board 2010 (february II)


I am lucky to have loud hollow gongs on the knol platform. But I appreciate and respect all others and their different equipments. I hope the common need for all is success of knol. No single individual author will make knol successful. It is a platform for contribution by millions of authors. (One of my recent comments)
There is discussion board already on knol opened by knol help. We can make use of it for dicussions.
Each comment box can be used for one discussion topic.
But still I shall join Johnson’s google group as we need to support every initiative and let us see how it succeeds. We need success of knol and any initiative is worthy of support.
My latest effort in the area of crankshafts
Crank Shaft Machining – For Reference in Industrial Engineering Course
I shall be happy if you can share any information on it.

Xumri Group @ all
Good to be on board, a knol on Breast cancer is an equal opportunity killer


We need success of knol and any initiative is worthy of support.
No single individual author will make knol successful.
any single individual author is worthy of support !!

Every author is worthy to support his initiatives on knol.


Updates are beginning on knol foundation pages. Italian chapter has a list of 100 Italian authors who have joined the foundation. Congratulations to Silverio and his authors for helping make the Italian chapter a huge success. Knol Foundation is a new co-author at the Italian Chapter.
New Afrikaans, Albanian and Belorusian foundation pages have been posted.
The Hindi chapter has a new co-author/Director
The Arabic chapter has a new co-author/Director
The Spanish chapter has a new co-author
German, Dutch and Spanish pages have been updated.
Georgian chapter has been posted. Alexandre Ablotia has been asked to translate.
Urdu chapter has been posted. Naushad Shafkat has been asked to translate.
Turkish page has been translated by Eyüp Sabri KARTAL.

this is really a universal brotherhood (“co-author” is much more better than “director”) .

KAF (Randy)
Just so there is no question about who is updating foundation pages it is Randy. I am here to help the Foundation get on track again. I have been in contact with numerous co-authors of other knol chapters around the world and it looks like we have a chance to grow. I don’t want a position on the board, I just want to devote my time bringing authors of the world together. I would be honored to become a co-author of this board.

Yes with great happiness that a US person is coming forward to take the knol forward.
MY knol has a comment asking for some information. I am trying to add some more references to it. Whenever a comment is there, and especially it points out to the need for more information, author do get into action. I am doing the same.

Check the foundation main page. I have designed a translation tool. I am going to put up a knol page on how to configure the tool for use on different pages. The tool will only work on the foundation page. The HTML code needs to be changed for any different page the tool is put on.
We have another Arabic co-author for the Arabic Chapter.

I propose to invite KAF as our 7th co-author .
A : yes | no ; KS : yes ; KVSS : yes; PG : yes; SK : yes; SKS : yes | no
@ SK
you deleted : here we can show that we are humans and not bureau-c-rats .
that’s OK for me, but can you please tell me, what was wrong, so I can learn from my errors ?
@ KS
We have to stay away from degrotaries and even respect every one to have their own point of view, even when we find fault with their views. We do not want to descend to their level. While respecting their being we can and at least I will take their views to the cleaners for what is in my opinion their ignorance and biases. But if a second time you still insist then I have to respect your right to your opinion even though I disagree with your actions.


This bulletin board is very active, keep it up.

My Twitter knol book is out.  Dear Dr. Krishan Magnon: Now you can see why I invented Twitter knols!
How to Become Wise
I have acknowledged the following:
Thanks are also due to the latest contributors to my life:
Prof. Naryana Rao K. V. S. S., Peter Greenfinch, Kalle Schwarz, Angela, Minoo Baghia,
Andreas Kemper, Khuda dad Azara, P. V. Ariel and Spiros Kakos.


KS 02/21
there were no dissenting . so I’ll invite KAF(Randy) as co-author .
@ SK  We have to stay away from degrotaries and even respect every one to have their own point of view, even when we find fault with their views.
exactly . so we can show that we are humans and not bureau-c-rats 🙂
@ PVA – thanks . you are invited to join our knoll-star tree .

I am working on a form that new members can join by filling out. See it here.

Congratulations – Sajid Khan
My new knol to support my teaching of Industrial Engineering in July 2010.
Productivity Improvement Idea Bank
I want to find around 100 articles and research papers in the area of industrial engineering. If all of them are in the area of productivity improvement it will be much better. Those articles will be studied by the participants of the course for further ideas regarding using them in their field projects and practice. Their experience can be captured into some additional articles later.
One has to do quite a bit of work to assemble materials to support a course. Once a faculty member does it, they can be made available for other faculty members and students through online publishing sites like Knol. That is why I made a comment elsewhere, that everything I write is not immediately for a global audience. Wikis are for developing materials as well as for using them. They will take time to develop. Still we do not have many collaborations. We do have some. But once knol becomes more popular, we will see many more collaborations and development of useful resources.
I’m slowly building a PHP tutorial with actual examples of common things people might want to do on their own website.  I’m just now working on PHP: Lesson 5 Send Email using a PHP Script.
By the way did everyone notice that the PageViews counter seems to be acting well for the past month or so? It even tells you how many hours ago it last updated.  However I still have a few Knols that were involuntarily suppressed and I never heard why.  Too bad this isn’t a democracy, but it would be nice if we could get Knol Help to at least inform us when a Knol is blocked and why.


it would be nice if we could get Knol Help to at least inform us when a Knol is blocked and why.
I fully agree . if our voting-tree grows, this will be just the task of our speaker.

KS Again @ Front Page
KS This Board is fast moving, we need to promote it among the knol authors, I just found it again at the knol’s front page. Congrats. Keep moving with your plans we are there.
Another cliche to fix by knol team the avataar pictures of knol authors are missing on the page since yesterday. Any clue, hope knol fix it soon.
Good Wishes.

it’s some work to archive the board . we should pay some whuffy for it .
but first we need a KAF account, where we can spend whuffy .
further we need a group which is interested in changing whuffy into money .
but before we can do this, we need some more authors, some more agreement or some more discussion, and a growing of our voting tree .


This is Moharram Khalifa (MK) محرم خليفة
I’m an Arabic Knol Author, and this is the first time to write @ your bulletin.. I strongly agree that no single individual author will make Knol successful, so we all have to work together to make it up.
If there is anything that I can help on the Arabic side of Knol, please let me know and I’ll do my best

Welcome Moharram Khalifa (MK). Let us interact and keep sharing our knowledge with the rest. In the process let us give our suggestions to make knol an effective and efficient knowledge dissemination platform.
Efficiency and Effectiveness


Comments on articles push authors forward. They give ideas to add content and improve the knols. A comment made me add two videos to the knol and knol some thing more myself
Maintaining Strong Body During Old Age
Knowledge is there. But what about practice? I have to ask even myself.
The new design of knol foundation page suggests that we have a new direction for knol foundation. That direction will be encouraging persons in as many languages as possible to create online content on knol and other article publishing platforms. Knol foundation as a virtual group will make efforts in this direction. I am also now interested in finding out living languages in India from the 6909 languages of the world and find how many of those languages have scripts. Google might know all of them. But we will also bring it to their notice to take actions to facilitate online writing in those scripts. UN itself is behind that project. So let us also do our bit for it.
International Mother Language Day – 21 February
Started a knol to identify the languages and a little bit info about the language.
Mother Languages – Aari to Adhola

Thanks for the invitation to join the “knoll-star tree”
My problem with the author’s avtaar picture as well as some pictures and illustrations in the knol text is not showing, Is anybody there facing such problem, I posted this to the knol help and some other comment columns. No response from anyone, shows they are not finding any problem with it, or is it some other problem with my system?

KAF-Randy @ members
I would like to welcome 4 new members to the Foundation
Hanna Bretzke-Germany
Annaliese Morath-Germany
عبد العظيم-Arabic
Prof Pauletto Danielle-Italy
PVA – Post the page you are having problems with. Maybe someone can help if they see the page in question.


SK @ Team
I think we should expand the coauthors of our bulletin board to include PVA, WJ, MK and DM.
A : ; KS : ; KVSS : ; PG: ; SK: yes
(you forgot SKS and RK) SKS has chosen to withdraw from the foundation. Yes we have to include RK. Even PVA has dicided to withdraw.
@ KVSS and PG
Please take a look at my latest knol: Our economic policies must be understood for what they represent. I have an idea where we rank countries by the rate of decline of their currencies. What do you think, would you be interested in hammering out an economic standard of measuring economic policies of governments based on irresponsible spending etc.? We can call it ‘The Economic Metrics of Decline’. If you agree then please leave a comment on this knol, The Economic Metrics of Decline ,A new formula for measuring economic policy.


if we make a decision, all co-authors must be heard .
if there is a voting against the decision, we need something like a judge (a person we all trust) to make the final decision . in our case this person is our knolstar (you vote for a person you trust, and this person also vote for a person it trusts and so on (trust tree) ) .
so it would be better if PVA, WJ, MK and DM first join our trust tree to enable us to make further decisions .
I also invite SKS to join our trust tree .
@ RK – can you invite Hanna Bretzke and Annaliese Morath as co-authors on the german KAF-board?
KS – They have been invited
@ MAK – yes, you can do something . you can become the number three of the universal brotherhood of our young friend Zia Shah . so we can encourage him to write on our board .
MAK @ KS – why not to invite Zia Shah, I don’t know him

SK @ KS and MAK
I would hesitate to invite Zia Shah for he is definitely biased.

I think now there is some excitement all around. I like this line Knol Author Foundation is helping bring authors together.      .
We are able to increase interaction among knol authors. We have done that only. Even if we do not do anything else also there is some meaning to our effort. As a blogger I did not have any real conversation with my fellow bloggers. As a knol author I am in touch with many authors from different countries. A pleasant and exciting thing. Knol management must also be happy that there are many active authors supporting knol. While my focus was on United States, Randy’s focus was always on international expansion. May be he is right, the top authors of knol today are from Korea and Hungary and I am sure some more will come from Japan, Spain etc. shortly. If the foundation encourages knol writing in many languages that have written script, it will do some significant contribution in spreading knowledge in multiple languages.  I started a project to first identify the basic introduction to various languages. By chance if I fiind a language in the state in India where I am residing currently, Maharashtra, I may try something to get somebody from the language to write on knol. There are some organizations working in the interiors of India and one has to contact them. I thank Randy for providing this direction by his redesign of knol authour foundation page.
Yesterday, I tried to find the difference and similarities between Arabic, Persian, and Urdu.
Arabic, Persian (Farsi or Parsi) and Urdu Languages – Comparison
The knol will develop further through my further enquiry as well as by the contribution of other knol authors. I think one of my current students knows Urdu and I can ask him to add some material (Just now got the idea).


You still can use (trust until prove otherwise) along beside using (trust tree) as you never know, you may have trustful fellows..
@ SK – SKS is definitely co-author of our board . so please include him in your list .
Zia Shah … is definitely biased .”
interesting . I’ve definitely not the feeling, that he is biased .
can you tell us more about this .
btw. “We have to stay away from degrotaries and even respect every one to have their own point of view, even when we find fault with their views.”
@ MAK – universal brotherhood is like a universal author foudation . trust tree is to make trust grow .

RK The Arab Writer’s Association and the Italian Chapter are quite organized. I hope as we bring all of the chapters together we will become a truly World Class organization.

It is clear from Mr. Shah’s writing that he is biased. Respecting one’s right to his views does not mean we have to include him in our team.

SK @ Dear all:
If you are a US citizen please email these two knols to your senator and congressman and others. Those of you in other countries please share these knols with the powers that be.
Dear Mr. President; You have the opportunity to bring real change not only to Washington and the entire country ; you…
Dear Mr. President you owe me an answer..

board 2010


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