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11/30 KVSS – Millionaire Knoller

eHowKnol registers millionth page view:

eHowKnol: 1,004,247 page views. Congratulations ehowknol as well as all knol authors.

Knol Authors: A moment to enjoy. Spread the word around. Bring Visitors to knol.

In three to four hours time millionaire knoller will be emerge. Be ready to congratulate him.

11/29 SK @ SKS

I want to thank you for constantly posting high quality and relevant knols, like your philosophy knols, poetry contest and now one on knol administration. However if you are going to delete my comments then allow me to review your knol on knol administration. I am even grateful for our disagreements for this is what philosophy and pursuit of knowledge is all about.

Please let me point out that when you say that 5 liner knols are irrelevant you are using double standards. On the one hand you say quantity does not translate into quality and on the other hand you say that insufficient quantity also means less than quality. Maybe we may have to also open a discussion on the nature of what is insufficient and what is not. Quality does not depend on quantity. Quality depends on how much factual knowledge is contained in a word, a sentence, a few sentences or even in a whole book.

On the other issue trust me the Knol Platform policy is that there is no policy! Which means we are free to formulate our own policy but only those who agree to it may follow it. We cannot impose our policy on those who do not want to follow it. However Knol is an open frontier and we have an equal opportunity to nurture it into super maturity along side the Knol administration.

11/29 KVSS

Knol Marathon Commentary today  looks at computers and internet related knols. Excited at the global event idea. Spoke to some more people yesterday evening. Knol portfolio theory says PV = Q2 .
Neglect or inability to maintain one of the Qs gives rise BP.

Industrial Engineering – Knols of Narayana Rao K V S S: I am happy to note that my industrial engineering knols are now having 4000 monthly page views indicating that in a year around 50,000 page views will be there. My target is to have 100,000 page views for IE knols in a year. Because of my knols in IE, many IEs come to knol. Yesterday, there was an IE meet in Mumbai and one of the participants is a former Chief Information Officer of Wall Mart Thanks to knol, I could go to him happily and inform him that I am presently Global Number One Individual English Knol Author. That way you take knol to more and more people. I remember in this context kalle schwarz. He used to say focus on one by one. We need to bring more and more new visitors to knol and if needed it has to be one by one.

You inform your involvement in knol to your friends. I do not get visitors who stumble on my knol and then grumble. I get visitors by actively inviting them to my knols. I use my knols in my classroom. I do get many repeat visits to my knol because they are meant for revision and examination preparation and interview preparations are the times when my students and alumni find it very convenient and useful to use them. If I take time and improve them or if they take time and improve them or if other authors take time and improve them the knols will provide a much better service. With the present level of service, we are in the zone of motivation.

I fail to understand the frustration of some knol authors. When most of the visitors to knols come from google search, how can they blame other authors for the lack of performance of their knols. Your knols do not get visitors because many are not searching for your key words. Understand SEO process better. When Jag got his best knol of month, some authors protested. They thought Jag is not good. But no.  Jag is an extremely useful SEO man for Knol. He is the first SEO man to write tips for knol authors exclusively. Knol authors have to understand Jag’s ideas and implement them to get visitors if they feel their content is already great. If not go and collect content first. With adequate content write knols and use HTML tricks and improve your presentation quality if you have the time. Knol platform is delivering visitors provided there are knols and knol authors first. There is a big need to increase knol authors and output from them. One million knols have to be collected as fast as possible and identify thousands of quality knol authors. Don’t identify them in 10’s and make their lists and be happy with it. Identify them in thousands and helps them to write more knols and get more visitors.

11/28 SK

I have written over 75 Twitter knols and one of the knols that came out of this effort,
The greatest pleasure and honor in life for me.
which I am still writing is my best knol so far. We will see how Twitter knols do.
My latest and most profound Twitter knol –
Twitter knol – 78: “In each man’s pouch was his pack of silver” – Genesis, 42:35
When will you discover your pouch of potentialities as ‘is’ and not as ‘was’?
This is a very clear indication from the bible that everyone has his treasure. But ingeniously it is also using the word ‘was’ instead of ‘is’ because most people do not even know that they have this pouch of silver, this treasure trove of potentialities. It is using the word ‘was’ as in the past tense of lost opportunities because that is the reality for most people.
My latest knol:
Review of ‘Knol Site Metrics Reveal Good, Bad & Ugly’ By Krishan Maggon, Murry Shohat and Peter Baskerville

I am happy to see that at least one of our group finally sees that money is needed to bring real change. I will email you the contact of my friends who wanted to help my foundation. Please explain your project to them. I will also call them.

11/27 KVSS

Industrial engineering in the area of environmental engineering projects and environmental management projects. There is a scope for it and there are some initiatives in it. I am doing my bit for it. Environmental Cost Reduction – Accelerating The Process. Accelerating that is the theme of the initiative, Why that initiative. Because, industrial engineering was introduced into the curriculum of environmental program of our institute because of my suggestion. A beginning is made and by that time the course needs to be taught in the program next year, sufficient material will be accumulated into the knols.

I got an idea in the morning and I already shared it with my colleague who will be main person to promote it. We plan to come out with a global online initiative involving students that will give 2 to 3 million page views to knol next year. This year Dr. Mandi brought around 200 authors to knol. We will think that say 1000 authors will come to knol next year because of us.Knol Marathon Commentary today  mentions Dr. Mandi’s contribution. We need some money for it. It will be implemented as a totally separate project of students and students will generate the required funds through subscriptions. SK always is enthusiastic about some money for knol activities. I shall now approach him after the project is initiated for some contribution.

11/27 SK

Wikipedia is there when you need it — now it needs you.
$1.4M USD (raised)
$7.5M USD (needed)
Donate Now
Any really effective and viable organization needs money. Whether it is Wikipedia or my friend President Clinton’s foundation all non profits run on donations. So accordingly I had thought of taking KAF to a viable level by raising funds. But now I have lost interest. But I am seriously thinking of running for the next Senate seat from New Jersey. I know I can never win but my wisdom agenda will get a lot of publicity and to make wisdom education main stream I may do it. I will take my Wisdom Express all over New Jersey. Or I may just actively support President Obama again and this time go all over the US with my wisdom express instead of just the tri state area.

From the way I am reading between the lines and her body language I am predicting that Mrs. Obama is setting herself up for a big future for herself in politics. She will follow the Hillary path and she will plunge into politics. She is smarter and will join before her husbands term expires.
As you can see President Obama is a very sincere and a wise person. Unfortunately he is only a two star general of wisdom. I had told him that he has wisdom and that he does not need spin. Because I knew spin will come back to haunt him. This is exactly what has happened. He promised too much which no one can deliver and so many are upset with him. Even his star power could not save many of the candidates he supported.

11/27 KVSS

“So in this season of thanks giving, I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to you, and my anticipation of the brighter future we are creating together.”
(good words from President Obama).

Tomorrow, there is a global meet of industrial engineers. Knol flag will be flying there. The largest contingent of knol writers will be there on the ground. Knol Marathon Commentary has SEO as theme yesterday. Today it is on industrial engineering. I started a series of knols on south Indian history with Shivaji – The Builder of Indian Nationalist State. Luckily it started with a good opening.

11/26 SK @ SKS

Hey SKS you unpublished some of the comments between me and Mr. Murray. I was hoping that because of how I said what I said Mr. Murray and team would come down hard on my postings. And then a real discussion could begin. I have nothing personal against them and I never will and will always wish the best for them and theirs but I love to discuss our differences after all I think knol is about our own individual interpretations of life. But you squashed the chance. Hey I still love you and I think I am your biggest fan.

I am happy as I found the postings. Lets hope that their team responds in the spirit of the knol platform.

11/26 SK @ The World outside America

The knol platform is a world stage for sharing knowledge. Wikipedia has the same objective. Then why do we need knol? Wikipedia is about sharing accredited knowledge; knowledge that is well defined universally. Knol’s aim is to go beyond that. Knol wants to know what is your interpretation of accepted knowledge. And if your interpretation expands the frontiers of knowledge then that is what knol is all about.
@ Team
Finally Joost Elffers came to see me. I was not able to convince him yet to join us on Wisdom Day. But he did say he wants to do all he can to make it a success for my sake. He also said he will not publish my book unless he is convinced that it will be a best seller. But he is still exploring the possibility. He took some of my material and the good sign is he invited me for lunch next week. Guess what of all my knols he liked my Twitter knols the best! So he too thinks that there is a place for Twitter knols!!! Since my Twitter knols my page views is climbing!

11/26 KVSS @ Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln

I kept a sub-directory for wisdom of Abrahma Lincoln but could not find many knols. Today I made a beginning with a knol. I liked a statement of Linclon.

All I ask for the Negro is that if you do not like him, let him alone. If God gave him lttle let him that little enjoy.

The Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln
Knol Sub-Directory – Abraham Lincoln – Life and Thoughts

On many topics of interest there are not many knols. We need to encourage more knollers to come and encourage existing knol authors to write more knols.

11/26 KVSS

Thanks to all. Thanksgiving day is a good custom. We all live through good and bad days, good and bad experiences in the company of others. In India, there is a custom that everyday three times to pray to God and request him to bless everybody and you also bless everybody. Our thanksgiving is our blessing to everybody or our wish that everybody involved with us must have a happy life ahead. When others are happy we are also going to be happy.

Why I am able to write more knols? Is it because I want to write more knols? I don’t think so. The knols are being created for a purpose. They are there first to record and then to share on issues and topics of significance. I may have had the habit of writing earlier. But it was not visible to others. Now it is visible to others. Well visibility might have increased activity some more. Not only mine, many persons of similar nature must have got motivated to read more, think more and write more. That is called as scale effect in technology evolution. People are doing more.
I shall give you an example of how knols are coming out of my professional activities. There was a global forum in industrial engineering and somebody raised a question what were the innovations in the last decade related to this subject. There were no answers. I am thinking about that question for the last one month. I gave some answer identifying some innovations of earlier years. But what about the decade. I came across a book on green productivity yesterday. It was about a seminar conducted by APO. Yes I have a lead this can be an innovation. Browsing of the book leads to the idea of eco-economy. Eco-Economy. An idea in the eco-economy brainstorms. I thought environmental value engineering is a possibility. Then I noticed it was already there. Enrironmental Value Engineering. But I did not know. Many others do not know. The exploration of the topic will start now. Now I can go to my colleagues in Environmental Management and see if they noticed it. Three knols came out of an event and this event is a very important as far as I am concerned and my efforts to contribute to Industrial engineering is concerned.

This year, my focus is my contribution to industrial engineering subject. Knols are my display vehicles in that mission. Knols are not my main activity now. Categorising industrial engineering articles and finding appropriate case examples for illustrating various IE techniques categorised as Human Effort Engineering, System Efficiency Engineering and Systems Design Management are my focus areas.  Last year, it was knol more because it was a startup of google and also because of international collaborations. I enjoyed my active involvement in promoting knol and was amply rewarded for it with a visible achievement. Now let me focus on my contribution to provide a different theoretical structure to the subject of industrial engineering. I have my early successes, but I need to put in three to four years work to create a firm and rigorous framework.

11/25 SK

                      A Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours America!
@ Team
Before the year end I will have to report to the federal and state governments all the financial activity of KAF. I will post it on the bulletin board. I would like to send a final report and just dissolve it. Please voice your opinion. Legally we will cease to exist however we can continue just the way we are now on the web. In fact I would like SKS, KS and even Jag to take over the web version. I am not competent with computers nor do I have the time to manage the site.
The Rules of Decorum in Public Forums.
In any public forum we have rules of decorum. The knol platform is also a public forum. I think the time has come to hammer out together some rules of decorum for the knol platform.
Rule # 1: There is no room for any personal feelings by participants against each other. We have to respect each and every participant and even support the individual rights of those who do not agree with us.
Rule # 2: We can air our differences of opinion on the ideas expressed. All criticism must be confined to the knowledge presented. It is not sufficient to just say the other person’s idea is wrong. One must present proof through facts to refute any idea.
The knol platform is a world stage for sharing knowledge. Wikipedia has the same objective. Then why do we need knol? Wikipedia is about sharing accredited knowledge; knowledge that is well defined universally. Knol’s aim is to go beyond that. Knol wants to know what is your interpretation of accepted knowledge. And if your interpretation expands the frontiers of knowledge then that is what knol is all about.

11/25 KVSS

P V Ariel posted a knol “YOU TOO CAN BE A WINNER AT VOTEUPINDIA” about the announcement of voteupIndia’s “The winner of VoteUpIndia contest Second.” Read more at this link:

@ SK
No real action from KAF. Any member wants action now. Propose some action on the bulletin board and involve others.

11/24 SK @ KVSS

Goliaths start out as Davids by creating new knowledge and as they get their love, warmth and security from their created ideas they establish their own ivory tower and from there look down upon the new innovative ideas from their own fixed ivory tower positions. They start out as innovators and end up blocking new innovations. Thus ending up on the side of ignorance. However there are significant exceptions; those who remain Davids all their life working hard to master the real Goliath – Ignorance!
@ Knol Help and Team
As there are no badges for knols in any languages other than English perhaps we can form your own award committees to award badges in our own language.

11/24 KVSS @ SK

Interesting explanation. Goliath represents ignorance and small Davids are learners and teachers. Goliath are the big men in the field and Davids are the challengers. Goliaths are the bragging leaders and Davids are the challengers. In the topsy turvy life, some days belong to Goliaths and some days belong to Davids. On the knol, now these are Davids’ days.

11/23 SK @ KVSS

I think the twitter knols are working because I mentioned in them ‘for further reading please google ‘Wisdom by Sajid’ and my page views for the wisdom knol were stuck in the 40s for months
and they are now 80 page views
Page views have now climbed to 100 pageviews

It is very interesting how everyone interprets the story of David and Goliath. When we talk about David &… we interpret that both of them represent the same field. David represented the good and Goliath represented the evil. But this is how I would like to interpret this important story from the bible. We are the Davids of the world trying to slay ignorance, the Goliath, the giant scrooge of the world.

KVSS’s sentence below, ‘How com it is happening?’ has created a new terminology “Dot com it
which means put it on the internet! Or maybe it is already coined?

My latest knol: How would Jesus answer the question, ‘Who am I?’ And how would he want us to answer this question for our self? Just the way he answered the question for himself. ‘I am the truth’.
@ PG
It is not for nothing that I am a big fan of PG. Some of your insights are just magical. Right now I am on this race against time to decode the scriptures. One day I will hopefully decode one of your intriguingly insightful ideas. I would like to thank you for introducing me to Noetic and noosphere It ties up beautifully with my theme. I can prove that global consciousness exists, though not in the physical way attempts are being made to prove its existence. My question is what is the more important quest? To find out if global consciousness exists as an individual entity with a life and mind of its own or whether we should create a hypothesis that reaps full benefits of global consciousness as real whether it is a reality as an individual entity or not. What I am saying is similar to what some sage said that ‘If Gd did not exist we would have to invent Him’.

I am starting a new knol inspired by you, lets assume that global consciousness is real
Lets reap the benefits of assuming that global consciousness exists as an independent entity.

11/23 PG @ KVSS & “Philosophy” team

Well I didn’t remember to have used the David / Goliath allegory, but thanks, as I am a fan of allegories as you suggested, and that gives of course a crucial approach to life

As the team wants to promote a big Knol project about philosophy (not sure I have the background to go very far in that area, that is one of the reasons I was not too active on the board lately), I started a knol in an intriguing topic that seems to become fashionable: Noetic and noosphere: reality or fancy
I don’t know if there is much to say at the moment on those theories, as information is rather scarce, but you might help.

Sorry for the bold letters ? 🙂 some editing bug it seems that I could not resolve.

11/22 KVSS @  Knol Allegory – Davids and Goliath

Thanks to Peter Greenfinch
Allegory is a form of extended metaphor, in which objects, persons, and actions in a narrative, are equated with the meanings that lie outside the narrative itself. An allegory is a story with two meanings, a literal meaning and a symbolic meaning.

Do you know Goliath is injured in various ways. What happened? Davids are running all around him. Before him, by the side of him and behind him. His own helpers are running ahead of him. Where is help? How is it happening? How com it is happening? Don’t you know he is the chosen one? Don’t you know? Davids are not listening. Many do not know his language. They are running merrily. They are there for running and not for trophies. Leave your trophies, leave your trophies. There is a knoller shouting all the while. But Goliath is angry. Clear him off the field, clear him off the field, in turn shouts Goliath. Injured Goliath is limping towards a mile post. His trusted helper is at a distance much behind.

Knol Marathon Commentary at your service – to entertain you and also to inform you about knollers, knolers, knol helpers, and knol promoters. You can also add your comments.

11/22 SK

My best knol so far
And all these years we have tried to follow the propositions of Jesus! What a tragedy! What a divine tragedy.
Your knol title, ‘’ is very indicative of the way knol is set up. Intentionally or unintentionally knol has emerged as a living, evolving entity just like life is emerging on our planet. It is from chaos and anarchy that democracy and our society has emerged and is still evolving. Nature is trying every which way to create the diversity of life, knol is doing the same in the field of knowledge.

Knol has not reached the adolescent stage and it is up to us knollers and knol help to work together as joint parents and nature/nurture knol into becoming, ‘The Knol Factor For Life And Every Thing Else In It.’ Just like the Wisdom Factor’.

On another note a friend of mine suggested that he wants to hire a writer to improve the writing of my knols. I told him my Knols are original. They are alive. They are real. They are wise and +2. My knols are snatched out of the jaws of Mother Nature himself (MN likes this). They breathe, they even give their own babies. Sometimes they come to me in a dream. And just like life itself my Knols are not perfect.

11/22 SK

My own reading is that knol wants us to help provide the knowledge of life and everything else in it so that the world can turn the corner to a better life. From the ignorant to the sage all are welcome. As long as it helps someone, even if this is your own self. You can buy, sell, promote, recruit, share, help, seek help, advise, seek guidance, start a school on knol, start a radio show, post a weekly magazine, news letter, research journal and of course even propose marriage on knol etc., etc.! You can do anything on knol as long as it is legal and it helps mankind. They want knol to be a foundation of knowledge that is a positive factor in life and everything else in it. They want to change the world through global knowledge that comes through every nook and cranny of the world.

My own idea for Twitter knol was a long time coming. When KVSS came up with the knollets I liked it very much. I thought of doing something similar but as it would not be original I dropped it. Then recently there was news that Twitter is worth 1 Billion Dollars and that it made 4 million. So I said that if an idea based on 3 liners can be worth 1 Billion then there is scope for 3 liner knols. Then SKS’s proposal against 5 liners clinched the deal for me. I am going to float a few more Twitter knols and then we shall see. Because as I said I am providing the link to bigger standard knols in my Twitter knols.

I am sure that knol platform is testing the waters and they have no hard and fast rules that there can’t be 3 liner knols!

So thank you KVSS for your knollets idea and thank you SKS for your suggestion. Without the two ideas I would not have thought of Twitter knols.

11/22 KVSS

The content policy of the knol says knol has to be at least one word page long. Don’t post two lines or three lines. The visitor will be disappointed immensely. That is why I came out with the idea of collection of knollets. It number of twitter knols are in one knol, they are like collection of quotations or collection of poems.
Of authors are dictators is a popular saying in my mother tongue “Telugu”. Authors can try anything. Some other authors can argue against it. Content policy administrator of knol has to take a decision whether it is allowable or not.

While knowledge units are the main stay of knol, many other communication purposes also need knols and knols are written for the purpose. But still, we have to ensure majority are knols. Also, authors need not worry too much about types of knols, because visitors come from google search, and if you write a diary no visitor will come from google search to your diary. Knol search engine is much more discriminating. It is not showing author’s own knol to the author itself when the title of the knol is punched into the search box. If authors write useless things, knol is buried into the knol pit. No visitor will see them. What is needed is active knol authors have to write on various subject topics on which present good web documents are not there. See the knol How to Make Money Online Without Any Investment for more explanation of the issue.

I updated Knol Progess – Weekly Bulletin. Need coauthors for the knol.
Knol Marathon Commentary is made operational. Comments on commentary welcome.

11/21 SKS – Are 5-line knols a “Unit of Knowledge”?

I have initiated a voting process for that on Want your opinion. I have already expressed my opinion: 5-line knols are not and cannot be units of knowledge. Anyone who has submitted even one scientific paper to a conference or a single article to a newspaper or magazine (even the smaller one) knows that.

I am very happy that I gave you the idea of Twitter Knols SK (since the term of Twitter first came out to my above mentioned knol and shortly afterwards you cam up with the idea of “Twitter” knols I think I am entitled to think that). However I really do not think that Google had that in mind when they started Knol.

11/21 SK

I am creating Twitter knols: knols with just three lines. Like these sample knols:

1) Twitter Knol – 1: ‘Selflessness Factor’; the ‘g Factor’ of Emotional Intelligence.
Why selflessness is the key to super mature emotional intelligence and why it is the single ‘enabling factor’ that enables/enhances all other intelligence abilities.
In this age where four lines on Twitter are one too many and the attention span is just 3 minutes on You Tube. I have dicided to create Twitter Knols. I would like others to do the same. I have tried to perfect the art of writing complex ideas that need a book to explain, to explain them in less than a page. I guess even that is too long for most people. So I am going to start explaining in a few sentences what I have been doing in a page or two. Those interested in more information on the twitter knol subject can go through the link to more knols on the subject. This is the first of the coming Twitter knols, a sample knol.
This is the entire knol:
‘The key to mastering mother nature, her laws and her values one has to be humble and not let ones own pride and haughtiness come in the way of knowing, respecting and following her rules. The self image always has an element of pride and haughtiness in it. The -2 premature self image is the biggest hindrance to knowing, respecting and following her rules and the +2 super mature self image less self is the best equipped to know, respect and follow her laws.’
For more detailed information please go to:
Why do I claim that the highest stage of emotional intelligence is selflessness.

2) Twitter knol – 2: Make the most of it

The mother of all ‘its’ is your full untapped wisdom potential. Develop your wisdom potential to the full and you will be well on your way to naturally make the most of all other of your life’s ‘its’. Wisdom is the ‘it’ that insures making the most of all other ‘its’. For more detailed information please search, ‘Wisdom by Sajid’ in Knol or the main internet. (These four lines are the entire knol!)

@ Our Team
What do you all think of these Twitter knols?

Knol Marathon : An interesting knollet

11/21 KVSS

Congratulations. Organize the wisdom day. It will be a good event. Involve some more people in New York and New Jersey so that the celebration of the day becomes an annual feature. You have chosen political leaders as important participants, academic experts are already with you, spiritual leaders will join you in the function. As a part of the function all these persons are going to speak and share their thoughts on wisdom and wise people. It will be a very good initiative from you.

Intelligence and Hard Work
Now I remember once again the statement my teacher told me when I passed my tenth class. My father, who was also a teacher in the same school informed his colleague and my teacher that his son topped his class. Actually I got a state rank (17th or 19th). The teacher said at lower classes, one can achieve because of intelligence. But as you go up, it is hard work. Every intelligent man cannot achieve unless hard work is put into an activity. After so many years, now I feel happy that in the area of online writing, I did put in a lot of effort and the output is visible to me as well as everyone. Has that statement some effect on me? (Later on one more of our students marks came out and my school rank became second.)


Yesterday was a good day. I got the following note from the VP and Dean of Education and Psychology at Turro College:
From Dr. Polemini
Sajid Khan
Subject: Review of written material
It was great a pleasure that I have had the opportunity to explore the written materials with respect: The concepts of the brain, mind, intelligence, emotional intelligence, consciousness, human nature, self/I. The materials are a revolutionary method of investigation of the many questions of intelligence and the emotional properties of the mind. It is my privilege to recommend these new concepts for exploration. Wisdom Day is a brilliant idea.

I also met a prominent Professor, who is a PhD in Education from Harvard University who wants to be part of Wisdom Day. He wants to introduce me to some important people. He has invited me to a party on Sunday in Manhattan. He is the founder of a Philosophy conference where he wants me to speak. He also wants me to go with him to Boston to meet Prof. Pinker and show him my hypothesis! This is the first person I met who is more enthusiastic than me about Wisdom Day.

So I am inching along gathering a team of VIPs for Wisdom Day. I have a few professors, a prominent politician, businessmen and US government officers who are now going to be part of Wisdom Day. As soon as I have a decent team I am going to announce the day we are going to celebrate Wisdom Day..

11/19 KVSS

Thanks. You translated the knol  Knol Author Recruitment – Double the Number of Knol Authors into German long back. Now the knol was translated into Italian also. I hope Spiros will take it up translate into Greek. The message has to go to many authors. Then some more will take up the activity. We have to take up many initiatives in many directions. We do not know which will click and give us the returns. That is why we need to encourage many authors to think creatively and come with ideas around their subjects and communities of influence.

Writing Hundred Knols is not a disqualification for top quality author award.
Centurion Knollers – Knol Authors with Top Quality Author Award
Write 100 knols, write good quality knols, Get page views and make knol a success.

Are you a Knol Knight or a Knol Wiseman?
Knol Knights and Knol Wisemen

11/18 SKS – Knol Administration Models: Anarchy or Democracy?

I have started a new Knol on the possible Knol Administration Models at Please see it and make your comments. The future of Knol is something we must all care about…

Good idea Spiros. More focused discussion on some specific issues. I made my comment and also wrote that one need not respond every day to every comment. We can respond periodically after we read the opinions of many others on any issue.

11/18 KVSS

Goal of Knol: Knol Authors 100,000 – Knols 1 million – Top 100 Website has a comment by an expert. He says one million knols is a conservative concept and top 100 site is an achievable target. Knol has to ultimately target top 5. Have a look at the comment and do further discussion on how we are going to make it a reality quickly.

Open Textbook Peer Review
is an interesting knol. Have a look at it.

11/17 SK

My latest knols: The nature of emotional intelligence education and why it has to be different from the nature of regular intelligence…
“Decoded”:The Dictionary of Philosophy – Edited by Dagobert D. Humes, Copy Right 1942
I am really excited about this project to create a crystal clear philosophy that can be embraced and integrated with all brains en mass. That will make almost every brain squeaky clean to sprout wisdom.

11/17 KVSS

Weapons of Knol Destruction

Goal of Knol: Knol Authors 100,000 – Knols 1 million – Top 100 Website
Knol Author Recruitment – Double the Number of Knol Authors
1000 Knol Authors with 100,000 Page Views – A Goal Of Knol Campaign
Writing Hundred (100) Knols – A Goal of Knol – Campaign
Hindi Knol Authors and Visitors Bulletin Board

See the comment “Why you are forcing knol growth?” on the knol
and join the discussion.

Interesting issues – Growth of knol, knol authors, knols, page views, top knol author ranks

11/16 SK

My latest knols are a result of realizing a new source of writing knols, before I would take a quote or idea from the Bible or Gita and explain it in my own way; now I realize I can write a few hundred knols by taking an idea or quote from the ‘Dictionary of Philosophy’ and explain it through my own angle. Perhaps we all can do the same. In fact I would love to guide others to my way of explaining the sometimes fuzzy language of the sages and we could together create a whole new encyclopedia from the dictionary of philosophy by taking each concept from A to Z and explain it in simple terms. Explain its applications and implications. Because this will be a monumental project and I cannot do it alone. KVSS, PG, AK, SKS, KS, AK and MB would be ideal partners for this project. We could change how philosophy is understood. The following latest knols are based on ideas from the dictionary of philosophy.:
“The natural end which all men have is their own happiness” – Kant and Energeia

I have a plan that we can create something totally new here. A section of knol that is like Wikipedia but full of knowledge that actually makes common sense and knowledge that can change peoples lives. From philosophy of the art of living to complex philosophy terms and everything in between explained in simple understandable terms! Every human concept decoded for the masses.

11/16 KVSS

See the discusiion under the comment “Why you are forcing knol growth?” on the knol
and join the discussion.

Interesting issues – Growth of knol, knol authors, knols, page views, top knol author ranks

On another related discussion I wrote this comment.

On PVPK my views are clearly presented in

Goal of Knol: Knol Authors 100,000 – Knols 1 million – Top 100 Website

On social media platform while a group of authors provide a backbone, large number of authors provide a super structure. Without that super structure social media platform does not survive. Britannia and Encarta suffered because they have not understood the power of Web 2.0. Wikipedia managers understood the power and succeeded. There is a scope for many wikibased sites in the area of knowledge dissemination and knol is one of them. Unfortunately so far, wiki facility is not yet widely used on the platform. We need to invite more and more authors and make them our collaborators and give them a chance to share their bit of knowledge. Authors with better quality tools need to help them to improve their work rather than berating them.

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