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not only Koch and Köhler (german politicians) retired (good news)
but also  MAK and RK, and these are ill news (me=Purzel (but the moon light is awesome)).
hi SKS, think you are right . we are the solution
hi KVSS, perhaps we should delete also the KAN link above before GM is ranting (need to stay about everybody and so on 😉 btw. it’s still on the bottom .

Group and persons are important. Knol links are not that important. They can be removed whenever trouble is anticipated because of them. I thank you for the bottom listing. I think almost all the persons who touched base with us in the last two years are in talking terms with us and I am very happy about it. Randy has another activity right now and we need to encourage him in that. I am also moving into music seriously. I just had a look at a small book in my cup-board and suddenly felt, I can understand this music and also do something to propagate it. Now I am building a huge content in classical music in my native language Telugu. I expect the project to be a big success. Already my page views have gone up from zero to may be 400 per week. I expect them to go up to 2000 per week in a short time, may be in a month. Thus providing another author profile with 100,000 page views in a year. It will be good because it will be in my native language.

We discussed several weeks ago about the need, after now 2 years of Knol experience, and after seeing various puzzling initiatives or statements, and some heated debates, of a “Declaration of Knollers’ independence and rights” (or whatever other way to call it).
Here is a first draft, which certainly would need extensive editing, and that I propose for discussion:


KS @ team
what about calling our BB
“welcome aboard”

Change the sub title to this. The present subtitle can go to archives. Actually we can come out with a new sub title every month. It will be interesting to do it.

ok, I retire my proposal . I’m quite happy with the current sub title .


What is the function of the professional teacher?
It should be to mediate between the specialist and the nation.
Philosophy – Development Through Years and Philosophers – Knol Notes   Notes writing just started. Knol textbooks are from experts to novices, Knol Research Papers are from expert peers to expert peers, Knol notes are from novice peers to novice peers. Knols are all. Book knols, paper knols, notes knols, music knols, image knols and many more.
Knol has immense possibilities for innovation.


Mohanad Abadalla  becomes the 100,000 page view author. 127th author on knol to cross this milestone. Congratulations. All knol authors and visitors are very happy on this success of one more knol author.
For more details visit Some Potential 100,000 Page View Knol Authors

Social Media promotion is very important for all new authors and new knols. I advocate this point more strongly in New Knol Author Tips – Social Media. It is a waste to post a knol if one does not intend to promote it in social media. Many knols do not have visitors as their authors are not taking up social media promotion. Simply posting and vanishing will no bring visitors on knol or on blogs or anywhere on online media. You have to attract the attention of visitors to your article yourself unless you handed over the responsibility to somebody. On knol there is nobody to take care of your writing. You only have to take care of it if you want audience. If you don’t want audience, it is fine. But at some point in time, the platform may say, articles without some minimum audience will be removed from the platform. Your article vanishes.

I hope you accept my gift to our bulletin board (this logo)
KBB Logo
KS (yes) PG (yes) KVSS (yes)


Today is World Environment Day – 5th June.

I came across a very interesting and important concept of marketing that has relevance to knol today. I am writing about it number of times on this bulletin board. But now I came across the theme that has a lot of rigor and ongoing research about it. I am covering that concept in a relevant knol:
Knol Brand Community – Knol Community

One more author, Gary Pilarchik has registered 100,000 page views. This will be the first month on Knol that many writers are going to cross the important 100,000 page view milestone. Thus the list of very active and successful knol writers starts increasing day by day and also the achievement spreads positive feelings all around. Start supporting the campaign to create more 100,000 page view authors. They are already doing their job. You need to give a very small push to their efforts. That is all. They achieve more and Knol will achieve more.
Some  Potential 100,000 Page View Knol Authors


Knol Brand Community – Knol Community became a trending knol of the day. Even on second day, it is being read by many. I added more references today. Also it is coming in Google search results.

Now Hollywood casting news is available on knol. Some more days, you will see biographies of Holly wood actors and actresses sponsored by their agents. Moment it happens you know knol has arrived in the article platforms.


Yesterday I posted Knol – Forms, Types and Varieties
Today I posted Google Knol – The Learning Resource for the Global Citizen
Suggestion and comments welcome on both these knols.


KS @ team
the declaration is so important that it should stay here as our top theme till we have discussed it and till all are happy with the result .
KS (yes) KVSS (yes) PG (yes)

@ PG — what means the “without” in the general principles ?
Thanks Kalle for your support, your call for discussion and your observation.”Without” was meaning “if there is a lack of” and it referred to the menace mentioned in the last line. I just tried what could be a better wording, please tell me it is clearer.

thanks, it’s clear now . what about our relation to google ?

In my opinion it will be mostly an inside reference document to clarify the relations between knollers. But Google will have to be informed so that its terms of service if they evolve would not contradict that declaration but on the contrary would intergrate some of its elements. Well, this question is open.

the most inside point for our team and the first to discuss I think is a democratic system of decisions.
as SKS said : discussion solves everything,
and I think we all agree to this, it’s the cradle of democracy .
but discussion takes time . what if there is not enough time ?
btw. if there are different interests, we can solve this by different groups .

Yes, some special interest groups have their own reasons not to want a fully “open” Knol.
For clarity, they should express their opposition, but I’m not too sure they are ready to do it,maybe they feel a bit weak on the argument side which they hide behind a “we are the big guys” posture.
I even wrote, in some comments to them, that they would be welcome to bring contributions in the interest of Knol. But those comments were either ignored or …suppressed, which I consider quite telltale.
So let us advance with those who want such a democratic and equitable Knol.

yes, this can be a new beginning for KAF .

Yes the declaration could be hosted either in the Knol Author Foundation-KAF knol (once the ownership is stabilized), or in a dedicated knol appended to it.

first I thought : the second .
second I think : the first .
if nobody cares we can make parts of the old content of the KAF knol (or it’s whole content) a separate knol appended to it .
done (click the KBB logo) – nice example of refactoring 🙂
see also knol-discussion-page

I do not think this is a proper place for a declaration of knoller rights. I could see a link to the rights but not a full declaration of them. I did not see a vote if we should do this. Signed,Knol Foundation.
We would need to have a vote on this

I made a vote on KAF Diskussion Board . there was no “no” (perhaps the time (one day) was too short) .
but you are right . instead of KAF suggestion board we can use bb for further votings .
@ PG — we should follow Randy and make a link to the rights .
can you host it ?  declaration-of-knollers-independence-and-rights
you only need to click on the copy button . (KS)

@ KS I agree that it can become a self-standing knol now. I propose that we host it together, just ask me to be coauthor. Maybe KVSS also if he agrees. And KAF can make a link to it. PG


I am liking twitter. I am getting ideas for updating my knols through twitter now. Knoltweet is a good combination. We have automated twitter messaging to some extent thans to PV Ariel. Some more automation is possible. Will Johnson was writing some knols on it.
Active – Committed – Dedicated and Successful Knol Authors- Who are they?
Not just 13 members of a small group. The Knol Community is now very big. We need to make everyone feel a part of the knol community. Greet everyone, wish everyone success. Help everyone with your special talent. But do not disturb anyone. Let each do something according to his ability and time. A social platform like knol succeeds with small small outputs and small small successes of large number of people. We want all the above numbers become bigger and bigger. The next step:  5000 top viewed authors, 1000 20,000 cpv authors, 500 100,000 cpv authors and 250 centurion knollers. Let us help as many knol authors as possible to do something more on knol platform on quality side as well as quantity side.

Alejandro  Melo-Florián
New member of the Spanish Chapter of Knol Author Foundation


Knol Visitors and Page Views Growing.
Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. , Global Number Individual English Knol Author, reports an all time record visitors and page views record.
22,964 visitors
33,647 page views. End of the day numbers.
We invite all knol authors to share their page view records. The appeal was posted in Knol Help page also.
On twitter, today I found around 10 new twitterers posting about knols. I followed all of them. Twitter is a good platform to greet and follow knol authors, visitors and knol commentators. The twitter knol community is growing and we need to be a part of it. I do not know many twitter tricks. Any of our contributors know some twitter processes. How can we set up a twitter group for Knol Author Foundation members into which any twitterer can join.
@ PG
what is your page view record in analytics. It must be showing all time records. Please share your records with all and generate excitement.

Well, I use another analytic for my site (Onestat). As regards my knol PV, there were weeks when I reached 6k+, thus with 4.5k now, I’m under. And I suppose Summerr will be a quiet period as some of my rather popular knols are aimed at students. So September or October will be the next test unless I find out how to create a “trending knol”, something combining Lady Gaga and the World Soccer Cup, before 🙂

Interesting message. We need to know what is happening around. I am hitting peak after peak. Today or tomorrow, I am going to hit another all time peak. I also created one more trending knol today on medical books. What I feel is if at any point of time, some of us do some good things, the scope for others becomes evident and some actions follow in that direction. Thank you for sharing your visitors and page view information. We need to exchange info. on this issue periodically.

board 2010


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