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Last four days I spent in travelling and attending a conference on Financial Risk Management. I was the keynote speaker in the conference. I made some knols in the process of preparation for that presentation. I shall continue my study of that topic – risk management of banks and develop some more understanding of market risk measurement of bank portfolios.


The Kaf Writing Contest has begun.
Welcome and Best wishes for the contest (KVSS)


Centurion Knollers – Knol Authors has expanded further. There is now an 89th centurion author – Wendy Gorman (144 knols 1.5.2010)
11 more potential centurion authors were listed in Writing Hundred (100) Knols – A Goal of Knol – Campaign. We will shortly have a century of centurion knollers. But our goal is to have a thousand centurion knollers. Hope the century of centurions will motivate many others to commit to knol and write knols on many topics.

مايكل ميشيل
Welcome to the Arabic Chapter of the Knol Author Foundation


In the recent conference that I attended Islamic Banking and Finance attracted my attention.
I started assembling some material on the topic in the following knols:
Islamic Banking – Regulation – References
Islamic Banking – Modern Origin and Growth
Islamic Banking and Finance in India – Potential and Challenges
One more knol I thought that would be of use to highlight authors on knol: Some Specialist Knol Authors

Thank you for introducing me these cutting edge authors in Some Specialist Knol Authors, especially Arthur Carmazzi. I have posted the following on his knol:
Emotional intelligence is the ability to know, understand and become ones full self potential. As the self is a process that is generated by the brain it is important that the brain be developed to the level where the brain is colored simply by the actual reality of life. Not only must we make our own brain colorless we must make every attempt not only to understand the color of the brain of others we must try to make their brains squeaky colorless too. The only color we need our brains to be in is the color of actual reality/truth. Just as it says in the Bible, ‘Know the truth and it will make you free’. I would like to take this one step further. ,’Know, understand and become the truth’. And as what one becomes is determined by the color of the brain make sure you develop your brain where it generates wisdom, the highest developed stage of emotional intelligence.

Happy to inform you that Google analytics is showing increasing number of visitors to my knol portfolio. In the last week it showed an average of 800 visitors per day. Today it showed the all time peak visitors number 933 and the page view peak at 1238. I expect the visitors number to further go up in this year.
I liked the format of the knol Some Specialist Knol Authors. We certainly have many great professionals among us. We are unable to highlight them and encourage them to write more knols and also we are not communicating to outside that we have great authors on knol. There has to be a collective effort by many of us to present positive side of knol to the world. I hope the specialist author list will provide a vehicle for it.


PG 5/5 Sovereign debt turmoil It was not crystal ball but I started the section “Will the second shoe fall? Will a second crisis ensue?” in my
toxic debt and subprime crisis knol in May 2009. I did not see at that time the high flying pundits of the world economy telling about the menace.
Its origin was not only of the subprime crisis, but also a widespread budgetary and monetary mismanagement, mainly in the US, mostly in the last decade but which seeds are even older (even brillant and respected academics like Keynes and Miller-Modigliany helped fuel those “overleverage distorsions).
I’m sad that I was right and I’m even more sad that Europe has become the primary target, that our currency is under attack while US public and private finances are even more badly managed and has been so for a much longer time.
Now we are in a strange world, many countries that were considered developed are highly in debt and several emerging one which are lending massive sums to them. Both “sides” will certainly suffer? What will come out of this unprecedented and highly conflictual situation ?

“What will come out of this unprecedented and highly conflictual situation ?”

You are raising here a very interesting question. There are many complex reasons and some plain ones. As long as America remains a ‘production economy’ the dollar will remain strong while the more it becomes a service economy the more hollow the dollar will become. More and more of our production capacity is shifting abroad. Factories are closing and people are losing jobs.
However what amazes me is that the so called American experts want China to open up its currency and let it float. Once the Chinese currency is convertible it will become another ‘bankable currency’ for the rest of the world. Today the impact of the unprecedented printing of the dollar is cushioned by the fact that the rest of the world has no alternative to bank their reserves in. Once the Chinese open up their currency all hell will break loose for the America dollar. Countries will start banking their reserves in the Chinese currency. Even a partial shift will have devastating consequences.
There is just one bottom line cause of the current financial mess. From individuals to countries we are all spending beyond our means. Unless we start spending within our means things are going to get much worse.
Today the world is watching with concern the Chinese military build up. But the real Chinese buildup is in the financial sector. They are enslaving us financially. And it is all our fault. Unless we change our behavior…
As I have repeatedly said it is all about emotional intelligence.


@ SK
Thanks for your interest. You are right to say that once the Chinese currency get fully convertible and floating (a matter of years from now?) it will not be the panacea that would solve all our economic problems as some pundits believe and some politicians pretend to believe (as is heard also here in Europe). It will have a deep impact on the global monetary system and we do not seem really prepared to face all its possible consequences.
@ All
I developed my yesterday’s comments into a full fledged knol
The 2010 sovereign debt (country debt) turmoil

If we do not wake up to the reality of the dollar falling and the Chinese currency rising we will get cornered into financial policy of the world being set in Bejing.

KS @ PG the euro under attack
(revelation 18)
15 The merchants of these things, which were made rich by her, shall stand afar off for the fear of her torment, weeping and wailing,
16 And saying, Alas, alas, that great city, that was clothed in fine linen, and purple, and scarlet, and decked with gold, and precious stones, and pearls!
17 For in one hour so great riches is come to nought.

btw. on my comment the euro is going up and down on 2009-03-28 I wrote :
.. it’s like milking a cow . and unlike the dollar, the euro has no political power behind it, which can protect it against the big speculators . what do you think ?
it seems not to be a very interesting comment because there was no answer . perhaps glass blowing is more interesting .

Do you follow currency trends?
buy whuffy 🙂


PG @ KS & All
Certainly the European union needs a true economic and financial governance.
Maybe this crisis will help. Even Germany cannot be a key player alone.
But the mammoth public deficits and sovereign debts, financed by global capital markets (in Europe govt bonds are issued mostly internally to the general public, for example via life insurance schemes) are in the UK and the US.
I take the attack on the Euro as a diversion from (or a preparation for?) an attack on the true target, the mighty (?) US dollar.
I find the three rating agencies (all of them US-orginated) very lenient about the UK and US debts. How suspicious of me 😉
Oh, Btw, I hope I will not be held responsible for the current price tumble of global stock exchanges because of my latest sovereign debt knol ;-)).For my defense, I gave warnings long before.
Also, I’m not here to give investment advice, but I have for a long time observed which stocks (and which key asset) see their price resist or rise while others see their price fall, or while foreign exchange markets get highly volatile (*). Very telltale!
(*) I wonder how many new forex players, seduced by “make money fast” spams, have been wiped out in the last days.


Have you seen this knol
Saint Peter’s College, Jersey City, NJ 07306


I just read this knol thanks to you. Now a days every institution has a similar goal of wholesome education where the goal is to teach the best of learning success; teaching both intelligence and emotional intelligence.

We certainly have many great professionals among us. We are unable to highlight them and encourage them to write more knols and also we are not communicating to outside that we have great authors on knol. There has to be a collective effort by many of us to present positive side of knol to the world. I hope the specialist author lists will provide a vehicle for it.
Specialist Knol Authors with High Academic and Professional Achievements – Directory
There are still many more authors to be added to these lists. We can identify at least 500 authors who have qualifications and experience in some fields and are writing on knol. This number is apart from medical doctors, who are there on knol at the start of knol. Then there will be some authors who have shown their special talent on knol in organizing information and developing very good knols.

I hope knol help will make knol-discussion open collaboration, as we hoped from the beginning .
so we and particulary SK and you can puplish our articles there .
btw. PeB has attacked me there but then he has let his tail droop and deleted his comment .
is he a dog or is he a man ?


Open collaboration is nice. but it requires manual involvement. I am just thinking why not the format of orkut, linkedin or facebook. Knol can build discussion pages with those formats. Like collection pages we can have discussion page template. Then we can have discussions on various subjects. Discussion pages will definitely help knol to grow. Your point needs to be extended by knol platform.
— I made a new page.
Top Knol Authors – Page View Based – Joined Knol Last Year
— I wanted to find out different information. But the search query gave this information.
Only 335 authors were classified as most viewed authors from the authors who joined knol in the last year. whereas 3300 authors were so classified for the last years. What does it mean? Only persons who joined in 2008 are continuing to be active authors and not many new active authors are being recruited. Just think of it. What is happening?
— I hope we start getting entries for our knol writing contest.
— I also made two more lists.
CEO Knollers – Knol Authors (Collection 1)
CEO Knollers – Knol Authors (Collection 2)
— Can some of them sponsor knol writing contests? I think it will be an intersting idea to pursue.

SK @ Team
I was thinking of starting the Wuffy Thrift Store in earnest. I can donate all the three antiques I mentioned earlier and a few more, bringing the total value for starters to at least $10,000. I am confident that some of the rich google employees will patronize it. They will buy from our thrift store as well as donate to it too. Other rich knollers may also patronize it. We can raise funds to help knollers from the poorer sections of the world. We can also use the money to hold writing contests. Please voice your opinions.


Like collection pages we can have discussion page template.
I fully agree .
diskussions are collections of postings . or collections of collections of postings .
each posting is a new knol .
why not display them as collections .
knol only needs a collection browser for this .
Can some of them sponsor knol writing contests?
currently seeking partners to convince the authors that google gold is the fragrance of the money .
google gold can only be earned by whuffy .
so, beside the donations of SK, we may donate whuffy .
I can donate 100 w .
btw. I decided to spekulate with google gold .
so you can sell me your whuffy . 1w = $1 .
if he agrees, I’ll send the money to SK and he can send it to you after we made the booking .

SK @ Team
I have dicided not to get distracted anymore. I should have started the Wuffy Thrift Store over a year ago and not listened to misguided people who thought that this was an attempt to make money for myself. Today we would have taken the knol platform quite far. We have to make up for lost time. The time for what is knol is over, at least for me. I am going to make every attempt to make our Knol Author Foundation into a super international NGO. And I will put my money where my mouth is.

Start and Make it a success.


A new knol
Knol and Knollers in Social Media open collaboration. Add more news about knol in social media when convenient for you.
One more
Knol Badge Holder Knollers it is a part of special knol author series of knols.

SK @ Team
I have posted the thrift store knol. I cannot call it Wuffy because the Tax ID is in the name of KAF. I cannot find the earlier 3 antiques I posted here earlier. I need to post them on this new knol, KS please help me.
Knol Author Foundation Thrift Store.


SK @ Team Plus
I would like all of you to post a comment on this, Knol Author Foundation Thrift Store knol. I want all of you to be active founding members of this thrift store.
@ KS
What happened to the other pictures that I had posted here? If you cannot find them then I will re-post them tomorrow.
“what happened to the pictures”
there were no pictures, there was only some frame-work .
as I wrote on KAF Thrift Store:
“you have to give knol an adress of a file which is on your computer and not an email adress .”
I tried to display the frame-work, but since there is a mistake in the Knol versioning (# > 3000), it doesn’t work.
I wrote two times to knol help . they said : “yes, it’s a bug”, but nothing happened .


Congratulations – Knol Author Foundation
Congratulations To Authors Who Crossed 100,000 Page View Milestone After The Publication of This Knol (13.5.2010) Potential 100,000 Page View Knol Authors
Knol Foundation reached 100,000 page views on 14.5.2010.
Congratulations to all knol author foundation members and authors of Knol foundation pages.

There are films on knol on youtube. None of us have seen them.
Knol and Knollers in Social Media, Electronic and Print Media


Is your web site on behavioral finance updated frequently. Do you write about knol in that in any context? I would like to quote if any items are there in Knol and Knollers in Social Media, Electronic and Print Media
We need to create at least 1000 authors who will be active on various web sites, web forums, and other social media. I am hinting about this in Potential 100,000 Page View Knol Authors in action agenda for authors. I think some French authors are also in this list. Request you to write comments on their knols in French and encourage them to put in some more effort and cross the milestone quickly. I am now terming it as Knol Honor.
You may get a knol badge if you cross 3,000 page views. You will get Knol Honor from fellow knol authors when you complete 100,000 page views.
We award Knol Honor KH to Knol Foundation. All authors who completed 100,000 page views earliest are all awarded this honor. Their names appear in the search list of badges. We will mention all new KH awardees on Knol Bulletin Board. Let us try and create some excitement on knol. Knol writing contest is already one initiative to create excitement.

PG @ KVSS & Team
We have to stay independent!
I’m a bit surprised by what I see, I sincerely hope I’m mistaken, as an alliance that might have the traits of a collusion between KVSS and the KPG gang (or did I misunderstand the G ?) that would aim at taking over Knol and impose directives.
I don’t think that most knollers – of course it is up to them to say it – would accept that any clan dominates Knol, all the more when some of the clan persons cynically game the system.
That would kill Knol like it is killing Wikipedia, forgetting that authors cannot be straight laced. If they are, they change shop. What I did when I saw what Wikipedia was turning into.
All knollers are equal, “liberté, égalité, fraternité”, there is no elite of big guys who say what the little fray should do.
Wikipedia boasts not being a democracy, we should not decay into that disastrous conception.
To make initiative to help knollers and to be an activist that promote Knol, is OK, those who do it have to be highly praised. KVSS is quite efficient in that, and some of the knollers of the above mentioned clan also.
But to take authors into guardianship would be negating that they are adult (figuratively I mean, teens are welcome also as Knol authors)
Maybe it is urgent to make our own “Declaration of Independence”.
And to personalize a little, If somebody has all the qualities to stay independent, it is certainly KVSS, so please keep being so. This is how you can show the way to knollers !
That’s all folks!

If you would like to, make set of guidelines to implement the declaration of independence and I am with you totally on it. Right from the day KAF was made, till today, we did not interfere with the independence of authors. May be we made some comments saying the content is inadequate or the entire knol consists of one line “see this link for further details”. The focus of KAF members is encouraging authors. We have not offered editorial services to any body and today also we do not have any such proposals. Of course, if somebody among us develops the capability and offers such service in some specific areas or subjects that is OK. But as a body we do not talk of such things.
KAF is not for control of knol. The members of KAF are there first of all for their love of sharing and writing. I explained in one place recently, that if an author joins KAF, he is declaring his more active commitment to knol. As an author, he already showed his interest in knol. But becoming a member of KAF shows his further commitment to work for the success of the platform. But as PG expressed some anxieties, we need to make an explicit statement and PG is the best person to propose the statement that we should make. Let us make a statement and make things more exciting.

PG @ KVSS and All
Thanks for the good comments you gave here and also to the knol I mentioned in my previous message below
Yes, we need input from more knollers, representing the whole community, about this matter, and about other aspects it reveals about Knol practices after nearly two years of experience and which could be a brake for its development. What democracy, fairness, independence, attractivity, credibility and whatever other general principles on which Knol would be based (knoller rights, knoller duties, of course without a bureaucratic / straight jacket set of rules like those which are strangling authors in wikipedia) cannot be determined by only a few active people, even if they can bring a few seeds. I’m myself quite humble about that.
Btw, about the Master of the Guild, I’m still waiting his reply to my interventions, as not answering them is either showing a lack of arguments, or a pure disdain, which is not a real prelude to a cooperative approach of the issue. As long as he is doing so, I cannot commit myself not to renew my query, via the knol discussion page probably, as he is blocking any direct comment he doesn’t like.



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