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5/31 KS @ A

bulletin-board.mp3 ??

mp3 – means you can download as mp3 – I hope so.(you can download audio version)

5/31 PG @ KVSS

I entered your day trading tools knols in Financial knol index. Not too sure that I chose the right category. Do not hesitate when you write a significant financial knol to enter it there.

5/31 KVSS

I updated a knol today
Personality and Attitudes
I updated the material related to attitude
I opended a new knol – political party of the working class.
Political Party of the Working Class
Can you say some thing about the topic, the situation in your country.
I do see some new authors’ names and they are posting good number of knols. It is good for the survival of knol. I think every day knol should make public new authors’ names also. It is presently publishing top authors.

 I added one more knol today. It is titled ”
Capitalist Morality versus Socialist Morality

While I do not know much about the topic, there is a lot emphasis on ethics and morals in business education and I need to develop my understanding on the topics to write revision articles on business ethics. I look forward to your comments.


5/30 A @ All

Has anyone else noticed that the bulletin board is now in MP3? Maybe it’s just me, but I thought that it was just text before…

5/30 SK

My latest knols:
Some of the banners that I used for my Wisdom Express during the Presidential Election.

                                                             The Wisdom Express (TM)
VOTE                                                            FOR                                                                       Wisdom
If you look at history from the beginning of time you will find that wise leaders have taken the
world to greater heights not only during their own times but even for future generations. And
the world has enjoyed greater peace and prosperity under their leadership. From King Arthur
to Benjamin Franklin,  to Lincoln, to  FDR, to JFK to Gandhi, wise leaders have made long term
positive changes to humanity. So please consider voting for whom ever has the most wisdom.
VOTE                FOR                YOUR                CHILDREN’S               BETTER                 FUTURE
( This banner has the autograph of Senator Kerry )
Review of ‘The source of Ethics’

5/30 KVSS

I started a new knol Day Trading Tools.

I want to write rules in simple terms that make sense. Will they give profits? It is a difficult question to answer as we have many research studies that say it is very difficult to make profits, but there are always some trophy people who make good amount of money in trading and people want to know the basics of trading. Basics of trading could be same for every body, but in every field the successful people learn inductively. They improve their understanding through practice after they acquire basics through usual standard curriculums. Many times teachers will not learn inductively because they are spending their time in developing proficiency in delivering standard curriculum based contents. This is where you always require practitioners for any theoryto flourish in real world. Lenin was one such one for Marx. Lenin made many extensions to the basic thought of Marx in utilizing the Marxism to acquire power for himself and his followers.

I just completed a second reading of book with the title What is Party? It is a book on Communist Party of Soviet Union.  I am reading it to develop some material on management of political parties.

5/30 AK

You can nominate Knols and vote today and sunday for the Best Knol of the Month May 2009

5/29 SK @ Dr. Prasad

So far membership is confined to the internet more or less.
Please add your name to ‘ Knol Author Foundation Members’ list.

5/29 dr t prasad

To become a member
I am quite excited to see the progress of knol..
I wish to become a member of authors of Knol.. How to do this?

5/29 KVSS

Opened a new knol  Mergers and Acquisitions News – India

Seems to be a useful knol to record various news items related to M&A in India. Opened a similar knol for USA also. Should be useful for my M&A course.

Saw a new knol author online editors. they have written around 250 knols and around 75,000 page visits. Included their name in centurion knollers   Centurion Knollers – Knol Authors  and wrote a comment in their bio knol.  I said if they have any plans of organizing writers related programs we will also cooperate with them.

5/28 KS @ A

“Go figure.”
i figured it out . you must enter the url .
success! the knol is now a part of your collection.
knol-collections -> my english knols

5/28 SK @ KVSS

You want me to write a knol on the NY mayor elections. I am waiting for the response to my letter to Mayor Bloomberg. If he wants my support then my connections will have to be with the highest levels. I have informed his assistant that I would like to take out my Wisdom Express in his favor. So lets wait for his response. One of the things I have observed is that those who surround power don’t want any new people to get close to power. Especially any one who is smarter than them or has any brilliant ideas.
I like PG’s term ‘metric gurus’. I am very sad that we have differences with them. But these differences are not really professional. These are just personal ‘tiffy’ differences. Though I would love to have their respect but it is not the end of the world. The important factor is that people who matter beyond their wildest imagination, people like President Obama and Mayor Booker ( who is headed for internationally big times soon ) respect and like my ideas. When it comes to intelligence the metric gurus are professionally +2. Sadly when it comes to emotional intelligence they have a few screws loose like most of us. They are saying that people are making fun of me. Yes indeed blogs like have made fun of my profile mentioning Wisdom ( brain ) coach. But it is because anything new is hard to digest. When and if they get the significance of the brain and wisdom connection they will come around. They are also making fun of my sperm and egg theory but here too they do not get the significance of the fact that Mother Nature does not give us birth – just the chance to win the right to life ( imagine the implications and applications of this ). They also criticized my knol on horniness (little do they know that this is one of the ground breaking knols! ) However this criticism was the best thing that happened to me. For two weeks my page view went up to 5000.

5/28 SK

I must say that President Obama is a real genuine being. And even after becoming The President he is still humble and keeps in touch with his supporters like me and he keeps trying to make his case! I keep receiving emails from him on all his major decisions: This is the latest one I received:

Sajid —
I am proud to announce my nominee for the next Justice of the United States Supreme Court: Judge Sonia Sotomayor.
This decision affects us all — and so it must involve us all. I’ve recorded a special message to personally introduce Judge Sotomayor and explain why I’m so confident she will make an excellent Justice.
Thank you,
President Barack Obama
( I have deleted most of the letter from this post )


Business has been really bad and being in the antique business it is worse. A lot of businesses are closing around me and trying to survive putting money in my business, my personal finances have depleted over the last year. Now I have worked out a winning strategy. Any customer who comes in and is serious to buy I reduce the price to cost or near cost this way I am able to make sales and thus money comes in and I am able to replace goods at a reduced cost too thus changing my inventory. So there is a flow of money and things are moving. At least this way I will be able to survive without putting money from my pocket.


@ Team and MM/KH

I am really excited as I think I am on the verge of a great breakthrough. These moments have come only after years of research and thinking and contextual mindfulness. One was when I realized that human nature is partly conceived in the womb. Another time when I found that wisdom is the fragrance of the brain and that the highest stage of emotional intelligence is wisdom. Again I felt in eternal time when I realized that I could quantify love and define the self in scientific terms. Another thrilling moment came when I was able to solve the mystery why the sperm is tiny and numerous and the egg is huge and single, I have explained this one in my knol, ‘Me’. 

Now I think I can show the way how people who get trapped in 24/7 horniness can get out of it and get completely cured. So far my own research has shown that those who get trapped cannot get out – ever. Can you all please help me and see if indeed it is impossible to get out of the 24/7 horniness trap, because I do not want to make any exaggerated claims. But I am not going to reveal anything yet because my page views are so very low, my insightful nugget of pure original knowledge will get lost.

5/28 KVSS

I started a new knol. International Investment Opportunities.

You can include foreign investment promotion activities of countries and regions you know. Over a period of time such knols will accumulate very useful knowledge I hope.

Google analytics is interesting. In the last two days, 380 of my knols were  visited. Such information tells you about relevance of your articles. I do not know if I can know whether the search occurred from main google page or knol page. If all of us are using google analytics then we can exchange information on how we can get more benefit out of it.

5/27 A

Mah Updates:

Currently translating Imron Subhan’s knol (the CPR one).

And embing this here countdown timer to everything. 🙂  By the way PG, I was actually quite engrossed in that influenza knol!

5/27 PG

Thanks KVSS for the statistical info. Seems there is a problem of indexing. In wikipedia if you search for “flu” you reach the influenza article. In Knol, if you search “flu” you reach a list of a myriad of knols with flu in their title, some of them quite minor it seems. If you search for “influenza” this is not much better.

Maybe the doctor should change its title fromInfluenza (Flu)” to “Flu (Influenza)” although that might not improve much the search.

Also, we cannot have a clear idea about the accumulated page views of all those knols about flu or influenza. Maybe our friends, the metric gurus, could use their talents and show some usefulness by working on such practical issues 😉

5/27 KVSS

 Last month, Google announced that the 100,000th knol had been published. The English version of Wikipedia alone has nearly 3 million articles.

* Only a dozen knols have more than 100 comments. 

* The knol with the most page views is The Self, with nearly 255,000 views. Individual Wikipedia articles don’t show traffic data, but the site claims that articles about influenza were getting over 200,000 requests per hour on April 29th (The knol about influenza, written by a doctor, has under 4,000 views total, and just 51 page views so far this week).

More knols are required and also I keep repeating, we have to think of some way to maintain knols  current topics.

New York Mayor election is one I ask SK to open a knol on. The topics have to be more general so that many can participate and contribute and keep the knol up-to-date.

5/26 SK @ KS

They are writing top quality knols and even though their concept of knol metrics may be inspired by trying to show us down it is still very good. You/we are doing a good job too. The only thing I do not like is this persnal criticism whether it is coming from them or us. You are still the best in my book.

5/26 KS

you only need to google “vandana shiva” .(e.g. vandana shiva on global food crisis)
analytics account what?!?
have you used the “collect this page” button for your collection ?
@ SK
why do you think that murry and team are doing an excellent job ?
are they growing ? are they becoming more authors ?
if i play chess, it’s not important that i play chess but how i play chess .
murry and his cohorte (PB-quote) will give us inhuman rules . so we play our own rules .
i think murry & co are wikipedia agents ; and wikipadia does an excellent job (w. shakespeare)

5/26 KVSS

Have you opened google analytics account?

Have you attached categories to your knols?

I opened a new knol to collect websites and knols regarding touring various countries


I shall see the video recommended by you. I tried. But it did not load properly.

5/25 KS @ SK

it’s not about beeing good or evil . it’s playing good and evil .
if you can’t see the joke in this playing you loose the game and will never get rid of your self image .
it’s like theatre produced by A and KS .
THAT’S ANOTHER LEVEL (to leave them alone is a zero level) .
today is bonnie and clyde day .
play your own rules .

5/25 SK @ KS and A

“Woe to those who call good evil and evil good…” – Bible.
When it comes to ‘us’ we are always very good and when it comes to those who have offended us in any way we color them in all bad terms. Murray and team are doing an excellent job and we must leave them alone. We must stay away from any personal criticism. Even if they are criticizing us we must not descend to their level.

5/25 KS

i found this knol : why abusers abuse . sounds familiar ?
the question is : is this possible on knol too ?
perhaps it’s possible on the MS-PB-CM pages but not on this bulletin board (i’m pretty sure) .
so let’s play the game “humanoids” against “bureau(c)rats” .
today is Quality Day .

found this :
a remarkable woman from your country . i was very impressed .

5/24 A @ All

Hello everyone and I wish you all a very happy Memorial Day.
I have some updates, but I would like to mention a(nother) case of Murry’s insolence.

On the Knol of the Month page, he posted about his own way (minus voting) to find a “knol of the month” using “google algorithms”.For me, this was simply unacceptable–advertising on the KOTM homepage. This is ridiculous–I posted a (as KS says) spicy reply to his comment. Why doesn’t Murry and his team just take over Knol? After all, they are the experts when it comes to choosing “the best knol authors of the month”. I am simply furious and steaming about this.

Aside from that rant, I made some updates to my recent activity on knol. Ok, my fingers are exhausted from screaming about Murry (I am a total zealot). Farewell.

5/24 SK @ KVSS

The reason I am pushing emotional intelligence is because it is still a very neglected sector of essential education of every human being. Even the latest books on self help are not that affective. Take the example of the best seller ‘Secret’. It is addressed to ‘you’/ to each individual. It states that you can get what you visualize. It is assuming you know what you want, while your wants are dictated by your self image. The problem is it does not address the main problem the -2, -1 and/or the +1 self image that is the you for all practical purposes. So even though the book is addressed to you the one that is trying to understand it is your self image. And the self image has it’s own personal reality by which it understands/distorts the actual reality including the actual reality of your true self. Thus the education that comes in is used not for the agenda of the real you but for the agenda of your self image.

5/24 A @ KS                                                                                                                                      

Aw, that stinks that he’s no longer writing. I really like to meet interesting people like that.

I’m sure Tommy will answer your comment–usually he’s pretty prompt in replying to mine.

5/24 KVSS

Vast majority will get benefit only when Sajid Khan and other promoters of emotional intelligence finds support in large number of villages all over the world. Ideas take lot of time to reach vast majority. But each idea has to be made into a prototype, demonstrated over small pilot size initiatives,scaled up to bigger sizes. Both users and suppliers have to be convinced of the benefit and then scaling up to national and international levels will come. Then penetration needs to be thought of. My library may have only one copy of Goleman’s book and I could not access it so far. I got one more book of Goleman on his interaction with Dalai Lama. Only two books on this topic are there in the library. One more book on EQ work book is there. So what SK says is right. But as we know the struggle with knol and we know the struggle with KAF, every initiative is a tough task. Resources have to be committed and challenges have to be managed when environment advises you to quit. Passion,ability and energy are all required along with many more resources and God’s blessings

I have to give a training session n cost terminology and cost management tomorrow in my institute. I prepared a class note using knols that I posted so far on cost area and prepared a knol collection or directory. In the last two days I posted two more knols on cost accounting. Today I posted a knol on Job Costing system. This is a part of revision article series. I have a five day program on economic and financial skills during November. By that time I want to post revision articles on cost accounting and finance. I already posted the basic articles on financial accounting relevant to Indian system.

5/24 KS @ A

hope tommy will answer my comments .
btw . in a german wiki there was likewise a guy whose linguistic association ability  was absolutely fantastic. but it seems, he is no longer writing .

5/24 SK

My new knol inspired by KVSS’s latest knol on emotional intelligence:
In spite of all the current explosion of knowledge on emotional intelligence there is still little progress in actual benefits to the vast majority of people.

5/23 A @ KS

I know–most of the time. Isn’t Tom Orlando interesting to talk to? I don’t agree with all of his–notions–but I find his knol about exploring words extremely fascinating.

And about that “collect this page button”–I haven’t quite yet figured out how do it, but I think it starts a new knol with links to all of the knols you have “collected”. However, I haven’t the slightest idea why the button doesn’t work for you. Go figure.

5/23 KS @ Angel1

internet can be so wonderful

5/23 KS

Wloz .
because of archives may 2009 (5/10 KVSS)
i asked this author a simple question . the answer was somewhat curious .

btw. could someone tell me something about this new “collect this page” botton . it doesn’t work for me (it works only one time) .i wanted to make a collection of my enlish knols and one of my german knols . seems simpler for me to make two knols and llnk the articles there .

5/23 KVSS

I published 2 new knols today.


Peter Greenfinch mentioned about quality. I have no doubt about the quality of his output. His website on behavioral science is a proof of that.


After 1,35,000 page visits to my pages, I do not think there were genuine comments about any problem with my knols. If any visitor has a genuine criticism, I am sure active knol authors can make amends. If  some relevant information is missing, if some point is stated wrongly readers can point out and authors can modify. That is the unique feature of online writing. In the case of print article, if an article was  not written properly, it was not written properly. In case of online article, the article can be modified and improved so that fresh readers will get an improved version. I did not see so far many adverse comments about knols in my knols or others’ knol that I read. The low quality campaign is a motivated campaign. It is either to create publicity for themselves or to hurt the enthusiasm of others. As Sajid Khan states so frequently, write your case against his ideas.


One  thing  is we do not support his ideas or promote his ideas. Because we are not convinced of the potential of a proposal. The proposal may have a point but it is still in its origination stage. If others have to develop it, they will take their own time. If the originator can develop his idea into a practically implementable idea, implements it at a reasonable scale, there will be more takers.  I saw an advertisement for emotional freedom therapy in an Indian paper. The other thing is to criticize the person and demoralize him without pointing out anything specifically. That is not welcome.

5/22 KS

this whole page view thing has a logical flaw .
if there is a list on the start page, then all readers click on the first names of this list, so the first ten get still more and more page views .
btw. i am only a top viewed author because i am hosting bulletin board for a longer time .
@ PG
you are right, it doesn’t suffice to want to be a member, the team must agree .
imagine PG wants to be a member and i ask him : “you have tried to block us, what about an apology ?”
and he refuses it . then he couldn’t be a member .
for me authors have quality if we can communicate with them and they can answer our questions, so we can see that it is their own article and they are experts .
let us look for interesting authors like O (tommy orlando) or Wloz and contact them .

5/22 SK @ MM/KH

Do you think you can add ‘ground breaking research/insights’ as a criteria for superior quality knols? Please consider that knol is, after all, about new knowledge even if it is still raw and unpolished.

5/22 A @ PG

Peter, you are absolutely right. The Top Pick knols and authors, along with the authors with the highest pageviews, are plenty. Knol is becoming too Wiki-like and I am becoming less and less fond of these dictator-like authors to choose popular knols.

5/22 SK @ KS and A

Murray Shohat and his team are really good knollers. Their problem is the same as our problem, we don’t take personal criticism well. Our self images are ‘trophy self’ driven. Any one who criticizes us we criticize them back. We have to rise above this +1 attitude. We must refrain from any personal criticism. What we can do is criticize/review their knol/idea just like PG is doing.
@ All
I admire Murray and his team, they are doing a good job. However original idea for original idea I think I have ground breaking insights to offer that are as good as theirs. But do you think they will ever add ‘ground breaking research/insights’ as a criterior for superior quality knols?

5/22 PG

@ A & KS

To what I understood there is no automaticity in becoming a member of KAF, it is just a matter of expressing the will to be one.

@ All

Seen that extravagant knol ? The Who’s Who of Knol. What right have those guys to select people and to define segregation criteria ? I thought that Knol was a tool to offer authors freedom and cooperation, not one in which a self-appointed team of arbiters can put labels on them and pack them into boxes and into preferences. Knol makes lists of top authors and top knols, I think this is amply enough. Seems to me that the temptation to rule Knol and to decide who are bad and good authors and which are good and bad knols, to create a pecking order, a wikipedia like hierarchy, that would justify bureaucratic rules, is more and more blatant.

@ Panos

I saw you many time asking for democracy, for which you can be praised, so what is your opinion about the purely arbitrary process I described above?

5/22 KS @ A

🙂 now it’s 3:21 in the morning . good night .

5/21 A @ KS

“yes, but if you read him carefully, you can see, that this poor guy only wants to have some love too .”

5/22 KS @ A

yes, but if you read him carefully, you can see, that this poor guy only wants to have some love too .
as to the use of photos, i don’t know, if there are rights on it .

5/21 A @ KS                                                                                                                                       

Oh–I see. You’re quite right–he keeps on calling me a “sock puppet” (he called you that too). Did you see that outrageous reply he posted when I commented on PB’s knol? I really think I should report him.

5/22 KS @ A

sorry — shohat .

5/21  A@KS

Mr. Show Hate? What?

5/22 KS

interesting question — can help us to to clarify our self image .
in my eyes it’s simple . if you want to be a member, you are a member .
others may see it differently . perhaps PG can say some words .
@ A
as to mr show hate and the use of photos we should take no risks .

5/21 A&

I have a question–since I’m a part of the bulletin board, am I a member of the KAF? Just wondering…

5/20 PG

Some update about my knol author activity (88 knols up to now)

  • I work at improving my existing knols, about every day, on a “rotation” basis.
  • In particular, I just detailed and enlarged Toxic debt and subprime crisis, and updated it with a new chapter “Will the second shoe fall? Will a second crisis ensue?”
  • I progressed in translating (or adapting, or combining) my English language knols into my mother tongue, French. And also in creating purely French knols. I see now that the highest page views I get is for a French language knol about financial analysis that has no exact equivalent in English (just because we don’t have exactly the same accounting methods, although there are now international standards for accounting statement presentations).
  • I still create a few new knols, and will certainly create others, but only if I see topics that are not already dealt with, or on which I can bring some added or improved knowledge. Quality over quantity.

5/20 A @ All

Sorry to see you go Panagiotis — I never really had a chance to talk to you.

I have recently been exploring recently published knols, and I stumbled apon this:

In it, Mr. Orlando explores — somewhat dryly — the anagrams of the English language. I find it fascinating.

For instance- (ANGEL)(A) There you have it — my name debunked! I really like Tommy’s knol.

5/20 SK @ KVSS and MM/KH and Team and Knol Readers

1) “According to Daniel Goleman, emotional intelligence is “the capacity for recognizing own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions well in ourselves and in our relationships.”

The main difference between me and everyone else on emotional intelligence is that they all, including Daniel Goleman talk about ‘motivating ourselves’ and ‘managing emotions’ which in effect means trying to learn to control emotions. How does managing love sound? If love is to be controlled and managed then is it real love? -2, -1 and +1 love indeed need managing but pure +2 selfless love does not need managing. It is a natural feeling from the inside out; it needs no supervision or control. +2 love is the key to emotional intelligence, behavior, motivation, relationships starting with the relationship with one’s own self.
And as the brain works in images the key to emotional intelligence is a +2 squeaky clean brain that projects a selfless (self image less) self. So emotional intelligence education means cleaning/developing the brain to the +2 stage by cleaning the brain of all -2, -1 and +1 emotional baggage/garbage. Emotional garbage that powers a -2, -1 and +1 self image. When there will be no -2, -1 or +1 emotional garbage in the brain the brain will automatically project an image less self.

2)‘ If emotional literacy is so crucial for a child’s success in life, then why don’t we teach it to every child?’ – KVSS
Simply because much about emotional literacy is still too fuzzy, especially the highest form of emotional literacy – wisdom. Anything that science cannot measure it has a hard time defining. Besides the most important character trait for every life is wisdom and all main stream science has done is define its attributes. It is like defining a mango tree by defining a mango.
I was hoping that thanks to knol by now I would have picked up support from some of the main stream scientists or at least a few who would try to tear my work apart by using the current established knowledge. It has not happened but I will continue to point out that wisdom is the highest form of emotional intelligence and if we can define emotional intelligence we can define wisdom. And also that the qualities of a self master and a wise human being are the same. Thus a self master is one who develops his brain to the +2 super mature emotional level.

I truly think that the sooner the world of mainstream science wakes up to my work the sooner we will see the original ambitions and goals of the knol platform come true in all fields.
I define emotional intelligence as the key that unlocks the answers to the question, ‘Who am I?’ It enables a being to know, understand and become one’s true self. A true self does not need managing – it just is.
Just imagine with the right support where we can take our work!
 And I still haven’t shared all my ideas.
Please also read my knol, ‘What is emotional intelligence?’

5/20 KVSS


to bring wisdom from the domain of philosophy into the domain of main stream science where it truly belongs.


I updated my concept knol on emotional intelligence and found a reference that talks of discussions between philosophers and scientists on emotions.


If emotional literacy is so crucial for a child’s success in life, then why don’t we teach it to every child?

The above is a question of SK also.

Goleman says Spain doing a good job of it. I gave that link also in the knol.

Thanks to SK, I keep thinking of EI.


5/20 SK @ Panos ( and MM/KH please also note the following: )

‘I believe that it has crossed the limits many times…’ The only limits that were crossed were by Randy and you cannot blame any of the others for Randy’s mistakes. Please name one limit I crossed? Even when I differed from you I explained why but in the end I always supported your position. Even after efforts were made to have my knols sacked I do not blame anyone and I feel no ill will towards anyone, I wish them all the best. I am just trying to throw light on some of the important gaps in knowledge. And thanks to knol platform I am hoping one day my work will become mainstream. My main theme is trying to wake up the world to the fact that what the world considers ‘normal’ is really subnormal and that the real potential of man is to be super normal. And that so called basic human nature is learned due to wrong upbringing etc.
My basic hypothesis that the human mind is ‘womb-conditioned’ has dozens of major practical applications in all the mind sciences; from psychology and education to sociology and economics and every other discipline in between.

And only with the support of people of your caliber will I be able to bring wisdom from the domain of philosophy into the domain of main stream science where it truly belongs.
Main stream education will not teach self mastery because the self cannot be measured. Well I have quantified the mind thus the self and all emotions can now be measured! The is no more excuse for main stream science not to teach self mastery as a complete subject. But it is going to be hard getting my work accepted unless I have the backing of professional people like your good self.

I was hoping some well established scientists will challenge my hypothesis so a healthy discussion can begin.

And ever since Randy was rightfully exposed and the problem appeared I have not been able to write much. I write mostly in a trance and I don’t know how much is lost for ever.

For the sake of knol we should all come back together. However if you don’t want to reconsider as long as you are happy it is OK. If there is anything I can do for you I will still do it. I wish you the best of luck, as I said earlier you are like a son to me. Gd bless you and may all your dreams come true.

5/20 KS @ Panos

we are deeply in your debt . you’ve done more for democracy and transparency than you realize .
this board is as open for you as it is for me .

5/19 Panos @ Team

I resign from KAF (Knol Author Foundation) from all my positions: Technology director, Greek director and from my membership.
I believe that will have a great future worldwide and I’m going to make efforts to support the quality of this Google platform. I will continue to pursuit new initiatives in online communities researching for novel online collaborations respecting the principles of democracy, transparency and open participation.
Regarding Knol Author Foundation, I believe that it has crossed the limits many times and will be considered as a classical example of why online participation always hides risks. I’m now convinced that transparency and democracy must never be regarded as for granted, even if they are clearly stated in the objectives. My experiences participating in KAF will help me introduce more advanced standards in my new efforts.
I mailed the password of and KAF Knol account to Sajid Khan, the legal owner of KAF.

5/19 A @ KS

🙂 Nope, I’m mostly Italian with a wee bit of Scotch-Irish.

5/19 KS @ A

“knol is where I sit back and relax .”
me too !
but well, perhaps one question may be allowed :
you have one of the most remarkable faces i have ever seen .
could it be that there were french among your ancestors ?

5/19 KVSS

I have no interest in any special inquisition. Yes when the problem was there, I said we need to have process for establishing identities. But that was all. It did not move further. Anyway my profile became an issue. Well that was taken care of. If any person wants to keep his particulars private, we need to allow them to keep their particulars private as knol authors. I have no arguments on that issue. But certain profiles are interesting. It is exciting to have interaction with a movie director or even a stage play director. But well if they specifically do not want to reveal, I need not do any special attempt.

I am presently studying organizational behavior text and updating my articles on the subject. Today I made updates to Personality and Attitudes.

An orkut community on Knol
Not very active of course. But if we join it may become active. More than 300 members are there. May not have written knols. But can we excite them and make them write knols?

5/18 A@KVSS

I have directed some plays by Shakespeare, seasonal movies, and horrors. You must understand, however, that my publicity agent won’t let me divulge my actual identity. Knol is where I sit back and relax. I have done a commercial or two. I have some favorite actors — one is a Ms. White.

5/18 KVSS

I am curious to know the movies you directed. The first time I saw your profile in the best knol competition, I got interest in this question. Are you regular commercial movie director, documentary film director or advertisement film director. Any films we can see on internet? Would be interesting to watch and comment on.

5/17 KS @ A

perhaps “spicily” is more correct . “spicy” is my knol speach .
about whuffy
i have read cory doctorow’s “down and out in the magic kingdom” and i was impressed that this was for free.
we discussed it on community wiki and then i forgot it .
i remembered it when AK introduced his translation points .
the point is, that one can combine it by the pledges with google gold . but that is another story .
actually it’s only a communication system . but a very interesting one because it’s (l)earning by doing .

5/17 A @ KS

Thanks for saying that I “wrote spicy.” What do you use whuffy for anyway? Why the name “whuffy”? Sorry for all the questions 🙂

5/17 KS @ A

any author .
whuffy is our knol money .

5/17 A @ KS

Which knol authors — the ones on the board or any author? By the way, what’s whuffy?

5/17 KS

@ A
knol star thing : you only need to tell me who of the knol authors you know is in your eyes worth to be knol star . you can change your vote at any time you want .
knol jury : we can combine it with whuffy .

@ AK
die deutschsprachige autoren gründung hat ein neues mitglied .
wir treffen uns auf andreas-j-kampe/1 (im kommentar-teil)

5/16 KVSS

Welcome Angela as coauthor of this knol.


Please post your updates and interesting information of your knols.


I had an executive training program this week. I circulated 5 to 6 of my knols which were the course material. The topic is accounting for technical personnel. The other topic is Engineering Economics.


5/16 A

If we can post updates, then I have two:
1. I wrote a new knol and I hope it does well — 5 Tips For Choosing The Right Place To Live.
2. Ants are invading my home. Eeek! There goes another one! Where’s my vacuum?!?

By the way, I like the knol jury idea, KS.

5/16 KS

it seems that we really are all owners of this board .
a knol book is a knol tree, a knol of knols . internet is when all books are one book .
@ A
“should I be in the knol star thing?
you should be . we all can profit from your voting .
KOTM : i think we need a jury (anyone interested?)
can we post updates ? we can post what we want . if there is no reaction, then hmm, try again ?
the only tip : if a posting is bigger than the screen, we perhaps may make a knol of it and link to it .
Dr. Strangelove : this guy is a super nut. so, mind mr. show hate and the dog of bakerville 😦

5/16 PG

@ KS

Yes; I have the “you have permission to manage this knol” button

@ A

Hearty welcome! As far as I understood a knol book is seen as a collection of knols that tends to cover exhaustively a precise knowledge area. A kind of enhanced portal or category. A little more than an index as it categorizes the related knol in chapters therefore gives the “plan” of the book.

The financial knol index that I started might be a seed.

In a dynamical approach, It could work as a common project that signals not only knols already existing in the area it covers and those that are still to create.

.< board 2009


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