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A very happy and healthy and prosperous
New Green Year to you and you and you…

Happy new year, all! May our knols progress further and further with each day’s passing!

Best wishes for Productive Year
One More Year of Productive Effort
Friends, Knollers, and Knol Authors
2009 has just gone
2010 has just begun
Our duty remains the same
The knol seed could be of a senior googler
The womb is built by a knol team
But each and every cell of knol men is built by us
Yes they are running the marathon race
But still we are a fledgling country
There are friends, frenemies and enemies
We need to work
We need to keep vigil
We need to provide useful knols
We need to clarify when comments are made
Miles and years to go
Before we rest and relax
Help Knol and Grow Knol
Write your first knol of 2010 today. Suggestion by Jagadeesh M
Happy New year. Happy Knolling

Greet other authors. Spread the message

P V Ariel
Just did some revision to my environment knol. “Our Existence Depends On Trees” One knol on this line got a literary prize too I am posting those links here for your reference.
One I posted for the contest here.
global-warming-a-feedback-to-a-cover, our-existence-depends-on-trees

SK @ KVSS, PG, KS, Angela, SKS and MB.
Please take a look at my latest and new years first knol Gd and Jesus: What does Jesus represent: The question is what does it mean that we are made in the image of Gd. and should I add this as the Forward to my book Knols of Wisdom.
Maybe SKS’s clocks could go in the summary section?

tried to copy the clocks into the summary section – doesn’t work .
you asked for our meaning about your knol .
your knol is as always
the same chicken meat but the dish each time is different.
same as with jesus ?
he is what he is to you and to me .
the question is : what is he for us (as a group) ?
see the poem of KVSS from today and you have one answer .
he is comunication and not sermons .
btw. super mature means rotten .


btw. super mature means rotten.
You shouldn’t just post a negative statement you should review the knol with your reasons why it is rotten. My latest knol is a new kind of chicken dish that has tons of practical applications. In fact after a long time this was a real trance knol and I am going to trademark an application out of this knol that may give me tons of mula, it will be a commercial application. I will tell you after I get the trade mark then you will wake up to the significance of this newest twist in decoding the bible.

in german super mature means rotten .
don’t hold bombastic sermons to me . i’m not a sheep and you are not a shepherd .
jesus would be a bad teacher if he needs a man like you to decoding him for me .
please simply answer to my questions (what is he for us (as a group) ?)
e.g. you wrote to Douglas McKee
Your comment shows the commitment and effort you have invested in understanding personality.
what did you learn from him ? nothing ? then i don’t understand why you are writing this . is that the christ in you ?
I also want to know if you would like to join us on organizing Wisdom Day? Have you read any of my knols on wisdom?
have you read any of his knols ? no ? then you don’t know anything about jesus .

‘in german super mature means rotten‘. How can you make such statements. Just because you are German doesn’t mean others don’t know the German mind. There is a 1000 page book coming out by a famous English author who has already written 13 books. The entire book is on German genius. It contradicts what you are saying.
Ever since I thought of Wisdom Day I wanted to have the web name, I finally got it yesterday! It cost more than I wanted to spend but now at least we are slowly starting on the right foot.

Trying to follow KS’s advice. Team Work.
Trying to locate knol authors who are writing in various management subjects for which I am making Management Knowledge Revision Handbook. I am trying to make lists that can easily referenced by me and by my students.
Knol Authors – Principles of Management
Knol Authors – Financial Accounting
Knol Authors – Cost Accouting
Knol Authors – Management Accounting
Knol Authors – Macroeconomics
Knol Authors – Financial Management
Knol Authors – Marketing Management
Knol Authors – Operations/Production
We have many qualified academicians, corporate executives and self employed professionals writing on knol. But we are not able to see them appropriately at one place and present them to the world. Let me see how quickly I can develop this list in around 20 subjects and showcase the people involved in writing on management on knol.

in german super = über (over)
superman (overman) = übermensch
super mature (overripe) = überreif
überreif is the beginning of fäulnis (rot)
if an apple is overripe it falls to earth (into the earth. like a sperm into an egg)
it looses it’s cover (begins to rotten) and a new apple tree comes to existence .
btw. earth is like an apple tree . mankind is like apples . if mankind is overripe they fall into the space
and found many new earth 🙂
please answer me a simple question : what have you learned from Douglas McKee ?

You are talking about age maturity and you know I am talking about mental maturity. If this is how it is going to be between us then how are we going to build the Tower of Babel?
Please focus on your stuff and let me focus on mine.

what is mental maturity . is it a metaphor like EBG or is it real ?
is your posting an example of mental maturity ?
is it mental maturity not to give an answer but saying “shut up” ?


I liked the google gadgets both google translation and clocks of various countries.KS or SKS can write a detailed knol on how to incorporate them into knols. I want to incorporate translation gadget in some of my knols. I also request KS to incorporate the translation kit his knols. I just made a comment in the knol of one of our KAF members and requested him to install the translation gadget. But then we need to give detailed instructions on incorporating the gadget in knol html.
My knol on profiles and achievements of Knol Author Foundation Members.
Knol Author Foundation Members – Profiles
I shall greet each member individually as I write the profile of them in this month.
Knol Progess – Weekly Bulletin updated.
Happy to invite G.K.Avadhiyaa as the 72nd centurion knoller. He is writing in Hindi. He is writing knols so fast that he will write another 100 in this month. Knols in Hindi will increase at rapid rate. If knol is going to have millions of knols to stand in competition against other article platforms somebody has to write knols on innumerable topics that are there. His knols are providing good information also.
I wrote a knol 2000 – 2009 दशक के शानदार हिंदी फिल्मे
The knol is a list of top hindi films of the the decade 2000-09. I am giving youtube videos related to the films in the knol. Today I found that the 2009 film’s world TV premiere is on colours channel at 12 pm or noon Indian Standard Time. I could write that in the knol and also on the knol collection related to that topic. Some publicity from our side to the colours channel.
I made a new knol Knol in 2010 to record progress of knol in 2010. I want 1000 knol authors to have 5000 weekly page views each by end of the year. One thing I look forward to is that each of them write 100 knols at least and improve them and promote them to reach the target.
I am planning to open a new knol on Knol Author Foundation Members and their profiles now. All of them contributed substantially to the success of knol platform but we also do not know about it as we have not documented it. All of them must have 5000 weekly page views by end of the year. We need to cheer them, encourage them and support them to reach the target.
2010 must be a great year for Knol

Please enter this knol in the Hindi contest:
How to become the power of our life: by knowing reality just as it is.
My latest knols:
Self Image Therapy.
and My dear fellow knoller Krishan Maggnon: A challenge in the interest of promoting knowledge and changing the world.

How come in our Hindi Bulletin board there is no link to enter the Hindi knol contest? I want to enter my knol:किस तरह हमारे जीवन की शक्ति बनने के लिए: सच्चाई जानने के जैसा है. in this contest.

is it a metaphor like EBG or is it real’
you cannot keep making these statements without a proper review.
It is clear to me that you think that EBG is not real. So prove it, don’t just say it is BS.
I want you to take a good look at my latest knol: How to become the power of our life: by knowing reality just as it is. You must understand that when I said it is a different chicken dish each time I meant that just like in physical diseases you have hundreds of different medicines so also in emotional diseases you have to have different solutions. So my knols are not the same each time, they are different each time and each has its own purpose. Please look at the following: 9) , 10), 11), 12)
If you still don’t get where I am coming from then please just focus on what you want to accomplish and let me carry on with my agenda.
There is a fight right now for the soul of knol and I have to focus on that.

you want me to prove if EBG is real . then i need a real example of EBG (or of what you mean it is EGB) . your article didn’t give me any idea . therefore i couldn’t write a review .
it’s like you show us a lightning and then tell us : look, zeus is angry, he is throwing his thunderbolts (metaphorical spoken) . btw. i strongly recommend you to read douglas-mckee/metaphoric-thinking .
there you can see that the expression EBG is metaphoric thinking . it could be good or it could be bad .

EBG is the same as emotional baggage. There is tons of literature on emotional baggage. Psychoanalysis is about taking out EBG. I am saying that the so called normal society still has EBG! There is nothing original about my EBG. My original contribution is the connection between EBG in the brain and wisdom etc.
You say , ‘your article didn’t give me any idea ‘ if you do not understand something then how can you say it is good or bad?

if your article didn’t give ma an idea, that’s bad, i think .
once again : can you show me a real example of EGB ?
look at your behavier . can you see it . no ! but everyone else can .
there is always crying (tons of literature (?), big letters, red color, always saying the same and so on) but not not a direct answer .

If you do not know emotional baggage, a standard psychology term then what can I say. You keep saying I am crying. Really? Fear of dogs say is due to emotional baggage. Shyness can be a direct result of emotional baggage. Memories of emotional hurts buried deep down below consciousness are emotional baggage.
always saying the same and so on‘ you still don’t get it that the purpose of each knol is different. It is like you saying all my food dishes are sweet or salty. Reality is like that, all physical things are made up of just a 100+ elements. Our atmosphere is basically made up of just 3 main gases. All that the physical brain mainly needs apart from nutrients is just one gas – oxygen. Similarly our emotional brain needs just one

EBT (Emotional Brain Treasure ). This is a new term I have coined, but the concept is as old as Zoroaster.

you mean bad experiences and frustrations ? that’s indeed real . but why then this mathaphor which doesn’t show what’s going on .

Frustrations and bad experiences are not inter changeable. Bad experiences create frustrations. Memories of bad experiences during childhood create EBG. Memories that are long forgotten consciously in adulthood. My contribution here is that main stream psychology does not take into account emotional hurt that is mainly due to physical hurts in the womb. Again the womb hurts are mentioned as early as the ancient Hindu scriptures. So the mind model on which psychology is based is incomplete. And this is why there is so much confusion about what is the mind and brain and what is their relationship.

bad experiences create frustrations ? then we have the solution . EBG = frustrations .
there are tons of literature and even a song (i can get no satisfaction (therefore i’m crying))

In my work I am not using metaphors, it is all based on reality. Even my research Foundation is called The 4th R Foundation where the R is as in the 3 Rs of education and the R stands for reality and truth. The metaphor is only in your head.
can you see that your answer has nothing to do with my question ? . Really?
EBG = frustration . Now you are getting it. EBG causes wars, Ebg is bringing the world economy down, ebg causes divorces, ebg causes women to spend billions on make up and plastic surgery. This is what I am saying EBG causes ignorance and no EBG creates wisdom. My emotional intelligence education is about taking EBg out paving the way for the original humanness in man to sprout naturally. EGB is the carbon dioxide of the emotional brain.
This whole thing is taking away from my real work so as always I will let you have the last word.

“no EBG creates wisdom” *
btw. this board is not to misuse us for your real work .
if you can not apply your experiences on our specifically situation, then it’s worthless for us .
* you can eliminate memories of bad experiences by drugs or electric shocks . do you really mean you then created wisdom ?
“ebg causes wars”
better : egb (frustration) causes a compensational self image which causes wars .


DM: Could we consider EBG as the result of faulty thinking habits. In that context we all have it because we process many experiences, especially emotional experiences, incorrectly. Wisdom, on the other hand, can teach us to process the same information without creating the EBG. Emotions are like trying to add imaginary numbers in regular arithmetic. It would make an accurate answer highly unlikely.

EBG is the cause of faulty thinking. The aim is to fix faulty thinking, and this is what we focus on while EBG stays in the brain causing faulty thinking. When EBG is removed the cause for faulty thinking is also removed.

Emotions are like trying to add imaginary numbers in regular arithmetic .
🙂 perhaps we can say that emotions are the context of our actions

“I also request KS to incorporate the translation kit his knols.”
why should i do that ? it has no flag for english language .

I am thinking you can put a translator from German to other languages. I don’t know whether such a google gadget is there. But if it is there and if you can put such a gadget, I can read your german knols more easily. And it applies to all of us. Knol team itself may put in such a gadget at a later date. But now we can put it. So let me have the instructions on how to put it in a knol. I shall be happy to put it in my knols. The translation into Hindi from English is very poor. But some curiosity of people will get wetted as they see some popular knols in the language that they can read.
My search into wisdom authors took me to a knol on house of wisdom in Baghdad. From there I went into history of Caliphs and made a knol on History of Caliphs. Knolstorming in action. I came to know early history of West Asia. I was not aware of it earlier. By reading it now and then developing it into a knol make me remember the material for a longer period. I covered up to the period 750 A.D. I shall continue my study of the subject.

i’ve tried a gadget version from german to english. i’ve edited the html code. you can copy a text in this knol and translate it. it works, but it shows an url error. i’ve no idea, why this url error will be generated.
you are right . the translation is very poor . we still need human refactorers or, as you said, we have to wait for a later date .

Thank you for the response.

KAF Members Profiles Knol Author Foundation Members – Profiles
I am finding some. I request you to find more information and highlight more. If you know their language highlight what they are writing. If you can translate and if they are on common licence translate them. Greet KAF members in 2010 and give them appreciation and constructive suggestions.
The wisdom team arguments are interesting. douglas-mckee/metaphoric-thinking. May be don’t give instant replies. For each reply by somebody, let others think it over for a day and then present his point of view. In intellectual endeavors provide a scope for logical error. If somebody says there is a logical error, step back and carefully go through your argument. There is nothing to lose by correcting an argument. Peer approval means and requires patience.
I assembled a knol having authors writing on the concept of wisdom. Knol needs lot more entries. But around 10 authors are identified so far.
Knol Authors – Concept of Wisdom, Wisemen and Their Thoughts


I am very happy to share with you that my database of articles on Industrial Engineering was appreciated by professional industrial engineers and my efforts to improve them will increase because of this recognition. My colleagues are also happy for this recognition. I am confident knol will be recognized for its content subject by subject and people will recognize knol platform for providing opportunity to many to come forward and create knowledge bases over a vast range from research papers to learning alphabets of a language.
May knol progress further and further with each day’s passing!
Let us cheer and encourage every knol author for his initiative to share knowledge.


My latest and best knol:
We have to change the Holy Grail of education from self mastery education to self actualization education.
We must explore the possibility of creating in us a self image that is as godly as humanly possible

uups, i’ve done it again .
because of a html failure i did a rollback to version 2288
and the gadgets were gone
due to their special characters, i think


KS @ DM (01/03)
so, what’s your agenda for knol ?

KVSS @ DM (01/04)
About your profession
Are you practicing Anaesthesia? It will be good to have some knols on that topic also.

DM (01/05)
Good Morning Kalle,
My Agenda for knol is to share a path to wisdom, for Wisdom is our only hope. It is “the path of the progress of Man.” Wisdom is a teachable, sharable, and learnable process. Wisdom is the seed from which all worthy endeavors grow.
“Wisdom is the science of Happiness.”
“Wisdom is the discretionary use of knowledge for the highest good.”
“Wisdom is the ability to apply eternal laws in our life.”
Helping others gain wisdom is the most marvelous personal, familial, corporate, and cultural Agenda I can imagine.

Good Morning Narayana,
A very dear friend once described a hospital as “a temple dedicated to sin, sickness, and death. He went on to describe me as one of the high priests in the temple. He believes illness is a manifestation of negative emotions. Science is verifying his belief.
A Harvard study states 60% of all doctor visits are for conditions caused by or made worse by stress.
A USA Today article claims to quote a study from the CDC that 85-95% of all illness comes from stress.
Although my anesthesia practice has been, and is, an important phase of my life, it is not my passion.
Also, there are others far more expert and qualified to write knols on that topic.
Thanks for the suggestion.

KS (01/06)
you are really a wise man . it’s fun to hear your voice .
i think we should invite you as a co-author on wisdom council (as i called our board over a year ago) .
do you agree that we ask the team ? (kvss can do this, he has discovered you 🙂
btw. you would be the number seven and this number comes from heaven .

DM (01/06)
Good Afternoon Kalle,
I would honored to be considered to serve.
Sincerest Thanks,

we have to thank you . i think we all can learn from you .
because the formality will take a few days and to lose no time, i’ll tell you already about our situation . we have two boards now because there was a quarrel between SKS and SK / KVSS about the right use of the board . SK and KVSS like to produce redundancy (i think because of their culture (e.g. they give a link and then also the contents of the linked page)) but for a programmer like SKS this is unnecessary and a sign of poor quality . i don’t know how to solve this problem, i only know (thanks of your writing) that we should positively adress the problem . in my eyes SK and KVSS have the right to do this . there is enough and enough place for all of us . on the other hand i understand SKS as well : western people don’t like to read always the same . there is no discussion and no process . there is no teamwork .
to make two boards is a solution, but again it was not a result of team work .
now my hope is that we can make a discussion about that . all we need is a neutral intermediary
and i think you are the right person . i think i can convince A, KVSS, PG, SKS for that and than together we can show SK how this works and we can convince him by our example .

I would be agreeable to serve as a coach to facilitate a conclusion between the two teams. I believe they have very similar agendas.
It is easy to see the benefits to both kinds of presentations.
Sometimes I would rather see the article with the link at the bottom so I can confirm the content.
Sometimes the article contains some substantive knol that doesn’t really need a bibliography or confirmation.
If the article contains some new study, having the link provides me the option to go directly to the source.

Since this is a Wisdom Board, all parties being wise, already obviously understand the urgency of the global situation and surely their agendas have to do with sharing this message with everyone we can reach as rapidly as possible.
The form is not nearly as important as understandable the content and function.
A man dying of thirst doesn’t care if water is in a bucket or a crystal goblet. The water is the important part.
A solution that facilitates the message is the goal of all.


sounds good for me .

Wow! Some one who is deep into wisdom. “Wisdom is the science of Happiness.” Wisdom education is the science of happiness education. For me I think wisdom is the source of happiness.
Wisdom is the discretionary use of knowledge for the highest good.” ‘ discretionary use of knowledge’ sounds like managing knowledge. How does ‘managing’ love sound. Wisdom is not about having the knowledge of wisdom. Wisdom is about being wise. “Wisdom is the ability to apply eternal laws in our life.” Yes wisdom is a natural ability that remains unactualized in most people. Wisdom is not about a set of propositions. Wisdom is wisdom, and it is not a miracle, you will still have to learn the ropes of life. The reason why wisdom education is still so fuzzy because we try to teach wisdom through its attributes. Wisdom is the absence of ignorance in the brain. So wisdom education is really about taking the emotional baggage out of the brain. In wisdom education we try to put wisdom in the brain that is already filled by ignorance. It is like King Lois xiv putting on perfume to cover the foul smell of never taking a bath. Your joining us is an exciting development.

The soul of knol according to my reading is like the soul of Mother Nature. Where there are laws but within those laws there is complete freedom. SKS likes a board that is controlled. He likes order. I understand and support him and I said to him to start the new board. I like order too but with much more freedom just like in nature. What I don’t like is a controlled discusion where only certain angles can be posted. Even though he is still my friend, already you can see that he axed my part of the discussion because he did not like it.
You keep saying it is a cultural difference. It has nothing to do with culture I just think that I know that knol is evolving and it is emerging in a new direction and I want to edge it along. I think our board reflects the knol character more than our SKS’s board.
Lets see how my first book does. If it does well I will like you to translate it into German and sell it there and if it makes any money to use it for non-profit work. I would like all our friends and members all over the world to do the same. I would want the same with all my books. This one will come out in 14 days and the next ones every three months.
(e.g. they give a link and then also the contents of the linked page)) After a long time I have done this by posting only a part of the page. This is to emphasize the importance of this knol. For thousands of years we have perused self mastery education where self mastery by its very definition produces a dual personality!

Both Knol Bulletin Board and Knol Author Foundation were started for team work only. As on today can we identify any team output from them? If we cannot identify any except this bulletin board page and some foundation pages, there were no proposals for team outputs. Maybe one or two are there like a knol on democracy, wisdom day etc. But if they are not progressing, either there is no agreement among us or really we cannot contribute to them at the moment.
But it has to be on record that the KAF international team that Randy was building was attacked at an infant level and Randy himself had become the victim of the attack. Randy was invited by me as one of the top authors on knol at that time. We invited many. Randy came forward and took the initiative forward. Many of the international members of the foundation have done great things even though at central level we have not taken any real team initiatives. We were paralysed. But our structures remained. In the process we have become strong also. The renewed attacks on us now are not a problem any more. In March 2009 we did not have performance to back us. The others bragged about their capabilities. Now everything is transparent. The intents as well as performance.
We are for inviting many to be coauthors of the bulletin board and there is really no selection. Regarding links, I shall be personally happy when 100 authors come everyday and announce something about their knol on this bulletin board. I feel frustrated that knol authors are not that active. But as DM commented many are wise people in this world. There really are. There are many professors on the knol. There are CEOs. There are consultants. There are preachers. So really they are all wise people by ordinary standards. So we need to understand and appreciate their strategies, tactics and activities and hope that knol will succeed due to the large number of diverse ways of writing and promoting knols.
Yesterday I did some searching around google’s product strategies. There were really interesting and surprising comments by various people. Google – Does It Need a Different Corporate and Organization Structure?
Does Angela need to invite DM as coauthor? I request Angela to send invitation. I noticed that I can also send invitation. I am sending the invitation.


The theme I am passionate about.
Goal of Knol – Not Impossible – Thanks to Schuller
Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.
Theme of SK Wisdom – Intelligence – Knowledge – Education – Schuller’s Views

My latest knol: Authentic change can come about only by replacing ones self image.
My criticism of kQ1 has now proven right. As our page views have dropped more than 50% does it mean that the quality of our knols have also dropped 50%. It is the same knol so how can its quality drop without any change in words, sentences and ideas. It is clear than kQ1 is a faulty and incomplete metrics.

“We must explore the possibility of creating in us a self image that is as godly as humanly possible.”
I liked the above statement from SK. It is moving from self or self interest to spiritual thinking. I read in some book that when many people asked “Ved Vyas” the person who categorised Vedas and wrote 18 puranas to explain in simple terms punya (virtue) and papa (sin), he told them: If some body is happy because of you it is punya. If somebody becomes unhappy or sad because of your actions it is papa.
Last 15 days the page views of various knol authors have gone down. But the global number one, the korean author’s page views have crossed 1.5 million. Now he is getting 100,000 page views every week. Visit his knols and congratulate him. Goal of Knol – Not Impossible – Thanks to Schuller talks of such smart authors. We need to recruit and encourage such smart authors.


New Orkut is good, New Adsense is good. Google is improving its social media projects.
Actually knol is a window to many of the google’s social media projects as all of them can be incorporated into knols. We need to examine how we are leveraging the material already on various platforms into a more usable form on knol. Finding useful pictures on picasso, find right videos on youtube and finding right google docs for a topic such things can make us present information on a topic in a more focussed manner and provide value to visitors to our knols.

PVA Published his first Malayalam and Hindi knols, now planning to enter into the Telugu knol.

I have that impression that there is a general and strong decline in page views per week for most knols and knol authors.
Seasonal effect? Some bug that stalls the counters? New method by Knol to tally those views? Were they overstated before? Changes in Google rankings? Is Knol becoming less popular? What else (as George Clooney would say)?

DM : Maybe it’s metrics, but maybe the readers are searching for the most substance. Knol will face the same challenges as Twitter and Facebook. Hopefully we can help Knol figure out how to remain a site for valuable information rather than degenerate into a fast buck sales pitch wasteland.

KVSS @ Team
grey colour does not look that good. shall we change the color ?
A : yes | no ; DM : yes ; KS : yes | no ; KVSS yes ; PG : yes ; SK : yes ; SKS : yes | no ; PVA : yes

KS — i would also say yes if KVSS does the job (btw. if i say no, than it’s nevertheless yes, because our knol star has said yes) . KVSS can choose the color and he can choose how to order the postings . each day he has to look for postings of the last day, copy the last day header, update it and put the postings beneath the day header in a chronological or logical order (we still write our postings on the top) .
if he doesn’t want to do it, we must find someone else . i propose that the job is donated with 5 w per week from the KAF account .
how can we help Knol figure out how to remain a site for valuable information ? i think the big advantage of knol is that it is author oriented . in the long run this will be the future, because persons want to have a value as persons . so we are the magic way . decisions are made here and now (btw. wisdom is looking for persons and not for things) .
i am always thinking how we can solve the problem between SKS and KVSS/SK in a constructive way so that he can participate again on this board . SKS wants quality . so we can offer him to do the job . he may copy postings or parts of postings with low quality and paste them on his Knol Discussion Board (giving them a chance on his own board (btw. he doesn’t need his board anymore then, so this makes sense)) . after that he can delete the contents here . we can invite his co-author to do the same .
hi, KVSS and SK, what is of more value for you : our very own SKS or to post articles here which some don’t want to read ?


SK – SKS is as important as you and me. SKS has a new board that is to his liking and he is always welcome here. So he has the best of both worlds. I think we should continue with both boards rather than to get him to delete his board.

“hi, KVSS and SK, what is of more value for you : our very own SKS or to post articles here which some don’t want to read ?”
May be you can remove anything you don’t like and some others do not like as fast as possible.

I agree with KVSS whatever you do not like, just remove it.

SK @ Team
KS wants to have a more controlled bulletin board.(?) I think that it is fine the way it is. So lets all decide. Vote yes for more control and no to keep it the same.
A : yes | no ; DM : yes | no ; KS : yes | no ; KVSS yes | no ; PG : yes | no ; SK : no ; SKS : yes | no ; PVA : yes | no


SKS @ Team
I like Knol because it gives everyone a chance to voice his/her opinion. I like being here. But I also like writting my own knols. Whether or not my new BB will work is something that is not related to my participation in this Knol BB. I have friends here with whom I like to talk to. I believe it’s that simple. I see this BB as a more “free topic Bulletin Board” while mine is a more “specific topic BB”. Sorry if I gave the impression that there is any “problem”. There is NO problem at all! 🙂 If you paid attention, you would see that I rarely write in my own BB as well… Hope this clears things out a little…

SKS @ KS (About Knol BB categories)
Would you consider to have specific Bulletin Boards for different subjects? E.g. one BB for news, one BB for new Knols, one BB for bugs etc…? I would very much like to help organize a scheme with specific categories of BB, each one managed by a different person. All kinds of BB should exist. I really think that if we manage to find the correct categories everyone will be happy and Knol authors and visitors could really benefit!

Yesterday, 12th January was the birthday of Swami Vivekananda, a great spiritual interpreter of the last century for Vedic or Sanatan Dharma. His birthday was declared as the National Youth India of India as Swamiji died as an young man after accomplishing a monumental task. I took the initiative to organize a small function and others agreed immediately to the idea as we were thinking of an event on the day sometime earlier also. I posted three photos of the function in the knol I have to create a writeup on the proceedings and post the full knol.
I am happy to inform that one more person declared his interest to become a knol author in the meet.
Have you seen knols by Ted Gianoutsos , Alaska U.S. Senate Candidate 2010 Anchorage, Alaska
I remember SK also once wrote that he will run for Senate.

I think I might run for the Senate just to bring my emotional intelligence education agenda into the main stream. I will get no votes as I am a total unknown but it will give publicity to my cause. It is good KVSS reminded me. I will explore the possibility. One of the biggest fans of my work is the President of one of the smaller parties. I think it is the Green Party. I will approach him for a ticket. They always get tens of thousands of votes.

Krishan Magnon’s kQ1 is proving to be a joke. Now that page views are down 70% the kQ1 value is also down 70% so does that mean the the same knol that had a value of 100 now has a value of 30. According to kQ1 it means the knol quality is now down to 30! Even though the knol is the same.


I made a course page for the subject that I am teaching in this quarter.
I need to include knols of other authors especially of Peter Greenfinch in the recommended knols. If any of you have any suggestions, please indicate in comments.

KVSS at 1.15pm IST
I started two knols on feasibilitys studies. I delivered a lecture on feasibility studies and I selected two areas for developing material on feasibility studies – wind power and solar power.
Feasibility Study For Solar Power Plant
Technical Feasibility Study for Offshore Windfarm
I request you to indicate any materials that can be added to these knols. I know this may not be the usual area of regular authors of this board. Neither it is my regular area. But in the coming green economy, solar energy is going to play a big role. So if somebody is having a look at it and comes across something interesting, it can be added to the knol.
Knol as a wiki platform is meant for relay writing. As KS keeps on mentioning team efforts are important in relay writing. We need to try and form teams. The other point I want to emphasize is that on knol, we have now a range of materials from the most advanced reseach papers to simple learn the alphabet articles. Similarly there may very serious topics and collections of jokes. There are reviews of novels and articles on novelists. Each in its own way may be a unit of knowledge and knol. A research paper writer need not complain that I am not getting visitors because somebody is writing a knol learning alphabet. In a library all sorts of books will be there.

I once applied for a patent for a vacuum power plant. It was rejected on the grounds that due to friction and the law of conservation of energy it would not work. But as you can see we have hydraulic pressure power and fulcrum power and pulley power etc. on which cranes are based. I have discovered the fulcrum of wind power which is vacuum power. You will see one day we will have vacuum powered generators.


Thank you SK for some information regarding vacuum power. Yesterday, on 14th January, I attended a talk by C.K. Prahlad in Mumbai. Prof Prahlad is a well known man in the field of strategy. Based on the issues he raised in the talk, I initiated two knols.
Citizen Centric Government and Citizen Centric Political Parties in Democracy
Campaign Finance – A Systemic Problem of Democracy
The term wiki editor is there in one of the knols. So we are wiki editors as knol authors. But unless there is a team that is contributing to the knol, wiki editor does not come into picture. Knol writing is knol team writing and 25 knol co-author provision is made for that purpose. Hope some good teams form on knol.
Thanks to PG for reviewing my equity research course page and making comment.

I have posted my United States Patent Application 20070035138 for Vacuum Powered Generators in my knol: Inventor. It is also available on the US gov. website In fact there is an issued patent that uses wind power, sun power and partial vacuum power. Here is the abstract from my patent:
Abstract: A horizontal wind tunnel that has an inlet end and an outlet end and a conveying portion there between together with an exhaust means for causing air to move out at the outlet end, thereby creating a vacuum at the outlet end. The vacuum causing atmospheric wind to enter at said inlet end, to fill said vacuum. A plurality of wind driven propellers/turbines being mounted in the tunnel, between the inlet and outlet ends of said tunnel. Electric generators being operatively connected to the wind driven propellers/turbines by a mechanical transmission means and a gearing to convert mechanical energy of the wind driven propellers/turbines into electrical energy.
Here is another paragraph from this patent application:
In conclusion there are many universal laws that have been harnessed. Pulleys, fulcrums, levers and hydraulic pressure have been put to good use. However these are laws that have not been harnessed fully. With the complex system of levers, pulleys, fulcrums and hydraulic pressure this inventor can produce a water powered generator. One universal law that has hardly been exploited is that nature abhors a vacuum; wherever an area of low pressure is present, atmospheric pressure will make it even by bringing in air from the surrounding high pressure area. This applicant is proposing a vacuum powered generator.
On my grave I will write, ‘The man who coined the term and discovered, the ‘Fulcrum of Wind Power’. I am that confident of this invention.
Krishan Magnon’s kQ1 is proving to be a joke. Now that page views are down 70% the kQ1 value is also down 70% so does that mean the same knol that had a kQ1 value of 100 now has a value of 30. According to kQ1 it means the knol quality is now down to 30! Even though the knol is the same.
Peter Baskervile’s current kQ1 score is less than 33.9 but they continue to mention it as 200! I never take on anyone’s idea until I have tested it under the microscope of common sense. And under the microscope of common sense kQ1 is as fickle as the wind. I have a solid metric to judge the quality of knol and it is how much practical benefits the knol provides. Does it expand the frontiers of science? Does it provide any new direction in the fight to uncover the mysteries of life. Does it help explain a complex idea reduced to simple understandable terms? Does it provide new applications from existing ideas? Does it make life better in any way?…etc.
Now that my statement that kQ1 is hollow has proven right I am ready to write a review of what is really good, bad and ugly. But as our knolling sages have axed me from reviewing so I will post it as a knol.


All my life I have promised to dedicate my life to the selfless pursuit of uncovering the mysteries of life. I have never ever thought of making a penny from my research, inventions etc. But I did want to raise funds for spreading knowledge into all the nooks and crannies of the world. When I created the KAF non profit organization some people thought I did it to line my own pockets. NOW I AM NOT GOING TO ASK OTHERS FOR FUNDS AND I WILL CREATE MILLIONS OF MY OWN FUNDS. So now instead of sharing all my stuff I have dicided to start a franchise for creating all the money we need and more to make the world educated and also wise. So I have just registered a Trade Mark, which will take over a year for approval but it is now a pending Trade Mark which means I now have an official US gov. Copy Right.
USPTO to me:
“Your Trademark/Service Mark Application, Principal Register Was Submitted Successfully
Success! We have received your application and assigned serial number 77913470 to your submission.”
So now I will make my own money for all our non profit activities. Till I am ready this latest idea I am keeping secret! Trust me it will change the world! It is bigger than big.
Before submitting a new idea I(everyone has to ) research and look for what is already out there because if it is already there then my registration fee will be wasted and my application will be rejected. There is nothing even remotely close to my idea in the entire USPTO data base. So I have something original and now it is copy righted and soon it will be ready to line my pockets! There is still a along way to go but things are looking good.
Remember I earlier said I am making a White House in crystal to give as a gift to my friend President Obama. Well it is getting ready to be shipped here. In about a month I will take this to the White House. Lets hope things work out as planned.

In the beginning much before British rule started in India, The English, ‘East India Company’ was ruling vast areas of India. It was a publicly traded company. My family were one of the largest holders of EIC shares. The logic was that as it is the EIC that is swallowing up kingdoms if we own the company then they cannot take us. Can some one help me find out that when Queen Victoria declared the holdings of the EIC as part of the British Empire did the British gov. compensate the share holders? Because if they did then we too are entitled to compensation. For we did not get anything.

I need help also in locating a famous actress who was Bill Crosby’s daughter in a sitcom. She was the daughter in his latest sitcom not in the one where he has a few daughters. I had met her a few years ago and had shared with her my work. She wanted me on TV. Now I need her for I have a few sitcom ideas. Her husband is a famous car dealer in Westchester, NY. As he is the only Black who owns a car dealership in that area some one may be able to help me locate him. I got the name of the actress, she is T’Keyah Crystal Keymah, now I need to get in contact with her.

I need $2,000,000.00 for Wisdom Day. $1,000,000.00 as the prize to the one who is crowned ‘King of Wisdom’ and the other to organize Wisdom Day here in America and other parts of the world. And I am going to create this money myself.

It is said that the aim of life is pure happiness so I have registered, ‘’.

board 2010


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