board 2010 (april I)


I said crying, not lying . I said some url’s, not his phone # .
the problem facing humanity today is our behavior and the false rationalization of this behavior by our self image . you wrote more than 600 knols about that . but you can’t see your own behavior without rationalization . if you don’t want me to show you your behavior in another view we can stop that . but then please don’t write anything about me on knol and please don’t tell me what I have to do . you don’t want to hear me, so I don’t want to hear you .
btw. I just read on twitter that President Obama will bring a new personal advisers into the White House. It should be a certain Sajid Ali Khan.
congratulations .

I have been trying to search for the prof,’s url but I did track down one of the phone #’s where she can be found. It is 001718253 5263. People there must know where, if she has moved. She wrote a letter about my work in 1996. I can post this letter if you want. May be she moved. But why are you doing this? All this is a big distraction. This is exactly what I am saying why are you writing personal stuff about me? Lets focus on the big picture.
‘on internet we say : writing in big letters is crying’ .???
Why are you making fun of me now. I don’t have a chance there.
Anyway I will as always let you have the last word.

“make fun”
shure it’s fun . note the date. in europe we have already 04/01. sounds familiar?
“big picture”
what about world wide democracy and world wide currency ?
I have go to sleep now . see you later .
good night and good luck .

PG @ KS & UN/IMF & All
Ja und oui et yes!

After a five day gap I am back on the computer. Shall go through the various posts and comments and respond.

I have never met Prof. Weinstock. A friend introduced my work to him. He sent a letter to my friend praising my work. (I couldn’t make out his name as he had signed over it. It seemed to me it was Irs but it is Ira. I have tracked him down. I will have to ask his permission to put his email here or his phone number. But one thing good came out of this. He is also a director of BOC Network that helps in developing business plans. I was shopping around and it is very expensive to create effective business plans so I am going to approach him.
I am surprised that there is no article on the main internet on the Compound Self. It is perhaps because we do not have a clear picture of the brain mind differences.
My page count has gone down to under 6,000.


Give your suggestions to knol in Knol Author Foundation Suggestion Board. We can write suggestions that come to our mind based on others’ suggestions also. From second week onwards, we can discuss these suggestions for a month in the comment boxes, summarize them and send them to knol help through mail as well as through a comment on knol help main page. I just made four entries in the knol.

The knol Recent Research Topics – Security/Investment Analysis – January 2010 contains links to summaries on the research papers that were published in the Financial Analysts Journal during the last four years related to equity investment. There are being written by students and if you give some comments, some of them may make changes to the knols accordingly. I am seeing more faculty members encouraging students to use the knol and these student written articles are useful many times even to people like us to understand the basics of some topics which we do not know at all.

SK @ Team
RK just informed me that the main KAF knol has disappeared. I was looking up an earlier version and now in its place the German KAF knol is showing up. Can some one please help in getting it back. I have no clue how it happened.There are reports of Malware infection in knols. I have reported it to knol help. From now on we must have back up for important knols.


KS @ team
in the place of KAF knol is .
perhaps we can take Knol Foundation instead .


Two interesting posts
War of Words: Between Authors
English Language in the World (see also march-1 / 2020-03-14 / KVSS)


SK @ Team Plus
My latest knol: Why do I keep describing so many of the concepts in psychology and even philosophy with so much confidence without an…
I need your valuable feed back regarding this knol, what do you all think of my reasoning:
Why do I keep describing so many of the concepts in psychology and even philosophy with so much confidence without any extensive field experiments and with no actual trials?
How can I build up so many concepts without any scientifically practical proofs?
I have a very simple common sense formula.
I am proposing some simple common sense solutions.
1) Lets focus on just the best possible answers instead of the ultimate answers.
2) In all those questions of life where the answer is either/or lets examine both the scenarios and accept as the truth the one that has the most benefits!

I found a way to identify recently active knol authors.
Recently Active English Knol Authors – 2010
We can visit their knols and encourage good ones and invite them to become members of KAF as our time permits. Encouraging fellow authors is the key for the success of knol platform.
Implementable Idea to Commercial Implementation
After a person feels that he has an implementable idea, at least three stages are required to convert it into a commercial implementation.
Experimental implementation – Success – Proof of the concept
Pilot Implementation – Standardization – Trial market acceptance
Commercial implementation
A person who got an idea may do the experiment. Or he may be happy to pubicly declare the concept or idea and let others do the experiment. Is there a need to write many articles to persuade people to have a serious look at the idea. May be there is a need. But it will be a good practice to link all these articles so that readers can refer various dimensions of the concept.
Definitely commercial implementations are not done by rational businessmen unless they see successful pilot plat implementation. People do not go into pilots unless there is experimentally proved concept.
Business ventures are risky and many do fail even after successful pilot plant implementations on commercial level.

@ WJ – as a co-author you are invited to join our trust tree to help making decisions as a team .
@ A – I would like to make you (my personal) knol star, for thou hast done much for me in a very positive way .
I would be happy if you could vote for PG, so I can vote for you (it’s like to exchange places) .


The new Knol Author Foundation page is up. It is at Knol Author Foundation I will be inviting all of the old authors back to the page soon. . Please do not roll back to old revisions.

Thank you for your new KAF knol. But we must keep trying to get the old one back.
no, we must keep moving forward .


Recently Active English Knol Authors – 2010 had a good opening. Need to keep updating it. Invite you to be coauthors. Write a comment. is still doing useful service. People are able to remember the poems after seeing them once in ppts. I was not sure of their usefulness. But once PG appreciated, I got confidence to show them to my students. I use them in my presentations on appropriate topics and people do appreciate them. Thanks PG. Appreciation from coauthors does help. When it is from a person of the same field it adds much more value.

KS @ A
ok, I will just do it to show you the picture
if you’re not satisfied, I’ll reverse it again .


World Book and Copyright Day – 23rd April is a day of celebration for authors. Is there a separate day for online writers and bloggers? If it is not there, we need to celebrate this day. One idea could be to post a biography of an author who was not so far not covered on knol. The other could be to post a book review. Do something to remember more authors and books.


what about adding more co-author to get updated by email to avoid losing some good stuff?


what about adding MAK as a co-author ?
A: yes | no; KS: yes; KVSS: yes | no; PG: yes | no; RK: yes; SK: yes; SKS: yes | no; WJ: yes | no

My latest masterknol/gem-knol/gem’nol!
{Actually knol writing is the science of gemknology! (maybe someone has coined this before?)}
Dear Prof. Eric Clausen, you must be kidding: you are kidding!

MAK is a real asset to KAF. I would like to see him as a co-author.
i think there is no “no” . will you invite him ?
I have invited him.

SK @ Our vegetarian friend.
Recently a Chinese friend treated me to a dried cabbage that was fried and wrapped in boiled rice. It tasted just like chicken. It even felt chewy like chicken. Those who would like to taste and eat chicken but cannot due to religious restrictions should try this out. A pure vegetarian dish that tastes like chicken.


I would like to acknowledge the team for getting me on board, as I believe that this Knol can make change.

My latest gemknol:
Well what can poor Sajid Khan do?


RK @ team
I think if we have a knol writing competition the subject should be more mainstream that what Sajid suggested. We are trying to attract new members and such a niche subject may not get alot of interest. I could be wrong. Do we want the competition open to only KAF members, or all members?

I will go with the topic our team decides.

KS @ team
who wants to compete should be first a member of KAF
yes : KS, RK, CK
no : SK, MAK
wow, this is great . we have our first discussion . who should get the money ?
btw. if we can decide, not to pay money, but whuffy, I’m with Sajid .


My thoughts related to the Knol writing contest:
– We set a date when it starts and when it ends, I suggest starting first May 2010 and will be opened for 2 weeks – then we take our time to evaluate the Knols and the Announcement of the result can be on mid June 2010
– It is for KAF members, but if someone not a member and want to be enrolled in this contest, it is OK but he will lose a point (first point) for that, so better to join KAF to keep points. To join KAF you can send email to [ ] or use this form, or writing a comment on the KAF main page
– The subjects: chose one of these topics

  • The Future: your image for the coming future, your predictions!
  • Your Favorite piece of Technology
  • Your message to universe

If you chose one of these subjects you will gain a point, while if you write for another subject we will accept it, but you will lose a point (second point)
– Should be in English to gain another point, while if you write in another language, it is also OK for us, while you will lose a point (third point) and we will use Google translation tool to evaluate your Knol
– Your Knol should contain references, while if you didn’t include your references; we are sorry to say that you are going to lose another point (fourth point)
– Your Knol should be only for you, no co-authors allowed, to evaluate each author separately
– You should submit one Knol in this contest. If someone submits multiple knols, KAF will chose only one
— so these are 4 points on being a member of KAF, writing for the subject, being in English and submitting the references + 6 other points for evaluation of the Knol = give a TOTAL of 10 points
— KAF should be publishing a Knol about opening the contest, and that should be almost mid April 2010, writers who want to be enrolled should write a comment with the link of their Knols
what do you think?

My latest master knol:
Dear Prof. Eric Clausen, before you accuse me of not being original please take a look at this knol.
It is not a good idea to take away a point from non members, or from those who write in another language. Your topics are good. Lets get some more topics and then just decide on one topic. Two weeks is not enough time.
@ Team
Please decide how much award money we should start with, I already have an account for KAF. I shall deposit this amount in the KAF account. Maybe we can open a PayPal account and then transfer through PayPal the award money or we can do it just by moneygram to any part of the world. We can award this money in Wuffy but payable in US dollars.


KS @ team
another topic : “knol and me “.
the best topic for me till now is “the future” .
everyone may compete, but if I donate money, then only for members .
we can make a collection with the knols of a topic . the best knol is #1 .
oh, and to make a decision, majority is not the best solution .
instead we need a speaker . in general our knol-star . in this special case we need one of our team .
I propose Randy .
@ CK
hi chrissy, I would like to see you as our next co-author .

SK 2 Team
Views: 13000
Comments: 144
Published version: 257 Edited: Apr 2, 2010 1:29 PM

46 Ratings
Notice how this altered knol has its right hand column totally missing. So we cannot go back to the earlier original version. Notice also how this knol has just single stars. I am sure some of us gave it 5 starts. Who would want to give it just one star. This is definitely the work of people who do not like us.
Also notice that most of our KAF related knols have 4 stars, which means that some one hates us to give us single stars. I think most of our group do not give our KAF knols 5 stars. We should all start giving 5 stars to all our group knols as well to our own knols as well as to each others knols. This is clearly what other groups are doing.

AA Congratulations!
I want to congratulate Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. by his first millon of pages views.
I am sure that this will be the first millon but will be more others.
You do a great work in this platform of knowledge.


Thanks AA.
I totally agree with you. Many more authors will cross the milestone of million page views in the coming year. My wish is that at least 1000 knol authors cross 100,000 page views in the coming year. Also I want many new knol authors to join the platform and write number of knols.
New knol authors need encouragement to continue knol writing. They have to feel that there is an existing author community that welcomes them. I am trying to identify new authors periodically and assembling a list. Recently Active English Knol Authors – 2010. I at least inform one author everyday about the list and the info. that his name is included. I request some of you also to encourage new authors.
I am also happy with my comment and comment of Prof. Fred Feldon in a linkedin community:
Google’s knol can be an interesting platform for student’s assignments. It is a wiki based article platform. Peer comments can be there and there can be comments even by others students and faculty and also the assignment becomes available to the general public also. (KVSS)
Narayana — Thank you! I wasn’t aware of Google’s Knol program. It appears to be in beta but this is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. Wow, you made my day! I LOVE the internet! I love LinkedIn! This would never have happened otherwise. And you are in a completely different field, different discipline and different part of the world than I am. What a fabulous moment in time we live in, isn’t it?
P.S. I picked a knol to look at, about giving a cat a bath. It can’t get any simpler than that, right? Read it. Look at the Comments. Especially the one called “How to Really Wash a Cat.” Go to and it will make your day. (Comment by Prof Fred Felton)

Congratulations for your million pageviews that confirm that you are the #1 individual knol author, and for me this is the true way to categorize and rank authors,
On this aspect the strange case of the fictitious author, my knol that defends my opinion that authors should be real authors to deserve to be ranked, seems to raise some interest among viewers.
@ All
I crossed the 200k pageviews line and some of my knols are gaining speed. More generally it seems that knols about democracy are attracting more and more viewers, and we are quite a bunch of knollers writing on the topic. Knol might become a reference, a cluster of excellence, in this area.
I just launched a new knoll which at the moment is just a stub and that might need more development. It is quite controversial thus your comments would be quite useful. Just shoot! ;-))
Have experts, analysts, gurus, advisors, consultants too much power?

I think we need to keep discussing the writing contest.
There was a suggestion from someone to write on “What will the future bring”. I think that is a very good topic.
I also think we need to decide on a few rules.
One person should be in charge of putting things together, but we should vote on how we want it set up.
Anyone who would like to be considered to help on this put your name down.
We can then vote on the two authors best suited to take up the challenge.
Should we set one week to set up a board/ How many should work on it.
We need to move forward or nothing will happen.
I would like to see MAK help make this happen. Would you sign up.
Please give me some feedback.
KS – Should I invite Chrissy as a co-author?

board 2010


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