board 2009 (march I)

3/15 KVSS

Ideas that can change the world.
Promoting Education, Science, and Culture
I think many of Sajid’s thoughts were captured in the above three lines. All three lines come out of Sajid’s thinking only. He only talked of ideas that can change the world. Knol author foundation is his idea that can change world. Promoting education is his idea. He wants to promote emotional intelligence education among people of all age groups of the world. Science is his mission. Culture is also advocated by him. I think Panos captured every thought of Sajid.

But then a wiseman does not stop his brain at any point of time. It is in search of excellence always. So we will capture Sajid’s thinking once again in a new design. But may be temporarily we will use the logo till 1st International Knol Author Meet. There in person we can discuss ideas of a new logo.

We are happy with the increase in membership of our foundation.
Welcome to new members Aubron Wood and Barry Myatt.

3/15 Judge

I would like to welcome two new members
Aubron Wood – North Carolina, USA
Barry Myatt – Texas, USA

3/15 SK @ Team

The new logo is not only good it is perfect but does it reflect our core aims? In fact it is so perfect that it has been used by 1000s of organizations already from the UN down.
Remember knol:
 ‘Knol makes it easy for you to write and share your knowledge with the world’. We are about knolling and organizing and helping knollers. The logo has to represent our bottom line.
I am thinking of writing a knol based on the magical line from the bible:
‘Prepare your minds for action; be self controlled’ – 1 Peter 1:13
In the case of our new logo it is not coming from our true self it is coming from a fancy group image. How are we going to act if our very logo is just another fancy fantasy?
The most successful foundations from the Microsoft Foundation to the MacArthur Foundation all have narrowed down their aims to specific tasks. All the issues of the world are just too big even for them to try to solve. I think we should try to nail down our bottom line and then Ponos can complete the logo. Even the bible talks about the foundation of values:
‘If any man builds on this foundation…his work will be shown for what it is’. – 1 Corinthians 3:12-13
Our logo will reflect our foundation and it is crucial that it truly reflect our vision.

3/15 KVSS

The new logo looks good.
Education Science Culture
Should we say it once again in the punchline = Promoting Education, Science, Culture and Ideas that can change the world.

May be Ideas that can change world can come on a different line.

Promoting Education, Science, Culture and
Ideas that can change the world.

43/14 Judge @ Team

I really like the newest logo from Panos and I am thinking of using this logo on  my knol author foundation pages. I think the words (promoting education, science, culture and ideas) good meaning.
We need a few more comments 

3/14 SK

@ Team
We get one woman in our team and we already become one happy family! Thank you Chrissy.
When we declare a knol star perhaps we can each write a few lines for the knol star?
@ Panos

Your new logo is impressive, however it is similar to the 1000++ logos out there.  We are basically about empowering fellow knollers to create knols that can bring universal love, happiness and prosperity to every corner of the world by providing the knowledge to remove poverty, illiteracy and hatred. It is about empowering local languages across the globe to have the same quality knowledge as English, German, French etc.The globe is fine but the wording is similar to every second ambitious foundation.

Uniting, helping and creating knollers and knol readers across every corner of the globe by using the knol platform to provide the latest knowledge in all the local languages.
Creating and spreading knowledge through knols.
Empowering the world through knols.

3/14 KS @ Judge

yes, i can see your granddaughter dancing and singing : she loves you , yeah yeah yeah !!!
(she is chrissy)

3/14 Judge

The new logo is an improvement over the old one. Nice work Panos.
I agree, she is a good mother and grandmother! Our granddaughter has a Beatles hat!!! She also loves the Beatles.
You brought up some good points.

3/14 KS

@ chrissy
I love them ALL
you are a real good mother 🙂
@ Panos
10 w for the new logo design (see my comment)
@ MM
this page has 1550 revisions (no 1551, no ..)
that makes it very slow to look at the revisions .
can we do something about this?

3/14 Panos

in this link  you can see the logo I’ve been working on the last weeks. I’m looking forward for comments.
my cell phone calling tune is the “Help!” by Beatles. 

3/14 Judge

Welcome new member

3/14 KVSS

Welcome New Members to the foundation.
I am thinking whether there should be provision for  an author star rating feature separate from visitor star rating feature now available. This will help the author to indicate the status of his knol.
Author star rating – interpretation
No star: Just initiated knol
One star: Substantial content will be added.
Two star: More content will be added
Thee Star: Adequate content added for the present. Will be revised
Four star: Knol is comprehensively written. 
Five star: Knol is enriched with inputs and comments from visitors
The visitors comments interpretation may need to be changed from the present interpretation. A better interpretation may be
One star: Inadequate content, Not at all useful
Two star: Needs still more content
Three Star: OK, But I must look at other sources
Four Star: Good, but I may need to look at other sources
Five Star: Very good, I understood the concept very well, my job is done.

3/13 Judge

Welcome  new members
Pedro Deleu – Brazil
Sinclair McLaren – Scotland

3/13  chrissy

Kalle, Thanks for The Beatles Come Together clip.  I enjoyed it.  My favorite song is Theres a Place and also Getting Better, Hello Goodbye, Oh my I just realized I love them ALL!

3/13 KS @ SK

i mean the communication between the womb feeling and the brain .
(you can feel the womb by the the solar plexus and there are also some brain cells around the stomach) .
the womb feeling can tell the brain if and about what the brain shall think .
so you need a good womb feeling to give the brain the right hints .
its like an inner voice (in your dreams you can hear it too) .
it’s like a woman tells her husband what is needed to be done 😉

3/13 SK @ KS

By cultivating ones womb feeling if you mean putting ones womb feeling in its right place by understanding and mastering its after affects then you are absolutely right. 
@ Team
I feel the time has come to file the next set of papers. Either me or the Judge can do this. Please let me know.

3/13 KS

@ Panos & Team
what do you think about refactoring the logo ?
my proposal is to take the F and replace it with the feather (archives : 2/24 KS)
in the mouse-pad we can put a six angular star instead, surrounded by six other six angular stars .
or something else .
@ SK
by refactoring the wisdom translation i thought about a more practical statement,
not for an embryo but for a knoller (just for fun, not scientific) .
the word is womb feeling (bauch-gefühl in German) .
i think each person has a part of it , and a +2 person is a person who lives in accordance with her womb feeling .
so to become a +2 person, it’s necessary to cultivate ones womb feeling . do you agree ?
@ Chrissy
my favorite beatle song :
(perhaps you must wait a little) .

3/12 AK

Knolodeck – a platform for Knol-Collaboration

3/12 KVSS

Welcome to the new members Vesna Kozelj and Wael Kdouh
Welcome to the new initiative of Kemper.

3/12 AK

Welcome Vesna! Welcome Wael!

I made a Knol-Magazine: Knologram for buzz and news about Knol.
Until now it’s a magazine without content 😉

3/12 Judge

We welcome two new members to the Foundation
Vesna Kozelj – Kranj, Serbia
Wael Kdouh – Dallas, Texas

3/12 KVSS

Welcome Mark Boucher to Knol Author Foundation.

My knol on names is
Names of Individuals in Various Countries and Regions – Conventions
It is an open knol so that you can include your area’s name convention

3/11 Judge

We welcome a new member to the Foundation
Mark Boucher – Charlotte, North Carolina

3/11 KVSS

Welcome Abdullah al-Ghafri to Knol Author Foundation

I could encourage one more person Mr. Mike D’Souza to start writing on knol. He wrote a knol running. So I am on my way to encouraging 100 authors.

I started a knol on conventions of giving names to inviduals in various societies and regions. The idea came after one of our foundation members explained his name to me.

3/11 SK @ Team

The most important person I met at Kraft was, ‘Director, Open Innovation’. His job is to take Kraft in new directions. As Panos mentioned, ‘I’d love to work and experiment in this field’, Lets give him the title of Director, Creative Technology or something like this. At every opportunity we must emphasize that knol and our foundation is about taking the old ways and creating new ways…

The Judge has my vote for knol star. He is the North Star for knol, for our foundation and for humanity.

3/11 Judge

We welcome a new member
Abdullah al-Ghafri – Oman, Asia

3/10 Panos

@ Team
Thank you all for your votes.The technology director position, as mentioned by KVSS, would be a good idea since I feel that my work is mostly web 2.0 technical oriented: new web site, new forum, web design, mailing lists, RSS, social networking tools etc. I’d love to work and experiment in this field.
I would also like to nominate the Judge as the knol star because he worked hard in setting up the forum, and contacting new members in many different languages. 

3/10 KS @ Panos

as to the knol star topic i commemted below on 1/29
“imagine that knol is a brain . the knols are the neurons , the links are the synapses , and we are the mind .
common sense then is given by conformity in our group . this is done by decision making .
but we must learn , that in an online group there is no pressure . if i don’t react to something, i don’t need to justify . so, how then can we make decisions ? if we don’t come to an agreement, perhaps we may agree that our knol star will decide after all . this is the idea behind the knol star voting . give me one name from the seven (ten) on that page and i will mount you . as a demonstration of the structure you may look here .

and on 3/3 i commented

“knol is not only a bazaar, it’s a super bazaar, and the only way to handle crap and garbage, is not to feed them but starve them . therefore we need a structure, a voting tree (see “knol star”), which gives us a speaker “to leave it up to the clever and creative people at google” . so the google team is not affected with the crap and garbage .

there are many other points of view (as many, as persons in the tree and outside the tree (looking at the tree))
i think it’s (l)earning by doing .
as to your position, i think there are no disagreements .

3/10 KVSS

The membership enrolment form designed by Panos is very nice.

My knol on Jimmy Wales’ comment on knol is getting good response. If many of view have a look at it and make some modifications to improve it, I would like to send it to some press people.
I would not like to send it without some of you approving its argument and language style.

Today I received this comment on my knol
A great first step in publishing the facts
“I have done several searchs over the last month and this little bit of information has been the most useful. There is so much hype on day trading and so little trust worthy sources and factual information to make a educated decision on it as a possible source of income.”
We are  not providing useless and valueless stuff as Jimmy Wales thinks.
Tomorrow we are having a festival called “Holi” in India. It is a combination of Friendship day and some Flirting (if I may say so) and there is probably more intermixing of men and women compared to normal days.

3/10 KS @ Chrissy

welcome aboard and thanks for voting .
if the Judge is Barack Obama then you are Michelle .

3/10 SK @ Team

I am very happy that we have such a busy bulletin board.

I would like to welcome our secretary, Chrissy.

Yesterday I was researching emotional intelligence and I am surprised to find that we (even the giants in the field) are still treating emotional intelligence as just another form of regular intelligence. The very core nature of regular intelligence and emotional intelligence is different and so we cannot use the same tools for researching and developing emotional intelligence as we do for regular intelligence. (How does ‘managing falling in love’ sound?) I think I have a big opening here to take the understanding of emotional intelligence to a new level.

Main stream science has been missing out on the very core quality of the super mature brain – wisdom. Perhaps because wisdom for main stream science is still in the realm of philosophy while what I have found is that wisdom is the highest developed level of emotional intelligence. Even the book, ‘The Scientific American Book of the Brain’ does not even list wisdom in its index. So I will focus on this for now.

I just wrote a knol:
Emotional intelligence is the capacity/quality of the brain that answers the # 1 question for each one of us, ‘Who am I’? 

So as Chrissy takes over as secretary I can focus more on the core science of emotional intelligence. Sooner I would prefer to give up being the treasurer also. The time for me has come to try to get my ideas to be accepted at the government level and so I want to focus on meeting leaders who control education policy in US and other places. Wherever I go, I give them my ideas in the form of knols. So I am also pushing the knol agenda as well. In Chicago I shared my work in the form of knols with the Education Department, MacArther Foundation and even at Kraft.

3/10 KVSS

I am in agreement with Judge and SK on their decisions regarding the team changes and bringing more people into the team in various capacities. As Panos commented, and we also agree, we do not have sufficient manpower to carry out our objectives. We need to induct more persons in active positions. It is good that Sajid retains treasurer position and offers secretary position to Ms. Chrissy. It is nice that she accepted the offer. I sent a mail to Judge and Sajid that the persons who attended Chicago meeting have to be recorded. Chrissy’s name was not mentioned so far in the report on proceedings of the meeting appropriately. It needs to be done. We created a technology director designation earlier. Andreas did not accept it. He preferred author director. May be Panos is the right person for that designation. But discuss with him on his preference for his area of specialization.

I hope you saw Waseem’s article on knol marketing. He says average page views of a wikipedia page is 2 per day. Knol will also come to that level. Which means if you have 600 knols, you get 1200 visits daily. Which turns out to be 8400 page views for a week. If you are getting more than 2 visits per page per day, you are a better quality author. But yet the moment, knol scores very low on awareness. Many people do not know the existence of knol. We need to do somethings to increase awareness of knol and awareness of our knols and convert more visitors in knol writers (KS’s mission). The article also contains some ideas on revenue possibilities of knol.
Long back I wrote a knol on promoting knol.
I request you to have a look at it and put down your thoughts. Modify the ideas as needed so that we can circulate it to more authors and encourage them to take certain actions to increase awareness of knol platform among people.

3/9 AK

Yes it’s okay to offer Panos a position on board.

3/9 Judge

New member-Welcome Heather Clark – Omaha, Nebraska
@ Team
I would love to have my wife join our team.
KS set up the knol star voting. He can best explain it.
@ Team
I commented below on 3/8
Panos is setting up a shared google docs page that will be accessible to the founders which they can add names to. With all of the time Panos spends “behind the scenes” on foundation work, I think we should create a position for him that is more than a director. What does everyone think of this proposal?
I have not received any response to this.
In the past, Sajid has also commented he should be on the board.
I was also emailing Jesús Martin about translating an email in Spanish, that I will send to prospective authors to sign up. He commented on Panos being a great knoller.

From Chrissy
  I would also like to give a special thanks to Panos.
He has helped the Judge with projects and has come up with some great plans.

Take a look at sign up form that Panos set it up.
That will make it much easier for us to have authors sign up.
KVSS, KS, and AK, what are your views on this?
I think we are ready to offer him a position on the board. Are there any disagreements to this?

3/9 Panos

@ Chrissy K
Hi Chrissy! It’s very nice having a female way of thinking in the foundation.
one day – one colour makes it more practical with the html editing
I commented the “Dear Panos” Knol. I understand the point you are trying to make and tried to express my own beliefs but it’s always a bit difficult to discuss on religious matters. Words are never enough…
@ Team
I don’t fully understand how the knol star system works. What should I do? Can you please tell me more?

3/9 Chrissy K

  Hello everyone. I am the Judge’s wife. We had talked in the past about having me join the team.
After the Chicago meeting Sajid mentioned that there should a female on the board.
After some thought, I decided to see if the other team members would be in agreement with my joining the team.
I would be willing to do what is needed for the organization.
Sajid had mentioned in the past that he would be happy to let me take over the secretarial duties. I would be willing to do this.

 I would also like to nominate the Judge as the knol star.
When I see all the hours he puts in trying to set up countries across the world to join the Foundation, writing knols, email prospective members, etc., that would only be fitting.
His enthusiam convinced me to become involved.
I would also like to give a special thanks to Panos. He has helped the Judge with projects and has come up with some great plans.

3/9 KS

i made a point “financial crisis” (see above) .

3/9 KVSS

I came across an interview by Jimmy Wales and posted a knol.
Jimmy Wales on Knol – February 2009
It is an open collaboration knol. I request all to write their views and develop the knol further.
You can change the content as you wish to make it more readable and useful.

i think, JW failed the point . knol is more wiki than wikipedia is .

3/9 AK

The World Bank today: Crisis Reveals Growing Finance Gaps for Developing Countries. Research shows poorer countries are short of $270- $700 billion for 2009
Is Knol able to start a worldwide discussion about the crisis?

KVSS Andreas, You are making the right suggestion. Knol debates team should take up this topic.

3/9 KVSS

@KS Your idea is fine. You need to enclose one day’s content into one color. You can decide the starting point or ending point.

@ Team

Yesterday in our chat Judge mentioned the point he made. He will focus less on creating new knols and more on marketing the knol platform and  promoting the knol foundation. More visitors to the knol and more authors to the knol would mean more visits to our knols. I have not actually made any headway in my main knol project – Management Knowledge Revision Knols. So I need to concentrate on knol writing for some more days to fulfil the promise that I made in my bio knol.

We are happy to note many authors are joining the foundation. Chicago meeting organized by Sajid and Judge would have helped in it. The Wisconsin meeting planned now will also assist in this regard.

Have any of you accessed this page so far. I came across it many days ago. Now I am reading it once again.

3/9 KS

one day one colour ? no problem, i can do that .
perhaps a little problem, because of the different time zones .
but then we can take the first with a new date for new color .
btw. this is open collaboration . if anyone wants his own color, it’s perfectly ok .
@ Panos
if you become a part of our voting structure, we can give you our voices .
that is more than a director.

3/8 SK @ Team

Between the (about) 20 VIPs/regular people I shared some of my knols with only two people had heard of knol and just one student had read some knols and almost without exception they all knew about Wikipedia. I realize that we have a very long way to go. One of the proposals that came up at Chicago was to create a pamplet that each member can distribute to all the embassies, institutions and organizations we can get to in our respective area. Shall I create this pamplet and our fellow members can add and subtract to it?
@ Panos
What do you think of my knol, ‘Dear Panos’?

Historic 1st Knol meeting in Chicago

3/8 Judge

I have had several chats with Panos lately. He is a great asset to our team.
I also had a good chat with Andreas and the Prof. this morning. Every Sunday morning at 8am Central Standard Time in the US someone will try to be available for Google chat.

My main focus at this time is changing from writing knols to promoting and marketing the foundation. I would like each director to have their foundation page have membership emails directed to them. I will be sending out invites to become a member of the foundation in the authors native language, with emails going to the director.

Panos is setting up a shared google docs page that will be accessible to the founders which they can add names to. With all of the time Panos spends “behind the scenes” on foundation work, I think we should create a position for him that is more than a director. What does everyone think of this proposal?

Sajid also voiced concern that we should have a female on the board. My wife Chrissy said she would join as secretary if the board agrees to it. Sajid, the Prof. and I agree to that. What do the rest of our founders think?

3/8 KVSS

Welcome new members
Why don’t we change the color scheme. One day one colour instead of different colors for different persons. May give a different look.

3/8 Judge

I would like to welcome these new members to our foundation
Nevil Darukhanawala – Mumbai, India
Burgt, Hans van de – The Netherlands
Nitin Krishan – New Dehli, India
Peggy Strickland – USA
Eugene Schwartz – USA

3/7 Judge

I would like to welcome these new members to our foundation
Dr. Moharram Khalifa – Egypt
Murry Shohat – USA
Michael A Rizzotti – USA
Włodzimierz Holsztyński – USA
Arthur Bokhorst – The Netherlands

3/7 KVSS

Outstanding Service Award. Judge, You deserve it for achieving the distinction of having a portfolio of knols with 200,000 page views. The recent figures show that the page views per week has crossed 12,500. which implies 100,000 pages in two months. You facilitated starting of many chapters in various countries. The Wisconsin chapter of USA is already formed and we look forward to formation of other state chapters.

Thank you for deciding and implementing the idea of Plaque in a very short time.

I am very happy to inform you that in one of my branches of knowledge series of knols, Sports engineering, one of the professors of the discipline, made additions. The addition provides a link to a lot of material on the subject. This shows knol is reaching people and people are showing interest in the content that we are trying to provide. We will improve and develop better material and our visitors will collaborate to improve it further.

3/6 Judge@ Team

Chicago meeting
I would call the first knol meeting a success. As Sajid said below, with over three hours of discussion many things were brought up on the future of knol in the USA. We are in contact with the MacArthur Foundation based in Chicago. They are a 5.2 billion dollar foundation, with offices in India, Russia, Nigeria and Mexico. One of our long term goals is to try to become involved with them. They provide grants with an international focus on the countries I mentioned.
On Wed. morning on my way to the Chicago meeting I talked by cell phone to three Wisconsin authors to discuss topics on the agenda for the meeting. TK thought the most important issue facing knol was the fact that more people need to be made aware of this new way to publish our work.He said we need to post in blogs and message boards throughout the internet to make people aware of this new tool. The Prof. has been mentioning this frequently and I have to agree. One topic D. Boone brought up was the fact that the meeting was during the week with short notice, which probably kept authors from responding. He though our next meeting should be a two month notice. There should be an agenda posted on a bulletin board that authors could respond to and give their thoughts. Paul M called just to say he would have liked to attend, but the distance was too great to travel on a weekday. I also received calls from two Chicago area authors to let me know they couldn’t make it. I feel the interest for a meeting was strong but a weekday just didn’t work out.
Sajid brought me a beautiful plaque that says
“Outstanding Service Award presented to “The Judge” in grateful appreciation of your outstanding service and dedication. The quality of your knols are worthy of the highest praise. The Knol Author Foundation”
I feel honored to receive a masterpiece like that. Thank you again Sajid. We have a picture I will get developed of Sajid handing me the plaque.
Sajid did a good job of explaining the meeting below.
Overall, I think our foundation is on the way to success. I have a vision that we will accomplish great goals over the years and I look forward to working with all of our members. As a group we will excel in what we put our minds together to do.


Thank you. I hope you are back NJ/NY. Do post some photos. Yesterday I had a look Harvard Business Review, Asian Version of February 2009. It identified some important articles and one of them was on social networks. In it is was said the online contact is useful for some objectives but physical contact is required for some additional objectives. I shall clearly write about them on Monday when I go to the institute. So you have successfully organized the first knol author meet. Take some break and then think of next knol author meet. You will do it better this time as you reflect on this experience and improve things.

3/6 SK @ Team

When I first read the knols of The Judge I said to myself what a talent, he makes the thrill of the outdoors so real and after meeting him I realized that he is not just about the pleasures of hunting etc. He is about commuting with nature, of realizing and experiencing one’s own self as each being a part of the whole.

We discussed almost everything under the sun regarding our foundation. Even if we wrote 50 pages it would not do justice to what we discussed. It makes me realize that we must all meet soon. Some of the important issues that came up were:

  1. In the future we will organize our meetings around the weekend.
  2. We will plan and give at least two months notice to as many knollers as possible.
  3. We will go with the mission statement so adroitly written by Panos. With some additions from other members.
  4. We will expand the readership as well as make more knollers by contacting the education community in our circle, our professors, fellow class mates, our children’s education circle, friends, relatives and neighbors.
  5. We will desk top publish a small pamphlet explaining what we are about along with one sample knol from each one of our team. The knol to be chosen by each author himself. We will put these pamphlets at the UN etc.
  6. We must bring in at least two female members to our team. I suggested one of them can be our Judge’s wife. And the other could be this adjunct Prof. at Hunter College who is also a yoga teacher. She is the most spiritual person I know. She has agreed to become a knoller.
  7. We must consider making fliers and put them on notice boards at important institutions.
  8. We will post knol information in as many chat rooms as possible.

3/5 KVSS

Awaiting some information from Judge or Sajid.
My eyes are becoming dry by repeatedly looking at the screen for the news.

3/4 KS @ KVSS

you made my day .
we are waiting with excitement .
hope, they make some pictures, as you proposed .

3/4 KVSS

I am awaiting with excitement the report on Knol Author Foundation Meeting.
I liked your comment. I added the following comment:
The real quality writers and the real article, book and journal marketing and production experts have to publish knols and get visitors in millions to their works. As Kalle Schwarz commented, they should not worry about novice writers and their poor quality stuff. Knol has a search tool that offers only quality stuff in search results provided it is there. What Kalle says is once again right. Starve poor quality stuff of visitors by writing good quality stuff. There are very large number of topics on which knols can be written, need to be written and many visitors have to be converted into writers. In user generated content, relevance is more important and the format created by the knol technical platform is reasonably sufficient. But persons with better technical talents are always welcome to take up the visitor experience to much higher levels and enhance their understanding of the topic.

3/3 KS

i just wrote a comment on murry and peter, which may be interesting for panos and also for the meeting .
so i have copied it here :
i think crap and garbage should not motivate google to pull the plug .
in my view knol is web2, that means the aim is to make knol readers knol writers .
so knol is not only a bazaar, it’s a super bazaar, and the only way to handle crap and garbage, is not to feed them but starve them . therefore we need a structure, a voting tree (see “knol star”), which gives us a speaker “to leave it up to the clever and creative people at google” . so the google team is not affected with the crap and garbage .

3/3 Judge @ Team

I will be meeting Sajid tomorrow in Chicago. I will be back on Thursday. It will be good to see my partner in the US. I will post when back.

I worked on the members page and have a section for Founders; Directors; Translators; and members. There name is linked to their profile page.

Has anyone thought about any changes to the mission statement or aims?  It seems like there are no other ideas out there from anyone. We need to start moving forward with this.

I hope knol moves forward with the Knol Book idea.

3/3 3.15 p.m. IST KVSS

I completed linking all the names of states of USA to the knol on each state.

On the home page, authors’ names are being shown now. If you come across any name of USA author, please enter it in the respective state’s knol. I am trying to contact authors to be co-authors, to join the foundation and to organize chapter meeting in the state. We need to encourage more authors to be active.

3/3 KVSS

I revised a lesson in marketing in the morning. The topic was attribute improvement.
based on it,I I wrote a comment on General feedback about the Knol site and project

We have comments facility as well as now this page to elicit visitor’s opinions.
But it may be time to do a proactive online survey to find the thinking of knol users.
Similarly a survey of non-users could be tried through google main search engine.

You have done a good thing by giving names to issues. I categorized them for more clarity.

3/2 Panos

@ Judge
Knol help was kind enough to invite me to this new KnolBook collection of ideas . These days I have limited free time and I started by organizing the 36 ideas already listed by adding small titles in the begining of every paragraph. I believe this makes it more easy to read and we can add more ideas under the same title.

@ SK
In your Knol about religion and science you raised some very interesting points. I would like to comment the knol you created but unfortunatelly I don’t have enough time at this point. I’ll take a rain check for this.
Also, I believe that Knol Google team and Knol Help do their best at the moment by inviting us in order to collect and list our ideas. Personally I don’t expect more participation from their part. Their role is restricted to providing us the technical platform. It is in our hands to cooperate and promote ideas about peace and freedom but first we must follow all basic internet marketing rules. For this purpose I strongly believe that we must take one step at a time and start by promoting stricktly scientific Knols. Google Knol follows this marketing plan for the same reason. We must understand that since Knol is a new product Google promotes mainly articles about science as a defence mechanism to the severe critisim. We must all understand how internet works and make sure to gain the respect and the search engine rankings we need to be able to promote our objectives.  After gaining authorship and respectful google search ranking, later on, we can promote open discussions about wisdom, religion, philosohpy etc. This process must be done smoothly in order to make sure that finally our ideas will be taken into consideration

3/1 Judge @ Team

I had a good chat with the Prof. this morning. We discussed the direction knol is moving into with knol books, and other things. It would be nice to see more authors in chat on Sunday morning.
The Chicago meeting will be this Wed. at 2pm at the Holiday Inn, 5615 N. Cumberland. All authors are invited.
Visit Knol Collection and give your input on Knol Books. This seems to be the direction Google may be moving in. There are great possibilties with this.
I am also proud to say Knol Author Foundation received the gold medal in Knolympics this month. Thank you AK for creating this.
I dream may come true – One of our dreams is to organize online Books, Journals or encyclopedias. We all agree in this although it is not an easy task to accomplish.
Knol Help is looking for ideas on Knol Books.

3/1 SK @ MM (KH)

Your, ‘Knol Collection’ knol is a big step in the right direction.
However book publishing is much more than just writing and publishing. It also requires expert editing etc. If we have to produce quality knolbooks we must consider approaching academic publishers like university publishers. There is a vast pool of knowledge and experience available with retired professors. I always feel that when professors really start to ‘get it’ they are retired! We must focus on getting some of these seasoned brains to help us put knolbooks together. We can also approach retired publishing and editing executives.
For all ambitious and cutting edge work we need money and adsense does not fill this need. The Knol Author Foundation has started the process of getting a 501 (3) C number. We will be starting a ‘Wuffy Thrift Store’ (please look up the knol of the same name) which we hope will expand. Even google employees can donate goods that they don’t need. If managed well this can be big. I have some more ideas but when I see that you answer some posts of mine and you ignore others then my enthusiasm gets dimmed. You haven’t answered to my last post on this bulletin board.

One simple way to protect one’s work is to copy right it and it is a very simple process. You can find out how on google/US Library of Congress site. If the idea has commercial viability then a simple trade mark is recommended, which can be found on (make sure it is .gov). It is a small two page form which requires a simple mission statement and  a small fee. If the idea is really big you can take a patent on it. My own knols are based on just one single original idea and I have a US patent on it. (please read my knol, ‘inventor’)

As we publish more and more books we must put them together into ‘Knolencyclopedia’.
Also we must establish a process where effective and urgently required/needed new knowledge contained in knols must be promoted in every possible manner. Consider my latest knol, ‘Wisdom is a tree’. How can I claim that this contains urgently required knowledge. Just take the state of the world today. Lets take the conflict in the Middle East. Both sides are desperate for peace. They are trying for hundreds of years to produce peace which is an attribute of wisdom. They are trying to produce peace (fruit) without cultivating the fruit producing tree (wisdom)! They can keep trying to produce peace for another 1000 years but unless they create the environment to produce the wisdom tree they will and can never produce peace. It is the very nature of peace that it exists only on the wisdom tree. So they come to the peace table while all along their brains/minds are powered by the attributes of ignorance – hate and the desire for revenge etc. When the fruit from the tree of ignorance thrive they choke the fruit of the wisdom tree and it does not even bloosm. (Someone must awaken both sides to the very nature of peace!).

Peace is an all or nothing entity, it only comes with the wisdom package. Even today the states of Europe on the surface are at peace yet their defense budgets do not reflect peace! What a waste of resources at least partly due to ignorance of the very nature of peace.
There are three ways to achieve peace:
1) Both sides have a change of ‘heart’ (brain) and this is possible. (This is the best way for permanent peace)
2) Find out the wisdom way and stick to implementing it
3) Or a stronger power enforces the wisdom way.

.< board 2009


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