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10/31 KVSS

Centurion Knollers are Increasing
Centurion Knollers – Knol Authors
Writing Hundred (100) Knols – A Goal of Knol – Campaign

Today I could add three more names to the list.

Jed Crowl, Travel Expert, Scottsdale, AZ, USA, 185  knols is a surprise find. His knols are on travel to various places in USA. I was requesting SK all the time develop some knols on New York and New Jersey. Mr. Crowl fills that need to some extent. Persons within USA as well as outside USA benefit from the information he has included in the knols. May be the knols can be expanded to include more information. He can do it or other knol authors may contribute it and develop the knols.

If you find any knol author who posted 100 knols, please remember and mention his name on this bulletin board. We need  to campaign for 1000 knols authors with 100 knols and 100,000 page views this year. The campaign strategy could be 1*10*10*10

Knol Author Initiatives to Promote and Grow Knol

Can you add the initiatives taken by knol authors in French, German, Greek and Arabic languages to promote knol.

Shall we hold voting to find out the best initiatives. The idea is to motivate more authors to come out with creative ideas to promote knol. New author recruitment, encouraging authors to write more knols, encouraging and supporting authors to improve the quality of knols, activities to promote knol viewership etc, have to be promoted by these knols and initiatives.

10/30 SK @ KS

I am just as honored to be your team member and family. I do not know how I get these ideas I think I am just a medium. These writings in trance started when I had a vision of Durga Mata, a Hindu goddess. She asked me if I wanted a lottery and I said no. She then asked me if I wanted knowledge and I said yes. She said, ‘Go I will give you knowledge in psychology.’ I even wondered why she used the word ‘go’ instead of saying say, ‘Here take this knowledge in psychology.’ Perhaps she was saying to me that she will give it to me and I will still have to ‘go’ at it. That is I will still have to work at it. So you can see that i am an ordinary guy. The credit goes to her. Why she chose me I have no idea.

If you read the autobiography of the immortal movie producer/director and Oscar winner Satiyajit Ray he was blessed by the same goddess. She told him to go make movies!

Durga Mata is the goddess of good over evil. Perhaps she gave me insights in the mind sciences because wisdom trumps evil. In fact wisdom eliminates the very forces that cause evil. In the light of wisdom evil vanishes to the extent it does not even exist. Even though I believe in all this I do not use any religious ideas in explaining my work. I stick to pure science.

I know how special you are KS; much more special then me. In spite of the enormous advantages of her blessings look where am I. Another person would have changed the world by now. Thanks to the knol platform at least my work is now known. And equally important thanks to KVSS, PG, AK, SKS,MB, A, KA… and you I have all the support I need.

10/30 KS @ SK

i am proud of being on your family.

10/30 SK @ Team & Knol Help

My latest knols: The Schema of the Self. and Entelechy.

I was thinking of declaring my self ( which I think is the same in everyone else) as the king of wisdom. So I was going to declare man as king of wisdom. But now I am going to declare man as the king of the mind sciences!!! I will actually have a coronation! This will happen in a few years. First I am now working on organizing Wisdom Day. Wisdom day will be celebrated in a years time. I am trying to get people like President Clinton on board. Then from all over the world we will select one King Of Wisdom. Which we will do every year with a $100,000.00 prize! maybe a million dollar prize if we get sponsorship. There will be an actual coronation of one individual from across the globe. If say an Israeli/Palestinian is choose then the honor of crowing will go to a Palestinian/Israeli wise being. At the ceremony there will be wise men from as many countries as possible.

These recent knols that I have written on the differences between the brain, mind, and the true self open up a new avenue of research in the mind sciences. We are still too fuzzy about the brain and mind so we have little clue of what emotions spring from which source and why. Having a clear idea of the functions of the brain and mind clears the way to answers to a new set of hundreds of questions. From such questions as where does inspiration spring from, to who controls which behavior to who controls which emotion becomes more clear. Knowing which part of our human nature is coming from where. And which part of it is cast in stone and which not; will not only open up new insights into the working of the human personality, mentality, behavior, consciousness, subconsciousness and unconsciousness; it will give us deep insights of how to correct and master our brains and minds. It will lead to new forms of education.

All this opens up a huge new avenue to understanding the mind sciences from sociology to psychology to education and every mind science subject in between. In fact it opens up opportunities to apply these insights to enhance every mind science subject and even more important it gives us an opportunity to open up and create a whole new subjects that not only wakes us up to the different functions of the mind and brain it also gives us the opportunity to create a new subject just like math and science that enables man to educate and reeducate en mass entire populations to become super mature by perfectly aligning the brain, mind and the true self. Just think of the impact of super maturity on individual, group and country life.

And it is now no longer a fantasy such notions as the world being one family!!!

@ PG
Did you know that now there is a category for Behavior Funds that take into consideration the herd mentality! Also what do you think of my latest post?

10/30 KVSS

Knol Author Initiatives to Promote and Grow Knol

10/29 SK

My latest knols:

10/28 KS

i submitted Knol Poetry Contest to related knols .

10/26 SK

My latest knol: Compound Self. and The Third Eye.
I finally met President Clinton and I was able to give him two small booklets and the knol: Senator McCain or Senator Obama. I told him that I have figured out wisdom and that he should check it out and this is what we need. He said, “I will”. He gave it to his security. It was at a rally for Gov. Corzine, at Little Falls, NJ, a 30 min. drive from my house.

10/26 KVSS

Writing Hundred (100) Knols – A Goal of Knol – Campaign
Hub page authors celebrate when they complete 100th hub? How about knol authors. I do not see such spirit among knol authors. We need to bring that spirit. I came across an interesting hub about the 100th hub party. I hope knol authors excite mutually with such interesting themes. I included some links to interesting hubs on 100th hub in the above knol.

10/26 KS @ KVSS

i don’t know, if you want to read this knol .
if not, then once again : why do you ask me ?
if you want to read it, please go to  google-translate and put in the url .
if it is interesting, you may copy it in a new knol and improve the translation . then we can link it .
so your readers may be interested and read it too
(they don’t need to translate it once again).
i think, thats the bottom up way ( therefore it’s open collaboration) .

10/25 KVSS @ KS

How does an english reader pick a german knol to translate? Just like that? Or does he translate because he has to read that topic? I feel if you translate, you are economising resources and reducing the burden. Instead of many people translating whenever they want, the author himself translating it would be a more efficient way.

To promote a knol to our friends we have to know their area of interest or a knol which we feel is of natural interest to them. Not for writing knols which may have some target customers. There is both creating and distributing content involved in article writing. Just because text books are there content will not go into the brains of people. You need some people who make special efforts to see that brains are filled with appropriate information. Your article writing efforts do contribute that role of highlighting certain pieces of information and giving references or links to the existing content. Otherwise existing content lies unutilized. Any neglected content needs carriers to move it into brains of people. Are you willing to play that role? Yes, that is why you are into online publishing. But what will you promote? It is your choice and priority? In what way will you promote? Once again it is your choice and priority.

10/25 KS @ KVSS

i don’t like it to write knols how a horse loses apples .
as you said : “to inform our friends we need good ideas. we should not waste their time unnecessarily .”
as SK said “if i cannot add anything original then it is no use .”
as nietzsche said : “we must write with our own blood .”

it is not necessary to translate a knol into english.
google does it automatically .
you may practise this with my last knol and look, if you can understand and perhaps improve it .

for transferring matter to the archive you only need open collaboration on the (archive) knol you want matter to transfer to .
to make a first step with collections you may submit “Knol Poetry Contest” to related knols .
go to the collection -> click on the “submit a knol to this collection” button -> search for “Knol Poetry Contest” -> mark the found knol -> click the “done” button -> wait a minute -> refresh the page .
btw. you will find, that you had already done this .

10/24 KVSS

Excited about the knol

Design Edition Marketing for Consumer Durables

Morning at 5 am I checked my google analytics stats. Visitors number down significantly. Every Friday and Saturday, the number goes down significantly. But I saw that in the top ten viewed knols the design edition marketing knol is there. It caught the attention of the people interested in marketing. I updated the knol twice already. It is a new concept that I am advocating as a structured stage in new consumer durable product marketing. I went back to the forum where I posted the idea and informed them that I updated the knol. In the process, I saw two interesting knols, wrote a knol and had some messages posted there in the regard.

The initial visitors number tells me that the idea has some appeal and therefore I am going to inform more people about it. I shall inform my marketing faculty colleagues about the idea and seek their opinion about it. I shall inform my students and seek their opinion. To inform our friends we need good ideas. We should not waste their time unnecessarily.

@ KS
I feel happy when new knols are written. May be you can translate them into english and some of us may try to improve the language further. Whenever you write a knol in German, please translate it into English, if you think it is useful to English audience also.

So far I did not do anything with archives. If is also open collaboration I shall also participate in transferring matter to the archive.

10/24 KS @ KVSS

my last german knol is
why do you ask ?

what do you mean with “make the recent archive an open collaboration knol.” ?
board-2009-october-ii is open collaboration !

10/24 SK @ KVSS

Thanks for your invaluable feedback. You have been a true mentor to many of us. Half way through writing knols I had almost decided to give up because my page views were so low. Thanks to you and KS you both persuaded me to continue. I am proud of being on your team.

You keep telling me to add information to the knols on various states. I feel that if I cannot add anything original then it is no use. Actually there are already many excellent sites that have useful information on places in America and elsewhere. Like the state government web sites, tourist bureo websites, traveling agency/magazine web sites. Even for medical emergencies  like the swine flu starting with the dept. of health web sites, there is excellent information. Maybe we can list all these in the relevant knols. My latest knols:

And what an honor it will be for one to be able to say, “I/mind/me/self crafted to perfection by my own mind.”
Needy vs. the Greedy. – Roger Ebert in the Record.
and The Best Way to Fight Emotional Stress..
My plans for Wisdom day are on track. I have Joost Elffers seriously considering joining as a founding director. I have Dr./Prof. Polimini seeking permission from his institute to join. I have Prof. Panapa who wants to do all she can. I have my own 4th R foundation member patrons who will be on board with us. I want to plan this one in a huge way so that long after I am gone they will know me as the man who solved the mystery of wisdom and who was the founder of Wisdom Day.

@SK Why should people come to knol search engine if you do not want put any information on knol saying it is there on some other website?
Somebody has to put information on knol and in the process add some extra value to it. I am preparing information on education on knol including the places where students go and study to facilitate their applying to the college and reaching the place and staying there. That is one of the purposes behind my knols on USA.
You are right knols need quality information which you are providing. For me my knowledge is limited so I am not sure how helpful my contribution will be on topics I know very little about.

10/24 KVSS

I created two knols today.
Writing Hundred (100) Knols – A Goal of Knol – Campaign
Design Edition Marketing for Consumer Durables

You can give your comments and leads for discussion on both, especially the first one.

10/24 SK @ Team

I have started writing about my inside out experiences and for the background I have written the following knol,
Princes Malka Falak Jehan Begum; My Mother, My Dark Cloud and My Silver Linning.
Please let me know if this knol has relevance to my theme. Should I keep it or delete it?

In the format of your experience and your advice to others based on your experience, you can write what comes to your mind or brain. It is your experience and your interpretation of it and people will read the material and interpret it in their own way. You feel that you are helping the society by your autobiographical account and you are perfectly justified in communicating with people. All the best. Don’t worry about others opinions. Let readers decide the utility of your writings over a period of time.

But be patient to see the potential benefits that you are  envisaging for your effort.

10/24 KVSS

You gave a good idea. Make the recent archive an open collaboration knol. Each of us can transfer some portion from this knol to archive whenever we feel the need is there. Then that portion can be removed from this knol.

Yes, it is a bottom approach. But the bottom up approach that came into my mind when I heard my guide Prof L.M. Bhole on Gandhi’s approach to development is macrolevel bottom up approach. An planned initiative or stimulus of the government is to be given at the bottom. Lowest level wage earners, farmers or business people. From there demand will be created for goods and services of higher level business and professional firms, and the macrolevel economic benefits of the stimulus bubble up to higher and higher levels.

What are your recent knols in German?

10/23 KS @ KVSS

if you think, this knol is too long, you (as any one of us) may delete the lower parts . please look if they are already archived .

bottom up approach .
i think knol and espacially our board is a bottom up approach . see also my comment about whuffy .

10/23 SK @ Team

When I first started writing knols I had made my self a promise that I will start to write my inside out emotional hole experiences once my page views hits 10,000. It has now happened so a new phase of knols will start coming from me. This knol is the first.
>The factors of reality; Our current society is actually sub normal by the standards of Mother Nature, by the standard…

I have no PhD so on what authority am I writing all these knols? On the authority of my own first hand experiences of being in and observing my own emotional holes. For me it is a been there, done that situation. I have gone through the fire and know inside out shyness, nervousness, depression, feelings of suicide, hating my own mother, being terror stricken of being separate and alone facing all these emotional holes. Especially realizing that there is a long and hard journey for me to come out of all this. And the frustrating part was that there are expert guides but mostly those who have studied these problems from the out side in. What do they know how it feels to be in these multiple holes. So I decided that I will observe and study my own climb back out. And even if others ridicule my ideas, insights and lessons I will still share them with all others. I do not want people trapped like I was to keep struggling and struggling. I do not want even people who are so called normal to keep running after a trophy life. Having come out of my emotional holes I kept going to become wise. Now I want to show the world that becoming super normal can and should be the new normal. Our current society is actually sub normal by the standards of Mother Nature, by the standards of the Christ, and the Buddha and even by the standards of yours truly.
My other latest knol:
Let the stream of reality flow…, a poem thanks to SKS
and I updated my knol Contextual Mindfulness.

10/23 KVSS

Writing comments is not a problem. Once we decide to do some conversation through comments we will do it. One thing is to remove material from the board more frequently so that visitors can go to the comments portion more easily.  We have enough issues to highlight through comments.

Any suggestions on poetry contest. This contest gave me the opportunity to start writing poems on engineers

I developed two more knols in the area of industrial engineering. This year I shall focus on industrial engineering and develop articles that will create a base for handbook on the subject. I have a blog by the name Handbook of Industrial Engineering. But the handbook will appear on knol.
Shigeo Shingo – The Japanese Industrial Engineer
5S System – Work Place Design (Industrial Engineering)

I may take three or four years for me to develop the articles but the knols are never ending stories. They are always subject to improvement by me as well as by my readers and my colleagues and students.

10/22 KS @ SK

if you don’t want me to comment your postings, it’s okay for me .
i don’t think, it’s a projection of your brain . you tell me as a person to a person .

but hey! were is my last word ;-(

As I said your way is more intelligent and better and you do have the last word. As I said in my book your are # 1. Have it your way.

10/22 SK @ KS

Those who agree with me can do it my way and those who agree with your clever and fine way can do that. Both ways will work fine. I can have my vanilla and you can have your chocolate. Or is it the other way around?

10/22 KS @ SK

what if we write our postings as we have done so far, but if one of us is seeing  a specific type of information that is suitable for the comment part , s/he may mark it with C … /C ,as a request to the author to copy it in the comment part and to delete it from the board (bis repetita non placent 😉

10/22 KVSS

New Jersey – State – USA – Knol Authors – Knols – Education
Write some knols on some of the cities of New Jersey. Also find out to which colleges foreign students come in large numbers and write some knols on those places. Such information will be useful to the students when they are in their country and are looking for information on the net. Knol authors have to ensure that every bit of information is available on knol. Just don’t think it is available elsewhere. It has to be available on knol. Also whenever we write we bring something unique from our side.

There are good number of authors from New Jersey and you can try and establish contact with some of them.

10/22 PG

Poetry, allegories …and a cat
I’m not sure I have a gift for poetry, but I love allegories.
What about “the man and the lettuce” in my gambling vs.speculation knol?
I fed also the wit and wisdom knol with it.

Allegories (and story telling) might be used more frequently in our knols, don’t you think?

What made the quantum theory popular was the Schrödinger cat


10/22 KVSS

We have to plan and get 10,000 page views to knol poetry contest initiated by Spiros. It has got good participation. May be getting 50 page views per day. We have to publicize it and get around 10,000 page views by end December. Give your suggestions on the modalities of the contest. I gave some suggestions. Put your thinking on how to make it exciting for visitors to read the poems and vote. We have to give publicity for the contest through our bulletin board and we have to request knol help to put the contest on home page from 1st December. I think at least 25 entries come by 30th November and visitors can vote for them after reading multiple number of times from 1st December. They can start voting much before also. We need to publicize this contest by writing comments in at least 100 knols. Each of us can write comments in 10 knols over a two month period.
Appreciate Kakos for coming out with the idea and also executing it very successfully so far.

TWO new knols by me
Top Down “Trickle Down” Versus Bottom Up “Bubble Up” Model in Economic Development
Industrial Engineering and Scientific Management in Japan
In industrial engineering my handbook is already ready with around 50 knols on the subject.
Thanks to all of you for encouragement and support.

10/22 SK @ KVSS

Thanks for your nice information.
@ KS
‘but you don’t do, what you say . in the contrary !’ Well I am really trying to do all I can.
I am so busy with knol that I forgot to renew the domain names ‘’ and ‘’ when I realized my mistake they are saying I have to bid for them in auction! I will just take other names. Today I went to a rally for Gov. Corzine. As I came to know about it very late; I had no pass. So I spent quite a part of the day before I could secure a VIP pass. President Obama was there. I couldn’t talk to him but I made sure he saw me. I was just 15′ from him. I was able to give a flier that I made for the occasion to many of the news channels and some of the leaders. Crongressman Steve Rothman I saw actually read it right there. So you can see I am trying to spread knol as much as I can. I talked to a few reporters about knol. In fact I was thinking of making a paper plane with one of the fliers and throwing it in the direction of President Obama. So I asked the security next to me. He said I couldn’t do that and if I did he would arrest me.
There is a place where I get my fliers and booklets printed. It is in the headquarters of the Free Masons. One of my distant relatives was the head for all South Asia and I was invited to become a member. I went in to explore. When I saw a skull and swords; I did not join. Now again I met in the building the VP of the Free Masons and some other leaders.  When I told them my background and mission,they said, they would help me. But I will have to join! So this time even though I still don’t want to join I may have to join to promote our knols. I will keep you posted.

10/22 KVSS

SK is the top knol author of New York State. Congratulations. New York – State – USA – Knol Authors – Knols – Education

He must make some attempts to promote knol in the New York State. He has now KA to support him from more close quarters.

SK @ Team

I always wondered why some knollers kept putting comments on their own knols. Thanks to SKS now we know. So this is what I am suggesting. Lets keep posting everything the way we are doing right now and also put every post in comment form too. This way we have the best of both worlds! I get what I want and you get what you want.

10/21 SKS – ACTION REQUIRED: Taking advantage of “Comments”

@SK and TEAM: Our Knol IS the “Most Discussed”, but it is not shown in the Most Discussed tab of the Knol Home Page because we don’t post comments. I believe we should all agree upon the content / purpose of the comments and start making use of them. SK you can propose a different use. However we should promote our Knol. We write every day here and noone takes notice because all “H1N1” – “Knol metrics reveal good bad and ugly” and this kind of knols from the same people appear again and again in the same tab! We write here almost every day and we have the courage to read all the (big sometimes) postings. I do not believe that it would be difficult for anyone to go to the comments if we know that the comments hold a specific type of information. Tell me what you think.

Possible segmentation:

  • Discussions about new Knols and Knol updates will be left in comments.
  • Discussion about other subjects (e.g. Knol promotion ideas) will be in Comments.


10/21 KS

“some people say a man is made out of mud
a poor man’s made out of muscle and blood
muscle and blood and skin and bones
a mind thats weak and a back thats strong”
@ SK
your mind says : “yes, i want to be a good team player .”
so you agreed (reluctantly, but you said yes and not no) to use the comments to post news about our knols and leave the main body of the knol for discussions and propositions for knol’s future .
but you don’t do, what you say . in the contrary !

10/20 KVSS

Working on USA states knols. Knol Authors of USA and Knols About States – State-Wise Lists

They are not many authors in various states. I doubt some of the numbers being given in knol metrics. They are giving useful and interesting information. But every thing they are giving is not accurate. They say there are 5000 authors from USA and even give statewise lists. But many of those authors have not written knols. They might have just commented.

There is a need to promote knol authors and knol writing in USA. But our Sajid Khan is not able to do much in that direction. One important distinction. Sajid is among the top 10 US authors.
Knol Authors of USA and Their Top Knols – State-Wise Lists

10/20 SK @ Team

think the way the bulletin board is now set up has worked very well. Very few people will scroll down to read comments. All knols are not the same. This is a bulletin board and it has to function this very way. But I am with you all the way; so I will reluctantly say yes.

My latest knol that is as good as any blockbuster. My best master piece so far:

Brain and Mind.
The sooner we realize the differences between the brain and mind the sooner we can go to the drawing board to create all kinds of educational programs including the most important: a compulsory subject that trains our brain to become an organ of our body, fully in the control of the mind.
It is amazing that even though there are huge differences between the brain and mind we are still fuzzy about the differences between the two. There are a zillions of individual indications of differences one can clearly see in everyday life. Perhaps the sages and mavens who are trying to figure out the differences between the the two have both their brain and mind on the same page. So they reflect their own inside out reality when figuring out the true nature and properties of the brain mind relationship. When a person like me reflects and researches on the brain and mind my own inside out view, that is my first hand experience, clearly shows that the brain and mind are two distinct though interdependent entities. If I can just wake up the main stream powers of the mind sciences to the distinct properties of the brain and mind we can be on the fast tract to figuring out cutting edge emotional intelligence educational programs that can create wise individuals, groups, companies and countries. I really need a thousand pages just to list the proofs of the brain mind differences and our sages and mavens are still struggling to see the differences!!! They still figure the mind brain distinction as fuzzy!!!!

10/20 KVSS

Knol Authors and Knol – Twitter Messages
 Knol is now posting messages on twitter. I think SKS should post a twitter message whenever he posts a new poem in his knol.
Give your twitter accounts and some twitter messages in the above knol.

The suggestion of SKS is a useful one. We need to post comments are also frequently. But our main knol is so long that one does not feel like going to comments. If comments have to be visible we need to take out material from this knol very very frequently. Ever three four days. Think.

10/20 KS

use the comments to post news about our Knols and leave the main body of the Knol for discussions and propositions for Knol’s future .
A : yes ; AA : yes | no ; AK : yes | no ; KS : yes ; KVSS :yes ; PG :yes ; PV : yes | no ; SK : yes ; SKS : yes ; KA : yes | no ;

10/20 A


Good idea indeed. I believe I know which team you’re talking about.

10/20 KS

blockbuster knols .
i think, this board is on the best way to become a blockbuster knol .

to make a collection is a good idea .

@ PV
there is another explanation: god could have done this .
see the prophecy of jonas, jonas and the ivy, chapter 4 .

10/20 KVSS

Your poetry contest Knol Poetry Contest has attracted the attention of many authors. It will go into most discussed section. Created Knol Sub-Directory – Poems/Poetry – Writing to support it. Add if you find any interesting knols on poetry writing. Your writing comments on some authors has yielded results. Keep writing comments on authors who have written something on poetry.

Updating various USA state knol author knols. Knol Authors of USA – State-Wise Lists

10/19 SKS – Taking advantage of “Comments”

@Team: We should use the Comments feature in our Knol. There is a specific team of writters who constantly use that feature to promote their knols via the “Most discussed” tab in the Knol’s initial page. I believe we should all use the comments to post news about our Knols and leave the main body of the Knol for discussions and propositions for Knol’s future. What do you think?

10/19 SK @ KVSS & PV

There is some form of consciousness in plants. There is a plant that starts with a crude form of brain. It moves around till it finds a comfortable place to lay its roots down. Once it settles the brain dissolves. Another plant has multiple roots that it puts into the ground around it. If there is another plant of its own family it avoids putting down roots in the other plants area. If the other plant is from a different spices then the plant tries to put extra roots there. So who knows?

10/19 KVSS

Dear Mr. Ariel
We read in our high school days that Jagadish Chandra Bose came out with the theory that plants have sensitivity. Somebody from botany area can be throw some light on your observations. Hope somebody will notice your knol and collaborate with you.

Yesterday I saw, a manual for sustainability eduction on UNESCO website and summarised it in a knol.
Education for Sustainability – Facts For Everybody. The original files were given as source at the end of each topic. And the files have good visuals. A large number of people have to be given this information so that they participate more voluntarily and with less grumbling in the measures to be taken to protect the environment.
Wrote a poem and posted it in Poetry contest knol. Engineering Economics
Knol Sub-Directory – Poems/Poetry – Writing

10/18 PV

Do Plants Have Sensitivity? A Pumpkin Mourned a Death and Similar Other Incidents Says YES.

Here below I am giving an incident happened in my life few years back and still the vivid memory is haunting in my mind. This is an open platform to air your views on this issue.

Few years back when I published this incident in a local daily and many responded to it but I could not find a solid explanation to this incident. One of the readers’ response was more surprising. A similar chain of incidents happened in his life that too is given below. Reading together these incidents I hope and believe that our scientific community here at knol can bring in some answer to it. Is it a mere coincidence happened at that time? Or any scientific theory involved in it? Will someone from the scientific community have any answer to such incidents? I hereby invite my fellow knol writers as well as the browsers to co-author this knol.Read @

10/18 KVSS

Updated Writing Knols – Making Money. You need to have around 100 good quality knols to make around $50 per month.

@PG and SKS
Compare Hubpages and Knol
Give your thoughts on  knol’s present performance and future actions to be taken. Use your management knowledge on the topic. The more people apply their brain to it, the better will be the forecasts and suggestions.

@ SK
Videos you get from youtube. In the insert button in the edit bar you can find provision for inserting videos. Regarding photos why don’t you use your digital camera. See flickr for photos that can be freely used. Takes time of course. There is a knol by somebody on this topic also.

10/18 SK @ Team

I cannot make this latest knol into a blockbuster without photos and videos. I need to know where to get them without copyright problems and also how to insert vedios into the knol.

10/18 KVSS

Need your help in developing the two knols.
Social Media
Wiki – An Explanation

Share your understanding and knowledge regarding them through comments or editing.

See this interesting post and give your reactions

On hubpages in the last three months 120,000 hubs were written and around 20,000 new authors joined. What about our knol? Just think!  Give your reactions and suggestions.

Keep looking at various content sites and come out with ideas on improving knol content and promotion. We need to recruit more and more authors. It is good that PG started the discussion on block buster knols. We need to take it forward and continue the discussion. It is good that SK decided to create a blockbuster knol. All the best for his effort. We keenly await the success of his knol. Any ideas on income that hub authors are getting.
I started some more knols on social media today.
Strategic and Operating Issues for Social Media Authors, Managers and Owners 

10/17 KVSS

see the vast social media as a picture
Social Media
Knol authors have to use social media to make their articles popular. No other way. If you want your published articles to be read by people you need to master the use of social media to spread news about your articles. WWW and web 2.0 not only provide you space to publish your article but also provide means to popularize your article. Knol authors have done a good job of publishing their articles. Now they have to take the next step of circulating their articles in social media.
Add your thoughts and knowledge on the power of social media.
waiting for your next reaction on block buster knols
I am writing this block buster knol to show how it can be done!

10/17 SK @ PG & Team

This time I have decided to write a block buster knol. To add all the tricks of the trade I need to put photos. Are putting photos from Life Magazine legal? Where can I find photos, videos that are legal to down load?

Why it is time to retire and redefine our current concepts of brain, mind, intelligence, emotional intelligence and h…

10/17 KVSS

Happy Deepawali to all of you.
Deepam means light. Deepawali is festival of lights. Nice that Obama also lighted a lamp.

Good plan is not enough, resilient execution has to follow it.

Obama was given the Nobel peace prize. Peace has to follow.

“What ever you learn from me, what ever you hear or see… put it into practise.” – Bible

< board 2009


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