board 2010 (april II)


I really want to see this contest happening, as I did it before.  Yes I did a writing (Short Stories) Arabic contest. It was opened for 3 months and gave the prizes value from my pocket.  So I know the process.
you have to give the writers some choices regarding to the subject.  Or you leave it open everyone write whatever he wants. As one subject is not enough.  I am happy that you liked the Future one, there is another topic like writing about Tech. tool that he likes.  Traveling writing is fantastic too, something like ” Write about your trip that you always remember” .   Nothing will happen if we started the contest as for 2 weeks interval, then we expanded it to be for a month.  It depends on how many Knols we gonna receive. We have to start and we have to know that the main goal behind it is to gain more members to KAF

Something seems odd for my pageviews.  Yesterday my “this week” amount was 19000 but today it’s 30000.  Assuming this rolls forward one day for each day (which I’m not sure), that would mean I got 11000 views in a single day.  I find that hard to believe.


should Randy invite Chrissy as a co-author ?
I am sure there is no “no”.
but to make it obvious we may wait two days .
page views : seems this is for two weeks

CR has been with us from the very start. It will be fitting to have her as co-author.
My latest knol:
There is a need to define every term connected with emotional intelligence by its utility.

I welcome Phil Kongtcheu as a new member of our English Chapter.
I have invited Chrissy


Remember when I met you in Chicago I was planning to get this T-shirt printed for you. I just came across it
(The Judge)
(Our Executive Director, our inspiration and guide)
(Bringing universal wisdom to every corner of the world in their local language.
Helping individuals actualize their full potential)

Thanks to all the coauthors of the bulletin board and members of KAF. I personally think Randall Kleinert will emerge very quickly as a top author on knol. He has shown his abilities earlier and he is back with full enthusiasm.
@ PG
Thanks for your complement. You built a great site on behavioral finance. I don’t think you made money on it. But as an achievement and service to the learning community, it is great. I keep doing things on knol and blogs with that motto. I am able to do something more durable and useful.
@ SK
I keep remembering you. You are the most audacious man in declaring publicly that professor will reach the number one. I do not know what made you to write that public statement. I never thought I shall reach that position on any writing platform at any instant of time. Thank you for all the support.

From the very beginning I saw the relevance and effectiveness of your knols. I also saw how prolific you are
and your commitment and dedication was very clear to me.
My latest knol:
Kind Attention America.


Chrissy @ Team
I think Randy and Mak be in charge of the first contest.Other authors could give their suggestions and we could come up with a set of rules. What do others think? They seem to be putting the most effort into this. We would welcome other thoughts from others.

Updated Recently Active English Knol Authors – 2010. with all new author names. Only 249 new English knols were started in the last 24 hours. Sajid had one. I think the figure is low. I found some new authors and highlighted their names at the top itself. Prepared a comprehensive English Knol Author Directory yesterday. Plan to include around 10,000 authors in the directory.
– Completed English Knol Authors (Za to Zz). More than 55 authors were included. If you find anything missing at any time please write a comment.

SK @ Chrissy
My view is that Randy should be the judge as well as the in charge of this contest for the simple reason that amongst us foundation members he has the knack of creating the highest quality knols.


Very happy to see Why Use Knol at Coastline College? by Fred Feldon.
Added some more names to Recently Active English Knol Authors – 2010. Need some co-authors for it.
Started one more initiative. Recently Published Knols. Found Feldon’s knol in that proces only. Need co-authors for this initiative also.
Today’s new knols English 550, Other languages 100
Updated English Knol Authors (Aa to Az). More than 90 authors to meet and greet.


My latest knol: Physical Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence.

I would like to welcome 5new members

Mariusz Gulczyński – Polish chapter
Thiyagaraaj M -Tamil Chapter-co-author
Satheesh kumar Rajamanickam -Tamil chapter-co-author
Fred Feldon – English chapter
Mr. Fawzy El-Shorbagy – Arabic Chapter


KVSS 4/22
Become a member of the foundation and participate in the collective activities for the growth of knol platform.
We invite all knol authors to join the foundation and declare their more intense support for the knol platform. The fact that they wrote on the knol is itself a vote in favor of knol. But by joining an author group they are showing more commitment to the platform and willingness to promote knol further so that it grows fast. All authors have their individual objectives but on a social media platform, the overall success of the platform is essential for the fulfilment of individual objectives. Let us actively invite more knol authors to become members of the foundation. I am preparing the knol author directory for facilitating such an action. We can visit the authors’ profile pages and invite persons as per our individual choice.  We want to invite everybody, but still each member has his preferences to write comments and they are free do as per their choice.
Are you using knol content and are you happy with knol content?
Ergonomics By Vinodh
There is software called workrave mentioned in it and I installed it on my computer. It is likely to help me.
I liked this knol . I came to know of this concept and I shall keep thinking of it about using it in my teaching and instruction.
Enterprise Risk Management, COSO and Banks
By Shaun Brady is another knol I found useful. I have to make a presentation of risk management in banks and the information given in this knol is of some use in this regard.
So knol has good content. Please mention on the bulletin board good content that you are accessing on knol. Knol author foundation members have to promote knol content with enthusiasm.


Many doctors with medical degress as well as Ph d degrees are writing on knol. I found around 175 names and listed them in English Knol Authors (Da to Dz).


My latest knol: ‘Silent People’ an observation by Khuda Dad Azara, while visiting New York City for the first time.
Studying material related to risk management in banks and insurance companies. Has an opportunity to introduce many persons to knol.


Studying material related to risk management in banks and insurance companies. Has an opportunity to introduce many persons to knol.

PG @ SK & Team
On Knol democracy and knoller’s independence
A group (our good old friends ;-)) that is very embarrassed to respond directly to my knol,
gave several minus to the favorable SK’s comment to that knol
This is the last of the various lame tactics by which those self-appointed deus es machina tried to drown the voices of the knollers who share the opposition to their strange domineering practice (notably in the knol discussion page, you could find it interesting to have also a look there).
the only thing those poor, not to say kiddish, tactics show is that they are unable to justify their position, unable to give any answer and argument. They obviously realize that they are wrong, but they dream that they can gain time, that people would get tired to protest (as not seeing any reaction of Knol Help, at least at the moment, but it is obvious that Knol Help has to do something, to take some technical measures before the perverse practice spreads).
Anyway my knol mentioned above is going well, thanks to all those who viewed it and gave stars, this is a sign that, far from being isolated, what I express; reflects the widespread concern of many knollers who see the menace to their independence and to the credibility of Knol.
Knol should not fall in the hand of a power-hungry clan, presenting itself as a hand-picked elite (under what bases?) who has the right to decide in its undemocratic, close and untransparent committee, what are the good knols or knollers and what are the bad dogs that put their dirty paws on the flower garden.
To usurpate the authorship statute so as to get artificially a leading pageview ranking can only be a first step for them. Even that step cannot be accepted, as a negation of genuine authors by putting a fake one at the head of what they call “metrics”. Imagine the laugh of wikipedians, whose administrators boast to be undemocratic (yes it is one of WP motto), who would discover that a similar power-grabbing practice is intruding in our project that we present as one that is author-centered and based on authors’ independence.

The link to the writing contest is KAF Writing Contest.
If anyone has suggestions please post them. We want to have a successful contest.


PG – good comment .
knol help has to do something, to take some technical measures before the perverse practice spreads.”
if there is a page with 1000 page views and 8 co-authors, each author should get 125 page views .

You are right about that pageviews sharing, Kalle. It has always been for me a surprise that the system gives each author the full pheasant just because it has a key to the kitchen. Some restaurants have become broke this way 😉
Btw, an interesting link:, a well known phenomenon in economics and finance.


My latest knol:
Imagine if water was just pretending to be water! Water is water, water does not become water by trying to be water. …

board 2010


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