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11/15 KVSS

Thanksgiving day
Special thanks to SK
I made a knol on it
I liked the point. Immigrants giving a thanksgiving party to natives. The tradition is continuing. It will be interesting if such sentiments are nurtured in various countries where there are immigrants and natives and many places they are serious conflicts between them.

11/15 SK

11/15 KVSS

@SKS – You are doing right things. I keep posting in various orkut communities and linked in communities the news that I emerged as top global author in individual English authors category. The purpose of the posting is to bring some of the community members as visitors to the knol. Some of them do come and I see it from Google analytics which informs you from where the visitors are coming. I know I get visitors from linkedin, orkut and digg and from my emails.
We need to promote knol in various online avenues and offline avenues.
I updated the weekly progress of knol. Knol Progess – Weekly Bulletin
I invite you to be coauthors of this knol to keep it update every Sunday and also to add more interesting bits of news related to progress of knol.
SKS – Make some suggestions on how we can help in promoting the knol poetry contest and increase voting for the contest.
I sent one set of messages for new years greetings and knol related message to Jagadeesh. He said he will improve them further and come out with a greeting card.
I request SKS also to come out with e-greeting card designs. They can be a good way of promoting knol by knol authors.

11/14 KS – promoting knols in various forums

good idea . so they can see that things like whuffy or structures like knol-star can only be done on knol .

11/14 SKS – Promoting Knols in various forums

I have been writting in some forums about philosophy in the Internet and have given people there links to various Knols. I think writting in good-Google-ranked forums is a good and plausible way of promoting.

11/14 KVSS

Marketing based knols
Last week I was busy with a training program. During the discussions, we felt there was a need for two articles from me. I started them today.
I post my training materials on knol and I use my knol articles in my training programs as well as my regular classes. Based on the comments that I receive in the class or after the class I do make some changes to my knols. May be I am getting some extra page views for this sort of using knols in the classroom. But knol is getting publicity and advertising benefit because of my enthusiasm.
Martin Cohen, a philosophy scholar recommended that academics can start their own wikis. That is what some of us are doing on knol within the framework provided by knol platform.
Top Knol Authors – Top Knollers is being developed to have all the names of top 800 knol authors in one page. There should be interaction between these knol authors. I recommend each author to write comments on three other authors everyday and thus greet all authors in year. Find out about their knols and the performance of their knols and appreciate the good side of it and give some suggestions to improve. Think of it. Every day some knol authors visit my knols and give some suggestions. Improvement ideas will be there with every author every day. They can do it at their convenience. This initiative can lead to dynamic knol author community. Of course you do come across people who may curse you for disturbing them. But it is okay. Once in a while we come across them and then onwards other authors also stay away from them. They are loners in a crowd.

11/12 SK

Our biggest core asset is our fully emancipated self and true emancipation is emancipation from negative ‘womb-conditioning’, ‘upbringing conditioning’ and ‘belief conditioning’.

@ Team
I need some program that I need to use to introduce custom slides; is there anything out there where I can make my ow slides and put them in my knols. Can some one please guide me.
I know my ways are very unconventional. All my well wishers want to guide me to gain recognition through the only way main stream science will recognize my work. And I very much appreciate my friends especially KVSS, KS and SKS for their love and concern. But I want to carve my own path. After all I came to research through my own unique way. In the process, through trial and error over several years I perfected the art of focusing my own mind on my brain, especially my sub conscious brain!  No wonder when you google ‘difference between brain and mind’ my knol is coming up on the first page ahead of many established institutions!
Trust me I have a plan and for now I am sticking to it!!!

I have found a publisher who is excited about publishing my work. I have a meeting with them just before Thanks Giving. If they turn out to be good I will talk to them for all of our fellow knollers. And I will post their information here after I get permission from them.

Your knol is very interesting. Thanks to you I have added the following to my knol Emotions Stem From One Source : As Dr.KVSS quotes the following ..

11/12 KVSS

I did write something on intelligence some time back on a knol.

Yesterday I found there are number of handbooks on the topic and some of there are listed on google books.

11/11 SK

My latest knols: Emotions Stem From One Source. and Yes! Yes! Yes! There is a silver bullet to mastering life; It is perception mastery!
What man is looking for is pure happiness/success/fame/love/health /wealth etc. The fundamental silver bullet for all this is perception mastery. Master your perception and you will master your self and you will master life and most things in it.

11/10 KVSS

I made some new knols

Top Knol Authors – Top Knollers
Web 1.0 – 2.0 – 3.0 – 4.0
Knol Progess – Weekly Bulletin
Knollers – Knol Authors – Knols – Computer Science and Engineering
Scholarly Publishing – Issues
Cost Management in Toyota Production System
Knol e-Greeting Cards for Christmas and New Year

I am trying to promote the message that the top 1000 authors must write knols to have 100,000 page views in the coming year.
Knol e-greeting cards could be a good vehicle for promoting knol among public.

11/10 SK

My latest knol:My own hypothesis is very simple; I do not need rocket science to explain it..

The human mind/brain is womb-conditioned, upbringing conditioned and belief conditioned. Thus human nature is womb-conditioned, upbringing conditioned and belief conditioned. The day we realize this fundamental truth that day a whole new road to super maturity en mass will open up. Many of the ills of society, much of the confusion of being lost for fundamental answers to the very nature of man questions will be solved and answered.
Dr. Prof. KVSS Narayana Rao is a great mentor to many of us knollers. He is a very popular engineering professor. He keeps saying to me that I have to write my knols in the format of scientific papers to have my work accepted by the main stream scientists. I understand his criticism. He is a main stream scientist. So he looks at my knols and tries to tell me to stick to the format of science. He is doing this to help me become acceptable by main stream science. My own hypothesis is very simple and i don’t need rocket science to explain it.

11/10 KVSS

Per Capita Income of Chinese and Indians Will Be More Than That of British and Americans in July 2048.

Some can feel happy and some have to defend their position.

You are a patenting expert. So objections and litigation are not new for you.
A small controversy. But you can always modify your patent application

suggest X-state self hypnosis, and Partner Conditioning as two alternative names. Sometimes we can say we are extending the idea instead of saying we are inventing. Extending the idea is more usual and people are not offended that much. When someone says, I invented, it is a more powerful claim and more people are impressed or offended.

Well what about greeting card messages. I do not have any suggestion so far on greeting card messages either for Christmas or for New Year.

I hope you are seeing your google analytics. You need a new initiative to reach out to people.

11/09 SK

My latest knol related to autoconditioning: Why Brain Reconditioning Through Self Hypnosis Is Inadequate.

Autoconditoning has already been discovered or invented by Dr. Hornell Hart.  There is even a book about it by the same name and author. – Review of my knol Auto-conditioning by Intelligences.

So far my research suggests that the name of ‘auto-conditioning’ was already there even before Dr. Hart. I used an existing name for my discovery. So I apologize for that. But even Dr. Hart has used the same preexisting term! However my concept is not similar to anything out there. My concept is about practicing self hypnosis at particular times!!!  I like this kind of controversy now at least I have become aware of the importance of this yours truly’s own discovery. You can see from my knol’s sub title that what I am proposing is original!!

‘Self hypnosis at the most effective times.’

This is what i found on Dr. Harts concept.
Dr. Hart describes autoconditioning as a form of post-hypnotic suggestion in which the individual, standing as the real self, gives the suggestions to the inner receptive self. There is no recognition of the fact that these two selves are separate individuals. Hypnosis has the basic meaning of “sleep causing”, and it is pointed out that while the general mechanisms of hypnosis are used to some extent, sleep is not at all a part of autoconditioning. If one goes to sleep, he warns, no results are obtained.

Dr. Harts work is on ‘how to’ and my work is on ‘when is it most effective’.

I see that i have used an existing term as my own and i am sorry for that, but my concept is original.
In any case I would like to thank who ever is ‘Intelligences’ for pointing out that auto-conditioning as a word is already there. But ‘Intelligences’ thinks wrongly that I am claiming autoconditioning the original concept as mine, all i am claiming is that it is most effective at certain times. But the problem is that this book is buried in the past. It is a great concept and should be used on a daily basis. I tried to see what exactly this book is about but it is not even mentioned in Wikipedia. Perhaps one of us especially AK, PG, MB or SKS can add auto-conditioning to Wikipedia.
In fact I do not think any concept is mine. As I have said before these are my blessings from Durga Mata. My basic idea of ‘womb-conditioning’ is from the Gita. My approach is that I observe facts and try to figure out how these facts affect us. I try to reference these facts in terms of science, religion, philosophy, meta physics, common sense and my own subjective experiences. I try to interpret especially the statements from the bible in the light of all the other related knowledge from the other disciplines. For example the following quote from the bible, ‘The earth is filled with evil..’ – Genesis 6:13. So I chew and mull this statement, reflect on it in the light of related literature on it and sleep over it. And then I wake up and I get it that this evil is man. Where does this evil come from in man? I finally wake up to the fact that this evil originates in the brain. Then I discover what is already well known: the concept of emotional baggage. So this emotional baggage is not my discovery. But then I connect the dots. Man is evil because he is controlled by the evil emotions generated by the emotional baggage. Man is being stopped from becoming good due to this evil generating emotional baggage. So by taking out this emotional baggage man becomes good. Again we already have well established ways to take out this baggage. Then I observe that the standards of man for what is emotionally normal are really sub-normal and that man can take the same techniques that we use to become normal to become super normal. The qualities of the super normal are exactly those of a wise human being. So I connect the total absence of emotional baggage as the key to wisdom. You get an idea of how I work.

Come to think of it autoconditioning is the other name of self hypnosis so how could I ever claim it to be my discovery!!! I have tons of original ideas and this one of ‘self hypnosis being more effective at particular times‘ is one of the most beautiful!!!Try it!!!
On my subject of emotional intelligence every idea has to be based on pure science! As you say, ‘Development of a scientific theory has to follow a procedure, has to be presented in a format and it is subjected to empirical verification of many.’ I totally agree with your statement. However what i am suggesting is that the standards of hard science and emotional intelligence science do not have to be same. At least the objectives need not be the same. Take the example of researching consciousness. Researching consciousness from the medical point of view is necessary and needed but from the soul, self, I, emotional intelligence point of view may be fruitless. Instead why not research ways to make our consciousness of the highest quality? I focused on how to improve the quality of consciousness and the results of my concepts have proven practical benefits which you and others can subject to empirical verification.

For instance the ignorance of the real nature of wisdom has resulted in the ignorance of how wisdom should be taught, or as the attributes of wisdom should be taught. We teachers trying to make man good, whether the holy sage, the philosopher, the scientist and or the humanist, all we do is plead, try to persuade, preach and warn people to be good. We just give them the knowledge of good and evil. But it is the quality of the physical brain and the emotional brain that determines behavior. Wisdom and its attributes are the function of a super mature brain but when teaching these attributes does any sage or maven even consider the brain in the picture, let alone EBG? The current emotional education is like trying to persuade a -2, -1 and +1 brain to please think and act differently than what is its nature. It is like asking/expecting frozen ice to flow like water! It is like asking a pig to have table manners.

Most of my ideas are already there invented and suggested by others. I am just connecting the dots and suggesting newer uses for them. Like womb-conditioning is already there I am just pointing out the implications, effects and affects of womb-conditioning that are not being given the significance that should be given. I learned of womb-conditioning from Indian mythology. I just pointed out the lessons and applications of the story from this great epic.

Discussions are only discussions but they have their place. And i know what i am talking about when it comes to my work. I have been researching it since my teens.

As for the study of the fetus a lot has already been done. There are even books written on the life of the fetus. The important thing is that the fetus has REM, discovered by our friend Prof. Popell of  Berlin University. In fact when I fist came out with my hypothesis I was taken seriously only when Prof. Popell announced his findings that the fetus has REM. This means that the fetus has dreams! This means that the fetus thinks and has memories, has frustrations, and desires etc. It is now well established that the fetus is conscious in the womb.
So my hypothesis of womb-conditioning is based on solid science.

11/09 KVSS

Every idea in the world  need not be a scientific theory. Engineering inventions are not scientific theories. A politician’s decision to give a donation is not a scientific theory. Development of a scientific theory has to follow a procedure, has to be presented in a format and it is subjected to empirical verification of many.
Science should not be a debate between two people who do not really know anything about the existing state of theory. Both people arguing on what they remember from what they read in some texts or newspapers long back cannot be the basis for science.
Discussions are only discussions. They may sometimes become the background for somebody seriously doing study of the phenomenon or study of the literature related to the phenomenon.
I think you need to study state of theory related to the brain development of fetus in very detailed manner and document it before you extend or come with new ideas.
But you are the master of your thought and action.
What about the comments on new year greetings message?
Best Wishes For A Happy, Healthy, Hilarious, Hopeful and Hurray New Year.
How does the statement stand for a new year greetings message. I tried to use all H’s with the five vowels a,e,i,o,u. Give your ideas for new year message in e-greeting card. We are going to design some.
Knol e-Greeting Cards for Christmas and New Year
Angela, KS, PG, SK, SKS
Give your alternative messages to go into an e-greeting card

11/08 SK @ KVSS

I have converted our postings into a beautiful knol:

We can also make it into a debate knol. Please let me know. Also please post a comment on it so I can invite you as co-author. Thanks for this discussion.

So the question is how beneficial are the current standards of scientific inquire? Should we only accept new findings if these findings are presented in the strict current scientific standard format. Or should we accept new insights that create benefits even if these are presented in a non scientific format. Or should we expand the range of the scientific format to include papers as scientific papers that present new insights in the current non scientific format as long as these papers uncover some mystery connected with life. Shouldn’t the ultimate goal be which way brings more urgently needed solutions? I am suggesting that lets keep the scientific paper format for science and lets create a commonsense approach format for papers written on wisdom and emotional intelligence. Just like intelligence and emotional intelligence are two separate though inter dependent entities we can have two different standards for scientific papers and emotional intelligence papers. After all emotional intelligence is not a science like physics is a science.

Even the knol platform is based on the fact that anyone, even a layman may have a world changing idea.
Suppose some one discovers a fire in the forest that may soon engulf the neighborhood and he comes to the elders to inform about his discovery. Will the elders ask if the fire was discovered under strict scientific standards and if the layman can explain his findings in a scientific paper format? Well my discovery is even more than just about a fire in one neighborhood. It is about a destructive emotional fire that is burning in most brains. And it is victimizing not only individuals in the billions, it is even victimizing groups and countries.

11/08 SK @ KVSS

‘Science does not treat knowledge of a person and intelligence of a person as same.’ Yet in the next sentence you say, ‘IQ is assessed by the amount of knowledge a person has gained after a period of education.’ So the bench mark of IQ is amount which is quantity. This is exactly what i am saying that the bench mark of IQ is quantity. Though it is a correct measure yet it is inadequate because IQ is more than ‘amount‘ it is also quality. The problem comes because the word used here ‘amount‘ is fuzzy in the sense that here ‘amount‘ is being used in the sense of ‘depth‘. Because what IQ tests want to measure is the ‘depth‘ of knowledge. Where depth is used in a sense of superiority. So you are saying, ‘Science does not treat knowledge of a person and intelligence of a person as same.’Yet you are also saying, ‘Science treats quantity of knowledge as intelligence’ This is exactly what I am pointing out and that what we need is that quality of IQ must trump quantity of IQ.

This little discussion of ours makes it clear that not only is there an over emphasis on quantity/amount there is also a need to define the aim of IQ more precisely. So instead of ‘IQ is assessed by the amount of knowledge a person has gained after a period of education.’ It should be ‘IQ is assessed by the superiority/quality of knowledge a person has gained after a period of education.’

There is a need to make the aims of scientific instruments like IQ crystal clear. So we can know clearly what we are looking for. And thus we can also redesign IQ tests to reflect our changed objectives.

11/08 KVSS

I am not a man looking at this subject closely for an argument with you. You are developing a series of articles on the topic. It is you who have to take care of each and every one of your sentence if you want to claim that you made a contribution to science which is acceptable first of all to you itself. It is a different matter for an author to say I created a series of stories to explain a scientific idea. Then there is a lot more flexibility. It is a different matter to claim that I contributed to science. People are not giving that credit even to many PhDs. They say a PhD is trained adequately in the research method to in his first assignment. Many PhDs are empirical verifications of existing scientific theories and hence really no significant contribution is made to the body of knowledge.

So it up to somebody who finds a scope for defining to come out with ideas like quality of IQ and quantity of IQ and then talk of trumping. Right now every thing is IQ.

IQ does not assess the amount of knowledge gained. IQ assesses intelligence through the knowledge gained. You need to study a number of scientific publications and record the steps through which a concept is refined and identify the currently accepted definition of the concept and then propose your idea which is based on the logical shortcoming or empirical shortcoming. When you attempt anything without properly putting existing things in your paper, people have to accept your words or they have to just ignore your words. They cannot now go and open all the research publications and go through study of it because you wrote something out of your thinking.

Your enthusiasm is well appreciated. But the method…

11/08 SK

This is not an argument. It is a welcome and healthy discussion. I just wish there were more people like you who could critically review my work. May be we can make this posting into a debate knol. What do you think? And invite others to join the discussion?

‘Right now every thing is IQ.’ This is exactly the problem. Right now the ability to even cram without understanding can give a good IQ result. Thus a good memory can be taken as good IQ. Memory helps IQ but memory is not IQ. There is a big difference in knowing the capital of Bihar and knowing what it stands for. In many instances IQ is just about information but IQ is supposed to be about knowing the full context of this information.

‘When you attempt anything without properly putting existing things in your paper…’ My whole work is based on the wisdom angle which is common sense. As the concept of wisdom is fuzzy it is an open frontier. The argument in my favor is, ‘Look at the practical applications of just shifting the focus of research from say, ‘How the mind/brain works to: why the brain/mind works the way it does. My own answer to this new question is the brain/mind works the way it does because the brain/mind is womb-conditioned (W-C). So either we have W-C or we don’t have W-C. So I am already 50% right. Now if womb-conditioning is not a factor then we have no clue and so we have to continue to research how the mind works. But if W-Cing is a factor then we have hundreds of practical benefits.

So what I am saying is that should we not take the route of assuming the road that has practical applications?
It is like I am showing you the way to become a millionaire and you say to me that you will accept my way only if my way is arrived at scientifically, only if I can prove it scientifically. Of course I am waiting for the day when my way will be proven scientifically. In fact I have been arguing for others to start also focusing on the question, ‘Why the mind works the way it does’.

My second basic argument is I do not know what the soul is but I do know how pure souls are created. In fact I know how to create pure souls, self masters, wise human beings and emotionally super mature individuals. In fact I know how to create even super mature whole groups and countries! Thus the ages old quest of the holy man, the humanist, the philosopher and the scientist to create a supreme being, a self master, a wise being and an emotionally super mature person are all possible through my way.

It is like I am saying that I have discovered a gold mine for each individual, group and country and what you are saying is: did I discover it beatifically, can I explain it in writing as scientific papers are written. So if I cannot explain it scientifically it does not count and it cannot be real? Well all I can say is if there are real benefits then the standards of science will have to be changed. I think science will have to one day conclude that science will have to consider that there is science and then there is emotional science, there is wisdom science and there is common sense science and the standards for each must be defined not just by the true cause but also by the true benefits!

After all what I am saying not only brings positive benefits it also takes away a lot of emotional and physical pain and suffering. It is like I am saying that mankind is lost in the forest of fuzzy definitions and wrong focus. And you are saying yes we want to get out of this mess but are my solutions based on scientific grounds.
Look at the current mess in the world…

l ‘But the method…’ my method is based on common sense (Which will be hopefully included as a scientific concept, as science must not only be based on scientific evidence but also on scientifically real benefits! After all what is science? It is not just to uncover the mysteries of life but also to make us masters of life. And it is wisdom/common sense that makes us truly master life.) and it has tons and tons of practical benifits. Not only can the benefits be counted in trillions of dollars the benefits  cannot even be measured fully in terms of emotional maturity, in true self, in pure happiness…

11/08 KVSS

Science does not treat knowledge of a person and intelligence of a person as same. IQ is assessed by the amount of knowledge a person has gained after a period of education. A person who has gained more is classified as more intelligent person and a person who gained less knowledge is classified as less intelligent person.

Happy, Healthy, Hilarious,Hopeful, Hurray
Best Wishes For A Happy, Healthy, Hilarious, Hopeful and Hurray New Year.
How does the statement stand for a new year greetings message. I tried to use all H’s with the five vowels a,e,i,o,u. Give your ideas for new year message in e-greeting card. We are going to design some.
Knol e-Greeting Cards for Christmas and New Year

11/07 SK @ KVSS

Every person is an individual being. Each person has a physical and emotional component of his own self.The emotional component is the emotional self/I/mind/consciousness. One can call it the self or the ‘I/me/you’ or consciousness or the mind. But this I/me/you/consciousness/emotional self is real. And knowledge or data is not me/I/you. Acquiring knowledge creates a better me/I/you. Knowledge is in books, computer, internet etc and it is even stored in the brain. Knowledge changes the brain and the mind. Knowledge is a means to a better me/I/you. Knowledge is definitely not me/I/you. Mind is just a name and call it what you will but our emotional component of the self is real. Science ignores the mind because they don’t want to consider anything they cannot define within the paradigm of science. But by shoving a reality under the carpet does not mean that this reality of the mind does not exist! I do not care what one calls it but the emotional component of my self is real. The brain is physically real and the mind is emotionally real. Emotions are real they are caused by real physical activity in the brain and body. And emotions in turn cause physical changes in the brain as well as have an impact on our physical behavior. In fact emotions are us. We are our mind! We are real and our mind is real. You may call it by any other name but it is our boss and it has mostly a full sway over our body. At least at the +2 super mature stage. (At the lower maturity levels it is the physical brain that has sway).

Unfortunately most concepts connected with the emotional self are fuzzy. As a result even such phenomena as wisdom, intelligence and mind etc. are all fuzzy. We have a good picture of intelligence but it is still defined in terms of quantity rather than in terms of quality. Thus even intelligence tests are designed inadequately and are misleading for they test the quantity of knowledge rather than the quality of intelligence. Testing knowledge and testing intelligence are related but not exactly the same thing. They are brothers, they are two separate entities and our science world treats them as one single entity. Please refer to my knols on the brain mind differences and you can see how important it is to define precisely the functions of the brain and mind. Because only when we know the differences can we plan and create education for our emotional self. Any wonder that there is no main stream subject for teaching the emotional self to become wise.

I have converted this post into the following knol: The brain is physically real and the mind is emotionally real.

‘Mind in spiritual concepts is something totally different’
In my interpretations of the scriptures I feel that the mind is the thinking, self conscious part of the soul. But the more interesting part is that the holy person, the wise man, the super mature individual and the self master all have the same exact quality character traits; that is they are all selfless!

11/07 KVSS

I am thinking brain is a physical entity and mind is knowledge or images or data stored in the brain according to the concepts of psychology. This knowledge of each individual can be unique but it will have many similar components as many individual have similar experiences in similar circumstances. But as a combination each mind can be unique. But many psychologists stopped using the concept of mind even though they talk of mental processes. That is where study of emotions is now standing. Emotion is not a behavioral phenomenon. It is a mental phenomenon. When psychologists are studying mental phenomenon they may have to start using the concept of mind (which is accumulated sensory inputs and thinking carried out in the brain over it) and it is at conscious and unconscious levels.

Mind in spiritual concepts is something totally different. Different spiritual streams of thought could have come out with different ideas. One thought says mind is attached to the soul and when mind is destroyed the soul goes back to God.

I started a new knol knol progress weekly bulletin (Knol Progess – Weekly Bulletin) to record some weekly statistics of knol. We can post that info in this knol also. But accumulating in one knol can act as an archive which be easily referenced. I need some of you or all of you as coauthors. Then we may be able to bring out the bulletin more regularly as some body or other will make some posting weekly if others fail. Of course still the main responsibility is with me only as I started the knol. But nowadays, I record the sources on the knol itself so that knol can be updated quickly and visitors can see the latest information, even if I do not update the knol.

Centurion Knollers – Knol Authors is progressing well. I covered up to 250 top authors. I could locate 52 authors so far. As I go over the lists further many more authors can be identified. This process was accelerated by Dr. Clausen when he pointed out four authors. Dr. Mansour Mansour also pointed out 5 to 6 authors. Would appreciate if some of you identify some authors and include in the knol. You will take up the activity if you feel this information is of use to promote various initiatives.

11/06 SK

My latest and best knol so far! What is the mind? What is it made of?

The true mind is the brain’s trick/miracle/ticket to a fully developed self consciousness and is made of selflessness. As simple as that.
My latest knol:
Why do I claim that the highest stage of emotional intelligence is selflessness..

Hopefully when my work is taken more seriously and my page views are in the stratosphere I will reveal my own search for excellence by taking you on an inside out journey through the complex maze of my own brain mind relationship.

11/06 KVSS

I am celebrating by informing all my friends, relatives, orkut communities and linkedin communities. There was good response from many of them.

Could some knol authors design e-Greeting cards for Christmas and New Year. We can send them to our friends.
e-greeting cards

SKS: You have good programming experience. Can you design one? I am informing many about the opportunity. If some greeting cards are designed and put up for use, knol authors can decide which ones they will use and send according to their choice.

SK is hitting hard and wants to see real action in USA.

11/05 SK

My latest knol:
An open letter to President Obama.

11/04 SK, KS

This calls for a big celebration. Congratulations Prof. We are all proud of being on your team.

11/04 KVSS

Thank you Sajid Khan
Thank you Randy
Thank you Kalle Schwarz
Thank you Peter Greenfinch
Thank you Andreas Kemper
Thank you Jesus Martin

Thank you Spiros Kakos
Thank you Jagadeesh
Thank you Alberto Aune
Thank you Angela
Thank you P V Ariel
Thank you Khuda Dad Azara and all authors who wrote on this bulletin board and earlier versions of the bulletin board.

hank you all members of Knol Author Foundation.

Narayana Rao K V S S
Global Number One Individual English Knol Author

11/04 SK @ KVSS

Buteyko is now gradually becoming main stream. There is an article in the NY Times today that is singing the praises of Buteyko.

11/03 KVSS

I updated an old knol on knol author community. At that time, the theme was formation of a community. Now we have a community and experience of the community and how to stay together despite some differences in means and ends.
Evolution of a Dynamic Knol Author (Knoller) Community

Centurion Knollers – Knol Authors. is growing. Already 54 members are there. KS shall also become a member. Alberto Aune made a suggestion for knol management in Knol Author Initiatives to Promote and Grow Knol – November 2009 to July 2010. Knol star idea may come in due course.

11/03 KS

how is the world in 30 years ?
think, we should make a collection .

11/02 KVSS

Centurion knollers list is fast expanding. It is good to note that they are having good number of page views. Good number of knols and good page views are going together. It is a good encouraging relationship. May be I shall get a list of 100 quickly. And then the list will explode as authors realize the relationship. Knol authors can always suggest ways to improve quality of articles. Once authors are there actively on knol platform, interaction is possible and improvement is possible.

41 authors were identified so far. Centurion Knollers – Knol Authors.  1000 is the aim. I am happy to note that many of the KAF members are proudly displaying the KAF membership on their bio knols. KAF is doing the desired job of providing stimulus to the growth of knol platform.

@ SK
Great. You are taking knol to the top most people in USA. Good to know your grand plans for wisdom day.

11/01 SK

Today there was another rally for Gov. Corzine. I put every thing else on hold. I this time managed to get a pass for the real VIP section. I was just one person away from President Obama and I was about to give him my booklets and his security stopped me. In the meantime he moved on. I was able to talk to Gov. Corzine and tried to get him to take my booklets. He said to give them to his staff. I couldn’t find his staff. However I was able to talk to my friend Mayor Corry Booker. He promised to give me 5 minutes in the near future. And
I was able to have a long chat with the Gov.’s running mate, Senator Weinberg. I explained to her my work on wisdom and why we need it. She even introduced me to her daughter who also asked for a booklet. Also she introduced me to her Rabbi. She said that I had aroused her  curiosity so she will read my stuff. Her Rabbi gave me his card and said I should meet him and he will see how we can work together and how he can help me. I am hoping our wisdom day will have some VIPs on board.

11/1 AK

The October Contest of Best Knol of the Month needs a decision from the Jury.

11/1 KVSS

Four more centurion knol authors were identified. Thanks to Prof. Eric Clausen. Our khuda dad azara is also one. If you come across any author with 100 knols or with even 50 knols please mentioned on the bulletin board.

Using the concept of our KS, shall we identify a knol star idea (not five star idea) to promote and grow knol.
Knol Author Initiatives to Promote and Grow Knol
Think of new ideas or an old idea that is to be given the designation of knol star idea. Then we can promote it through a process of 1*10*10*10. 1 is the knol star idea.
From a tiny group to a world wide family. With the help of “knol star” we can do it .

Started a new knol to accumulate new ideas from knol authors to promote and grow knol.
Knol Author Initiatives to Promote and Grow Knol – November 2009 to July 2010
Give your ideas and comments. Come out with knol star idea.

11/1 KS

we may ask our AK to change his KTPs into whuffy .
let us say : 500 KTP ~ 1W .
to let the stone roll, you can give whuffy to a limit of 100W .
if you need more, you have to buy or to earn it from others .

11/1 KVSS

Happy to see a knol succeeding and also to see potential to develop it.

Political Party Marketing – Understanding the Needs and Desires of People

I started the knol some time back as a part of a series of knols on political party management. This is an initiative by me to develop knols that contain various materials related to  improvement of democratic political process. Today I found some material in the book Marketing Management by Kotler related to canvassing tactics based on attitudes of voters. Following the clue, I found some books as well as journal articles on the topic of political party marketing. This gives me the base to develop the knol further. I am also happy to find that 327 page views have already taken place. That means the topic is an interesting issue and the knol will succeed and probably will have 1000 page views in the coming year if more appropriate material is included in it.

I found some squidoo articles also that celebrate 100 knols. What about knol authors? Writing Hundred (100) Knols – A Goal of Knol – Campaign. I updated the knol with squidoo article references.

11/1 KS

from a tiny group to a world wide family . with the help of knol we can do it .

< board 2009


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