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10/16 KS @ A

yeah !!!

10/16 KVSS

Social Media. There are lot many sites under the category social media where one can write about blogs and knols and other marketing information. I just started exploring them.
Social Media

10/16 SK @ PG

 What number are the page views for a blockbuster knol?
You have to first start on a topic that is currently hot. Like the swine flu. It must be simple and informative, packed with information that people are worried about and are looking for. It must include charts, videos, pictures that enhance the presentation. You must give references of the source of your information and data. You must give links to other related knols you have written and that others have written. You must also give links to related information on the web. Study the top ten most popular knols and compare their presentation with any regular knols with few page views. Presentation and simplicity is as important as the information.

Even though my information is original and unique there is not much more to my knols. Simply because I have no time. For me it is now more important to just put all my ideas out there. I have no time to dress up my knols. I am already neglecting my other work, like my research institute work.
You must keep in mind that a knol is free to read. But it still costs the reader time and effort. So the first impression will be from the presentation. What I have found is that the title has to be very catchy. And the first line that appears in the summary must be your most intriguing one. When I wrote this poem I looked at all the lines and then I put on top the most intriguing line.

Fountain of life its not just prune juice.
Maybe not for you
But for me it is, it is, it is.
It is all prune juice And jus…

Now if I had started with the following line I cannot attract as many readers.

There is you and you and you
There are countless yous
There is only one me.

And bear in mind readers are not only looking for information they are also looking for entertainment and relaxation. So if you can introduce some fun it is even better.

As knol becomes more and more popular some of us will also become famous. Those who put out consistently quality knols with all the above features  will build up a following.

And of course equally important you must use all the technical tricks of the trade. The following knol is a good guide for that.

How to Improve Knol writing using SEO to Rank in First Page?.

The bottom line for me is my knols have to be deliciously entertaining, informative, simple and above all intriguing. You will have to find your own formula which will be a variant of my formula. These lines I wrote in the end. But when I published this post as a knol I put these lines first to catch the attention of the reader.

The bottom line for me is my knols have to be deliciously entertaining, informative, simple and above all intriguing. You have to…

A good example of a blockbuster knol is:

Plus I have a knol:

10/16 KVSS

Poetry contest
I suggest that authors open a collection of poems under their name and post their poems first in their knol and then post it in the knol of poetry contest. That way over a period of time, their poem collection will develop. I have to think of adding one more poem to my collection stock market poems – collection 2.
Do you think any writer on this bulletin board can help you? Does any body have a block buster knol?
What about comments on How Many Knols Were Written So Far? I have given break up by countries also. What do you think of these numbers? Do they look right?

When I searched for poetry in knol search engine more than 1000 knols came up. Some of these knol writers have to be informed of the poetry contest through comments. You can use some knol help pages also to announce the contest. In Greek, there are not many knols!

10/15 PG

Blockbuster knols
I see that most blockbuster knols are about practical tips on popular topics
Not a surprise I would say
Just a remark, I’m not too good at practical tips on popular topics
Is there a doctor in the room to give me a cure ? 😉

10/12 SK

My latest knols:
The new normal; the difference you deserve
The ‘I’, the Brain and the Mind..

10/12 AK

There’s now a Jury for the Best Knol of the  Month.

10/11 SK @ SKS

When I decided to start Wisdom Day I looked up on the internet and contacted a couple of wisdom promoting sites. I had a long discussion with one of the runners of the most successful site. This person said that as far as wisdom goes our lips should be sealed because wisdom cannot be defined and the moment you open your mouth to describe wisdom you do not know what you are talking about. So you can see that the understanding of wisdom is still stuck in the ancient ages. Another prominent professor told me that we don’t have enough concrete information on the true nature of wisdom to be able to teach it with scientific authority. When I asked him do we know enough about emotional intelligence to teach it with scientific authority because emotional intelligence at the super mature stage is wisdom. He said that I will have to convince a lot of the academic world before this can be accepted and implemented.  So I have a long way to go to convince the world that society needs wisdom. Especially during the current mess in the world. Where man is confused and does not know where to start.

Do wise people need to be involved with the society issues? Wise men have always tried to figure out wisdom so that they can try to teach wisdom to everyone in order to make the society wise.

Please let me quote from my knol. This is a petition to the world leaders to make wisdom education compulsory from preK-12 and beyond. Dear reader plea..

Look how peoples are still fighting wars with -2 and -1 brain power values as if after using the same negative brain power values for hundreds of years and both sides losing, the result next time or this time will be different.
Look at the law and order situation in many countries. Don’t you think that much of this current mess in the world is due to lack of wisdom education? Look at some of the second/third world countries where corruption is an accepted way of life. Imagine these same countries where the majority of the people were wise. Imagine America where most people are +1, if we were mostly +2.  Imagine a world where most people were wise would the world be in such a mess? We can not only try we can make the world more wise by introducing a complete subject that teaches wisdom. We already have disciplines that create/teach emotional healing. We have to apply the same principles to create super emotional healing.

10/11 KVSS 

Happy to see that my cumulative page views crossed the 400,000 mark.
I think many wise people did comment on society’s issues. Many of them are coming from religion. Religion has prescribed social activities. If they are kings and statesmen, they dealt with social issues. Yes some of them dealt with inner soul issues only.

10/11 SKS – About inner self searching

Do wise people need to be involved with the society issues? I think most wise men in history first deal with their inner self and try to understand themselves. They teach the improvement of ourselves first. Jesus did not interfere much with the public issues and mostly concentrated his efforts with the teachings of improving our self. However his teaching changed the world.

Post category: 1 – New knols published by us, 2 – General thoughts, 3 – Ideas about Knol platform, 4 – Talking between us about various things, 5 – Post calling for action, 6 – Joint research knols

10/11 SK

My latest knols
Knol Committee on Facts and Assuptions. ,
Intelligence:It is an innate ability that enables all other abilities.

It is amazing that intelligence is being described as a capacity! Yes intelligence is present in the form of capacity but capacity is not intelligence. Capacity just describes the state that the intelligence is in.
Intelligence is the tool that nature provides to meet effectively the needs of life. Intelligence is intelligence. It is not just a capacity by which it is generally described. Intelligence is exactly like money. Just like the capacity to make money is not real money. The capacity to make money is just an opportunity to make money and it is not real money. This opportunity can be successful or a failure and it does not ensure something that you can always have. Intelligence is that one always has. It is like having money as opposed to having the capacity to earn money. Just like with money you can buy riches with intelligence you can buy quality life and everything in it…

10/11 KVSS

New knol published
I compiled the names and profiles of top three knol authors in various languages.
TOP Knol Authors – October 2009
Have a look at knols and congratulate them. Encouragement from coauthors could motivate them to improve their output and quality.

10/10 SK @ SKS and our group

“It is for those who have bled and sacrificed things for peace.”-PG
Indeed there is this impression that those who have struggled and sacrificed all their lives for peace deserve the Noble Prize. I think that the criterion must be what impact the person has had and more important, is expected to have on peace of the world. President Obama is a very fine example of my idea that wisdom creates the biggest positive impact without much effort. He has changed America for ever without much effort. He has done it just by being himself. Just as I had told him too, “You are pure substance, just be yourself!”
You know I always go for the bottom line inside out thinking of people. I can see that America has changed inside out for the better and above all for racial peace in America; for all times to come, thanks to President Obama’s effortless wise work, unless… But that’s another matter for another knol.

As for creating catogories you have a good idea. I wolud like to add that we should also have knols classified as A) Action knols: knols that require action. B) New idea knols. C) Joint research knols. D) Information and news knols etc.

My latest knol. The World Brain Power Pooling Club.

Just like idle computers are linked together and put to good use we can start vast brain power pooling chains. It has already started with joint knols across the globe.
I have written this knol in response to SKS’ posting.
The Noble Peace Prize to President Obama is a brilliant stroke of genius on the part of the Noble Committee..
The Star of Wisdom Award goes to the Noble Committee for this brilliant stroke.

SKS, one of the most savvy and polished knollers feels that President Obama did not deserve the Noble Peace Prize this early yet. The tradition is to give it not just for what a person does but for a kind of a life time achievement award especially for peace. Because there is a fear that he may yet launch a war against Korea or Iran or both. But I think this tradition is wrong to wait for the person who strives for peace and give him the Noble Prize when he is well out of office and is powerless. It is a big stroke of genius on the part of the Noble Committee to give it at the early height of the American and world leadership.

This will give an added clout to the man in control of the White House. The issues of world peace are extremely complex. There are no easy solutions. Even an American President can get stumped at the door of heavily entrenched prejudices and religious beliefs. So an American President armed with all this power will have an added power of being a Noble Laureate of peace. Let me explain this in another way. Take the current swine flu academic. It has come so early that the normal testing for safety against side effects of the cure is not possible. So the world say is divided as to whether to go ahead and inoculate every one or not. So if the political leadership takes the decision the trust factor will be mixed. If the decision comes from the world’s # 1 expert the world will accept it more easily. Now imagine if the decision comes from an expert who has a Noble Prize in this very field of the swine flu.

The enormity of the prestige of the Noble Prize is beyond comprehension in terms of peace. It adds a new rock solid component of power. In giving President Obama this award the Noble Committee has also given the President added power to work for peace. This prize gives a big boost to world peace!
Why President Elect Obama deserves the Noble Peace prize this year and he is also this year’s/era’s man of the year w….
I kept it unpublished because I did not write any thing beyond just the title. As you can see I wanted him to get the award even though he was not even in office yet. But if you read my latest knol you will see why not only does he deserve this prize the world needs for him to get this prize for world peace! I even wrote to Time magazine to make him the Man of the year.

10/10 KVSS

Actually I had written one knol saying why President Obama must get the Noble Peace Prize for last year! My contacts at the State Department and the White House said that they do not expect this prize at least not so early when I had told them that the President is expected to win this prize this year. But my calculation was that there was no other person who deserved it more than him. Actually I am predicting that President Obama will deserve it for many more years to come, more than any one else. And he may yet get it one more time!

Give link of the knol. You are a great forecaster and trend reader.

Your idea is good. Let us follow it whenever the post is focused in a specific category.

Today I came across the knol of a new author in her blog. Then I visited the knol. It is good that she posted a knol and mentioned about it in her blog.

Authors have to use blogs, digg, twitter, orkut, linkedin and many other platforms to popularise their knols. I am happy to see that many knol articles are getting mentioned in blogs of authors of others. In twitter also many knol authors are sending messages. Authors have to make use of various lists and directory pages being developed by various authors.
NEW KNOLS – October – September 2009

Sarkoji’s son is being promoted – It is a news in our papers today. Any comment PG!

10/09 SKS – Knol Bulletin Board Organization (Part 1)

‘Today I had some thoughts on the things we write in this Bulletin Board. I think most of them fall in one of the following broad categories:

  1. New knols published by us
  2. General thoughts we make about things we see in the news
  3. Ideas about Knol platform
  4. Talking between us about various things
I believe it would be nice to mark each of our message as belonging in one of these categories, or maybe have different sections in the same page for these categories. In that way a new reader can more easily catch up with what we are saying and even post his/her own idea or news.
Just some thoughts…

10/09 SKS – About Obama winning the Nobel Prize

I thought the Nobel Prize was granted to persons who have proved to work hard, consistently and for many years towards a goal. Obama, even though he has shown very good behaviour, ideas and way of thinking, I do not think he has been proven by time. He has still a long way to go until we can consider him even a candidate for such a prize. In case he now bombs Iran or Korea, will he give the prize back? Couldn’t the committee wait at least until the end of his 4 years period to decide?
The Peace Nobel Prize is not a prize for “good intentions”. Many people have good intentions. It is for those who have bled and sacrificed things for peace. Let’s wait and see what Obama does…

10/09 SK @ Our Group

President Barack Obama to me

Sajid —
This morning, Michelle and I awoke to some surprising and humbling news. At 6 a.m., we received word that I’d been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009.

To be honest, I do not feel that I deserve to be in the company of so many of the transformative figures who’ve been honored by this prize — men and women who’ve inspired me and inspired the entire world through their courageous pursuit of peace.

But I also know that throughout history the Nobel Peace Prize has not just been used to honor specific achievement; it’s also been used as a means to give momentum to a set of causes.

That is why I’ve said that I will accept this award as a call to action, a call for all nations and all peoples to confront the common challenges of the 21st century. These challenges won’t all be met during my presidency, or even my lifetime. But I know these challenges can be met so long as it’s recognized that they will not be met by one person or one nation alone.

This award — and the call to action that comes with it — does not belong simply to me or my administration; it belongs to all people around the world who have fought for justice and for peace. And most of all, it belongs to you, the men and women of America, who have dared to hope and have worked so hard to make our world a little better.

So today we humbly recommit to the important work that we’ve begun together. I’m grateful that you’ve stood with me thus far, and I’m honored to continue our vital work in the years to come.

Thank you,
President Barack Obama

Actually I had written one knol saying why President Obama must get the Noble Peace Prize for last year! My contacts at the State Department and the White House said that they do not expect this prize at least not so early when I had told them that the President is expected to win this prize this year. But my calculation was that there was no other person who deserved it more than him. Actually I am predicting that President Obama will deserve it for many more years to come, more than any one else. And he may yet get it one more time!

10/09 SK @ KVSS, PG, AK, SKS and MB

What do you think of this knol?
The brain generates emotional intelligence and the mind runs on this emotional intelligence.

10/09 KVSS

My recent knols on knol
Knol – Sense of Destiny
Global Knowledge Networks – Is Knol a Part of Them?<

Knol Lobby is a good idea. Once somebody has a well developed idea, pushing it into use has to be the automatic next step. But what is important is the person who is pushing an idea must not set infeasible goals and targets. One must look at the environment and see its readiness to accept the idea in the present form. We have industry life cycle concept (The Industry Life Cycle, Sales growth and Profit Margins) where in the initial days, the acceptance of a product is quite low and hence sales growth is very low.

10/08 SK

My latest knol:
Executive Function: The question is what makes a man a prefect man.

Please post a comment on this knol if you want to join.
Knol Lobby: Knoledge Lobby/Knowledge Lobby. I am hoping that knol is not just another discussion board where we keep posting endless ideas, that change and affect only those who are already looking for change. Each one of us knollers must not just contribute the script that can change the world and make it better in the area of our field of expertise. We must actively push our ideas where they will be adopted and implemented. .

10/07 KVSS

Welcome to Alberto Aune.
We are happy to know about your initiative.
It will be good if you translate your post into English yourself first, and then some of us may improve the English if necessary. Translation activity may take some time to pick as many of us are still into original article writing. Also many of us do not know two languages. Personally, now I know only one language to write – English. In my mother tongue I cannot write the subject related to article because I do not know the corresponding words in my language. Some of you are more capable because you know your language plus some English. So you can translate into English and can correct some very badly translated sentences. For the page your proposed, please use automatic translator and post it here. We will put in our effort on it.

Very happy ot know that page views have gone up for your knol articles.

10/06 AA

Sharing an experience with Knol in a new web.
A few weeks before, I have begin a new web page, planned a lot of time, but always was a problem, until this month.
I have found the utility of Knol, and want to share the idea and experience.
The page has a section of columns: Columnas para sostener la paz (Columns to hold the peace).
I have linked to my knols about the peace, that increased their visites after the opening of this web page.
I want to suggest that if you have a web page that includes articles, you can not copy them or write a new but link at a knol with the “including HTML” technique. The visitor will read the knol directly.
Like that, the visites to your knols will increase because there is a new link to them. Is also a promotion to Knol as instrument to share ideas an knowledge.
Allow me to share this page. If you want, please read the Proposals (Propuestas e Iniciativas). They are in Spanish, I expect to receive help to translate them in other languages. I think they are innovative and specific proposals.
If you want tell freely me what you think about these proposals.
There is also an Observatory of Conflicts between Peoples and Nations (Observatorio de Conflictos entre Pueblos y Naciones) and Peace’s Artisans (Artesanos de la Paz) (Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.: the first is an spanish man that have worked in India against poverty and hungry and for the peace; he was jesuit as I also was a time).
The web page is:
There is a humble page but with all my efforts to share the peace in the World.

Alberto Auné

10/05 SK

My latest knol:Brain and mind.

What do you think of this knol:
‘This Time Is Different: Eight Centuries Of Financial Folly’ – By Carmen M. Reinhart and Kenneth S. Rogoff.

10/05 KVSS

Page views counter today shows 30,000.

Relax well

A new author who is writing good number of knols and getting good visitors. Daniel Snyder
We need many more such new writers.

10/05 KS @ team

offline for the rest of the week .

10/05 KVSS

Mass innovation to improve society Managing The Society: The Concepts of Zero Defects and Kaizen Knol page views today 28531

10/04 KVSS@SKS

All systems need changes periodically. Changes may be revolutionary or reforming. In a democracy, if you vote none you only say you don’t like the system. May be some such people can together and start new political parties that try to put forward the alternative view point. In a political system, people have to collect power and then exercise. Why don’t you create a new party program and publish it on knol. I tried some thing like that but at the moment those knols are not active. I have to work on those knols once again. Those knols are on the theme political party management. If you can contribute something to those knols you are welcome at any point in time.

Knol counter shows my page views as 26,799 per week. A new peak.

10/04 SK @ KS

I want to point out that the potential in one and all to become our full humanness is there. A scientist calls it emotional intelligence. A religious person calls it the Christ is us. The philosopher calls it the the wisdom potential in us. The educater and all the other three call it the self mastery potential in us.
You got me on the quote. I do not remember the exact wording.

I keep getting back to my theme. The so called first world politics is still in the hands of leaders who are driven by a trophy self image. As a result they use their power to corner as much for themselves as possible. And because politics is seen as a dirty game the super mature stay away and watch from the side lines. Most super mature people go into the noble professions like teaching, journalism and civil service etc. Good government can only come when wise leaders are in charge. This will happen only when we can wake up the wise to their responsibility. With this in mind I had taken a trade mark for ‘THE WISDOM EXPRESS‘. Please look up this knol and see if you like the concept. Then we can talk further.

So lets start a Wisdom Express office in your corner of the world. It need be only in cyber space for now.

In the mean time do not sit on the sidelines. Vote for all those candidates who are less corrupt. At least the damage will be less.

10/04 KS

Is voting for noone a valid choice?
yes it is !
in all countries the rich are getting richer and the poor get poorer and the world goes to hell .
our democracy is nothing than a phony democracy image, deformed by 6000 years of patriarchy .
we need a true worldwide democracy . we need a new world star system like our knol star system .
@ SK : why do you say “the christ in us” ? your Ephisians 4:15 quote says exactly the reverse : grow in love …into the christ .

10/04 SKS – Greek elections

Today we have elections here in Greece. What can you do when both major parties have proved that they cannot rule effectively or without stealing public money? Is voting for none a valid choice?

10/03 SK@ SKS

I agree with you but I am just saying that the majority ‘consider’ Gandhi as the wisest. Yes indeed the easiest path to wisdom is to follow role models and we all know that Greece provided a whole bunch of them! My latest knol:
The mind/self/I/me/consciousness/personality/mentality/human nature are all a transformational process.

10/03 KVSS

Updated the estimates for page views of knol. Page Views for Top 800 Knols and Top Viewed Knols
br> Total comes to 43 million page views now.

Updated Knol Authors’ – Knollers’ Endeavor and Excitement with a quote by Robert Bruner, Dean of Darden Business school. Request you all to write about your knol endeavor in it.

Good to wait for Socrates to make him a knol star. A worthy endeavor to recognize a great knol author. The ranking and rating to decide really great people does consume a great deal of effort and time. Nice that you are onto that job.

Very happy to note that you encouraged some Greek authors on knol.  Please write knols at your convenience. Take care of your research project. Any comments on Knol Directory – Κατάλογος των ενδιαφέρουσα αγγλικά knols(Greek)

Definitely knol articles help in promoting products as well as individuals. But how many visitors are going to visit them unless they are written for an audience and good information is given in them? So you need skilled and committed authors who can take care of both the readers and the person or product concerned.

10/02 KS

the main point is that we all have some people we look up to and consider them as role models…

this is indeed the most important point .
we are not wise, if we think we are wise . we are wise if people consider us as a role model  .
so, the more people join our knol-star model (who of all knol authors you know do you consider as a role model?) the more we can see, who is a real wiseman .
that’s a difference to the wisemen we only can read about . that is real communication . imagine Socrates could make it to our board (google translation)

10/02 SKS – Concerning Knols and Wisemen

@KVSS: My newest knols are the Jokes about Religion and Atheism and the H1N1 – Bioterrorism or Pandemic ones. I also made some updates on your wisemen knol. I continuously try to attract new authors who will write in Knol. I also managed to attract some Greek ones. I use many forums in Greece to promote Knol and make our effort here more well known.

@SK: As a Greek person I will certainly have a different opinion on who is the “wisest” person. That is why I think we should stay away from declaring the “wisest” one and just state them all. After all, the main point is that we all have some people we look up to and consider them as role models.

10/02 SK @ Team

By all accounts Gandhi is considered the wisest person ever. His birthday will be my first choice if we are to celebrate wisdom day on birthdays of wisdom sages.
There is this news in the Wall Street Journal that ‘Bloomberg and The Washington Post are joining forces to sell articles to newspapers and other news organizations, hoping there is a ready market among publishers who are struggling to maintain their coverage amid budgets cuts’. Maybe we should look into a similar venture to market knols to this same group. What do you all think?
I think I discovered something very interesting (maybe it is already known). A very good way to advertise your product is to write a knol about it. Many people are trying to make up their minds about products by searching information on the internet. This knol would have the most attention grabbing sentence where it would appear just after the title. I got this idea from the following knol I wrote regarding my mentor Joost Elfers:
Notice the following:
The wisest man I met in New York City; Joost Elfers.
Sajid Khan
He is an amazingly simple, humble and charming human being. He is a world famous NY Times best selling author. I went to s…

Notice how the first sentence is a big endorsement for Joost.

Now when I google Joost Elfers the information that comes up is about his books. He wants you to go in and buy his books.
But look at the impressive publicity he is also getting from my knol, ‘He is an amazingly simple, humble and charming human being. ‘ Don’t you think that some people will be prompted to explore his books after they read the first sentence without even going into my knol. So what do you think of my idea of knol as a product promoter?
I would call this ‘knol for publicity/popularity/advertisement’. I have put up this posting as a knol: My latest discovery?

10/2 KVSS

Today is birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, a person who was appreciated recently by Obama.
Thoughts Of Mahatma Gandhi

Automatic Translation, I am not confident. That is way I am asking you whether the title makes sense or not? I am asking your suggestions for a better title. My Korean coauthor informed that “interesting” was translated as “funny” in Korean. I asked him to suggest an alternative word.

All the best for your wisdom day function. It will be a good contribution from you that we all will remember and do some thing more.

You made a comment regarding my blog and suggested me to post on knol. I think the blog is fine as it is and its index in the form of study plan for preparing for the examination is available on knol. No doubt, if I feel knol platform likes it and I have the strength in fingers to transfer the entire blog to knol, I shall do it. It is  beneficial to host your content on multiple platforms to get visitors who exclusively visit a platform. But the experience shows that 80% of visitors come from search only and then platform does not matter especially between google knol and google blogger site.

What are your new knols? Are page views going up for your knols. Time to encourage existing knol authors and new authors to write more knols.

Today is International Non-Violence Day
International Day of Non-Violence, 2 October

10/01 SK @ SKS

It leaves much to be desired but now I feel it is good enough if you want to spread your knowledge around. My reading is that knol help wants us to use their tools as much as possible. Remember they put this translation tool on this page only recently. If they were not confident they would have postponed it further. However their clever use of the word ‘help’ reveals that they still have long ways to go.

The wisdom day idea is going to be very successful. I asked my VIP friends in India and everyone contacted so far is saying that this is a very good idea and they all want to help. Including the founder of a group of 1500 professors, teachers and researchers etc. Even the world famous NY times best selling author Joost Elfers likes it. I said I want to come and see him, he said he wants to come to see me very soon. I will keep you all posted. I have to get immortal stars like him to join.

10/01 SKS – Is automatic translation reliable?

@SK: Is automatic translation so reliable that you trust it with your writings? Don’t you want to be sure that any messages you want to convey are transferred correctly in every detail?

10/1 SK @ KVSS

Your blog that had 775 page views is a good number. Please post this blog as a knol also and please mention it as a blog. And when you post your knols as blogs you please post your blogs as knols too. Your sentence
‘I created some knol title pages with translation software. Any comments and corrections are welcome.’ can be a good addition to the translated knol. We can add this sentence to every translation ‘ This knol is translated with google software. All corrections are welcome.’

I updated my knol: Horniness; a spreading epidemic that must be stopped. and I translated a few of my knols into Arabic and Hindi. The automatic google translation is much better now. And Knol Help is eager for us to use this tool as much as we can. So when you are having a writers block then start translating into other languages.

10/01 KVSS

Today my adsense figures had a peak in terms of page impressions. 2591
Of course 1500 came from my blogs. Only one blog had 775 page impressions. So my online articles are proving to be useful for more than two years.

< board 2009


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