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A book is seen flying behind President Obama at a rally in Philadelphia.


Thought of Interesting New Knols
We can highlight some new knols and encourage new authors.
heba samy is a doctor and wrote 8 interesting knols yesterday.
@SK  Will be good if you come to India as a delegation member.
I am excited about it. Probably you can talk on culture of USA and what Indians have to learn about it in NITIE if you can spare time and come to NITIE. It will be a two hour drive from city to NITIE. I shall spend the full two days with you, depending on your time availability. Meet some Google people before the visit, tell them that you are going to India as a part of business delegation and you will promote Knol appropriately. Show them your Youtube videos promoting Knol.

My problem is it will be the height of the antique season. If I come I will have to go to Lucknow for at least two days plus the time I will have to spend in Mumbai I will have to be away from New York for more than a week. I do not know if I can afford it. Lets see how the business goes.


Today is 2nd October. Wisdom or at least First Wisdom day announced by SK. I organized the day virtually on Twitter as a lone wolf .
International Day of Non-Violence, 2 October and Essay Writing Competition – Teachers’ Day – Gandhiji’s Birthday – 2010 are trending knols for the day.
If we pick up one theme – a subject, country, social movement, political event, sports event, cultural event, we can make some knols related to that theme trending knols by combined promotion of those knols on Knol, Twitter, Orkut, Facebook, Linkedin, Blogs and emails and some personal promotion through personal contacts and telephone conversation. Somebody has to come out with the themes. I already did it with industrial engineering, India and now Gandhi. I want others to take the initiative and propose the theme and knols. I shall support the promotion. I am sure some more will join.  More and more authors will join when they feel results are coming. Such weekly campaigns will spread positive sentiment about Knol in us as well as others.
I want your participation in making Interesting New Knols a successful initiative that highlights good content on Knol. Join as coauthors and add knols to it whenever you feel a knol is good. There are many useful knols. We just have to put them at one place. Daily fifty knols very good. Nothing you could point as you are busy or nothing was worth mentioning no problem. Join the initiative and show what you like on Knol. Active authors on Knol is a popular knol now. People are coming to it through Google search. I invite you to join that knol also as coauthors. Our bulletin board is excellent for exchange of ideas. Some more specialised boards are doing additional services to Knol. Strengthen them and promote Knol.

I am not ready yet to organize Wisdom Day. I am still working on it. If I do it I will do it on a reasonable scale.
Thank you for all your efforts, guidance and support. Your excellent knol has given me a good template of how to launch Wisdom Day. Thank you. International Day of Non-Violence, 2 October


Good New Content on Knol
Very happy to inform you that now there are more than 50 knols now in Interesting New Knols. 263 page views have taken place and the knol is on its 3rd day. Hope 25 member author team can be assembled for this knol. Please join as coauthors and include your knols what you think are good and include others’ knols and thus provide visibility and recognition to good content on Knol. All of us can first read what we want from this selection and go to more later. We can write reviews and comments.

Eric Clausen
A suggestion for KAF:
The filing cabinet tool at Google Sites can permit Knol Site author groups like KPG and KAF to organize their member knols under awesome home pages. For example, KAF could create a nested series of home pages which could lead readers to KAF member knols by country, by author, by language, and by subject. The subject pages could be designed according to a hierarchical category system designed by KAF using categories the member authors list under the existing Knol Site categories. Authors would have to list their primary category first. A major subcategory of the primary category would then be listed second and a major subcategory of the first subcategory would be third, etc. Designing and setting up such home pages will require significant work by someone, but once designed and operating the home pages could become major entrance routes used to reach the Knol Site. Author groups like KPG and KAF by providing Knol Site authors with a high quality entrance route to an author’s knols would have a powerful recruiting tool to attract Knol Site authors to their groups. Also, I believe such home pages for large groups of Knol Site authors could become major page view generators. AdSense is available at Google Sites and the owners of the home pages may discover that preparing well organized home pages designed to lead visitors to large numbers of quality knols is a much more lucrative activity than by trying to earn Adsense income by writing knols.

Thank you Prof Clausen. Your suggestion for building home pages on Google Sites and attracting visitors and earning adsense income is novel and I hope some persons whose page building skills are high can take up such an activity. We will promote the idea and hope somebody will take it up.

in the long run google has to start a social media evolution . what we need is an all in one platform (like cloud computing or like our brain is) .
google has to integrate google mail, google wave, google buzz, google sites into knol .
they only need a browser where everything is a knol (even a word can be a knol) .
the structure behind this is a tree (a tree of trees) as Noam Chomsky has already shown .

SK @ Prof. Clausen
thank you for your guidance. But I still do not get what I have to do. Some one should write a knol explaining it all in a step by step fashion.

SK @ Knol Help
We need a program where highlights/quotes from important knols can go automatically into face book and twitter. Earlier in the [Link Citation Email Print Favorite Collect this Page] buttons there was also a share button that by a few clicks one could post on 150 different sites. I had paid $150.00 for this services. Now this button is removed. Google needs to put it back.
@ Google: We have to develop a super message bulletin board where any original and effective idea appears automatically on all the major websites controlled by all the internet companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, university web sites and journal websites like NY Times and Time magazine. The time has come to abandon our company rivalries and work together for the common good.


Hi to all again. Does anyone have a source where one can find the page views of google Knol in total?

Some services like quantcast are giving some info. I tried to estimate through cumulative page views of all authors and also through weekly page view estimates.

New Interesting Knols – Collection 1
Started this new collection to acts as promotion vehicle for knols. You can see it complements Knol Directory of Interesting Knols. You can add any of your knols having more than 500 pages to it.

I am promoting knol in my own way. I have made over 100 business leaders aware of knol, people at NY Times business summit. I have taken knol to the heart of NBC and CNN and I am blogging on their sites. I have shared it with leaders like President Clinton, Senator Kerry and Mayor Booker and in fact I have sent material to President Obama through Mayor Booker. And just now I have accepted the following invitation from President Obama’s team:
Organizing for America
to me:
Thank you for RSVPing to join President Obama on Sunday, October 10.
Here are the details of the event:
Lets hope I can talk to the President again. I will try to share my thoughts with him about our work at knol.
I not only have 1000s of ways to explain wisdom, mind, self etc. within the paradigm of science. I have invented toys that teach wisdom and I have movie scripts that are entertaining and teach wisdom! If I still do not get a breakthrough I am going to give up knol writing and start writing fiction and scripts and then go to Hollywood and try to sell through my contacts there. How long can I keep hoping that my work will be noticed and my page views will rise? I can hand over my knols to KVSS, RK, PG and SKS.

My latest knols:
Why two years from now Mayor Booker’s star will begin to fade.
& What makes a great teacher.
@ KS and Team
You can find this news as I said on
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will spend a half billion dollars over the next three years to devise a means of determining what exactly makes teachers most effective in the classroom.
NBC’s Tom Brokaw reports.
(Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy)
So lets start a competition on this topic.

comment .


Are you satisfied with Knol?
Yes I am.
knol Help comment
Interesting New Knols had a good start. 570 page views so far. Likely to touch 700 pv in the first week. A good promotion vehicle for Knol. If you have any reservations to join as coauthors and promote knols of all, you can write comments about good new knols. It is difficult for me to identify good knols all alone, so join me in indicating good knols. You can indicate even on this bulletin board. I can transfer them there. If you do not support by indicating good new content on Knol, a useful initiative will be wasted. Of course, sometimes, we are at different degrees in a 360 degree circle. We need to accept that situation and move forward for sometime until our paths meet once again and some of us are in the same degree line.

It is wisdom that powers greatness in not just teachers but also all sections of society. We do not just need great teachers; we also need the whole society to be wise. Especially our leaders need to be wise. All great leaders throughout history were wise. The common factor of greatness was wisdom for Benjamin Franklin, Gandhi, Lincoln, King Arthur etc.
So why not ask the question, What makes human beings great across the board?


Happy to share with you that page views of knol portfolio have crossed 50,000 milestone per month.
Knol Page Views and Visitors – Historical Record – K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao
I am sure more milestones will be reached by me as well as my many other fellow authors in days to come. Many are putting efforts and we are supporting their initiatives with our ideas and activities.
One author is warning on Knol help page that he may leave knol and losing his cool also by writing shame on you knol authors or similar thing.
How many knol authors want Knol to be closed down? It is important for knol authors to give their genuine opinion. Are they happy with Knol to a large extent and they want some minor adjustments or are they unhappy to a large extent that they want to leave Knol and want Knol to be closed? Well the discussion is in full swing on the Knol home page.  From the social media, the discussion moved to the Knol help page. Participate and give your genuine opinion.

My open letter is coming up # 1! And I have posted two comments on the Facebook founders own open letter page. Lets see what happens now.

  1. An open letter to all those who want to change the world
  2. An Open Letter from Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg

Added a comment to knol-help
“Cloud computing is the future. Knol IS cloud computing”
Google should understand the strategic interest it would benefit from
the development of Knol!

Dear PG:
Please be assured that knol is here to stay. It is right now on the back burner for goole but it has its place in the scheme of things for google. The future of knol is in the hands of us knollers. If we can bring up the quality to A+ then knol help will jump right back in. Trust me I have my ways of getting information from the inside.


you once wrote, you don’t want a negative whuffie account . you can make your account positive by google gold auction . you can guarantee the B-auction . so you will make W10 .
it is difficult for me to make google money all alone, so join me in making google money . you can write even on this bulletin board. I can transfer it there. if you do not support by making google money on knol, a useful initiative will be wasted.
of course, sometimes, we are at different degrees in a 360 degree circle. we need to accept that situation and move forward for sometime until our paths meet once again and some of us are in the same degree line .

Appreciate your clever use. Yes as things stand for some activities that is the accurate description. But things can change. Lone wolfs have to carry on their hunt.


Knol Promotion Help System

SK @ Team
Yesterday I got a visit from a higher up at Google. He came to donate an antique to the thrift store. He invited me to his house in Westchester and said that I could pick up any item from his house for the thrift store.
Imagine any item. But I explained to him that as I have not been able to sell anything out of the thrift store I was not ready to accept his donation. We chatted off the record for over half an hour. He said that they were focused on major breakthroughs like the internet TV and more advanced phones, ebooks etc. He also said that their aim is not just to be the best, it is to remain the best for as long as possible and especially to break new ground. So there is a constant effort to research their best products into way ahead of the competition products and to stay ahead.
He said that even though knol is not as good as Wikipedia it is getting there. They are very happy with our foundation in fact he mentioned the fact that he noticed that some of my knols were coming up #1 on the main web. He praised our President, Prof. Rao, and Prof. Clausen by name and even praised some names from KPG.
He has agreed to put an open letter from us; to the Google bosses on the message board in their office at New York City. So lets write this letter and I will give it to him.

Congratulations. Great news. Knol is as good as Wikipedia or better than Wikipedia in content on certain topics. Let us be clear on one strategic issue. Knol is an open platform where anybody can write. Google will not spend resources to stop anybody from writing. It also will not spend resources to remove things unless they are against law. Google declared right at the start of the platform that it will use its search tools to show the best content to visitors through search engines. So, the news about quality of knols was created outside as well as inside by people who did not understand the strategy of the Knol platform. We should not worry about poor quality content on Knol. That will be there. Thats all. Allow anybody who wants to write to write. Our job is to locate good content according to our assessment and highlight it to promote Knol. We made some earlier attempts. But I could finally make more systematic presentation now in the form of interesting new knols, trending knols, interesting knol directory.
Interesting New Knols
As you can see, all are now doing well. Each of them can be a trending knol with 700 page views per week, if authors come forward and add their knols to them. Knol authors have to take up promotion more seriously to make their knols successful and Knol successful.
I congratulate SK on the meeting with Google executive and I am very happy with the thrift store donation. You believed in this idea and started it. Hope more persons come forward and contribute to your idea. But it is taking time. I hope you will post the item on thrift store and inform us.
Today, a knol author asked a question on adsense on Knol Help page. Adsense is working fine and along with page view records, my portfolio has records on adsense also. Not much, still things point towards uptrend. Authors have to focus on page views first. 1000 page views in Google analytics may give around one dollar. 1000 visitors may give in the region of  one dollar to three dollars a day. Similar numbers were given by an author on Hubpages platform also. Knol is not an adsense mine. Knol is a serious platform. For some more details on adsense Earning by Writing Knols through Adsense
Prof Clausen is a very serious contributor to Knol platform. It is very good that his name was mentioned. KPG people specialise in creating disturbances and writing negative things about fellow authors and Knol management. SK already wrote about it long back. While they have some knowledge of HTML and other web design tools, they have no patience to help fellow authors without noise. There are in a hurry to get credits and the hurry gives debits. In a big social platform like this we need to appreciate and encourage thousands of authors. Small club culture should not be the norm. But we like them as fellow knol authors and wish they stay on the platform with patience and spread goodwill about Knol and fellow knol authors. The contribution of active knol authors will definitely be recognized by Knol author community in one way or other.


Please chip in what you want to say to the Google bosses. Please also ask our KPG members too, so we can present a joint letter to Google management on behalf of all knollers.
My latest master knol: Notes on knowing and understanding and why a clear picture of the two is essential for removing the mess in education.

Knol needs more knols and page views. They are the standards by which article platforms are compared and evaluated. What is the problem on Knol? A campaign against the required quantity under the garb of quality. We don’t want more authors. They dilute our quality. We do not want more knols. They dilute our quality. There are only small number of page views for our knols. Does not matter. Only our quality matters. Knol anyway has no traction. Please see statistics of Wikia dot com. Not wikipedia.
Wikia dot com – Compare it with Knol dot Google dot Com
Give your comments.

ALBG @ All

Como sabrán a mi me cuesta mucho el traducirles a ustedes, me permito pedirles que lo hagan esta vez para mi. Los autores de knol debemos valernos de toda la tecnología disponible para dominar y encarar la competencia. El ejemplo sencillo que les coloqué es una de las miles de maneras que existen masivamente de difundir la plataforma. Sé que algunos les cuesta mucho por su tiempo y disponibilidad, de ser así debemos de ingeniarnos una solución practica que salve estos obstáculos. Observo mucha dispersión de ideas como tormentas que van y vienen y no terminan de desparramar la lluvia copiosa y abundante que manejamos y tenemos. Nosotros debemos identificar las tendencias firmes que existen en Blogs, en la Web y las redes de punta que marcan las pautas y aplicar ahí interviniendo con nuestra criatura llamada ”knol”. Una muestra constante y servida para nuestro fin esta acá: All Best and Worst List

As you know to me it is very difficult to translate to you, I would ask you to tell this time for me. Knol authors should avail ourselves of all available technology to master and face competition. The simple example I put here is one of the myriad ways there are to spread the platform mass. I know some have a hard time for your time and availability, if so we need to engineer a practical solution to save these obstacles. I watch a lot of spread of ideas such as storms that come and go and do not end up spilling the pouring rain and we drove and we have plenty. We must identify strong trends that exist in Blogs, Web and network-edge technology that set the tone and apply speaking there with our creature called knol”.” A constant sample and served for our purpose is here: All Best and Worst List


73,000 page views for a single knol in a week
Trending Knols saw it through Google Buzz
trending knols
Active Buzzers – A List – Google Buzz for Networking
active buzzers
Wikia . com needs to be studied. Even though it could have been started as a knowledge platform, now it is full of internet games etc. Our Knol number one Korean author is also into internet game related articles. I saw an interesting information. Wikia dot com – Compare it with Knol dot Google dot Com For psychology there are 60,000 articles and 60,000 visitors per week. Understand the power of numbers. The quality crowd lulled Knol into decline. Not because of quality. It is like profit or customer service. Forget profit and serve only one customer and close your business. A business man has to so design his business such that simultaneously profit comes along with satisfying all stakeholders. The quantity dimension was hijacked on Knol. No plan was made to recruit adequate number of authors and motivate them to write adequate number of articles.
One great internet specialist said one can sit on his computer and create page views. What a great statement? A serious attempt has to be made to genuinely understand how article platforms succeed. When many attempt, some will come out with some good ideas. Those ideas will help Knol to grow.

Google algorithm on knol is based on number of comments, star rating, favorite clicks and reviews. It may not have much to do with content. Even though the size of the article may have some weightage. It is strongly tilted toward favorite clicks. Unnecessary publicity was given to it by some even though Knol implemented for a different purpose. They should have called it most favored knol. Yes it is how it was termed most picked knol by people to make it a favorite. A closed group who understood it can easily manipulate it. Unfortunately, when they have to earn page views for Knol platform, they could not do it and starting propagating the sentence “Knol has no traction.” But Knol has traction now suddenly among China watchers. Knol has traction in Korea. Knol has traction in Hungary. Knol will have visible traction if one million articles are completed quickly and knol authors invade social media with their announcements of their knols and defend their content.
So SK should not worry about the Knol algorithm. You are not writing for Knol algorithm. You are not writing for 5 people to pick your knol as favorite. People keep some article in favorite if they have to refer it frequently. Definitely collaborative text books etc. will be book marked by students. But then the number has to be large to get any mention. And it has to be straight. Favorited by so many people. So the top pick badge is decoded. It does not give page views automatically. Especially if it is picked only by your close group members.

Extraordinary role of Knol on an event of China
2000 page views in 3 hours. See the details
trending knols
Share the information with as many knol authors as possible. Many people must have come to Knol through this knol. It likely to touch 100,000 page views by tomorrow for week.

Yesterday was one of the most dramatic days of my life. Daring, courage and lunacy was all involved. I went to the President Obama rally, in Philadelphia. Usually I am able to place myself at a point where I can shake the hand of the President and talk to him. This time I was one fence away so there was no way I could speak to him. There was five rows of people between me and the President. I was still about 10′ away from him. So I held up my book and as soon as he looked at me I tilted the book to show him that I wanted to give it to him. I did it a few times when he looked towards my direction. The President is extremely intelligent and is always looking for new ideas so I could see that he took several good looks at the book. But he did not say anything. I realized that it was going no where. So I tried to focus on Vice President Biden. I tried to jester towards him, I kind of felt that he did not mind my throwing it to him. So I threw the book towards his feet. The book almost floated in a magical curve. I thought it would land off the stage but it floated and landed in front of the Vice President. I made a V sign and gave him a thumbs up and he enjoyed the whole episode and was smiling and gave me back a thumbs up. As if saying he got it. A secret service officer ran up to the stage and picked it up and soon I was surrounded by the secret service. I was interrogated by a few officers. They said it is a very serious crime to throw an object at the President of the United States, even if it is a book and I am to be locked up till they made sure I meant no harm. However the Chief Officer was very professional and I told him if the Vice President welcomed my behavior then how come it is a crime. Anyway one officer ran a background check and he finally said that my record is clean and that I am good. I explained to the chief officer the whole idea how I need to take my work to the President. He said that this is not the way. I talked to him for over an hour. He said that according to procedure he will file a report and send it with the book to the White House. Then he let me go with a warning that if I did anything like this again I would be banned from any future rallies.
The unlucky part is that when the book landed on the stage President Obama was almost off the stage shaking hands with the front row. I am sure he would have taken the book right there if he saw it next to him.
Also there was no way I could have thrown the book at him. So I was very cautious and threw it away from him. Any way I am doing all I can. I met at least one very promising senior officer from New York City. We immediately bonded and chatted for a little while. He asked me to email him my work!

Courage, Lunacy and Daring Act. All were there. Good you are back in quick time. All the best.

Thank you for your kind words.
But look how history is written I threw my book when the President was off the stage and I actually threw the book away from the President even though I very much wanted to get it to his attention and I know what lines I cannot cross. But it made it in the news as ‘someone threw a book at the President’!
Some of my friends said that they saw it on TV and heard it on the radio. I am so grateful that America produces such great leaders. The Vice President is an original and he saved the day for me.


Eric Clausen
KnolLibrary web site can now be accessed
Knol Platform authors are invited to inspect the KnolLibrary web site at KnolLibrary is designed to become a Knol Platform author community project that will identify and organize the best Knol Platform content, with the goal of making KnolLibrary into the world’s best and largest Internet content library. KnolLibrary will only develop as fast as Knol Platform authors develop it. There is a place in the KnolLibrary governance structure for all interested Knol Platform authors. The web site lists KnolLibrary governance positions open at this time and describes application procedures for those governance positions. As the listed governance positions are filled additional governance positions will open up. All Knol Platform authors are encouraged to save the KnolLibrary web site link so they can watch KnolLibrary evolve and apply to serve in KnolLibrary governance positions related to their knol categories.


I did not think it was going to be this big.
These news organizations are only interested in sensational news. The book never came within 15 feet of the President. They are saying that the book missed him by inches. This is why they will show the book from the angle where it looks like it is near his head. I bet they will never show the President’s position as the book is hitting the floor.


Evidently I still harbor some anger over the KPG. Who knew? I write what I like and if people don’t like it, they don’t have to read it. But the last laugh is on them. With only 30K views per week even though they threw all their best knols into the pot, I guess the marketplace has decided it wants the trash the rest of us are writing instead.

Book Incident at Obama Rally at Philadelphia
@ Sajid Khan
Please tender a public apology for the incident over various media. Yes, many US citizens are writing about it on twitter. It is a serious security breach. Security must have checked every body before sending them inside. It is very hasty on your part to get that weird idea and do. But now you must have realized the seriousness of the act. It will be prudent on your part to apologize to the President as well as the citizens of the country.

Dear Friend:
Please do not believe everything the news media throws at you. The book was thrown 15 feet away from the President, in a different direction. He was standing at the front of the stage and I thew the book at the opposite back part of the stage. Also I had the approval of the Vice President. In fact the way the book was thrown I threw a combination of a googly of cricket and a frisbee technique. So instead of just a body level throw I threw it high in the air, it went up like a / and it came down half way like a / all this happened away from the stage and then it opened up like a paper plane and changed direction and flew towards the stage, it landed 4 feet away from the Vice President’s feet. Actualy you can see, I am sure if they show the full vedio, you can see that the Vice President enjoyed how it landed like a plane.
Do you think if I wanted to harm the President I would use my tiny 112 page soft cover book? Also I am sure if they show where I am standing if I wanted to throw it in the President’s direction I would have to throw it to my left; I actually threw it away from the President to my right in the general direction of the Vice President. I actually did not make a perfect throw for I intended it to land 10 feet away from the VP. But it landed 4 feet away. However he was thrilled with my throw, how it opened up like a plane away from the platform and glided down to near his feet!
Any way I will do what ever it takes to show my respect for one and all. I will make a press release later.
I apologize to you and all those who feel I did wrong.

Sajid Khan’s book tossing incident was ignored by mainstream media. It is a minor incident of no consequence. It is a right interpretation. But many blogs have picked it up and also there are number of twitter messages. I answered some of the twitter messages saying that a fellow knol author claims to have tossed the book after catching the attention of the Vice President.
obama-book-thrower-revealed this post carries the photo of Sajid as well as the picture of the book.
I am doing blog search to find various blog posts on this incident and giving links of them in another knol.


There are better ways to pitch your book
A blog on HBR website by marketing Professor Stephen Brown provides an account of book promotion efforts by authors in the context of the tossing of the book by Sajid Khan at President Obama’s rally in Philadelphia.
theres a better way to pitch your book

What is this world coming to? Anytime anyone takes advantage of the world stage all that we assume is the selfish reasons behind the act. All this talk of me trying a cheap publicity stunt are a reflection of what we have become as humans. If you look at my history all I have tried to do is try to wake up President Obama to the fact that trying to fix regular intelligence education will not improve much the real mess in education. The real mess is in emotional intelligence education which is more or less neglected. All this race to the top money is again going to find ways to invest money in improving math and science while the bigger problem is the lack of emotional intelligence education. I have handed the President some of my articles in the past, which I am sure he must have read.
This time too my plan was to hand him my book, ‘How to become wise’. I was one fence too much away from where I could hand over the book. In fact the fence was open at one stage and many people walked over to the nearer fence. I asked the secret service officer, I said that some people were walking over to the first fence and if I could do the same. He was quite sharp and he said no I couldn’t go because I was chatting up with all the VIPs and sharing my thoughts and showing my book. He said I might try to distract the President. So I had no other way. I had to take my chances. I did not think of the publicity, and I thought I had the nod from the Vice President. So I thought how should I throw it. If I just tossed the book at the body level there were three secret service officers right in front of me. They would certainly block the book from landing on the stage. So I said let me see how I should do this. I decided to throw it high up in the air and I aimed it about 10′ from the Vice President. I know the normal way is to throw it at the person the book is intended for but this is the Vice President of my country and I am no expert book thrower and so I said as long as the book lands on the stage it will be mission accomplished. I dare not throw it at his body level so I aimed it away from him, towards the empty part of the stage.
The throw was definitely magical. I combined my experience as a googly bowler, and a Frisbee thrower. I threw it straight up and it was almost coming straight down, I focused on my medium powers by praying to Jesus and at one stage you can see the book looks like a bird fluttering its wings. Midway the book seems to have started flapping its pages and it opened up like a paper plane, changed direction and floated over like a paper plane to within 4 feet of the Vice President! I actually missed my target spot of 10′ away but I kept my margin of error with in perfection!
But there are many lessons here. The current nature of the media. The personality of the Vice President! The professional level of the secret service. The current state of affairs of humanity, what are we coming to? There are enough facts here, which are all recorded on TV, for me to write a dozen master knols!
Let me tell you one thing, I am not a hogger of publicity, neither am I hungry for money. I could have had both very very big time, long time back while I was in India. One of my biggest mentors is Governor Sheila Kaul, the aunt of Indira Gandhi,(She is still alive and lives with her daughter Mrs. Deepa Kaul). You can ask her children how close I am to her even today. She often said that I am her third son. I sometimes would go with her to the Indian parliament, she was the education minister at that time. One time while leaving parliament house a very big MP boss asked me where I was going. He said he was going the same way and would drop me off. But he took me to his house and invited me in. I soon discovered his hidden personal life… due to his behavior towards me. Even then I was writing sometimes and I could have blown his indiscretions. But I said this is between him and his Gd and as he did not force me and as he apologized it was OK with me. I did not tell anybody not even my mentor Mrs. Kaul. At that time this MP was the regional party boss. Many years later this same person became the power behind the Indian leadership/government. At this stage I could have gone to the media with what I knew. It would have brought the Indian government down. I would have certainly done it if I had thought it would be good for the country but I knew my judgment was that of a non-expert so I had no right to intervene. Also one time when I visited him he was surrounded with over hundred people in line at his new huge residence; when he was at the height of his power I went to see him after many years. He was so worried to see me. he thought that I was going to blackmail him. When I told him that I was now living in New York he said he wanted to give me a high job at the UN. I told him that he still did not know me. I was not there to take advantage of what I knew about him.
Do not worry I cannot make such a statement if I did not have proof. I have photos!
Regarding, ‘There are better ways to pitch your book’ What do I care about me or my book. I am just one being. The quality of the life of humanity is at stake here. And as I truly believe that I am a medium I consider it my duty to wake up the world to the path of living a wise life. Everyone knows that the wise path is needed but I have found a way where we can make society wise.
And for this goal of my life what is one life, or pain and suffering or six months in jail with hard labor, locked up with criminals. So I took my chances but these were well calculated chances with a tiny margin of error. But remember I have Jesus on my side as well as Durga Mata.
I have a few US patents, trademarks etc. I have developed my own original ideas in a few fields. One of my techniques I have perfected is to be able to read a persons mind/brain from the inside out. But I must have a direct eye contact and this time I had a good eye to eye contact with the President. I discovered a couple of very troubling things, however not something that cannot be corrected soon. But I am not sharing this with anyone yet. Also I discovered something amazing about the Vice President. With him I had real good eye to eye contact.
I dream that I have is that if this well calculated break that I got gets me to be heard I would like to establish ‘WISDOM THEME PARKS’ like Disneyland and use the money to spread wisdom education schools around the world. With one section where we will teach wisdom leadership.
But my main is to make all realize that there are still ways to create new opportunities. You see some people are saying that America is a huge titanic headed for the iceberg of bankruptcy. Actually America is not just one titanic. America is many Titanics. One of which was created by Bill Gates and another by Google founders. And so even if a couple of America’s Titanics are in trouble America will keep creating more. One of the Titanics that I want to create is a whole new subject that teaches emotional intelligence education. Where millions of teachers will have to be trained and even wisdom teaching toys will be created and even Wisdom Theme Parks will be created.
In fact I think we should have a minister of wisdom in every government cabinet.

Sajid how many pages long is your book and is there a website where it can be purchased? Any reviews of your book?

how to become wise part 1,  how to become wise part 2

Sajid Khan Throws Book at the President

I consider what you have done as inappropriate.
It was done on an impulse. It should not have been done. I think your communication on that has to be only regret. You need to promise yourself that you will not repeat such things. You go to number of political rallies and number of politicians are your friends. Will they endorse such things?
My suggestion is that you should not get upset with what others are writing on the incident. You may read them and absorb them. But you need not comment on them in an upset mood. As you might have seen on three or four blogs I wrote comments and explained your position to them. Of course as I understood it.
Be appreciative of all, President, Vice President and Secret Service people. All understood your intent and did not cause trouble to you. You appreciated them publicly in a post and maintain that. But you should not cause trouble to others by such acts in the future. As somebody has written you send it by post. Hope it will be noticed at some time by somebody.

Why do you think I said that it was an act of lunacy on my part. I knew what I was doing. But what really happened and what the world was told by the media are two different stories. Till the very last minute I was trying to see if there was anyway I could just hand the book over to the President or Vice President. I have already been warned by the Secret Service that anything like this again and then even the VP cannot save me.

I have taken the liberty of correcting your spelling of her name to Ayn Rand.  The great Jimbo Walesis a proponent of her philosophy or at least part of it, he once ran an Ayn Rand discussion forum.  But I criticize his great project Wikipedia because it seems to be based on the exact opposite of what she wanted. Why Ayn Rand would decry Jimmy Wales’ Wikipedia
And in fact Knol is much more appropriately her vision of artists creating their works independently and freely.


having been offline for some days . trying to take part again .

Do you still doubt my medium powers? Take a good look at the book where it looks like a bird flapping its wings and flying away from the President! Well it is because I threw the book away from the President, in fact I even threw it away from the Vice President too! It was a big stage and most of it was empty so I knew I had the odds stacked in my favor of a perfect throw. There was no wind and the book looks like flapping its pages like a fan! Tell me if I am wrong; but does this look like a book to you?

@ SK
hope president Obama will get your air mail.
don’t think he will read it, but perhaps he is interested in the internet echo .
perhaps he will find this will johnson knol 😉
did the translation on 10/9 .
sounds like a prophecy of SKs action .
can you give me W5 for it ?
@ GM
did questions and answers and gave some answers ..
the knol is part of the collection: board themes (# 7)
can you give me W10 for it ?
please answer the questions of WJ .
@ team
think I need some whuffie for making the archiving .
@ SK
do you still doubt my whuffie power ?

SK @ Team
It has been suggested that I start a blog. Well as you all have been my partners I will keep my blog on this bulletin board.

that’s graeat .
seems you have found your team .


I want you comments on the idea Business and Company Knol Pages – Possibility and Utility
Please write your comments on that knol. I feel companies can give their knowledge content through knols and it satisfies knol terms of service. Knol is inviting commercial organizations to create knols. Only point is that Knol discourages outright advertisements and also simple link pages which say come and visit this site. Otherwise commercial organizations are encouraged to create knol pages. We need to inform companies and encourage them to open Knol pages officially on the firm name as well as on the names of their employees.
I may make a presentation next week before IT persons and I shall mention this possibility. So please give your assessment of the idea.
@ SK
You can start your Knol Home Page and give link of the page here at the top for some days. If you write your thoughts here, the page will get distorted and will not give the right picture.  We can remove the image above for some days and can give in bold letters Sajid Khan’s Home Page so that any visitor who comes here can see it and access it. Certainly it is a sensible suggestion that you write your thoughts.
yes : KS
@ KS
There will be a Germany year in India next year.
Germany – India Bilateral Relations

SK @ Team
You are my family. I will do as you all decide.
I want you all to know that a couple of TV channels asked me for a interview. I am not going to take any hasty decisions. All of a sudden many, many people are showing off as my best friend! They are saying if I have any legal issues they want to help me. Actually before I was getting about one email every few days to attend the Democrat strategy parties. Now I am getting two a day! On Tuesday I attended a Obama house party. Now I have an invitation to attend a similar Presidential rally at Las Vegas on October 22. So my relationship with my party of deliberate choice, for now, have only improved after this magic throw. I am not a politician, and the only reason I got involved was that I carefully put under the microscope all the Presidential candidates and to my surprise my wisdom test of then Senator Obama revealed that his wisdom is of the best kind. From the bottom up where the roots, the unconscious foundations of the physical brain structure that powers the ‘I’/mind/self/consciousness/conscience/self image was nurtured in what I call wisely. Senator McCain’s brain was ‘wisdomised’ top down. Which means Senator McCain learnt his wisdom the second best way where each attribute of wisdom is learned individually and this is an almost impossible process as there are hundreds of individual attributes of wisdom and so the wisdom potential develops in a spotty manner. But this never succeeds fully as the deep down physical foundation is not put together wisely and so it is like in a house the heat system is defective and the heat cannot be switched off and so extra AC has to be put on. This means lots of negative consequences as the brain is working physically in two different directions. It is like the mind is developed to +2 but the brain is still in some spots, -2/-1/+1. Thus generating ignorance and the individual/leader making efforts to control ignorance by generating wisdom. One is like President Obama’s brain generating wisdom innately, unconsciously and effortlessly. The other is the untamed unconscious part ignorance that is consciously managed wisely. It is like pure selfless love, one is effortless and authentic and the other is managed love. This is why management sciences are only +1 sciences. The whole science of management has to be redesigned. Succeed falling in love with your true self and the whole world will fall into place just as my book landed in the perfect spot.
My aim was to wake up the world to the common wisdom factor of all great leadership. So I got excited about the effortless/unconscious wisdom power of President Obama’s brain. I said if I can get the ear of Senator Obama I can start my efforts to get wisdom to rule from the White House and through that I can try to introduce my wisdom education. Actually wisdom too has qualities. President Obama is a two star general of wisdom. Gandhi was a 4 star general of wisdom, Jesus is the only Field Marshal of wisdom. Buddha is a peg below Jesus a marshal of wisdom. Hoping to being next to President Obama I thought I could guide him to a purer 5 star wise policy.
I was looking around to see which other wise brain I could persuade to jump into politics and become the wisdom power that could rule from the White House. I could clearly see that Tiger Woods was a perfect candidate. His wisdom is bottom up like President Obama’s. I all ready knew that he is trapped in 24/7 horniness. But 24/7 horniness is OK if one got trapped in it before marriage and as long as one is faithful and honest after marriage it is none of anyone else’s business. The day his transgressions came out I cried. But he still has a big roll to play. If he promises to become the spokesman for the dangers of horniness I can help him out for free. I have been there myself and I have come out of it.
Everyone especially other knollers were saying that I have no degree. Well I have one now. I am a BT!!! Book Thrower. I am Sajid Khan, BT!!!!! I just had a beautiful dream last night. I was on Broadway in a musical called, “Sajid Khan, BT: The man who threw a book at the most powerful man in the universe and why he still got closer to him!” It is because President Obama does not act from the gut. His decisions are based on the four Rs! The 3 Rs of education and the 4th R of reality/truth! (Educated and well deliberated truth)


>Looking forward to your comments
Business and Company Knol Pages – Possibility and Utility
Please write your comments on that knol.

SK @ Team:
The following
is going to be my press statement.
Please guide me if this is OK .
Today on NBC they showed me throwing the book. You can clearly see I threw it away from the President. It went high up, starting from left at the bottom and ending to the right at the top; say the stage is here and you can clearly see it went in this ‘/’ ‘ direction away from the stage. But as I am tricksie with throwing curve balls it came right back on to the stage falling like this from right at the top to left at the bottom!


Gust Mees : Is this a blog of SK now?
Is this KBB becoming a blog of SK now? Sorry, he changed his name into “Obamabookthrower”, very strange, isn’t it??? Is this KBB still worth to visit it now
Is this good for Knol??? Do the owner and co-authors of this knol accept this???
Best regards,

Dear Gust:
The reason I am still here is to give a boost to knol. KBB is now having the highest page views ever.
I am blogging on, CNN, NBC, Microsoft Foundation, Facebook founders blog etc. If our team does not like my blogging here I can go back to the old ways.
I did not change my name but I have to milk my fame to advance my agenda! I have to keep doing this till others join my fight against emotional intelligence ignorance. Why don’t you write on my work foundation and advance our joint work.

You almost got it right, Ayn Rand, is how she spelled it. I took the liberty of correcting your spelling below. You are certainly milking your celebrity. Be sure to get a copy of the clip of you being interviewed, on TV or radio, and post it up to YouTube so I can link that into my article as well.

Thanks again.
I am not that keen for publicity. I am still very shy and even somewhat nervous, but for my goal of waking up the world to this mess in our life in all spheres from economics to depression due to lack of emotional intelligence education I will always do what ever it takes.
President Obama has again invited me to attend a rally on the 22nd. I do not know if I will go,
because it is in Las Vegas.
But for us mediums this 10/10/10 only comes once in a life time if at all and I had to take my chances.
First the tea party hailed me as a hero for throwing the book; now that they found out that I am a friend of Obama they are saying if I was a teabagger I would be in jail. I was out on merits pure and simple. I threw a 4 ounce soft cover book away from Obama at the empty part of the stage.
I also got an incredible email from the Vice President. It has given me enough energy to write another hundred knols. His inspiration and trust in me has made me giddy in eternal time!

board 2010


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