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KVSS Democracy knol was featured yesterday on knol home page.
I request SK to invite contributors to become coauthors of the knol. That way we come to know if somebody edited the knol. Otherwise we will be in dark about changes to that knol.
Today I found that January knol visitor number is slightly more than that of December. There was a sudden spurt in September from August. There was dip in December but the number was still more than that of August. Hope in February things catch up to old high numbers and 2010 we will see a higher peak than that of 2009.
A Japanese author is coming up in page views. I saw he is having 20,000 weekly page views.
Presently busy with preparing knols to facilitate equity research assignments of my current batch.

The students will post their analysis in these knols. Hope they will do more accurate work as their work is visible to all. Also many faculty members and executives can give comments and help them to learn more.
@ SK (Which one you want co-authors for? The one by Knol Foundation or the one by me?)
By Knol Foundation


KS 2 SK 2 KS(02/02)(01/31) 2 SK

The next phase of my life is now going to begin. I have written enough knols for now. I am going to try to get my ideas implemented. I am going to focus on the Wisdom Express and make Wisdom Day a part of it. My next step is to contact the UN and get them to co-sponsor or at least endorse the Wisdom Express.


Happy to notice that Max Iskram/a> is having good weekly page view for his knols on electronic circuits design.

285 page views per week. 10 knols like this give 2850 page views per week. The knols are being presented and explained in a very nice way.
I developed a sub-directory of nanotechnology knols today.


I met a friend of Sajid Khan in Mumbai. He complimented Sajid Khan by saying he is more towards inclined towards charity than business. I can also support his viewpoint based on my interactions with Sajid Khan through this knol medium. He is always for providing good advice and social initiatives. He is ready to contribute money and also willing to encourage some more persons to contribute money. He is contributing good amount of money to an organization in India. He could have organized a good knol writing competition with that kind of money. For one of the competitions the prize money offered by the organizers was 150 dollars.
My recent knols
Operations Research – An Efficiency Improvement Tool for Industrial Engineers
4G Mobile Broad Band
Brand and Branding – Bibliography
Knol Sub-Directory – Brand Management
Industrial Engineer – Job Profiles
Bibliography for Equity Research Course at NITIE, Mumbai
Videos for Equity Research Course at NITIE, Mumbai
Engineering Economics is an Efficiency Improvement Tool for Industrial Engineers
Hindi knol competition is progressing very well. This is the first knol competition that I am personally seeing as a success. The Arab knol competition was a big success but I did not follow it as it has happened. In Hindi, the message was provide online content in Hindi and it was promoted through an online Hindi daily. It clicked. Around 2000 knols will be written. The main collection pages will have around 200,000 page views and Knols may have much larger number of page views as the visitors come through google search engine also.
I hope knol launches a competition in Telugu language also on similar lines as that of Hindi.
I and P.V. Ariel are already there to promote the competition. Dr. Mandi, the person who is recruiting knol authors in hundreds is also there. D.S.S Ramam is there.


I just updated a knol marketing communications. I was able to link five of my knols to this knol appropriately. I keep suggesting to Sajid Khan to provide links within his knols. That way readers will be able to go to the right knol to get more information on various concepts and terms that we use in our articles. Once we have written number of knols, interlinking of knols appropriately is very important. I give my subdirectories also in various knols and thereby provide a link to others’ knols also from my knols.
My knol Introduction to Industrial Engineering – Course at NITIE is getting some response. is showing some of our knols. It is coming in google results. The original knols are not coming. When we visit the link, some japanese characters and links and they do not seem to have any connection with the knols.
Others also complained on knol help about it.
Busy with class work and class work related knol writing. Presently teaching equity research course and the next quarter I have to teach industrial engineering
Industrial Engineering Department and Operating Departments – Relation
Review of Total Productivity Management
The global ranks in page views have changed.
György Tausz now moves to the third position.
Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. moved to the fourth position.
Welcome Gyorgy Tausz to the top three group. He is going to go up to second position shortly.
Last week Mr. Gyorgy had 117,509 page views.
The Korean had 119,310 pv is also improving in weekly page views 24,945. is having 25,859 pv

my latest knol: How to save your marriage.
György Tausz is definitely the best knoller. His knols are very full of practical advice, are well written and even the photography is excellent. I would like to say that he is the top knoller of all time.


Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. A very happy valentines day to all those who celebrate this day. I have a special knol for this day: How love can remain fresh
I have a very clear picture of the main factor causing all this mess in the world. I also have the solution. Now I am going to focus on the commercial angle. I have tried through knols for over a year and it has made no difference so far, even my page views are very low.
I recently posted the following knol and I am happy that it is coming up on top on the main web, sometimes it is coming lower down. Mayo Clinic is the top place in America where the worlds top movers like Presidents and royalty come to fix ones emotional problems and you can compare my way with theirs.
Results 1 – 10 of about 20,100,000 for self image therapy. (0.38 seconds)
Scholarly articles for self image therapy
Client-centered therapy – Rogers – Cited by 4264
Cognitive-behavioral body image therapy for body … – Rosen – Cited by 157
A comparison of weight control and weight control plus … – Ramirez – Cited by 51
Search Results
Self Image Therapy. – a knol by Sajid Khan
The human brain has the property to project several self images at the same time. Each one of these self images are self……/1284 – Cached
Self-esteem: Boost your self-image with these 5 steps –
Self-esteem: Boost your self-image with these 5 steps. Cognitive behavioral therapy techniques can help you unlearn thought patterns that contribute to low …


Happy to see number of knols of kalle schwarz on the new knols list on knol home page.
Wrote on knol today on engineering economic appraisal.
Engineering Economic Appraisal by Industrial Engineering Department
Saw an active Russian authors comments on knol help. Made some new sub-directories and modifications to directory of interesting knols.
Knol Directory of Interesting Knols
Knol Sub-Directory – Management Subjects
Knol Sub-Directory – Personal Finance and Investments
Knol Sub-Directory – Brand Management
Branding for a Competitive EdgeBy Martine Osias. A new author from MIT. Needs encouragement. is a knol equity investing. This knol was discussed in a Motley Fool discussion board. A knol from a journalist.
Knol Sub-Directory – Museums is newly opened. There are 21 knols in it. Good to know things about various museums. The topic offers scope to write more knols.
Today I observed that knol help main page has only 48,000 visitors. This is a very low figure. Knol management has to do some advertisement on various google pages and increase this page view figure to 500,000. I wrote a comment. You also react to it.
Thanks to SK I came across I made a knol on it. I shall go through various pages of this website and understand the cognitive behavior therapy. May be it will help in some change of behavior in the positive or + direction.

I came to know about this site thanks to you. I reviewed it.
Review of


I Just Created a Malayalam Knol Directory

Review of Thank you SK.
PVA – congratulations for starting the Malayalam Directory.
Knol Foundation started Afrikaans foundation.
It is in line with the UN mission on Interational language day coming up on 21st Feb

Hindi knol competition went on very successfully.


I just created the Knol-Authors Discussion Group on Google Groups, as the Knol-Users group has now been put under permanent moderation and Knolians have been banned from it. To me that is so repulsive I can barely type this. This new group will never ban a Knolian, I wouldn’t even think of doing that. Please join and strike a note for freedom of speech.

you are right . it’s so repulsive one can barely type this.
to make a google groop is not the best solution, it’s not open and if it’s open it’s open for spam .
our bulletin bord is actually really not a discussion board but perhaps we can change this .
or we can make a google group on knol .

board 2010


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