board 2010 (august II)


Knol, can boast to be an elegant platform and to have also good chefs
I noticed that Knol has its true Master of elegance (men fashions mostly)
Antonio Centeno about 120 knols and 8k weekly pageviews
Also, I was fascinated by KVSS subdirectory of Indian cooking,
Knol Sub-Directory – Cooking Indian Telugu
Quite mouth watering (and hot) ūüėČ


Thank you PG for good words about some knols and knol authors.
I came here now to write some positive words. I am very happy to see positive news already at the top. Actually, we at KAF have never gone negative. Any time there was negative news we always thought of what we can do to improve the situation. What knol management can do to improve this situation.

I informed in June that there was jump in page views of my portfolio in Google analytics. This month I am seeing more consistently daily page views of 1500 and more. Last year I was looking forward to 800 page views per day once Google analytics was made operational. Now I am looking forward to 1500. This is almost double of last year’s performance. I also observed that Sajid’s weekly page views have touched 14,000 and Will Johnson’s weekly page views have touched 32,000. Where is the gloom among us. Many of us are seeing very good increase in performance over the last year. There is a definite and significant increase in visitors and page views numbers over last year. And we know we are progressing further this year. The need for the platform is to reach one million articles quickly and once our positive spirit reaches many in the internet universe, we will get many more authors.

Announcement from Italian authors is great positive for knol. KAF is able to operationalize knol writing competitions. We will learn and improve and organize more popular competitions and attract more new authors. I am sure our members will come forward to hold competitions in their languages and countries with cash prizes and other types of recognition.

I started an initiative to promote USA knols.
USA Knol Directory
I made the framework. I have to add knols in the lists. I request Sajid, Randy, and Will Johnson and other KAF members from USA to add their knols having 500 page views in the appropriate alphabetical order. Already some knols became popular today itself and many more can become popular if many authors add knols to them. They can be used as promotion vehicles and visitors can be brought to the knols listed in them. Appropriate content + promotion works. I know many authors have written appropriate content. We need to assemble them in one place and promote them apart from promoting individual knols.

After completing US lists I realized that similar lists can be made for Indian knols also. So I started Indian knol lists also.

Knol is doing very well at the moment. If all of us put our energy and effort simultaneously, it will cross the threshold level for survival this year. Our main wish ” May knol progress further and further with each day’s passing!” will definitely come true. All of us will feel very happy for contributing very actively and vigorously in the endeavor to make knol a success.

SK @ Team
The knol competition is over and now we need to announce the prize money. I have an offer of $800.00 for the German miner statue. I can get this money right away. Please decide if this amount is enough. I can send this amount or the amount needed to RK or we can send the prize money to the winner directly.

I think we can take your question as a test of whether we are a team or not .it is not what we decide . it is, how do we decide


Included interesting knols (Knols having more than 500 page views) from Sajid Khan’s knols in USA Knol Directory pages up to H List. Congratulations. SK. There are many interesting knols. If you cross link your knols, visitors can go more easily to related knols. There is a good response to the directory pages and good page views are there to each page.

Now all the pages of US Knol Directory are posted. Next work is posting sizeable number of knols in them. I expect enthusiastic support from US knol authors to fill the pages. If it is not forthcoming, I need to do my lonewolf effort. As I said, if I can do something alone, I shall keep doing it awaiting the support from others as and when they decide to give and can give. That is how all social movements go forward. We respect our partners in the movement for whatever participation they can put in to take the movement forward.

SK @ KVSS, RK and PG
Thank you for your crucial support.

My latest master knol: “Good Science is determined differently” – a comment on my knol by Prof. Eric Clausen


Today I had a second occasion to give reply defending knol and praising knol in social media.
I wrote this comment in“As an active knol author, I know knol from the day one it went public. For some time, we did not know what was happening, Slowly we came to know the news. After two years, we understand what is happening on knol by looking at knol counter that gives page views for knols on each article, from our Google Analytics data and our Adsense data.
Page views for our knol portfolios have gone by 100% in the last year. It happened for many knol authors. Many knol authors are highly qualified academically and working in responsible positions in academic institutions and companies. Every day up to 1000 new knols are being published. Knol is a success story with some delay. Yes wave could not be easily understood by many. It includes me also. But knol is well understood by many authors and readers. It is thriving.”

Many knol authors have to be active in social media to give good news about knol. Unfortunately we have some knol authors who announce bad days for knol using the news in social media. We KAF members always stood up for the growth of knol. We welcome many knol authors with a view to grow knol. We don’t say apply and wait for reply to write an article on knol. When people who do not have experience or understanding of developing social media sites try to gain mileage by writing anything, this sort of opinions come. Page views to my knols from Google are not coming because of other knol authors. What have they done to your SEO expertise? Any small or big group that believes in their special content of 1000 web pages can set up a website and market their articles. Why come onto a social media platform and then cry about others initiatives. Knol is getting bad name because of negative comments of knol authors without a proper basis and purpose.


USA Knol Directory is the beginning idea. It led to India knol lists India Knols – Indian Knols – Interesting Knols (Wa to Wz).
That now took to me update old knol lists.
Interesting English Knols – Lists
Interesting English Knols List – Starting with A – List 2 It is difficult to locate knols and update these lists. But it is needed. First let me congratulate and appreciate KS. His knol appears at the top of the list. It will be good if more authors come forward and indicate their knols having more than 500 page views. There is lot of interesting content on knol. But it is getting buried as avenues to highlight them are not there. We created this bulletin board for many authors to come and announce their presence on knol and highlight their work on knol. But may be still many authors are not aware of it. That is why we are coming with more avenues like promotion boards and knol directories etc. Hope more and more knol authors participate in them and help us to promote knol more in the social media.

My latest masterpiece knols:
Dear Dr. Main Stream Scientist Do You Even Know Who The Real Buddha Is?.
The greatest sage of them all; the King of sages and the greatest mind scientist- Jesus The Christ spoke only in laym…
If they continue to hound my work as junk science I will simply quit and stop sharing my work.


can you forget your listings a moment and help us to answer the quesion from SK, what he should do with a sum of $800.00 ?
can you (and the other co-authors) also help to diskuss what I shall do with a sum of ‚ā¨ 600.00 ?

I cannot forget my listings because I feel recognizing and encouraging many authors is necessary for the survival of knol. These listings are a mechanism for recognizing the good content on knol. I cannot go into social media and say there is good content on knol and then fail to show it to them. Only when I create lists of what I feel is  good content, I have the confidence to tell everybody that there is good content on knol.

Regarding the prize money I expressed my preference for small amount of money through this bulletin board. We need to use small amounts of money to sustain the competitions. At this moment we do not have many donors. So whatever money we can collect we need to use it judiciously for planned results which are encouraging more and more authors to write knols. No doubt more foundation members will come forward to pool more money but they will come forward when the amounts are small. So my suggestion is to pool the money in small amounts ($100 or Euro 100) and distribute the money in small amounts. Sajid can donate only $100 for this competition. If you want to add to this competition you can add up to $100. Rest is to be set aside for future competitions. I suggested German language competition. I kept only small amounts for Indian knol competition.

But I accept your views and decisions as team thinking is superior to an individual’s thinking most of the times.

I suggest that after voting and judgment, you should be able to choose 3 winners.  #1 takes $350.00, #2 takes $250.00 and the winner #3 takes $200.00

SK @ Team
I agree with MAK. In the Western countries $100.00 is very little money. It costs me $40.00 just to drive into NYC. And in the third world it can feel like a small prize if we go with MAK’s suggestion.

Knol Has Good Content and Very Good Content
Post on the blog


I extended the theme to Good and Great Things on Knol РAuthors РKnols РTechnology.
Request all of you to add more items to it and also to lists within it. I prepared all these lists sometime back but now I am able to place them at one place. The expansion of these lists would be a good publicity for knol.

My latest knol:
Knol is a new invention that is neither a scientific paper nor a personal opinion; it is about sharing what one knows…

MAK has made a suggestion SK has agreed with .
KVSS has called for smaller sums. what shall we do now ?
perhaps Randy can tell us what to do .
but first of all we need to chose three winners .
social media
to launch an application with a strong network effect relies on tapping in to highly connected worlds. for facebook, it was college students. for twitter, it was celebrity following (this is a form of connectivity through a ‚Äėstar‚Äô graph ‚ÄĒ the star being a source of many connections).
the quote shows that social media is about persons and not about things .
making listings for people may be social media if people ask you to do so .KVSS @ KS
Yes, we need to look into explanations of media and social media. Till online media came up, print, radio and TV and outdoor are considered as media. Media was thing at that time and articles, news etc. in it were things. When online came it brought old telegrams back into picture. So written messages between two people in written form started appearing. Advertisements started appearing along with emails. Chats started appearing. Groups and networks started appearing.  But there are other forms in social media. Article platforms is the form that we are concerned with. Here articles are things Рobjective things separate from the author who first created them and others who may have edited them. Twitter also now changing its positioning.
People do not read a message when you give them first. Now they are searching twitter for messages on the topic they want to find information. It was already announced by twitter people.

At an early stage in knol we identified the need for networks of authors and created one. That made us come till here on knol. If it was not there some more of us would have stopped writing on knol long ago. Yes we could not develop sub groups like internet medical publishing. But we are in the process of creating business management subgroup. It will emerge over a period of time. Similarly, for industrial engineering the group is already there. We need to name it at an appropriate time. For equity research group, people are already there, we need to announce it and formalise it. But groups on their own have no separate existence on knol. There prosper only if they create things – they are the articles and article lists through which articles are supported and promoted.

Reputed Knol Authors Active On Knol РWhy? It is very good that many reputed authors who published interesting and most viewed knols are even now very active on knol. They demonstrate the strength of the knol platform. There should be some people in Knol management, Google management, Knol Author Associations and Knol Authors who can leverage this strength and make Knol progress quickly.

My latest knol:
Esteemed self appointed knol judges; do you even understand your self given responsibility?.

Also it is amazing that a prof. to whom I suggested that we should hold a joint debate on the topic of what is a science paper and what is mere opinion has gone ahead on my suggestion and created a knol with his own self as the sole owner of the knol. He has not only created his own rules he initially accused me of all kinds of nonsense and even said that the knol is not open to me unless I obey his rules! He has stolen my idea and was initially using it against me. He even suggested that I should be banned from knol because I pester other knollers to endorse my opinion as science. All I said is that my work is needed and it should be reviewed, because it deserves to be reviewed and that those who say that my work is junk science should prove their judgment. Now he has improved his tone against me and made it neutral! Amazing!!!

Lucky you, you had a debate with Dr Clausen! I’m less lucky as he decided about 2 months ago to erase and block my comments. This happened after a long discussion thread, attached to one of his knols, in which several other lofty KPG members intervened.
That noble assembly decreed I was not a person, so I could not debate with real beings like them (I’m not inventing!).
Aargh. imagine my life now, as a ghost in the limbos! Does somebody know a good Scottish castle where I could team in the dark hours of the night with some other fellow spirits, ladies preferably? ;-))

I wish I had half the technical expertise and half the patience you have. Don’t worry and just keep on doing the great knolling that you are now doing and one day you will leave behind most of our esteemed accredited friends.

spirits, ladies preferably?
yes, where are our good spirits (Angela, Chrissy, Minoo, ..) .
I’m sure they keep an eye on us .
good old Dr Clausen .
should we tell him that google manager Eric Schmidt himself predicts, apparently seriously, that every young person one day will be entitled automatically to change his or her name on reaching adulthood in order to disown youthful hijinks stored on their friends’ social media sites ?
(not that I need Eric Schmidt to make my own name)


lucky to create one more trending knol Reputed Knol Authors Active On Knol – Why? 109 page views in 12 hours.
How to create a trending knol – First write appropriate content
Then Promote your knol from Published knol to Trending knol – Interesting knol- Most viewed badge knol

but groups on their own have no separate existence on knol
you are completely wrong .
the group is not for the contents . the contents is for the group .
if there is a group, they have their own contents .
you are not the one to play control freak over their existence .
I would be lucky if you could make a ranking list for our contest . the month is nearly over .

You can see somebody writing “knol is not a forum.” There are some article sites that attached a forum separately for discussions within the article site. Because knol has not created one, we created some knols for discussion. There is no control or control freak among us.

“knol is not a forum” is clearly the language of a control freak .
he likes to tell you what knol is and what it is not as if you are a boy .
and most he likes to tell you what you have to do .
I’m really glad that we can discuss it here .
that’s the democratic way .
let us discuss it until we find a common language ūüôā


In the morning I read an article reprinted from Harvard Business Review
Five Tips For Leading Campaigns for Change
I am adding to the tips somethings we are doing on knol.

  1. Memorable messages
    Appropriate content + Promotion = Performance
  2. Stories
    How to convert a published knol to trending knol.
  3. Action tools and roles
    Promote your knol from Published knol to Trending knol – Interesting knol- Most viewed badge knol
  4. Coalitions of partners
    Professors + Professionals + Students (Thanks to KS for highlighting it)
  5. “Point of action” nudges
    Comments on knols of concerned authors
    Welcome, Congratulations, Update, Edit, Insert, Promote

Social media has to change its evaluation of knol. Knol has good, great and useful content. Large number of authors and visitors are using knol. There is excitement and energy on knol. Knol is thriving.


India Knol Competition is in circulation in social media.
The competition knol is getting good page views every day.


Community of Learning and Practice on Knol. I am building one for every subject that I am teaching. I am going to make a presentation on this aspect today before a top body of B Schools in India along with two more Knol author professors.


Gold Medal for the use of Knol in the classes at NITIE, Mumbai in the annual convention of Association of Indian Management Schools.
Congratulations Dr. S.M. Dhume and Dr. Mandi
Details Community of Learning and Practice on Knol.


Knol is an ideal ICT resource for faculty members to support their courses. Discussions at the convention of Association of Indian Management Schools brought out the suitability of Knol platform for use by faculty and students to create course materials and learning materials. More and more faculty will adopt Knol.
Knol – A Unique ICT Resource for Faculty Members

Our wish “May knol progress further and further with each day’s passing!”¬† has greater credibility now. Hope Google interacts more with educational institutes¬† by sponsoring various academic conferences through Knol brand.

I have not yet started in earnest the second phase of my knol writing. Knols that describe from the inside out my struggles with depression, nervousness and shyness. My plan is to show how I felt from the inside out and how I was able to gain insights into the workings of my own neurotic brain. How I was able to go from sub normal to normal to super normal and how my own struggle has universal lessons for all mankind. Earlier my depression was caused by the Emotional Brain Garbage ( EBG ) physically and emotionally embedded in my brain, now I feel frustrated that scientists like Krishna Maggon will not leave me alone and will keep hounding me that my science is junk science.

For me junk science is junk if it keeps important topics of philosophy and science as fuzzy as ever. Where instead of expanding the frontiers of science it tries to drag back this expansion. I think the main aim of research, any research has to be how to harness the many forces of nature. For me any idea that brings practical benefits to life on a mass scale is pure science! For instance my knol;
PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS OF QUANTIFYING THE MIND. when measured in terms of real benefits is as scientific as any written by the likes of Krishna Maggon only far more packed with fulfilling the aim of philosophy – making life better.

Another topic I would like to write knols on is my insights in forbidden knowledge, but I am scared for making open this knowledge that the elders have kept hidden till now.

if you trust knol to be the right medium you should do both .



Just to tell you that in the last couple of weeks I was quite active in the French speaking Knol with several new knols, written alone or with coauthors, that got a good impact (pageviews, comments…)
Things are advancing here for Knol, but there are still no initiatives comparable to the Indian and Italian ones to use the Knol¬†platform as key tool for the education system. The French educational system particularly (I don’t know how things are in other French speaking countries) is quite conservative, a kind of defensive and inward looking fortress, with a lot of public money thrown in it with poor results.
Seems that the education system in Northern European countries is highly efficient, more open to the World and makes strong advances, for example in the use of high technology. Is there somebody that could give us information about ?

the best school i have ever seen was tvind in Denmark . but even they failed . so the best we can do is to strengthen knol so all children can use it as an education system making schools obsolete . perhaps we can give them whuffies for learning ūüôā



@ PG: Good that you are active in French language. Active Knol Authors РActive Community Participants sometime back. Recently there was a comment on it. It came back to life now. The point made in it was that 100 active authors can write comments on 100 other authors in this year. Thus a 10,000 author community can be developed on knol. If each of these author write 25 knols this year, we will have 250,000 new knols from old authors this year. Google needs to conduct some competitions and increase new knol author numbers. There is a need to reach one million articles quickly so that from that stage we can concentrate as a community on increasing visitors for various knols. We can assess a knol for its visitor attracting features and suggest improvements. Recently for 320 knols, I got 5  page views per day per knol on average. This number if gradually increasing. That shows our knols are becoming more and more popular.KS
why do you not give your ranking then ?

< board 2010



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