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My latest knol: To all those who want to end the mess in education and in life.


My latest knol is on the topic of efficiency. Is efficiency an important dimension in organizations?
Efficiency and Effectiveness
Yesterday, I started three knols in the area of philosophy
Theosophy – An Introduction
Spiritualism – An Introduction
Materialism – An Introduction
I am happy to know that Plato is Greek philosopher in the area of spiritualism. Materialism as a doctrine is discussed in Ramayana, an epic of Indians. I shall slowly investigate more about them.
I got an idea. Can Google subscribe to a news feed which can be used by knoller and bloggers to develop various articles using the information given in the newsfeed? We are now using newsitems from various online sites and developing our articles. If Google can subscribe to a news service and provide that news to bloggers and knollers, people can participate much more actively and create articles on various fields like business, science, politics, society and sports and many other issues based on the news items. I think it is an idea worth pursuing with Google management.


SK @ Team
My latest knols: An Open Letter to the US Secretary of Education and all those Involved in Education. and please participate in a discussion on wisdom A dialouge on what is wisdom.




PG @ SK and KVSS
What about combining your two new knols
A dialogue on what is wisdom and Efficiency and Effectiveness into a third one “Efficiency, effectiveness and wisdom” ? :-))
I’m only half joking, there must be some synergy here
(but some opposition also).
Also “rationality” could be added to make the square complete.
Whoever starts the job, I would follow…

You are a genius. What I have said in countless knols you are making clear in less than two sentences. All the books written on wisdom try to teach 7/9 steps to wisdom. Where what I have discovered is that there is a very clear cut one step to achieving all the attributes through wisdom. Efficiency, effectiveness, rationality, love, sincerity, honesty, clear headedness, capacity to insure success etc. are all attributes of wisdom. However your idea is main stream and mine is in uncharted waters so as this is your suggestion please start this knol your self.
And let me stick to exploring and explaining my way. I think it is very significant that we continue to try to fix the symptoms of the disease rather than try to fix the real cause of the disease. Inefficiency, ineffectiveness and irrationality are all symptoms of ignorance which is the opposite of wisdom. I think I can explain through common sense my one step solution to accruing all the attributes of a wise man. Here is a quote from my latest knol, ‘The one way ticket to the best possible life.‘:
“It does not help that we are still very fuzzy about such central facts as the brain, mind, self, emotional intelligence, wisdom, consciousness, conscience, time and life. But the fundamental foundation of all life and every thing else emotional about it rests with the brain. It is the physical quality of the brain that produces and determines the emotional quality of the brain, mind, self, emotional intelligence, wisdom, consciousness, conscience, time and life. It is the brain that provides the power to all the other factors of life. The foundations of a perfect life depend on the foundations of a perfect brain. Where the perfect brain automatically sprouts wisdom and thus it effortlessly also sprout all the attributes of wisdom.
The beauty in all of this is that we do not even need to understand the fundamental nature and the real cause of the mind, self, emotional intelligence, wisdom, consciousness, conscience, time and life. As long as we try to create as perfect a brain as is humanly possible all the rest: the mind, self, emotional intelligence, wisdom, consciousness, conscience, time and life will automatically jell into the right quality.”
Actually we have to wake up to the real importance of what is more important, to know the first cause or to become the intended product of the ultimate aim of life.


Douglas McKee started a knol on wisdom. I also saw a method on a blog These two things give me an idea. Can each active knol author take a theme and start knol challenge. Encouraging other knol authors to write on the theme. The knol author will promote the theme through twitter, digg and other promotional avenues. We can have a bulletin board for themes wherein periodically the authors can give news items on what is happening in their theme. Knol team may pick up the themes and announce the themes through home page. We will restrict one theme to one author.
Say wisdom is taken by McKee. SK can take up emotional intelligence. SKS can take philosophy. I can take up Industrial Engineering. Others can take up areas of their choice. Authors who can write in multiple languages will take care of multiple languages and encourage other authors to take up similar initiatives in their language.
See if the idea can put some excitement. We can contact all knol author foundation members and request each one to take up and promote a theme. Of course we request all knol authors to come forward and take up themes.



My latest knols:It is a matter of turning our handicaps into our blessings.
The Flavors of Life. and The Soul of Wisdom .
I have dicided the date for Wisdom Day. It is going to be 2nd of October, the birthday of Gandhi. Gandhi is considered the wisest of the wise. Benjamin Franklin was my first choice but his birthday just passed and there was not enough time to organize it.
@ Mr. Zia
When you start your dialogue with, ‘Almost 40% of people are unaffiliated with the Church in Europe and about 20% of those born in Christian families are unaffiliated or agnostic in North America, as the dogmas no longer make any sense to them.’ You are already displaying a dogmatic attitude towards us Christians. Christianity passes my wisdom test with the top +2 super mature marks and so does Islam. But when it comes to the followers us Christians come up +1 and unfortunately I cannot say the same for us Muslims.
The reason why almost 40% of people are unaffiliated with the Church in Europe and about 20% of those born in Christian families are unaffiliated or agnostic in North America is because Christianity is so open minded and tolerant.

Zia Shah
Islam a tolerant religion
Mr. Khan wrote in a comment above :
“The reason why almost 40% of people are unaffiliated with the Church in Europe and about 20% of those born in Christian families are unaffiliated or agnostic in North America is because Christianity is so open minded and tolerant.”
Implying that the present day Muslims are not tolerant.
Thank you for your comment Mr. Sajid Khan. I acknowledge some of the weaknesses of the present day Muslims. I see myself as an apologist for Islam, the Prophet Muhammad and the Holy Quran and not for the Muslims at large. I would like to invite you to kindly review two of my knols here. One is titled, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Islam:

SK @ Mr. Shah
You wrote, ‘I acknowledge some of the weaknesses of the present day Muslims.’ Look at the Muslim world today, it is falling more and more behind. We do not have some weaknesses, we have acquired major flaws that are harming the whole world and are mostly harming our own societies. Take your own self. You have a self image of being an altruistic person who wants dialogue with all others. But what you are saying is that Islam is perfect and that the other religions are flawed. Yes Islam is perfect but its interpretations by us Muslims are flawed. Just like I have found a way to interpret the Bible in my own unique way you think I cannot interpret the Koran in the same manner? I can waken our Muslim brothers to the real wisdom of the Koran too but knowing the state of the minds of our brothers I want to stay away. My mentor and friend Dr. KVSS keeps asking me to write about the Koran the way I write about the Bible but I stay away because even the top scholars in Islam are like you with fixed and well entrenched dogmas.

Created Knol Themes Bulletin Board
In this bulletin board, theme promoters write about the news on their theme periodically. The initial comment from Mr. McKee is good. I await comments from others. Once four to five of us agree, we can take it to other authors. (why four to five ?)
Nothing particular. It only means once some people say the idea is good, we can take it to more authors.

Created a knol Knol Themes or Subjects – Promoter Knollers – Knol Authors.
@ PG
What theme or subject will interest you to promote it.
I saw a facebook group on knol with around 500 members but not active. Same thing on orkut. More than 300 members but not active. That way our group is active even with around 10 active members for all the days once we started it. We need to increase the number. See whether theme based knol promotion idea attracts more authors to get involved?

I am very excited that I now am very clear about how to fix emotional intelligence education. I am going to start a franchise of ‘Life Coaching’ based on my hypothesis. Also just imagine a no body like me having the following results: If I can do it just imagine what you can accomplish.
If one googles, ‘difference between brain and mind’ my knols are coming up first and second above Wikipedia and Stanford encyclopedia etc.

the same chicken meat and even the dish is not different.


Prof. Rao’s new idea of Knol Themes Bulletin Board is a good idea, i fully agree with him and already posted my area of interest in this connection. I don’t think anybody here object to it.

PVA @ SK’s comment on Mr. Shah.
I fully agree with Mr. SK, and not only that As far as I know, the knol platform is not for religious debates, of course you can post your religious vision etc here with the permission of knol administration, but i think not for a debate. I think for that purpose there are plenty of spaces available all over the web. like forums etc.. Why can’t Mr. shah use that instead of polluting the serene atmosphere of knol, that is the reason why I too just ignored the comment (The Cut And Paste) he placed on some of my knol pages, and he is just going on pasting the same sentences (some quotes) all over the knol pages, especially on the Christian author’s knols. Mr Shah and others please note this and let us not pollute the present peaceful situation prevailing at knol. I can’t understand the logic behind calling such a knol producer ‘a knol factory’? Any way, let us not drag this discussion board to discuss the religion. Let the other forums be utilized for that purpose.
Best Ariel

Knol platform is for all kinds of debates; even religious debates. But not for airing ones biased dogmas. It is not for those who do not see their own dogmas and find fault with everyone else’s dogmas. Mr. Shah will have to stop posting his biased opinions or we will have to block him out.

I located the 75th centurion knoller. He is Zia Shah.
If you come across any centurion knoller or any author who has posted more than 75 knols please indicate. We can keep looking at their profile to find out when they post 100 knols and congratulate them. I hope 1000 authors become centurion knollers by this year end.
@ SK
Congratulations. Keep improving those knols which are coming on top of google search results.


Prof. Chomsky has given me permission to post his articles here in knol. I think it will be good if we can get to post on knol articles of living immortals. Prof. Chomsky is controversial so I will be careful to what I post here.
Intelligent Design? By Noam Chomsky, Khaleej Times, October 6, 2005,
What Makes Mainstream Media Mainstream by Noam Chomsky
Thoughts Of A Secular Sufi by Noam Chomsky
and What We Know: On the universals of language and rights by Noam Chomsky (This one is my favorite articles by my mentor, Prof. Chomsky).
My latest knol: Life Just Is


my comment to your article . you have only to click on it .

Yesterday, I once updated my knols on environment. As I had occasion to listen to adaptation strategies, policies and programs in relation to climate change, I went through some materials and started some new knols and updated old ones.
World Environment Day – 5th June
Climate Change – Mitigation – Adapatation – Public Policy – Business and Consumer Response
Kyoto Protocol
Environmental Management – Policies and Programmes of Government of India
Democracy knol was featured yesterday on knol home page.
I request SK to invite contributors to become coauthors of the knol. That way we come to know if somebody edited the knol. Otherwise we will be in dark about changes to that knol.

SK – Which one you want co-authors for? The one by Knol Foundation or the one by me?



board 2010


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