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9/15 KVSS

Yesterday I had the maximum number of visitors per day. 796 visitors and 1055 page views according to google analytics. Adsense shows something more as I have some more knols on other ids. I need to take a break for a few days from the computer table. My body gives an indication to stay away from the computer for some time.

Submitted to digg today

Digg is sending visitors. There is a need for knol authors to submit their knols to Digg. Similarly twitter. Of course, the objectives of knol authors are important. If they want good number of visitors to come to their knols, they have to get involved in social networking communities.

I made all my ideas clear in the directory pages that I have created. I know I cannot make a full directory for knol. So I chose interesting knols and new knols as the two themes. My project is successful so far and it will have a strong focus on science, engineering, industrial engineering, business management and research methods. In each of them, I am a member of big communities and they like my contribution in those subjects. You started your project with some ideas of your own and I wish you all the best. Knol requires many people to come out with innovative ideas and attract more visitors to the platform. I do it continuously. I bring new visitors to the platform. Please do not misunderstand if I do not answer your queries. It is because I already made my thinking clear. I keep on expanding my directory project as I get an idea of subgrouping and I see the need for subgrouping. At maximum I want to keep 100 knols in a page. As a policy I include all lists of various people provided they have more than 500 page views and as you know presently I kept them on open collaboration. Unless they are sizeable number of knols, I want to keep them on open collaboration. Then move them to moderated and then to closed.

09/15 SK

My latest knol: What are the applications of correctly defining wisdom? My best knol ever!

9/15 Dzakone, Georgian Knols

Good Day
I have opened Google Group – Knol Directory.
It is the best way to communicate and discuss some items.
I think it will be best to create same group for 
Example for Knol Bulletin Board 2009 –

Notes from Google Help Page.

Google Groups Tour: Discuss online or over email
Join in on what others are talking about

From within a group, you can reply to a message that someone else posted, or post a message or question of your own.

Start a discussion in your own group

Create a group of your own so you can get in touch and keep in touch with your group’s members.

Discuss online or over email

You can choose whether you want to read and post messages online, or to just use your current email account to read and respond.

9/15 KVSS

Today is Engineers’ Day in India
Theme for discussion is “Engineering Solutions for Controlling Climate Change”
Engineers’ Day India – 15th September

09/14 KS @ A (this cat is a litte shy, but yes there is some light in the picture)

first : to find out what are the most general categories .
second : if we have a knol, to find out with (for?) wich category it matches best .

9/14 A @ KS

Yes, I’d like it. What’s the purpose of this Knol Directory? Sorry, I haven’t been following the board much.

09/14 KS @ A

much more better !
what do you think to become a co-author on Knol Directoy ?

9/14 A (in a possibly lighter color)

Trying to write more reviews now. I think they’re better than just leaving comments.

@ KS

Okay, I’ll delete August posts. You’re right, it’s taking too long to load.

09/14 KS

@ SK : indeed knol help and we, together can hammer out nothing but the best possible solutions to the present crisis. as a first step we can request knol help to make a collection browser and as a further step we can invite barack obama to join our knol wisdom express, that is our board, with its banner: the knol star structure .

@ Dsakone : i think there should be a separate directory

@ A — seems that this page is again too long .

9/14 KVSS

New Knol: Energy – Experience – Matrix Model for Human Resource Management

Result of knolstorming
Source Knol  The Challenge of the Millennials

9/14 Dzakone

Need some help. I opened а Business Directory, but have some problems. I think that in this directory there should be knols about business alone(the problem, review the service and so on). So should there be a separate directory for business education(history of accounting, Basic principles, Present value and so on) under relevant themes?
What do you think is better?

09/14 SK @ Team and Knol Help.

My latest knol: A debate: What is the next best step for us Americans and the World given the current mess? Please join this debate. We need this debate to make all people, across the globe aware of the concrete steps that we must take to identify and equip our selves with the best instruments required to get out of this mess.
We must debate every problem that needs to be addressed. We must explore all possible avenues for improvement. We, together have to hammer out nothing but the best possible solutions to the present crisis. Given the current knowledge levels we can do it.
I wish knol help would take over this most essential debate.

9/14 KVSS

A good knol.
Individual and team knols both have a place. It depends on how they are progressing. It also depends on why they are progressing. Big teams or groups and small teams or groups and individuals are all reality. Groups come together when objectives match and prosper when there is good synergy. Whenever the objectives of the group are not clear and as the objectives are revealed, if there is no synergy, the groups wither away.

09/13 KS

why each of us must do the same thing separately when we can combine our efforts” (Dzakone)
this is the question of the month !

9/13 Dzakone

Here you will find a description of my ideas, hoping I explained everything clearly. English is not my native language so do not judge strictly


9/13 KVSS

Use Twitter.
It has a search engine.
Not many tweets are there on knol now.
Increase number of tweets about knol.
There are many tweets on Digg.

09/13 KS @ SK & KVSS


09/13 SK

My latest knols:
For the simple ignorance of the very nature of self mastery look at the litany of losses for individuals, groups and …
‘No one knows why nature tosses a billion sperm when one can do the job.’ – Time magazine essay...
The top ten original knols ever.

Bulletin board and Outside world.
I feel that one day the knol platform will become the black board for the latest cutting edge knowledge and proven and researched ideas. To day we are behind Wikipedia. Soon we will become their equal and then we will become the primary source for the latest information and knowledge for all aspects of life. We are all doing our part to make knol the leader in posted ideas that will make heaven on earth. I know I sound utopian, but as I have said again and again we do not have utopia only because of our own ignorance! I am trying to clear the fog from my area of research as are thousands of other fellow knollers. The only reason I am focusing on President Obama is because I know he already likes my concept of wisdom and the wisdom express. One policy decision on his part can do more than a 100 conferences!

Also this is about building an original encyclopedia of knowledge; so we have to keep posting original and refined knowledge to improve our data base of knowledge. Even if politicians don’t implement our suggestions we still have to complete our task.

9/13 KVSS

Opened a linkedin group “Web authors and publishers”

Digg submissions

What will work in a directory? What knol visitors want? We don’t know? They want your icons or they are happy with simple words? Things are not clear. Will authors come and fill your directory pages? One has to wait. But one thing – don’t open a blank page. Open a page only when there are two or three knols which you can include in it.

Bulletin board and Outside world
Yes what you say is correct. But change starts with one person and his thought. Every change starts like that. Many ideas may die within the brain of the same person very quickly. Some die within the person after some time. Some may reach a second person and then die. Some may reach a very large number of people and create a change in the material and social world. It is good that some of us could come together and exchange our thoughts. There is no problem if some of our ideas are logically wrong or practically inefficient. We keep reevaluating our ideas in response to the reaction from the whole environment and especially the reaction or suggestions from our small group environment. Some ideas may get killed by the person who came out with the idea itself. No problem with that.

09/12 KS @ Dzakone

how to arrange the collections is an interesting question .
we can do both :
first collecting the knos in main collections (about dogs) and then building sub-collections (1. – 4.)  .
btw. in my opinion the listed (collected) knols on Knol Directoy belong to the collection “About Knol” .
the easiest way is to rename “Knol Directory” into “About Knol” and to make a new knol directory,
or to copy the knols into the “About Knol” collection .

9/12 Dzakone

Good morning to all

On these days, I have opened several collection of Knols and submitted some knols. Please look and express your opinion. HERE

I am still interested in your opinion what is better, more detailed classification of Knols, or try to do create general classification/directory. For example open only one directory “about dogs” and submit all Knols to this category.

Or open  more directories:

  1. Main collection “about Dog”  for general knols about dogs
  2. History – knols about history of dogs
  3. Breed standards – knols about dog breeds
  4. Medical & Health  – knols about medical and health dog care and ….                 

09/12 KS @ SK

a crystal model of the white house is a nice idea .
good luck .
an interesting point is your characterization of clinton versus mitchel .
“mitchel is a very genuine human being but he is too soft.”
here is the difference between politics and knol .
on knol clinton would not convince me, mitchel would have a chance .
so the theory of leadership (see KVSS) is not practicable on knol .
the same thing is your saying :so I guess he owes me an answer.
on bulletin board you can say it, in politiscs it’s talking to thin air .

9/12 KVSS

opened a twitter account: knoltweet

09/12 SK

I went with my wisdom express banners to one of then Senator Obama’s campaign rallies. And I positioned myself where you know when he finishes the speech he comes down and shakes hands with people. Most people were just saying hi or wishing him success or just shaking his had. In his speech he mentioned that he was the bridge to the next brighter future. When he was still a few people away I started talking! I said to him that this bridge to the future was Bill Clinton’s line. That he was an original. His strength was wisdom. That he was an authentic person. He did not need spin. As he moved on his security was taking books from people for his autograph. I gave the security the wisdom express flier and asked him to get the Senators autograph. I already had the autograph of Mrs. Kennedy on this banner. The security refused to take two things from me. So I explained to him that the flier was for the Senator to keep and that the banner was for his autograph. He still refused. Senator Obama was already four people away, but he turned around and said to me to give it to him and that he will sign it for me. The security staff then took both the flier and the banner. It shows that even though he had moved on he was still paying attention to me!!! This happened in front of hundreds of cameras.

When the security guard came back he did not bring the banner back. I got distracted as Mayor Booker started chatting with me and then a congress women I forget her name said that she would use my advice when she spoke at rallies. I guess President Obama owes me an autograph!

This was the banner that I did not get back:
                                                        THE WISDOM EXPRESS ( TM )
From Benjamin Franklin and George Washington to Lincoln, from FDR to JFK; America has been blessed
by wise leaders. America is at that time once again when we will be blessed with wise leadership in an Obama Presidency. This is a great opportunity for the news media to highlight the powerful force of wisdom that is powering Senator Obama’s mind. We must wake up America and the world to the fact
that real positive change comes through wise leaders. So vote for Senator Obama, vote for wisdom.
But of course I have my tricks where people don’t forget me. While following him through his train journey in Pennsylvania at one of the town hall meetings he was taking questions. This was at Redding High School. I had my hand up but he said that it would be his last question while answering to some one else. So I shouted that I was following him for the last few days to just ask him a question. He looked up at me and he said, ‘All those who have got a question can go to the local headquarters or call his national headquarters or email the question and that they will get their answer.’ Well I did go to the local Redding headquarters, I called and even emailed the question but I got no reply. So I guess he owes me an answer. Again this incident also is on dozens of tapes!  The question I am going to ask him is the following:

There are hundreds of courses for only half our brain like math and science and for the other half – for emotional intelligence there is no compulsory course. Why? And will he do something about it?

I have worked out a fool proof strategy. I make custom lighting including crystal lighting. So I am now making a
crystal model of the White House measuring 3 feet across with all the minute details. It will take me 6 months to make, which I will donate to him. There is no such thing in the world today and I tried to copyright it but I failed because the PTO told me that you cannot copyright a public property. It will cost me quite a bundle but it will be worth while to convince President Obama that we must introduce wisdom education to make education whole. I will show him the connection between much of the current mess in the world today and the absence of wisdom education.

I must say that he did invite me to his inauguration and he keeps emailing me all his latest decisions. I guess I will certainly meet him during his next campaign for reelection. I have two big regrets to tell him about. He should appoint President Clinton as the chief middle east envoy. I have observed the current envoy Senator Mitchel up close. Senator Mitchel is a very genuine human being but he is too soft.

Another regret is that he took on health care reform too much early on. It is the toughest job on his agenda and  is unfortunately setting the tone of his Presidency.

09/12 KS

@ AA (Dzakone)
rss-feed : i know as much about it as the man in the moon .

Kyriacos : to the incurable shall one not seek to be a physician

btw. your voting for SK is such a good match for our knol-star tree that i ask your permission to mount it there .
@ SK
tell us more about the incident that occurred at meadowlands …

09/11 SK

What can you expect from a guy who is writing stuff like – ‘And I can promise you – that I will more notably make your highly rated Harvard, Cambridge and Oxford universities all look like kindergarten material’. I would love to challenge him to review one of my knols which he thinks is BS.


Wait till I start the next phase of my knols. Because I was in quite a few emotional holes and instead of resigning to them I took them as my opportunity to observe them inside out! I know that though there are some experts out there who know things like nervousness, shyness, depression and feelings of suicide from the inside out, but I bet there are not many experts who know these emotional holes inside out like I do! Most don’t even come close!!! But I am going to wait till my page views go from the present under 3000 per week to at least 10,000 per week before I share my personal journey inside out. And the icing on the cake I can’t even mention right now! But I will share it all only to add my tiny bit of inside out expertise on these crucial emotional holes.

As they say the strongest steel has to go through the hottest fire. I have been hauled over the hottest emotional coals and I have paid my price to become an ‘insider’ expert on at least some emotional holes. And I am determined to share my own life lessons to make the world a better place. 

I just expanded this post into one of my best knols: Wait till I start the next phase of my knols.

9/11 A @ SKS

I’ll pass, thanks.

@ All

New knol! Well, not so new. But it’s about pneumonia in animals.

09/11 SKS – Angela, Sajid, Kalle and Me…becoming popular!

@ A: Book sales must not be going well for him. Maybe gather some money all of us and buy one copy? 🙂

9/11 A @ SKS

Oh dear. That is rather funny. You have one of your own! You should be proud!

Yes indeed, I think we should just ignore him. It’s obvious that the more we reply to his inane comments, the more he posts them. He’s a flamer, that one.

09/11 SKS – Angela, Sajid, Kalle and Me…becoming popular!

Angela, Sajid and Kalle: Check out It looks like we have become popular!!! 🙂 HAHAHA!!!

PS. My advice is not to respond to that person. The only thing he wants is to be made popular and gain audience for his book. Ignoring him is the best thing to do. What do you think?

9/11 SK

My latest knol: “The Bloody Crossroads” – David Brooks in NY Times.

9/11 Dzakone, Georgian Kols

All good Day
Today I finished the opening collections for the sport. There are now 70 categories. Unfortunately I could not find on the Internet a convenient classification for sports. So I turned to the site of the Olympic Committee and created a list of sports in 4 categories: Summer Sports, Winter Sports, Recognized Sports and All Sports. 

Unfortunately I have not had time to submit knols. Submitting Knols alone is simply impossible, for this I will have to get away from work :). 

Therefore, I propose to establish the RCC feed (Test example) with the latest news and a couple of references to main page of Knol Directory. These buttons may be located on our Knols, kind of advertising. It should be noted that It is possible to announce information  on latest news about Knol and Knol Author Foundation.

09/10 KS

it’s voting time :

9/10 KVSS

Knol for content creation and Digg for article promotion

09/10 KS @ SKS

seems, that there are not so many jokes about religion and atheism . so i had to fake one 😉

09/10 SKS – Jokes about religion and atheism

I just posted a new Knol with jokes about religion and atheism. Being serious all the time is just boring. That was good for a change! Look at Jokes about Religion and Atheism.

9/9 A


I’m not really into social networking sites. I prefer Knol myself. I believe I looked at Stumbleapon once, but I wasn’t impressed. To me, sharing wisdom is more important than sharing your latest LOLs on the web.

@ Dzakone, Georgian Knols

Welcome to the team! 10 whuffy sounds great.

09/09 KS

@ Dzakone
i agree with the list . 10 W
perhap we can put collection A into “peoples and society”

germany’s elections : parties are classes. i do not like a class society. : i’m already concentrated on knol . they may come to knol .

9/9 KVSS is an important community. I saw SKS and Jagadeesh as members. I request all to become members, submit your knols and approve those knols which you feel are good. It is a very important activity for knol authors. Many have included their knols there, but they did not get support of others. We as a community have to go there and provide support to all good knols and encourage other knol authors also to support good knols in turn.

9/9 Georgian Knols

Аll a good day, 

First I want to thank you for your comments. As I understand you are supporting my idea.

and so that’s what I could do at this time:
I created in Google Documents spreadsheets – “Knoll tree“. There are lists of categories.
Categories I have found on the Internet – OPEN DIRECTORY PROJECT and slightly reworked them. I think we should agree all category that they will not be too many

There are 12 Main categories:

1. Arts 
2. Business 
3. Country 
4. Cities 
5. People and society 
6. Educations 
7. Food and Restaurants
8. Games and sports 
9. Health and Medicine 
10. Information Technology 
11. Machines and Equipment 
12. Science 

I propose to discuss the first list of the major categories. I think that you all will agree for artcities, sports and sciences, so that I can actually start.
Со If you agree than write to me and I begin to open these collections.
 P.S  moreover, I forgot to explain. my name Aleksandr Ablotia (Dzakone) and I have additional google account “Georgian knols”. So these two account are same person, that is I

9/9 KVSS

Yesterday I visited and registered my name. It is a collection of articles which are proposed by members and then members vote for good articles. It is like our best knol of the month competition. I saw AK name in the members list. I think all active authors need to join digg, submit knols and vote for various good knols and increase the digg score of knols. Right now there is no knol with more than 2 votes on knol.
Yesterday I had the highest page views so far in analytics as well as adsense reports.

@ KS
good way to support new enthusiastic authors. Hope your whuffy accounting is live. Any update on Germany’s elections.

Please think over. Yes It will be good a start with a list and then add some more subjects if some research scholar requests inclusion.

09/09 SKS – About the “Knol Research Scholars Journal”

I am currently thinking about the subjects that will be part of the knol, for which every “scholar” would be asked to contribute his/her knowledge.

09/08 KS @ Dzakone

a list of directories would be great .
i think we first need the most general tree,
because it’s the easiest to agree
( A – as our native speaker – can be very useful here)
and therefore it’s the easiest way to browse in the structure .
if i want to classify a knol, i can do it like a little child
(ok, a litte child usually aks “why” and not “what”, but it’s the same stucture) .
to take your “concerto” example :
what is a concerto ?
a classical musik !
what is classical musik ?
a sort of musik !
and what is musik ?
musik is an art .

@ team : i propose to give Dzakone 60 whuffy for the list . i’ll pay 10 .
(perhaps our successful commercial authors and big players can pay a little bit more 😉 )

9/8 SK


9/8 KVSS

It seems I am a successful commercial knol author.
Yesterday I am happy to see a referral from wikipedia to one of my knols. I do not know which knol it is. I see human effort engineering being searched. One million page views per day could be the breakeven point for knol and in that context Goal of Knol: Knol Authors 100,000 – Knols 1 million – Top 100 Website is very relevant. Existing knol authors have to write more knols, improve quality of existing knols, promote their knols and recruit new authors.
I am happy to say that this month so far, my knol portfolio has more page views than my blog portfolio and also more adsense revenue than my blog portfolio. It seems that I am a successful commercial knol author.

9/7 SK @ Dzakone.

Welcome. We need knowledge power especially that takes knol forward. Your knowledge is impressive and will make a big contribution to the knol platform. We look forward to working with you.

09/07 dzakone

Your question is very interesting and useful. Thank you for your comment
I looked at the possibility of collections, which are implemented in the Knol. At this moment in Knol two types of  collections are implemented: The regular collections and moderated collections.
A moderated collection is a special type of Knol collection that lets authors of the collection have more control over the moderated knols. Here is the main opportunity:
  1. Unlike regular collections, a knol can only be added to a moderated collection by the knol’s author.
  2. Knols can only belong to one moderated collection at a time.
  3. Depending on the type of moderation chosen for the collection, collection owners may have editing rights to the knols in their collections.
  4. Collection owners can apply visual styles to knols in their collection.
This is very good idea from Knol Team but, as you have commented, notes are useful for this situation. So I made a small experiment with simple collections and found a simpler way: we must use regular collections. In this case, Knol/collections can be added to the different thematic collections at the same time and thus we will solve this problem.
Now I am trying to compile a list of directories to group them. Soon I will give the list. 
With regards,

09/07 KS @ dzakone

welcome to the team .
i agree that categories should be replaced by collections (directories) .
and browsing knols by categories should be replaced by browsing knols by collection trees .
i say trees because your model is a tree and because a knol or a collection can be part of different collections. does your model allow this structure ?

9/7 SK

My new knols:

9/7 KVSS

Welcome to Georgian Knols on the bulletin board. We have lists, portals, directories and now we have a proposal for directory of moderated knols. I think we have to encourage such initiatives as each may be providing some extra facility to certain knol users. No doubt after some time some of these initiatives will become superfluous and will be neglected. But at the moment competition is required to promote knols and knol platform.
I feel knol will break even by August 2010 based on one million page views per day by that time. For more details Economics of Online User Generated Content Platforms and Professional Content.
Presently knol has one million page views per week. Latest knollet in Read – Heard – Viewed – Thought – by KVSS Nrao. We need to move to one million page views per day. Knol authors have to write knols, promote knols and recruit new authors.

09/07  About Knol Categories Problem

Now there are two approaches to the systematization of Knols.

First – search with «Search Toolkit». This approach allows you to search among the set of parameters such as title, subtitle, summary, author names, contents category, with these words, with this exact wording or phrase, Document type, Filter results by date ranges, Filter results by time, Language, License, Collaboration model and others.

But I think you all will agree that it is only a way to search and organize Knol is not very convenient, especially if the author wants to read Knoll regarding certain themes: music, football, banking, accounting, etc.
In this case, the most convenient system is a system of categories. In Knol Platform category is awarded by the system automatically or by the authors themselves. But this approach is still not comfortable.
Now authors attempt to create a Knol with links to other Knols to categorize this knol. But different authors of knol search knols in different ways, which leads to too much diversity and inefficiency. 
I propose to harmonize the classification of knols and use only one agreed system. 
To  do this, in my opinion, we must create a system of directories with moderated collections on main topics.


Main Knol Page: Art => Music, Poetry, Painting, Theater, Cinema, Literature … more 

Music => Blues, Classical, Country, Folk, Jazz, Latin, Opera, Rock, Vocal 

Classical => Sonata, Symphony, Concerto, Chamber Music, Solo Vocal Music, Choral Music 

Concerto => Here submit Knols or Collections about Concerto 

In each category, in Summary section will be a description of current Directory. For example in the category of Art – the history of art, top knols, slide shows, with links to other internet resources, etc.  
If you are interested in this idea and we can all agree on a system of categories then I can help in the creation of categories for English and Russian languages(These Knols later can be used as templates for other languages ). Content will be constantly added. All this will help to coordinate the actions of authors: create new encyclopedic and original articles. 
This example you can look at Knol Directories.

09/07 KS

ok, we are all nominated 🙂
it’s a pity that AK doesn’t react on the suggestions of PG and SK .
the best would be if he gives us the knols with the best star-ranking and we give him the first, second and third

Kyriakos = nothing more than personal attacks .

9/6 A

@ KS

Just comment on the KOTM-Jury page with your noms. Thanks for the format tip.


I feel for you. Kyriakos is commenting on my knols with nasty comments. I blocked him.


Industrial Engineering – Knols of Narayana Rao K V S S This recent collection has 100 page views already. People are searching human effort engineering. A concept that I coined.

A new knol: S-T-R-I-V-E for Success – Robert Schuller Method

Estimate of page views of top 800 knol authors : 21 million.

Made a suggestion to knol management to think of introducing knol honor system similar to amazon honor system. I made this suggestion earlier also. September 5 is teachers day in India.  Knol honor system will facilitate honoring the teachers by many students. In India, the tradition tells people to treat their teachers next to parents. Practically it does not happen but a facility like knol honor system can facilitate that process wherver people are in the present global age.

Have you seen the KAF knol. We need to make them members of KAF.

09/06 KS

K is coming !
@ A
as SK has removed the templates, i should tell you how to color a header .
first you have to make a header . then you can color it .
i’m wondering about AK . what shall we do ?
@ SK
happiness gets entrenched into the physical brain structure creating its own memory patterns
yes, and so do stress and frustration .
our task or venture or endeavor on knol is to ensure that health and happiness are possible again (to begin with our communication here on knol) .

09/04 SK

My latest knol and one of my best as I have coined a new term! – EBT (Emotional Brain Treasure ).
and Self image less self: why it is the foundation of wisdom..

09/04 KS @ AK

where are my candidates ?

9/04 SK

My latest knols:

Ignorance, knowledge and emotional intelligence. and Parents of America: What were you thinking? What are you thinking?

09/04 SKS – About the “Knol Research Scholars Journal”

@KVSS: I am thinking of opening a Knol collection, where someone can add his/her own scientific paper. Then that paper will be reviewed by scholars and only those that will have been reviewed will be “nominated” the title of “Reviewed Paper”. A special section of the Knol will hold those reviewed papers, while all submitted (but not yet reviewed) papers will be in another separate section. What do you think?

PS. There are TWO “Narayana Rao”s ??? I see another one with the same name in the Contributors List.

Reply by KVSS
Yes your idea is good. It can be only one knol collection initially. As more and more knols come, then you can make journal issues and make knol collection of 5 to 8 papers. Initially, one knol collection to hold reviewed papers and submitted paper is a good idea. We need to assemble research scholars who will be part of review board. This will give you a chance to contact all research scholars in your institute/university to inform them about knol and invite them to join the reviewers board and also to submit research papers. Invite AK also into the project. Once you open the knol, I shall request our institute research scholar to write a comment on it and he will also join you in the endeavor.
The second narayana rao is linked to my public gmail id. kvssnrao50 at When I open that mail and through that mail get to knol, the second name appears.

09/03 KS @ Hector : big pupils turn night into day

yes, from big bang down and then every week seven more days .
moderated collection : i did not know that this is sooo complicated. i made a normal one (see above) .

9/03 SK

My latest knol:The true nature of emotional intelligence education.
Thanks for your invaluable insight. I am already spending too much time on knol and I feel I should complete at least 1000 knols to cover all the angles to my idea of trying to wake up the world to the true nature of emotional intelligence education. Before I follow the advice from you and KVSS.

09/03 SKS

@KVSS: So we want a journal with scientific papers from scholars to be reviewed by scholars? Every possible subject? Or limited to a specific field?
KVSS – reply
Initially you can make it open for all subjects. May be a name like “Knol Research Scholars Journal” can be appropriate. Later on as it becomes popular, you can add subjects and open online journals for more focused areas.


9/3 KVSS

Good cat
have a look at knol foundation knol. Two persons have written comments wishing to become members.
I opened four knols related to journals and magazines.
I am in the process of forming the editorial boards.
But I want you to open this journal knol separately. Journal opened by research scholars for research scholars.

9/2 PG @ A

OK to be nominated

9/3 A

@ KS

Ah, then I’ll vote for you instead.

Ok, I’ll delete the lower part– say  from your “big bang idea” down?

09/03 KS

@ SK
to color a header, you first need a header .
you can make it by marking it and click on Format -> Minor Heading (H4) .
then (because it is still marked) you can click on Text background color .

@ A
i’m nominated by PG .
i’ll make the collection . what about a hint on the top of this page .
btw . this page is becoming too long . you can delete the lower part . i archivated it .

09/03 SKS

@SK: You should really consider formulating a super-knol with all your self-related knols as subchapters. You have written so many things that can easily be used to write not one, but 10 books! However having so many information scattered makes it almost impossible for the readers to follow up with your thoughts.

Please send me the email again.
My latest knol: Self Ore. and I upgraded my knol: Self-Purification..

09/03 SKS

@KVSS: Where can I find this journal? Have you opened a relative Knol?

9/3 KVSS

My recent knollet
Give your thought to online journal exclusively for research scholar’s papers.  One of our RSs is interested to join the team.

09/03 SKS

@A: Yes it will be OK with me.

9/3 KVSS

Yesterday, I had peak page views on knol. The counts on knol, adsense and google analytics differ but all of them show the same trend. Yesterday, page views on knol have crossed page views on all my blogs combined. But page views on knol come down drastically during week ends. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Hope all of you installed google analytics to understand traffic patterns.
Thank you for the good words. As you mentioned content, presentation quality and number of knols, celebrity knols all are important dimensions for a single knol as well as knol platform.
Yes, many authors may be writing their original ideas on knol. We may not be able to judge various topics. In the area of industrial engineering, I am proposing a different classification of the discipline and writing number of knols to explain my classification. To a limited extent, some of the ideas are going to be implemented in our curriculum. Many professionals of IE are having a look at them. We need to wait for their evaluation of our ideas and taking them further.
Team approach to writing knols. I think H1N1 News could be a genuine team approach. Our democracy around the world could be a genuine team knol. Let us see how they develop.
Please invite various contributors a coauthors for democracy around the world knol. Some authors have expressed their wish join foundation on foundation knol. Please approve their membership and add in the member list. I sent a mail to you. But I think you missed opening the mail.

9/3 A                                                                                                                                       

@ PG SKS and KS

Would it be OK if I nominated you for the KOTM Jury?

@ KS

Yessir, that’s my new kitten, Hector. I’m afraid I really don’t have a website. You have to have one in order to create a moderated collection, so anyone on the team who has one would be perfect.

09/03 SKS

I have just published a new knol with my ideas about philosophy in general: Harmonia Philosophica. Most of it is in Greek but I will get it all in Greek and English as soon as I can.

9/2 SK @ AK

Clever. Very intelligent. I wish I had half your brain power and talent. I would recommend you take one juror from every major field. Your adding a jury means you are adding a review board; so try to add an expert review board. Thus elevating the standard of your knol. Keep up the good work.

9/2 PG

Would add KS and AK to the nomination. Also as there is a lot of medical knols, maybe we can try to find also one or two authors active in that area. Maybe we contact Rajamanickam Antonimuthu, author of Medical and HealthCare knols or maybe better directly some of the authors he mentions in his collection.

9/2 KS

i would like to nominate A and SK .

9/2 SK

and I have updated this knol:

9/2 AK

Election for a Jury for Best Knols of the Month.
Please suggest Candidates and vote

9/1 KS

@ A
because the team does not respond, we are the team .
one of us should build the collection .
I would be happy if you could do that .
at least you should toss up a penny .
all we have to do is to agree on some knols (see below (08/28)).
if anyone wants to participate, they can tell us .

btw. if this board becomes too long, you may delete the bottom of the page . i archived the august part .

perhaps we should archive it in a revers order . so visitors can read it top down .
@ SK
you can color your heading by marking and coloring it .
🙂 i see, you have done it already .

@ PG
there is a third way : team work 🙂

that’s the right answer 🙂
(the only interesting comment of this guy was, that politics has to do with dialogue :
if that would be true, we all would live in a paradise .
btw. i think, that dialogue is (or should be) the common denominator of philosophy, politics and science .)

till knol is really successful
we will see 🙂

9/1 SK @ Team

Please read my knol, Knol Journal of Science by Laymen. and decide if you want to be a part of it. Please leave a comment on it so I can have the honor of inviting you as coauthor.

9/1 PG @ KVSS and team

Congratulations, KVSS, you are showing the way for knol developement, and you chose the hard way, as it is not easy to deal with technical and academic research topics and become at the same time one of the pageviews leader. A real feat !
Thinking about it, I see two simultaneous ways for knol developement:
1) Qualitative: producing knols that spread knowledge, and for some make knowledge advance (this is the big difference with wikipedia, which, thanks to its bureaucratic rules, seems to become a museum of – at the same time – past paradigms and current platitudes), in specialised techniques. One of the objective here is that they be taken seriously by the academic world (seems that medical journal get interested in citing some knols, hope it will be the case also in other areas of knowledge).
Quantitative: producing knols on general interest topics that attract by themselves huge pageviews and become real blockbusters. Of course quality is also important here: a Britney Spears bio might get many views only if it brings some original approach (for example a linguistic analysis of her statements) and is not just a copy and paste of the pale and conventional wikipedia article.
Sorry to talk about wikipedia. Since I started writing knols, and appreciating the Knol oxygen, I intervene nearly no more in wp, either the French or English one. But when I do it, on a couple of topics I consider crucial and in which I see that readers are misled into unquestioned conventions and dogmas, and that contributors are forbiden to use their brain and are ordered to stick to the lofty sources of the dominant pundits, I lose my patience ;-))

9/1 KVSS

2 September is an important day in the history of internet
Internet – History

Elections in Germany. Any report from KS.
Elections in Japan. Surprises are anticipated.
Elections in various countries are to be monitored in the democracy knol.

< board 2009


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