board 2010 (december II)


hmm, thank you for the answer .

Yes it’s true that my knols appear under What’s New, but those are older Knols, that I’m updating. The cutoff for this new odd behavior is sometime between May and Oct of this year. Any Knol I created since Oct, doesn’t seem to show up under What’s New, even if it has hundreds of views. I’m not sure why yet.
On another point, I’ve discovered buried within the code of each Knol, is evidently the Creation Date for that Knol. I know you can use the Search Toolkit to limit your selection by Creation Date, but I don’t know anyway to get that Date to actually appear on your screen for a Knol. It shows the Last Modification Date. The only other way I know to find out when a particular Knol was creation, is to look in the Version History.
On the question of pageviews per week, here is My Most Popular Knols for the week ending 17 Dec 2010

Information given by WJ in his knol regarding number of articles being published on Wikipedia currently is useful information. Yesterday in English at one point in time 866 new knols were published. Compare it with Wikipedia average of more than 1000, and you can realize Knol is doing well in terms of articles being published. Any good and positive news on Knol will result in steep increase in number of authors and number of knols. We can feel happy now that Knol is progressing even when things are very calm. We need to appreciate Google management for their patience with Knol.  Started a new knol book Automobile Engineering – Knol Book
There are some knols written by various authors on automobiles. Especially in the area of car repairs there are many. My class students had also written knols on crankshaft design and manufacture.
@ WJ Many authors are complaining that their knols are not appearing in what’s new? May be there are bugs. There are bugs in collections knols. Some knols are not appearing even though they are in the collection.


PG I just edited the Financial knol index.
Now ca. 110 knols selected and categorized.
Don’t hesitate to suggest additions.
Well, when the Knol edit system is not too comatose 😉

your knol is part of the money collection


Marketing Management – Knol Book of Readings recorded 500 page views. Some more knol books will cross this milestone. The knol book collection shows that there are good number of knols in various subjects. I could even start Psychology – Advanced Topics – Knol Book. Now authors can fill gaps and also provide problems and solutions in various subjects. Case studies and field studies also will be useful additions to the knowledge base.

we all can get the text of a knol by our browser . but do you know how to get the context ?
my wish for 2011


if you really appreciate my memory and archiving I can make an archiving of this board till now . makes 15 w .
(your account then is -62 .)
if you want to make whuffies you can buy google gold (D1 – D8) .
(your account then is -102 .)
if you sell them your account will be -22 .
perhaps WJ will buy them .
if he has 100 w I will buy them from him .

What do you mean by “do you know how to get the context?” Was that a joke? Or if not, can you explain it more completely?
There is a way, although round-a-bout to get your new knol linked from What’s New. I found an old Knol of mine that wasn’t doing well, and gutted it. Then I used it just to post links to my new Knols, and that old Knol, with a new heading each time, now appears in What’s New. When I make a new Knol, I just edit that same old Knol, and paste in the new headline and a link.


‘context of a knol’
there is this wonderfull button [Search for uses of this page ▼] .
with increasing number of collections, this button will become increasingly important .
therefore, my wish for 2011: it should be possible to range the back pointers as a list from the first to the n-th.


Merry Christmas to all.
Posted 50th Knol Book today on software engineering. Software Engineering, Testing and Project Management – Knol Book.
Separately creating a series on languages Knol Books to Learn Languages – Catalogue
Created my new year greetings for 2011.
May be I can also take some holidays. All the best for all the friends.


Made the initial structure for 100 knol books.
List of Knol Books by Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.
In every subject, there are good knols on Knol platform. If some authors prepare knol collections in the form of knol books for many subjects, the useful articles on knols can be recognized and brought to the notice of potential visitors.
WJ has done a good thing by pointing out that everyday large number of knols are being published. I could complete initial posting of 100 knol books. I hope to get good number of page views for some of these books in a months time. That I hope will motivate some authors to look at knol collections more seriously and they will come out with creative ideas to collect good knols in their subject and bring them before fellow knol authors and visitors. 2011 should be a good year for Knol with more confident authors encouraging each other for better performance of their articles and in the process that of Knol platform.
Meet and Greet as many knol authors as possible on the occasion of new year.


Good. Knol authors enjoyed good holiday period. Bulletin board is a witness for the holiday spirit.
Activated Knol Author News back. Removed the old material completely and started things afresh. Today it is time to say Happy New Year to as many persons as possible. We need to meet and greet as many knol authors as we can.

board 2010


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