board 2010 (march II)


I know the badge game. But in my case of the badge for the knol Horniness I had the badge and it disappeared just after Mr. Spears said that my knol was wrong as horniness was not a disease. Now that Mr. Spears, the so called expert has now been proven wrong, I should have my badge back. My knols are about taking knowledge forward and in this case I was right and have now been proved right. So I expect my badge back. Not that it really matters.

I am happy to inform that my page views crossed 900,000 mark. Weekly page views also improved to 28,000.
Had some opening success with the knol Small Business Online Resources. 100 page views in a day. Request SK to write some knols on small business issues. He is well versed with the issues including emotional intelligence related issues and wisdom related issues of businessmen.
@SK   I still believe knol team is not awarding badges based on manual intervention. It is all automatic. I don’t think they remove a badge by a comment. People particular about a badge have to understand the badge algorithm. Knol team will not declare the badge algorithm. The people who shout a lot of about badges understood the algorithm, get badges even before 10 page views happen on their knols and shout about their badges to get visibility. So try to understand the process better and be behind the badges. Cheers.
But my strong statement is that knol team has to do a lot of selling for the knol platform. Knol help main page in not getting many visitors. My suggestion is that they need to use google search page messages and get at least 500,000 page views for knol help main page to recruit many authors quickly.

Your knol is very good. I am predicting it will become one of the most popular knols. I gave it 5 stars. The biggest business issue right now in America is health care reform. For my family I am paying $1,558.00 a month. With my current income I can hardly pay it. I just got a notice that from next month it is going to be $1850.00. I will have to part with my hard earned savings. I had so much hope from our current administration. Just imagine the majority of the jobs are created by small bussiness and yet only $15 billion are earmarked for small business. The real figure is much lower and part of it is in tax savings. Just imagine individual organizations that are still bleeding have been given hundreds of billions.
Also I have thought a lot about the huge problem of government health care entitlements. I think the biggest problem regarding health care is political. Yes political! A third of all medicare expenses are spent on older Americans on their last six months of life. Most of these older people spend the last six months heavenly drugged and in much pain. I do not call this health care I call it prolonging death as Dr. Debakki, the artificial heart pioneer used to say. Lot of them are kept alive on machines even though the doctors know that they cannot be saved. It will need a very gutsy leadership to make the hard political choices.


since you seem to be a specialist in  this topic, what do you think about cloud-computing ?

I liked cloud-computing. Thanks KS for pointing it out. I also worked on DEC 10 in 1979. Explaining cloud computing using examples of IBM and DEC 10 is very good.
I request all to indicate good new knols as well as old knols frequently on the bulletin board. All of us will come to know of them.

Knol foundation sent a mail recently asking for suggestions. I suggest that Knol foundation start a knol ” Knol Author Foundation – Suggestions for Knol and Google Management by Members” Every month from 1st to 7th of the month we encourage members to write their suggestions and then discuss the pros and cons of the suggestions in comment blocks for the month. Let us hope such public discussion and publication of suggestions will reach knol and google management and they appreciate the ideas of knol authors of various languages and countries.  I wrote this suggestion in knol foundation page also.

Alberto Auné
I agree with this suggestion. Let’s hear all the voices in democracy, without offending the colleagues.


WJ @ KS re cloud computing
I was invited this week to be a panelist at a moderated discussion about developer groups.  One of the questions they asked was : “What do you see next for cloud computing?”  And my response was that I see the next step as trusted cloud networks.  “Trusted” not just from a data security standpoint, but also trusted from an application integrity standpoint.  What I mean is, not only will you not sell my cloud data and requests, but your cloud application will work. Right now we don’t have that level of complexity, it’s like the Wild West. Everyone is galloping around, but no one is policing the situation.

Developing Knol Directoryin a different way


The new Knol Directory shows to me that there are many very good articles on knol. We need to recognize them and highlight them on this bulletin board as well as on twitter, blogs, orkut, linkedin etc. etc. Thanks to Kalle Schwarz for his comments on the knol. Yes, we need to appreciate our fellow authors on knol. Many of them are reputed individuals and have real knowledge to share through this online medium.
New Knols that I want to highlight today.
Luxury consumption in Britain and India
By Dr. Paurav Shukla
Compact DSLRs vs Traditional DSLRs
Interesting Knols
By Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.
Arthur Schopenhauer: Ethics and Theory of Justice


I know exactly what our knol maven friends Krishan Maggon and Co. are up to regarding Knol Publishing Guild . is a knol with top pick badge. Hope it comes on knol front page also. More author associations are welcome and persons can be members of various associations and multiple associations. But what Sajid Khan pointed and what Will Johnson pointed out are valid issues. In the future we may see subjectwise knol author associations also. More such associations will strengthen knol platform.
I started a series of knols on small business. New Knols – 2010 contains 10 companies on which I started knols as they are role model small companes with fastest growth. They are in FSB 100 list. If you know some info. on these companies please add to these knols. Over a period of time I shall  add lot of content on knol on management of small companies. I feel SK can also add content on managing small businesses.
83rd centurion knoller is found today.
Centurion Knollers – Knol Authors
He is david cowley who published 274 knols and 7 collections. How did we miss him so far? Please help me in locating centurion knollers. They are all Hall of Fame and Effort knol authors. We want 1000 such authors to develop quickly on knol. Then knol will be on firm footing and we can concentrate on our knol writing more as then knol will have a full fledged team in place to take care of knol management. Have you congratulated all centurion knollers? Please find some time and congratulate all of them.
I started the new knols feature as all active authors we know have written 100 knols and more and fatigue must have set in among all of us to write more knols. We do look back at our knols and edit them to improve them further. Further progress of Knol platform depends on new authors who show a similar zeal and passion as some of us had shown during the last one and half years. Recognizing interesting knols is one way we can motivate authors to enrich their knols and write new knols. If about 10 of us recognize 10 authors each in a month we can motivate 1000 authors at least in the next year and create a sound author base for knol. Our first effort is to focus on strengthening the knol platform.


New Knols
World Water Day – 22nd March  Add some information and content to it. Make more people aware of the importance of the theme.

Per KVSS idea, a knol has been set up for suggestions and ideas for KAF.  The KAF board is for use only for discussing KAF activities and ideas.

It is great that MAK made the first entry on the KAF suggestion board. I also made the entry and gave an idea for knol mgmt. Await your reactions to it in the comments block. Then as KS used to say we can summarise and post below the idea the view of the group. Of course all suggestions are welcome on how we can use the board to bring out the suggestions of the members for the success of knol.
I indicated this knol Arthur Schopenhauer: Ethics and Theory of Justice as an interesting new knol on 03/20. Prof Klaus Rohde, the author of the knol made a comment on my Veda knol indicating that Arthur Schopenhauer’s ideas are very close to ideas of Hinduism and Buddhism. I read the knol fully today and made my comment. That day I did not read the knol but the title looked interesting and of course I know the credentials of the author. I think every day some good knols are being written and we need to make some effort and find those good knols everyday (at least some of them) and highlight them on this board for all of us (visitors and authors) to know and read at our convenience. Otherwise people will keep saying there is no good stuff on knol. Let us identify interesting titles and themes. The authors will improve their knols and sometimes we will also put in our bit by writing comments and editing.


KS 2 A
you have already looked better 😉

Tried to locate some interesting new knols. More difficult today.
Some group is writing knols on CSCL computer supported collaborative learning
Learning and collaboration in technology-enhanced contexts
By Nele Vanden Berghe
Angela welcome. Made presence felt after a long time.

My knol
I know exactly what our knol maven friends Krishan Maggon and Co. are up to regarding their Knol: Knol Publishing Guild
is turning out into a very interesting biography of my ancestor Tippu Sultan. I have added some more facts from his life.

please stop your endless listings .
less is (sometimes) more 😉

Are you talking of my new knol links? We need to highlight interesting knols being written by various authors. Otherwise people keep writing that knol has no good stuff. We cannot defend because we are not providing any list of good knols. We are not trying to promote our individual knols now. We are trying to promote any author’s knol provided the topic is interesting. I hope all active authors join in this endeavor and at least identify 100 good knols every month and appreciate those authors. Money anyway is not there in knol writing. At least let there be appreciation.
Or are you referring to my new knol directory?

Yes, it is another list ! But about a transversal topic that applies to many areas of knowledge : math first, but also physics, medecine, economics, computer science, social matters, even philosophy, and more…
The topic being so wide, it is in open collaboration, so, whatever your shop, please bring your salt 😉
Knols about statistics, probabilities, predictive modeling

85th centurion knoller observed. He is our Artur Landerzon Barrera Garcia   101 knols (23.3.2010). Knol help or knol management is very silent these days. They need to highlight all these authors on knol home page as well as in twitter messages. Shortly Artur will complete 100,000 page views also for his knol portfolio. Three cheers Artur.

SK @ Team(including RK), AK, SKS, MB, KDA (Kuda dad Azara) and PV
Please consider joining me as founders of the Wisdom Express. Please leave a comment on my knol:I am thinking; how can I advance the agenda of the Wisdom Express?.

I mean such stuff like
FREE LEARN SPANISH ONLINE-Tips to Learn Spanish Very Quickly…mmm
By Anonymous
oh, and all this world xx-days .
if everyone is acting like you, then this board is a heap of garbage .
collections need interesting knols, KAF needs interesting authors .
we can win new authors if we concentrate with 4 – 8 of us on an interesting author .
according to SK I call this a social womb . what do you think ?


we can win new authors if we concentrate with 4 – 8 of us on an interesting author. I agree with you on this. You mentioned this earlier also. I do not know whether we implemented it successfully. Whether somebody took the lead and others supported him? But it is to get active authors. We also need to encourage many authors in general to keep knol growing.
Regarding heap of garbage on the board or in general, ideas can be garbage, The way of executing an idea can be garbage. The output of execution can be garbage. In this case, my idea is that we need to recognize potential  good knols and encourage the authors. Around 100 knols per month are to be identified. For this, the way I took,  is to scan through new knols published in a day. I picked up some and gave them every day for four or five days. As various persons expressed, any such activity takes time, and for me also it took one hour of my best time in the morning to do this activity. One day I could pick ten. Day before yesterday, I spent a lot of time but could not locate even one quickly.
Now it up to you, the rest of the group to say whether the idea is garbage. There is no need for us to identify potential good knols and encourage authors. Or the way is not right. There is a different way. Or the knols selected are not proper. I only need not select the knols. If the idea is right, we identify or select knols at our convenience. Others may agree with the selection and write some of them are good and comment some of them are not good. Like yesterday I found Free Learn Spanish really does not have appropriate content.
We do not keep doing certain things if there is no support for it.

You have been trying to mold this bulletin board as you think it should be, for over a year now . But the only rule this knol platform has is that there are no rules.  It is like life. It is different for each person and has a different meaning for each person. So please lets just use it as each one of us feel fit.


Aruna Kapoor will translate the Marathi and Gujarati languages for KAF. Thank you Aruna.

@ SK : I didn’t say : do this or do that . you were crying . so I said : you are crying .
this was to show you, that there is a contradiction between your self image and your behavior .
you call this garbage .
you say, that the mind is a function of the brain but that’s not the level we can communicate .
I cannot communicate with a function . you are you for me . you are a person, an I .
the I is the midst between a bottom up thing like the brain and a top down thing like the mind .
as I wrote : brain -> behavior | self image <- mind .
@ KVSS : first we need at least 4 – 5 authors (you ? me ? SK ? PG ? RK ?) . Then we can make suggestions.
@ PG : we can ask knol to make a new evaluation algorithm .

The Guildis probably not doing anything illegal by Google standards, but is not doing Knol and its authors any justice by gaming the system the way they are. Everyone learns by their mistakes. I have  learned from my mistakes. Some authors will use those mistakes as a learning process, and others will never admit to making a mistake.
Instead of KPG attacking authors, and authors retaliating, it is too bad we could not work work side by side to make Knol a place individuals from all over the world will want to visit.
Just as in a giant library, there will be top viewed knols and less viewed knols.  There will be top ranked knols and bottom ranked knols. But they all deserve a place in the library. Any other view is the sign of a narrow minded person.
There are several top ranked authors who should spend more time being less critical of others, and spend less time congratulating each other how great they are ranked in knol and how great their knols are..


I fully agree . it is good that Chrissy and you are back at knol again .

Yesterday I could not add anything on knol. I think we should leave KPG now to do something according to their plan. There is no problem if they establish themselves as the number one collective author on knol. They are offering their editing service probably in language, html, SEO etc. to other authors. We all can welcome it whether they are doing it free or for commercial considerations. Badges is manipulation game and if they are going to offer badges to knols that they are editing, badges become irrelevant. Already badges are irrelevant. By crying hoarse about badges, this group made badges irrelevant. That is why they got into the KPG arrangement to prop up their page views at least on collective basis.
Many knol authors want knol to survive and grow. Any initiative by any author or group that contributes to the objective of success of knol is to be welcomed. Criticising authors left and right was started by PeterB on knol, but now he might have realized his misstep. Now he has to praise many people like Jagadeesh etc. whom he was criticising earlier.
@ PG : I think author groups at subject level need to emerge and will emerge and even if they take first 100 places in page view ranking, there would not be any loss to individual authors. For any article or website, page views come through search engines mostly based on relevance and page ranking. The rank on knol really many not affect it. But when many subject groups are there, some of every author’s knols will be in those group lists also. I encourage you to start the behavior finance group on knol.  There is no reason to flag any KPG group activity. According to me we should welcome such editing efforts by many groups of editors on knol. It is a question of who has the talent and who has the time.
May be I am busy for the next week traveling and has to concentrate on cost management issues. Happy to inform you that I am looking at review of research in management especially in the planning and control functions and in the next two to three months some knols will appear in this area from my side to support my very popular “principles of management” knol.

I see that everybody is very lenient about some power hungry people. And that there is some inclination to follow the example. So I think I have to react again.
Any guild would be made of self-appointed people, is it not? So, how would they do it?
Suppose we make one on democracy. Who will be the people who will decide who belong or not to the guild. Who will decide exclusions? What will be the criteria?
How would knol freedom survive such straitjackets? And lack of transparency?
Do authors have to get franchised under top brands / labels to be recognized. What about competing brands Coca democracy vs. Pepsi democracy? Ford Behavioral finance vs. Toyota Behavioral finance? Not to forget the prestigious Ferrari Behavioral finance.
I chose pecisely democracy as an example, because it is democracy that is at stake and also because it is (or should be) a popular topic. Which is not the case for behavioral finance that KVSS gives as example, thanks, but which is – let us admit – far from being a key subject even if i am addicted to it. And what about guilds on even hotter topics, verging on ideological propaganda or cult diffusion? With the pro guild and the anti guild? Aaargh!
If somebody finds a transparent way to start useful guilds maybe, althoug i wonder how, But at the moment I think that to multiply guilds, a thing that will inevitably happen  if we accept that foot in the door / entropic decay of Knol that the KPG initiators started (after other dubious initiatives). Guilds on the Middle ages where very rigid anti competition organization, a thing we have to remember. My experience of wikipedia told me a lot about collusive practices under the pretext to preserve the encyclopedia quality, resulting in what I see as the opposite.
To say that we must be all a big family is OK. Except when some decides to take the family as an hostage. There are times when it is necessary to say “enough” ! Oh, btw, what about a Guild called “Enough” ? 😉
=> So, I ask again, should we flag Guild knols, as a serious menace to an open encyclopedia?

It all boils down to my basic theme: should my behavior be determined by how the other person is behaving or should my behavior be determined by the way I am always supposed to behave)- +2. Should I let my actions  be independent of out side in experiences  or should my behavior be a reactive emotional response? If some one is reacting -2 should I still act +2 or should I also act -2? Over half the problems in the world are due to most people being +1 which means they have a +1 self image. So instead of having only policy and idea differences we have personal self image differences. Take the example of KS he has some personal bug with me. Every so offten he criticizes me on the personal level. Should I stoop to his level and also point out his defects at the personal level?
The guild is very good in many ways, even though it sounds commercial. The problem I have with them is that they are gaming it to become the top knol. I want them to succeed for the sake of our larger objectives. But I do not want them to take away the top knol status with their regular knol from other deserving knols. I do not blame them for trying to show that their guild is better than our foundation. This is the way to democracy and healthy competition. But there is nothing new they are doing here, there are thousands of guilds out there.
I know compared to the plans of my next move for our KAF their plans are peanuts. I was hoping that you all will join me in launching Wisdom Day so that we can start making wisdom widespread through the knol platform. This way we will have something concrete with which to change the world. A real tool to change the world that would make real change possible.
Another plan I thought of was to start making a real difference through my self image therapy. Again I realized that the response from our team is not going to be that good so I am now going to launch self image therapy as a commercial venture. This way we will have enough money to sponsor knol contests in all the languages and we will even be able to open a ‘Wuffy’ account from which fellow knollers can borrow money even for their personal needs. A Wuffy money cooperative if not a Wuffy bank.
So I do not think flagging is a good idea only because it would be a reactive response; a less than +2 behavior.

I don’t see what you call emotional response, I think I gave a very rational analysis of the menace to the future of Knol.
I will add that to consider a Guild as an author is a flaw in the system. I will have nothing against a ranking of Guilds (although I will not see the relevance and interest of such an anecdotical tally), but they should not be categorized as authors. This has no sense.
Flagging or not flagging, seems to me that we have to give a strong response. Let us say in the magnitude order of  + 3.

@ PG :
as you can see on knol-star you have our trust, more than before .
so I think you can speak to knol help as our spokesman .
show them our knol star picture and tell them exactly the things you pointed out here .
if the connection is done we can discuss further things .
2 SK : “Should I stoop to his level and also point out his defects at the personal level?”
now you got it . you can give me no greater pleasure than to do this .
as you (should) know we can see our behavior only by our self image .
but if you are honest and if I can trust you you can help me to correct my self image by seeing me with your eyes . if we can learn to trust in our team live becomes fun instead of frustration and KPG is no longer a problem .

finally figured out an update to how to write a PHP which scans my entire Knol list and updates, in real-time, my exact page views for each individual Knol, instead of using the truncated pageviews that Knol gives in the search.  My PHP routine gives results here. It takes a few minutes to run, because it’s actually (quickly) opening every Knol I’ve written, and my total list is over 400 now.


Knol is a public forum for sharing of and discussing cutting edge ideas. It is about discussing ideas objectively and it is absolutely about not getting personal about fellow participants. When you keep saying ‘I am crying’. When I said about a Prof. that he compared my work with that of the French philosopher you said that you did not know this Prof. implying that I am lying. These things amount to becoming negatively personal about me and I do not see any reason why your behavior should be like this. Do you know that this is the internet and one false posting by me can cast doubt on all my postings. Specially I cannot put anything on the book cover that is false.
This reminds me of a New York multi millionaire who adopted two kids from India. Those guys in India responsible for the paper work found out that he was filthy rich so they started extracting money from him at each step. It went on for over a year and he still did not get his kids. He got frustrated and I came to know and told him I can get them out for him as they were from Mysore our former kingdom. He did not trust me. He in fact made fun of me saying that many Indians who come here claim to be from the royal family. So I said fine and I did not take it as an insult. A few months later he came back and said he will try anything. He offered me $50,000.00 plus expenses if I could get his kids to the US. I said that as this is a case of him giving a break to my fellow Indians from an orphanage I will do it for free. Right there I called up Mrs. Sheila Kaul, aunt of Indra Gandhi and sister-in-law of Nehru, who was the then education minister and got Allan to talk to her. Then I called up Jaffer Sharif, the then railway minister and again got Allan to talk to him. Then I rang up the then governor and the chief minister of Mysore. These two I could not get on line. Any way Allan got his kids soon after. Allan has a big world famous antique fair every weekend it is called the Annex Antique and Flea Market. He also has a huge party/event place called The Metropolitan Pavilion. In fact for Wisdom Day he will give me this place for free. I have exhibited at his place and he has not charged me. I came through for him because he trusted me. If you will trust me, I think I can come through for the KAF. The knol platform is about helping the world to improve and my Wisdom Day+ can bring real progress. If I do not have your support I will still do it anyway. I have dicided to commercialize my ‘Self Image Therapy’. It all hinges on how successful I am financially with this project.
This adoption was from Mysore. When Allan’s wife visited India she dicided to go to Lucknow to meet my family to show here gratitude. In Lucknow we still control many of the palaces. On special occasions we have a procession with all the royal guards etc. So when she was visiting I called up the administrator and said that a special friend is coming to Lucknow and that I want her to get the special royal red carpet treatment. The administrator said that as my father was away and without my father’s permission he might get fired if my father did not like it. I told him that if he did not do what I said I will make sure that my father fired him. So he promptly obeyed. Annette Boss got the red carpet treatment.
To verify these facts you can google The Metropolitan Pavilion, NY City and ask for Allan Boss, the owner. You can ask him if this is all true or not. I have too much at stake to boast or lie. I have a whole world to change.
I will never get negatively personal with you or with anyone else. I will simply move on.

The worlds longest vaulted hall is part of one of our palaces. Vaulted means it is made with no iron or wood beams just with a secret concrete formula.
clock tower
In fact the worlds tallest clock tower was built by my family and is still in our trust, controlled by my family.

The royal residence Sheesh Mahal

The royal residence Sheesh Mahal, Lucknow, where I grew up.

@ PG
I totally agree with you and that is why I wrote a whole knol criticizing their mean strategy. All I am saying is we do not need to descend to their mean level. Knollers and knol readers are intelligent analyzers and lets leave it to them to decide and judge such foul behavior.

PB @bout the Guild and objectivity
The Guild account is held by Gust Mees. And when somebody asks if the guild is useful for Knol, it would be a good mind to think if he’s a wise person. And, as he does with his personal account on Knol Gust also bans arbitrarly people : me, jj. M , … (also on the Kp-Guild account). Is this a community decision ? Sure not.
Each time somebody grows up the member list, each time it’s somebody who doesn’t care about the fact the owner of the guild account is the one an the only who takes decision without any control or any discussion. Is this what is going on ?
And I won’t talk about him talking about analysing of statistics which, he knows, are 10 time false, or wasting his time congratulate people (about forty percent of comments), and others too subtle stuff that I’m not able to explain in English. As well, I prefer stop talking about how the guild and the hand behind the guild is totality the wrong way because of who and what.
In my opinion, it’s a trap for everyone. Adding anybody or any account to a knol for non valuable reason devalues the author’s work.

I am on my tour. My friend brought a book on Buddha by Karen. Thanks to SK, I could appreciate concepts like mindfulness etc. I shall write a knol later on the book about Buddhism. Not able to type on lap top. Hence stopping with this small post.

To refine my analysis I just published as a new knol The strange case of the fictitious author
I would be interested by your comments


Who cares if I am tall or short, black or white, if I cry or laugh? -2, -1 and +1 people care. These are the very people who do not even know themselves, yet in their world which has a disconnect with reality they think they know others. So please don’t get me started on this.


I have posted my first book.
Please publish this book in English and in your language in your country. If it makes any money you may use it for your self or for charitable purposes.
How to become wise – 1: My first book of 200 Twitter knols.
How to become wise – 2: My first book of 200 Twitter knols.

@ PB : welcome
adding anybody or any account to a knol for non valuable reason devalues the author’s work.”
yes, it’s like counting the visits of authors on their own pages as page views .
I hope google does not count them .
@ PG : great article . 5 stars .
@ WJ : my dream is knol as cloud computing .
first we need a standardisation . everything is a knol .
2 SK : your reaction to my posting was big and colorfull . even more than usual 😉
internet is what we make it .
can you give me the name of that prof. ? I will search again  .

PG – excellent knol. i will need to write a comment.. I give it at least five stars.
I would like to welcome Aruna Kapoor as a co-author and translator for the Gujarati, Marathi and Hindi chapters. Thank you for joining and helping us expand to different languages.KS
SK – it’s not getting personal about fellow participants. it’s to practise  -2, -1, +1, +2 science .

What is your point of posting:
you were crying . so I said : you are crying .
this was to show you, that there is a contradiction between your self image and your behavior’
The only time I expressed my sorrow was when I came very close to selling one of my inventions to Kraft. It was not just about loosing millions, more than that it was about missing out on my invention touching and bringing a new pleasure and taste in the life of humanity. But it was still not crying. But how can you understand how inventors feel about success and failure about their inventions?
Yet my sorrow is profound too. I still am not able to wake up the world to my solutions. But I will keep trying till the last breath in my life.
The name of the prof. is Prof. I. E Weinstock.


on internet we say : writing in big letters is crying .
so, how would we call not only big letters but big words, big postings, big ideas, big inventions, big money, big names, big towers, big halls … ?
and always saying I, I, I … ?
these are big reactions .
crying is a big reaction .
the difference between brain and mind is : brain is a bottom up thing, mind is a top down thing .
I.E. Weinstock : the only search result is bulletin board . can you give me some url’s ?

The problems facing humanity today are gigantic. On the internet you have to find universal solutions, solutions that are big enough that can help across the board. For this one needs big ideas and big money.
You keep saying I am crying. Really? Why you need this diversion. Why not stick to the main goals and not get personal. You still think I am lying about Prof. Weinstock. I cannot post her phone # here. She is a Prof. at Turo College, NY, NY.

board 2010


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