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our current top theme has an interesting comment from MAK

MAK I have a proposal in this comment and I hope you accept it


Watched the Germany-Argentina match and wrote commentary.

World Cup Football quarter finals – Foot Ball FIFA World Cup 2010 Matches – Commentary and Review
Netherlands and Uruguay advance into Semifinals. Garry should not have abandoned the world cup knols. It is only a beginning. Such events keep happening in Cricket, Hockey, Tennis. The initiative could have become a role model for events. These current events really require a group orientation. I took up coverage of Japan, only after seeing that Garry invited authors to take up coverage of various teams. I completed that task. Even in economics and politics these events are happening. G-20 economic summits are frequently occurring. Various countries keep having elections. We can open knols for these specific events and have a group cover the event.

Posted Knol Author News – July 2010. Interesting information is good base of knol authors is developing. We have now more knol authors to contact and encourage them. 3085 authors with more than 5000 page views. How to reach them and involve them in active knol writing is the question to be answered. But first congratulations to all of them.

I am trying to consolidate all knols that facilitate promotion of knols by knol authors in Knol Promotion Board System. I have to include still many more knols by many authors. Authors have good scope to leave information about their knols on other knols. They have to become aware of these opportunities and use the opportunity to share information about their knols. That will help their knol to get the initial attention.

I opened a knol on Whuffy system. The opinions of all KAF members and BB participants are required to refine the system and implement it as a group approved system.


Spent the full day today on knol projects. Created Knol – Subjects and Authors – Directory. The purpose is to collect profiles of 10,000 authors classified into subjects.

MAK started discussion in Knol help on knol ambassadors. I had written there that we need self styled ambassadors for various categories. MAK is one ambassador for us for Arabic knol authors and I wish he will be ambassador for medical professionals also and initiate contact with many medical professionals. I can take up subject of industrial engineering and may be marketing management. PG can take up economic, finance and investment professionals. SK can take up psychiatry and related areas of wisdom and emotional intelligence, and family health. Other authors will choose appropriate subjects and languages. KS is our ambassador for German language authors. Randy is our ambassador for US authors and he could be the person to take care of outdoor activities. Of course his involvement will be limited because of his other projects. Once some of us are into some activity of contacting many authors we can try and encourage KAF members to become more active. Alberto Aune is already very active. Artur is also very active. Jesus is also active even though he does not comment on this board often. Whenever I interact with KAF members they show great enthusiasm. They remember KAF and enthusiastic about it. But so far initiatives have not excited them enough. Once there is an initiative that excites them they will plunge into it.

Now I find there are more knols that can be included in interesting knol sub-directories. It would have been good if many authors included their knols having more than 500 page views in the appropriate directories. But majority of the knol authors have not accepted the fact that they have to promote their knols. Knol managment will not promote them. Knol management will provide more and more technical features but promotion of knols in general as well as particular knols is the responsibility of knol authors.  KAF has to discuss knol promotion strategy and come up with some initiatives. I updated a subdirectory today Knol Sub-Directory – Principles of Management – Interesting Knols and could find 36 knols compared to earlier 14 knols.

Spent the last six hours in preparing Top Viewed
knol-authors-lists/2utb2lsm2k7a/2677″ style=”color: rgb(51, 102, 204);”>Top Viewed Knol Authors – Lists
I made the comment yesterday there are 3085 authors with more than 5000 page views. Who are they? To answer the question I made the lists. But I could not make the full list because I did not know how to manipulate the search results to get all the information. If all these authors can be contacted and encouraged to keep writing in the coming year, it will be good promotion for knol.


We need a discussion on promotion of knol platform and individual knols.
Promotion of Knol Platform – Sharing of Responsibility Between Knol Management and Knol Authors
If knol authors have to take up promotion of knol platform the role of author associations and groups becomes very important. They have to do something and some thinking has to go into it. Even in though I propose that knol hold 50 competitions this year to attract large number of new authors and get 250,000 knols written by them, I feel this year also knol will not promote the platform in any big way. Probably it is not Google style. And for social media activity, it may want authors only to take up that responsibility. Its responsibility is to provide technical platform. It has other social media which can be used by knol authors. But knol authors have to take the initiative. Google has blogger where in knol authors can write articles to promote. In Orkut also knol can be promoted. But knol authors have not seriously taken these initiatives.

Look forward to discussion on this issue. I made the knol open collaboration. We need to take the issue to many and get their viewpoint to arrive at the group opinion of at some sizeable people.

Large number of knols are being written by students of our institute NITIE on the occasion of Knol Day of Industrial Engineering.
Index for those articles is Industrial Engineer Magazine Article Summaries by 2010 IE Students NITIE, Mumbai, India
I think this the concept worked. The next similar project of mine is India Knol Day on 15th August. Mr. Alberto Aune suggested this country knol days idea. Good to announce them and organize. We may encourage writing more knols on a country and attract people to read knols on that country. I made a column for countries in my directory. I am happy to state that now the directory gets 250 page views per week. Authors get some visitors from the directory if they give links of their knols in the directory.


I just saw an ad in the paper.
An idea has one father but can have many godfathers. Only when there are many godfathers, ideas bloom. Many is equal to group.

Today is birthday of Dalai Lama. Incidentally it is birthday of Knol Lama also.
I am now challenging every SEO author to get page views for his knols first. What is the use of SEO knol writing if you cannot get page views to your knols. I wrote a similar comment on $365k Blog Traffic Formula – Review
Give your views on Promotion of Knol Platform – Sharing of Responsibility Between Knol Management and Knol Authors This may decide the action plans of knol authors for next year. Somebody has written knol is walking dead project among Google projects. If both knol management and knol authors are not interested in promoting knol, knol will be dead. Somebody has to plan and put in efforts. I feel it is now up to knol authors to come out into the open and plan for things. No point in depending on knol management. The technical platform is there. If there are some problems, they will be repaired. But it is now up to the knol authors to take the knol forward to profitability. Google will invest more if the project is profitable. Do you see any advertisement or publicity for blogger. No. Same way there is no publicity for knol also. Any publicity is to be created by authors.

No doubt knol authors will have different opinion and we need to bring our opinion into the open and form a group opinion. Thereby knol management also will know what is the stand of knol authors. Are they happy with the technical platform and are they committed to make it commercially successful? Or they will withdraw and join platforms that are more active commercially even though technically weak and brandwise weak?


Knol Industrial Engineering Day. Knol Day of Industrial Engineering POP it.
Both knols associated with the day are trending. Trending Knols
Both are crossing 200 page views in a day. Not many knols cross 200 per day. Still more page views will come in the next 12 to 18 hours. So this experiment or initiative is successful.

Authors can announce more such days, If three four authors of a subject come together it will be a big success. I am a lone wolf today for this idea as well as subject today. Of course I have the students of my class with me. But for other subjects we will find definitely find group of authors. Investment management can be one where PG and I are there. But there are number of authors on knol on the subject. We can certainly approach them. For that subject also, my institute students and alumni will be there to support and also it is easy to find forums and promote investment management day.

I just saw Google Analytics data. Visitors from 56 countries that spans a major part of the globe are coming to my knols. But when entire knol gets this picture all countries will be represented. Knol should show such pictures every day. May be things are bad at the moment. But what is the most important statistic. Show it to knol authors everyday may be on a pass word basis. Only knol authors can see. They they will come out with some ideas on how to achieve that important statistic. Somehow what is important for knol was not communicated by knol management to knol authors. Saying quality is important did not give any information to any body. If quality is important the parameters must have been decided. If rating is important, it should have been kept as the only quality metric and all knol authors should have been encouraged to meet it. Of course quantity number of knols and number of authors are very important metrics and knol management never spoke about them. Page views are important and knol platform provided number but could never come out with targets neither at per author level or nor at aggregate level.

It is what now Gust Mees describes lack of communication. I saw a book on cyber bullies in our library book exhibition. I do not know whether it was bought or not. But if a book was written on cyber bullying, it must be a significant issue in online platforms. @PG do you have some info. on cyber bullying?

OK, working today from 4.00 am to make Knol Day of Industrial Engineering    success. Time to go to sleep with satisfaction. Knol can be promoted if somebody wants it. That somebody has to be a big group with objective of making Knol profitable and knol authors also profitable


Fall of the mighty and Rise of the Tiny – world cup football.

India Knol Day announced
Invitations are given to some authors. It is an open collaboration knol. I think at least 1000 page views should be there for it on the day. There only three or four knols that get 1000 page views on entire knol. So trying to think of a knol that will get 1000 pv for one day is good. These knols once they succeed on one day will keep getting visitors for many more days.

Back at Computer at 4 am. This is the first time that an IE knol is the top viewed knols among my knols. At this point in time an IE knol is the most viewed of my knols. Also two IE knols have combined page views 500. This number will further go up in the next 6 hours. The next project in knol day series will be India from my side. I look forward to knol authors to come with their project. Ready to support any subject on knol day project.


New stylish multi-book-format by Hardyna Vedder 
is about a format and style of ebooks and how knol can facilitate such ebooks. Knol authors need to have a look at it and understand its idea.
India Knol Month 16th July to 15th August and India Knol Day are kicked off. I am happy to see that many knols are written on India yesterday. Hope the initiative will make more authors active and do some good to the knol platform. If it is also successful, it can be tried in other languages by other knol authors. I am going to look at full month’s page views for the knols involved to judge its utility.


@ SK thanks. Your idea of twitter knols.
My idea is 
Twitters of K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao – Management and Industrial Engineering Professor
My twitter portfolio will have organic expansion now. Twitter and knol portfolios will have good complementing interaction. Twitter it seems is second to Google in search now. So it is right to be on twitter. Every knol must have a one corresponding twitter.
@ SK you also need to think of popularizing your twitter knol idea by integrating your work in knol as well twitter. It is a powerful idea. It is your idea. I give all the credit to you for it. Patent is fine but money is to be made out of it.

My idea of twitter knols grew out my fondness for your news knol and SKS’s ideas. So the credit really belongs to all three of us.
During these last three months I have not been that active on knol. I went through a profound and prolonged spiritual experience. All of a sudden life became very pure for me. All ambition, fear, greed even worry for the future of my kids vanished from my feelings. I even understood nature in a new light. I feel connected to all life. I now have enough material to write another 100 knols. But I now also see the reality of knol very clearly. I use to think that through knols we will change the world but knols alone will not make it happen.

I am now in the planning stage of organizing a conference on wisdom, hopefully this year on the 2nd of October which will also be celebrated as Wisdom Day.


Happy to inform you that one of KAF members Dr. Aruna Kapoor is releasing a book written by her shortly. Knol has many accomplished writers. We need to increase promotion of knol through collective efforts as well as individual efforts. Of course, Google has to realize the role of promotion as author interaction and commit more resources to knol project. It has to optimize ad placements on knols also.

@SK: I look forward to your Wisdom day event. All the best.

@KS: In the context of  India Knol Day   I found a connection between Germany and India Hindi Film Viewing in Germany and by German Language Audience . So we may get some German audience to our Hindi knols if properly presented to them. Hindi Movies Online – For Free Viewing and Downloading – Rajneethi  . My industrial engineering knol day is giving benefits. India knol day is also having traction. The concerned knols are moving toward 100 page view figures.
@PG: There is a suggestion for Knol Day of Investment. It will be good if you take it up. You can see comment by Steven Kim on Knol Days of Knowledge . I cannot take up all subjects. We need to share ideas and their execution.

world cup : and the winner is .. paul !


Seeger Carbajal wrote :
These are my 2 latest knols… 
first one is a knol created by a “cut and paste” of “looped animations”l, I hope it amuses you !
The second one is a long serious knol about sea voyages .

I answered :
thanks for the links . big work .
actually my browser does not allow to rank them,
but there is a writing contest for knols written in the last three months .
you only have to put your name and a knol link of your entry in a comment below.
your knols are surely top favorites for the first two places

as KVSS wrote : we need to increase promotion of knol through collective efforts as well as individual efforts.
I propose that the winner can choose between antiques and whuffy (300, 200, 100) .
should we make a KAF account, where we can spend whuffy for this ?
KS (yes)


Presently participation of persons is at a low ebb. No responses in whuffy knol. No responses in the knol discuss the responsibility of knol platform and knol authors in knol promotion. But still people are doing some activity or other. We need to be happy and patient for members to get back into group mode. SK is updating some knols now and then but did reduce his activity. I am also feeling the strain of three years of online writing. I am still continuing because of my commitment to see the success of knol platform. The negative news is still very heavy but there is positive news that I can see. But whether the positive news is sufficient to keep the platform afloat or not one does not know. 

100th centurion knol author is observed and many more are in the pipe line with the number knols being written around 90. Centurion Knollers – Knol Authors
Any idea how many centurion hubbers are there?
Page Views, Visitors and Advertisement Income from Knol and Other Article Sites

More and more authors are writing about their knols on twitter. I keep following them whenever I see a twitter account that gives message regarding knol.


I have now realized that just writing knols will not cut it; I have to go all out to promote them through all means possible!

My latest knol:
We cannot expect and should not expect -2, -1, or +1 to be equal to +2!

the requested knol could not be found. did you publish it ?

If you click on my name and then click my knols it is opening up but from the above it is blocked.

this works

Made the presentation.
Yesterday I wrote a knol on page views, visitors and adsense revenue from various article sites. In my search for more information, I came across  Registered myself as author on it and made the following posts.

It will be interesting to be on this website as there is an editor giving directions on editing and a CEO who is responding to your queries and suggestions. I just started. I can share my experience only after some time.

@SK   Create  a Knol Day of Wisdom page. This page will take care of online activities of Wisdom day while the physical form of Wisdom day will be organized by you in a grand fashion. You encouraged me to write on ehow. But xomba seems to be better suited to integrate knols and writings on another platform. I encourage you also to come there.
@SK   It is exciting information. Congratulations.
I am going to make a presentation on knol marketing at 10.30 am.



there is a hole in the world .

KVSS says the total visitors to from U.S. is around 250,000 per month. Google analytics says absolute unique visitors to my knols is 26,500. Is quantcast estimate reliable? How many authors are there on Knol? At least 25,000. I am not able to understand the reported figures.

SK @ KVSS is definitely off. Your own page views alone are over 80,000 a month. Anyway  with your dedication, devotion and above all accredited expertise I will not be surprised if the traffic to your knols becomes 25% of all knol traffic.



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