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7/16 SK @ KS

It belongs to our full team.

7/16 KS @ KVSS

to whom belongs the KAF-page . is it still to Randy K.?

7/16 SK @ KS

“In your anger do not sin”: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry. – Ephesians 4:26
“I know that my marriage looks like the picture of success, but behind closed doors of my private castle, life is very different.” – Patrick Morley in his book ‘The man in the mirror.’

Can you imagine an altruistic, selfless being having any such emotional problems? Emotional brain garbage is the fuel that causes all the emotional and behavioral problems. Reality/truth is +2. A -2 mind takes the +2 reality and interprets it as -2! Thus there is a huge disconnect with reality and the consequences of -2 perception is -2 behavior. On the other hand a +2 person takes a -2 event and deals with it in the best +2 manner possible. He does not let a -2 event make his behavior -2. So the way is to make your self +2.

However as Confucius said you do not have to be wise to know and act the wisdom way. Learn the +2 way and act on it! As knollers we must always be focused on sharing our knowledge with the world. Even if there are other knollers who may not like us and may even try to destroy us. We must always treat them with utmost respect and still give them their due.

I just noticed that our bulletin board now has 28 single stars! So there are just those who hate our board? These people should come out in the open and post their reasons why our board deserves a single star. But we have to ignore these ratings and continue to work in a +2 manner.

“Be patient…until the Lords coming” – James 5-7

If we are on the right path then eventually the Lord/truth will come through for us. I am sure reality/truth always wins and if we are right then victory will eventually be ours.

‘I hope SK comes out with a similar title on knol.‘ This is a very insightful book. I took a quick look on the web. The very subject matter covered shows that it takes into account all relevant subject matter. The essentials of life knowledge consist of two distinct and inter dependent competencies. The bottom line is the mastery of the ropes of life where the most essential is how to live your life and the equally important how to make your life. Thus becoming a master of your chosen profession and the master of your brain/emotional intelligence.

In business the most important factor is the expertise in your chosen field and almost as important is your emotional relationship with your ‘success factor threshold’. Which is dependent on your self image. Your self image determines your emotional relationship with your success factor. Your success factor partly determines the threshold of such life outcomes as your money position, even more so your emotional relationship with money, status and fame.

I am guessing this book covers all the essentials of emotional and regular intelligence. However the only new insight I can add to this is to again point out that even in business education we must include at least one chapter on a step by step outline specifying how to become a master of ones own emotional intelligence. More specifically we must aim straight for wisdom education. Just as MB said money is our 6th sense I can say that wisdom is our main sense! Look at the chaos in the world due to EBG controlled behavior. Look at the mess and cheating and rivalry in business due to our lack of wisdom education.

So even this book specificly needs a chapter on my wisdom education?

7/16 KVSS

Bulletin board – In the present format and ownership it is doing fine. If KS is bored with ownership he can change the ownership. But I do not see the need for it. Every body as on today knows the contribution of everybody else. We are a happy lot today. Let us continue it. I do not want any ownership now.
Mr. Baskerville stated in a comment on the knol help bulletin board that now knol has 230,000 knols. Great news. We will reach one million knol figure. Let us all join together and do some drive to achieve the target of knol authors, knols and knol visitors.
The latest entrant into centurion knollers is Patrice Bouyrat 
He wrote a comment on this knol (bulletin board) below and gave a short url for it.


In my directory project today I made subdirectories for all business related areas. I hope SK writes some knols on business issues and shares his knowledge with the world. I have a book with the title The Book of Business Wisdom. I hope SK comes out with a similar title on knol. A Knol Book on Business Wisdom from Sajid Khan (The New York Bull). Bull is person ready to invest in business. He has the knack of finding out profitable business investment opportunities.
Have a look at various topics in the business directory and give your ideas for more topics. My general criterion for including a knol is 500 page views. All subdirectory knols are on open collaboration. All authors are invited to add their popular knols to the appropriate subdirectory.
Only a week now for knol to complete its first year of public life.

7/16 KS @ SK

on true self / discussion (7/9) i wrote :
“first of all primal therapy review shows, that what SK is calling garbage, is a psychical defense, an armour against the attacks of life . the question is : is it possible to get rid of this armour without getting rid of the the attacks of life ? in the long run the answer seems : no ! (it’s like be naked in the winter)
but if we understand the team as a social womb we may ask : is it possible to get rid of this armour in our knol life ? and in the long run the answer seems : yes ! (our very own SK may show us how we can practise his method in our knol life)

so, show us the implications for our team .
in my dictionary i found for “naked” : in its birthday suit .
in a discussion with AK i wrote :
“what we need is especially communicative intelligence” (perhaps there is a better word for this)
so i think, what emotional intelligence is in real life, comunicatve intelligence is on knol .

7/15 SK

One of the most amazing writers I have found is Lin U Tung.  His book, ‘The importance of living’ is one of my favorite books. He even understood the essence of Indian wisdom. His book ‘The importance of India’ on Indian philosophy is as good as any. Even his book ‘The importance of China’ is just as good. Apart from the Bible that takes the cake when it comes to wisdom insights I found ‘The Sufis’ by Idries Shah extremely insightful.

@ KS
I am also voting for PG. I do not understand what you mean by ‘please show us the implications for our knol-life’.

7/15 AK

Jagadeesh M was an inspiration for me to write a Knol, which make the activities in Knol transparent. If you want, you can add your Feedburner:  Activities on Knol

7/15 KS @ SK

wisdom is  to implement the great in the small.
so, as i have written on true self / discussion (7/9), please show us the implications for our knol-life .

a new bulletin-board is the last possibility, if there is no other solution . you again propose KVSS, KVSS proposed PG and i proposed A .
i think, if we decide to make a new knol, we need a decision of our knol star .

7/15  KVSS

Had a look at the philosophy collection.
Wrote a new knol. Political Entrepreneurship – Startup Issues. A Knol Dialogue. Some questions and answers. Please answer some questions and write some more if needed. Do you want to more political workers?
Posted a subdirectory on books Knol Sub-Directory – Books – Interesting Knols. I feel there is a big scope to write reviews and summaries of books. I look forward to some book reviews on behavioral finance books from PG and books on Wisdom from SK. SK reads many books.

7/15 – SKS New collections

Please have a look at two new collections I published:
Philosophy knols collection
Theory of Evolution knols collection

7/15 Jag

Wrote How to setup Google Feedburner for knol to help Knol authors for easy integration 


7/14 SK @ KS

Let KVSS open a new bulletin board and then transfer all the data there.

Throughout this knol adventure I have sought your valuable opinion. I started the following knol but I did not publish it because some people may say that I am blowing my own trumpet. What do you think? After all I am trying to help leverage the latent wisdom talent on a universal scale and people think in terms of self mastery only for individuals I am stressing for self mastery for whole groups and countries. Countries can form their foreign and economic polices etc on +2 values. Wars and rivalries can be solved through wisdom. Peace is a fruit of the wisdom tree. With no wisdom tree there is little real possibility of peace.

The importance of my work.
Ignore it at your own peril and at the peril of the whole world!
“What I think a great leader does, a great coach does , is understand what kind of talent you have and then you help people leverage that talent so they can achieve what they never thought they were capable of”. – David C. Novak in NY Times of 7/12. There is one talent that is almost universally present in each and every human being – the latent talent to become wise.

@KS and SKS
Look at all the original and cutting edge ideas I have and yet it is going nowhere. Without the support of people like you it will have even less affect. Once you become coauthor you have proven to be an effective master at taking good care of the knol. So please do not discount your own importance. KS you are just as essential to the Sages knol as I am; and as is SKS to the Wit knol.

7/13 KS

because of the rotation I do no longer want to be the first in the co-author list .
how can i remove myself without removing the page ?
@ SK
sorry for not reacting on your co-author invitation on Sages of Wisdom knol . this is because I think this knol is a very good and clever idea YOU had and because I write no one sentence I do not deserve to be named a “co-author”.
gratulation for mastering the header 🙂

7/13 – SKS removed myself from co-author of Wit knol

@A, SK and the rest of the company: I removed myself as a co-author from the Wit knol. This is because I think this knol is a very good and clever idea YOU had and because I write one sentence I do not deserve to be named a “co-author”. Unfortunately I do not have the time to be a co-author to other knol (actually I have little time to spend on my own knols…). But thanks anyway! I will continue posting, writting comments and being a co-author in this Knol!


I made it clear on this board once or twice that we will not have time at our disposal in many instances to contribute to many knols of which we are coauthors or which are open collaboration knols opened by various members. I am everyday seriously studying and writing knols on various subjects. Where is the time for me to look at other knols. But once in a while we glance at them and write a comment or two.
But sometime in the future our knol projects get completed and we will have more time to devote others’ projects. All the best with your knols. I am preparing subdirectories of various subjects and I find there are not many knols which have 500 page views in many subjects of management. Because you are MBA, I hope you can think of writing some knols on some topics in management.

Knol Sub-Directory – Management Subjects is the knol having various subdirectories on management subjects.

Any ideas on swot analysis of knol. 

7/13 Jag

You are welcome to read Knol on How to Optimize knol articles to Rank in First page. This is an open collaboration knol and looking for all your contribution in some means

SWOT Analysis of Knol

done by me (KVSS) in the knol
  • Started by Google Which is a savvy player in Website business domain.
  • Technical competence of Google in software as well as in efficienty using hardware to deliver exceptional service to website visitors.
  • Knol has positioned itself a knowledge site committed to promote online learning (It has not given undue importance to advertising). 
  • Late entry into the market with a well established market leader.
  • No special technology innovation in the platform.
  • Low key entry.
  • Lack of a visible “knowledge expert team” that is guiding the roll out.
  • Revenue model for authors (First year nobody made any significant revenue).
  • Many institutes have not provided publishing opportunity to their faculty.
  • PhD theses can be published on knol.
  • School/College/Institute/Alumni Magazines can have knol versions.
  • Management Development Course Modules can be hosted on knol.
  • While negative publicity has subsided it may resurface as competitors feel if they cannot attack now, there is no chance in the future.

I need inputs from many knol authors in making the analysis accurate and robust.

7/13 SK

@ KS
Again you have the last word!

I think I figured out why the banks are not lending money in spite of the huge financial help and pressure from the government.
Please post a comment on the above knol if you want to coauthor this knol.

All the banks are renegotiating old debts. My wife owed a bank 14,000.00. Her lawyer negotiated the loan down to 10,000.00. No bank in their right mind is going to lend money in this kind of environment where a company or individual may borrow money and then turn around and try to renegotiate a lower payment. I think the govt. has to funnel money through some semi-government agencies. If there are no such agencies then the govt. must create them. Or some creative way must be found where the banks must be forced to give out more loans to the very same people/businesses who have successfully renegotiated their loans down to paying back much less than they borrowed.

Suppose you lent a hundred dollars to someone and the situation is such that you are happy if he pays you back fifty. Then he comes back for another loan of a hundred dollars. You have already just lost by loaning him recently. Will give him another loan again? This is the situation the banks are in and you cannot blame them for hesitating to give loans to the very people who have caused them losses in the recent past. But unless businesses have more capital the economy will keep struggling and the economic crisis will continue.

Can our team come up with some solutions?

7/13 KVSS

A challenge to all knol authors? Please give your ideas?

How to come out of the present crisis – Money to consumers or money to business man? Is consumer in more distress or businessman in more distress? Should business man be allowed to become an employee? Should he be supported to survive as a businessman? What are the options for the society? Who should sacrifice now? Rich – Super Rich – Poor or super poor? Should government support big business firms, medium size businesses, small businessmen or employees who lost their jobs by direct subsidy to them?

7/13 KS @ SK

it’s only a click (information on your finger tip) and then they are on a better place than here, because they find the postings relating to the discussion in a more concentrated way .
here your postings are deep deep beneath in no more than three days and people will don’t look for them .

7/12 SK @ KS

You may add my postings to your knols but please don’t remove them from here. More people will read here and so I may get more knollers to join the discussion.

7/12 KS @ SK

you wrote :
“If you like you can add my above posting to your knol on primal therapy.
done with :  6/26 KS @ SK & KVSS | 6/26 SK @ KVSS | 6/26 SK | 7/7 SK | 7/10 SK @ KS
                | 7/11 SK @ KVSS | 7/12 KVSS @ SK
you can find the link in the “related knols” collection (see above) -> #11 -> #1 .
you can also look in my collections : -> Primal Therapy -> #1

7/12 KVSS

see  true self / discussion

My Knol Directory – List of Interesting Knol Lists project gave some interesting ideas. One of them is Knol Sub-Directory – Management Subjects. This directory of interesting knols on management points out that there are many subjects and topics on which knols are to be written by knol authors. The scope for writing knols is vast even now.
Second attempt is Mechanical Engineering – Knol Sub-Directory. This knol clearly shows that there is enormous scope for writing knols in the area of mechanical engineering. If you know some of your colleagues in these areas please inform the need and scope for writing knols.

7/11 SK @ KVSS

see  true self / discussion

I have converted this post into a knol ‘What is the brain and what is its fragrance?‘ please post a comment and I will invite you as co author.

@ PG, AK, SKS, MB and Team

Please join this discussion.

7/11 KVSS

I missed going to Landmark Forum. My Chairman, Motilal Oswal wanted as many employees as possible to go to Landmark Forum workshop. May be I shall attend in future. Now that SK recommends.

7/10 SK @ KS

see  true self / discussion

7/10 KS

@ A
if someone else would have said this, i wouldn’t have believed it 🙂
i do not really know primal therapy . my brother told me years ago and reading the articles of SK i remembered it . so i looked for it .

7/10 SK @ KVSS

see  true self / discussion

7/10 KVSS

Primal therapy is turning out to be very interesting reading and effort. Can you give references of books and articles. May be they are in German. We have to find English references. You can include you tube videos also. That will make it useful for readers.
Today I opened three knols
Slowly Knol Directory – List of Interesting Knol Lists is developing. I find interesting knols and many expert knol authors.
There is a recent  affirmative comment by a knol author on Goal of Knol: Knol Authors 100,000 – Knols 1 million – Top 100 Website. Knol will succeed if more authors believe in knol’s future.
There are many professors writing knols. I listed eighteen of them so far. Many more are there.
If you know more professors writing knols please add them.
I think emotional intelligence cannot be exclusively linked to wisdom. I wrote a comment in your recommended knol.
I find an undergraduate knol getting 9500 page views. Many knols of professors are no where near that number. Novices beating professionals in the knol market place! Interesting things occur when playgrounds are more accessible. Elites get shocking defeats. We have the movie “Lagaan” that captured that phenomenon. Villagers beating the military team in cricket. 

7/9 A @ KS

That’s a great piece of work you have there! I can’t really see any thing significant that I would change. Well-earned Whuffy.

7/10 KVSS

How to earn money on internet

is an interesting orkut community. Any other communities like that where we may promote knol.
In a hurry to go to office.

7/9 KS @ A

i know that the W100 (whuffy) are a writ to do more .
so i (very roughly) made a second translation, a review of the topic .
primal therapy review
if you can improve it you may tell me how many whuffy that makes .

7/9 SK

7/8 KVSS

Wisdom Day is an interesting idea. Why not start with celebrating wisdom day on Christmas? Next year it can be another wiseman’s birthday. We can rotate the day every year and do something to improve wisdom of ours as well as that of others. It may be intersting to collect a list of wise people (all will be certified ultimately by our wisdom coach) and do some thing to popularise their sayings and then of course if we feel  very strongly about some ideas, we may propose them as our ideas. We may be able to promote others’ ideas very strongly but our ideas we may only practice first.
If one considers Ramakrishna Parama Hamsa, in his lifetime there is very little promotion and more of practice. But subsequently it spread all over the world.
Today I came across interesting articles on film making and project management. I made two subdirectories.
I wrote a comment on the knol of John Gaskin, a knol author on film making. He gave a reply also. I hope he writes more knols. We have many good expert authors on knol. We need to acknowledge their presence and encourage them to write more knols.
Recommended Knols – Knol Authors’ Selection is doing well in terms of visitors. As the theme says I want only authors themselves to post one knol from their knol portfolio in it. It is a knol that they want to highlight for certain period of time to their fellow knol authors as well as knol visitors. They can change the knol periodically.

7/8 – SKS @ Angela [Movie Scenario]

Angela, since you are a movie director what about all of us creating a collaborative movie scenario?

Maybe–however, it would release my identity. Tell you what–I could go for ideas! I write most of the script and story myself. If you have some, post ’em on the board. (<—–@ all)

7/7 SK my latest knol

“They were designed to improve inner morals by shaping the outward behavior” – David Brooks

7/7 – SKS @ All (The “aliens” scenario)

There are many factors affecting how we look at other nations and how we feel as citizens of a specific nation or as part of the world. Most countries have differences with neighboring countries and that is one major factor “defining” national identity. But what if aliens came from outer space threatening to kill all humankind? It is a very imaginary scenario but capable of pointing to the right direction: Wouldn’t that make everybody start immediately thinking as “humans” instead of thinking as “Greeks”, “Americans”, etc…?

7/7 SK

see  true self / discussion

7/7 PG

Suggesting to merge all national days into one, as a first step to merge all nations into one 😉

7/7 KVSS

Yes. Happy Independence day to all USA citizens. They have done a lot for the world in the modern days. They are absorbing people from many countries even today and developing them economically.

You can a recommend one knol from your knol portfolio for special attention of knol visitors. You can change that knol periodically.
Recommended Knols – Knol Authors’ Selection
Give your knol dash board link and knol link. The list is to be maintained alphabetically on the basis of first letter of the author’s name. Enter your recommended knol from your knols.

7/6 A @ ALL

Hello to everybody! Happy Independence Day to ye Americans (including meself) and a happy fourth of July to everyone else. (That was a very lame joke, I beg your pardon.) Sorry I have not been posting recently, but things are quite stressful in the world of stars and fame. I’m seriously thinking about a documentary…

But anyway, I haven’t died, so I wish everyone a happy month of July. Oh, and congrats to KS for the Whuffy he earned! 🙂

7/6 SK @ KVSS & PG

We need to have social control and keep curbs on individual freedom because the majority cannot handle total freedom. The bottom line for most humans is that their behavior/attitude is powered by their self image. And even most leaders are over ambitious driven by their trophy self image. The self image puts people in their own emotional holes that prevents them from selfless and altruistic behavior. Just imagine a +2 mind behaving in a -2 manner. Or a -2 mind acting selfless. Yes there are gangsters who set up charitable institutions but that is mostly to satisfy their own ego. Or because by the end of their lives they become obsessed with their after life punishments. Emotional intelligence covers every aspect of life and yet its highest stage – wisdom, is still largely ignored. I can quote hundreds of insights from the holy scriptures where the theme is the same – become your full potential. Just imagine where the American economy and for that matter every aspect of life in America would be if the majority had a +2 emotional mind.

Having grasped the concept of wisdom after digesting the insights of the first prophet – the first sage of wisdom – Zoroaster to our current sages Prof. Pinker and Prof. Critchley I can state clearly what is wisdom and how it can be taught on a mass scale and not only to individuals but even to groups and countries. Just imagine two wise self masters negotiating peace between two warring countries. Please read my knol ‘Peace’.

The highest destiny of every mind is self mastery; which is powered by wisdom. It is our own traditional and cultural and ethnic/religious/group values that put us in our individual and collective holes. It is clear to me that I alone cannot make much of an impact. The significance of my work to be fully appreciated, let alone considered for implementation, I need more main stream heavy weights who can support and take my insights further.

What I am hoping is that people like our very own KVSS, PG, AK, SKS, A, CQ, MB and KS will start identifying insights from the Bible, Koran,and the Gita, coupled with the insights from the sciences and start applying the laboratory method to these insights just as I have been doing. I have not even scratched the surface yet; you all can take it to the next level.

A philosopher can be a wise man who takes the questions of philosophy and provides the answers in the domain of science. A researcher who takes parts of philosophy and converts them into science. He expands the frontiers of science into the domain of philosophy.

7/6 KVSS

I am feeling the meaning of philosopher could be a wise man. The meaning of philosophy is love of wisdom.
The degrees of bachelor, master, and PhD may also be formally pointing out that. Bachelors  could signify early learning, masters – more competence, Philosopher – next higher level of competence.
Social control and individual freedom – there seem to be interesting arguments that one has to go through to come to a theoretical conclusion and then support a practical system. Society cares for an individual through infant years and then suddenly the adult cannot say I am an individual, society cannot control me. I do as it pleases me. Why should the society expect from me compliance to many rules? I am finding the discussions and arguments interesting. Well, may be I am at a school boy level on this topic.
My recent knol is on logistics. It will be a part of Supply Chain Management subjects.

7/5 SK @ PG

I think we have an opportunity to introduce the wisdom factor in behavioral finance. We can make the market players wake up to the results of super mature emotional intelligence. How their outside in information on the stock market can be mastered by an inside out super mature emotionally intelligent attitude.

7/5 PG

I see very few rules / principles that should be the supervision criteria for the watchdogs, more than a regulation maze (usually obsolete and with perverse effects), for markets to be ethical:
* You shall not rig the market (creating bogus transactions)
* You shall not rig information (the whole sub prime business was done behind an apparently scientific smoke screen)
* You shall put enough of your own money, not just betting with other people’s money (over leveraging)

@ SK
Well, you grasped well the core of what I see as the two approaches of stock valuation that have to be combined: the endogenous one (fundamentals) and the exogenous one (market players attitudes).

7/5 SK

Just imagine the chaos if like most of us; Gd was His self image!
My latest knol: The wisdom of behavioral finance
This knol is inspired by PG’s Behavioral Finance site.

7/4 KVSS

I came across this dilemma when I was studying a book on Communist Party.
Now I found some discussion of this issue in a book on Business Ethics. I started writing revision articles on this book as business ethics is a subject in MBA curriculum.
I shall post articles on all the chapters by end of next week. I shall complete the first version of revision articles on supply chain management by Monday.

Velasqez mentions behavior economic argument that people cannot make correct decisions using probability as an issue against free markets without regulation. It is interesting that behavioral finance and economics found its way into business ethics books. 

7/3 SK @ Team

No postings for the last 2+ days?
@ America
To all our fellow Americans a very happy 4th!
I hope we get out of this nightmare economic mess soon.
I also hope we get out of this nightmare economic mess soon.

7/1 SK

When it comes to money there are two fundamental aspects that have to be taken into account. As PG pointed out money is a tool. With any tool there are two factors involved. The tool itself has to be as efficient and practically beneficial as possible and the user of the tool must be a master at using the tool. As I am no economist I will focus on how to become a master of using money where others may focus on how to improve the fundamentals of money itself.

7/1 SKS

@KS & All: Please join in the Philosophy Debates knol and write your opinion.
@KS: Kyriakos will answer or his comment will be removed.

7/1 KVSS

Today is Doctor’s Day in India
minoo bhagia is a doctor and our foundation member. It is an occasion to greet her on this occasion on the above knol or on her bio knol.
30th March is National Doctor’s Day in USA. What about other countries?

7/1 KS about Money Philosophy

(couldn’t write on philosophy debates because i want to see what K(yriacos) has to say)
i saw an interesting struture of merchandise without money (6 wares – 15 relations) and with money (7 wares – 6 relations (where money is a ware, but a special ware)) : structure-of-money
so money is a practical tool, as PG and SK said.
btw. if one of the wares is common (e.g. salt) it might serve also as currency for the other wares .
there is another root of money, with philosophical impacts :
if i have no wares, i can give a clay tablet or another promissory note .
if i give it to A, A can give it to B, B to C and so on, till e.g. F gives it back to me .
now i have payed my dept and can destroy the promissory note .
if i do not and moreover make some new promissory notes then i have invented money out of nothing – and that’s the mechanism of every financial crises .
the question is : can we make a better money ?

thanks for the feed back, especially the W100 🙂
there is more stuff I’ll have to translate, especially some reviews which we have to discuss .

.< board 2009


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