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09/30 SKS – Welcome

Welcome KA!!! We need new voices!!! 🙂

09/30 KS

@ KA :   welcome   

@ SK : writing in big letters is crying .

09/30 SK @ PG

I was thinking about the knol

There is quite a bit of distinction between reading and learning. The more interesting question is what roles do the brain and mind play in reading and learning? Has anyone asked this question?

Reading is the domain of the mind and learning the domain of the brain.
Reading is the activity that transfers knowledge from the book to the brain.
Reading enables the reader to wake up to the ideas of the author, learning is when the idea is weighed, chewed, digested, slept over, cross referenced and placed in its right context with the aim of understanding.

I have answered this question in my latest knol: There is quite a bit of a distinction between reading and learning. The more interesting question is what roles do th…

Philosopher does not mean possessor of W I S D O M. It means only lover of wisdom. – Will Durant.

Yes indeed as Will Durant says a philosopher is only a lover of wisdom but like all lovers he has all the emotions and impulses of a lover.

And because he is a lover of wisdom he devotes his life trying to uncover the mystery of wisdom. He tries to know everything he can about wisdom. From what it is, to how he can have it; just like a lover when he does not have his beloved. He tries to know everything he can about the love of his life and he also tries all means possible trying to get her! However unlike a lover who tries to get her only for his own self a philosopher has a more altruistic motive. He wants to make it possible to get to know, understand and become wise in order to pass her on to all humanity. In fact for him it is more important to understand what is wisdom and how it can be taught across the board en mass then to become wise himself. He researches to bring wisdom education under the umbrella of science so it can be duplicated, measured and verified by others. It is like a philosopher is not so keen to become wise himself; he is more keen to help one and all become wise through wisdom education. So his focus is on uncovering the mystery of wisdom and learning how it can be taught en mass.

About wisdom, speaking good of the teachings of wise people is important. But will we become wise people
It is not about singing praises of wise people, it is about following in their foot steps. And by singing praises of wise people no one can become wise. But as Confucius said,
‘One of the ways to become wise is to know the wisdom way and to follow it. Thus by knowing the way of the wise we can behave wisely even if we do not become wise.’
by knowing the way of the wise we can behave wisely even if we do not become wise.’
I agree with you. Even if we are not called wise people, we may behave wisely by knowing the ways that wise people recommended. Wisdom Day will certainly help in it. It will focus the attention of people of the thoughts advocated by wise people. We look forward to the fructification of the idea of yours.

9/30 KVSS

Future of Journalists, Authors and Writers in Digital Economy

I think PG is referring to the above knol.
Thank you SKS for including the names of some greek philosophers in the Wisemen and Wisdom. Yesterday only I read their names in the book by Bertrand Russel. You can contribute to the topic in the way you deem fit. Each of us has a limited amount of time and we need to allocate it to tasks which are important from our perspective. I took some rest from writing in the last two or three days as muscular cramps are coming in my hands (writers cramps).
Welcome to Khudadad Azara.
Thanks KS for the link. Looks hard for the first look. A simplified version would be better to start with. SK’s idea of promoting emotional intelligence education is good. About wisdom, speaking good of the teachings of wise people is important. But will we become wise people? See the knol wit and wisdom. Wisdom day celebration is very good idea and We all support SK for organizing it.

09/29 SK @ PG

Thanks for introducing me to this intriguing knol:
 I found it very tempting to review it! Please read my review.

Of all the mental capabilities the one most frequently mentioned as needed is understanding. Yet in spite of all the progress we still do not know how to define understanding precisely. Checking in Wikipedia this is what I found: “Is understanding definable? – It is difficult to define understanding…”
Reading is a means to learning. Just as hearing a lecture is a means to learning. You employ the tool of reading to become educated. Learning is a journey, a cognitive process and reading is the bus that takes you on this journey. Becoming educated results in understanding, which is the destination of this journey.

Reading enables the reader to wake up to the ideas of the author, learning is when the idea is weighed, chewed, digested, slept over, cross referenced and placed in its right context with the aim of understanding. Reading is the activity that transfers knowledge from the book to the brain.

09/29 KA

My follow up search for the debate on the “Wisdom Day” brought me to this page. It seems that there are some suggestions in this regard.
I think it will be more practical if we celebrate a fixed day for “Wisdom Day” and authors from each country introduce the wise men of their nation to the world. It will help us to broaden our understanding of cultures and patterns of wisdom across nations.

09/29 KS

@ KVSS : i agree to SKS : so I would better suggest to write 2-3 lines : i think, the tao is the world before patriarchy, the nursing-mother, as Lao Tse said . patriarchy is the fall of mankind . knol is the world after patriachy 🙂
the work of LaoTse .
@ SK : perhaps we can help you to merge your over 600 knols to 30 or so . we can make a list of the 6 – 12 main ideas and make 6 – 12 knols . then we can quote them in the other knols and need not always to repeat them . we have to break through this endless circle of crying and crying and crying .
this whole wisdom thing, if it is only a projection of your brain, then it is good for nothing .
let us make a real wisdom tree with real wisdom fruits . let us make this board a wisdom council .

09/29 PG @ KVSS & team

The world of learning might radically change in the coming decades. There is a paradigm shift and we are acting inside the core of that transformation. Seems to me that we have to think about about all its possible implications, some will be positive, other negative, most will be surprising, and we can play directly a part in shaping that orientation. 
I think it is a key debate, that is largely ignored by the educative circles, which would prefer to keep the status quo and their vested interests, so are not ready to build on it, and even more by the general public although it will reach fully the generation in the making. 
I just saw a door open into that debate and entered it.  :
There might be other entrances. If I remember well you wrote a knol on the topic, something about the evolution of journalism or of authorship. Can you give us the link?

09/29 SKS – Concerning Greek wise men (and women)

I would be happy to contribute to writting something about Greek wise men and women. I already added some names in your list at the “Wisemen” Knol. However I think that I could not write better biographies than any of those already posted on the Internet for them. So I would better suggest to write 2-3 lines for everyone of them (in a form of summary that is easy to read) along with an explanation of their philosophy.


9/29 KVSS

Knol numbers show peak weekly page views yesterday at 20,748 for my portfolio. That satisfied my target for online page views. Knol itself may give me one million page views in a year. Reason to feel happy about my service to society.
Thank you for the info on Confucius. I made a knol today. Confucius
Internet has information and information. There has to be a reason for looking for it. SK provided the reason for going into wisdom related information. You provide the specific leads. Lao Tse. You mentioned about him some time back also. I shall look around for his works. Why don’t you write a knol about the thoughts of Lao Tse?

It will be good if you can write about Greek Philosophers.

09/28 KS

Kudadad Azara
there is a better way . we can ecourage him to make his own (open) board where we can dicuss this theme .

09/28 SK @ KVSS

KA (Kudadad Azara) has always been a part of our team. In fact in the early days when it was just you and me I had invited KA to be a coauthor. Some how it did not happen. It is interesting that just as I was eager to meet him he was trying to get in contact with me, when he came. He had sent me an email which I missed. I tried to give him some tips especially about the sudden drops of tempreature etc. He is well prepared. I even offered him some Ws and he declined. I think we should add him to our team.

09/28 KVSS

@SK (Kudadad Azara)
Good thing to know. Please invite him and involve him. He may help you in reviewing your thoughts from more personal discussions. Knol authors are coming more closer. Knol is helping us in establishing relationships. Only thing we should not irritate each other with our pet themes. If people differ on issues we need to leave it at that. When views coincide, a team is formed on the issue. If they do not coincide people decline to be on team for that issue. Its ok. Life goes on. Basic personal relations keep continuing once established.

I mentioned only few names to initiate the knol. It is an open collaboration knol. I am looking for others to identify up to at least 365 wise men of the world. For every day one wise man to be remembered and thought of for his wise thoughts. Thank you for the information. I shall include.

09/28 KS

@ SKS : there are plans to reduce the world population to 500,000,000, and replace the other by robots, because they are more productive and less costly. perhaps this is an experiment to develop a virus which only kills the poor ;-()
@ KVSS : today is the birthday of Konfuzius .
but i think Lao Tse was much more wiser . did you mention him?
@ SK : as long as we have a consensus . no problem, we have our knol star 🙂

09/28 SK

My latest knol: For full emancipation of man we will need to move on from the science of management to the science of being.
I am excited that Kudadad Azara is here and only 3 hours drive from my house. As soon as I came to know that he is here I emailed him. I finally talked to him yesterday. He is eager to be with us on Wisdom Day. Can we invite him as a member of the bulletin board.
The NY Times Magazine of Sep. 20 has a cover story, ‘The Holy Grail Of The Unconscious’ by Sara Corbet. It describes an unpublished book by Carl Jung who said that the ‘Red Book’ stemmed from “confrontations with the unconscious”during which visions came in an “incessant stream.” Talking of emotional holes Carl Junj had huge chasms. I am patiently waiting to read this book. Maybe then I will have the courage to come out with my inside out story! The lesson of this book according to the editor, Shamdasani is ,’The basic message he’s sending is ‘Value your inner life.’ My own lesson would be embrace and live your inner life fully but also watch it as an outsider and channel it into art. As Jung says go in deeply, live it, and come out with its lessons enriched! Come out changed! This is exactly what I have been doing. I am changing my inside out experiences into the art of the mind sciences!

9/28 KVSS

Today is Vijaya Dasami Festival in India. Greetings to all those celebrating the festival.
On this day I found that my page views per week have crossed 20,000. I hope knol is establishing itself as a successful platform. Harvard Medical School faculty are now publishig on knol.
An open letter to all those who want to change the world.‘  is a good article. You gave some definitions of wisdom by others. I shall collect some more in Wisemen and Wisdom. Both scientists and philosophers are basically people searching for truth. As long as there are in those paradigms, they do not boast of themselves or their theories. They are sceptical of others’ theories as well as their theories. Logical errors are common in theoretical conjectures and empirical failures are many. That is why peer evaluation is insisted. Sellers boast but not scientists and philosophers. Kings and businessmen try to buy the approval with power and money.

09/27 SKS – About H1N1 flu case of Jane Burgermeister

Take a minute to read the legal case that Jane Burgermeister has opened against WHO and the FBI at my new Knol: H1N1 – A Bioterrorism attack or a Pandemic? She accuses them of deliberately creating the virus in a lab and spreading it. Not sure where is the truth, but she certainly has some good points.
Worth reading and thinking about it. Would very much like your comments and thoughts on this.

09/27 SK @KS

It is a question of knowing and growing the whole mango tree. In the case of wisdom the seed is already there! You do not have to plant the mango/wisdom seed you just have to nurture it.

I am using the term ‘outsiders’ in the context that the understanding of the mind is fuzzy, in other words there are no experts who can define the mind precisely so we are all non experts; people like me who are non PhDs and those who are PhDs. We are on the same boat just as we are on wisdom.

We will eventually decide the date together. However deciding the date is the easy part. I have a whole lot of leg work to do. We have to approach and build a huge team, with a lot of VIP people on board. I am going to start from the top. I am waiting to take the White House model to President Obama. And I will also approach  the Nehru family in India. We have old family ties with them. The only aunt of Indra Gandhi hails from Lucknow where my family were rulers. And Nehru himself is from a near by town Allahabad, which was also in our kingdom. My grand mother and Nehru’s sister, former UN President started in politics together in Lucknow. And the aunt and my dad were in the local assembly together. And one of her sons was in the same school with me. Another cousin is an antique dealer with whom I have had business dealings. So I am hoping I can start from the top at least in India and the US.

It will take a lot of time. I do not want to do it like the last meeting we had. Just two people turned up. Just as wisdom is an all or nothing deal. We will celebrate it only if it is taken seriously and if the idea takes up speed. I want Wisdom Day celebrated across the globe like Mothers Day.

But as always I will let you have the last word as long as we have a consensus.

09/27 KS @ SK

to grow my favorite fruit the mango with out growing the mango tree
no, to grow a mango tree without a mango 😦
but I am using outsiders in the context of defining the mind
i don’t want to define “millionaire”, i want to be a millionaire 😦

i wrote : wisdom day should be fixed on the birthday of the inventor of wisdom day

you wrote : i do not deserve this honor
so, please, let our knol star decide .

09/27 SK @ Team and our group.

Please read my knol, ‘An open letter to all those who want to change the world.‘ if you like to be part of the ‘Wisdom Day’ then please leave a comment so I can invite you as co-author. I am emailing to all my VIP friends. From Gautam and Vikram Kaul, first cousins of Indra Gandhi to my dear friend Ambassador Harry Cahill. I think we can succeed with this one. I strongly believe I can get President Obama on board on this one.
What is the hurry to recruit coauthors?
You have to send the letter to VIP friends through courier and not through knol. We are all with you on wisdom day through this bulletin board. Celebrate wisdom with all your energy and resources at a place of your choice. It can be a very function or a small function. Does not matter. Make a beginning. We will take your message to more people and we will cover your function details. You are well connected to politicians and involve them and celebrate. Try to contact some knol authors in New York and New Jersey and invite them to that function.
Coauthors make sense when they have to write something there. We will write comments to show our support to wisdom day concept.

9/27 KVSS

Updated Wisemen and Wisdom. Added the section what is wisdom? There are some explanations on this question. I shall expand this section in due course. All of you can expand it at your convenience. I want you to open knols on wisemen that you want to write on. Make them open collaboration of moderated collaboration. We will contribute to them at our convenience. If some body wants, then can even open one more knol on some wisemen to provide a different point of view. We can provide links to different knols on the same wiseman. Let us make it a team effort with an option to provide even different points of view in different knols. It may take time. But it will be useful effort in explaining wisdom from existing writing and in the process giving some new ideas and integrate ideas of Sajid Khan.

09/27 SK @ KS

You are absolutely right that we are all insiders regarding the mind. But I am using outsiders in the context of defining the mind. There is still too much fuzziness about the mind. It is still being defined by its attributes. Please read my knol ‘Mind’. If you do not agree then you should review it and another dialogue can begin, which will be good.
@ Team and our group.
My proposal to start Wisdom Day is getting a good response. I am going to focus on this. I want you all to join me on this.
I like your knol Wisemen and Wisdom. I will add the names of all the ones I have read.

9/27 KVSS

Started a new knol to identify wise men in different walks of life and countries. I want to start a knol on every one of these wise people and support Sajid Khan in providing some materials to help in his mission to provide wisdom education to the masses. I want him to be a coauthor in all knols of this series and I invite more of you to contribute your share. Let us see what we can gather. Our association with Sajid Khan made us read a lot about wisdom. Let us read more systematically and  write about it.
First you have to join me in identifying wise men. I made some categories and you can make more categories.
You can change the formatting.

09/26 KS @ SK

i promised you an examination.of methods of cleaning the brain .
here you can find a short summary .
you may improve the translation and tell me if you want to read more .

clearing the brain:.
on the mind we are all outsiders!
no, we are all insiders 🙂

09/25 SK @ SKS

I totally agree with you. But the reality is different as I am an outsider so how can I have inside expertise and specially how can I know more than the insider experts it is not possible. Fortunately for me I am an outsider on the subject of wisdom on which unfortunately no body can claim to be an insider! But I am really surprised that even experts who have written books on psychology avoid defining and describing the mind and life etc. So I guess even on the mind we are all outsiders!

I think I know what the problem is. Science and philosophy are both obsessed with trying to find the ultimate answers. They are focused on the primal cause. They want to know the basic secret what is its nature. How it is formed. Is it eternal or mortal. These are legit quests but in my opinion these are not as crucial or essential as my focus is on how to develop the quality of the mind to its highest super mature level. Especially wisdom as wisdom is not about what is its nature, wisdom is a quality issue. It is the projection of the super mature mind/brain. It is the physical quality of the brain that determines wisdom. And how to produce a super mature brain is now very clear. Because we now know what is emotional intelligence we also know wisdom. Wisdom is the highest stage of emotional intelligence.

What do you think of my knol: ‘My big bang!!!‘ I am very excited about my insight that the mind and self image are the same entity. The benefits of this insight are immense.

When KS posted ‘@ PG : do you see what i am seeing ? BIG BANG is coming !’ I said wait a minute my big bang is not coming it is already here!

09/25 SKS – About “qualifications”

I do not like it when someone mentions the “qualifications argument” on me. I have debated some times with people on various issues and the only thing I cannot stand is someone telling me “you are a chemical engineer, what do you know about that”? Well, first I do not claim to know everything. Secondly, I do not consider myself as stupid. If I have an opinion on something it is because I have given it much thought, done some research and reached some conclusions via logic. As it is not correct for someone to say “I am a historian, so everything I say about history is correct”, it is also not correct for someone to say “you are a chemical engineer, what do you know about that?”. Answer my arguments, not my “qualifications” – that is what I say to someone who uses that argument on me.

09/25 SK @KS

I do not deserve this honor. Remember I have no qualifications, I am just a laboratory rat!!! I do not know maybe I am a medium as most of my knols and writings come in a trance. For this one you can check I woke up at 3.00 am and the idea in my head was just bubbling over….

You are very correct. We need to find ways to increase our viewership. Not just digg. We can now go into I think it is called ‘widgets’ also internet radio and hundreds of blog sites on one click. Actually I did pay $150.00 for the service to get one knol at a time on 150 sites at once. It was possible before with knol platform’s share button. Now that part from the share button has disappeared.
I know you keep telling me to take the next step and teach my ideas in my neighborhood. But please understand that I am just a theorist. It is as if mankind is lost in the forest and does not know how to get out. I am here to show the way out of our forest of emotional intelligence mess. And thanks to google and knol help I want to share my work around the globe. There are hundreds of initiatives being tried locally and most stay local. I want to start big because I don’t have much time and I truly feel that our knol platform is a true opportunity and sooner then later I will get a breakthrough.

09/25 SK @ Knol Help

Dear Sir/Mam:
The world is hungry for ideas that can take the world forward. Your own knol platform is a desire to help bring positive change to the world. When some important knol comes up that deserves to be at least considered seriously and if found to be original, crucial and essential with tons of practical, verifiable benefits;then you must see what you can do with it. I think my knol ‘My big bang!!!‘ is one such knol. It has earned and deserves all your support.
My bottom line is if the idea has trillions of Ws/$s worth of benefits then the idea deserves all the worlds support. This idea is a miracle even if a lot of further research is required. With this idea the practical benefits start right here and right now!!!.

09/25 SK @ Team and our group & Knol Help: What do you think?

My big bang!!!. is here.
Consciousness is the mind that manifests itself as the self image!!!!

Actually consciousness is the mind that manifests itself as the self.  The self image is the face of the mind. The mind is the self conscious self image. Unfortunately for most of us consciousness gets stalled at a lower level and so for all practical purposes our consciousness is the mind’s own image that manifests itself as the self image.

I am beginning to see the connection between the brain, mind, self image, consciousness, self and conscience! I also see a clearer picture of the Id, Ego and Super Ego. I was looking up the description of mind in my child’s 658+ page, text book – The World of Psychology by Samuel E. Wood and Ellen R. Green Wood. There is no mention of mind in the index, though mentality is mentioned.
There we go again. So the mind also is mentioned by its attributes! Wikipedia has the following definition: Mind (pronounced /ˈmaɪnd/) refers to the aspects of intellect and consciousness manifested as combinations of thought, perception, memory, emotion, will and imagination, including all of the brain’s conscious and unconscious cognitive processes. “Mind” is often used to refer especially to the thought processes of reason. Subjectively, mind manifests itself as a stream of consciousness.. Again the Webster dictionary mentions the mind as:
1 : recollection, memory <keep that in mind> <time out of mind>
2 a : the element or complex of elements in an individual that feels, perceives, thinks, wills, and especially reasons b : the conscious mental events and capabilities in an organism c : the organized conscious and unconscious adaptive mental activity of an organism.

I am finding more and more that the mind and the self image are one and the same entity! They both have the same exact properties. Even if you want to improve your mind what you do is improve your self image and if you want to improve your self image improve your mind. So I think that the face of the mind is the self image. And as you can see your self image you can also see your mind! The defects of your self image are also the defects of your mind. And if you want to improve your self image you have to improve your brain. If you want to improve your mind you again have to improve your brain. Both the self image and the mind are manifestations of consciousness. Both are the projections of the brain. And consciousness also has the same qualities! So I am speculating that the self image is the mind which manifests as consciousness. Conscience is the highest form of consciousness and is the highest humanness potential that is it is the real you. The pure you is your conscience. Your conscience is the Christ and the Buddha in you. Although I have written all this separately I have to write up a super knol on this exciting insight.
I am so excited I can go on writing. I have expanded this post into the following knol: My big bang!!!.

My bottom line is if the idea has trillions of Ws/$s of benefits then the idea is what I am seeking all my life. This idea is a miracle quality good even if a lot of further research is required. The practical benefits start right here right now!!!

09/25 KS

@ SK : wisdom day should be fixed on the birthday of the inventor of wisdom day (KVSS? SK?) . and this is also the first candidate to celebrate . for the next candidate we can perhaps make a voting or google can make a voting
@ PG : do you see what i am seeing ? BIG BANG is coming !
@  KVSS : any author has to digg in the knols of another author to comment the most interesting passages .

09/25 SK @KVSS

All annual days that celebrate events or themes are fixed, they come once a year . Celebrating birthdays of different sages of wisdom on different days may cause confusion. The Wisdom Day should be fixed but building on your idea, each year we can celebrate the birthday of a different sage from a different country. Staring perhaps with Zarathustra, the first sage of wisdom. Or maybe we can fix Wisdom Day on the birthday of Zarathustra. My personal favorite would be the most important day for wisdom that is when Gd spoke to Moses. Or it could be on Moses’ birthday.


9/25 KVSS

Good to know that page views are skyrocketing. Every knol author can feel happy, but has to continue the good work, by recruiting more authors, writing more knols, improving existing knols and doing some additional promotion activity. I request you to submit your knols as well as your website pages to
By rotating wisdom day, every year, there is no additional problem. You respect many wise people of different countries. Yes we need to specially promote it every day, because every year, the wisdom will be different. That we can do. But if you are seeing some other problems, may be they are there.

09/24 PG @ team

Seems page views in general are skyrocketing
Seasonal effect?
The good work made by knollers during the Summer recess seems to bring dividends.

09/24 SK @ KVSS

Thank you for your insights.
For wisdom day I think the day when Gd spoke to Moses was the most important day for wisdom. And I am now trying to find out what day of the year it was. The only clue I have is to research the 5 books of Moses. And the big problem is that this day will keep shifting because we will get the day from the Jewish calender. So we will have to figure this out. Some say that the wisest person was Gandhi whose birthday was on October 2.  What do you think? Your suggestion of shifting the wisdom day from sage to sage is brilliant but it has its own problems.


9/24 KVSS

Discuss only up to the point of irritation. At that point stop the discussion. Sajid has something in his brain and he is developing it by writing. I may not agree with him, but that’s all. I cannot argue with him and improve it because it is not my area and I cannot really do anything to the output of a passionate man. Only he may himself find some shortcomings or he may think from his side things are pretty logical in philosophy domain as well as science domain.  Some philosopher or scientist may take some thing from it at some point in time. In the meantime, I keep telling SK to try his ideas in his environment. Some people will get the benefit of his coaching or mentoring. All the best SK. God bless your efforts.

Regarding Wisdom day, I long back suggested that we should have the days in rotation. Every some wiseman’s birthday is celebrated as wisdom. You make the list, start with one and we are onto that project. We don’t require a separate knol for it until you make a formal announcement of the program. The knol will be formal announcement of the program at your end. Others will do what they can do either online or offline.

09/24 SK @ KS

As always I will let you have the last word. If you want to share your friends experiences please go ahead I will look forward to it.

09/24 KS @ SK

it is not really about our selves. this knol platform is for sharing what we know
yes, but if someone insists to personalize his writing on our bulletin board, we as a team have to react  .
so, thanks for estimating our discussion .

i really wish other experts would join this discussion
that’s exactly the reason why nobody joins the discussions of other experts instead of his own discussions .
true wisdom says :
all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye so to them” — matthew 7:1
no one of you is a believer until he desires for his brother that which he desires for himself. — sunnah
and the talmud comments : “this is the entire law; all the rest is commentary.”

i feel you may have doubts about my basic theme.
i have no doubts about your experiences . that’s gold and has to be refined!!!
i have doubts, whether EBG is a good expression .
i will traslate for you some experiences fom an expert about this theme (he has spend some years for this),
if you promise to read it carefully and to respond witout sermons (yes, it’s true or no, it’s not true and if no, why) .
you may also look for some authentic experiences .

09/24 SK @ KS

It is not really about our selves. This knol platform is for sharing what we know. I think my ideas do extend the horizons of knowledge. The self may be about eternity but for our current life the self is about its developed potential here and now. And for this wisdom is essential. The ignorance about wisdom continues to destroy lives at the individual, group and country level. I am determined to change this.

Lets talk about another of my theme because I feel you may have doubts about my basic theme.
.you write : “self conditioning is not very effective.”and a little bit later “It is all about self actualization” .
what is the difference ?. Self conditioning is like the perfume example I gave you and self actualization is developing your full potential. Self conditioning is one of the means to self actualization but not a very effective one as it leaves EBG in place. Real self actualization takes place by taking the EBG out.
.why is “putting perfume” self conditioning, but “cleaning the body” is not ?
Because putting on perfume is adding a good smell to suppress the bad smell without removing the cause of the bad smell. Self conditioning is similar. Cleaning the body is removing the cause of the bad smell.

you write : “In the case of the brain putting in emotional treasure is not possible.” I say this in the context of the fact that the Christ is already your true potential. You cannot improve the Christ only actualize Him!
* But you are still right and I should re frame what I said.
What I meant was you cannot put EBT on top of EBG. Absence of EBG is essential for putting EBT.

“i tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” This is why I said Yes there are certain quality character traits in children that need to be cultivated in adults’ .

.last not least :  if +2, -2, -1,+1,+2 is not a circle than the first +2 is different from the last +2 . so +2 is not +2 . that’s very philosophical but not scientific .
Omnipotence feelings for the child are +2 but omnipotence feelings for the adult are -2. So for adults it is
-2, -1,+1,+2.

I am grateful to you for your criticism. Thanks. I really wish other experts would join this discussion. *I want my knols to be taken apart so I can refine them and take out the mistakes. Keep up the good work.

09/24 KS @ SK

i neither want to take you on nor to criticize you . all i want is to be true and authentic .
it’s not possible in real life (as you seem to believe) because we are living in a patriarchal system (there is, where your self image is coming from and we first have to change this) but i think it’s possible on knol .

first you say : “Please enlighten me why EBG is not a good expression. So I can learn.”
now you say : lets talk about another theme . “Then a real discussion can begin.”
do you really think, you are true and authentic ? lol !

yes , i know the expression “emotional baggage” . it is used by psycho gurus (as we say in german) which are altogether businessmen but no healers . they need this expression to explain, why their sheep don’t go where they want them to go .

you write : “self conditioning is not very effective.”and a little bit later “It is all about self actualization” .
what is the difference ?

you write : “This is why self conditioning is not very effective. It is like the Kings of France putting on more and more perfume to get rid of the stench instead of cleaning the body .”
why is “putting perfume” self conditioning, but “cleaning the body” is not ?

you write : “In the case of the brain putting in emotional treasure is not possible.”
but that’s exactly what my mother did with me .

you write :  “So you want the world to be like a new born child? Totally self absorbed, self centered and dependent?
but a new born child is totally open, totally happy, and privileged like a king . no robot can give you the service, a baby has . in the contrary : an adult is totally self absorbed, self centered and dependent (look at yourself when you were lamenting that your life is going to end) .

btw. you write : “It is about developing the Christ in you “.
but do you know that jesus said :  “i tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

you write : “Well you can say to me to shut up but I am in contact with the insiders at knol help .”
did you write them in trance and did you tell them about their emotional garbage ? and why didn’t you answer this to KVSS ?

last not least :  if +2, -2, -1,+1,+2 is not a circle than the first +2 is different from the last +2 . so +2 is not +2 . that’s very philosophical but not scientific .

there was something else i wanted to write, but i have forgotten and the screen is filled  😦 .
good night and good luck .

09/23 SK @ KS

It is a choice of waking up to the reality of understanding life through a self image addicted telescope/self image. And embarking on a true adventure of an authentic life….

My coining the word EBG is not controversial. In fact the concept is as old as Zarathustra and my own original contribution is zero! The only attraction I have is to give a picture of garbage instead of baggage as in EBG and emotional baggage. Because the world of science takes emotional baggage in a bad way when emotional baggage can be of different kinds.  

But if you really want to take me on you should criticize some of my more controversial knols. Like my latest knol: Our self image is a chronic relapsing brain disease.
Where I am claiming: The self image/mind is a chronic relapsing brain disease. Brain imaging shows that addiction severely alters brain areas critical to decision-making, learning and memory, and behavior control, which may help to explain the compulsive and destructive behaviors of addiction’. (This is a HBO definition of addiction) It makes you a slave of your phony self image.

Or you can criticize my observation, ‘The most mysterious part but true part is the fact that the self image is a self conscious thinking entity! The self image forces its own agenda on life. In fact I have found that the self image and the mind have exactly the same properties, exactly the same character traits. They are both projected by the brain. They are most likely the one and the same entity.

Then a real discussion can begin.

9/23 KVSS

My page views reached another peak. Yesterday the number was 1233. I want to see the number 1500. According to knol page view counter, the number could be 2000 daily. Why is there a difference? I think knol has domains in different languages and probably only English domains are getting captured by google analytics and adsense. For rest of the languages ad impression may be getting captured but not the page views.


09/23 SK @ KS

Positive integration is a result of positive behavior on the part of the parent…

I am not the first one nor will I be the last one writing in a trance. What is monologue to you earned a thank you from Knol Help for to them it was a detailed feedback. So was it a monologue or a detailed feed back?
It is not getting to you but it is getting beautifully to knol help. Well you can say to me to shut up but I am in contact with the insiders at knol help. They love my (and everyone else) writing more and more knols. In fact one of the bosses there said to me that when he has time he reads my knols!

When you leave your childhood – your perfect +2 childhood and you continue to harbor and project the same childhood feelings then you are no longer +2. By the time you reach adulthood and if you still feel omnipotent then your feelings are -2. Feelings that are +2 for the new born child the same feelings for an adult are not appropriate they become -2 for the adult. Once you leave your childhood your childhood brain has to also change. Your values also have to change. Your life changes. Your responsibilities change. From a dependent you become an independent and a provider. So it is not a circle. And the end of the row is not the beginning of the row. It is the past life/row and should remain as fond memories of the past (EBT) and not horrible nightmares of the past (EBG) should have nothing to do with the present life/row.

As I said emotional baggage is a pure scientific term. It is real and psychoanalysis is about taking out this baggage from the brain. In the case of the brain putting in emotional treasure is not possible. This is why self conditioning is not very effective. It is like the Kings of France putting on more and more perfume to get rid of the stench instead of cleaning the body. You have to remove the EBG!!!

It is all about self actualization. It is about developing the Christ in you. In the case of the brain it is the EBG that prevents the pure humanness in you from ‘becoming’. Remove the EBG and the brain is free to rise to its full potential. In the case of the brain you are the paradise and you have to remove the phony coating of hell.You are like a gold ore which has to be refined. The gold does not have to be built. The gold has to be refined!!!! And ‘the world must become like a new born child :)’ you say because you think that the child is innocent and pure. The child just is. Just like gold ‘just is’ and it is up to you how pure you make the gold , 9Kt or 14 Kt or 22 Kt. Yes there are certain quality character traits in children that need to be cultivated in adults but this topic needs a whole new knol. So you want the world to be like a new born child? Totally self absorbed, self centered and dependent?

09/23 KS @ SK

you didn’t wrote about good (positive) or bad (negtive) results, you wrote “positive integrations results in … and negative integration results in …”
i called your postings monologues because you said, that you are writing in trance . so you are speaking to yourself, but not to me .
we can call this a circle or a ring . it’s a good thing, if we all are in this circle but it’s a bad thing if you alone are in a circle and we try to communicate with you . now what shall we do ? shall we say “shut up ?”
i said, there is no EBG in the sense of baggage that you can throw away (the only thing you can throw away is the word EBG) and you answer that i have to tell you ‘why do we carry -2 EBG in our adult brains?’ you can’t throw away a deformated self image without having a better one . so you must defend the circle by reproducing it . so again you have a circle of -2,-1,+1,+2 . if you say, a new born child is perfectly +2, than the end of your row is the beginning of your row .
if you say, you get a good self image by throwing away the bad self image, you have the same circle .
(you get a good feeling (for a second) but not a good self image) .
you don’t get a paradise by destroying the world . you have to build it .
and indeed, the world must become like a new born child 🙂

09/23 SK @ KS

I have used neither, nor as in say cooking. Cooking just is. Cooking results are determined by how good or bad a chef is. Integration depends on the upbringing provided by the parents. So it is the parents who are good or bad. As for the W100.00 just read again the line, ‘In fact I am shouting at the top of my voice that we still have -2 feelings, at least most of us in a changed way! ‘ You have to tell me why do we carry -2 EBG in our adult brains?’
Also you call my postings monologues. I sent the whole knol as a comment on Knol Help regarding my idea of ‘Knoledge’ and look at the response of Knol Help: ‘Thanks for the detailed feedback Sajid.’

My latest knols that are packed with knoledge: WORLD’S END and Thinking out side your box?.

09/23 KS @ SK

-2 feelings :
if you can tell me what these (according to my earlier knols) are I will send you W100.00 right away .”
do you mean, i shall show you, how your deformation produces a deformation in your writing ?
hmm, only one little example (i have to go to bed) :
you write : “Integrated is neither good nor bad. Positive integration results in … and negative integration results in …
wow, i thougt “integrated is neither good (positive) nor bad (negative)” ?

9/23 KVSS

More knol authors are submitting knols to digg.
Recently, in one day I got 84 visits from visitors from digg. If you only want to write then just write. If you want visitors then do some extra activity on other online platforms.

09/23 SK@ KS

Now you are talking! Thanks. I love it if my work is criticized with backing. Why don’t you open up a knol: EBG Debate. And we can put our opposing views in it. Integrated means it gets embedded and causes physical changes in the brain. Causing an emotional pattern to develop. Integrated is neither good nor bad. Positive integration results in desirable healthy results and negative integration results in unhealthy results. Ignorance is the starting point of emotional intelligence. So when I say -2 I am not saying that the new born child feeling omnipotent is unhealthy or bad or -2. For a new born child to feel -2 at birth is perfectly healthy and normal. What I am saying is that -2 ignorance should develop into -1 to +2 wisdom. If a child behaves childishly it is perfectly +2 for his age. How else is he supposed to behave? For an adult to have similar omnipotence feelings at adulthood means this adult is -2! In fact I am shouting at the top of my voice that we still have -2 feelings, at least most of us in a changed way! If you can tell me what these (according to my earlier knols) are I will send you W100.00 right away.

I am using emotional brain garbage in place of the well known, well established in science ’emotional baggage’. Both these terms mean the same thing. I am calling emotional baggage – garbage only to awaken the common man to the fact that even those who keep their own house, car, body spic and span carry garbage in their brains. So EBG is not an invention it is part of the scientific literature and terminology.
EBG and deformation are not interchangeable. Deformation is due to the EBG.

Again an embryo or new born child having omnipotence feelings is perfectly healthy. An embryo with -2 feelings is a perfect +2 being! An adult having -2 feelings is a -2 being. So if you think I am criticizing the embryo for his feelings that are extremely healthy and natural at that stage then I have not explained it enough. All these knols I am writing are for adults. So the -2 is for the adults!  An adult becomes -2 because instead of shedding his -2 EBG he continues to carry it in his brain infrastructure.
‘ignorance (EBG) comes from ignorance (EBG) ? that’s a circle.’ EBG comes from the child’s unhealthy upbringing. In other words it comes due to the elders ignorance. Again stress and frustrations are effects/affects and EBG is the cause that produces stress and frustration. And long term stress and frustration causes deformity. Stress and frustration are symptoms of a deeper cause but unfortunately much of modern medicine is directed towards trying to cure the symptoms rather then trying to take care of the cause.

As for zero it really needs a whole knol debate.Please read my knol on the emotional zero the power behind wisdom! Understanding Zero.
Once again I thank you for your response with your views.

09/22 KS @ SK

you wrote : “… it actually is integrated into the physical infrastructure of the brain.”
what is integrated ? the ignorance ? ignorance (in german) is not a -2 state, its is a 0 state . no, frustration and stress are integrated . so you don’t need the expression “emotional brain garbage” . it’s a pure invention of you . you want to have a better word ? what about deformation ?

once again : if i told you, that a baby could not be ignorant = -2, you said : that’s right, an ignorant adult is -2 .
but you don’t write this in your knols . you always say : -2 = premature . well, an embryo is in a premature status . is it -2 ?
how does an adult becomes ignorant (premature (-2)) ?
you wrote : “… it (the ignorance (EBG)) actually is integrated into the physical infrastructure of the brain.”
ignorance (EBG) comes from ignorance (EBG) ? that’s a circle .
what about : the brain is deformated by stress and frustration . so it becomes deformated and produces a deformated self image .

09/22 SK@ KS

Sermons don’t work, I have been saying this again and again. We are all same caliber people. You are no better or worse than me over all. In some fields you are better and other fields I am better. I am just trying to explain what I am original in. Sharing my own freshly minted knoledge!
But as far as I am concerned regarding you, as I always say you will always have the last word in my book. So if I made you feel anything less than a knoller – a knoledge provider than I would like to apologize to you and all those who feel that way.
The only problem with most of us is we criticize without providing better knoledge. Please enlighten me why EBG is not a good expression. So I can learn.
And how about answering some of my questions.

09/22 KS @ A

let the mouse life (let live the mouse)
is there not a computer mouse on your picture ?
page :
you can delete as much as you want . i can restore it with the help of the versions .
tip to SK :
i agree . another tip : he should stop his sermons (monologues (like answering in trance)) as if we were idiots .
look what happens if i would tell him that EBG is not a good expression 😉 .

i have invited AK to our Knol Directory Group . he has done big work on german collections .

09/22 SK @ A

You are right I will have to do it eventually. Of my latest knols the one I would like to eventually expand into a book is: Why emotional intelligence/wisdom is so hard to accquire for older students. I am thinking that different people understand differently. So to one they might like one angle of my work/knowledge another may like another angle of explanation. So I am offering all possible angles of my work. But please keep in mind that the theme of all my knols is the same. If you understand one on wisdom you understand them all. They are about describing exactly what is wisdom and how it can be cultivated in one and all those who are physically normal.

Hey thanks to you I just discovered a new word – KNOLEDGE – ( ‘KNOL’-EDGE) {Unless someone else has already thought of it}. The aim of our bulletin board can now become, ‘Creating knol-edge for individuals, groups and countries around the world. I just created a new knol: KNOLEDGE. All those of our team and group who want to be coauthors are welcome, please post a comment.

I just checked a few domains like etc. so the word is there already but it in the context of those who missed out on not in our knol context.

Thus knollers will be known as creators of knoledge! And the knol platform as the provider and deliverer of knoledge to all the places in the world.

@ A & KS
Please do not delete any parts of the bulletin board just break it down into smaller knols for the archives.

that’s exactly what we are doing !
— KS

9/22 A @KS

I see. Good idea, the archives were getting confusing. Perhaps I should delete some more of the page, it’s getting quite long.

Let the mouse life? I don’t quite follow. 🙂

@ SK

Perhaps you should merge some of your wisdom and emotional intelligence knols. There are so many, it’s quite confusing. They’re well written, but it would be more user friendly if you merged them or created a collection about Wisdom and Emotional Intelligence. Just my thoughts.

09/22 SK

My latest knol: Do you know who determines your basic agenda of life?
@ KS and Team plus our group.
So what day shall we fix for Wisdom Day? I have decided to focus on Wisdom Day. None of you have commented on the knol Dear Founders, Researchers, Managers of Google and Knol Help: Please consider supporting, ‘Wisdom Day’. so I can invite you as coauthor. I am going to go ahead on this one even if I have to build a new team for this.

I have managed to get someone who works at the White House to take some of my important knol printouts. He has promised that the right people there will get them. I told him that I have at least some of the solutions that the world and the Obama administration is looking for. A couple of knols that he liked he said he will make sure President Obama gets them. On his request I have even emailed the link to my knols. So lets see.

He even liked the idea of an important and serious model of the White House made in crystal. I related to him the story of how we Indian royals used to make two unique pieces of art and present one to the King of England and keep one for our self. Then we showed our piece as the only one in existence besides the other one in the Buckingham Palace. And I also related the story of the sterling silver train that the Maharajah of Baroda created. He made just one. When he showed it off he would say that it is the only one in the world. Even the King of England does not have one! I am making two. One for the White House and one for me. However as I am in the antique business some of my friends are excited; they are trying to get me to make for their clients too. I have not decided what it is going to be. Right now just two are in the process of production.

Come to think of it we can open up a whole new way of making tons of money by making and selling crystal, bronze and wood models of important monuments from around the world. Imagine a 3/4 feet crystal model of the pyramid, or the Big Ben or even the Taj Mahal. Imagine a crystal model of Mecca or the Vatican! The possibilities of raking in money are endless!!! This idea alone can give us enough financial resources to open up and implement knol goals/classes around the world.

My White House friend said that it will finally end up at the Smithsonian.

09/22 KS @ A — let the mouse life, you need em for morrowind .

i converted the archive list into a collection knol-bulletin-board-archives .

09/21 SK

My latest knols:

Knowing the difference between the brain and mind through everyday life.
@ KS and Team plus our group.
Or may be Wisdom Day should be celebrated when the most profound wisdom ever was made available to mankind. The day Gd spoke to Moses and gave him the two biggest insights to wisdom. Gd gave Moses the Ten Commandments and more important, Gd gave clues to the key to wisdom, the aim of life, how to become wise etc. when Gd said to Moses, ‘I am who I am’. As I have studied any and all literature on wisdom from every angle of philosophy, religion and science I cannot think of a more important day for wisdom. The next closest important day for wisdom comes when Jesus said to offer your other cheek to the one who hits you. But nothing comes closer to the insights on wisdom gained at Mount Sanai. So what do you think?

09/20 KS @ SK

🙂 i deleted the headers inside of the text . they corrupt the table of contents .

09/20 SK 

@ Our Jewish Family around the world
Shanatova. Happy New Year.
@ Our Muslim Family around the world.
Eid Mubarak! Happy Eid.
@ Team & our group
Last Friday was a very important day. It was the Jewish New Year and it was the birthday of Adam, the first human/prophet being of the bible! It was the birthday of the father of mankind. So I want to wish you all a very happy birthday mankind! I do not know when it was Eve’s birthday I will try to find out and I was thinking how about observing Wisdom Day on Eve’s birthday because on her birthday our family was complete! This will give us exactly one year to prepare for Wisdom Day.

My latest knols: AwarnessI can show you your true self. and  Understanding Zero.

First wisdom day on Eve’s birthday. Good idea

Eid Mubarak
@ KS
Eve’s birthday was some hundred thousand years ago .
when Adam was born, that means, when a new self image of mankind was born, patriarchy came into existence, it invented a new image of the wife . so she now comes out from the man’s side . but even a child knows, that a man is born from a wife and not the other way . — KS

09/20 SK @ KVSS & Knol Help

Thank you for your concern. You are an effective teacher and I have improved my knol writing skills thanks to your advice. I am grateful for your guidance. But I have a one track mind when it comes to seeking ways to help the world find solutions to the many problems facing mankind. I feel the goals of Knol Help and Google to be the same as my goal so to join our forces I will  do everything to attract their attention to my work. Especially as Google has a foundation to help change the world. I have solutions that can fix many serious problems facing mankind. I cannot do much alone. But if Google takes up my work as their own then we can together change the world. After all even Google needs new cutting edge ideas to help move the world forward and I am sure they are looking for ideas. I need partners and after all the knol platform and we knollers are already together on knol. It is our joint baby. My efforts are to make knol a self master that can bring effective wisdom knowledge not just for information but for making the world wise. I want to take the knol platform from an information/knowledge black board for the world to the premier world changer. My goal is to make the knol platform the world changer, bringing health, happiness and prosperity to all corners of the world!!! It can be done given the resources of Google and I am sure they want to do the same.

The old ways of making the world wise have been tried and have mostly failed.  Please review my latest knol:Dear Founders, Researchers, Managers of Google and Knol Help: Please consider supporting, ‘Wisdom Day’. It will give you a good idea why all those like Google, who want to change the world need to join forces with the likes of Sajid Khan. Well if they do not agree, I will keep on trying. I am their fan and am grateful for all that they are already doing.

No, I am not asking Knol Help to make my knols more popular, even though that will help. I am asking Google and Knol Help to take practical steps to hammer out ways to implement my work. I am now at that stage where my basic work is now explained through hundreds of knols. And I need to take the next step of finding partners who can make my work practical. No one is better than our very own Google and Knol Help!!! So I will keep on trying….

You just gave me an idea. You say that I have written enough, I think I have not even scratched the surface. As an example I am now going to write a knol on awareness which is still not well understood! Please see for yourself how giants of wisdom are confused about awareness!
I wish I had their resources and their kind of backing where I could expose the world to the real nature of wisdom.

All I am saying is that a simple paradigm shift in understanding wisdom from my angle will and can change the world! Please read my knol:What are the applications of correctly defining wisdom? The benefits cannot even be fathomed . It will mean benefits of trillions of dollars and much happiness, health and prosperity. It will solve most of those problems that arise out of lack of wisdom.
Brain power is what determines all human behavior. And the brain runs on two engines. One engine generates regular intelligence that one needs to become a scientist or a plumber. The other engine generates emotional intelligence that determines the emotional quality of life. The RIE (the regular intelligence engine) is fortunately well maintained and perpetually upgraded because we have hundreds of subjects that we research and teach and learn from. The EIE (emotional intelligence engine) is unfortunately almost never upgraded and not well maintained. Simply because we do not know much about this engine and our knowledge of how this EIE produces emotional intelligence is still foggy. As a result we do not even have a single subject that teaches super emotional intelligence. And for the vast majority of mankind the EIE is clogged and ancient. But it need not be like this any more. I have a complete blue print of what this EIE is all about and how it can be unclogged and upgraded to bring it on par with the RIE. Imagine life of an individual where his RIE and his EIE are both brand new and crafted from the latest  technology. Now imagine the majority of mankind with their brain running on similar brain power. Just imagine Americans, Indians, Israelis, Palestinians, Pakistanis, Russians all equipped with super powered emotional intelligence engines. Where would many of the current problems be? For them and between them!

I have converted the above post into the following knol: Dear Dr. KVSS & Knol Help.

Also I want to make a full length feature movie on the history of wisdom. I have the outline and I can write the script. I need financing for this too.

@ KS
I just got excited today and if you do not like the format you can change it.

9/20 KVSS

Knol Directory – Main Categories

Special SituationsTravel, Wise Persons (Courtesy Mr. Sajid Khan)

I converted my knol directory into the above format.
What AK says could be interesting. Using google docs for changing the contents of some inserts in the knols.
I still expect knols from you on the subject of sociology. May be there is a German viewpoint in it. Language could be a problem. But let us see what can be done. In English making corrections for language is easy. And you can frequently look at your knols and make some more corrections after somebody makes some corrections. There can be a dialogue going on between you and the contributor.

9/20 AK

Thanks for your suggestion. I did it now. I wrote a new Knol in English and it’s part of the moderated collection Knols Waiting for Translation. This Knol is very interesting, because I show how you can use Google Documents. If you paste the same document in several Knols, you only have to edit in this one Google Doc to  change the content in all the knols . Here is the link: Using Google Docs But the English is horrible and so it’s a good candidate for Knols Waiting for Translation.

9/20 KVSS

I have a reason to update all my knols now. Since yesterday I am doing that work starting from my knol number 1. The recently updated ones are:
Don’t ask knol help for anything more. They gave you a technical platform. Go to article promotion platforms like Digg, Stumbled upon and some more such things and create votes for your articles. How? One has to go there first and then figure out. I just read that copy and content are different. Businessmen must be good at copy if not at content. But you have enough content already with which are highly impressed. So writing copy must be more easy for you. Knol is a content platform. Now go and use promotion platforms. Use twitter to give your wisdom quotations. Go from big knols to micro knols on twitter. You can always attach the link of knol to twitter quotation. Keep thinking and you will get the innovative idea. You are an inventor.
If you write some subject knols in English you will get more visitors to your knol portfolio. You did not write any.

09/20 AK

There are now moderated collections for Knols Waiting for Translation.


09/19 SK

@ Knol Help

Dear Sir:
Can I please bring my following knol to the attention of the movers and shakers of Google and Knol Help?:
My latest knol:Dear Founders, Researchers, Managers of Google and Knol Help: Please consider supporting, ‘Wisdom Day’.
The aim of my life is the same as your aim, to make heaven on earth for all mankind. We can at least remove that part of the world’s mess that is caused by the lack of wisdom in individuals, groups and countries.
@ Team and our regulars.

All those team members and our regulars who want to support this knol please leave a comment on this knol so I can invite you as coauthor.
@ KS:
You are the person!!! Like you, I am borrowing from a saying of St. Paul who said, ‘The shortest way to oneself is around the world’ The saying of the current wisdom sages would be,’The shortest way to wisdom is always around the next corner and beyond the next horizon’. (In other words they will tell you that the shortest way does not exist and it is a perpetual quest). My saying would be ‘The shortest way to wisdom is always by way of emptying your brain of EBG.’

09/19 KS

this morning I had a vision . i saw our very own KS standing on the knol mountain and he was preaching to the knol authors and these were his words :
blessed are those who hunger for spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of wisdom .
blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted .
blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth .
blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled .
blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy .
blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see the pure wisdom .
blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of wisdom .
blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of wisdom .
blessed are you when people revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account .
i was very impressed, but one word was wrong .

09/19 SK

My latest knols:

09/18 KS

it seems that knol help owes me two answers .

me @ knol help
knol is not able to handle a big number of versions . can you change this ?
(perhaps by reducing a series of versions by the same author to one (on other wikis that’s in use))

knol help @ me
Can you provide more details on what you think does not work? Maybe you could provide us with a knol and what you are trying to do which does not work as you would wish. Examples would help.

me @ knol help
example :
if i click on [versions] then there comes nothing or it takes endless .
(well, seems to be a little little better in the last time)
i am running a firefox browser under linux (btw. can you tell me when chrome is starting on linux?)
how about browsing collections ( instead of categorie
s ) ?

knol help @ me
It looks like there are some real performance problems with knols that have that many versions. While we work out how to improve the functionality for knols with this many versions, you may consider creating a collection of your discussions and archive them into a seperate knol on a monthly basis.

me @ knol help
thank you for your good answer . this is exactly what we are just doing .

didn’t A invite Jag some time ago ?
i would suggest that Jag and also SKS join our knoll star tree, so we can make common decisions .

09/18 SK

My latest knol: Knowing what is wisdom is not enough to becoming wise..


09/18 Jag  @ KVSS

You can revise old Knols as well add design. I am sure you will get more number of readers and comments based on your work and as well Knol Help will feature your work.
Thank you. I have created collections of my first 100 knols to identify knols which require some revision or areas where new information became available. I also made collections of my popular knols with the same objective. Probably more and more content is my strength and design is a weakness.
5: 25 PM @ KVSS
That’s a good move. To start, you can give an appeal through heading colors, text formats and so as you can see in some of my knols. I don’t think it requires much HTML skills. Why I insist is because many reader’s looks for appeal then they read. Many may miss your content because of this. Anyway time matters. Think about it. Best!

09/18 SK

@ PG
Thanks. Praise coming from an insider of economics makes my day. This may sound crazy but I consider my self half an expert of all subjects that have a component of emotional intelligence in them. As human behavior requires expertise in the nuts and bolts of the job at hand and the ability to preform the job wisely, I think I have a pretty good idea of how stocks can be traded wisely!!! In fact I do not think emotional ignorance is the bigger problem because emotional ignorance is at the mercy of man. The bigger problem is the ignorance about the nature of emotional ignorance and wisdom. As a result the biggest problem is the lack of wisdom education that prevents the mastery of wise human behavior!!! Not just stock trading you can give me any subject or activity where emotional intelligence is involved and I will show you how to take human performance to the next next level.    

The three scrooges of stock trading are greed, panic and the herd mentality. There is just one key to mastering all three – wisdom!!!! I know I keep repeating the same theme again and again and again, wisdom, wisdom, wisdom. Our brain runs on two forces. Knowledge and emotional intelligence which at the highest stage is wisdom. While we have hundreds of subjects for learning the ropes of our professional life, we have zero subjects for emotional intelligence.

In fact if you examine all the problems of mankind from war to economic melt downs you can trace it at least ‘halfly‘ (50%) to lack of wisdom!!! The day I have a commitment from the movers and shakers in main stream education that we will together create a compulsory subject that teaches wisdom I will move gradually onto becoming a novelist which is my second goal in life. I already have notes on outlines for a few original and intriguing plots for novels. The whole world’s leadership is busy with the economic stimulus packages. What about life’s stimulus package and not just for individuals and also for groups and countries.

I am not resting until we will have a compulsory subject that teaches wisdom to K-12 and beyond. And I am hoping that if in the meantime I pass away you and other mavens will take it up as your own personal goal.

I have converted the above post into the following knol dedicated to you:
Dear Peter What About Life’s Stimulus Package?
I will expand it later.

9/18 KVSS

 Good articles SK!    by PG
Very happy
New knols started by me
Yesterday I had a peak in terms of visitors and page views.
Visitors 823
Page views: 1127
I want the page views number to go up to 1500.
Should I write more knols?
Should I revise old knols?
Should I concentrate on Digg, twitter, Orkut and team to increase promotion?
I am looking for knol authors who are trying to increase their page views by taking various measures to share their experiences through trial and error.
I am happy that my call to list knols on digg has resulted in some more knol authors. Digg is a very good promotion opportunity for knollers. Very few knollers are into promotion. Their efforts are insufficient and this is why visitors are not coming in good numbers to knol.
Invite Jagadeesh as coauthor. Now we can have 25 coauthors.

09/1 7 PG @ SK

Good articles SK!  
The problem is that traders are selected, empowered and rewarded,
* not only according to their technical competence (and for some, those called “financial engineers”, their creativity at inventing diabolic weapons, oops, financial instruments).
* but also (for pure traders) according to their bias for action, speed and risk taking, or better said, their level of testosterone 😉
This is the difference with long term investors (Warren Buffet…)
Now, there is no problem about that, speculation is perfectly OK (as I wrote somewhere, betting on the future is one of the traits that make human beings differ from lettuces) but as long that it is not done massively by institutions (banks, insurance companies…) which first mission is to offer safety to their depositors or insured customers.

09/17 Jag 

@ KVSS – You’re welcome. Feel free to post comments in “SEO 101 for Students” Knol understanding and questions if any.
@SK – Thanks for the edit.

9/17 KVSS

Thanks Jag for editing and updating three knols. The basic students guide will prove very useful. Only this  morning I was going through a book on online marketing by Gay. Your updating of the knols related to that topic gives me some interest to read and write on the topics in the book. listings are bringing visitors to my pages. Listings here have value.
My page views are having another peak today. I shall give the figures later, as only in the late evening updated figures come. I hope many of you are also having peak page views.

09/17 Jag  @ Hi All

Updates going on.

09/16 SKS – Greek elections

Elections are coming in Greece on October. We are getting into a rather unstable condition – having a government which will have good majority in the parliament seems rather difficult.

09/16 SK

My latest knols: Ignorance (the knowledge gap) in finance and all other human activity.
and Wisdom Finance – the Complete Economic/Behavior Model.
@ PG
What do you think of these two knols?

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