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7/31 Jag @ KS

Thanks for the insight. With all the support of Knol Authors Team, hope things would be managable

7/31 SK @ KS & Team

My own emotional holes turned me into examining the nooks and crannies of my own emotional mind. Thus my bottom line self/mind/being became a laboratory rat as I put my own brain under the microscope! ( Don’t forget contextual mindfulness is the same activity -putting your own personality, your own brain under the microscope! ).We may not realize it but all those of us who struggle with our own emotional shortcomings and try to figure out solutions; we are laboratory rats anyway!
Thus I have added ‘Laboratory Rat’ to my profile. I have also written my latest knol ‘Laboratary Rat Club.‘ Depending on the response – if it becomes popular I will start a real club where laboratory rats can really help each other and even encourage others to become laboratory rats.The way we are currently ‘up bringed’ the majority of people have to struggle emotionally. Also if you have emotional holes or have come out of them or are still struggling I will request you to become a laboratory rat. After all examining your own brain’s nooks and crannies results in the emotional holes being filled up and even one can keep going to eventually becoming super normal. Please share your emotional struggles and how you fared with your own emotional holes in this knol if you are a laboratory rat!

@ PG
I am a maverick, an outsider who decided to become an expert on my own self. Thus I think I have more ‘inside
out’ knowledge of some emotional holes than most experts. You on the other hand are a mainstream maven and so I always admire your expertise and opinion. I always wondered what you may be thinking of my claim:
‘solver of the mystery why the sperm is tiny and the woman’s egg is huge.’ What do you think of this claim I am making?

7/31 KS@ SK

hmm, don’t know .

7/31 SK @ KVSS, PG and Team

I would like your permission to hire a professional computer expert to take care of our technical management of our KAF knols. I will pay for it.

I just noticed that my recently updated knol, ‘Knowing the difference between the brain and mind through everyday life’. comes up sixth, just below of ‘Wiki answers’ when I google ‘difference between brain and mind’. Finally! But my wisdom knols are no where to be found on the main internet.

7/30 AK

Please vote for Best Knol of the Month July 2009.

You also can make nominations for the Best Knol of the Month August 2009 (Knols in English Language, published between June 1st and August 1st 2009)

7/30 KS

we are experiencing technical difficulties …
if i click on “versions” i always get a mistake .
these are ill news because it seems that knol could not handle a big number of versions .
maybe we should indeed make a new page .
candidates are A, PG and SKS if he joins our decision structure .

@ A — looks like a partner look to PG 🙂
@ Jag : maybe it is consistent to make a real collection of collections, as the title is suggesting .

7/30 Jag

Share & Win – You are welcome to add your Knol collections as well to contribute with other Knol authors collections that you feel interesting and useful for readers! – Master Knol – The Knol of Knols

7/29 KVSS

There are good number of knols on recipes American and European
Knol Sub-Directory – Cooking – American and European Interesting Knols

7/29 SK

My latest knol:
Take the case of terrorism.

@KVSS and PG:
I agree we will have to find someone with the technical ability as well as the enthusiasm to manage our foundation knols. We will also have to redo the mission statements etc.

7/29 Jag

@ All Knol Authors
Master Knol – Collections of Knols collection:
List of Top knols collections – The Knol of Knols (Open collebration Knol )

How to Knol, the practices and the success – Knol Knols Collection.

7/29 KVSS

I made an estimate of page views of top 800 knols today and updated the knol HubPages, Knol, Squidoo, Wikipedia and Other Article Sites – Comparison.

The update is:
According to an estimate made by me using the page views details given for most viewed authors by knol platform, so far 25 million page views must have happened in the last one year public service of knol. I made one more estimate of the top 800 knols. Page Views for Top 800 Knols. The page view number comes to be 8,350,540. Hence an estimate of 25 million page views for all the knols seems to be appropriate.
The current monthly page views can be between 4 million to 6 million. If one assumes an average page views of 2 by a visitor, around 2 million global visitors per month must be coming to knol. The number of unque visitors can be less than the figure and one estimate I saw is around 400,000 per month. Seems Ok if we think each visitor is coming 5 times in a month to the knol platform.
If global unique visitors is 400,000 per month, US unique visitor number can be around 150,000 per month. These numbers can substantially increase if knol authors take up active promotion of their knols.
Ways to Improve Knol Site and Promote Knol Articles

Any comments on the method and performance of knol. I updated the goal of knol (knol) also.

I think a mail to foundation should still work.

Are there any pending mails. Please check the mail box. Yes we need to take up the suggestion of PG.

I think I had 200,000 page views in the first year of knol. I just saw the recent updates of cumulative page views on my bio knol.

7/28 PG @ KVSS & SK

Certainly the membership process has to be rebuilt, and maybe differently. Also it will have to be managed. I wonder who could do both things that need as well the technical ability as the availability to ensure a permanent updating. Personnally I would not commit myself, knowing my shortcomings on both accounts. I think we have to find a KAF Director in charge of the process and also to define a way so that applications are approved speedily.

7/28 KVSS

Knol directory is being appreciated. Many visits are taking place.
Thanks for updating the knol subdirectory of Finance
It is better we change the member ship process on all foundation knols to write a comment on the membership page. All country and language directors are to be informed of the change. As SK suggests, a new knol on membership process can be written if needed.
@Angela and SK
There is a need to activate USA members of the foundation.Viewership of knol in USA is very low it seems even though the majority of knol authors are from USA only. There are 250,000 knols today and if we take average knol viewership is one page view per knol, the page views per day would be 250,000. It means one million in four days. Per month it can be 7 to 8 million. How many knols were written by U.S. authors? If there are 5000 US authors and each of them get 10 visitors per authors, there can be 50,000 visitors from US. But it does not seem to be happening. Of course knol management is not sharing information. If they share information we can think of coming with some ideas, plans and action. Silence of the part of knol management only leads to guesses and rumors.
But the need to get in touch with US authors is very much there. There are many reputed authors from USA and as I find from my knol directory pages, many of their knols are having more than 500 page views. But still daily viewership from USA is low. Why? We need to develop a good understanding of USA knol authors, their knols and viewership.

7/27 SK @ PG

We will have to re post this knol. Would you like to re write this knol? I can send you the new pass word. We will have to do a new knol in our own original format.
Maybe the earlier people who had control felt that it should be deleted because they had worked on it.

Can you please also join the philosophy debates? I am looking forward to you enriching the debates with your original insights.


7/27 PG @ KAF (SK? KVSS?)

Patrice Bouyrat, a prominent French language knol writer, signaled me that the KAF membership application formular was unavailable (deleted)
Is there a solution ?

7/27 SK @ SKS

Thanks for your perfect response, you are a gentleman and a scholar.

7/27 KS

“discussion solves everything”
this is exactly what i mean with “communicative intelligence” .
perhaps we should call it “knol wisdom” .
i put the above sentence as a quote under my wit-and-wisdom points .
hope this is within our rules .

7/27 – SKS @ SK

OK. Discussion solves everything 🙂
We are mistakes and we make humans…Or was it the other way around? Haha…Sorry to be so strict, but clear-cut rules and mutual respect should be the basis of every relation, either live or online.

7/27 SK @ SKS

This comment (“SKS@Dear all!”), from you is excellent. I thought it may also be effective on the bulletin board. So I posted it here. I am sorry, I should have first taken your permission.

7/27 – SKS Nickname abuse

I must telle everyone that I DID NOT WRITE the comment below (“SKS@Dear all!”), but someone else using my nickname. That is why I deleted it.

7/27 KVSS

Knol Directory of Interesting Knols has now 100 subject sub-directories. I have created 25 categories and 225 topics can be accommodated in them. So far I could create 100 subdirectories. In a month’s time I shall create the rest. Based on my observations on various topics, I am now developing a knol with the title Knol Writing Opportunities.
Yes we need to find some people with good knowledge in philosophy to contribute more vigorously to philosophy debates. I have issued two books from our library on philosophy. I need to read them before I can contribute to the debate. I may be looking more closely at Epistemology. I came across this concept in research methodology,but did not go into it in a proper manner. Thanks to you and SK, now I got interested in the area, so I shall use that interest to grasp the concept of Epistemology. I may take one or two lectures on research methodology and this study may be of use to me. I would like to say one thing, if for some time there is lull in activity in one knol, we have to move to a different area till once again an issue comes up and authors and visitors get involved.
May be your comment is justified, but I am able to respond if any visitor writes a comment on my knols. More visitors and more comments, I may not have time to think of more knols. Some of my recent knols have page views and personal appreciating comments. I don’t have to open knols anymore for the sake of opening. I open them because there is a strong idea propelling me to start a new knol. Whenever you read any of my knols, if you have some suggestions for expanding the knol further please feel free to write them on the knol. Basically,  by design many of my knols are for revision by persons who already read them through their MBA degree. They are meant for persons who already studied the topic through a textbook. That is why they are brief and cover basic concept definitions and some important principles. They are not introductory articles on the concepts. Knol as a platform wants to provide definitely introductory articles on every topic.  But it is not limited to them. Many articles are providing only views of authors. Yes knol as a platform will have many types of articles. Once I complete my full project of revision knols, I may take up detailed introductory articles on various topics. Now my institute students appreciate my approach, as they feel they can revise their lessons more easily using these revision knols and a similar approach in my blogs was appreciated by students of other institutes.
But thanks to your comments, I shall keep this in mind and count 300 words. Whereever scope is there, I shall definitely write more than 300 words.
Democracy Around the World. has a lot of scope to develop knols about various countries. My thinking is that a person from each country should be encouraged to open knols on his country and give a link in global knol. That way we can collaborate with large number of authors. They in turn encourage number of authors from their country to become coauthors and develop the country knols.
Any visitor or author from any country can go to a country knol and post his news item, view or a question. What I mean is if a knol on France is there, I can go and post some news that I read in my newspaper. post view or ask a question regarding French politics. I can post on global knol also. The relevance and response determine which knol is preferred by the author/visitor.

SKS @ Dear All!:
[deleted by original user of SKS username]

7/26 A @ KVSS

About the “knols that people need to read”–that’s what I’ve been trying to do all along. Many of the bigger authors–naming no names, of course 😉 — just write down single ideas that they have as knols! How useless!

Nothing technically wrong with that, but they need to write down things that are truly “a unit of knowledge.”
Yes, My Opinion Of America is somewhat informative, but not my best. I think it is a bad idea to clutter Knol with ideas you spontaneously have, post as a knol, and POOF–you never look at it again. You have thousands of knols, but how many of them are <300 words? How many are things that are helpful to other people?

7/26 SK @ Team

All those who participate in this bulletin board are welcome to become co-owners of this knol. I have no clue how we can create a virtual world but we must try to create and show the world the benefits of a wise world.

Google City; Wisdom City.
This knol is a first step in creating a virtual world just like ‘Second Life’ and ‘Sim City’. Just as in real life, the inhabitants of google city will come from four different sections of society; based on the four levels of the mind. Accordingly there will be four different sections of the city. Each person who wants to join will have to take my wisdom test and will be placed according to his wisdom level in one of the four sections. If you don’t like your life in your section you can apply to be moved to the next level. The condition will be that you will have to take real life wisdom lessons and then you will be tested again. Once you pass the test you will get to live in the next section. The will be lessons that will explain how you can get to the wisdom section of the city. People can enter as individuals, groups and even as virtual countries. This city will not only show life at -2, -1, +1 and +2 levels. It will show interactions of the four and will mainly have an open virtual university.

There will be a film showing your current life as an individual, group or country and another film of what life can be at the wisdom level.


7/26 KVSS

Democracy Around the World. knol was opened. I copied the feature for index from AK’s template. Various persons can open the knol for their country and give a link in that index. I opened for India and gave the link. We want all authors and visitors to contribute their news and views regarding democracy in their country as well as other countries. Our interest would be contribute something for the improvement of democratic form of government. To bring out the best practices in the system in any country of the world and show it to many for attempting to implement it in their country.
From yesterday I got into a new project. Developing knol support to the computer Science and Engineering Undergraduate curriculum. I am first collecting the detailed syllabus of three programs and then I will try to link a relevant knol to each topic of each subject. That will clearly bring out the need for knols on the topic. I just posted one syllabus – first year syllabus for this purpose. Syllabus – First Year Computer Science and Engineering – SNDT University, Mumbai.
Yesterday I saw an IBM advertisement.
We need to write knols that people want to read or potentially need to read.
Knol Writing Opportunities is a knol that I am trying to develop to bring out the gaps in the knol portfolio and point out the scope for writing knols.
@ KS
Communicative intelligence is an interesting idea.
What is knowledge about collaborative communication? Intelligence as a concept comes in when some people are absorbing knowledge quickly and some are not absorbing knowledge adequately. So intelligence test can be there only when there is a way to test the knowledge base that is transferred to a group of people. In the area of virtual collaborative communication, we may not have at the moment some knowledge base among us. Let people who have some points make it public.

7/25 SK @ KVSS and Team.

I have opened this knol as per your request. Please expand it.
Democracy Around the World.

This knol under knol foundation is being opened in the hope that we will have a knol on ‘democracy around the world’ before 15th September 2009 – World Democracy Day.’ The internet is full of what democracy stands for. We need to look into how to spread democracy around the world and strengthen democracy where ever it already exists. Successful democracy depends on many factors. We need to identify all these factors and develop ways to strengthen them in order to strengthen and spread democracy around the world.

7/25 – SKS Promotion of Knol in Greece

Knol promotion in Greece: I started some promotion of Knol in my country. I contacted two magazines in Greece (Davlos and PC Magazine) and called them to enrich their presence in Knol by posting some of their articles in Google Knol. This is a start. Hope they respond positively.

7/25 KVSS

Collaborative writing has to take off to make knol a big success. This bulletin board is an example of collaboration. But it is only one. We need many groups of authors in various areas to come together and organize knols. We have to be open to visitors who come randomly and do small contributions. We should not worry too much about somebody dropping a link on the knol or comments. May be we can edit that portion when we want, or remove that comment but we should not make nasty comments in turn. We need to become visitor friendly, fellow author friendly, new author friendly to make knol grow.
Yesterday our collaborative knol had an update.
Improving Emotional Intelligence of Stock Traders and Stock Dealers

i agree with your writing .
for collaborative writing we need a new kind of intelligence .
i call it communicative intelligence, but perhaps there is a better name .
AK is one of the few german writers, who has this intelligence (that means he is able to hold a thread with more than 10 changes) .
but he wants to make knol a sort of wikipedia and wikipedia is not a platform for  communicative intelligence . knol is .


7/24 KVSS

15th September is International Day of Democracy.
Please open a knol under knol foundation with the title “Democrary Around the World” or similar title. Or let us call for titles. Let us start it fast so that we can develop a series of around it by 15th September 2009. The knol will be useful to record the happening in various countries first and then comment on them from a good functioning of democractic system. The template of Andreas Kempers Continued knols would be useful to give a country index of knols. One can copy the index later also.
With the start of knol directory, I am now able to use my blogs to promote knol as a platform. Whereas there are many persons who are trying use knol to promote their blogs, I am doing the reverse. I am using my popular blogs to promote knol. No doubt the readers will benefit from that because there are many writers on knol writing excellent articles. Whereas on my blog I am the only writer.
Readers’ value and benefit must come first.

7/24 SK

We must acknowledge that AK is one of those few who have a proper attitude toward both knol and Wikipedia. And the better part is that he is a shinning star in both.

7/23 KS @ AK

i think you are still on the bulletin board 😉

Dear KS
AK is with us. AK is with them. Even in March he said he appreciates our point of view. We have no objection to AK’s activie participation in Wikipedia activities. He is a serious and active author on knol. That is what we want. Many knol authors have negative views on Wikipedia because their viewpoint was rejected by Wikipedia editors. Well, in the world of publishing there are many alternatives.

Let us welcome his association with us. There was some heat and some lines were exchanged. But, there is regard and appreciation among us. We need to relax now to get into high gear once again.

7/23 AK  Happy Anniversary!

Foto: distillated, cc-by-sa 2.0

July 23th 2009 Knol Is An Year Old Today;


Eternal Happy Returns Of The Day!!!!
SK @ All Knollers & Knol Help Team: Happy Anniversary

KVSS @ All knollers & Knol Help Team: Greetings on the special occasion.  Let us come together and achieve bigger things in the second year.
Goal of Knol: Knol Authors 100,000 – Knols 1 million – Top 100 Website
A @ All Knollers: Let’s break open the booze already.

7/22 – SKS  Objection to collection over-use

I think I object to the over-use of the collection feature, so as to create collections of knols and collections of collections of knols etc. I think that original author-attributed content is the basis and the strength of Knol. We should not hinder that to make Knol a list of links to other links.

So I say “Yes” to collections, but with moderation.

7/22 SK @ AK

You have done and are still doing just as much for the success of our bulletin board as any of us. Thanks.

I think Wikipedia is much more well rounded and polished; because hundreds of people have contributed to each and every single topic.

Anyone who calls Wikipedia a ‘useful idiot’ is speaking for himself and not our whole team. In fact I wrote a knol expressing my opinion that the two should be partners in the struggle against ignorance: ‘Wikipedia and Knol; Rivals or Partners?

@ Team including AK, MB, Jag, CQ, ET AL.

I just got an idea why don’t we not only put together lists of useful knols and we also create joint super knols starting with a knol on democracy? Wikipedia articles are really joint super knols.

7/22 KS @ AK

do you really want to prescibe others what they have to think about wikipedia?

No. I left the Bulletin Board and the KAF.

7/22 AK

Next year in January there is a conference in Bangalore about Wikiwars
I’m creating an IG for Wikipedia-Authors in Germany
I think Wikipedia is a great thing with a lot of failures. I didn’t like it, if Wikipedia is called a “useful idiot” for Knol-Authors. Thats one reason why I left the KAF and the Bulletin Board.
I don’t think there was any big criticism of wikipedia by us. We are not geared up for that. Yes, if somebody criticizes knol, we gave some reply. We did not initiate any criticism of anybody. We are doing some pioneer effort on a new platform. There was no need for us to criticize somebody first without building anything ourselves. Yes, there are number of authors on knol whose contribution was rejected by wikipedia and there by created passionate knol authors who want to prove a point that they can express their view elsewhere successfully. You are a sociologist and you know cooperation, competition, and conflict. We may be competing because we have to compete.

Hello KVSS. I have no problem with you or with SK. What do you think about the Wikiwars-Conference?

7/22 KVSS

Today I have posted 5 more sub-directory knols.

I am happy that now I am promoting not only my knol but knols of many authors. I joined an orkut community of medicos yesterday to post links about the above medical knols.

Open a knol on Democracy under knol foundation. There is a need to collect happenings in various democratic countries. We need to collect their thoughts on democracy. Identify various shortcomings then do a virtual brain storming to come out with ways to improve democracy. We need to involve many more people through knol surveys etc. But let us make a beginning. We can give the link to PG’s list of democracy knols in that knol.

I keep on advocating that we develop some knols that have a record of facts which we can then use for developing certain hypotheses and then solutions to the underlying problems. If we do not have a set of facts as foundation of our ideas to solve problems then our knols will be treated more as imagination than practical thinking.

7/21 – SKS Asking the computers!

I just encountered a very interesting Knol about chatterbots at I would like to see how one of these chatterbots behaves in a debate 🙂

7/21 PG

Finally I created a List of knols about democracy
that I tried to build as a classification and that will be in open collaboration.
OK to transform it in knol foundation ownership by the person who has the code (SK?).
Btw, as my German in not too good, I found only “Demarchie” in AK’s knols. I suppose there are others and that he can complete the list.

7/21 SK @ KVSS and PG

I think that the biggest problem with spreading democracy is that it seems to be presented by the West as an ideology. There was a time when the West was willing to defend democracy against communism by war and the rest of the world perceived democracy as a western ideology which the West was trying to ram down the throat of the rest of the world. So we have to polish the image of democracy and present it the way it is. By showing the actual benefits of democracy.

I have thought long and hard about this suffering in the world. I have concluded that it is due to lack of proper information. If only people knew the connection between transparency/democracy and well being, including economic well being, they would embrace democracy. I wrote a knol with this in mind :’ Bottom line of successful nations.’ Even my ‘Wisdom Express’ (knol of same name) I wrote with the same idea, to wake up the world to its full humanness potential. Another knol with the same theme I wrote is, ‘How to spread democracy around the world’.

7/21 KS @ PG

a world federation would be fully democratic only if each of its component is democratic
this can best be done by a recurring structure like a tree . see our knol star structure 🙂

7/21 KVSS @ PG

I am also thinking along similar lines. Yesterday I thought of a knol under knol foundation ownership on Democracy in various countries. In that knol we post various happenings in the political system of countries in which democracy presently there. We need to first record facts and then discuss views which we have, if we have. We can discuss global democracy also in that.  We can open country wise pages may be they are under individual authors first come first owner basis and material from the global page is transferred to the individual country pages. At any time recent 25 posts can be in the global page. There is world democracy day coming next month and hence if we can start such an initiative it will be good. Such an initiative may be able to attract more authors to contribute to cooperative writing of knol, whose importance to the world and countries is very high. The knol will be useful to many students of political science as it will provide information on many countries at a single location with the objective of improving democratic system.

I made an attempt to create sub-directories of the subject ‘democracy’ in

Main Directory of Interesting Knols
  and found that there are not many knols on democracy.

Interesting knols about democracy
Awareness   among People
Elections (6)
Political  Parties

7/21 PG

As you know, I consider World democracy as a key issue for Knol to deal with. That topic can even be considered as a justification of the Knol initiative.
I just wrote Review of Foreign policy and Freedom house’s, wihch gives a comment on Foreign policy and Freedom house’s by Artur Landerzon Barrera Garcia, a knol by an author that has already dedicated a lot of efforts in that direction

7/21 KVSS

@KS thank you.
I also liked (reginald-patterson/knol-versus-wikipedia)
Certainly at first blush, Knol resembles a blog, and with improper use Knol could end up being no more than what is generally understood as being a blog. However, properly understood, enabled, and applied, what begins as an interesting “blog post” can end up being a more interesting and rich encyclopedia entry.
Actually many blogs are now termed as easy web sites. Many blog posts are very useful pages for many days to come.

Main Directory of Interesting Knols

Theme of the day Dancing (9)
Promoting various topics through appropriate orkut community. That way I am able to show to people knols of many authors.

7/20 KS

sentence of the month :
google is entrusting and literally banking on the public, to make knol what we collectively think it should be, and not what google thinks it should be.”

@ A
🙂 thanks for your voting . this is better than 1000 whuffies .
(P. Baskerville may join us if he has become a bit wiser)
((i think that John Gabriel does not understand, that knol is blog + wiki + wikipedia))

@ SK
the bible (beautiful book on the lessons of history) shows us very clearly that the history of the past 6000 years was the history of patriarchy.
but that’s not the beginninig nor the end of history .
there are some persons in history who show us how to overcome patriarchy :
socrates, jesus, and all women till now .

7/20 SK

This is the beautiful book on the lessons of history. I think the most important lessons of history must be the lessons learned by the journey of self development. I want to write a real serious monumental joint knol with our whole team as co-owners. All those interested please indicate here:

Dangerous games (the uses and abuses of history – by Margaret MacMillan). ‘What is history good for’. – in NY Times book review.
“We all live in history. Some of us make it, others are made – or broken -by it. Many of us read it. A few of us write it. Most of us try, at least fitfully, to make use of it, usually by ransacking the past for analogies to explain the present and predict the future. And more than a few of us , in Margret MacMillan’s amply documented opinion, routinely botch it.” – David M. Kennedy in NY Times book review of July 19.
The review is titled, ‘What is history good for.’ and it goes on to say “Teaching us humility and skepticism, the historian Margaret Macmillan says. No one has described the uses of history so beautifully.

The most magical line in here is ‘And more than a few of us , in Margret MacMillan’s amply documented opinion, routinely botch it.’
She is the first historian to highlight that the lessons of history must be used to create humility and skepticism in individuals, groups and countries!

Exactly my theme!
I think the most important lessons of mankind’s entire history that needs to be documented is the journey of self development throughout the ages. What kinds of self man has developed, self as in the individual, group and country level. What kind of self man has developed through the ages and what kind of consequences this has resulted in. And what can we learn from all this…

Please join the philosophy debate.

7/19 PG @ SK

I quite agree. Although optimism and self-confidence are useful as they help to look for opportunities they become disastrous when they become overconfidence and illusion of competence salted with greed and mimicry. One of the reasons of the financial bubble and the ensuing crash was overconfidence and self-delusion all along the financial chain : borrowers, lenders, traders, even supervision authorities.

7/19 A

@ KS
You like spices so much you should be Italian, like half of me.

@ All
This Knol Star thing baffles me. I’m not sure what my position is in the voting structure, so I just say I’m happy with KS as the head of the Board. By the way–I’m shocked at the audacity of some of the authors on knol. I know I sound like a complainer, but Murry is an angel compared to John Gabriel. After he took a nasty swipe at me on Proposal: The Future of Knol, I started researching his comment history. He has a fair amount of insulting comments left at other knols, too. I would recommend staying away from the fellow unless you have a death wish.

7/19 KVSS

My advocacy is
Plan, have confidence in your plan. Be positive.
But remember future activities have risk attached to them.
If failure comes, accept it. Revise your understanding and use it in future planning.
You have the right to plan and do it according to your plan. But you have no right to demand that result comes exactly as you want because rest of the world does not follow you always in the same way you want it to follow.
I posted one more subdirectory.

7/18 SK

“Finding Your Inner Looser.” – Time
“The $11 billion self help industry is built on the idea that you should turn your negative thoughts like, ‘I never do anything right’ into positive ones like, ‘I can succeed.’ – Time magazine of July 27. Again it says, ‘New research suggests it may be time to accept your shortcomings.’ It further calls it the power of negative thinking. It reports that there is a lot of new research that suggests that positive thinking may actually be more harmful than good and that there are a number of new books stressing the same like: 1) Embrace your failure, 2) Eh,You’re fine:10 steps to avoid total collapse, 3) You can’t do it: so don’t even try. 4)) Sleep through life: it does not matter anyway, 5) Building toward average! How you can keep muddling on, 6) I am not O.K., you are even worse.

A lot of what I have been saying for decades is gradually being said by main stream science.

Positive thinking has two sides to it. And main stream science still has not taken the trouble to stress the distinction between the two. In fact America is built on one aspect of positive thinking which basically boils down to the belief, ‘ I can if I think I can.’ Thus the believing in ones self amounts to stressing of over confidence in ones own abilities without any link to the actual ability to get the job done. Having full confidence in ones self without taking the trouble to hon ones skills results in failure.

The other aspect of positive thinking is the one based on actual reality/truth. Know who you are, know what is involved in getting the task at hand done, learn the nuts and bolts of the job and then and only then have the confidence that you will succeed. Your confidence must spring from your developed skills alone. Your confidence must spring from learned confidence. You can start with the confidence that you will get the job done, that success will be yours because you have the potential required to learn the ropes of the task at hand. So instead of ‘I can if I think I can’ ‘I can because I have learned how I will!’

So from recommending positive thinking some experts are stressing negative thinking or the acceptance of the status co. Both are wrong. Positive thinking for its own sake is wrong. Positive thinking based on ones developed potential is the only road to success. Negative thinking is equally wrong. The correct Tao is reality/truth thinking. Know what you want, then find out what is involved in getting the task done. And then become a master of the task involved. Then you use your skills to ensure success. It is the same thing that I have been stressing for decades. Instead of having a trophy self image as in ‘I am the best’ become the best!
In fact have the pure self confidence that comes from a true authentic self where even failure is just a new beginning for a fresh approach. Have the solid confidence to be able to develop the skills required to succeed and if the available skills are not sufficient then have the confidence to expand the horizons of knowledge!

Have the confidence to become a pioneer, based on real facts/truths of life – and not based on phony over confidence.

7/18 KVSS

I was posting in the morning. But my Comp went down. I have to give it for breakdown maintenance.
I am very happy to see three posts SKS,JAG, and PB about knol issues. We want action.
I wrote a new knol in the morning

7/18 KS

@ A spicy collection . i like olives .
@ SK : what is in limbo ? the KAF-page was installed by Randy K. how did you manage it, that the ownwer is now “knol foundation” ?
@ Patrice Bouyrat : very comfortable . it’s a pity that i cannot tell my browser that the url is now

7/17 @ Everybody

This message is to present you; the url shortener design for knol. So, I could explain what is that service and how it work but an example is better than a long description.
The url is now also the url The text is shorter now to use in your mail, twit, text, etc.

7/17 Jag

Wrote How to setup custom twitter search results for knol – Easy way to setup custom twitter search results related to search phrases for your knol

7/17 – SKS New collections

Please see the two new Philosophy Debates:
– Has modern technology deprived us of our “responsiblity for our actions” and of our “control over our actions”?
– Concerning suicide

7/17 A @ Team

Again, hello all!

Busy creating a new knol, Helpful Sites from A-Z.
It’s a big effort and I’m using all my spare time, but I think it will be worth it.

7/17 SK @ KS

It is actually in limbo. If you want to manage it I can give you the pass word.
My latest knol: Spiritual Intelligence.

7/17 KS @ SK

not to me .
it is administrated by knol foundation . but who does administrate “knol foundation” ?.

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