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6/30 SK @ PG

SKS has already introduced this topic in his philosophy debates knol. Please post your insights there.

6/30 PG @ SK & Team

Materialism might have relations with money except that modern money is …immaterial.
It is a potential intermediary between all goods, assets and services that can be exchanged.
It is “fungible”, a kind of chameleon / substitutable / interchangeable asset, that can be “transformed” in any other economic goods, assets and services.
And also a reference of (economic) value for all of them.
Some might see some mystic in it, or chemistry, or alchemy.
Money is also a power, the power to acquire things, even to rent people (employees).
Money is sought out by people, whether for itself or for what it allows. 

Some radical talk about the “commoditization of mankind”, a buzzword which I consider a reductive and politically extremist slogan / mantra.

I would have problem to introduce a knol about the philosophy of money, as it is a not too clear topic, but if a joint knol is started on it, I would join and bring my …two cents.

6/30 SK @ Team

Lets start a joint knol on the philosophy of money.
@ KS
I have to give you W100.00 for your searching out and posting the knol on primal therapy. Here is a well respected, well established pioneer in the mind sciences talking about womb-reality having an effect on the fetus’ brain/mind. It legitimizes my own concept of womb-conditioning. When Murray and team say that my own work is untested then I can say that if negative experiences have an effect on the fetus’ brain as proposed by a well established pioneer, then positive experiences too must have an effect on the brain! It is common sense. If an established pioneer can say something then I can use that information to build up my own hypothesis. The biggest flaw I want to point out is that as far as the medical sciences are concerned the focus is on curing disease. It is about making people healthy by curing the disease. I am saying lets make medicine about making people super healthy. This is already being done. Sports medicine is about making athletes become super healthy. Everyone deserves the same treatment.

6/30 AK

Vote today for the Best Knol of the Month June 2009!

6/30 SKS about Money Philosophy

Money surely has a philosophy. Although I am not quite sure what this is. I suppose the whole “give and take for money” is based on materialism? Could really use your input here. I admit I haven’t thought of that much.

6/30 KVSS

What is your strategy for getting  1million page views for your knol portfolio next year?
Each author must come out with a plan.
1000 PV*1000 knols
100,000 PV * 10 knols
We need many authors with clear plans. I am planning to write 2 knols per day as revision articles for various management subjects. My immediate target audience will be my institute students this year. I shall inform them first after I complete a subject fully, take their comments, involve them in editing them and then inform a bigger management alumni community of our institute. Then a much bigger management community.
I came to know about the topic Primal Therapy through your knol only. Thanks.  I shall learn more about it and add to the knol.

6/30 SK

Money is also a practical tool that makes trade more efficient. A wheat farmer may have only wheat with which to barter the needs of life. Others may not even want wheat, they may want flour. So he takes it to the mill who trades it for money. With money he does not have to worry about storage etc. However the more important point is perhaps there should be a philosophy of money; because there are some issues about money that are not an exact science. For instance it is not clear how much money can the US government print before it starts to have a negative impact?

6/29 PG @ KS

Money is a social tool and an element of culture.
Together with commerce, it was one of the important inventions of mankind. It also took part in the advent of mathematics and writing (the Mesopotamian clay tablets, 7,000 years ago, were made for exchange and accounting purposes). 
Money is one of the things that contribute to link people together.
It can be used ethically, wisely and usefully, or immoral, unwisely and harmfully, like any tool.
I don’t think that there is a philosophy of money in itself (there is no philosophy of tools to my knowledge), but many philosopher expressed their attitude towards money, or towards the way money is made or used. The same that they expressed their attitude, positive or negative about how other widely used human artifacts and institutions with social effects are made and used.
What is specific about money is that it is more widely present and more abstract than the other artifacts. Maybe more emotional also.
Therefore, some might fantasize by considering it as a god (or a rival of god) or a demon (or an instrument of the demon). I don’t go for such metaphysical approaches, or for such spiritual adoration or aversion. A tool is a tool, period.

6/29 KS

@ PG & SKS
is there a philosophy of money ?
thanks for improving primal therapy .

6/28 SK @ Team

I think the time has come when we must take the initial steps to start preparing for our knol conference. I have opened a knol where we must all hammer out the theme of our coming conference:  ‘July 2010 Knol Conference’, please post your ideas there.

This time I want to pull out all the stops. This will be a serious international level conference, so lets take the first steps now. As a first step lets make it very clear why we want this conference. Also lets write a joint letter on behalf of our team that we will send to various universities, media, prospective sponsors and to VIP invitees.  I am thinking if we can get people like President Clinton, President Carter, Kofi Anan, my friend and mentor Prof/Ambassador Harry Cahill and my mentor, the world famous and NY times best selling author Joost Ellfers, perhaps I can even try my friend Noam Chomsky, we will get good exposure in the media and our goals of making our agenda implemented by the right authorities closer to success.

6/27 KVSS

I could not open Primal Therapy knol. (there was a confusion . please try again)

I agree with PG. Knol as a new platform has many gaps at every level in every subject. Now I am concentrating on supply chain management revision knols.

6/26 PG

In some cases, what are missing are basic knols on mundane / everyday (but crucial) topics.
I just wrote What is money?

6/26 SK

(true self / discussion)

@ KS
If you like you can add my above posting to your knol on primal therapy. (done)

6/26 KVSS

Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns of the Day

6/26 KS @ SK & KVSS

see  true self / discussion

i made a rough translation : primal therapy .

6/25 SK

Some one is flagging my knols, today I noticed my knol Wisdom Day has been flagged.

6/25 A @ KS

Dank! Aber warum der gesundheit? 🙂 bekommen diesen Teil nicht ganz…

means : many happy returns of the day

6/25 KS @ A

ich wünsche dir glück und gesundheit .
oh, and have lots of money.

6/25 A @ Team

Hello everyone!

Today is my birthday. Goody. Another year older. Yay.

How is everyone? I haven’t been updating lately, terribly busy. Too busy to visit beloved knol! 😦

6/25 SK @ Team

I have converted my latest post into the following knol: Seeking Partners for a New Project in Philosophy.
For starters please identify and quantify those questions/answers that can be taken from the domain of philosophy and can be put in the domain of science. Also please list those questions that cannot be put in the domain of science.

6/25 SK @ KS and Team.

“Every answer that helps in making life richer is more important to me and has more practical applications then knowing the fundamental reality of life”. When you say that some of my stuff is good and some garbage you raise a very interesting point. I will say that those questions on which one can use ‘laboratory methods’ ie. can weigh and measure the idea within the paradigm of science I categorize in the domain of science. Those that cannot be scientifically measured are in the domain of philosophy. It is now well recognized that there are some fundamental questions about the very nature of life that cannot be answered by the laboratory method; hence I think it is a waste of time, mind and resources to answer these questions for the sake of trying to figure out these answers for their own sake. We must devote our limited resources to researching questions that can be answered by the laboratory method with the specific objective in mind to improve the quality of life from the so called normal to super normal.

However the way I interpret the Holy Scriptures I have found a way to apply the laboratory method to statements and insights in order to bring these insights from the domain of faith to the domain of science. Take the example of when Gd said to Moses, ‘I am who I am’. This is such a powerfully profound statement that we can scientifically prove that it is the key to everything. As I said earlier:

“I am who I am”. – Gd
 { The biggest key to self knowledge and self actualization. The biggest lesson of them all. The key to the road to self mastery. It answers the mega questions of philosophy. It defines the goal of emotional intelligence education. It opens the door to heaven on earth.}
We must learn from the eternal master of them all – Gd.

Thus not only have I found a way to scientifically prove such statements from the Bible I can also quantify and measure them ie. the above insight from Gd is more than +2!

What I am hoping is that people like our very own KVSS, PG, AK, SKS, A, CQ, MB and you will start identifying insights from the Bible, Koran,and the Gita and start applying the laboratory method to these insights just as I have been doing. I have not even scratched the surface yet; you all can take it to the next level.

6/25 KVSS

Visit a knol being developed by our foundation member and an SEO expert. Write your comments or ideas.
I decided to focus on writing knols in my core project – management knowledge revision knols.
Latest one is on supply chain management
I feel my subject focused knols are doing well and have a big potential.

6/24 KS @ KVSS & SK

KVSS asked me to write a knol about team work and team decision making in german and work together on improving english.
but SK wrote : “every answer that helps in making life richer is more important to me and has more practical applications then knowing the fundamental reality of life .”
so i decided to take an actual point of our team reality to work together and improving it .
the point is to get rid of our garbage . the knols of SK about this point have some good ideas and some garbage . so let’s look if we can find the garbage and get rid of it .
let’s start with a text i found today : primär-therapie (primal scream) .
are you ready ?
Yes ready (KVSS)

6/24 SK

My latest knol: He who sleeps on the road will lose either his hat or his head. – Nizami, Treasury of Mysteries
Even mainstream science and education is still sleeping on the road to self discovery and self actualization, no wonder most of us loose part of our ‘heads’/minds and as a result we loose our true self in bondage to our self image. It is about time main stream education woke up to this cycle of ignorance that is being repeated from generation to generation.

The knowledge to take philosophy and identify those parts that science can take over is now in place; all we need is this awareness that we are standing on the edge of a new era where many of the goals of philosophy can now be accomplished. First we have to redefine the goals of philosophy: to make man into a superior being and by realizing that the so called normal society is actually sub normal and we can educate our selves and especially our future generations to become super normal.
“I am who I am”. – Gd
 { The biggest key to self knowledge and self actualization. The biggest lesson of them all. The key to the road to self mastery. It answers the mega questions of philosophy. It defines the goal of emotional intelligence education. It opens the door to heaven on earth.}
We must learn from the eternal master of them all – Gd.

6/24 KVSS@SK

You should not publish empty knols. Manage your impulse to publish empty knols. I am just joking – quoting from Daniel Goleman. Don’t publish a knol till you feel it is appropriate for reading by visitors. There has to be a reason for publishing a one line knol. Not author’s impulse to publish. He can keep it in unpublished mode for his work in process activities.

You have taken a very noble and ambitious mission. The question is about the tools at your disposal. Your tools have to described in detail. And then people need to have confidence in those tools. Like knol, initially many have no confidence. They said all knols are poor quality knols. Now many knols have more than 5000 page views. Will you now say they are all poor quality. No. The view changes. Some college students agree knol articles help them. More writers will register with knol.

Your brain garbage cleaning tools are also a similar stage. People have to see them and people have to understand them, people have to see exhibits. But it is a great mission. Whatever you can do, you do and God will bless you and your mission.

Please read the knols and bio of our foundation member:
Erik van Luxzenburg
He is a convert to Islam and it is due to his association with an Indian Muslim friend. Good to know such incidents and the reasons for such a voluntary decision to follow a different path.

6/24 SK @ KVSS

Instead of trying to find answers to the eternal mystries of life I want to shift the focus from what is the fundamental nature of life and every thing in it; to how to make life of the highest quality for all mankind. For instance what is more important – to know why water is water or how to get the maximum benifits out of the properties of water. Every answer that helps in making life richer is more important to me and has more practical applications then knowing the fundamental reality of life. All that knowledge that improves life itself needs to be uncovered from the domain of philosophy and put firmly in the domain of science. All of this can be achieved by shifting at least some of the focus of research to: How to make life +2 super mature for everyone! The most interesting reality is that the qualities of a self master, a wise human being and a super mature emotionally intelligent being are exactly the same. All three are wise, selfless and have all the attributes of wisdom! Becoming a self master through say yoga and mindfulness is a very long process, cleaning the brain of emotional brain garbage is a much faster process. But at the end both end up selfless – the highest quality of the self. I want to wake up mankind to the fact that making every one a self master is no more a mystery of philosophy; it is a domain of science! The focus of philosophy must shift to dispelling the misery from our own lives and from the life of the world; from philosophy for for its own sake to philosphy for creating a superior mankind.

Today I published a few untitled empty knols to use my days quota for later. I found that some one had flagged three of my empty knols – these knols had not a single word written in them! Why would someone flag empty knols?

6/24 KVSS

Redesigning Philosophy to Master Life.
Title is very exciting. Do you want to alter an individual’s philosophy or the subject of philosophy itself?

Some interersting knols on Russia
Knol Sub-Directory – Russia – Interesting Knols

6/23 SK

My latest knol: Redesigning Philosophy to Master Life.

Today in the science section of the NY times (my biggest source for the latest science) there is in the health section this article by Tara Parker-Pope, “How the food makers captured our brains’. This article made my day. Dr Kessler tells us that it took him seven years to figure out an apparently simple question:  “Why does that chocolate chip cookie have so much power over me?” Is it the cookie, the representation of the cookie in my brain?” Compare this to my thirty plus years struggle to understand wisdom and it seems given the mystery of wisdom it took me no time.

Again Dr. Kessler says, “My real goal is,  How do you explain to people what is going on with them?
No body has ever explained to people how their brains have been captured.” I couldn’t have expressed my own goal in such a beautiful manner.

6/23 CQ

Internet Relay Chat – I just verified that knol has a channel on Freenode

[23:13] -ChanServ- Information on #knol:
[23:13] -ChanServ- Founder    : Sir_Lestaty
[23:13] -ChanServ- Registered : May 18 06:17:00 2008 (1 year, 5 weeks, 0 days, 21:56:01 ago)
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[23:13] -ChanServ- Mode lock  : +ntc-s
[23:13] -ChanServ- *** End of Info ***

Java browser-based client – #knol
If you have an IRC client – #knol

6/23 KVSS

I am advocating that business schools can adopt google knol as a case study topic.

Any ideas on SWOT of knol.

Any ideas on measures that knol platform should take now to make knol more popular among many sections of the public. If you suggest things, I can accumulate them in goal of knol.

We have to see the purpose of bringing out a problem on this bulletin board. We can become aware of a problem as a group and try to take some action as a group.
We should not expect replies from Knol Help on this page. It is more appropriate to make a post on knol help pages and then demand reply. Here one can post a problem but cannot expect its resolution through knol help replies. I think such a thinking at policy level will be appropriate. As a foundation we can go post the problems of authors in a knol help page. You can do it as an executive director and secretary of the foundation.

It will be interesting to read your complete view on team working and team decision making. Your team star concept is an interesting one. We added the idea of important decisions and routine decisions for the concept of team star. If team star attends the meeting it is equal to the attendance of many team members for routine decisions. Let us put down everything in a knol. It can become a working manual of coauthors of this knol as well as knol author foundation.

Some more:
HubPages, Knol, Squidoo, Wikipedia and Other Article Sites – Comparison knol updated. Somebody claims that she is making greatmoney from eHow articles on the knol model. $1600 for a month. When a knol author is going make that sort of money? But this news tells us that there is a possibility. The moment one makes it, there will be a big rush to be authors of knols.

6/23 KS

@ A
again a surprising metamorphosis and an interesting reaction to my “i love you” proposal .
you really master the language of images . i think, our team can be proud of you .
translation points
if you find enough people who think exactly the same way as you, it works . if !
yes, i have some practice . to write a knol together is a nice idea . we do this already just here . but i’ll think about it . what i can say is that’s impossible to play alone in a team . it’s like applauding with one hand .

6/22 SK @ MM and KH

I posted this* message on 6/21. Can I please expect a reply. I can only post 10 translated knols in a day. I would like to post at least 50 a day. Please let me know if I can do this and how I can do this.

*6/21 SK @ MM & KH

How can I translate my important knols into other languages if my quota is so low?
Dear Sir:Is there a way around the following?
“Sorry! You have exceeded the number of CAPTCHA attempts that we allow. Please try again tomorrow”.
Also can I translate into all the languages of google translate at once?
After just a few I get blocked.I want to translate my knols into all languages. Please look into it. A statement comes up: “Sorry! You have reached your daily quota for the action you are performing. Please try again tomorrow”. Can I pay for no limit on daily quota?

6/22 A @ KS

I don’t agree. I think KTPs are quite useful. I am saving them up to get my knols translated, and I think that they are a good reward.

6/22 KVSS @ KS

work for the team and don’t try to let the team work for you.”
Interesting statement and deserves the status of 2W (wit and wisdom).
You seem to know a lot about team work and team decision making. Why don’t you write a knol on it in German and then translate it into english. We will work on improving the english. Let us work on your knol and make the knowledge available on knol. 
For me for the next one year, success of knol platform and happiness of team are more important. Next year is a key year for knol. Writing knols will keep happening at its own pace now. I can follow your suggestion and be a good team member. Team product first and individual product next.

6/22 AK

Should Google link to Knol on its Google News? A discussion on Knologram.

6/22 KS @ A & SKS

this translation thing could be done better, if we give or demand whuffy for it .
translation points are too special (particular) and will not work in the long run, i think .
a good translation is a hard work and must be payed as a quality and not as a quantity .

6/21 A @ SKS

Since I’ve translated quite a few knols, I think you should comment on the original knol first. Then invite the original author as an owner of the translated knol, and once they accept, delete yourself.

I’ll be sure to visit USA one of the largest Muslim countries? soon.

Oh, and please visit my Knol of Wit and Wisdom! I am sure you will like it.

6/21 SKS

@ All: How do you inform the owner of the Knol that you translated his/her knol? How do you mention him/her in the translated knol?
@ All & SK: New rules apply in the Philosophy Debates Knol. Some moderation was applied in the Knol, for the new rules to apply (sorry SK, that was necessary – your overweliming posting were changing the nature of the Knol from “debate” to “posting lengthy articles”).
@ Angela and All: I would really love to know your opinion about America in relation to its cultural status and nature. I have opened a knol USA one of the largest Muslim countries? and the opinion of everyone is more than welcomed!

6/21 KS @ KVS

ok, so maybe I did exaggerate a bit…
but don’t try to go over the water . go on earth .
that means : work for the team and don’t try to let the team work for you .

to come to the the KAF members page you may click on the KAF logo . there you find the link .

6/21 KVSS

Regarding knol platform I don’t complain much. They read our suggestions and implemented them to the extent they thought were valuable. If I was more productive, they would have listened to me more. Our momentum regarding foundation has come down a lot. If we had the earlier momentum we would have had what you had written now. I am sure the momentum will come back. Still now it is more of growth of knol. After some time, issues regarding authors will come up and you require somebody to advocate authors’ point of view. Then authors will approach to do something. Somebody has to come forward and do the advocacy. Bulletin board was opened by the knol help in the form of comments and some authors are using it to complain about flagging and blocking.
Today I came across a knol and made a comment urging them to add some more to the knol. The author published an article in Harvard Business Review. I hope we unearth some more knols like that.
Regarding links in the above panel, my opinion is that using the space for giving the links is a good practice. We could even use it as an incentive. Any author who makes a post in this bulletin board can show a link in the above panel for a week. Visitors to knol are bouncing a lot. There has to be ideas to reduce bouncing. I already made it an issue in my “goal of knol” knol. Will a visitor who comes here go to knol home page? Is there anything on this page that attracts him to knol home page?
Regarding Hindi bulletin board, we do not have to insist that persons who write on the board have to be persons who wrote knols. Any visitor can write a line if he feels the urge after reading the material on the board can write on the bulletin boards. Their purpose is to aggregate small  bits of information contributed by large number of people.
I agree with you on joining existing discussion groups and develop a german knol team.
Please have a look at
Can you add some knols written in German language on Germany and issues related to Germany in the Knol.
I also made a similar knol on France
I request to add some knols written in French on France and France Culture and related issues. I am thinking of knols which had more than 500 page views for inclusion in this interesting knol directories.

6/21 KS @ KVSS & SK

if i look at this page, i want to see what the team has to say and not always the same links and the same things .
please take it not personally : you are good in writing, but weak in reducing .
you can input your knols into related knols or i’ll do it for you (done) .
this is to avoid dusk . it’s one click more for you but less pressure for all the others .
we can make a vote, to hear what the team is thinking about this .
my personal experience is that whenever I made a suggestion knol help acknowledged it quickly and implemented many suggestions. Our contribution to the development of the knol platform is well recognized
about what do you dream in the night ?
remember last november :
we proposed knol help to open a general bulletin board with open collaboration .
you wrote in a comment :
“I requested Knol help to open a bulletin board mechanism in Knol so that authors and visitors can write messages. I opened this only as a sample for that feature.”
this has not happened .
Could you open German bulletin board and make some progress
it’s not my way to tear at the grass to make it grow .
but i have just been invited in a very interesting discussion in german . we’ll see .
btw. i didn’t see any person of your hindi bulletin board anywhere .

6/21 SK

Now that google translation has become more efficient we must focus on translating our knols into all languages. I translated my knol ‘the sage of wisdom’ into all available through googletranslation  languages. My page views went up from 1300 to 1500. Unfortunately the translation has a daily quota other wise I would have translated some of my important knols faster. Every knol I translate I add the following to it:
‘This is an automatic google translation. Please help in correcting it.
If you like this knol please also help in translating my other knols
on wisdom. I am looking for partners all over the world who can together make the world wise’.

Now we can change the world by making local wisdom universal and universal wisdom local.

6/21 KVSS

Today is fathers day in some countries of the world.
Fathers (Parents) take care of your children
Children take care of your parents.
Yes it is difficult. We have only some rough sense of one year performance. We are looking around for comparables and then trying to figure out a good scenario. But an open plan like this could make some people come out with still better plans. In the knol marketing plan created by somebody, I mentioned it in one of my earlier postings, 35% quarterly growth was assumed. That should give 4 times in one year. I am now assuming probably a similar figure in terms of knols. If the present knol number is 200,000 in one more year we can have 1,000,000.
More teams. Could you open German bulletin board and make some progress. I opened Hindi Bulletin Board and it is moving ahead. I opened Telugu Bulletin Board also. I shall make it more active.
Regarding knol star and knol help it is good, if it happens. But my personal experience is that whenever I made a suggestion knol help acknowledged it quickly and implemented many suggestions. Our contribution to the development of the knol platform is well recognized. I agree with you on this point but I await its reliazation.
I think we need to put back links at the top. From those links I used to go knol foundation pages. Especially the knol members page. Also as I see more of our members writing their new knols on this bulletin board. It is a welcome step. I want such links to stay at the top for a week. They will help us to notice them as well as they will be noticed by visitors. For example The sages of wisdom. If it is there for a week, we will remember to visit it. Otherwise it will go down and we may forget about it.

6/21 KS

because it was the wish of a particular K, i deleted my writing on philosophy debates (after making a backup) .
i really want to hear more from this guy, but i’m afraid he is a good for nothing . if he wants to publish a book, why doesn’t he write a knol book ?

6/20 PG

Well, to make projections without a clear idea of
* the starting point
* the progression profile (seasonnality)
is far from obvious.
Anyway, if compound rates apply, and if the goal is to double the results in 4 quarters Q 
=> their quarterly growth G has to be nearly 20%
as shown in my table (19% to be precise).
-5% -3% -2% -1% G 1% 2% 3% 5% 6% 7% 8% 10% 12% 15% 20% 30%
0.95 0.97 0.98 0.99 1 1.01 1.02 1.03 1.05 1.06 1.07 1.08 1.100 1.12 1.15 1.20 1.30
.903 .941 .960 .980 2 1.020 1.040 1.061 1.103 1.124 1.145 1.166 1.210 1.254 1.323 1.440 1.690
.857 .913 .941 .970 3 1.030 1.061 1.093 1.158 1.191 1.225 1.260 1.330 1.405 1.521 1.728 2.197
.815 .885 .922 .961 4 1.041 1.082 1.126 1.216 1.262 1.311 1.360 1.464 1.574 1.749 2.074 2.856

6/20 KS @ A

my next metamotphosis proposal :

Goal of Knol: Knol Authors 100,000 – Knols 1 million – Top 100 Website
we can’t do it without the google team .
my plan : cell partition .
growing . making two teams . growing . making four teams . growing . making eight teams . growing …
on the other hand knol star is growing too . so we have a speaker and a connection to Knol Help .

from A:

KS: the goal is right, the way is wrong |
I like the statement. I saw a movie on Belbin’s team roles. I think the person termed as plant gives a game changing opinion or brings out facts that orient people in other unexplored directions to achive the goal. Now it is your turn to come out with a plan. More the merrier before we really put our effort behind it.
You are an expert on financial forecasting and estimating. You had even practical experience in the field. How do you see the knol’s performance in the year ahead. Come out with a quarterly plan so that we can talk the language of positive surprise and negative surprise from the knol platform and knol author team. I put together my estimate and that should serve as a beginning point for other analysts to come out with their estimates and then there will be a consensus estimate.
Await you report.

6/20 SK @ Team

My latest knol: The sages of wisdom
Please add your own name with your bottom line life lesson here.
This knol is an attempt to list all the past and present mavens of wisdom and their bottom line contribution to the knowledge of wisdom. Seeing your name along side the real sages of wisdom may spur you to greater heights.

6/20 Goal of Knol

Goal of Knol: Knol Authors 100,000 – Knols 1 million – Top 100 Website

Shall we commit to the goal
KVSS: Yes | SK: Yes | PG:  | A: Yes | SKS:  |
KS: the goal is right, the way is wrong |
All other foundation members, authors and visitors:
“Aim for the stars”  – You may reach the moon.
Will it be good for wit and wisdom?  Yes !

6/19 KVSS

Knol Metrics Debate
I am writing something or other about wikipedia, squidoo etc. Today I made a knol
I feel article sites survive and grow on article bank. Squidoo is now having 900,000 lenses. It reached that position in 3 years. Knol already completed one year. It has to reach 900,000 knols in the next one year. May be it has 200,000 knols by now. Knol platform has not said anything so far. They may announce such statistics on the occasion of completing one year of public appearance.
Knol authors have to actively participate in recruiting one author every quarter and write knols. Squidoo wants 50 articles from its active authors in year. We got into discouraging authors from writing articles instead of encouraging them. I saw much stronger challenges on hub pages.
Knol authors! Look around how article websites are growing. Develop some insights and share with others. Give constructive suggestions to your fellow authors to help in some improvement in quantity and quality.
@ KS
Your modification is fine.

6/19 SK @ SKS

Dear SKS:
My simple hypothesis has dozens of ground breaking practical applications. You give me any topic especially in the mind sciences/life sciences related to life education I will show you the practical applications of how to understand the topic better and how to focus on better questions. But I do not want to hog this knol. Are you happy with my contribution so far?

We have to get others to join this debate. As you may have noticed I am more or less posting my own angle to the questions. People like KVSS and PG can post much more comprehensive and well rounded answers.

As to free will, it is a very fundamental and essential component of emotional intelligence that we need; to understand the bottom line of life and every thing in it. As PG said given the physical and society limitations on free will, we still have a good potential to be free within those constraints. The quality of our free will depends on many factors as PG has outlined.

My own angle is that our will is maximum free only when our humanness potential is fully actualized. Even free will can be quantified – it can be -2, -1, +1 and +2! Or a mixture of them.

6/19 KS

i reordered your posting to spare a section .
this is only a proposal . you can easily set it back .
i made a collection for all related knols to this page .
@ PG
it was Aristoteles . he also said that the state is a creation of nature . lol . what a myth .
it is said the chinese learned the “i ging” from the moon (the words “month, mind, man” also roots in the word  ” moon” . oh, and “menstruation” .
btw. in germany we say that the french are the euopean chinese .

6/19 KVSS

I informed about my progress on knol platform to my classmates, alumni and some of my faculty colleagues through emails. A good number of them have seen my knols and some of them sent reply emails also. I think we should appeal to all knol authors to do a big email campaign on the occasion of knol platfrom completing one year of its public availability.
I am developing subdirectories subjectwise and I plan to include knols having more than 500 pageviews in them. Others may also be included if there is special reason for it. One can have one more category for new knols in that knol to highlight recent knols. All subdirectory knols will be on open collaboration basis. I think such a directory will be useful to me first in identifying interesting knols to use in teaching assignments and also for recommending interesting knols to my students.

A sample of my subdirectory knols is

Thank you for the good words.
There is a latitude for man to do things.There are conflicting things in the nature. There is the call of the God and there is the call of Maya. Man has latitude to choose within the constraints imposed by the God. I read in a book, God and the ways of nature are in existence continuously. God has not created the ways of nature. God and the ways of nature are inseparable. Vedas are the breath of God. Vedas are not created by God. This is the explanation given by somebody. The freewill or latitude for a man is an interesting idea.


6/19 KS @ PG

you write very interesting things .
i call this being under influence the ring (see “lord of the rings”) .

6/19 PG @ A & SKS

Yes, free will, a crucial topic,
Man can be considered as a mechanical system without real autonomy, but I don’t believe too much in that, as man has “emerging traits” that gives him some freedom. Not full freedom from physical aspects, but a large latitude anyway.
Thus the problem is somewhere else, in the social aspects, which put humans often “under influence” (mimicry, herding, groupthink, obedience to experts, paradigms, social learning, rites, conventions…). Society tries to take over personality. There are affective and cognitive motives which do that.
Thus this topic is a cross between philosophy and social psychology. Aristotles or St Thomas de Aquino, I don’t remember which one, reduced man to a “social animal”, as if it was a virtue to be a herd animal.
BTW, another poisoned notion Aristotles gave us was binary logic, the 100% true vs. 100% false, answer, a mental format that is completely unadapted to understand a complex, gradual, relative and evolving world (or any other dynamical system). Luckily, Asia gave us the Yin yang combination that seems better adapted. Maybe that is why more and more scientists come from Asia.

6/18 A @ SKS

Spiros, I would like to know if the subject of “free will” would be good to debate about in your Philosophy Debates knol. I was thinking about it earlier. It’s a pretty hot topic and I think it would be good to debate about.

6/18 SK @ Team & MM/KH

 It is knols like these that we must translate into all languages. I notice that we now have a translation request on every knol. For a long time I was requesting MM and Knol Help to do just this. I still hope that they will post ‘knol translations’  just below ‘Write a knol‘ or even along side Email and print; they can put: ‘Please translate this knol’.
I have translated this knol into all the languages listed, with google translator.
2) Archive of letters to the editor.

6/18 PG @ KVSS

Congrats, a well earned position !
And thanks for the reference to my site!

6/18 KVSS

I am on the front page of a knol list.
Am I happy. Yes about some individual achievement.
But what about the collective platform.
Autoblog collection has million vistors per day. What about knol? What can we do to increase knol authors and visitors. 
Knol can approach schools to motivate them to offer knol versions of their school magazines. I am a developing a knol in this regard.
Each of our ideas were tried before by others. But can we help google to do it better with our collected and pooled thinking and efforts? This platform is an opportunity for us to do some social entrepreneurship and create ideas and knowledge base that will be of help to the society.

6/17 SK @ KS & A

Hypothesis Bulletin Board is not just for my hypothesis. It is for all those who have valuable and new experiences and life lessons to share. So I have to keep it the the way it is.

6/16 A @ KS

Heh. We’ll see.

And now I am going to sleep. Boy, I am tired. Good night.

6/17 KS @ A

best metamorphosis of all . now a year older please 😉

6/17 KVSS

I appreciate Angela for starting the knol The Knol of Wit and Wisdom.
We need ideas and excitement and should get more authors into the collaborative mode.
I saw that there is no open collaboration knol on swine flu. Hence opened one.
See if you can add any news to it.
I keep on writing about. Knols on current issues to be maintained on collaborative basis. On any issue of current awareness, we search for open collaboration knols. If somebody already opened it we participate in it. Or we will open a new knol.
I think there are many authors who have not got any response from visitors as comments. It will be good if we can encourage those authors with a comment of appreciation and ask them to write more knols. I made a directory of interesting knols in alphabetical order and if you find time, please go through some of those knols of your interest and write comments. Many authors have not come back after writing one or two knols. They may come back with your comments.
Thanks for the tip for colouring

first chose the h4 format and then color it .
your header has now the h4 format . please try to color it again .

Thank you.

6/16 KS @ A

no problem . SK may rename his knol . if not, you can start “wisdom council” if you like .

6/16 A @ KS

Hee hee. It is kinda scary, isn’t it?

@ SK    ‘M sorry, did you vote yes on my question below, or did I accidentally not remove that when I copied and pasted from your query on the spiritual knol?

(no typo here, KS!!!)

Kalle–I actually wasn’t designing the knol as a bulletin board so much as a place for people to post tips…you know, such as “cats+dogs=trouble” or whatever… I could start another knol for that though!

6/16 KS

@ A
🙂 this is telepathy. i just wanted to propose to SK to rename his “Hypothesis Bulletin Board” into “wisdom council” .
now we can take “The Knol of Wit and Wisdom” for both .

@ SK
what do you think of this ?
btw. i followed PG and canceled my coauthor status in that spiritual knol .

6/16 A @ All

Hello all!

Today, I started a new knol called The Knol of Wit and Wisdom. It’s a step towards a big knol full of–drum roll–wit and wisdom!

Should the team members become co-authors? I, like SK, want everybody in…

SK: Yes; KVSS: ; PG: Yes; KS: Yes; SKS: ; A:Yes

6/16 KS

uuups, something has happend here . the top links have disappeared and if i try to edit html, i get an empty page .
btw. we don’t need the html function to color our headers . if we first chose the h4 format and then color it, we get the same effect . the line is s little brighter . all the better 🙂

6/16 PG @ SK

As I don’t want to embarrass anybody, and as at the same time it gives me the creeps to have my contribution aside an ad that sells an organisation which I find, to say the least, highly dubious, I preferred to cancel that contribution and my coauthor status in that spiritual knol. It is a pity as I have full respect for the topic, for the coauthors, and for you, the creator.

6/16 SK @ Team

We have to make every effort possible to wake up the human race en mass on actualizing their full humanness potential. There is no better way then to observe a ‘World Wisdom Day’. What do you say we start a ‘World Wisdom Day’. Never mind that we will start small but we will grow.

6/16 KVSS

I think we can write our views on an advertisement especially when we are coauthors of a knol and we have some facts against the advertisement. While the companies and business concerns have the right to advertise what they feel is right, we as authors have the right to write what we feel is right. Let us both persuade readers and let the readers decide their choice as long as both versions have the legal sanction to express their views.
PG is free to express his opinions on scientology or on promoters of scientology. Then we will also find out more about the case in France. I do not know much about it so far. But the discussion will create interest to know more about it. Let us express our news and views more freely and let there be discussion and advocacy in a courteous manner.
I thought highlighting the world days in the block above will motivate more people to know about the days and write knols or contribute to the existing knol. After a day is over, it can remain for seven days, so that any news on celebration of the day can be entered and then it can be removed. Let us see if we promptly enter the new world day 30 days before that day.

6/16 PG @ SK

Yes, the Google ad, which I consider unethical. Advertising a business, and not a transparent one, without any relation with spirituality, except as a front, in a knol dealing with that topic. I cannot agree to see it shown aside my contribution. All the more I don’t use adsense. That might create a problem with cooperative knols.

6/12 SK @ PG

Please explain, ‘ was spammed by a scientology ad.’ and also please explain, ‘right column of this article is polluted’. I am confused here. ( Do you mean the google add.?). No matter what conflict some other organization is in ‘Spirituality’ as a subject cannot be the domain of any organization or individual. We have every right to refine and bring spirituality to all corners of the world in our own unique ways. I guess it is up to google what quality adds they allow.

6/12 PG @ SK

I saw that the spiritual knol was spammed by a scientology ad.
May I inform that that outfit is in accusation in a French court under charges of massive swindle.
I entered the following warning:
By the way, maybe it is linked to the spirituality title or category,
but I see that the right column of this article is polluted
by an advertising for scientology,
a typical manipulative, bullying, domineering and money making outfit.
Can something be done to eliminate this infiltration?

6/12 SK @ KS and Team

Our knol star PG has voted yes! The reason Wikipedia is so far ahead of knol is because most of us are trying to go the lone route while we all know the ‘wisdom of crowds’ which is Wikipedia’s bottom line. On all important issues we have to pool our experience and knowledge together. I would like to see our full team participate in  SKS’s knol ‘Philosophy Debates’.

6/16 KS @ SK

ok, i’ll wait for the vote . 

6/16 KVSS

I am participating in the Hindi language training program and telling the participants about the knol.
Google analytics showed that my page views today is 827. Highest in last 23 days after I installed analytics on my knol site.
I updated Open Collaboration Knols – Leveraging Wiki Platform of Knol with subject wise bulletin boards. Even though there is no participation as on today, if we maintain the boards with the information we want to share with people, suddenly you will find many coming and contributing to them.
We have to be persistent with our strategy by changing it little by little in response to the environment if needed.

6/16 SK @ KS

I have sent you an invitation to become a coauthor of Hypothesis Bulletin Board.

.< board 2009


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