UK and US, but it seems useless in case of Spanish speaking countries because there are very few people from Spain, but a considerable amount of people from Spanish-speaking countries. When I created a group on Google, a Facebook profile and discussions around Knol on the web, I always tried to unify Spain and Latin-American countries. I think for this case would be better. Moreover, I do believe in a world without borders. We need to separate competences in order to be efficient, but I think it would be better to define the criteria to assign competences geographically. I would feel more useful if I am in charge of the Spanish language(as far as I can manage it) than Spain. If we have to divide it for administrative or legal reasons that would be ok, but in terms of knowledge, the only difference is the language. Therefore I would set up a “Spanish section” of the Foundation instead of a “Spain section”. I hope AK agrees in these terms because we are in a similar situation.

Let’s the knowledge have no borders.

1/20 Judge @ JMC & Team

Yes, I think it would be a good idea.  AK agrees below.

I am for an English speaking knol. I would like some more input from the members on this.
I agree. Knol is a world without borders.

1-21 KVSS

Congratulations SK and team members on incorporation of the foundation. I was on tour during the last four days and I could not post or edit when I tried at some convenient places. I am quite unhappy to see that knol is having only 140,000 visitors from US for a month. Why such a low figure? We need to assemble 100 authors with each having 10,000 page views a month. That should give us 1,000,000 page views a month.  I million page views a month has to be our immediate goal. We need to come out with strategy and supporting plans. Membership enrolment procedure is one more immediate step. Any initiative in any language-country could be initially a part of membership and viewership drive.

1-21 KS

@ SK
best time for calling : from dawn to dusk .
@ AK
done .
germanspeaking section
(macht 5 w :))

1-21 Judge @ KS & AK

I am getting off the subject of the foundation a lttle here. My favorite musical group of all time is from Germany. Tangerine Dream

They must be pretty big in your country.

1-21 SK @ KS

Every time I call there is a German speaking musical voice on the other end. Please email me your phone # again.
Also someone commented on my knol,
horniness-a-spreading-epidemic-that must be stopped
So I replied to that comment and also wrote an expanded answer as a knol, ‘
Dear Mr. Alan Spears: I wish more professional people like your noble self would criticize my knols
Please read this knol and tell me what you think.

1-21 KVSS

There is question on Knol Question and Answer Board by an author probably 21.1.09
26. Is there a way to delete or alter author’s selection of favorite knols
Can somebody answer.

I am trying to develop knols having branches of knowledge. My idea is to come out with large number of areas in which knols can be written and find out which areas are having large number of knols and which areas are having less number of knols and also find their page view patterns.

Branches of Knowledge – (A to D) [Accounting to Dynamics of Machinery)

Branches of Knowledge – (E to H) [Ecology to Hydraulic Machinery]
Any additions to the areas are welcome.

1-21 AK@The Judge

As I was very young, in the seventies, electronic music was my favourite. I loved Ashra, Klaus Schulze and Tangerime Dream, but then punk was coming (in Germany Nina Hagen) and I gave all my albums away. Today Tangerime Dream has a name although I guess younger people even don’t now them.

1-22 KS

@ SK (german speaking musical voice)
we can communicate on knol or on email . it’s much cheaper .
btw. i don’t think Alan Spears will answer you and that’s the real problem .
he wants to polemise, but he doesn’t want to communicate .
however, there came a question in my mind : why -2,-1,+1,+2 and not 1,2,3,4 ?
@ Judge (tangerime dream)
l’m not that expert on music .
songs, i liked in the seventies :

  • when i was young (eric burdon)
  • susan (leonard cohen)

Michael McNally @ KVSS

I answered the question “Is there a way to delete or alter author’s selection of favorite knols”. And II wrote a knol on the Favorite Knols feature.

Also, here is a search to approximately answer the question about knols with > 100k visitors .
(Knol isn’t really designed for short Q&A, though. That isn’t a use case we’ve specifically tried to support.)

1-22 KVSS@ MM

Thank you.
Your prompt responses make me and other authors increase their commitment to knol. Questions and answers are necessary to promote interaction with seekers of knowledge. We as an author community will attempt to provide that feature. We do not trouble you for every small thing.

KVSS@Author Community

Congratulate Keven Spaulding.
His knol “The Self “is the first knol to get 100,000 page views.

The Self
By Kevin Spaulding
Views: 104540
Comments: 5 Published version: 14 Edited: Jan 1, 2009 7:09 AM
13 Ratings

We need more such inspiring news items and celebrate one achievement after another of knol authors

1-22 SK @ KS

why -2,-1,+1,+2 and not 1,2,3,4 ? Your thinking is similar to my mentor, Prof. Chomsky of MIT. He suggested the same thing. But I feel that I need to emphasize the destructive negativity of the premature and immature minds.

1-22 Judge Visitors

Go to the knol author foundation to join our foundation. There is an email link to sign up.

1-22 KS@ Judge (knol author foundation) the email link does not react .
there is a medley between the names of JMC and PG .
on my biopage there is a return link to bulletin board . will that do ?
@ SK
yes, but i don’t think, that an embryo is destructive .
i fully agree . on line there are no nationalities but there are different languages .

1-22 Judge

I just tested the email link on the foundation page and it works for me. Could other members send me a test message?

1-22 SK

@ KS
You are right an embryo is not destructive but what I am talking about here is not the embryo I am talking about the embryo level mind in an older person.
@ Team
I think our time is coming! :One of the biggest aims of my life has been to wake up the American people to what is wrong in our upbringing. To make us change from our trophy self image driven life to our pure self. I have been blogging about this for ever, even on President Obama’s campaign site. I even gave him my ideas on this. And I am so thrilled that in his inauguration speech President Obama has mentioned our theme that we Americans will have to change!

1-23 KVSS

I included the link in my bio with the statement member of knol author foundation.

Shall we declare some thoughts as our commitment to knol visitors as members of the foundation.
1. We believe in the utility and value of electronic publishing.
2. We are committed to providing accurate and reliable data, information and explanation in our knols.
3. Our mission is to provide material useful to knol visitors – knowledge seekers.
4. We will be active knollers – We respond to comments on our knols – We respond to edits of our knols as quickly as possible. Many of us are not professional writers. So visitors may have to bear with the occasional delays due to preoccupation of authors with their main professions.
5. We as active knollers will contribute to others’ knols to improve them and enrich them.
6. We will provide references to various facts so that readers can cross check the facts from basic sources.
7.We will endeavor to protect the copyrights of authors in various media and if any objection is raised by any author in respect of any of knols we will take appropriate action to remove the material from the knol.
8. We as knol authors and foundation members will not click on any advertisment on knol.
9. We are happy with the knol platform and are committed to knol as a publishing platform and will put in our best efforts to make it a useful wiki-based knowledge base.

@Team members
Change or add as required so that we can finalize and post in our members and foundation pages.

I made a beginning for telugu version of knol author foundation page

1-23 AK

Tonight I get my 50,000th pageview 🙂

A good idea! I can subscribe every point. But I want to be free to click to knol-advertisment.

1-23 SK

@ AK
@ Prof.
Please email me your fax #. I need your signature on the form for IRS.

1-23 KS

@ SK (embryo level)
i agree .
did you really talk with noam chomsky ?  for me he is the greatest .
@ AK
ich nähere mich dem 5000th 🙂
wir sollten erik preusker vorschlagen, ein deutschsprachiges board einzurichten und torsten hesse einladen, daran teilzunehmen .
@ Judge
the name medley is still there .
@ Prof.
we should propagate whuffy as the internet currency .

1-23 KVSS @AK

100,000 knols published so far.

1-23 Judge @ Team 

Does anyone know what name medley AK is talking about?
From KS below-there is a medley between the names of JMC and PG on the main page.

1-23 SK @ KS

This was the start of a beautiful dialouge with Prof. Chomsky. He gave me 45 minutes but the meeting lasted over one hour. We even had lunch together in his office. And we have communicated ever since by phone and email. He says he finds my work intriquiging and always looks forward to reading any of my new ideas. He liked my work enough to consider writing a joint paper with him! He says however that I will not succeed as I am an ‘outsider’ and I am all over just as he says he is. What can I do? My simple hypothesis has hundreds of applications, notice how my knol, ‘economic crisis’ is coming up #1 ever since I put it up, as is ‘human nature’, and all my stuff is coming up on 1st page whether it is on, Jesus, Buddha or Muhammad. And ofcourse 80+ of the first 100 knols on wisdom are mine.

—– Original Message —–
From: “Noam Chomsky”
Subject: Re: An invitation to write a joint paper
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 16:38:44 -0400

Dear Sajid Ali Khan,
I would be happy to set something up, but I am sending caveats to all these days, as Prof. Chomsky’s wife is ill, and we are likely at any point to have to cancel something at the last minute. Having said that, I would like to offer you one of the following times. It would be best to call a couple of days prior, to confirm.
Friday, September 14, at noon or 2 pm
Friday, September 21, at 1 or 2:30 pm
Tuesday, October 2, at noon or 1:30 pm
Please let me know which time best fits your schedule.

1-23 AK

There are now official Badges and Awards and this Knol is an official Quality-Knol.

1/24 SK @ Prof.

I can sign as secretary so please don’t look for the fax. Thanks.

1/24 Judge @ AK

I fixed the name medley. I haven’t figured how to make email link work on firefox yet.

1-24 KS @ Judge (email link)

on konquerer(suse) it works, on firefox(suse) it doesn’t work .

1/24 KS @ SK

here is an article of mine which is strongly inspired by noam chomsky 🙂

1/24 SK @ KS

I have tried to improve the translation the best I can. However the following I could not change so you change it: ‘an unseperated knowledge network‘ can become ‘A cohesive knowledge network’ and
how can we help more people to have a better access to better education ?‘ can become: ‘How can we have cutting edge education accessibility for more people?

1/24 KVSS

We can feel happy that one of our programs knol competitions is launched by knol. We need to make efforts to bring it to the notice of large number of potential authors.

Badges and awards is a good initiative. Let us find from it material to highlight specially in this bulletin board and congratulate the authors involved. We need to appreciate Kalle Schwarz for making the knol beautiful and neat on a continuous basis.

Regarding our member commitment, only Mr. Kemper commented so far. It will be good if we discuss and finalize and place it on our foundation knol. We will kickstart the membership enrollment process. Will Kemper take charge of membership enrollment as director for authors?

I recently started number of knols on the topic of management of political parties. In relation to them I started an open collaboration knol today.

Improving the Processes and System of Democracy

I look forward to your views and opinions on democracy in the knol.

I completed the initial posting of my branches of knowledge knols.

Branches of Knowledge – (A to D) [Accounting to Dynamics of Machinery)
Branches of Knowledge – (E to H) [Ecology to Hydraulic Machinery]
Branches of Knowledge – (I to K)
Branches of Knowledge – (M to P)
Branches of Knowledge – (Q to T)
Branches of Knowledge – (U to Z)

There are many more branches which can be listed there. Please add the ones that you think are relevant.

1/24 KS

@ SK
let me give you 5 w for this .
then we can write :
whuffy : SK : 15 , KS : 145
@ Prof
i think, the html work could also be done by google knol . couldn’t it ?

1/24 MBP Lee (Access to Better Education)

SK this problem has been with us even since the days of Moses and has not changed. Because in more of the world today, including India, and America “it is the blind guiding the blind.” If your teachers and intellectuals are ignorant, then you are teaching ignorance and prejudices and so the world will not progress. Sorry, you will not achieve it in this lifetime.

1/24 SK @ MBP Lee

It is education that has brought mankind this far. The emphasis has been on math and science. Now I think with the help of people like you we will gradually eradicate the ignorance that we continue to carry in our brains! With the help of the internet we will aim to make emotional intelligence education as common as learning one’s mother tongue. Once we wake up the leaders to the potential of wisdom education we may not totally succeed but we can still improve the life of a significant section of mankind.

1/24 Judge @ MBP Lee

You are listed as a knol member under UK. Can you send me your email address? We are trying to get a master list of the members. It will not be published publicly. knolfoundation @

1/24 KVSS

We do not make the emails public. Right. We make the list of members public.

Let me once again repeat. We have to make the how to context a big success. I hope Judge will post his entry. He has many how to knols already. Sajid should post Improving EI for Dummies. I keep telling him to come out with detailed steps. His book may come out now Improving EI for Dummies. All the best sir. Every one of us who has time needs to send an entry. And we have to encourage many potential authors to send entries for this contest.

When knol admn takes over bulletin board, I am sure they will automate many things. For each entry a separate box may come automatically.
What is Whuffy and Google gold. There are interesting words but I did not learn about them so far. You wrote knols on them. I have to see. What is the area of your knol writing?

1/24 AK

I wrote a new template: Continued-Knols Template (in german: Fortsetzungs-Knol Template). I’m not sure, if it’s the right term. It’s a template for Knols which are continued over a lot of Knols.

1/24 KS

@ Prof
when knol admn takes over bulletin board, a further step could be done . a separate box may automatically make the entry a subknol, with google knol as its owner . then on bulletin board there is only the contens list and we can click on it to read a special knol .
about whuffy . the mechanism for converting whuffy to money is making pledges and convert them into
google gold
@ SK & MBP Lee
i agree to SK, and i agree to MBP Lee in the point, that the system is blind and if the system is blind, you can’t make it able to see again . but i hope, we have open eyes and i hope, google has .
if we can unite, that will do .
@ AK
uwe buchholz (UB) has joined german authors .
 i’ll ask him to host a board for us .

1/24 SK

I posted two knols, how-to know understand and become your true self (this link is from the general knols which I have deleted and I have now posted it in knol for dummies). and How to know, understand and master your shypower
@ KS and MBP Lee
If the system is blind we cannot leave it at that. In fact a huge section of humanity struggles due to being stuck at a lower brain/mind level. They don’t know how to get out of their emotional mess. At the very least if we can awaken this section it will be quite an accomplishment.
@ Prof.
I realize that my original work is expressed in a sloppy formatted way. I will gradually improve and the knol I am writing for the dummies competition I will write with your advice in mind. Thanks.

1/25 KVSS

Sent mails to around 72 US citizens regarding knol competition. There were participants of New York State Economic Association Meeting that I attended in 2007. I shall inform some more of my class mates who are in USA.
I request our team to inform many people through email the info. of the contest.
In number of blogs once again there are entries on knol due to knol contest as well as knol announcement that 100,000 knols were published already. Please have a look at them using blog search and write appropriate comments.
All the best sir.
Big and Book Size Knol Template could be more appropriate title. The template is interesting. I am writing number of things as chapters. May be I can insert this template and rewrite the knols. Mr. SK may use the template for his dummies knol if it is a big knol.
@Team members
Do we need to have weekly one common discussion on foundation board? Every Sunday or Monday all 7 of us can discuss on an agenda put forward by our secretary and treasurer. Then we can post the summary of discussion in foundation information board knol.

1/25 KVSS

My comments on a Blog on Knol
Interesting Options that Knol Offers to Authors

Nice to read the article. Google knol provides authors interesting options compared to other available publishing platforms.

It is a credible publishing platform as it is sponsored by the top internet company of the world.

It is wiki based and hence provides the collaboration option to bloggers. Many people say it is a blogger. Yes it is a wiki-blogger.

Adsense is the most reputed digital ad agency and knols will have it automatically. So monetization of the articles is taken care of by knol.

Knol imposes more discipline on authors compared to blogger and provides more resources also.

But still authors are free to experiment and express things in their own way. At worst, the knols will not get exposed to public. Their knols will be low down in knol search results.

It is a good platform for collaborative writing involving professors, current students, and alumni. I want to use this feature and develop content in my subjects.

I wish knol all the success. Of course I am deeply involved in it.


1/25 Michael McNally

I am interested in the question: how can Knol do a better job supporting conversations, discussions, bulleting boards and Q&A between knol readers and authors. Here is the page: Improve knol discussions — a call for feedback 

1/25 Judge

Read the comment on my knol non-profit organization. The comment makes sense. If we have shares of stock we cannot be a non-profit. I am not a lawyer and I don’t want to have the IRS coming after me for taxes owed.
After reading quite a bit about S corporations, which we are set up as, someone has to pay taxes on the profits. Go to this link to check out the facts. I think much more research has to be done on this before we move forward. This also has to be approved by the IRS
As to having a weekly discussion, that is a good idea. There is a chat room on the message board we could use. A Sunday may be a good idea with everyone being in different time zones. I can’t chat during my working hours, so a day everyone is off would be best, I think.

1/25 SK

The IRS will never come after a few pennies. I will still look into it.

1/25 Judge @ Team

We now have an Italian Knol Foundation page. Welcome Silverio Carugo.
I have also modified Knol Author Foundation page. 
We now have Foundation pages in 32 languages using Google Translation. I am hoping we can get authors to join in those languages so they can re-translate the page properly.

Judge @ SK

That may be true about the IRS, but if this gets big they will.

1/26 KVSS

The new foundation page looks good.
Mr. Mcnally’s comments show that there is an alternative way of implementing bulletin board. Knol admn can start a central bulletin board system very easily without much effort.

Please write a big knol in knol for dummies.
I made a knol on hunting as a part of my braches of knowledge series and linked may be three knols of yours. I shall link more of your knols. I am making all knols of this series open collaboration so that knol authors can link their knols as well as update the knols frequently.

I request all our team members to propose one quality knol for January list of 15 in the knolympics knol

1/25 SK

I just added one more knol ‘How to live your life’ in the dummies series.

1/26 PG

I just proposed some translation adjustments to the Foundation page in French, but I did not have access to the title and subtitle .
It should be called “Fondation des auteurs de knols en français”

1/26 KS @ PG

you may copy the following line (by Cntrl C) :
klick on “write a knol” .
klick the second option (knol from template) .
enter the knol adress (by Cntrl V) .
create knol .
tell us the new adress , so the judge can delete the original knol and change the link .

1/26 Judge @ PG

After you have a new address, I will change the French link to your knol and delete mine.

Judge @ Team- What do you think of the Prof. suggestion to have a chat on a Sunday or Monday to discuss our agenda for the week? I think it is a good idea. I would be available Sunday 7am to 9pm CST in the US, or 4am to 6am and 5pm to 10pm. We need to get something set up.

We also need to decide how we will jump start the registration of knol authors.

A central bulletin board by knol admin would be a good idea.

1/26 KVSS

I made use of Kemper’s continued knol template and made a framework for directory of management concepts. Now I have three knol projects on hand. Management knowledge revision knols, Branches of Knowledge Knol series, Management concept knols. Enough work for an year or two.

I thought of a term for knol language JIN – Just initiated Knol (work in progress)

I think knol should be come a knowledge front for google. The knol home page can have many more access buttons to knowledge initiatives launched by google. Google news, Google books, google scholar etc. There can be a knol tube (selections related to knowledge from you tube). There can be access to current papers and access to some periodicals. Thereby a visitor to google knol page gets a full suite of knowledge sources at a single location.

1/26 SK @ The Judge

We were not filed as a corporation, we were filed as a nonprofit and we have no shares. The shares mentioned are just symbolic.

1/26 KVSS

Issue clarified on non profit I hope.
Shall we start using comments feature as bulletin board facilty? As suggested by McNally.

1/26 SK @ Prof.

I was ready to leave. You inspired me to stay. And you have guided me from the beginning. I wrote a new knol, ‘How to live your life.’ I had written my usual length but you again guided me to write a bigger knol. I was thinking mindfully how to expand. So I opened the bible randomly and the most beautiful quote was looking at me! So thanks to you this is the addition:

Even the purest of the pure Jesus had to go through the learning process. It was only later that he became The Christ. In the above quotation I am decoding Christ as the pure humanness in each one of us. The bottom line is this pure divine knowledge . This knowledge is all that counts! If we know, understand and actualize this knowledge we become our full human potential.
  This pure humanness, this Christ is the real currency of life. An authentic life you can buy only with authentic currency! So if you want true happiness, the real pure pleasures of life you will have to have the currency to buy it with. There are only two realities in this world – Heaven and hell. All other realities are a mixture of the two. And The Christ (Pure knowledge himself) clearly said you cannot buy heaven with the currency of hell. It’s like trying to buy life in the US with a Zimbabwe currency. And this bottom line currency is the real you. Your pure self is the unlimited bank account with which you can buy eternal time, eternal pleasure and an authentic life. Because when you try to buy happiness with a polluted you then the pure happiness is polluted too and you wonder that in spite of all these accomplishment and wealth and accumulated trophies why you cannot be satisfied. Because authentic life satisfactions cannot be bought with a partly fake you.
  Both heaven and hell are right here on earth. It is like two different countries, two different markets. Which one will be real for you depends on which currency you have to buy life with. The very process of the ‘I’ and the ‘Me’ in you is a creation, a projection of the brain. And the brain can be divided roughly into the following, which means the quality of your ‘youness’ is as follows:

1) Premature brain (-2). This level brain will project a -2 you. So the currency of life that you buy your life with will also be -2
2) Immature brain (-1). This level brain will project a -1 you. So the currency of life that you buy your life with is also -1.
3) Mature brain (+1). This level brain will project a +1 you. So the currency of life that you buy your life with is also +1.
4) Super mature brain (+2). This level brain will project a +2 you. So the currency of life that you buy your life with is also +2.

  So try to understand that all other things being equal it is the same market place of life for all. One comes to the market with a few dollars and those too not real dollars and tries to buy authentic life. Another comes with a weak foreign currency so again has little success buying real life. Still another comes with a lower currency so he has mixed results in the market place of life. Then the ones who come with the true currency get what they want for their real currency of life is the pure you. The real dollar of the heavenly market place of life.
Life has laws. She bends them for no one. So if you want to create and live your true life you will have to develop your brain power to the +2 super mature level.
  So what is the secret of living an authentic life? Develop your humanness to its full potential. Become the real you by getting rid of the self image.
 Don’t let your lower brain level self image cloud your power, your strength, your source, your force etc., etc. …Get rid of it!! Please also read my knols on wisdom and related insights of others.

As a small token of my appreciation I would like to give you 100 ws. As I believe we will eventually together make the knol platform more real than eBay. I would like to make my ws real. So anytime you want to convert your 100 ws you can exchange them for 100 US dollars. You can spend this money here just tell me what you need and I will send it to you or I can send the 100 dollars to you.

1/26 Judge @ SK

Everything I have read we need to be approved by the IRS to be a non-profit. Takes on average of 2 to 6 months. This will need to be done.

1/26 SK @ The Judge

The eventual approval may take even longer. But we can get the non-profit # sooner it will be a kind of a pending #. In my earlier message I have mentioned that it is a few steps and remember I had said that we each have to write a page. That stage is coming soon. How do you like my knol, How to live your life?

1/26 PG @ KS & The Judge

Thanks for your advice on how to make changes to the French foundation knol. Here is the new address #

1/26 Judge @ PG

The change has been made. The French knol is now under your control.

1/26 SK @ Team, Congratulations!

We have an approval for a non profit status from the IRS. The 501 (C) 3 # is 30-0528703. I have put this # on the knol author foundation cover page. I have been told that I will be getting further information for the next steps in about a week. The foundation is now approved officially by the State of New Jersey and the IRS and is now legal all the US.
@ The Judge
Please don’t worry about the tax issues. That will be my job. You just keep making your excellently creative magic.

1/27 KVSS

Whuffy : Wow, I am happy

1/27 SK

@ KS
I am trying to put up the incorporation certificate on the foundation page but I can’t. Can I email it to you and you put it up?
@ Team
This # will work only in the US. The foundation will have to be incorporated in every country separately.
Once we have the official seal of the corporation (It is in the mail and I will receive it soon) we can start stamping our own seal of approval on our quality knols (actually the Professor’s idea).
If you have the time to incorporate in Mumbai then I have people who can finance it there. I will email you their phone #.

1/27 KS

@ SK
the foundation page is no open collaboration . so you must email to the judge .
@ 1/26 KVSS @ KS (comments feature)
if it is good for our group we should do that . but i don’t think so . what does the others think ?
Prof : yes/no ; Judge : yes/no ; SK : yes/no ; AK : yes/no ; JMC : yes/no ; PG : yes/no ; KS : no .
can i write this in a comment ? no !
@ PG
superbe . let me give you 5 w for making this page .

1/27 KVSS

Let us do some good work from this foundation first. Let us enrol substantial number of members.
We got the idea of foundation page in various languages. It is good idea generated by the combination of Judge and Kemper. May be some others also contributed to it.

Let us initiate a good periodic online and personal dialogue between knol admin, foundation admin and members and do some noteworthy things which are appreciated by many persons and reported in the press.

My comment on Knol on

I liked knol the first day I saw it on blogger dash board. Many people say articles on knol have no quality. Many potential writers do not write because they fear somebody will find errors in their articles and criticize them. Blogs have removed the fear and there are many blog articles which are worth more for certain readers than the writings of professional writers in well known periodicals.

Knol certainly provides a platform for many. The example that Cutts has given for preferring knol over blog is a valid. A blog is forgotten if the owner is not updating it periodically. A knol will be there all the time.

Comment that google is a technically strong company is valid. Google made a technical platform available to potential authors. It does take time, for good authors to emerge and use the facility effectively and give very good content to readers. Why are people criticizing google for providing the technical platform? Is it wrong to provide the platform?

Is it wrong to build a playground if good players are not in the locality? Some persons start using the ground and some coaches may use the ground and good players emerge.

1/27 KS

as Luis Pereira said : Social Semantic Web is the future and Google recognizes this. Both Knol and SearchWiki are key products for their long term initiatives in this arena.

SK @ Team

One of the main reasons of forming this foundation is to help those knol writers who are struggling in  the poorer sections of the world. And here in America we can now get health insurance through group health insurance. We can look into the advantages that other journalist/writer organizations enjoy and try to get them for our members.

1/28 KVSS

Interesting suggestion from SK. Once we develop membership of foundation, we can look at welfare issue and this suggestion of group insurance can be taken up.

I came to know from Mr. Peter Baskerville that knol made list of top 800 quality knol authors. How can one access the list. In badges knol, is there a button with which one can access the list?

I keep on searching the web for posts on knol. Even today, many criticize knol saying the quality of entries is poor. Basically right from the inception, knol is subjected to criticism. A lot of it is because many web sites are threatened to some extent by the development of free platform like knol. That brings a large number of freelancers into the publishing world and they provide some competition to the existing web sites. And as the publising platforms like knol simplify publishing process, many more authors get into publishing. If authors have to write html, and then upload files through FTP, they will not venture into it. I tried once to start a web site and I know the hassles of it.

By creating quality badges and declaring 800 of its authors quality authors, knol puts a brake to the critics on the quality front. Knol has 800 quality authors. Many more quality authors will appear in next 6 months. And some of the present quality authors may develop into super quality authors. Of course die hard critics will find another reason.

I suggested that “bag of knols” is a meaningful term and we can have super quality knol bag, quality knol bag, new knol bag etc. and the visitors can open the bag they want to and browse the knols in that bag.

1/28 SK

I wrote 7 knols for the Dummies series they were really getting a lot of hits by my standards but they all got axed. Can some one help me find out why these were axed. I had planned to write 50 knols on ‘How to know, understand and become one’s true self’. Should I continue or stop?

1/28 AK

Please vote for the best Knols in January 2009: Knolympics

1/28 KVSS

I hope there is no age restriction. There is a template given for how to knols, I think.
Don’t write 50. At max write only five. But make them big and detailed. Make them really for dummies. Give steps of going about and increasing or improving something. Follow Norman Vincent Peale – The Power of Positive Thinking.
Whenever a knol is flagged, it will be a good practice to send a warning by email to the owner of the knol.

1/28 KVSS
Yes please add and vote the best knols for January 2009

1/28 SK @ KS

You must also mention who the pledge is by. I have pledged 100 ws to The Prof.. You have pledged 300 ws of your own money. But in all of this every one is geting ws for their fine work except you. So I am pledging you 20 ws.

1/28 KS @ SK

wow , I’m happy ! you are really wise !
likewise Jesus was (is) the best and greatest role model for all men, i hope, our good example will “make school” (German expression :))
btw, you too have pledged 120 ws of your own money, didn`t you ? #
(another possibility : you gave me 15 ws of your own whuffy and 5 ws by pledges) .
but you are right . money is only whuffy (and vice versa) when it is given to someone else . so i have to correct my figures .

(found this article : Barack Obama As Mystic)

1/29 SK @ KS

Whuffy is whuffy especially whuffy that comes from the master (KS) himself then it cannot be exchanged with mere money. Your 15 ws that you gave me are priceless for me. The Obama article is interesting. Thanks.

1/29 KVSS

Happy that Whuffy is in circulation. Developing happiness in oneself and making others happy is an emotional capability. One of the present gurus of India, Sri Sri Sri Ravi Sankar says his nature is to be joyful and laughing.

I do not see participation from Sajid, KS, Peter Greenfinch and Jesus Carlos on proboard. We can discuss important issues in the private area for founders there. I proposed weekly meeting either through chat or offline comments and replies to an agenda announced by secretary. We need to maintain communication channels with members, among foundation board and with knol admin.

Thanks to Mr. Kemper’s continued knols template, I made a directory of management concepts. I updated my knol on emotional intelligence. It is an open collaboration knol. I request you to add your knols on emotional intelligence to the list of knols that I included in it.

I find knol still does not have a comprehensive and popular knol on emotional intelligence. Somebody has to attempt it. Potential authors in our immediate circle – SK, Kemper and Peter Greenfinch.

1/29 KS

@ Prof. (let us enrol substantial number of members)
thats indeed the basic . but we must learn to act as a group . so we must learn to concentrate on one person .
what about murry-shohat ?
btw. you are a rich man (whuffy spoken) . what about to make AK laughing (knols template) ?
@ SK (knol writers who are struggling in  the poorer sections of the world)
let us try to get them for our members.
@ Judge (a central bulletin board by knol admin would be a good idea.)
i thought MMN would answer to this, because you are our knol star . perhaps we need more votes to give the voice of the knol star more weight .
@ PG
what do you think of mounting yourself into our knol star structure (see above) ?

1/29 Judge @ Team

@KVSS – I agree, it is necessary that all founders give their input to make this work. Please visit the proboard and give your ideas and views.
@ Team – The Prof. proposed a chat on Sundays or Mondays. I wrote below when I would be available. None of the founders responded. Without communication channels between us open, and our ideas being discussed, things will not progress as we would like.
I have been seeking members by writing comments on their bio pages. I few have signed up. We all need to work together on this.
Without members, the great ideas of the Prof. in our aims and objectives will not happen.
Visit proboard, and let us set up a weekly chat. Since the US is behind the rest of the founders in the time zones, I propose we chat Sun. morning US time, which would be in the afternoon for the rest of the founders. Is this a good idea?
Our Greek page had a contributer that changed some translation, and I am talking with an author that may take over the Russian Foundation page. Things are proceeding.

1/29 SK @Team

I have a new exciting knol The Science of Common Sense; Proven wisdom is common
I was googling to see if such a science exists. I did not find any science of common sense. I would like to invite the founding members to be my partners in this project. This is a big opportunity to create a new subject that teaches common sense. I have the basic plan ready. Please read this knol and all those founders who agree to join me in this ambitious project I will send you an invitation to become a co-author. I am unable to publish this knol. It is not coming up on ‘Whats New?’.

1/29 PG @ KS

The knol star structure is a bit mysterious for me. How does it work?

1/29 AK

What do you think about this templates for translations:
Notice-Box for Knols Waiting for Translation

1/29 Judge @ AK

I like it. Easy to understand

1/29 PG @ SK

It is true that there is no science of common sense, but there is a lot of research in neurosciences that tries to show what brain areas and secretions (dopamine…) are active in decision making and for example how emotions might override rational thinking (see behavioral bias). Some philosophic topics are also related such as logic (logical fallacies…), rhetoric, yin yang vs. Aristolelian binary logic… Another thing is that “common sense” seems to suggest that ideas that are common to most people are wise. But many common ideas spread because of social learning and mimetism and when you dig deeper you see that they lack serious bases. In French we use the phrase “bon sens” (good sense) instead or common sense, which doesn’t means of course that we have good sense ;-).

1/29 KS @ PG

imagine that knol is a brain . the knols are the neurons , the links are the synapses , and we are the mind .
common sense then is given by conformity in our group . this is done by decision making .
but we must learn , that in an online group there is no pressure . if i don’t react to something, i don’t need to justify . so, how then can we make decisions ? if we don’t come to an agreement, perhaps we may agree that our knol star will decide after all . this is the idea behind the knol star voting . give me one name from the seven on that page and i will mount you . as a demonstration of the structure you may look here .

1/30 PG @ KS

Thanks. I think I grasp the idea. I choose your name.

1/30 KS @ PG

i’m honored et avec votre permission i myself will move to the judge because otherwise the judge and AK are both knol star . so we need a tie brake .

1/30 PG @ KS

Sehr schön 🙂

1/30 DB

The judge told me to stop by here and give my thoughts. I have co-authored several of his works. It looks like all of you are putting a lot of time into this and it is a great idea. I am having my name set up as a USA author and I will try to spread the word. I would like to vote knol star for the Judge

1/31 KVSS

My Whuffy appreciation.

Sajid for initiating contact with me. He initiated our contact.
Kalle Schwarz: He responded to my scribbling in Kemper’s bio and took the initiative forward. Especially bulletin board has a neat format. Of course Whuffy is his contribution to knol language.
Judge: Once he came into the team, he accelerated the process. He is the most accomplished knol author among us. He wrote a large number of knols and they have excellent content. His experience as a successful webmaster was reflected in his knol.
Kemper: He is creative and active. His continued knol template really gave me the foundation on which now I developed framework for two directories. Management concept directory and Investment concept directory.
Peter Greenfinch: He keeps on editing my knols. He is a knowledgeable person in various fields. I hope he and Kemper participate with Sajid in deloping material on common sense, emotional intelligence and wisdom.

I am sure the knol whuffy appreciation list will get extended and more entries will come. Whuffy has value when it reaches the other man. The loop must be completed. One person makes you happy. You make the other person happy by ackowledging his role in making you happy.

Will you be happy to transfer the bulletin board knol some body else? It will be good to rotate, till either knol author foundation takes it or knol admin takes it.

New knols
In a day around 500 knols are getting edited or new knols are being started. Is it a good figure?
I think we must have 1000 new knols per day and separately 1000 existing knols getting edited.

My new knols   part of management concept knols.

Sports Engineering branches of knowledge knols

Can you post an agenda for discussion in knol board and chat room.

1/31 KS @ DB

i give you a hearty welcome .
the prof asked me to transfer the bulletin board knol some body else . are you interested ? it’s good for your ranking 😉

1/31 AK

I wonder why I get at friday so much impressions for my Knols. The answer is: Google is promoting Knol. At Google-Search you can read now “Share what you know. Write a Knol.

1/31 KVSS

Can you post an agenda for discussion in knol board and chat room.
Yes, google search is showing knol. I feel knol must have a different home page for knol visitors and knol authors. They can have a home page with for knol authors and for visitors. The visitors page will have features that facilitate a visitor to find knowledge he is seeking. The authors page will have information that facilitates authors in writing good knols.
The home page is changed slightly. They are not showing 20 to 25 knols that they were showing earlier. I used to find out interesting knols from that list. I don’t know why they stopped showing the list.

1/31 SK

@ Team
On each countries/language foundation page can we post the theme of our foundation: To help knol authors help their countries become better. They can be the founders of a new era for their countries. I will soon post a sample on the American page.
@ Prof.
I will post the agenda soon. I will need a little time.

1/31 Judge @ Team

Welcome aboard Erik van Luxzenburg. He has taken over the Dutch Foundation page from us.

Thanks Dark Magus for re-translating the Russian Foundation page for us. He will be helping us as time permits and may have a friend that will take over the page.

We now have directors for seven languages with the Russian page soon to be handed over.

I agree with KVSS, we need an agenda for discussion.

I will be in the chatroom tomorrow at 8AM CST in the US, for anyone that is available.

I am normally active everyday on knol, but I will be gone snowmobiling with our crew in the northwoods of Wisconsin and Michigan from Wednesday to Monday. We have taken 1 or 2 trips a year for the past 15 years.

I have added sub-boards on the forum for each of the different languages.

.< board 2009


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