board 2009 (march II)

3/31 KVSS

I am just back in Mumbai.

3/30 SK @ Panos

You deserve to have whatever title you want. You are already doing the work of more than one position/title.

3/29 AK

There’s a big discussion about Best Knol of the Month.
@ KS
I don’t understand foundation money. We have to talk about your ‘whuffy-system’. In my opion it’s until now a separat system and not part of the foundation.

3/29 KS @ chrissy

SK called me this morning .
one point we were talking about was money .
SK encouraged me to write about my understanding of money .
so i made a knol with you in the leading part as our book keeper,
so that everyone can have an account .
foundation money or what to do with the pledges

3/29 Panos

@ Chrissy
I really liked the newsletter. Clear, friendly and informative. 
@ Team & KM (Krishan Maggon)
I’m working on web design and hosting solutions for both knol author foundation and JTB (Journal of Therapeutic Biotechnology), a knol-journal idea by Krishan Maggon. For this purpose I’m studing on some technical details. My time is quite limited due to my university obligations, however, I’m working on the long -term prespective and discuss with postgraduate students and academics who organize educational online projects for the next year(s). My effort is to make new proposals and and find long-term solutions that would combine our efforts, Knol platform and the goals of my university. These discussions will continue for several months. I’m also trying to combine our efforts in the website building field. I’m planning to build several central websites in the next months/year and I’m now trying to find the most evolved (and cost effective) technical solutions.
@ SK
I prefer the title “technology director” position because it is more simple and clear. It already takes me much time to explain to my colleagues what Knol is about and what’s the role of Knol Author Foundation. It’s already a complicated project. I’m afraid that titles like “open innovation director” or something like this, may be more complicated for me to translate and explain. In new large-scale participation projects my philosophy is innovate…but keep it simple and clear.

3/29 SK @ KVSS, PG and KS

On the trader psychology knol would you prefer we stick with the conventional way like my latest following knol or the more creative earlier version* I posted on 3/27 or a mixture of the two?

Compound Intelligence.

“Management is not a science, like physics, with immutable laws and testable theories. Instead management, at its best, is an intelligent response to outside forces, often disruptive ones.” – Steve Lohr in the NY Times, in an article titled ‘How Crisis Shapes the Corporate Model’. This one quote explains precisely where management science is today and where it can be if the science of management integrated wisdom education into the principles of management. What needs to be done is when speaking of intelligence we must include a total integration of intelligence and emotional intelligence which together one can say is compound intelligence.

And for ‘outside forces’ we can substitute the actual reality of say any stock or company or circumstance. So to train for managing any business or situation one would train one’s regular intelligence faculties by fully learning the nuts and bolts of the profession to be managed and develop emotional intelligence to its highest level which is wisdom.

Wisdom itself implies that the wise person before s/he takes any action will first acquaint the self with the whole given circumstances and will weigh all possible solutions to achieve the desired results. And his/her wise actions will be based on an impartial analysis of the given actual reality; which will be free of any bias or preconceived image.

Naturally management is not a science today because while it focuses on all the physical factors shaping the situation it ignores or at least does not fully address the emotional factors that shape decision making. With compound intelligence, management may not become a full science; it will still come much closer to being a more complete science.

Why do many doctors and engineers struggle all their lives and are not successful professionally? For many it is because even though their knowledge of their profession is adequate their emotional intelligence is not.

Above all the biggest situation everyone has to manage is life itself. Self management affects everything from life to ones professional performance. So no matter what kind of management course one is taking it must include teaching compound intelligence.

When ever one’s emotional intelligence is not at the super mature level then the internal response to the outside forces is always somewhat distorted. And as a result there is always a bit of a misreading the actual reality. While managing any given situation the response is based partly on a phony image of the actual reality; and as a result the outcome is not as efficient.

I would rearrange the above quote as follows, “Management may never become a science, like physics, with immutable laws and testable theories but it can become a more complete science. Management, at its best can become, a wise response to the actual reality of outside forces, including the disruptive ones.

3/29 KVSS

An email from Dr. Subhash Sharma, a Ph.d, from University of California
Dear Prof Rao
I am happy to know that my book, Market’s Maya: Lotus Millionaires from New Madhushala has excited and inspired you to write your own poems that are interesting. It would indeed be nice if you can also share this information with the visitors to your web link. Perhaps  u can post the cover page of the book on your web link.
with best wishes.
Subhash Sharma

3/28 CK(chrissy)

I sent the newsletter to all of our directors. If someone didn’t get it let me know.
Here is the link newsletter

3/28 KM

It is good to see the Page View chart that you inserted for this knol.
Can this be done for other knols as well.
Maybe you should write a new knol to describe the process.
Thanks for the info.

3/28 KS

my knol vision : make knol a tree
i don’t know why you can’t reach me . have you ever called a person in germany ?
it’s not a handy . you must choose 049 first .

3/27 PG at SK, KS, KVSS

* About the financial crisis article, I flagged another article using the same title which is just a copy & paste of a wikipedia article


* About the trader psychology article, to answer SK question, maybe we can become creative and start together a specific article about what are the psychological effects of the virtuality of money and of other money-related instruments. To deal with non tangible assets certainly affects the mind differently than buying apples in the supermarket or a house to live in, things our senses can smell, see, touch…. This is specific not only to traders but also to official bodies (country gvts, treasury, central bnaks) that can think they have a god-like power to create money and that they are creating riches in doing so, while in fact creating commitments. Personaly I think that the invention of money (that contributed to the invention of maths and of writing by the way) was one of the greatest advance of mankind, and also something with metaphysical traits, but on the other hand it creates enormous responsibilities when creating it and using it.


3/27 SK @ KS

The quality of your being is so out of this world that I cannot describe it in mere words with any justice.
 I have tried several times to talk to you and all I hear are musical German voices.

3/27 KS @ SK and PG

i added your comments to financial crisis

3/27 KVSS

I am at my native town Kakinada, in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

I requested Krishan Maggon to send me an email to initiate discussion on international research conference along with international knol author meet.


I am continuing my poem writing as my colleagues and students made positive comments. Even very small children are appreciating their content. But I am a beginner. I shall improve them with increase in my own understanding of poetry writing as well as from suggestions from readers.


My third knol with poems.



You are a person with journalism background. You presence on the author team is always valuable. Now that Paul Krugman has won the Nobel prize, journalists have lot more respectability in science circles. Do not mind writes and rewrites of the knol. It keeps happening as we shape it up.


3/27 SK @ KVSS and PG

*When the Prof. asked me to co-author the knol on the psychology of trading stocks I agreed. However I was thinking I only like to join if I can expand and add something new. You both are thoroughly grounded and over qualified to write on this topic. My knowledge is very limited. However my own angle on wisdom and human nature has applications on anything and every thing. So I would like to propose that we can together write a whole book based on the psychology of trading in the context of human nature, actual reality and wisdom/common sense. If you like and agree with the following which I wrote in the knol:

“More money is needed but new and judicious ways to make it effectively solve the current economic mess is more essential. No more just giving away money to the big financial institutions.”

“When money is just printed by a government then it is being created from the domain of thin air. For all practical purposes this domain of thin air is real. And there are laws even in the territory of the domain of thin air. In fact I have interviewed the Lord of thin air and it is clear that even he acts by the laws of actual reality! What if most of the toxic mortgage swaps that the banks are under pressure to honor are and were illegal in the first place. I think all mortgages must be examined, I know it is a long process but it is necessary and the ones that are illegal the government must understand that it cannot use money from thin air to legitimize illegal mortgage swaps.

Actually many of the mortgage swaps themselves have been traded in thin air. There came a point when these paper trades became worthless. Trying to make these worthless trades real is going to be very costly and perhaps illegal for the government to cover. Sooner than later the Lord of reality will force the Lord of thin air to start taking these borrowed trillions back by reducing the value of the dollar and then real values, net values of the whole country will start vanishing.

If you don’t like the above then please take my name off this knol. For I cannot do justice to the level of your combined knowledge and expertise unless I add the wisdom angle.

A quote from the Lord of thin air,

“Stock trading takes place in the real world and stock trading takes place in thin air. Look at all the money that trades on paper every day. Do you think this value really exists in your real world? Why do you think the value starts to sink of a stock as soon as a few big guns start dumping the stock?

Much of this trading takes place in my domain. So your government better wake up to the laws of my territory and not legitimize paper assets with real printed money that is coming out of my domain of thin air for then I will have to devalue the dollar across the board!”

3/26 AK

Wikimania 2009 – The Wikimania is this year in Buenos Aires. We should bring greetings from the KAF to the Wikipedia-Authors. It’s useful to invite KAF-members from Argentia/ Buenos Aires as the journalist Alberto Auné to write the greeting. What do you think about it?

3/26 SK @ Knol Help

When we were posting messages in the early days MM started to communicate with us but MM’s responses were very spotty. He answered to some of our posts and ignored others. In those days I had this feeling as if we are trying to communicate with the gods where the prayers are answered sometimes and totally ignored at other times. Now Knol Help is more prompt and I am grateful for this. We may not be affiliated but our objectives are the same and we must do everything to strengthen each other.

@ AK
As usual your input/insights are perfect and timely.

3/25 KnolHelp

Report open web proxies by replying to this page, and we will remove them:
We are especially interested in knowing if you spot them in search.

We are working on improving moderated collaboration, to avoid the large number of spurious edits.

It is possible that we might make some progress on Google Analytics integration, someday. We cannot say when.

We are interested in providing better support for translations. Nothing to announce yet.

You wrote:

I think any specific question on technology of knol, it is better to ask in the related knol opened by knol help. They can answer it in a more routine way. If that conversation is useful may be then we can bring it here and post it ourselves.

Correct – in general we won’t have time to monitor user’s discussions & even less so as we succeed and grow in popularity. So it is best to post questions to any of the Knol Help pages, and one of us will notice.

We reorganized the English main help page to make it act as a directory to knol features & of places to report and discuss issues: We will work to improve that.

3/25 KS @ KVSS

you are right with your idea to write on specific knols .
on the other hand “knol author foundation” is also a specific knol .
the specific (to repeat Sajid’s statement) is, that we are writing as a team .
so in the future i will write to the team and if MM is interested, he may answer me .

3/25 KVSS

I am in the middle of my travel.


Very happy to know that the newsletter in on track.


Delighted to know about the possibility of tristate or four-state meeting.

I think we can think of a research conference along with our knol author international meet. We can request Krishan Maggon to take up the lead for organizing a research conference along with the author conference. That may help some professors and reseachers go get funding for their travel and it is also appropriate for our objectives and knol objectives. We need a lot of time to plan an international research conference may be by end of 2010.


There are some votes for my stock market poems knol.

3/25 Chrissy K

I will be writing our first newsletter and should have it done the first week of April

3/25 Randy K

I will vote by commenting.

Thank you Petr Frish for translating the Czech Knol Foundation page.

The Wisconsin Knol Author meeting is scheduled for April 18.


You can organize your New York knol meeting for any time after that.


3/24 AK@Jugde

I know. I can’t use the open collaboration, because google-knol wants moderate collaboration to prevent cheating. but the moderated collaboration doesn’t work. each suggestion produces more than 60 different suggestions, it’s a knowing bug in Knols which are not very simple. So KVSS made the suggestion to close the Knol of the Month and to suggest and vote by comment.

To vote and suggest by comment works very well. Fortunality in the comments everybody can say something to the reason for suggesting and voting.

3/24 Judge@ AK

 Your knol of the month is closed collaboration. No one can vote


3/24 AK

I wrote the article Money for Knols in my function as Author Director of the KAF. What do you think about this article?
@ SK. Thank you for your helpful words. You are the role model for communication in Knol. This is one reason that I spend more time in Knol than in Wikipedia. I’m the main-author of the article Diskriminierung in the german wikipedia. This article appears as the first if you searching for Diskriminierung. My better article Diskriminierung in Knol didn’t appear in the first seventy google-search-sites. But I didn’t like the dealing with conflicts in wikipedia – it’s a war of the words.
Here is a statistic of the Knol “Best Knol of the Month” by statcounter:

I hope that in the last week of the March-Contest will be an increasing of voters. No one of the KAF-Founders (except me) has voted until now ;-). Today there are for the first time more than 100 unique visitors.
@ Randy
Sorry that I didn’t do the translation until now. I will do it this week.

3/24 SK @ KVSS

New York City is considered the regional capital of the tri-state area.  New Jersey is across the Hudson river and Connecticut is just a few miles away. So a meeting in New York will mean a meeting of the tri-state area. We may even invite knollers from Pennsylvania which is just two hours away by road. Randy K and I have decidid that there will first be a meeting in his area and then I will organize one in NYC.

3/24 KVSS


New York knoller list that I gathered has gone up to 14.


I hope you can contact them, invite them to become members of our foundation and organize a meet of knol authors in due course of time.


3/24 SK @ AK

This is a big problem you have pointed out. Knol Help should look into this and find a way to at least put a red flag on these copied knols. Instead of saying similar content they must say ‘copied content’. Channel your negative energy into more knols. Also think of converting your knols into book form. The silver lining on your cloud is that your whole cloud is silver! Your knols are amongst the best of the best. I feel proud of being part of the same team.

3/24 AK

I hate this proxy-sites, which are copying my knols and have better search-results as my origin articles.

The links in the proxy-article goes even not to the original knol-article but also to proxy-sites. This proxy-articles have no links to my origin articles. And they didn’t have the same quality. But they appear in google-search, not my articles!
It’s no problem if someone copies my articles. But it’s a problem when this articles don’t link to the original articles and have a better rank by searching in google.

Please excuse me for my negative energy in the last days.
What can we do?

3/24 KVSS


It applies to me and SK also. I already informed the same to SK in a mail. I shall write a mail to you also. My idea is that when we write on their specific knols, they will go through a formal route of knol help responses.



In Engineering curriculums, they use scientific articles. Materials from books like H.G.Wells and Issac Assimov etc. are used there. Our materials also will get noticed. But it will take time. Krish Maggon says his articles are getting quoted in other scientific papers.


My stock market poems knol has some nominations for the best knol of the month contest. The contest is still not attracting many voters. May be we are more busy with other things. I suggested to knol team to support this initiative with more technology  for picking the knols for voting and for voting mechanism. I shall be away for five, six days. I may not be able to post regularly.


3/23 SK

@ Team Most foreign schools and universities have English language learning programs where standard English texts are translated. How about encouraging them to use scientific knols as a means of learning English. Like the knols of Prof. Rao, Randy K, Kevin Spaulding and Peter Greenfinch etc.
@ KS and Team
I am a foot soldier expressing my ideas to my family of which you are my favorite and Panos is the most important as he is our present and future. And I will do my best to make sure that my own views come last. I am a team player. And I am OK with what ever the team dicides.

3/23 KS

hmmm, what’s with SK ? and with your star rating question ?
@ MM -> translated search has a handicap .
it translates first and then searches pages written in the translated language .
it would be ten times better, if there were a list of articles or knols which are already translated .
then google can search an article (knol) in the original language and quote the translated article (knol) .

3/23 KVSS

@ KS

I think any specific question on technology of knol, it is better to ask in the related knol opened by knol help. They can answer it in a more routine way. If that conversation is useful may be then we can bring it here and post it ourselves.


@ KS, SK, and PG

Thank you for the encouragement. My maiden venture received its initial appreciation. Now I can try to learn more about poetry writing and continue the initiative. Thank you.

3/23 KS @ MM

it’s a 20% topic .
one little question : if i search in the search toolkit by categories, i don’t get the category tree ?

3/22 SK @ KVSS

I agree with PG your poems are explaining complex issues in simple terms.

3/22 PG @ KVSS

I liked your brilliant stock poems.

A few verses can make clear to people things that otherwise would need long technical explanations.

Maybe we should use more poetry in our knols 🙂


3/22 Knol Help

We are in the process of redoing the star rating system. It may take some time before the dust settles and some of the rework is completed. Thank you for pointing out specific instances where star ratings look bad. We may consider using those as test cases. The more visitors and regular authors there are who actually use star ratings, the more useful star ratings can become. We hope to use stars more effectively in the future, but being able to do so depends on making them more reliable. In any case, we do not expect to introduce any secondary or alternative voting or rating mechanism.

Regarding spam and abuse, please note that we will be gradually turning up the knobs and and blocking more content that violates our Content Policy. The most common clause under which content is blocked is this:

COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY:  You may use Knol to create articles for your business or to promote your lawful products or services that are not otherwise prohibited by our Content Policy or Terms of Service, unless you are in Cuba, Iran, Burma (Myanmar), North Korea, Syria, or Sudan.  There are some commercial uses we don’t allow.  We don’t allow pages that have the primary purpose of redirecting visitors, acting as a bridge page, or driving traffic to another website.  We also don’t allow Knol pages that have the primary purpose of profiting from displaying ads from any publisher network, such as pages created with little or no unique content that exist only to display ads.

So if any authors are created pages with “little or no unique content” that exist primarily to drive traffic to other websites, we will block those pages and/or user accounts as we discover them. These standards need to be applied as uniformly and as effectively as we can. Users who have created “good” knols are not exempt from being flagged and taken down if they create or modify their knols so that they come into violation of the Content Policy.

Sorry, Linus’s talk on Git — however interesting it may have been — is out of the scope of what Knol Help can talk about. 🙂

We are interested in treating translations & translators as significant — as categories comingled with ordinary knols and authors, but also having their own separate search & discovery mechanisms. As usual with prospective new features, we cannot pre-announce when / if / how that may happen.

3/22 KVSS

Star system at the moment may have drawbacks. The drawbacks will not go unless we try to use it and plug the loopholes. Any number of five stars will not get visitors to a shabby knol. There will be worst comments on a shabby knol to which people are enticed by someone with 5 stars from 100 google accounts. We as  author community can identify that person and report the incident to knol team. I still think knol authors are not active in marketing their knols to visitors. We need to get many many visitors to the knol. We have to use our star rating to assemble large number of 4 and 5 star knols. I did not rate myself many of my knols.  Is there an alternative to star system? It is working well on many article websites.   If some persons have an alternative, they can propose. But let us have a one system through which author himself, knol visitors, knol author community and knol platform can indicate the quality of a knol. From such quality knols, every month, there can be manual selection of really very top knols. 

3/21 AK

Voting by stars isn’t workinging in the right way. Here has someone 347 star-votings (5 stars) and 338 pageviews. Or have a look at this knol: 110 pageviews and in the same time 139 5-stars-votings (29 more votings as pageviews!). A well known german author has around 100 accounts and with 28 of his accounts he votes in several of my accounts with 1 star (I think he doesn’t like me ;-)).
So until now don’t trust the stars.

3/21 SK @ KVSS

I was about to post a few words on how to turn prose into poetry and then I read your knol Stock Market Poems. There is a trick and many more that I need to learn from you on how to do this. Your poems are ingeniusly artful.
@ Team
Monthly newsletter can also go a long way in spreading knol readership and in bringing in new knollers and translaters. We can buy bulk email listings to important institutions. The first newsletter may have a letter from our President or even our Secretary inviting people to become knollers, translators and readers. Each individual branch can also print some copies and post them at the UN etc.

3/21 KS

@ monthly newsletter
i am with the team and will give 5 w for each monthly newsletter knol .
@ MM
much new stuff . thanks .
btw. do you know
or have you even participated in this event ?
@ Randy
i also have a new name for you and Sajid : dress men or leather men 🙂
did you get the photo on the 1st Knol meeting page ? it’s a link to this bulletin board page .
@ AK
“If there is a critical mass of participating Knol-Authors this system will work.”
If there is a critical mass every system will work .
to come to a critical mass you need a relation to real money .
i’ll make a page “financial krises” on which i will link to “Stock market poems” .

3/21 KVSS

Monthly bulletin will be very useful initiative. The proposal comes from the secretary and it is the first initiative. We may see many more. Could it be implemented as a knol? Emails can be sent to all members initially announcing the posting of the knol. That will keep them involved in the foundation activity.


I started writing some things like poems or rhymes. One of our foundation members is inspiration for that. One more person is a US educated Indian whom I met yesterday at a conference on management.


A collection of poems/rhymes on stock market.


Any suggestions on how to write such things are welcome.

3/20 SK @ Knol Help

“we can translate each individual knol into several languages by clicking a few keys”.
Do you mean translating into multiple languages simultaneously?
Can you please explain this further.
Also can you please respond to my earlier post, “In fact we should appeal to MM (KH) to create a prominent category of ‘translator’ along with owner, co-author etc. in the manage category. Translators are just as important at least for these less knowledgeable languages”.

3/20 Knol Help

On the State of Knol.

  • Yesterday, we deployed the Dingo release of knol. Our focus recently has been on gradually ramping up our international capabilities, and Dingo contains two new items:
    • A transliteration control which may be useful to writers working in India and writing in Hindi or one of several other Indic languages. This is in an early  beta stage, and we are interested in hearing feedback on it. (If you are not in India, there is a back-door to access this control. Strip away anything after # or ? in the browser’s address bar, add ?gl=in to your knol url, then reload the page and click Edit. Future releases will make this control more accessible.)
    • The category browser is now available in languages other than just English.
    • We are enjoying increasing growth in Arabic. While we still have more new English knols on most days, there have been an occasional few days where that has reversed and we receive more new Arabic knols than English.
  • Our top short-term interests remain in adding additional language & translation support, debugging & improving collaboration options, supporting collections in some form, and in blocking “spam” content that is in violation of our Terms of Service / Content Policy guidelines. As we are constantly tuning and adjusting the product, we appreciate your feedback in alerting us to anything which goes awry with the platform. In particular, the spam-blocking and page view calculation components just changed — kindly post bug reports if you see anything amiss.
  • Items noted:
    • revisions are very slow to load, if the number of revisions is very large (> 1k).
      • We will track this as a bug, but may not be able to fix this right away. One work-around is just to periodically retire this page, and move to a new collaboration page. You lose the pageviews + awards, but will start to pick them up again after a few days of running the new page.
    • “we can translate each individual knol into several languages by clicking a few keys” — we hope to provide better support for translation in the future. However, please be aware that any translation created by machine is generally perceived as very poor quality text by native speakers. Given the present capabilities of the technology, we very strongly recommend that fluent native writers clean up machine translated text.

3/20 AK@ Randy

I like the idea “Monthly newsletter”.

3/20 Panos

@ Judge (or may I say RandyK…!)

I agree with you and Chrissy. At this time we need to take practical initiatives like those. A monthly newsletter would be a good start. It will make all directors feel as part of the team.

3/20 Judge(Randy)

Welcome new members

Manjil Saikia – Tezpur, India

Alberto Auné – Buenos Aires, Argentina


I noticed when I put up donations accepted on the membership page, no one signed up. I took them off and now we have two new members. I think it is more important to get new members and this point in time, so I am leaving “donations accepted off at this time.”


Our secretary, Chrissy K has almost convinced me to change my name from “The Judge” to “Randy K”

So you may see a different name soon.


I am also working on the bylaws for our paperwork that will be sent to the US Internal Revenue Service. I think I may hire a lawyer to make sure I am doing everything according to law.

Chrissy was thinking of sending a monthly newsletter to all 14 directors and founders. Do others think that would be worthwhile?

3/19 Judge

Here is a picture of Sajid giving me the plaque for my dedication to the knol foundation. Thank you again Sajid.


Sajid Khan, Judge
Knol Author Foundation – First Meeting at Chicago on 4.3.2009 

Very happy to see the picture (KVSS, KS)

3/19 KVSS

Trying to make a detailed knol on Industrial Engineering

Compare it with wikipedia entry and give your comments.

3/18 KS

where does knol go ?
i once read that google, more than any other competitor, enables the user to do what they want .
that’s not totally wrong 🙂
but google (and especially knol) certainly have room for improvement .
it’s not only about to write the knols you want to write, but it is also important to link them as you wish. the category browser is an approach to that which i think should systematically be expanded.
@SK financial crises
i mean an open collaboration knol . do you know one ?

3/17 AK @ KS

I want to show the differences between Whuffies and Knol Translation Points in a table:

   Whuffy  Knol Translation Points (KTP)
 Input (where do the first whuffy/ KTPs come from?)  Money Pledges
  • KTP for Translation of the official Knols from Google (Knol-Help, etc)
  • The first twenty Knol-Authors in the KTP-table don’t need KTP for translation, although the translators gets KTP)
  • The Authors of the Best Knols of the Month gets KTPs
 Exchange  The owners of Whuffy can give other Knol-Authors some of their Whuffy as they like. There is no regimentation. They can also change their Whuffy into real money.  Knol-Authors don’t really own KTPs. If they have KTPs in their official account, someone can translate one of the Knols of this Author with KTP when the Author wants a translation from him. Then the translator gets for each character of the Knol one Knol Translation Point. Its also possible to give KTP for solving HTML-problems.
 Output  You can change Whuffy into real money. This depends on the Input.  No output.

With Knol Translation Points I want to make translations able. To make something able, you have to look for three working steps: ability, enabling and motivation.
Knol-Authors have translation-skills and they write best articles and have HTML-Skills This is the Ability.
Knol-Authors can use the Knol-Translation-Table. This is the Enabeling-System.
And they get Knol-Translation-Points for their work which they can use for translations. This is the Motivation.

So I think, the Knol-Translations-Point-System will work, if enough Knol-Authors want to see their Knols in other languages and are willing to do some translations-work in their own language.

3/17 Judge

I welcome Vesna Kozelj as Director of the Slovene Foundation page

3/17 KS @ AK

whuffy is not a monetizing-system, it is an exchange trading system .
you don’t need to monetize wuffy, it’s an origin currency .
imagine, you want to have your knols in different languages .
So you can make a deal: i’m refactoring a long article of SK (wisdom), because the automatic translation is not readable . It’s a lot of work (you said it) . but i’m interested to read it in german, not to make whuffy with it’ .
here is the deal : you complete the article (it’ s half ready) and i give you 30 w.
so you can let translate your artikels . translation -> whuffy -> translation .
but you may say, that my whuffy was made by money, because i myself have no whuffy .
well, but SK has whuffy and i worked already on this article . so i’ll ask him to give me the 30 w for my work and then i can give it to you .
to start the system without money, we can give 100 w to the first 20 members of our group . but in my opinion pledges work better .
it’s interesting : for the europeans money is slavery , for the us americans money is freedom .

3/16 AK @ KS

I think, whuffy depends on money. money -> whuffy -> money. But Knol Translation Points depends on skills. Whuffy is a monetizing-system, not an exchange trading system.

I want to have my Knols in different languages. But how can I do it? My english-skills are good enough for communication. I can read english articles. But my English isn’t good enoug to write Knols with a good grammar. Also my Dutch is good enough for reading dutch Knols. But I can’t write good Knols “in de nederlandse taal”.

So I can make a deal: I translate english and dutch Knols in the german language. And native Knol-Authors from the USA/ GB or Netherlands translate my Knols in their language. The Exchange Trading System Knol Translation Points allows a complex deal. It’s not only a direct exchange: A translated for B and B translated for A. It’s possible that my knols are translated into mandarin when I translated Knols from Dutch into German. If there is a critical mass of participating Knol-Authors this system will work.

3/16 KS @ AK & SK

if you knit your ideas together , then you have whuffy .

3/16 AK @ SK

We have no money, but we have skills. We can translate Knols automatically, but this Knols have a very bad grammar. Some sentences you can’t understand if you not understand the original Knol.

So this automatically translated Knols have to be reviewd by native speakers. And this is a lot of work.
In Germany we have in the bigger cities non-profit-groups called “Tauschringe” (in English: Local Exchange Trading Systems). They share their skills. C works in the garden of B one hour, B repairs the bicycle of A and A cuts the hair of C. Every person has got skills. And they don’t get money. Each local “Tauschring” has an origin currency.
So we can make an origin currency in Knol. I called it “Knol Translation Points“. This system depends only on the skills of the Knol-Authors. And not only on the translation-skills. This system will work if there is a critical mass of Knol-Authors who participate. So the first twenty Authors don’t need KTP to let one of their Knols translate.
Tauschringe / LETS is a system which is working without money. And “Knol Translation Points” will also work.

3/16 SK @ Team and MM (KH)

Right now we have no money but thanks to google we can translate each individual knol into several languages by clicking a few keys. So a realistic goal can be to bring up the knowledge of as many languages as possible on par with the few premier languages. Knowledge is the key to removing poverty so lets provide the latest knowledge to as many people around the world as possible. When I wrote the knol ‘Dear Panos’ it took me a few minutes to translate it into four more languages.

Also lets face it many people will only remain knol readers; some of them can be persuaded to become translators because it does not take much to translate.
In fact we should appeal to MM (KH) to create a prominent category of ‘translator’ along with owner, co-author etc. in the manage category. Translators are just as important at least for these less knowledgeable languages.
Maybe google can develop a system where; by one click the translation can take place in all available languages.

Knol is about sharing knowledge and the Foundation can make it its goal to focus on spreading this shared knowledge in as many nooks and crannies of the world as possible.
English speaking translates into having more money. A few other languages have the same par of knowledge. Imagine if the same knowledge we make available in ‘Swahili’ and ‘Urdu’ etc. We can do it. It is a matter of defining crystal clear goals and acting on them and it can be done within our resources; it will cost us just our time.

Once we have money (and we will have money soon enough, I have a few tricks up my sleeve) we can start specific projects.

Lets launch a drive to persuade knollers to write knols and translate them as much as possible. Also lets appeal and recruit translators from the knol readers. And as others have suggested let each translation come with 1) A warning that it is an imperfect translation, 2) An appeal that the reader may help in improving the translation and 3) Would the reader be interested in becoming a knol translator?

I am sure there are some translator out there like our President and mentor, Prof. KVSS. We can even search for and nominate a current translator to be nominated as a knol star as we need translators almost just as much as we need knollers and knol readers.

The world should be an equal opportunity for all humanity but it is mostly an equal opportunity for just some of the language speakers. Google knol and google translator have put the power in our hands to change this. So far we are using mostly the knol platform lets start using google translator with equal vigor.

3/16 KVSS @ SK

You expressed things very nicely.
We have to focus on goals now. Goals are numbers with time frame. Let us do some planning for the month ahead and a year ahead. What is our plan for year and based on that what is our plan for the month?

3/16 SK @ Team

My own goals, as those of the team, are exactly the same. I wish we can achieve the goals that our new logo design expresses. But for all practical purposes the most successful organizations are those that have narrow and focused goals. I wish the same for our organization. As we grow we can expand our aims but for now lets focus on what we can really achieve. My concern is not what I want, my concern is how can we make our foundation as successful as possible.

Thanks to knol my ideas are out front now and having explained the importance of wisdom education in over 200++ ways if there is benefit in my work then main stream education will one day wake up to the practical applications of my work.

I want to make it clear that I am fully with the team and what ever logo design we as a majority approve I will support. However as I said Ponos’s design is perfect but…

.< board 2009


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