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6/15 KS @ SK

can you provide a link to Hypothesis Bulletin Board ?

if you have the idea of a general important board and you want the team to co-own it, it is better to ask the team before making it . so, if someone is not interested , it’s not for the whole team and so perhaps it’s obsolet
(personally i’m sure your knol is of general importance šŸ˜‰ )
if i don’t say yes or no, that means, knol star may vote for me .

6/15 SK @ KVSS

I am sorry the spiritual knol was closed collaboration. I cant find how to change it to open c. Please help me. OK I got it. It is now open c. 


6/15 KVSS

Yes. co-authorship is now happening. We will be happy to have as many coauthors as possible. Additionally every contributor also gets the recognition for some time at least. It is a question of initiative. Let somebody take the initiative in his area of interest and as SK said whenever there is a lull from somebody, some other will takeover. I feel even if there is lull for some period of time as there are no developments it is ok. When some interesting issue takes place we will come back.

This board is our main general open discussion board open to all visitors and authors covering any topic or issue. Somebody may come and post any issue with which he is concerned. Other boards may not be that active. They will have posts only when some relevant topic comes up.
I am going to the spiritual board.

6/15 SK

I opened a new knol: Hypothesis Bulletin Board. I feel that all important bulletin boards should be co-owned or at least co-authored by the whole team. So that if one looses interested the others can carry it on. Please vote on this proposal.

SK: Yes; KVSS: Yes ; PG: Yes; KS: ; SKS: ; A:Yes
I changed the name of my Spiritual Board as per your suggestion. Now I want to see your own experiences posted on it. Also I had earlier invited you to become co-author but you declined or forgot. Can I please invite you again?
 6/15 KS

@ CQ

you made my day .
we all go up together or nobody goes.
we” means all who want to go .
so we must learn to make decisions without voting down or overestimating any one of us .
@ PG
your color proposal is very blue (original) šŸ™‚

6/15 KVSS


Done. An information and discussion board on emotional intelligence opened.
The first information is the download link to the seminal paper on the topic. I am collecting many links to papers by researchers on this issue. They are already available on a different knol.
Please add your information and ideas and let us take it forward.
You have now focused medium to express your ideas in bits and pieces regarding improving EI for persons at various ages. You can give links to your knols on the topic.
I requested you to change your knol on spiritual experience board to spiritual issues board. Change it to spiritual and religious issues knol. You write so well on sentences from Bible. I told you some time earlier, you have to the ability to quote from Quran as well as Hindu scriptures. Your renaming the board as spiritual and religious issues board is appropriate and right response to the commnet of SKS.

6/15 SK

The reason I quote the bible and Jesus is not because of Divinity; I quote them because their eternal insights on wisdom and human nature. “Love your enemy as you love yourself” This is the most profound saying of Jesus. And indeed this saying is the very key to emotional intelligence. For if you have no hate you will have no ignorance in your brain and the absence of ignorance is wisdom. Love for your enemy is the key to peace and prosperity ( In the present world it also means less money wasted on defense budgets ). Please read my knol ‘Peace’.

What is emotional intelligence can also be a question on your Philosophy Debates knol. When any question becomes too popular we can start a sub knol.

6/15 SKS

I can see that Jesus Christ is something you are interested in. In general the teaching of great men and women about human include teaching about love, but Christ was the first one to say so bold things in such a simple manner. The “Love your enemy as you love yourself” is something that I believe cannot be surpassed by anything else in the field of emotional intelligence.

Maybe a good idea would be to start a new Debate Page based on Emotional Intelligence or in other topics as well (like the one we opened on Philosophy Debates). Does someone have the time to do it?
PS. Changed my nick from SKAKOS to SKS.

6/15 CQ @ SK

Jesus as Christ demonstrated super maturity through simple obedience to the will of his Father – God. Many today are too ignorant (in the dark) – to acknowledge either the Father or the Son (I John 2:22). The propagation of ignorance seems to be a very profitable enterprise in the industrialized world. The lesson of love that Christ taught is too simple for the sophisticated and to human for the powerful (1 Corinthians 1:27) . The “military-industrial-complex” and the “corporate mainstream media” and other such “entities” (demons) have taken their toll on unsuspecting victims through seemingly harmless things like monoculture hybrid corn, supermarkets and the situation comedy.

Jesus as Christ remains aloft and in power, but He is mature enough to delay His return until we “get it” or finally understand that we all go up together or nobody goes. The Internet is a “place” where quality public discourse can return. We can communicate (share – ĪŗĪæĪ¹Ī½Ļ‰Ī½ĪÆĪ±) individually, in pairs, groups, regions, countries and globally. It is community that matters. Sure there will be barriers, disagreements, and even hostility… but there will be dialog!

6/14 SK

“He himself is our peace, who…has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility…” – Ephesians 2:14

As the bible is about teaching us the Tao I am interpreting ‘the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility’ as the barrier that is erected in our brains by ignorance. It is ignorance that is integrated into the brain infrastructure that causes this barrier. Barriers that are willingly erected by the parents and society. Not only are these barriers erected at the individual level they are even erected at the group, class, race and country level. And the cycle keeps repeating itself. We have to break this cycle of ignorance by showing the world the way of super mature emotional intelligence upbringing and education.

6/14 SK @ KVSS

“You are the Christ” – Mark 8:29

When trying to explain wisdom I have tried to understand wisdom through science, religion, culture, tradition etc. I have focused on wisdom because not only is wisdom essential for a super normal life it is within reach of most human beings. It is first a matter of understanding wisdom correctly.
The above quote from the bible explains my whole premise on wisdom. You, me, PG, AK, KS, A, SKS and everyone else is the Christ. Our basic fundamental DNA of emotions is wise. It is part of us as a potential. The question is who develops it to what extent. Even our Hindu scriptures support this notion. Each being has to go through many incarnations in order to become their full and true potential! It is the process of learning that actualizes the Christ in us. If there was no Christ part in us there would be no question of actualization. But because it is there we must become aware of this wisdom potential. So far because wisdom is supposed to be fuzzy and is known only by its attributes, wisdom education is not taken seriously; as wisdom cannot be taught through its attributes so far wisdom education has been an almost impossible task. It is like trying to create a mango without the mango tree.
My life’s work will be complete if I can wake up the world to the above quote from the bible. Look at the affects of lack of wisdom education. Just imagine if we took the steps to create a universal subject that teaches wisdom. It can be done and a start can be made if our whole team took up the job of spreading my work on wisdom. A start can be made if you all would review a few of my main knols like: Wisdom, Wisdom is a tree, Human Nature, Practical Applications of Quantifying the Mind, EBG etc. ( I would especially appreciate reviews from KVSS, PG, AK, KS, A and SKS )
I want anyone to challenge the following:

The so called normal society is actually sub normal and it need not be so.

We can create a super normal society across the board.
@ A
You are right. I am a mixture but I am an original mixture and a proud one at that. Amongst knollers I am probably the only laboratory rat!
Will we ever have the pleasure of viewing any of your movies?

6/14 A

@ SK   I think you are mixture of both. šŸ™‚

@ all   I think I will create a new movie soon, but I’m not sure what. A documentary, perhaps. I know one thing for sure: it will star my favorite actor (and a very famous one at that).

6/14 SK @ KVSS

Now we are getting somewhere. I am grateful to you for taking so much interest in my theme. Emotional intelligence defines the emotional competencies of individuals. The two ends of the emotional intelligence scale are ignorance and wisdom. Most people end up with an emotional intelligence that is a mixture of the two.

“Goleman used the term emotional wisdom” – wisdom is an emotional quality of the brain.
One may say that we can have multiple wisdoms, we may even be able to define many kinds of wisdoms but the nature of wisdom is such that it is an all or nothing entity.
If you are selfless then you are also humble, and loving and caring and responsible etc. A wise person is wise in all areas of life. The highest example of wisdom is Jesus and as you can see he is wise in all aspects.
For everyone else including Goleman wisdom is the ability to manage emotions. For me wisdom is naturally produced by cleaning up the brain of all emotional baggage. Thus my route to wisdom education is unique and all my own and different than all others. For Goleman wisdom education is learning to manage ones emotions ( how does managing love sound ) for me it is cleaning up the emotional brain of all emotional garbage. As for my quantifying the brain, the four levels of the brain are already there (though the premature level is more or less ignored; notice the book ‘I am OK you are OK’ it mentions child, parent and master, it ignores the fetus ). I just quantified these levels.
We don’t need neuroscience to measure the emotional intelligence of the brain. Though at some stage we may be able to test the emotional quality of the brain by testing the physical quality of the brain.

6/14 PG

Yes there is a long road ahead before human knowledge understand wisdom as a whole, as well as a combination of many traits.
Now another thing. How can knol attract more contributors if all the awards are shared by an elite, among them the “three musketeers” ? 
How those awards are granted, on what criteria, is a bit mysterious. 
There should be awards that focus on some precise criteria. To start with there should not be just gold stars but specific stars (for example blue = originality, red = clarity, green = exhaustivity, violet = actuality, grey = reliability…) which should be quite visible in the knol page.
That would give a chance for new knollers to get some recognition.

6/14 KVSS

I read the book Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman. As I keep repeating it is because of SK that I am aware of the subject and take some interest.
If SK defines highest form of emotional intelligence as wisdom, I think it may not be appropriate. Goleman used the term emotional wisdom. It may not encompass full wisdom. Goleman or other scholars in the area acknowledge Gardner for his multiple intelligence theory and add emotional intelligence to his concept of multiple intelligences. A man to be called wise, must have abilities in many of these areas.
I do not think multiple intelligence as a concept is new in practice or philosophy. In Hindu scriptures and epics, we talk of 64 arts and there are some persons who are well versed in all these 64 arts. In science, they are new concepts as some body has to express them in scientific terms and then give empirical evidence. Gardner gets the credit for his multiple intelligences concept, because he could give empirical test of the existence of multiple intelligences and also evidence that says IQ scores and scores or performance on other areas are not related.
IQ has a scale and there are tests for the scale. In Psychology scale development is an important activity. These scales are validated and then if one wants to use a published scale to counsel others, he has to go for a certification program. If SK comes out with -2,-1,+1, +2 scale, he has to come out with a measurement mechanism and then validate the mechanism. That requires expertise in scale development in psychology, psychometrics. I keep arguing that any concept developer needs to be appreciated and then others can take the concept forward. I appreciate SK for coming out with a concept.
The point I keep repeating is that a developer of a concept has to wait for its further development patiently if he is not able to develop further himself. At some point in time, some body may come out with a validated scale of wisdom measurement. Is SK measuring brain? Then he goes into  the subject of neuroscience. Probably much more complex and costly field to explore and experiment.
My two recent knols on emotional intelligence
A brief based on my first and second reading of the topic
The collection of scientists and their research (scientists quoted by Goleman). I have to complete the list first, and then add information regarding these scientists from their web sites.


6/13 KS @ SK

laboratory rat sounds good šŸ˜‰ . i think we can help each other .


6/13 SK

My latest knol: “Don’t be afraid; just believe”. – Mark 5:36

@ KS and A
I have developed my hypothesis after researching and observing my own emotional holes in contextual mindfulness (see my knol of same name ).   The more I observed my own emotional reactions in the nooks and crannies of my brain the more I was able to free myself out of these emotional holes. It is like observing a research subject from the outside except that I was able to research my brain from the inside out. In effect I made myself into a ‘laboratory rat’. Sometimes I think that in my profile instead of saying that I am a wisdom coach…etc. I should just say that I am a laboratory rat! What do you think?

6/13 KVSS

I completed a knol list project that I started some days back.
This presents the knols in the browsing directory of knol in an alphabetical list. It will be easy to people to browse. I shall browse through this list and post the knols of various subjects in the bulletin boards that I created for various management subjects.
I also have a blog on knol to post interesting knols. I can post the knols that I study from this list in that blog. That way I shall contribute my little effort to popularize specific knols of other authors. I found some interesting knols on the topics that I am doing something on. For example democracy.
I liked Spiros Kakos’ Debate Knol. I am sure some philosophy students and professors will join the debates in due course of time.
Yes making men better is a job to be done by some of the people in the society.
I am reading Goleman’s books seriously and writing some knols also. As I am taking some executive training sessions, I can keep informing them of my understanding of emotions. Of course my own ability to manage my emotions is quite poor. May be reading about  the subject may improve my ability to some extent. When you read something and look back at your experience in the light of your reading,it is termed reflective thinking. It will result in learning. It will result in plan to behave in a different manner in the future. What to do in the future gets decided. So the behavior may change.
I feel philosophers and religious persons were doing a lot to improve the ability of people to manage their emotions for the good of the society since ages. Only now scientists have entered. As the education system is full of scientists, there is more buzz now. SK is successfully adding to the Buzz on Emotional Intelligence and is to be appreciated for that.


6/12 SK @ KVSS

“…one saying man is selfish and the other saying man in natural state is good.” Every human being is born with the potential to actualize his full humanness potential. It is his emotional intelligence upbringing/education that determines how he will turn out. If his brain gets stuck at lower levels then man becomes bad, partly bad or somewhat bad respectively. This is why it is essential for parents, teachers and mentors to become aware of what it takes to create wise human beings.


6/12 A @ KS

Thanks–I guess? šŸ™‚

My b-day is coming up soon! I wonder what I should get myself. Oh, and @ SKAKOS–I’m adding your debates knol to my favorites–it is really a great knol! If I find something to debate about, I’ll be the first one in there. šŸ™‚

6/12 SKAKOS – Philosophy Debates knol is open

Dear all. You can find the Philosophy Debates Knol at Philosophy Debates. Feel free to start posting! I have proposed a theme to begin with: the nature of “IS”. Everyone can enter/propose his/her own new debates ofcourse! Please tell me what you think.


6/12 KS

@ Spiros aboard : five human beings say “you are a human being”

modern philosophical dialogue : yes, open a knol and let the debates begin!
(it’s hard for me (it’s impossible for me) to think in english, but i will give my two pence) .
btw. The requested knol has been flagged and is no longer available.
“Indeed, what I have written here makes no claim to novelty in detail, and the reason why I give no sources is that it is a matter of indifference to me whether the thoughts that I have had have been anticipated by someone else.”
yes, it was a good joke.
@ A  nice metamorphosis of an angle .
btw. i support your invitation .
he will be the number seven
and this number comes from heaven .
@ team internet can be so wonderful .

6/11 SK @ SKAKOS

Please open a knol and let the debates begin!


6/11 SKAKOS – Philosophy debates in Knol

I am extremely happy to see that Knol authors are dealing with philosophical questions and I would like to contribute to that. Besides commenting on the existing philosophy-related Knols that are recorded below, I would like to propose opening a Philosophy-Debate Knol(s). Something like the Dialogues of Plato but in a more modern version. What do you think?
Concerning the Knol-to-Knol plagiarism I reported below:
I do not wish to rate these articles or refer to them from my page. I have reported them and looking forward for their removal from Knol Help.

6/11 KVSS

I sat through many presentations today. One of them was on authentic leadership. Another one  was on utilizing religious beliefs in organizations. I am reading Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence. Thanks to SK, my reading of the book is preponed. Otherwise I do not know when I would have touched. My reading made write a small knol.
Goleman did a research extension service and he did it in a superb way.
The other idea I crystallized is on big bang and small bang of creation. Probably on Monday, I was discussing this issue with one of my colleagues. Can we make sense of monism? We thought dualism is more easy to understand and monism is difficult to understand. I think today I have some explanation that makes monism also easy to comprehend.
Of course it is now for others to say something on them.


6/11 KVSS (Could not post in the main body)


Can you send an email to knol help on the copying issue within knol itself?
I found that Hobbes and Rousseau could be the opposing philosophers one saying man is selfish and the other saying man in natural state is good and the emergence of private property idea only created conflict. I also found that Ayn Rand’s Novel Atlas Shrugged is interpreted as support to capitalism from a moral standpoint. The small bits of information are slowly getting discovered on the issue.
 6/11 AK

I made an update of my Knol Knol Translation. It’s now possible to ask for Translation-Partnerships.


6/11 SK @ SKAKOS

You can also mention at the end of your knol these copied knols.


6/11 SKAKOS – Copy-Paste from Knol to Knol?!?

I have written an article about Evolution and Intelligent Design a long time ago. You can find that Knol at However I just noticed that two people in Knol have copied the article as it is and posted it again under their own name! These  copy-knols can be found at and at Besides copying from other sites, have we now started copying from Knol to Knol ?!?!?

I would really appreciate your help on that. I have reported it to Google Help. What else should I do?

6/11 KVSS

on July 11 there is world population day. This year’s theme of celebration is educating the girl child. I am now within the time deadline. Knol authors are to be made aware of a world day at least 30 days before so that they can write articles.

The page I opened is
Stars and + and – may matter. may not also matter. My page views do keep increasing as I keep writing what I think is relevant materials for my audience. It includes me. As PG said, I do keep revising as my study evolves or as my thinking evolves in response to various stimuli. Yesterday I sat in a presentation on EI’s application in Organizations. I come to know something more about the topic. Today, I shall be in a variety of presentations on various topics in management and industrial engineering.

6/10 A

@ SK

I have noticed that! I had 4 3/4 stars for My Opinion of America, and it went down a lot! I think someone is doing this out of malice…
@ CQ
Hello! Welcome to our ranks. šŸ™‚  I posted a comment on your talk page (I’m MorrowindLover).

6/10 SK @ Team

Have you noticed that we had first a majority of 5 stars for this knol, then it became 4 and now we have 21 just 2 stars. Even on my knols someone is giving me 1 star faster than I can finish writing the knol.


6/10 KS<7div>

with a little grin on my face i just note at another knol the following comment : 

“I note at another Knol an attempt to persuade you that the Knol experiment encourages “non traditional sources to share their own unique life lessons that have universal practical benefits.” As a Wikipedian, you may be familiar with the prohibition against original research. As a Knoler, your two Knols demonstrate acknowledgment of what it means to stand on the shoulders of those who have proven their merit. Traditionally.” (MS(wikipedia agent))
and on whose shoulders stood Percival Yeomans ?

6/10 SK @ CQ 

The Knol platform is a bold experiment to expand the frontiers of knowledge by “encouraging non traditional sources to share their own unique life lessons that have universal practical benefits” – MS. Wikipedia is about established theories of knowledge while knol is about emerging hypothesis of knowledge. Wikipedia wants every topic defined in a single article where the best description from all the contributors goes to make that essay; Knol encourages several angles to cover the different shades of meanings on each issue. Knol is still in experimental stage. So if you have unique and effective knowledge to share you will hopefully soon feel at home here and find a large audience for your ideas. Knol help says you write the knols and they will do the rest.

“However the knolling potential is even bigger. Take a person like me for example. I have no official qualifications. In other main stream forums I am totally insignificant. As a knoler my ideas are truly examined for their value. I am not under assessment; my ideas are. As they say, “consider what is being said and not who is saying it” from my knol – ‘Knoling’.
Also our team is with you.

6/10 KS

to evolute

this is the way we are learning . may be we can evolute knol as a whole .
what do you think about inviting Spiros as a co-author ?
KS : yes . A : sure . SK : Yes. PG : Yes


@ CQ
a hearty welcome . the friend who told you to knock is invited too .
“Is there a way to initiate collaborations and conversations in a topical manner?”
i wrote three comments accordind to this on

6/10 KVSS  Dear Mr. Charley Quinton

Welcome to knol platform.

When I first saw the announcement of Knol on blogger dash board, I was not shocked. I am not a wikipedian. I started my online publishing with blogger and there your blog is your blog. It is independent of everybody else to begin with. May be some others links to you and you give a link to them. But you are your master.
On knol also I started like that only. Yes we could start a community and carry on some discussion. We opened some more topic specific pages. Please join the discussion and post your views in the main article portion of the knol. We can present our view to knol platform managers and they are always prompt to acknowledge our ideas and implement them if they feel they are valuable.

6/10 PG @ CQ


I cannot reply to all your interesting questions but I will just say that:
  • There is a “category” button in each knoll.
  • There are a few discussion knol on specific topics, but here also created at the initiative of individual knollers and things (titles for example) are not standardised.

Those questions should certainly be addressed, and Google should help to find technical solutions. Here is the place to make proposals: .

But I don’t think that too many rules should be imposed. Personnally I was often “shocked” by the wikimania to rule everything and to restrict authorship and to privilege hackneyed and obsolete knowledge, a paradox in our fast moving world.
With knol, we have the luck to participate in the advancement of knowledge, not to freeze it in a museum.
We are happy to welcome you to share our luck šŸ™‚

6/10 Charley Quinton

I’m shocked and …

…a little confused?
I’m new here and not well-dressed, but as a Wikipedian, I’ve learned to be bold and just barge right in. I was new at Wikipedia once. I’m really bewildered at the knol system and the lack of a category overview tool. I guess I’m accustomed to the MediaWiki engine with its page structure and its ability to balance context & content. The lack of context-sensitive discussion areas, portals and category pages is strange. Knol-land seems to be more like strings of disjointed thoughts and …
Is there a way to initiate collaborations and conversations in a topical manner? I know there has to be some sense of community here. Maybe I’ll find it in due time. I am a community builder and even helped in the founding of Wikiversity. I have one knol and one collection that I started but I feel like a lone stranger. I could use some guidance and encouragement. A friend of mine told me to just knock and the door will be opened. Thanks in advance for the warm welcome. šŸ™‚

6/10 SK @ MM/KH and Team

I am focusing on emotional intelligence because I want to wake up the world to the fact that wisdom which creates self mastery (the Holy Grail of education) {Self mastery is not clearly understood because the nature of the self is not well defined. I have not been able to define the self in eternal terms; but who cares if the self is eternal or not the more important aim is to make the self as pure and as of high a quality as is humanely possible – and this I know exactly how to do- by making the self projecting organ – the brain as pure and as super mature as possible!}, which is achieved by developing ones mind to the +2 super mature mind level. Wisdom is the most essential ingredient of all/and any human behavior. Whether it is defense budgets or foreign policy of governments, actions of individuals or groups all actions that result in +2 success must be powered by wisdom. And wisdom is so hard only because our lack of knowledge of the real nature of wisdom. From poverty to divorces, from conflicts to education and every human activity in between what is currently lacking is the wisdom factor!

And it is sad that others are not taking up my efforts to the next level.My latest Knol: “Listen!…” – Mark 4:3

6/10 KVSS

My google analytics shows me that I had 676 page views on 9.6.2009. A definite improvement over the last 15 days.
I am continuing my international days knols
If some of you have any info on them please write new knols or add info to the above knol.
I feel this is one component of our content strategy objective. International days could help us to create content and thereby serve some of the global missions of UN and other international agencies.
I am going through Goleman’s book. And I opened my Book information knol on Goleman’s book. I have not found many knols on emotional intelligence on knol excepting that of SK.


6/10 SK

6/10 KVSS

I agree with PG on revision of knols. That is the beauty of online articles. We can update them and improve them anytime. I have no problem in maintaining my articles. Even though I like the dash board of Blogger. I can have a quick look and access my articles more easily in blogger dash board.
I have 4000 posts in physics, chemistry, mathematics and management posts in blogger. I created them in the last two years. I created totally different posts in knol (extra 1000 in one year). I do not try much to send traffic to my blogs from knol. The two portfolios are very separate at the moment. Yesterday my blog page visits was around 1100 and knol page views was around 550. I hope in the course of this year my knol page views will go up to 1000 per day. There could be problem of maintaining the knol portfolio at some point in time. If it is a remunerative portfolio we have to employ assistants. If it is not a remunerative portfolio and is creating more problems, then one has to prune the portfolio. In my case, still pruning  reason has not yet come. Despite 500 page view visits, the comments are negligible. It is only when you are not able to respond to comments and modify your knol in response to comments that you have to think of pruning your portfolio.


 Mr. Jagadeesh, a member of our foundation started an open collaboration knol.
Please visit and give your ideas on the topic.


6/9 SK @ PG

evolutive knol‘ Your characterization is very precise. There is a deep connection between knol and knowledge. And as knowledge is ever expanding and refining, so knol has to be the same; constantly refined and upgraded.


6/9 A @ PG

You are absolutely right.

@ KS
I thought he was already! Sure!

6/9 KS

I, I, I, i love the team players .

btw. what do you think about inviting Spiros as a co-author ?

6/9 PG

About quality
For me a quality knol is also an evolutive knol, that is regularly updated and improved in a rotation basis. I still am under 100 knols, and I don’t rush to reach that number (I could rather easily as I still have only 23 knols in French against 70 in English). When I read a knol that I edited 2 months ago, I always realize that there is something lacking, whether minor or crucial, as well in content as in readability and presentation. If my number of knols would get too large I would become unable to check every one from time to time to see if it is still alive or if it is comatose and has lost its chance to attract a mass of readers. I like my knols to be fed regularly so that they don’t die of attrition. BTW, maybe some would merit a “mercy killing”, like a maimed horse, but I do my best to avoid it. They are my kids, you know, and I might be dependent of the “attachment bias”. šŸ˜‰

6/9 KVSS

My recent knol
The worry can be over quantity.
The worry can be over quality.
There is some urge in a person when he is performing an act visible to public. 
A particular knol or article has many intended purposes. 
The first one is that it is an interesting theme to which I myself want to come back after sometime and revisit. The second is that I would like to tell my friends to visit and think over the issue. 
The third is that I want to make some people aware of the issue. 
The fourth is that I want large number of people to read my articles. 

div>The fifth is that I want it to be course material for the courses that I teach.

The sixth one is that I want a specific person to collaborate with me and expand the knol.
The seventh is that I want a debate to start on the topic.
The eighth one is that I want many others to write knols on the topic (knolstorming ).
I may write some more like this. If you or any of the members of the foundation read my knol and identify certain shortcomings, please write them in a comment. The theme is irrelevant – you write it so. You know some additional information or source about the topic please furnish it. You want  more elaboration of an idea – Yes say it, welcome. You want to change formatting. Please offer your help. You can become a coauthor and improve formatting. 
I unpublished 100 knols recently because there was no significant content in them. But once again in a short time, I opened altogether different 100 knols. I feel personally each and every knol has a purpose and some of them are popular according to my standards of popularity. For example, my knol on World Environment Day has 83 page views in the first week. My colleagues are contributing to that knol now. According to me Knol platform should make efforts to promote each world day through some special effort. I am making some samples of it.
I am willing to take the criticism for shortcomings in any knol of mine and I may do amends if I can or I can request others to be coauthors if they can do something about it. But I do not want people to get agitated over the number of knols a person is writing. I have a project of writing 1000 knols(20  knols for each subject in the MBA currculum (20*50)). For each subject, I want to write book information knols on 5 books.  I started a series on concepts of management as well as concepts related to investment. These ideas give me scope to write large number of knols. I keep writing. They have a design and they have a purpose and they will succeed over a period of time. I have some success as an online writer and that success gives me a direction and energy to go forward.
Google analytics tells me that over 90% of my visitors come from search engines. I am happy with my visitor number. May be I cannot increase those numbers easily further. May be I can. It requires ideas to take our projects to the next orbit of success. When in the past we had some successful ideas, they will come in the future also.
I do not have to tell you about emergence of ideas. You are the most creative person among all of us on this board.

6/8 A @ SK

Yes, I’m quite aware about the meaning of maverick, but I wasn’t sure with the context you used it.

And yes, it is appropriate to call me a maverick. I’m not afraid to muckrake.

6/8 SK @ KS & A

A maverick is an intellectual, an artist, or a politician, who takes an independent stand apart from his or her associates (from An independent spirit. I consider my self a maverick too. Most of my knols are apart from mainstream knowledge.

When I say that my knols are original, a perfect example is the knol by Spiros, The source of ethics. It is beautifully written. Compared to this knol my review is poorly written. But my review expands the concept into uncharted territory – Practical Morality.

6/8 A

@ KS Ok, so maybe I did exaggerate a bit…

@ SK I’m not sure what exactly you meant by calling me a maverick, but I’ll take it as a compliment.
@ KS again It truly is thin air. I was about to use an example (think: a showy rat) but I decided against it.
I like your example though.

6/8 KS @ SK

i’ll give you an example of writing in thin air:

@ Murry & Co
PB wrote on the KAF page :
“I have great respect for the person that chose to re-publish this review after it was at first barred. For there is no future for an organization that can not be transparent and deal with challenges in an open forum. So to that person … respect.”
and now you guys have blocked SK from commenting on your knols !!

6/8 SK @ KS and A

Google algorithm decides quality of knols not just by good writing. It looks for graphs, photos, videos,references etc. If I include all this in my knols I will get a few top pick knol awards. But Google algorithm as I said is not able to identify original and insightful knols, the main quality of my knols.  But the bottom line is that in our team we have two very original mavericks – KS and A. Keep up the good work!


6/8 KS

heheh, I think you’re exaggerating a bit, A..

okay, okay, you are right . we must learn not to write in thin air .

6/8 A

Hello everyone!

So sorry about being lax in updating. Many things to worry and stress about here.
First of all, a big welcome to some new members–Thyagaraaj M and Utpal Chattopadhya! I hope you keep writing!
I see Spiros published his knol as a lecture. The Source of Ethics was one of my favorite knols. I would pay to hear that lecture anytime! šŸ™‚
I think one of the problems today on knol is that all of the big authors–SK, KVSS, PB, SKAKOS, etc.–churn out plenty of knols, but isn’t quality over quantity? I think the best knols of all were the ones that they put their thoughts into and took their time to write. But when they just start to write whatever goes into their heads, I find it uselss clutter. Pardon me if I’m offending, all.
So that’s pretty much it. KOTM is moving slowly, isn’t it AK?

6/8 SK @ MM/Knol Help and Team

Every child grows up with an emotional intelligence education (EIE). The other name of emotional intelligence education is womb-conditioning and upbringing. Staring with ignorance the brain is supposed to develop until it becomes wise. Unfortunately due to lack of EIE knowledge most get stuck at the lower level. At least in America the parents make every effort to give their children the best possible upbringing. Financially and emotionally they invest their best efforts for the future of their children. However they make this one big blunder of trying to realize their own unfulfilled dreams of a trophy self image through their children. Thus they create a trophy self image driven society. If only I can wake up America to this blunder. Imagine America run on a super mature emotional intelligence. Where would America be today if it was not a self image driven society.
I think it was Will Durant who said that the most important step for research is framing the right questions. I even have a host of new questions for teaching/researching emotional intelligence apart from some of the answers that I have already provided.
Not just what is the function of the emotional brain.
Asking each person:
‘Does your brain do what it is supposed to do?’
‘Do you know that emotional brain garbage is present in some form in most brains?’
“What is blocking you from true happiness?’
‘Do you know what you need to do to optimise your life?’
‘Do you know that the elixir of your life is within reach?’
“Do you know that your life’s agenda may be driven by your self image?” Etc.
With your help we can together create an emotional healing portal. And not just for individuals; also for groups and countries. I cannot do it alone. I have put my ideas out on the internet thanks to Knol management and if anyone feels they want to join forces with me they can be my partners.
Inspite of all my work on human nature and the self I feel that my one idea that is of equal importance is my invention of, ‘Vacuum Power Generators’. I feel that ‘Vacuum power is the fulcrum of wind power’. One day vacuum power will drive cars and generate electricity.

6/8 SK @ PG and MM/KH

Self image is what each person thinks his own self to be. It is that which the brain perceives as the ‘I’ in you and me. All our emotional intelligence problems result from our not perceiving the real ‘I’ and thus not becoming our true self. The bottom line of the self image is the importance that each one of us gives to our own self image which is partly phony, as a result we struggle all our lives to fulfill the dreams of phony self image. And as the successes of this struggle are not the dreams of our true self we don’t feel truly happy. The premature self image is powered by feelings of omnipotence ( due to the brain development being stuck at womb-conditioning stage ). The person considers himself as all important. Thus hardened criminals and gangsters consider them selves above the law. You can see -2 brains affect badly the rest of society. These guys are not just bad for themselves they cause havoc for the rest of society. This is why to control crime we must ensure that people don’t get stuck at this -2 level brain. (here you can clearly see the application of my work on crime prevention)

Those with an immature self image have a corrupt self image as a result look at the devastation it causes to whole societies that are corrupt.
Then there is the mature trophy self image. Just imagine if instead of most Americans having a +1 trophy self image what if they had a +2 super mature self image! And this is possible and I am hoping you and KVSS will join me in waking up America and the world to their real +2 potential.
The highest quality self image is the total absence of any image. At the +2 super mature level the real self becomes actualized. This is the real quality of each and every person and most can achieve this level. Developing humbleness and selflessness (image less self ) is a matter of correct emotional intelligence education. I can show the way but people like you and KVSS can develop the way (Tao) further.
The self mostly develops independent of society but also has a group self image ie. I am me and I am also a Christian/Muslim/Hindu/Indian/Quaker etc.
Trophy self is part of the individual and it causes a host of problems for the person but trophy group image is the cause of all the human tragedy resulting from ‘My religion is the only true path to salvation’.
This is a topic that society must urgently focus on. Look at the havoc that the lack of attention and the neglect of this topic is causing. Self image has a direct connection with wisdom. A selfless person is a wise person. A -2 self image person is not only -2 for his own self he has a -2 impact on the rest of society. This is an essential topic and must not be ignored.

6/8 PG @ SK & KVSS 

Self-image is important, but what is it exactly?
Is it endogenous to the self, independent of society?
Or on the contrary linked to the attitude towards the society / the group, entailing some feeling of superiority, or inferiority, or parity, towards one’s peers?
I have no answer, and can only suggest here again the cursor approach. Even an ermit has a self image, I suppose, but the quest is not for a trophy. The trophy quest can only exist, seems to me, inside a group. It supposes some comparison and ranking with peers.
Btw, this is why society is so generous in giving medals. Well, they cost less than cash bonuses ;-)).
Tricky topic and certainly worth exploring.


6/8 SK @ KVSS

Thank you for starting a knol on my theme. This is exactly what I am hoping for: established main stream education taking up my theme. In the natural order of things every brain should develop physically and emotionally to the +2 super mature level. It is the way we bring up our children that most often does harm to the quality of their brain. And inferior emotional intelligence education creates all kinds of life problems from psychiatry problems to sociology problems, to lack of happiness to addition to drugs and depression it even has a direct connection to poverty. Brain quality determines life quality. Lack of proper upbringing knowledge on the part of parents results in inferior quality brains. If I can wake up America to trace the drug additions, the huge rate of divorce, depression and lack of happiness to the cultivation of the trophy self image then the purpose of my life is fulfilled. While American upbringing is not that bad it at least brings the quality of the brain to +1 mature level. The quality of the brain in 3rd world countries is developed to the -1 immature level. Whole countries are caught in this grip of developing brains to the immature level. Look at all the corruption as an accepted way of life and as a result the poverty and misery of life.

The giants of science since ancient times have been asking for a theory of life that answers the mega questions of philosophy. My hypothesis needs to be considered as such a theory as it sheds light on all the issues of the mind sciences. One of the applications is that all emotions are quantified. So life can be lived by numbers. It was Pythagoras who first said that life is numbers. Also self mastery = wisdom = +2 super mature emotional intelligence. My hypothesis that the human mind is ‘womb-conditioned’ {Brain shaped by the conscious womb environment} has hundreds of practical applications including inventions. ( I invented a ‘womb-cot’ as the fetus is used to being constantly hugged by the womb wall I created a cot that makes the new born child feel hugged even while in the cot).
One of my themes is that self mastery can be taught not only to individuals, it can also be taught to whole groups and countries…

6/8 KVSS

I read SK’s knol. The basic idea of SK is clear. Brains can be developed to higher maturity. Trophy self image leads to problems. Parents are responsible in creating trophy self images. SK may not be taking a psychiatry issue. If it is a psychiatry issue, he has to find out how many cases are due to trophy self image problems and how many cases are due to negative self image problems. If he is looking at psychiatry issue, then what should be done by psychiatrists to clear the trophy self image will come into picture.
Is he looking at sociology picture from the point of view of happiness of society. If more people of wisdom are there, society may be more happy. I am looking for material on self image issues and I started a knol to support SK’s issue of trophy self image. I do not think there is a lot of material on internet servers and websites on this topic.
Developing Positive and Healthy Self Image
While I just made a beginning with the instructions given by a clinic for improving self image, I shall try to integrate the material with material in Psychology and Organization Behavior books.

6/7 SK

My latest knol: How the Tao can be explained in words


6/7 KVSS

World Environment Day News
Empire State Building was recently retrofitted. The modification is expected to reduce energy consumption up to 38 percent.
Do you have information to share on Environment protection?
Added information on refugee problems in Sri Lanka and Pakistan in
I see good potential for knol to contribute on various global issues being championed by UN. We can write individual knols as well as some collective knols. I personally feel some collective knols must become popular to make Knol a success. If there are many 10 author-member groups maintainiing collective knols in various topics, regular visitor traffic for knol will increase many fold. Our bulletin board is a collective knol. I am trying open some more collective knols subject-wise or topic wise. Our Hindi Bulletin Board is also going on well. I am going to a training program in Hindi next week to improve my Hindi to write more frequently on Hindi Bulletin Board. I am looking forward to SK’s writing on Hindi Bulletin Board.
I saw today in a paper good things written about a blog that attracts 14,000 visitors a month. My knol portfolio attracts around 10,000 visitors. People want us to feel bad about our articles despite the comparative success of themes. In the morning I thought. Every body around 500 page views are occuring for my knol portfolio. If one thinks in terms of books, my knol portfolio is book having 1000 pages. This pave view is equivalent to 15 persons reading the full book in a month. This is equal to 180 people reading the full book in a year. This is not a bad performance for a book. Many books do not sell more copies in a year. We are not talking of blockbusters. We are here to cheer a blockbuster knol and its author when one appears. I eagerly wait the success of many knol authors next year.
Good information and effort. I just saw your philosophy portal knol.



five stars . yet it’s not the end of the discussion, it’s the beginning .

for a stone, it is happiness to be a stone. for a human being it’s happiness to be a human being.
but how do i know to be a human being ? only, if other human beings trade me as a human being .
in the thousands and thousands of years of matriarchy it was the mother, who telled me that i was a human .
in the last few thousend years of patriarchy it was the father who told me whether i was or was not a human .
today hollywood and the money tell me that i’m not a human (my opinion of america) . oh, and MS .

6/6 – SKAKOS: A Knol as an online course

I have just published one of my Knols titled The Source of Ethics as an online course at This site offers the opportunity to writers to publish what they feel is good for others to learn and share it with prospective students. It is something that is offered completely free of charge. The platform enables you also to create exam questions for your course, so as to give students a kind of “certification” for their learning experience. I think it is something nice and worth a try. Maybe it is also a way of promoting work done here.
Please take a look and tell me what you think of this.

6/6 SK @ PG

Moral values based on religion are based on shaky scientific grounds and on top of that as you say, “that might fit moral tenets but whose effects are harmful”. Religious moral tenets can be prejudiced and thus harmful for humanity.

6/6 SK @ PG

“anticipative morality” I have never read this concept before. Very intresting and very original! Please expand this concept. When I use the term practical morality I mean that when it comes to traditional moral values they are mostly based on grounds that cannot be proved scientifically. Like moral values because there is a Gd. My Practical morality is rock solid. It is real and within the paradigm of science because the moral values of a +2 super mature mind are real! Also My basic formula fits here too! Thus morals can be measured and quantified. I have to go I will continue later…

6/6 PG @ SK

Agree with you about your message to Murry’s, but not sure you can make him understand that his cursor between several types of realities is deseperatly stuck on one side of the polygon.
Better not loose too much time with him, unless he tries to destroy what is outside its way of seing things.
But even so, you are right to state your position, so that the other readers see clearly what is at stake, which for me is the right to bring one’s own findings without being forced to fit some official paradigms decided by some self appointed expert. This is how knowledge can advance.
As for “practical morality”, the question you refer to, I’m more the asker than the one able to give ready answers. I would say that an element is “anticipative morality”, wondering about the unexpected consequences of decisions and behaviors that might fit moral tenets but which effects are harmful. Here again it is about the cursor position between lofty principles and hard realities. Maybe this is what you call wisdom.

6/6 KS

world day
here you can see a big movie (the music is a little stupid)

6/6 KVSS

Yesterday I realized that there are a number of world days sponsored by United Nations to help solve some of the problems of the world. Global problems require the efforts of global bodies. PG’s advocacy.
I think we should do our bit to create awareness about these issues. UN agency UNHCR specially highlighted the role of social media in spreading awareness about World Refugee Day – 20th June.
I started two knols.
I look forward to contributions from knol authors in these knols regarding the activities regarding this day in their country. You may not be knowing anything about it. I also do not know. But we can search the net as well as notice a news item in the newspaper now that we are aware of the problem and post additional information. It will be good if we develop the knols by those particular days. That way we will do  our bit in this global world. May be the agencies will recognize our role also in solving those problems.

6/6 SK @ Dear Murry

and MM/KH ( Please note ):
I wish you and your team the best. Lets be friends again and lets just respect each others views. I am a layman. I have no degrees. It is only when people of standing like your self will give me a little credit will I really succeed. What do you think of my ‘wisdom’ knol? Can you review it for me, please. I will welcome your honest opinion good or bad. I do not think of myself as an expert in the normal sense. I just write in a trance after praying. This kind of a thing may be uncommon in the West but it is common in India. Satiya Jeet Ray ( Oscar winner ) became a movie producer after a similar experience. Your team mate Kishan will understand this.

My work is in the realm of philosophy, an area where maven scientists from Pascal of the ancient times, to our age mind/brain guru Prof. Steven Pinker of Harvard, have impatiently asked for a hypothesis, true or false, that explains the mega questions of life. I have proposed the cause of human nature. I have quantified the mind, now emotions can be measured! I have explained wisdom etc. I have pointed out what is exactly wrong with American education. I even interpret the bible in my own unique way. And my biggest success ‘Wisdom Express’ which is liked by President Obama and Senator Kerry etc. And my favorite – solving ( I know I am claiming that I solved this mystery, well let some one else bring a better solution and I will respectfully withdraw this claim ) of the mystery ‘Why nature tosses a billion sperm when one can do the job’ ( This was a Time magazine essay headline).
I know my work has not been verified but look at the common sense practical applications ( dozens of major ones and countless minor ones ) of my hypothesis. Can’t I get a little credit from you for this? Your approval is important for me. Ref. my knols – ‘Wisdom is a tree’, ‘How to live your life’, ‘Human Nature’, ‘Practical applications of quantifying the mind’, ‘Time’ and  my own favorite ‘The code of life’ etc. etc…400+ knols – all original and mostly all of them insightful- all written in a trance. I bet you a W100.00 ( Our knol money ), a day will come when some of my knols will be ‘Top Pick Knols’. It is just that Knol management has not figured out how the knol algorithm can decide insightful and ground breaking knols.
The following is what knol management said to yours truly:
“The Knol team provides a technology platform. We are not able to editorially evaluate whether content is “ground breaking”. Our awarding of “Top Pick” badges is algorithmic, based on a large number of automatically calculated signals. Unfortunately it is hard to define a computational metric that captures “insight”. We encourage our users to evaluate, rate, review and promote content that they enjoy and find useful”.
The key word here is ‘unfortunate’ because they do want their algorithmic to pick out insightful knols!!! So my day will come…
Actually I still feel nice about Kishan because we exchanged friendly comments early on. I love and respect you and this is why I will never delete anything you say. Can I add you and your team to the ‘Knoller hall of fame?” Also thanks for saying ‘Dear Sajid’. Also I want you to know that I admire your journalist successes because I have been a free lance journalist too and am proud of my selfless journalistic work. But I am not even 30% as successful as you have been. I wish I was half as good a journalist as you are. If you come to New York can I invite you and your team for lunch?

6/5 SK @ KVSS

It seems that your own ideas about capitalist moral values are coming from what you read about them recently in Marxist books. Marxists will always have prejudiced ideas about capitalist morals. The essence of life is individual freedom which is wholeheartedly supported by capitalist countries. The most ideal capitalist country is America and I have written a knol ‘The wisdom of America’ in which I have described the soul of America – the American constitution – being based on wisdom. The ultimate moral values are values that are based on wisdom and the best ever moral code is the one given by Moses in the form of The Ten Commandments to his people. And if you compare which moral code – Capitalistic or socialistic is the closest to the code of wisdom you will see that the capitalist moral code is closer to wisdom. It is also more practical because it enables the individual to have the incentive to work harder and even learn more.

In my view philosophy is a quest to find the answers to those mega questions of life that science as yet does not fully have answers for. Once a question of philosophy is scientifically answered it no longer remains a philosophy question. It becomes a science question and answer. Issues of philosophy are being researched to make them into science issues!

The domain of philosophy is the domain of questions; the domain of religion is the domain of definite moral laws. Philosophy attempts to define and clarify laws; religion lays down laws with complete confidence and authority. Religion knows what is right; philosophy wants to find out what is right.

“But you think socialism is inherently weak in comparison to capitalism”. Socialism is based on an idealistic premise that all will work to their best ability and strength for their country. And that curtailing individual freedom for the common good will be a formula for success. In nature it does not work that way. People will work more if they are personally rewarded more and the more freedom they have to accumulate wealth the more success they will have and the cumulative success will make the country more prosperous. More over capitalism works the same way across most countries. In the case of socialist countries the socialism of say India will be different from the socialism of say Chile. Each socialist country has its own definition and interpretation of socialism based on their own leaders prejudices and experiences. Capitalism has an even universal standard where socialism does not.

I wanted your and PG’s opinion on my suggestion of basing the moral values on the qualities of the super mature mind – my concept of practical morality – morality that can be measured and quantified.

6/5 KVSS

“Who is better aligned with the spirit of promoting knowledge that is the foundation of Google Knol”.
 My thinking is that there are many. There is no reason for anybody to push anybody else.
There is a content policy and if somebody is violating it, knol management will push them out.
To promote knowledge in large number of subjects, right from the basic levels say KG education to the output of doctoral degree holders, knol platform requires hundreds of thousands of authors. I do not know if there are 5000 knol authors who wrote one full knol at this time on knol, and there is a movement to label some of them. We want many knol authors who get millions of page views for their knols. The first year of knol will not have even one author who will have 100,000 page views per month. In the second year will anybody achieve that distinction? We have to challenge everybody to come with their own strategies and achieve something big. After they achieve their personal target if they can help some others who come to them for help if will be appreciated.
Make knol platform a fun place to write. Well if you do not like somebody’s claim, make a comment the claim is preposterous and leave it at that. if you are a world class logic person, people will accept your logic and discount the knol. If you are not, fine, let the author’s views be read by a visitor. Why do you do propaganda to remove an author from knol platform? In this big open world, not allowing somebody space even to express his ideas is not right.
I still do not know the right views regarding the morals that support a capitalist society. Yesterday, I read in a marxist book that philosophy is science and it is different from religion. That book separates philosophy from religion. It says philosophers who are idealists or spiritualists are supporting religions and going close to it.
As you have written any accomplished person in any  walk of life may have a super mature brain of the +2 level. Ability to define the maturity scale, mapping the people onto the scale and then having a method to improve the maturity level of the brain are all important abilities which people are trying to develop sometimes with success and sometimes without success. I wish the best for your efforts. Mahesh Yogi thought doing meditation for 20 minutes twice day will improve the decision making skills of people to a very high levels and spent his life to promote his idea.
Freud probably is great because he could cure mental patients with his concepts ego, id and superego and further explanation of behavior of people. I wrote elsewhere about relevance for analysis. A scholar’s concepts become useful when they have analytical relevance meaning that they can be used in practice.
Capitalism and socialism are both developed by super mature brains. But you think socialism is inherently weak in comparison to capitalism. Therefore contrary to what Marx predicted, capitalism will survive, but socialism will collapse. Let us discuss the issue more over the coming months as we go more deep into the theory.

6/5 KS

@ ThiyagaraaiM
@ team
yes, we need the right questions and the right rules .
i think the policy of knol is to enable us to write our own contents and then try to knit them together .
so the right question for me is : “who is the BEST knoller for me ?”
if someone makes a proposal (offer, suggestion) and we can not unite, then we need an agreement how we nevertheless can act as a groop .


I agree with you. Asking the right questions is the most important first step because it defines what answers we are looking for.

@ KVSS and PG
The real cause of the economic meltdown.
It is amazing that even the best writers of economics don’t get the whole picture. Take this beautiful article by David Brooks in the NY Times today. They all miss the main point of the financial melt down. Derivatives and trades became so complex that in many instances they became virtually just paper trades. Thus the books showed more profits than in the actual and real world. And as a result parts of the assets became assets in the domain of thin air. However when deciding their own compensations and bonuses and salaries and even expenses (notice how executives take private planes) they based it on the phony puffed up paper value. Thus they took out real money from the company thereby making the real value of the company more and more hollow by shifting the balance more and more to phony paper assets. Naturally with the foundation of the company becoming more and more virtual based on thin air, the foundation collapsed. New rules will have to be written with this fundamental factor in mind.
I need a favor from both of you. I want your opinions on my earlier response (practical morality) to PG’s 6/2 post on Capitalist Morality versus Socialist Morality


Sometimes asking the right questions is more important than having all the answers…With that in mind, I believe that asking the question “who is the BEST knoller” is not the right question and leads to problems no one wants. I think the right question is “Who is better aligned with the spirit of promoting knowledge that is the foundation of Google Knol”.

6/5 KVSS

Today is World Environment Day. I developed a knol.
Please post information related to your country in it.

I wrote a comment in knol home page comments knol that knol management needs to identify such important days and create knol challenges and promote knol writing on the issue of the world day. They can start publicizing the day a month before.
“my group basic is : we should agree that we want to agree .”
Can you elaborate your idea?

6/4 KS

@ UC
i don’t think that this will work . there are too many cars in the world .
we need a free world market, a world democracy and a world money .
my moral basic is the golden rule :
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
my group basic is : we should agree that we want to agree .

6/3 UC

I would like to bring to the notice of you that the Obama Govt. is going for nationalization of  the General Motors. I feel it is a substantial deviation from the economic policies that have been followed in USA in recent years.

6/3 KS

forget them :
Gerd Zeitler, Murry Shohat, Peter Baskerville, Wlodzimierz Holszynski

6/3 KVSS

The top viewed knol authors number is increasing. I saw the recent figure as 2310. May be the minimum views required is 1500 to be rated as a top viewed knol author.

6/3 KS

mp3 button
this is just a little step for knol, but a big one for all english learning knollers

another step :

6/2 SK

‘Sorry! This knol’s owner(s) have blocked you from editing, making suggestions, or commenting here’. – Finally Murray and team have blocked me from commenting on their knols; they have axed my challenge comment. I guess they do not want to accept my challenge to debate their metrics knol. Actually I liked this knol and in fact voted for it to be the first choice as the best knol of the month! Yet it is not a perfect method of determining quality that they have developed and I think it still has flaws at least one big chink.

@ A
As I said their emotional intelligence has a few screws loose. But if we descend to their level then we are in the same boat.

6/2 A @ SK

I think you understand now why I find him antagonistic. I am ready to accept that we–the members of the board, myself, and Murry and Co.– are all good knollers. However, Murry seems intent on picking out a fight and personally criticizing myself and others (his favorite term of abuse is “sock puppet”). This is immature, unreasonable, and unacceptable. It’s more than a question of who’s a better knoller–it’s a question of whether we are going to criticize others’ “units of knowledge.”

Since you and your team are bent on showing that I am an inferior knoller would you like to accept my challenge: Lets debate: ‘What is a quality knol?’ This is a legitimate question and it will help define knol more clearly. From the outset I must say that I admire your knolling skills and I have nothing personal against you. I love you and your team and hope one day we will all stand together shoulder to shoulder in the struggle against ignorance, prejudice, poverty of moral values etc. and for wisdom!

@ KVSS and PG
One of the biggest flaw I find in the approach to finding answers to the mega questions of philosophy is that man is obsessed with finding the ultimate answers instead of trying to find the best possible answers. Take the question of morality. There are those whose morality concepts are based on their beliefs. For them morality is a Gd given tenant so there are many who are bent on proving that morality is from Gd ( Is it any less good if it is not from Gd? ). Others base it on universal human values. There are points for and against these approaches and ultimate answers to date are beyond the realm of science. I suggest we take the purely scientific approach and define practical morality. I have defined the human mind in four basic levels. The moral values of a premature mind are those of a snake. The moral values of a immature mind are corrupt. The moral values of a mature mind are those of a trophy self image driven ambitions of a ‘I am the best’ driven mind. The moral values of a super mature mind are those of a wise human being. So we can define the ideal moral values as those that are generated by a super mature mind.

Capitalist moral values are based on the moral values of a super mature mind; as the majority of capitalist minds develop up to the mature mind level the results of capitalistic morality reflect the moral values of the mature mind ( the majority of minds in capitalist countries ). Thus each for himself cornering as much for himself as possible. As the foundations of capitalist morality is individual freedom it results in more people rising to the top and most people who work doing better then in restricted freedom. However individual freedom also results in many greedy people exploiting this freedom, thus this image that capitalists are greedy. Only a small section is greedy the vast majority live honest hard working lives. It is just that for some big corporations profit is the bottom line.

Socialist moral values are also based on the super mature mind. However the concept that each for the whole community results in suppressing personal ambition as in this restricted personal reward settings people have no incentive to work harder. As production stalls socialist leaders take restrictive actions and a vicious cycle starts and as more freedoms are restricted the more negative effects it has on the economy and the lives of people.

I am seriously thinking of taking up your suggestion on writing a knol on the NY mayor’s election. However I do not have any original ideas to contribute so I don’t know how good it will be. Also I am a novice on this topic.

6/2 PG @ KVSS

Capitalist Morality versus Socialist Morality is a crucial debate

Well, what is morality is also a crucial debate, as many perverse effects can occur in the name of morality.
As for capitalism, there are a lot of ambiguities about what is capitalism, market economy, free trade, financialization and many other related notions. 
It would be interesting to dig into them to try to differentiate them.
Some critics or praises about one of those notions can in fact address another, and people, among them politicians and philosophers, might throw the wrong tomatoes at the wrong target.
Same thing for socialism, communism, state economy, terms that can mean many things.
Another very ambiguous animal in the economic zoo is value, as there are so many theories about it.
To debunk all economic terms, which are prone to many confusions might take years of dog work (or dog years of work) by us knollers.
My two cents on capitalism are in What new capitalism means

6/2 SK

Murray is obsessed with trying to bring us down. I posted the following on his bio knol:

The knol platform is above all about sharing knowledge which means sharing original knowledge that is not there and which expands the frontiers of knowledge. Do my knols not have original insights? Idea for original idea are my knols in any way less original then your knols? Do you have anything as spectacular as my hypothesis on the sperm and egg or my work on emotional intelligence and wisdom? I have said that I am a fan of your writing, you write more superior knols than me but in originality and in taking science forward and expanding the frontiers of science who is inferior? I can write a whole knol proving that your regular intelligence is +2 super mature and that your emotional intelligence is +1…

Yes: Quality trumps quantity… and originality trumps even quality. What is better – something old and already known rewritten in a superior manner or something original written in a regular manner. Which will benefit more and which is more inline with Knol platform goals? Please don’t be so obsessed with your own superiority and my inferiority. Lets just move on.

6/2 KVSS

I opened a knol
Open Collaboration Knols – Leveraging Wiki Platform of Knol
This idea came from Peter Greenfinch’s post on Financial knol index. Can you all write the open collaboration knols you started from participation from other knol authors and visitors. Once in a while we can have look at this list and remember the knols wherein we can make some contribution.
Presently I made a list of authors from knol author foundation and I have to include all authors from the foundation and included some knols that I know.  PG,SK and KS can add more knols of theirs. I shall also add some more of my open collaboration knols.
I request SK to open a knol on New York Mayoral Election – 2009. We can understand how elections to Mayors are conducted in US through that knol and also contribute something to that knol through our internet searches.
I developed my knol on Capitalist Morality versus Socialist Morality further. I now titled it as a Knol Debate. There is scope to go deep into moral principles outlined by various thinkers and how they are used in developing alternate economic systems. I invite your contribution as comments. If anybody is interested to be a coauthor I shall invite as a coauthor. You can write a knols on your own and we can link them in this knol.

6/1  A @ KS

Yes yes yes! Look at the top, by the collection tool and the favorite icon. Yay! I wonder when they put that in. It’s pretty funny listening to the guy saying (whuffy and so on). He also says “kuh-nol” instead of “nol.” I think the automated voice needs some speech therapy.  šŸ™‚

6/1 KVSS

Thank you for including the knol in financial knol index. Sometimes creating the knol itself is becoming  a tiresome task. The additional work of including it in various indexes is getting neglected. Probably that is why directories and search engines are flourishing. But gentle reminders like yours will have the effect for some time.

thank you for your comment on

I added more material to it. It is a contemporary topic and an important topic. In exploring internet to develop the knol further,  I found a book published in 2009 on Rethinking Capitalism. In the preface, the author writes, the book has its genesis in a reply that he wrote in response to an article in Harvard Business Review regarding the shortcomings in Business School Education. A topic of obvious interest to me. See how our moves happen. From the interest in management political party, to morality issues and from there to business school curriculum issue. Knol writing keeps us thinking and provides us avenues to explore. Like those great explorers like Columbus and Vasco Da Gama we also discover books and articles that need to be highlighted to potential readers.

I feel Capitalist morality versus socialist morality has the potential to be a knol debate. I added the view of Marshall just now (at 10.21 pm Indian Standard Time).

.< board 2009


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