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My industrial engineering course page Introduction to Industrial Engineering – Course at NITIE   is coming in top 10 now for the search words “introduction to industrial engineering.” The knol format helped to set up the page. I hope it will help many learners across the globe to make better sense of the subject. There is some confusion in the discipline and I am advocating one line and I feel the focus is given to the subject.

My argument is that all managers have to make their systems efficient and they give that task to industrial engineers in the division of labor. Managers spend more time in customer related issues and in transacting with suppliers. Managers do understand and need to understand IE principles. PG can comment on it. I am also proposing a new way of looking at the area called Engineering Management. Both these areas or subjects are taught at NITIE. My writing on these areas supports my professional responsibility and that is why I spent lot of time on it.

Today I noticed that out all knols edited today, this knol has the highest number of page views. The knol may register 20,000 page views in a day or two.

India Knol Month 16th July to 15th August is launched on 16th July and I am happy to report that it is a Trending knol. I request all to read some knols from Indian authors and give your comments on the campaign knol. Comments motivate authors. I hope this campaign will be successful and other authors can take up similar campaigns in other countries.

There are excellent articles on knol but we are not able to find them and highlight them and appreciate the authors of those articles. In two years of existence of knol how many authors were appreciated by us? It would be good if every week we can appreciate one author for one knol or for number of knols or for his overall contribution to the knol platform. Unfortunately we are forced to spend more time in petty fights and less time in constructive activities.I found today a knol Bharatanatyam which I feel is really excellent but only with 46 page views from February 2010. What happened knol top pick badge. Why it will not come to this knol? Why it will come to some body else’s knol even with 5 page views? Well it comes because somebody knows the route to get the badge. But that is not the issue to be highlighted. Every knol author is responsible personally to promote and get page views to his article. If he does not promote others will not know about it. An author group like ours can try and promote some knols. But we are also handicapped. Unless the author does some effort and makes us aware of it we also cannot do much. Let me do something for this knol as a part of my India Knol Month Campaign. Let me make this knol as the lead item for my campaign.


Yesterday I wrote about Bharatanatyam. I saw some more knols yesterday. I felt there was great content on knol but we are not recognizing it. I started my list Great Content, Ideas and Thoughts on Knol. I shall include around 50 authors and 100 knols in it. It will be good if many knol authors make such lists containing their knols and knols of other knol authors. When many authors make, there will be wide variety of knols and the aggregate will be very good collection. We can confidently display them in internet universe and argue the role of Knol in online world. We can do it very confidently if many authors come up with great content on knol lists.


I made a knol of it

Google bought metaweb. What are its implications for knol? Any thoughts?

I could write a book about it .
but that’s not necessary because metaweb is the new book (baum, bank, buch) .
therefore I wrote : everything is a knol (or a knot (node)) .
the basic figure is A v B (A * B (or A + B, or A ~ B, or A @ B, or A $ B, or …))
a sort of mathematical language  or programming language .
it connects things together in a way humans can understand and computers can understand .
e.g. metaweb = knol = avenue = outlet of stifled energy = crying
so instead of crying we can use the metaweb  🙂


I boosted the “2.2 Fairness and independence” section of the
Declaration of Knollers’ independence and rights

Of course such a declaration should limit itself to general principles,
and not enter in the detailed application as it should stay adaptative
and flexible, avoiding a “straight jacket”.
But a few aspects might be more precise to make it more understandable,
precisely concerning its openness.
Your comments?

Met in the morning a senior corporate executive from Brazil. Came to know that the official language of Brazil is Portuguese. Also, there are many Japanese people in Brazil.
In the context of it,  updated the Brazil knol subdirectory Knol Sub-Directory – Brazil – Interesting Knols
Opened a new knol Knol Sub-Directory – Venezuela  These knol sub-directories would be of help when somebody plans the knol day of the country. I think slowly each country may have 100 knols. That should be a good number of to promote them in the name of country knol day.
India Knol Month 16th July to 15th August is doing well. The page views crossed 500. SK made an entry in it. I am waiting his accepting the request to be a coauthor. I already mentioned. It will be a good idea if some authors write knols about bilateral relations between India and their country. Such knols can have coauthors from both countries. We can discuss trade between the countries, spread of communication media like newspapers, and films (as I came to know Hindi cinema is popular in Germany), and language learning facilities (In our institute they are arranging a French course) etc.


Congratulations Argentina knol authors and Alberto Auné KAF member and this bulletin board contributor.
There are many knols on Argentina. I started developing the sub-directory for Argentina.

See the search link. I am busy now. I shall update the knol after 10 days and include many more knols. Many South American countries have number of knols. We have a good starting point for annoucing various country knol days and promote each country’s knols. We require some author from that country to come forward and announce the day. We are there to support him in many languages.
How ridiculous, unless I have bathroom mist on my glasses, the abusive who-s-who-of-knol does not seem to include KVSS, the knoller #1 by far !
That self-serving and truncated knol is a master stroke in irrelevancy. A bit like the official rosters in totalitarian states. It tells a lot about was it at stake in Knollers’ independence and rights.
Anyway a positive thing, this strange gallery of “fame” (?) does not include KPG the fake author. This is an recognition by the guilders themselves that KPG is not an author but a zombie, a frankenstein being made from odd pieces in a backkitchen.
Not that I’m against any genetically modified beings (*), but only if the aim is not a swindle, you know like the more or less genuine freaks who were shown in the old time in village fairs.
(*) Btw, there are very few knols about GM crops. Seen only two with more than 100 pageviews, while there should be score of them with more than 1000 PV each.
Those knols (they deserve some promotion) are: Genetically Modified Crops and Genetically modified crops:Fears and excitement.KS
I made a new collection
so we can move the above line or replace it by a link to the collection .


PG I just launched an analysis on open collaboration:
Boom or doom : what potential for Knol?
Events have shown us that this question has become real and essential.
Also It can make a little present to the new KS collection 😉

I posted my initial thoughts in PG’s knol. It is a very good initiative. PG has the background to manage this task. I am busy for the next week. I shall get back to knol and contact some knol authors who write on strategy to contribute their thinking. I have to post link to the knol on Knol Promotion Board also.

It will take sometime for many to post their swot analysis. But it will be good, if the time is taken and thoughts are put down on this knol. I remember the similar exercise carried out by Motilal Oswal Securities Limited, where every executive was asked to come out with his assessment of SWOT of the company. Here on Knol, one of management experts, Peter Greenfinch has come out with the exercise. I appeal to all KAF members and Bulletin Board contributors to put donw their thoughts on the knol.


The second year of knol operations is coming to a close. What is your review of the two years. My review is that knol is strong now.
Knol Progress 2008 – 2010
Write your reviews. You can express your thoughts on knol platform in your knol. Both your fellow authors and visitors as well as Somebody from Google will read your thoughts. Express your thoughts in review of knol progess knols.


I am at Tokyo, Keio University.
Used the type writer having japanese key board for sometime now and made a knol on Japanese alphabets.


From Tokyo air port. Awaiting boarding. good KAF writing contest getting entries .


the time is coming for the contest to close and for an account to open .
KS (yes)

(click download)


We already have a KAF account. We need to decide the prize amount and if the amount is a couple of hundreds then I can deposit it in our KAF account and if it is larger then I can hold a fire sale of the thrift store items and raise the needed amount.

we don’t need a private account . we need a knol account .
I suggest that KVSS opens a knol for that .
we also don’t need private money, we need knol money or whuffy .
awards are also welcome .
every person in the world can create till W300, so every person is a mini-bank .
so we don’t need a private bank for making money and the evil is out of the world .
if we don’t have enough whuffy for the prizes (If we say 300, 200,100 then it is W600) we can buy it from others . your money is welcome here .
first we should buy the whuffy from the winners .
let’s say, we still need W300 .
if we buy 300 w from the first winner or 300 w from the second or the third winner
then te first winner has $300 and 0 w or the second or third winner has $300 and and -100 w or -200 w .
so they learn that whuffy can be real money .
btw. if you are on this board you come to the contest by clicking on the above KAF icon and then follow the given link .

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