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There is an interesting discussion on the very soul of knol and what is scientific writing. Please join in:
@ Team:
Please decide the prize money and we need more people to judge the competing knols so we can decide the winners.


Yes, I tested the “soul” by writing an observation asking that ;Eric Clausen, who decided to block me in the past (under the pretense, under the dictate of other KPG members that I am a “non person”), accept that I intervene in that knol. asked also why a discussion that is supposed to be among all knollers, is not in the “open collaboration” mode. I’m also surprised that in that knol the “comment” section is disabled !!!
If Eric shows interest in my remarks, maybe it would be a worthwhile debate to take part in it. If he is not interested, it would show that that so-called “debate” would have been launched just a red herring.
Maybe, as you participate in it, and you might find yourself a bit alone in what I see as a face to face discussion more than a general debate, you might ask some questions in it about its real “openness”. Anyway, best wishes in your battle in that knol against any narrow minded idea of knol
Just for information, it is related to this issue, there is a strong movement in the French-speaking knol to differentiate from WP by declaring that authors are people with free expression, and that assumed subjectivity is preferable to fake objectivity. The discussion takes place in several knols (we still don’t have a real bulletin board, I suggested that one should be opened, but I will take the initiative only if there is some common will to start it), Among those knols there is one I just wrote (I will try one day to give an abstract in English):


First I would recommend that you immediately start a French BB.
I am going to try to persuade Prof. Eric to open the knol to all.
The definition of knol is deliberately kept quite fuzzy. Knol is like life where the knol creators want the knollers to develop knol any and all which way we want. Knol is an evolutionary platform that is in the hands of us knollers to keep perfecting in all kinds of individual and group ways. And the meaning of what is knol can be developed and explained in as many ways as there are individual opinions!
Like the meaning for me is that knol is a platform to share not only my original research but also to share it my way by creating my own standards of what is a scientific paper or not. My argument is that the greatest template in defining life and how to live it was provided by the Buddha and his way was to teach us through parables and simple layman’s language. So when it comes to emotional intelligence I choose to copy the Buddha rather than the scientists who still shy away from defining say wisdom. If I copied the scientists my work would still be fuzzy! My way is controversial but is packed with real practical applications that expand the frontiers of science and unless I fight for it I cannot make any headway.
Another perfect way is your way where you explain complex ideas by breaking them down into understandable terms. Another good contribution to the knol concept you make is you point out important factors that are neglected in the emotional intelligence of economics. Yours is a selfless service where you do not seek any monetary gains from your knols.
Then there is the William Johnson way where he provides very relevant and interesting knowledge about famous people and movies etc; knowledge that people want to have. He even provides entertainment and in the process he also wants to make money from his knolling. He has perfected a neat way on knol where he is successful in making money and providing a needed service.
Then there is KVSS who is bringing all kinds of innovations and is using his extensive teaching experience in guiding the involvement of students. He is truly making the knol platform the blackboard of knowledge. He is also helping the knol platform by constantly bringing in new knollers.
Then there is the KPG way where knols are presented on scientific topics all dressed up to perfection. They are indeed doing a good job and indeed filling up an important niche in the knol experiment. But they are frustrated because they too want to make money from their knolling but have not quite succeeded. They want big corporate sponsorship through advertising. As multi-nationals look for huge page views KPG has come up with an innovative way to present KPG as the most popular knoller but these page views are rigged and big corporations are not fooled.
I am slowly succeeding in my objectives, you are succeeding in yours and Will Johnson is succeeding in his knolling. And our Prof. is hugely successful, but KPG wants monopoly on knol on account of being accredited scientists but they do not understand that the knol platform was created to break the ivory tower of main stream science because the knol creators believe that anyone can have a frointiers of universal knowledge expanding idea! This is a new age that will be ushered into all kinds of directions just like life evolves into all kinds of any which ways. After all the ultimate layman ushered in the internet age: Bill Gates a high school drop out!!!


poor old Eric . he believes in rules
but rules are for people, not people for rules.
I prefer to believe in people .



If you loved “X files”, here is a weird phenomenon, that you can experience with your own eyes: how a knol was abducted
by extraterrestrials and got lost in a wormhole of the universe.
Just cross the stargate by opening the link to my knol
Financial assets and stock market
I have no idea what your browser will see but, mine shows at first sight a blank knol. Even more strange I see, when I travel down the page (it takes a few light years), that it gets 35 page views
in a week, as if some perverse knol readers (maybe strange creatures from other galaxies) have a fascination for …blank knols ;-))
But with some more space exploration, in the edit mode, I see
that the knol still exists, but cozily hidden in the parallel universe :
the html version.
Will you be brave enough to have a look? Will you tell me your experience? And maybe give me an explanation ? Maybe something like : ” Get lost yourself, Google does not care ! ”


SK @ PG and Knol Help
The main body of your knol is indeed missing.
The knol platform is Google’s child all right but one that has indeed flunked the test.
For them it does not create the kind of revenue that they would deem as a commercial success.
The Knol help team is partly to blame as their verification process is very limited and keeps knollers all over the world unable to get verification. Thus the adsense revenue is out for knollers as well as for Google. Knol help will have to broaden their verification criterion.
But mostly we ourselves are to blame for knol help’s step child policy.
As most knols being posted are below par and have little original and new knowledge in them. Also all kinds of duplicate knowledge knols are getting badges. The Google alograthim has still not found a way to award badges to original content, the chief aim of knol.
Instead of all knollers coming together we are all pursuing our own agendas. We have groups that are blowing their own horns.
I have decided to post my knols in blogger, which is a far bigger success. We should all do the same, post our knols in both places.


Out of action for the last 7 days. On travel for four days and attended a conference and made a presentation on Research on Equity Research. The presentation is inserted in Research on Equity Research – A Review
There some good reference to knol in a book.Design to Thrive: creating social networks and online communities that last – BIR  You can sample some pages of it using Google books. If one of us can buy and read the full book, the contents can be shared with others.
Posted two knols today.
Research -Development – Application – Higher Education
Opinions Are Valuable – Knol Authors Have to Encourage Them
Happy to see that our India Knol Competition is attracting very good attention. Essay Writing Competition – Teachers’ Day – Gandhiji’s Birthday – 2010 500 page views in the recent week. Hope more and more entries come in due course of time.


you may try to delete all comments and/or switch off the comment function .
if that doesn’t work you can make a remake of your knol .
go to Financial assets and stock market.
click on [write a knol] -> [copy an existing knol] -> [current knol]

linked to the original knol are :
My Investment-related knols in English
New Knols
Stock Valuation
The 2010 sovereign debt ( State debt ) turmoil
Financial fraud, deception and manipulation
Are bank traders’ bonuses perverse incentives?
Financial knol index
Liquidity crisis
Stock Image
Active or passive investing?
Systemic crisis systemic risk
Volatility and Beta coefficient
Financial value (valuation of assets and investments)
Investor psychology: is it just for money?

Thanks a lot for your help
I followed what you suggested and created a duplicate of the original knol
Financial assets and stock market (2)
I will now progressively rebuild the incoming links towards that version.

Today I observed that 324 persons registered on knol in the last 24 hours. I think it is a good news pointing blooming of knol.
I established another record. More than 1000 absolute new visitors. The page view figure is close to 2000.
The new knol started by me today Knol Author News – September 2010 is a trending knol with 96 page views.
Today is International Literacy Day – 8th September
There is an international award for use of ICT in adult education and continuing education.
I am thinking of finding the process for sending the application. I have contributed content as well as created large number of knols to promote knol writing and knol platform. I also recruited number of authors and thus facilitated increase of content on this platform. Of course I already got a gold medal from a national body of India. That increases my interest and confidence to send a nomination to this international award body. I hope more knol authors send their nominations also. Look forward to suggestions for routing the applications. I already wrote a comment on PG’s bio-knol.
Look forward to SK to locate an international body that can sponsor the nominations. Encourage SK also to forward his nomination.
Knol authors are writing in full swing. I saw a relatively new author posting 100 knols. 104th centurion knol author identified. Centurion Knollers – Knol Authors. Many positive things are occurring on knol. We need to highlight and highlight them on knol as well as other platforms. I felt very happy when SK said he will write in blogs. I advocate that all knol authors start blogs and write about knol. Social media must have a good dose of positive articles about knol and knol authors need to start such a campaign.

I do not understand, ‘Look forward to SK to locate an international body that can sponsor the nominations’.
What does sponsor the nominations mean? Does it require money? I can sell another thrift store item or even donate more items to the thrift store to raise cash in case a large amount is required.

@ PG
makes W10, ok. ?
Yes,well deserved, but I don’t even know how to credit them. Method ?
@ SK
regarding the prize money I expressed my preference for small amount of money (KVSS)
I already have given €300.00 to Seeger Carbajal because of his first place .
if Alberto Auné agrees it would be fine if you could buy W200 from him (that’s $200.00) because of his 2nd place .
if you start a knol about this topic, we may discuss what to do with the remaining $600.00 .
you may invite KVSS, PG, Randy and me as co-authors .
I request KVSS to buy W100 from Seeger (that’s $100.00) because of his 3rd place .
btw. it cost me € 8 to send the money to Seeger . through Western Union I would have payed much more than € 30 .

Please either get me the email of the 2nd and 3rd prize winners or their phone numbers so I can send them the prize money. It will be difficult for KVSS, because of Indian regulations, to send the money from India so I will send it from here.
Also please you post the knol for how we want to manage KAF money.


I hope you studied the scheme of the award. Self nominations are not allowed. Governments and NGOs associated with UNESCO have to nominate entries. UNESCO is headquartered in Paris. So I am looking forward to PG’s help to locate some NGO. I am also looking forward to your involvement because you know various big NGOs in USA. Sending entries from Knol authors will build awareness for Knol and promote knol.
The number of interesting knols has increased in various subjects. Today I updated advertising and found that now there are 23 knols. Advertising (23 knols)

I have sent the prize money of $250.00 and $100.00. Next time I think we should give only one prize to any one individual.
I have tried 3 NGO’s. It seems that they have very strong opinions about recomendations. Only one of them has promised to read your knols to consider recommendation. I have one more way to try and I will let you know. One good thing that happened is that I congratulated my friend in the Bahrain Royal family for putting up this award. She has invited me to Bahrain to share my work with their education department.


well done .
I made a knol : knol money group
@ PG you only have to go to the last first entry of journal#edit filling the empty parantheses (name or reason of the transaction) .
the rest is done already (whuffie PG: KS:) .
thanks for the +5 . this is a great group .

Interesting knols are increasing. In a natural way, interesting and popular knols are increasing on Knol platform. I updated accounting knols sub-directory and found now they are 55 knols. Earlier update only 15 knols were there.
Knol Sub-Directory – Accounting – Interesting Knols
There are many authors who are writing good knols but are not getting recognition and encouragement. For some time Knol platform declared Weekly top authors twitter. Then stopped. It will be good if they restart the practice.

2010-09-11  today is 9/11 day

An interesting statement
“Google is currently so vilified by the fearful media industry—from newspapers and book publishers to TV networks and movie studios—that Schmidt is bending over backwards these days to sound more conciliatory.”
Google – Social Media Business
Knol became a soft target for the media industry to bash Google. Who can defend and support Google. Knol authors can do it.  Many of us have come to Knol because we thought it offered us an opportunity to use wikibased article platform to write. Nonwikibased blogger platform is already there. But Knol offered wikibased article platform. We liked it and started writing on it. The media paints Knol in ugly colors. Who can say positive things. Knol Author only can. They have to get into social media and say good things about what they are doing first. No doubt some people are going to question you and your output. But if you believe you are coming out with something that is useful to your readers, you stand up and say it. Let the debate about the usefulness of your articles be there in social media. I welcome Sajid’s statement that he is going to write in blogs. Please start it at the earliest. The debate about the usefulness of your suggestions or your findings about psychological well being be debated in the blogs.
Smart people listen to dumb people when they are looking for solutions. Don’t worry if you are dumb normally. If you feel strongly about some idea, express it. That is the advice to social media authors. Social media wants  your idea, your suggestions, your written articles. See the issues discussed in Half-Truths Crippling Knol Authors and Knol. Don’t let half-truths cripple you after you started writing on Knol.
Write knols and then go and promote them in social media. Defend your knol and defend knol platform in social media. Knol will succeed when many knol authors in thousands succeed.
Today is our festival to pray to the God of Interferences. We pray to him to make our activities interference free. Which could mean that we know interferences will come in our activities and we show our determination to work around them and to work exactly against them in some cases and overcome them. Challenge will be there in every activity and it is to be accepted and efforts are to be put in.

It is so embarrassing that I have no clue. It shows how ignorant I am of computer technology. I may get a clue from your ID.
One more NGO that I want to contact is The Montessori schools in India. The founder/owner is a close family friend. He is Dr. Jagdeesh Gandhi, based in Lucknow. You can find his email from the internet. Please send him the necessary information and please mention your self as a friend of the Dara Nawab Sahab of Sheesh Mahal family.
My latest masterpieces: What is the mind?, Womb-Conditioning ( which incorporates the following post),Common Sense: the Science of the Art of Living. and The ten greatest quotes of all time in order of importance.
I have all ready copied and pasted about 180 knols as blogs.
My hypothesis is based on a very simple fact of life. Our self consciousness starts in the womb stage of life and our brain is emotionally and physically shaped by the womb environment which I have termed ‘womb-reality’. I have developed and coined this new concept that our brains are ‘womb-conditioned’. My inference is that human nature is partly shaped by ‘womb-conditioning’; that our id is the direct result of womb-conditioning.
The beauty of my hypothesis is that either the brain is womb-conditioned or it is not! There are just these two possibilities. Common sense suggests that the brain is womb-conditioned! I have not proved it in a purely scientific manner but the benefits of  believing that the brain is womb-conditioned are huge!!! Aim of emotional intelligence education becomes extremely crystal clear: To uncondition the human brain of womb-conditioning!!! Another very big insight this phenomenon of womb-conditioning provides is that ignoring the impact of womb-conditioning is the biggest ignorance of main stream science. Leaving womb-conditioning to chance has been the biggest cause of all this mess in the world from wars to greed to depression to this difficulty of finding pure happiness and every emotional problem in between. To see very clearly the impact of womb-conditioning does not need rocket science – it just needs common sense!!! Science should not just be about an end in itself it should be about utility. In terms of utility my hypothesis passes hundreds of tests any day!!!
Suppose we do not know whether our brains are womb-conditioned or not and we need lots and lots of field research and observable data and until I cannot provide solid scientific proof of the validity of womb-conditioning
my hypothesis is termed junk science. Well what if I can prove scientifically that there are tons of practical applications stemming directly from my hypothesis. What if I can scientifically prove all the practical benefits that result from assuming that the human brain is womb-conditioned. And that our consciousness, which is our mind which we see, perceive, feel, know, understand, observe and think is our self; while due to the impact of womb-conditioning and early upbringing is really our self image.
What if I show you and grantee you how to become a millionaire will you say, ‘ I will agree if you show me the scientific way to become a millionaire and I will refuse to become a millionaire any other way.’ Will you refuse if I say that my way is the common sense way. After all there is more than just the scientific way. There is the artistic way, the common sense way, the wisdom way, the emotionally intelligent way, the ignorant way, the insightful way, the blind way… There is the war way and the peace way and all kinds of ways in between.
I can’t/won’t write my work in the scientific format but I will show you and prove to you the real benefits of my work, real benefits that you can measure scientifically, benefits that will improve life and take it to the super mature +2 level… After all emotional intelligence is not just pure science, it is also pure art and above all at the highest level it is wisdom which is the highest form of pure common sense!!! And my work is based on pure common sense!!!
Do you want to become wise? I can show you the common sense way. Do you want to find pure happiness? I can show you the way…


Interesting knols are increasing on knol. Today I updated Investment subdirectory.
Knol Sub-Directory – Investment Management – Interesting Knols
106 knols are included. The important contributors in this subject include Peter Greenfinch and Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.  . Congratulated PG on one of his knols.
For the updated knol, there were 110 page views in one hour. Yes exactly one hour. How do they come. You need to promote your appropriate content. Appropriate content is there on knol.
What is missing is Promotion. Google will not promote. It claims it provides only technical platform to increase online content. To be in line with that advocated theme, Google will not promote content on knol in any manner. Then who will promote? Individual authors and author associations have to take up that task. Authors first have to understand this point. By simply posting their knol they will not get visitors. Just as in this case of their blog, they have to promote their articles on knol themselves. They have to form associations and promote their knols as a group. Many authors have to come together and plan for uplifting the performance of knol.
More knol authors, More knols, More improvement in knol quality, More knol promotion, More fellowship, More recognition of fellow authors, More advocacy of knol content in social media, More and More are needed from Knol authors.

@SK visited your blog. Wrote a comment. Write about Knol platform in one of your blogs. Note one thing. The main stream education is moving away from textbooks into using online content for their classroom. You are now proposing to create textbooks being an accomplished online author. You are going back. Better concentrate on your online materials and appeal to all teachers to freely use your online content in the classroom. Yesterday I saw a long discussion on this topic on a social science teaching platform. You have a twitter account but you are not using. Give links of knols on twitter. You will get many page views. Also give one message about positive aspects of Knol every day. As the number one founder of KAF you have to take more active part in promoting knol in social media. It will be a great achievement by you if you make Knol a permanent product from Google.

When I say exercise books I mean complete curriculums that can be taught in the classrooms through books as well as on the internet. Knol is indeed on auto pilot for now. It is a commercial failure for Google but it is good enough for them to let it go along. It is up to us to bring up knol quality and then we can try to persuade the knol platform to be actively involved again. They have to change the verification process so that we can all participate in adsense again.

@ SK I owe you one of my biggest insights :
that the group is a social womb .
so our very own knol ids (A, CK, KS, KVSS, PG, RK, SK, SKS, WJ) are all ‘womb-conditioned’ 🙂
without a group we are like a sperm without an egg .
we must convince more authors that their social media is knol .
hope to see some more authors on this board .
knol is life .

Knol is not the full social media. Knol is one social media channel. Google itself has many. Yes we need to convince more authors that Knol is an appropriate social media vehicle for them. Simultaneously we need to get more knol authors into KAF and bulletin board. Also, there can be many more groups specializing in languages, subjects, countries etc. There has to be lot of activity.

groups are increasing in a natural way on knol platform.
many of us have come to knol because we thought it offered us an opportunity to use a wikibased platform . nonwikibased blogger platform is already there. but knol offered wikibased platform . we liked it and started writing on it .

I agree with you on the observation that even though knol provides opportunity for small group and team  writing, really not much activity is going on in team writing. There is lot of scope for more active team written knols.

Thank you for your guidance. It is very hard to convince another NGO to choose you for nomination. However I am convinced that you above all; from us knollers deserve a big prize. So I am going to try to seek affiliation of my research foundation with UNESCO and then as the Founder/President I can and will nominate you.

Thank you for the efforts. Our first interest is to make Knol succeed. Whenever, Google and media declare that Knol is a success we will feel extremely happy. Taking a key role in the success of a product or platform of Google is really a rare opportunity and doing it in an atmosphere of great positive feeling will be a great exercise. It may drain you totally but then on the day of success you will feel extremely satisfied and may be energized also. You may take up another social activity then. Dream of yours to set up foundations and do great social service may be realized then.
Google – Social Media Business – Evolution is a trending knol today and I am finding interesting things in developing this article. Knol is being mentioned by various commentators in their articles. That is why Knol is coming ahead in Google Trends in comparison to any other article platform in Google Trends.
See the comparison links in Knol Author News – September 2010.
So Knol is on way to become number 2 article platform next to Wikipedia. We need to keep doing what have done so far and if we can accelerate it, the better it is. There are some complaints by some authors on Knol Help main page. Knol Help 911 was a good initiative. Many senior knol authors have to keep visiting knol help pages to answer the questions/complaints by knol authors. I found I could help in two such complaints. There are more authors who know better tech details of knol. Like our KS helped PG. Some people say Knol is on autopilot. It will be good if Knol plane can fly reasonably well in autopilot mode. Then Google will allow more time to Knol platform to prove its worth despite all negative comments by many. But if we in the meantime can dominate the social media with positive news about knols by various authors, the scenario will totally change.
Our dream is not trophy or reputation. but “May knol progress further and further with each day’s passing!”

SK: My latest knol: It is very important that we define the limits of the scientific way when it comes to researching emotional intellige…
The main aim of science is to understand and master the forces of nature. What if in the case of emotional intelligence we can benefit from mastering the forces of consciousness without understanding the first cause of consciousness? The very nature of emotional intelligence teaching is very different from teaching math and science. Especially in the post natal stage emotional intelligence education is hugs and kisses and you cannot teach an infant love through a science lecture! In fact upbringing is more of an art than science! One does not need science to teach love, one needs +2 super mature upbringing/behavior to put the infant on the road to wisdom.
@ KVSS & Knol Help
In the US we have to provide either our phone number or our social security number. I have no phone in my name and as I was reluctant to use my SS# my adsense feature was removed. Because the SS# is very sensitive as with this number the identity is stolen and all kinds of frauds take place. Criminals can obtain credit cards, open bank accounts etc.and pile up debts in the victims names. Once the identity is stolen it costs a lot of money to clear ones name. So goole will have to find others ways for verification.

KVSS @ SK What is the problem with verification and adsense? Many of us have adsense. Recently one new author also got adsense. Why is verification a problem. Authors can write on knol without knol verification. It is only optional. Adsense wants your full house address and then they send a pin to house address. Only when you write that pin in your adsense account they will release payment. So postal address checking is involved in adsense. In US they want the bank account number for autopayment. Otherwise they deduct $15 from the cheque. But as you know better they is a problem. What is it?


Started two new knols
Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. – Knol Home Page
Telugu Knol Home Page – తెలుగు నోలు ముఖ పేజి


Expectation from authors and authors’ performance Knol Performance Framework and Review.
An appeal to fellow Knol Authors Promote Knol in Social Media
Happy to inform you that Telugu Knol Home Page generated good interest. There were lots of visits from Orkut communities. 201 page views are recorded in a day. A trending knol. It is a good example of appropriate content + promotion message. You need to inform potential reader community about your article and then improve your article according to their suggestions.
Happy to share with you that montly cumulative visitors number for my knols crossed 30,000 today. We need around 700 knol authors’ accounts to cross such number to get one million page views for knol per day. We need to work for it.
@ SK
Right at the start I said author association at USA is the most important. It is because you can personally meet Knol management team. Personally, I do not think there are any real differences between us. When each author has to write what he knows, or feels or thinks and he will get visitors through Google or other search engines, any crossfire between authors is meaningless. No doubt there should be cooperation among authors of a platform, on certain minimum issues especially that of a technical nature and also to present the positive picture of the platform. Prof Eric Clausen has put in a lot of effort. Your joining him for a personal talk and meeting with him and Google executives would be definitely a good thing.
From my side, you have the complete freedom to initiate any activity to help the knol platform in association with any person or persons. There is absolutely no constraint on you whatsoever.

My latest knol
I am a brain mechanic who is showing what is wrong with us human beings and how we can fix this vast mess.
The difference between brain and mind.
The brain is the engine, while the car is the physical body of the human being where the mind is the driver of this car of life. For the vast majority of humanity the brain is the defective engine that runs the car of life. And as this defective engine is driven constantly by the driving mind, this defective engine keeps giving problems for the driver to the extent that it makes the driver neurotic and in lots of cases even psychotic.

Welcome Brain mechanic and engineer. Today it is engineer’s day in India. Engineers’ Day India – 15th September
You take good interest in page views and performance. But I feel, in general performance got neglected by knol authors. It is time Knol authors seriously look at performance. Invite your comments on the performance framework. As you are writing these days, if Google got upset with knol, it is because of lack of performance and performance orientation. Now in the knol help page you can see, authors want all technical features to be in working order and robust on knol. The clamor is not for additional features but for robustness of existing features.


you have often said that you are happy with any criticism .
and indeed : as a social womb we should always be ready to tell the truth .
so here my impressions :
brain mechanic sounds like Janov (primal scream therapy) . but Janov failed .
your first title sounds like “I am a brain mechanic who is a show man” .
and last not least : where is the difference between your two knols exept of the different titles ?

It is time SK opens a workshop for brains. He can go to some schools nearby once or twice a month and provide some help to students and teachers. Primary school teachers study psychology. SK can present his ideas, defend and discuss his ideas and persuade them to use his ideas. That way his ideas will be refined and improved and will be made practicable. There is no problem if they fail. Until you attempt your ideas, they are anyway useless. Try and if you fail, you can think in a different way later on. All the best, SK.

I have converted this post into a knol:
Dear KS: Imagine mankind fearing as immortals and desiring like mortals!

very well . I am dreaming of a knol, where each post is a knol .

I agree to KVSS . it’s not so important whether one of us is a big boy .
as a team we can do more than enough for mankind .
if we make knol a better world our names will become immortal .

My latest knol: “He wished to insist on the authority of science and yet preserve the authority of morals” – W. H. Walsh summing up K…
Since ancient times man has believed that the moral authority is provided
by Gd and Gd alone. Scientists have struggled to this day trying to free
morals from religion and have tried to place them firmly within the paradigm
of science. By proving human moral quality as a function of the different
stages of the developed mind,I have firmly placed moral values as a direct domain of science! I have thus solved one of the biggest challenges of philosophy!

< board 2010


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