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May be an original idea on Knol.
Resourcing – A Function of Management
@PG: Please give your comments. I think principles of management has not discussed this point adequately.
@RK Try to organize US chapter when you can spare time.

My latest and best ever knol:
‘People will stagger…and wonder…searching for the word of the LORD, but they will not find it.’ – Amos 8:12


In Knol Search Engine, there is  facility to search for knols in 50 languages.
Arabic, Armenian, Belarussian, Bengali, Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)
Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Estonian, Finnish, French, German
Greek, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kannada
Korean, Latvian, Lituanian, Malayalam, Marathi, Norwegian, Oriya, Persian, Polish, Portuguese
Romanian, Russia,Serbian, Slovak, Slovanian, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Tamil, Telugu, Thai
Turkish, Ukranian, Vietnamese
The knol writing competition in Hindi gave 2000 knols and around 500 new authors to knol. I hope knol management can replicate this performance in each of the 50 languages.
I wrote this comment in that context on knol help main page.
Hindi knol competition was a success. It gave 2000 knols and may be 500 authors must have registered in the competition.
Knol management needs to think of organizing competition in similar format in 50 languages in the next six months. Topics may be slightly tweaked to get content of longer life on knol.
Social, Political and Economic Issues and Biographies of persons in those fields
Entertainment, Culture, Literature and Festivals
Science and Health
Tourist Places and Travel Facilities
Sports and Hobbies
I think around $1000 prize money is sufficient for each competition. Also collaboration with online newspapers and magazines is a good idea. It helped Hindi competition and It may be extended to other languages. More online papers can be invited to join. Like for each topic a separate collaboration can be tried.
Hindi competition success needs to be replicated in many languages and million knol goal needs to be achieved at the earliest. Then a big campaign to attract readers can be launched.
You can give your views on knol help page.

Thanks for drawing my attention to your clear and interesting knol:
You are right to dig deeper into the resourcing issue as a management topic. Resourcing affects not only current profitability but is also a strategic element to prepare for the future (to face risks and to adapt to new prospects). I placed a comment in that respect to your knol.


RK @ Team
I welcome the newest member to the Foundation.
Emma Katherine Sommer – Germany


My latest knol
Our compound self: “…I learned from painful experience how small changes in the definition of mental disorders can …

I’ve discovered a way to parse the Search Toolkit Results page.  I’m just starting to write the tutorial, the first steps just explaining the layout of the results, then we’ll get to the PHP to actually build an array out of them.


Went for an international conference at Mumbai only. Met persons from Malaysia, Thailand, France, and Australia. Presented a paper in the conference.  Industrial Engineering and Basic Engineering Disciplines – Is Link Missing?
Posted three more knols based on the concepts in presentations made by others.
The Theory of Moral Sentiments – Adam Smith – Interesting Points and Passages just started.
Servant Leadership – An Explanation
Transport Infrastructure and Services in India
I liked this passage from Adam Smith’s book:
The prudent man always studies seriously and earnestly to understand whatever he professes to understand, and not merely to persuade other people that he understands it; and though his talents may not always be very brilliant, they are always perfectly genuine. He neither endeavours to impose upon you by the cunning devices of an artful impostor, nor by the arrogant airs of an assuming pedant, nor by the confident assertions of a superficial and imprudent pretender. He is not ostentatious even of the abilities which he really possesses. His conversation is simple and modest, and he is averse to all the quackish arts by which other people so frequently thrust themselves into public notice and reputation. For reputation in his profession he is naturally disposed to rely a good deal upon the solidity of his knowledge and abilities; and he does not always think of cultivating the favour of those little clubs and cabals, who, in the superior arts and sciences, so often erect themselves into the supreme judges of merit; and who make it their business to celebrate the talents and virtues of one another, and to decry whatever can come into competition with them.

@ SK: I think the transliteration button has facility for Urdu transliteration also. I cannot vouchsafe because the alphabet and the language name are in the same language and I cannot identify either.

My latest knol
I think Mr. Obama should look at what Gov. Christie is doing in New Jesey.


Welcome to the Hindi Chapter of the Knol Author Foundation
NL Shraman
Sangita Puri


I welcome
Arvind Dubey as a member and he has agreed to become a co-author of the Hindi Chapter.
Doctor at Shakun Clinic
NL Shraman also became a co-author of the Hindi Chapter.

It is amazing some people do not like my Twitter knols and they even have objection to my writing a 1000 knols on the same topics. Perhaps they do not like 1000 page books on the same topic. I have upgraded my knol:
I can show you how your I/mind/me/self can be crafted to perfection by your own mind.

Wikia has 3 million pages and 9 million unique visitors per month. Knol has only 320,000 aricles .  We need more authors and more articles.
HubPages, Knol, Squidoo, Wikipedia and Other Article Sites – Comparison
Visit and write your comments on the positive side of knol. I think the article gave a good coverage to knol. It is up to knol authors to write good things about knol in the comments now.


you wanted some statements about content policy .
well, why should we wish knol to be a second wikipedia ? what a horror !
the right policy is to have more authors, not more articles .

I see Knol as a mash-up between and Wikipedia.  We allow open writing, group writing, or single writing.  We allow all the options, creative commons, all rights reserved, etc.
Some of you who’ve been following me, know that I’ve set-up a way to Tweet my Knols with a button.  It only works for the author, not for the public.  Now I’ve found a way to Digg and Delicious as well, and those work for any reader, not just the author.  See my example on my article “Full Movies on YouTube”  You just have to change the underlying HTML code slightly to use it on any article you want.  Unlike the self-Twitter it requires a manual login and jumps you to that page, but it’s better than nothing!


@ WJ  What is your twitter account? I want to follow.
@KS  Knol is an article publishing platform. It is being compared with many article publishing platforms. It is not compared with wikipedia alone. Wikipedia is a leading article publishing platform. Hence it is mentioned more often in discussions. Wikia and wikipedia are different even though both are started by Jimmy Wales. More articles are needed for knol platform to be a viable entity. More authors are needed to initiate many articles in various areas and also to contribute and improve articles. At least a million genuine knowledge articles are required to make knol a barely viable platform. Of course it is my opinion. If others have a different business model in their mind, they can propose for all of us to see and understand.

I have a twitter at and also another one at for my computer specific articles.

Ahmed Mohamed Abdel-a new member of the Arabic Chapter of the KAF
Aruna Kapoor- a new member of the Hindi Chapter


Since I am writing with my Randy Kleinert profile I am thinking the Knol Foundation profile should be deleted and I should use the Randall Kleinert profile. One of our current co-authors here left the foundation because there was not enough transparency, according to a comment he made to me. I want to be as transparent as possible so I think this is the proper way to go about it.Should someone remove the Knol Foundation profile?

Knol foundation profile should not be deleted. It has to be used wherever it is appropriate. To announce new members knol foundation profile is to be used.
Randall Kleinert profile is to be added and used when personal opinions are put forward.


SK @ RK & C
Now that our Knol Author Foundation is spreading I think we can bring back Christi’s idea of starting a journal. In case you two are already having too much on your plate we can ask others to contribute.

English Language in the World
The people who can speak and read English in India total up to 125 million. That makes India the second largest country in the world in terms of English understanding people.
The top 5 countries having English language people are:
USA: 263 million
India: 125 million
Nigeria: 79 million
UK: 60 million
Russia: 60 million
Are we getting a good number of visitors to English knols from Russia and Nigeria. Even in China English is spreading. But are we getting a good number of visitors to knol in English? I get one third of my visitors from India, one third from USA and one third from rest of the world. How about others?
@ WJ  following your accounts in twitter.
One of the twitter messages showed me this page.
University of people. Free education to the world. Hope our knols which are free for online access will be used in this initiative.
Let us interpret the growth of knol authors foundation as a vote of trust in knol platform. Google management has to feel there are many committed knol authors and they have to make a further round of investment in knol platform this time to promote knol content in an aggressive way. There has to be publicity about knol in all 50 languages. There have to competitions and challenges in all 50 languages. There has to a knol help person to comment frequently on the marketing of knols through search engine optimization and social media optimization. There has to be a weekly knol bulletin by knol marketing person and there has to be very frequent twitter messages, google buzz messages, orkut messages from knol team on various events on knol. Every knol that is published can be announced on twitter. Or at least every knol that completes 500 page views can be announced on twitter and google buzz. Knol can have blog of its own. The growth of knol foundation should motivate google management to back knol in a substantial manner.

as transparent as possible
I agree .
perhaps you can make a page Knol Foundation with your Randy Kleinert profile, copy the Knol Foundation contents there and make a link to from the old to the new page . peu a peu we can then delete the contents of the  Knol Foundation profile .

Talking about transparency, I seea lot of fog here : Knol Publishing Guild

This is my latest focus:
How can I claim to have discovered wisdom?
To become wise and have all the attributes of wisdom all one needs is to become any one of the attributes of wisdom.
As I can show very clearly how to cultivate selflessness – the main attribute of wisdom it means I can make the world not only understand the very nature of wisdom I can also make the world wise through my way.
I have discovered that each and every attribute of wisdom has in it all the other attributes of wisdom. For instance a selfless person will also be humble, altruistic and wise. An honest person will also be loving, humble and wise. Thus by cultivating one attribute we will be cultivating all the attributes of wisdom. All the attributes are made up of the one single property of wisdom. So to become wise and have all the attributes of wisdom all one needs is to become any one of the attributes of wisdom.
@ PG
I know exactly what our knol maven friends Krishan Maggon and Co. are up to regarding Knol Publishing Guild and I am going to hold my surprise for them for later.
@ KS
Your action was fair enough. You always have the last word!


Can we identify at least one good knol everyday from new knols published and give its link here and also inform the author that we included the link here. If all of us try, at least one of us will find one and post a knol here.
I myself made two new knols to support a lecture that I have to give.
Cost Management – The Process
Cost Management in Paper and Pulp Industries
This way knol helps me to collect information that I need to collect to support my professional commitment and then it is available to for me to update and keep it current for the participants to be in touch with the latest developments in the topic.

Personally I don’t like being part of any sort of administrative apparatus. That’s why I never joined the Foundation when it existed, and I look askance at this new “Publishing Guild”. Especially seeing how some of the people in it, seeking to profit from “commercial” ventures (or however they phrase it), are the very ones who attacked me most savagely for using Knol as a platform to sell products.
The bulletin board however is just fine. No one is trying to compel anyone else to follow any set of rules, other than what Knol itself dictates. That suits me.

My latest knols:

How do these below the belt tactics effect my favorite knoller György Tausz’s page views and knol position or that of say Kevin Spaulding? Isn’t this a crime against these real giants of knolling?

Time is coming soon to set the record straight regarding our self appointed knol leaders. This knol is just a start.
@ WJ
Thanks for your latest news on page views. And the amazing fact is that this knol sounds just like one more regular commercial venture, which is fine but I was looking into the number of publishing guilds and there are tens of thousands of them just in my surrounding area and most have a proven track record!


Today, Telugu people, Marathi people and Kannada people celebrate new year day in India. I just took the traditional preparation of all tastes hot, sweet, sour, bitter, pungent etc. Best wishes to all knol visitors and authors as well as knol management persons.

SK @ Team and Knol Help
There is some good news about my struggle to change the world.
The medical association is going to include 24/7 horniness as a disease in their next edition of their book on the list of diseases! Just as I have been saying and pleading for years! It is amazing that Mr. Spears, without explaining, has criticized this knol’s argument that 24/7 horniness is a disease. No thanks to Spears I lost the top pick knol award rating for this knol. Knol Help must give the award back. In fact ground breaking knols must be put in a class of their own.
I have converted this post into a knol. I need your support on this one. Please leave a comment on it and also please grade it.
Ground breaking knols must be put in a class of their own; as these are the ideas we need to change the world.

Knol help does not give or take away badges manually. You have to understand the badge metrics and badge game if you want badges. Otherwise, simply forget the badges and carry on with your writing and do SEO optimization and Social Media promotion. Do you want to optimize your knol for badges. There is no formula to optimize your knol for badges. The formula to get a badge is outside the knol and it is not inside the knol. What is the benefit of a knol coming on the home page of knol. Just find out how many extra visits come to a knol featured on knol home page for a day. 500? I do not think such a figure is coming. You have to get your visitors through search engines only. Your coming 6 in search engines is fine. Think of ways to go up through SEO support if you can. But that requires more additional links which means you have to take social media support. You are not active on twitter. You are not active on blogs. You are not active on Digg. You are not google buzz. You are not on orkut. Just think of your options.

board 2010


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