board 2010 (december I)


The rate of cancer in India is 1/7th of America. How ever mouth and throat cancer rate is much higher in India. The reason for this is this bad habbit of eating pan. I think all the harmful ingiedients of pan can be replaced with healthy ingreidents. Caustic and very acidic form of chalk can be replaced with creamcheese. The pan leaf can be replaced with lettuce or cabbage. Kattha can be replaced with choclate. The beetle nut can be replaced with one of the dry fruits like almond and cashew nut. The bitterness of the over all taste of pan can be brought about with using a bitter chocolate. The question is how can people afford such expensive ingreidents? Well for starters those who can afford it should switch. Once the craze with this new healthy pan catches on then perhaps even the poor will want to switch and be able to afford it by eating less.

when we started our new board, one thing was obvious .
it was not the board of the book thrower (so we gave him his proper board) .
but the book thrower would not be the book thrower if he wouldn’t try to throw his books on our board .
I can not convince him that this is senseless . only we as a team can .

@ WJ
Thanks for your explanation on the genesis of your “entertainment” knols
I am even more interested now that you become, if you agree a coauthor of the Show business and pop stars Knol book.
In such case you have first, technically, to make a comment or an edit suggestion directly to that knol page.
@ KS
Thanks for the “game of life” link, I added it to the “emergence” knol
Thanks also for the little poem about the team. Maybe I will print it and put it under the “Tannenbaum” ;-))

OK I’ve made a few changes to your collection, so you can now add me as a co-author. I’m glad our board here has almost become a trending knol. Maybe a little more advertisement. On another note, I seem to be having problems today with my PHP script for Parsing the Knol Search Toolkit. Can someone else try my Version 3 and tell me if it throws you any errors ? If it does I’m thinking maybe the Knol team decided that my script was too server-intensive! Or maybe they are just limiting page requests to a hundred at a time? At any rate, unless it’s my own ISP! I’m going to start working tomorrow on a new script for Parsing Google Search results which will hopefully be able to replace this. And be more universally useful too!


SK @ KS & Team
If I cannot write on this knol then it is perhaps time for me to leave KAF. I would like some one else to come forward and take over the legal resposibilities other wise I will just disolve the legal non profit status. The web part of KAF can go on.

good idea .

I’m not sure what legal responsibilities there are, but I would be willing to take those over, provided they are not too extreme of course.

don’t understand this parsing thing, but can you write a script to optimize the html-code of our board ?
e.g. transform “12/02″ into <div style=”background-color: rgb(204, 204, 204);”>12/02</div>

Indian Classical Dances – Knol Book turned out to be a trending knol book. Thanks to Peter Greenfinch. I wrote a comment on Knol Help page also. It is good that there were more comments on it. We are also writing entertainment knols. That is good for Knol. Credit for every knol author. Then only Knol gets the credit.

I don’t know a way to make a naked script in a Knol at all. The only ones I’ve tried are Google Gadgets and I don’t think they can affect part of the text of the Knol. However for your particular question, you can simply cut-and-paste the previous header and then change the date within it. What “parsing” means, in computer talk, is cutting the pieces apart so you can use them in another way.

thanks . I know that in computer talk there are parser, but your explanation is the shortest and the best till now . (so, archiving contents, I have to be my own parser 😉


KVSS @ SK and KS
Don’t allow emotions to overturn objectives. SK talks of emotional intelligence and KS talks of teamwork.

yes .
it is no team work to make big words saying : “join me or beat me” (comment to GM on book thrower page)
if we cannot unite we can go our own ways . that’s all . but it’s better to unite . so don’t allow emotions to overturn objectives 🙂

After a bit of fiddling about, I finally figured out a much better method for hiding a document online, and then having people pay to view it.  Using some permission settings, a false index page, a redirecting PHP and Google Checkout Button!  As you can tell it took me a while.  But now I can be like Stephen King and sell each chapter one at a time.

so you are your own parser (cutting the pieces apart so you can use them in another way 😉


SK needs to be congratulated. The board we gifted him is being well maintained by him as per his thinking and wishes. We also left it free for him for a reason. This week, its page views are 794. A trending knol for the week. SK deserves congratulations.
I started one more knol book
Indian History – Knol Book . As a part of it now I am studying East India Company.
I agree with and appreciate WJ. The entertainment video lists etc. are made for personal reference and people are visiting it and making them popular knols. I study a lot at various times and now as I am writing on Knol, keep recording my studies. No doubt there is more focus on writing also now. I involve my class also into it. That means I select subjects and topics that are immediately useful to them. Till now, the process is yielding more positive results.


I had come here yesterday or Friday and the page was all translated into German.  I’m not sure was KS was doing, but I had to roll it back a few versions in order to get English again.

thanks, Will . 5 w .
I have two browsers : firefox (linux) and chromium (chrome for linux) .
I prefer chromium, but chromium is a little buggy .
it has a function to automatically translate a page .
some days ago, I was looking for some translations and now it always shows me the translation mode as the first adjustment . so I have always to click to return to the original page .
seems I have forgotten it at least one time .


Do you think we could be pulling ads into Knol, that were already being placed elsewhere? Or could advertisers be appearing in Knol who would never have thought of advertising with Google at all?  I ask this because I had a rather obscure company pop up as an advertiser for one of my rather obscure articles.
I also recently ran a test to see if I could target a specific type of advertiser, by creating the Wine Portal and sure enough there is now a wine advertisement on the side there. Do you think we could research what types of things people are most likely to buy off the Internet and then specifically target those exact things as articles?


how to become 25 co-authors

social womb
AA may propose a new co-author candidate .
then we all will invite the candidate . each of us in his way  .
if the candidate agrees to become co-author s/he has the right to propose the next candidate .
what do you think ?


That idea seems fine with me, provided we also have the similar method to throw a co-author out. But I’m not sure we need 100% agreement are you?  I’d like a high level though, maybe 75%.  I say this because I don’t think all of us, even visit this board on a regular basis, so we would never be able to get 100% agreement.

The idea is to allow any of the coauthor to propose and invite a new author and other coauthors also invite that person which is good. I think throwing out a coauthor is not an issue at this stage. This board is an open board and we want to encourage many to write either as a coauthor or not. If we want we can always make a board on closed collaboration basis and allow only selected people write. On this board, themes and ideas need to always say every knol author and visitor is free to write. May be we may comment on some messages and discourage such messages sometimes.
@ WJ: It is good that you are experimenting with advertisements. General recommendation is to write for popular key words. But writing for popular advertisements is also a good idea. I created number of knols on the theme – International and national days. They get visitors during a particular period. Presently NATIONAL ENERGY CONSERVATION DAY – INDIA – 14 DECEMBER is getting visitors. So, the effort of mine to create knols on the theme of International and national days is proving its utility.
In the Knol books, Marketing Management – Knol Book of Readings is still the number one with 348 page views. Spent good amount of time on Hindu Dharma – Hinduism – Scriptures, Stories and Hymns – Knol Book. The initial page views are good and number of persons visited it; based on my email.


throwing out a coauthor is a serious problem for any group . often it’s the end of the group .
in the last instance WJ as the owner has to decide it, but as I said, it could be the end .
we should discuss any such case thoroughly .
for now I wanted to encourage AA . he wrote that we should encourage new authors and we should show him that this is good for co-authors too . so we should offer him the initiative and help him .



I’ve changed the “Edit this knol” to the nicer looking button just above. The slight advantage of having an Edit button embedded on a page like this, is that, on slower connections and larger pages, you do not have to wait until the entire page loads in order to click the Edit button.
I only bring up the option of removing a co-author in the extreme case where a co-author will not stop doing something disruptive to the page, which impacts us all. Or in the case where a co-author has brought a large amount of discredit to the group.  We’ve seen both of these in our history here I think.

co-author : I agree .
edit button : good to have a specialist


Ahnentafel is an experiment where I tried to make a knol of WJ more readable .


Took me a long time to conceive it, as the topic is complex,
but at last this my draft of a towards-a-world-currency knol.
It is far from stabilized (a bit too late to be invited to give a
conference in the Davos annual meeting next month 😉
and your suggestions are welcome.

great .
let’s start with WHOMOI, a Montesquieu-style monetary governance .
does “one man one vote” means we should make a structure like our knol-star ?
a monetary trust tree ?
in this case I will give my voice to SK because his donations to the contest .


Dear friend and colleagues:
I was reading knols and searching authors to invite.
I think that can be an interest to participate in Knol in these authors.
I will write to some of them.
But the most authors I know write in Spanish.
I will continue searching.
I think in the authors that make comments in others knols; what do you think?

dear Alberto,
you did the right thing .
we need authors who like to communicate with their co.authors .
“authors that make comments in others knols” is a good hint .
I think a spanish speaking author with some knowledge in english is a good choice .
the translaters become slowly better, so we can help one another .

I was asked above, some days ago, about parsing. I’ve written a new very short PHP script that shows exactly one trick that you can do with parsing the Knol search toolkit, that would take too much time otherwise. , is a script which grabs the list of my fifty newest created Knols, and actually looks up each page, and cuts the exact pageviews off that page, and brings it into a table.  After a few minutes for it to run, you see the result is a table, showing me which of my most recent Knols has caught the eye of the reader.


Knol authors need to look at Top Viewed Knols of 2010 from Knols Created in 2010 and then plan their activity during 2011. Some comments on the performance of Knol during 2010 are welcome from Knol authors and visitors. A discussion will help in developing themes for 2011.

I don’t know how you were able to compile that but I’m putting together a new Knol list as well, Number of new Knols created, sorted by creation date which shows that Knol is still a strong publishing site. So rumors of our death have been exaggerated


I compiled the search link for top viewed knols badge search link. Now I included all English knols with most viewed knol badge. It means 5000 cumulative page views. The list shows getting 100 page views per week is a good performance. Number of knol books are getting good page view numbers in this context.Ph.D Research Methodology – Knol Book of Readings has presently 76 pv per week.
Suddenly an idea came to me about a knol book on dressing. Dressing for Fashion, Power, Style and Success – knol Book
I keep talking about 1000 knol books. Hope many authors notice it and develop many knol books on various themes in 2011.
@ WJ Good that you are compiling the knol number of new knols created. Yes, Knol is a strong publishing platform and many more faculty members of our institute are appreciating Knol. In terms of page views also my peak page views occurred around 20.10.2010 (above 52,000 per month) and again today they are touching 52,000. Some more momentum will take it above the earlier peak. Knol Page Views and Visitors – Historical Record – K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao. So Knol is performing well in both knols being published daily and visitors and page views coming to Knol daily. That is why I support efforts of Google Management to cut costs of running Knol and give more time to Knol to attract many more authors and accumulate large number of knols. One million knols is the minimum number for the platform to be counted as an article publishing platform of standing and I hope Knol reaches that land mark in 2011.

For about 10 days, the #1 featured knol is “Buttermilk pancake”.
A higly successful knol and a tasty recipe for sure, I’m the first to support general interest knols and consider it that is as important to develop them as quantum physic knols.
But this lack of a rotation between featured knols is another symptom of a real Knol management problem and lack of interest for knollers efforts, whatever is said.
Well, maybe I will launch a “Crêpe Suzette” recipe knol, but first I have to try it at home, to avoid readers a dramatic disappointment 😉

how about a page that works as a shop .
@ WJ
and write the parsed contents back to the knol .
at a first step we can also copy and rewrite the the contents by hand .
@ PG
what about (A / A1/ money collection / (towards a world currency | whuffie collection)) ?

I don’t quite yet know how to edit a Knol with a program. It may not be possible.
I can however, grab just the contents of the Knol, and write it out as a text file or an HTML file to some other server.
Also there is a problem with the sorting of Knols by pageviews for an author. The sort will not change unless you edit a Knol. Once you edit the Knol, it will now move up to where it should be in the ordering. I suspect as well, that the order of top authors, is not changing since Nov when the totals were last created.
There are several Knols which are being created each day and rapidly flagged, curious isn’t it? They seem to be episodes of some television show or something. Perhaps some kind of spam. A few of them get thousands of hits before they are flagged.


in 12/06 I wrote “chromium is a little buggy”, but it was not a bug, it was a feature . I accidentally clicked the option [english always translate to german] .
@ WJ
how about to grab the contents, parse it, and write the result back to the knol ?
“some kind of spam” :
we had a similar case two years ago on the german speaking knol .
the author called himself Selzer Mac Kenzie .

I understand the issue, I just don’t know how to do the last part “write the result back to the knol”. I don’t know how to write to a knol, with a program, at all. Zero. With a program, I know how to create a page which is not a Knol, but I don’t know how to create one which is a Knol.
On another note, I’ve been noticing that new Knols, mine anyway, do not appear under the What’s New tab on the Knol home page. However I found an old Knol of mine, that never gained any traction, and reused it, and voila it appears under What’s New. Interesting.

I see many times WJ’s knols in What’s New page. May be there are not coming on the home page. But I see them in home page also sometimes. I observed today that 1000 new knols are posted. So the knol WJ started to record number of new knols posted is timely to highlight increasing activity on Knol.
I started the 25th Knol Book.
Knol Book News
In the next three months I shall initiate some more to take the number to 100.
I am able to include many knols of various authors and inform them about the inclusion. I feel the concept will generate interest in many relevant knols with low page views and visitors will increase for those knols. Also more search engines will index them. I also expect more knol authors to include their knols in relevant chapters and also write more knols that fill gaps in the books. Two days back, monthly page views to my knols went up to 52,185. This is very close to the peak figure so that I shall close this year with a historical peak page figure. I hope next year the monthly page views go up to 75,000. I am banking on Knol Books for that performance. Marketing Management Knol Book is attracting visitors and has 475 page views at the moment.

board 2010


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