board 2010 (june II)


In my group effort of trying to highlight other authors, yesterday I made a knol on medical book authors Collaborative Medical Books – Knol Medical Books – Authors. It is a trending knol at the moment and I hope this will help in attracting more visitors of the knols of medical books and also make many others aware of authors who are contributing to these medical books.

I am happy inform that a new trending knol appeared today from my portfolio on weekly basis.
Communication: Importance and Definition 746 wpv. I am not doing much for my knols these days. But one by one the knols written by me earlier are becoming more and more popular. They still do not have golden badges. But they race ahead like well-bred horses in full swing. Actually Knol has to change its quality badge process. They should not give a golden badge unless it accumulates certain minimum number of pages. That will minimize the manipulation of top pick badges. Who has picked? They are required for knols and not for authors. For knols also give it after the knol attracts certain minimum number of pages.


Yesterday, I mentioned about new records in visitors and page views. I am happy to report that at this point in time my monthly visitors figures reaches a historic high of 23,101. Still two hours are there for the close of the day. A record will be set up for daily visitors also today. A different knol is getting number of visitors today and that is why the jump in visitors and page views has taken place.
The daily visitor figure has gone up to a record figure of 1025.
A new knol: Can We Improve Knol Performance by 5 Times Next Year
Ingeniería industrial – Definición y presentación is spanish translation of Industrial Engineering – Definition, Explanation, History and Programs by Alberto Aune. I thank Mr. Alberto for it. I am lucky that a knol of mine on industrial engineering was translated into Spanish. Knol’s growth a some point in time will come from translations of all popular knols into various languages.
I think we should give AA some whuffy
My whuffy account is with you only. You can distribute any positive amount that is there in that account. You cannot make it negative. You are the best judge to transfer whuffies as long as you are not making anybody negative in it. Of course we require some persons who are willing to take negative balances. You and SK have so far taken negative balances I think. SK wants to raise some money, and fund the whuffy accounts with it.
I think it’s between 10 w and 30 w . you have to say exactly how much it is worth to you.
btw. the creation of whuffy has been optimized. there is no more a page of pledges .
the sum of all whuffies is zero (before that the sum of the whuffy and the pledges was zero) .
if you give me 10 w, my account gets +10 and your account gets -10 .
instead of pledges everyone can take negative balances
(till a limit of -300 (the famous 300 spartans who fell)) .
13 people can make 3900 w . till now there are +/- 435 w . you have -37 w
if SK is interested we can make a KAF account and fund the whuffy thing with real money .


Plan for next year. We need to do now.   Goal of Knol – Year July 2010 – July 2011


Goal of Knol – Year July 2010 – July 2011 was the trending knol yesterday. But we need comments on its feasibility. We thought it was feasible last year. It did not happen. We are reducing our targets this year. But is it possible this year with a reduced target? I am compiling a list of active authors who make take responsibility for encouraging more authors to write more knols in the coming year. Each active authors may write 5 comments on 100 authors knols in the coming year. That means writing a maximum of two comments per day. Can we do it? I started to identify authors whom I want to contact (100 authors in the next year). Authors can select their country, their language to identify 100 authors and encourage them to write more as well as better quality stuff. How to shape it into a group activity that has acceptance of all group members? Of course by modifying the scheme as suggested by various group members. How to make goal of knol for next year a group activity?


I came to know that 21 June is World Music Day. It originated in France but now it is celebrated in many countries. I came to know from an announcement regarding screening of some French films in this regard. As I am into music knols, I can take some interest in it. World Music Day – June 21
Knol platform has to highlight such international days and highlight knols written on the topic on that day and also has to encourage knol authors to write new knols for that occasion. We are missing some opportunities to encourage knol writing and to encourage knol reading.


Today is World Music Day – June 21.
Music knols are trending. One new music knol is posted and it got 150 page views. Hope some more music knols are posted. I am trying to post some. NEW KNOLS – Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.
Third music knol trending knol is  Annamayya Kirtanalu – Songs – Brahma Kadigina Paadam – Audio, Video Links  96 page views so far. Make more music is the slogan of the music festival. I am trying to live up to it. Also some of the people I am contacting are appreciating my effort. So it can be continued.
Head lot of music. Made many music knols. Listed in New Knols of Narayana Rao. Made many friends on the day. Also started teaching Industrial Engineering. My first Knol on Knol is into action today. More will get into action week by week and help some interested learners. Now I pass the relay baton of World Music Day to others in different time zones. Sleeping time for our timezone people. Good Morning for other time zone people. (IST 10.20 p.m.)
Can knol authors and visitors do some promotion through available means and make music knols trending knols today? That will encourage many other authors to write knols on music for the next year. We need to highlight various subjects on different days.


Monday Music Mania is over for us. Back to knol mania. Thought of two ideas today morning.
Subject Home Pages on Knol – A Suggestion to Knol Management
Knol Days of Knowledge


Page views and visitors exploding on Knol
Excited . To use PG’s language page views exploding through the roof. 1757 page views in a day as per the latest report of google analytics. Hardwork for two years visible as tangible performance now. Of course it is a peak figure. It will come down once again. But today’s peak will be tomorrow’s average.
Thanks to you all, the work on knol could be sustained till now and I hope all of us will see better performance in the coming days.
More Visitors – More Knols – More Authors – More Budget for Knol – Any More Wishes
6.00 am morning
It is gratifying to note that page views and visitors have doubled on knol in the last year. Yesterday my month visitors figures had a historic high figures of 23,300. Today already the figure reads as 23,574. It will at least go 23,800 by the end of the day. The page figure of the month may go up to 34,000. I know page views are increasing for many authors. We need to feel very happy about it, as google management may notice the improved performance and excitement of knol author and increase the investment in knol platform. It will be good in many people come out with their historical records. Even in knol stats, my stats are showing the highest historical record of recent days 23,136 for a week. May this will be the highest for this year. But this is double the figure of last year.

I am trying to promote Knol Day of Industrial Engineering as a initiative of Knol Days of Knowledge .

Alberto Aune suggested that even national days of various countries can be highlighted on knol. It is excellent knolstorming or brainstorming and I plan to promote 15 August as India’s National Day. We treat three days as  National days 26 January, 15th August and 2nd October. I want knol platform to announce all these days on their home page and create special pages devoted to these topics. We need some innovations to make knol popular.

I give our KBB a new logo, chose either one you like

we can put it on the bottom .
(KS) (MAK)

The votes word in both logos is an eyesore. Can it be removed?

Yes sure, no problem with me – MAK

perhaps we can write “voting” – KS

Are we running elections that votes and voting are important things?
Author community could be important idea, Collaboration between authors could be important idea. May be there is still better idea which can be brought out through the logo. – KVSS

yes there is . tree of trust . but it is it’s own logo . – KS


Further update: 2712 page views. 92 page views from referrals. visitors from many search engines.
Thank you Sajid Khan, Randy, PG, KS, Andreas Kemper, Jesus Martin, MAK, PVA and many other KAF members and other fellow knol authors. I thanked knol help specially in the knol help page. We are all grateful to visitors who are coming frequently to knol.
Knol is now delivering performance. It will deliver to every knol author. But knol authors also have to deliver more knols and more promotion to their knols. I request Randy to post back all his knols. Even he does not have time to update them further, there are all useful in the condition they are. They were performing knols when they were removed. Even if he does not have time to promote them we are there to promote him. He has to post them back. They will pick up visitors and page views on a fine day.
I am sure many more knol authors have spike in their performance. I am awaiting their announcements.
Further update: The page view figure is now 2,232. Poised to touch 2,500 today.
Knol is on its way to success. Knol is closing its second year with storng performance. This message has to go into internet in a big way.
At this point in time Google Analytics page views for the day are 2033
239 knols contribute to this performance.
The top ones are
Marketing Management, 13th edition, Philip Kotler, Book Information and Review
Communication: Importance and Definition
Marketing Strategy – Differentiating and Positioning the Market Offering
The four account for 711 page views. Thanks to you all for supporting this performance.


The visitor trend is continuing for the second day in succession. Yesterday, 800 new knols were posted at a point in time. It will be good if it crosses 1000 quickly. 1500 per day is the ideal figure.
What will attract more authors to knol platform?


Yesterday, knol was down for more than 12 hours. My page views are still high in analytics account. But surprisingly they are not yet captured by adsense account. Even knol stats are not capturing them. How to explain I do not know.
I created two new knols.
Knol Promotion Board for authors to give links to their knols any time they want.
Page Views per Knol per Day – An Author Comparison

The aristocratic bias
This bias is supported clearly in the “III. Aristocracy?” section of a Spiros / KPG knol
Knol Administration – Anarchy, Democracy or something else?
No need to elaborate on the motivations that could be behind such an elitist position,
to take the control of Knol; whatever the pseudo-rational / pseudo-generous arguments,
what is more important is that it is in direct opposition to an open an independent
knol as we propose it:
Declaration of Knollers’ independence and rights


Opened a new knol Goal, goal, this time for knol inspired by Football World Cup 2010 and Waka, Waka, this time for Africa. Come out with better poems on the theme. SK, one is expected from you quickly.


Goal, goal, this time for knol got one more poem added by a knol author. Looking for more.
I found there are discrepancies between Google analytics data and Google Adsense data in the case of blogs also. So I need not be worried about difference between analytics data and adsense data in the case of knol. The page views today are 1400 at the moment. May go up to 2000. So the increase is holding up for a week. It seems to be permanent rise. More authors will have similar increases.

Trendy knol or knowledge knol?
Some knollers are raising the elitist issue (the same people than usual ;-)) of focusing Knol on “hard” knowledge more than on current events or light topics.
Even if my knols deal usually with “learning” stuff (finance, psychology, marketing, democracy…) trying to make them known by all kinds of audience (as I am more a practitian than an academic but fully interested by what academic research brings to understand our world), I don’t consider that there are good and bad topics, low and high subjects. Sorry KPG and your “aristocratic” wishes as Spiros admitted them (see my 6/26 message). It is KVSS who is right when he spots trending knols and inform us about them.

The fact that the few “Lady Gaga” knols get so few PV does not show a strength of Knol and a warranty of “quality”, but on the contrary it appears to me to be a weakness as it reveals:

  • an insuficient opening to the realities of the world around,
  • a lack of penetration of the general public, which could condemn Knol to be a second or third level player in the information / knowledge game.
  • and/or a symptom of isolation from the youngest segments of the population (well, it is true that they have their own specific sources of infiormation).

Anyway the limit between knowledge and “opportune” information or opinion is flimsy.

My knol wich gets currently the highest weekly PV, the 2010 sovereign debt ( State debt ) turmoil (well, a modest count of 166 (*), very few of my knols reached a 150 peak in a week, maybe I’m more a dull marathonian than a sprinter, either because it is my own limits, or because I don’t try really and have nothing at stake ;-)) would be hard to categorize : trendy or knowledge?
(*) Well, suddenly down to under 100!

KS — yes . as you said once : we are learning by refactoring . aristocrats are not learning . they are omniscient

KVSS — I wrote in one of my stock market poems.
You know little, but you want more.
Similarly there are some people who do little but want all rewards. But internet provided market access to many. From anywhere authors can come up and create knols that attract 5000 page views in the first week itself. Should we bury them to parade court specialists. Knol will not survive on the shoulders of double digit court specialists. It needs hundreds of thousands of authors to establish itself as a successful and useful and valuable platform. We need to develop mechanisms that welcome and encourage new authors and their knols every day. Singing praises of one or two will not help knol.

Are our members watching football matches. Opened a new knol Foot Ball FIFA World Cup 2010 Matches – Commentary and Review. You can write some commentary on matches when you are watching them or just after watching them. Even if interference is there write something. It is on open collaboration. Write comments about your favorite players on the game in a match. Garry abandoned his project. I thought it was a good project.
Updated Foot Ball FIFA World Cup 2010 Matches – Commentary and Review with the win of Netherlands. They played good aggressive game. But Slovekia also played well. Two good shots were saved by the Dutch goal keeper in the second half. Commentator was saying.

no one takes any action without voting


Brazil is also into goals. (3-0). Today in Japan versus Paraguay, Japan is getting support for a win from some critics. I expanded my poem Goal, goal, this time for knol. Write, write, the time is bright.
Waka, waka means do it.
Do some thing for knol.
Make it more known, more read, more covered, more supported, more favored, more trusted
We need more authors, more collaboration, more comments, more knols, more ratings , and more visitors.
Wrote commentary on Japan- Paraguay match Foot Ball FIFA World Cup 2010 Matches – Commentary and Review. At 60.00 minutes score 0-0. Paraguay won the match in penalty shootout. If any of you watch the match between Spain and Portugal, you can update the knol. It is during our sleeping time.
Request all of you to post the knols you like, yours as well as others in Knol Promotion Board. It is way of our supporting various knols and knol authors. In the case of trending knols, knol must have some performance. In the case of knol promotion author needs to have interest to include his knol on the board. Till authors develop interest, some of us, active and involved knol authors can keep the board going. Thanks Peter Greenfinch for updating this knol.


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