board 2010 (may II)


your “declaration of independence” shows the way for KAF .
a key task of KAF is to prevent that knol help is giving real power to the gang . this would be the end.
but – as equal players, even as critics, they are quite welcome to me.

Two initiatives by me today. Knol Author News and Trending Knols. Both are doing well and I think they complement each other and appeal to knol authors and visitors. Feel free to share any interesting information. and join as coauthors as I cannot keep such initiatives active all the days alone. Of course you must have time. Like I become busy some days, you also become busy. But I am trying to find some new authors to join these initiatives. Anyway, we as a very small group cannot do much.

What is the weakness of knol? New authors are not joining. No action to recruit new authors. I could find only five authors who are new authors today in English. Can anybody find many more? I am shouting on top of my voice for the last six months regarding new authors. There has to be a genuine movement among existing authors to recruit new authors. Anyway knolhelp is away now. When it comes back it has to take up this activity as the most priority area. Once 100 authors join everyday and write knols actively, you will find great growth on knol. 100*365 = 36,500 and 10*365 = 3650. The numbers make a difference. I am sure when there are 1000 knol authors with 100,000 page views, many will rush to join the knol. In that context, our initiative Potential 100,000 Page View Knol Authors will play a good part. You can see!  This movement is led by knol foundation by standing at the top of the group.  Activate the knol writing contest vigorously and try to personally recruit your friends and relatives to write for the contest. I am now trying to promote our medbookknols. I spoke to our institute doctors today about them. I shall follow up with them for accessing and request them to write also if they have some thing to share in Medbooks. Serious stuff of use to medical students.

you want the right thing in a wrong way .
authors have impression that you want to be the master and they should be your servants .
(panos, spiros and and and)
but in reality we want to be the servants of our co-authors . this is the real strength of knol .
I know you want that too .
look at PG . his language is human . your language is inhuman .
if you talk to a person then you always say : “I request you” or something similiar .
as I said already : let us concentrate on persons, not on numbers . this is wisdom .
let the wikipedians be our useful idiots, but let them not do their politics on knol .
I didn’t archive your 5/15 comment . it makes persons to numbers (you can archive it, it is open collaboration .
if you want me to archive it, you have to pay me some whuffy :-)) .
btw. you promised to invite authors for the contest . could it be that you have invited one (1) author till now ?


The thrift store is ready to go! Knol Author Foundation Thrift Store


Dear KS, you used very harsh words. That means I or what I write upset you in a big way. I am willing to learn from you. If saying, I request is not appropriate, please suggest a different way of writing. We are all in a hurry, hard pressed for time, and develop certain natural ways of doing things. When they are not socially appropriate, some of us put in some effort and change to some extent. Not much, we are old and stick to our usual ways.

I think we are so loosely organized that we do only what we like. No body among us can pass any instructions and others are going to follow them. Any thing written by anybody is a suggestion and people like it follow it or other they ignore. Knol star has no ability to compel anybody in the virtual group. He can think for himself only. Regarding Panos, I do not have any real interaction with him except opposing his attempt to give KAF to some others at that point in time. Regarding Spiros also, I did not give any instructions to him or I got angry with him for not following my suggestions. What upset him, I may have my opinion, but no use of expressing opinions on each and every incident. Regarding numbers and persons, when it comes to the crunch, on knol today for us, persons are more important. Not numbers. I am more worried when somebody does not appear on knol at his usual frequency. I am sure if I do not write anything for a day, a phone call will come from Sajid. I was worried when Dr. Minoo Bhagia did not write anything for the last two months. Two days back only she said I am busy now. I breathed easy. I think many of us have a strong a personal attachment now. If for any reason, we cannot make numbers, it is ok, but we long for the happiness of all friends on knol. We also want the projects of our friends see the light of the day. I want thrift stores of Sajid to succeed in a big way. I want your whuffy system to succeed in a big way. I want Randy to come back in a big way and become a top English author as quickly as possible. I keep thinking of all my coauthors and the success of their interests all the time. I am on knol today with some achievement because of you. Numbers are a part of measurements we use to measure our achievement, but we have our personal relations also as equally important. At the expense of numbers, we will spend time to satisfy our personal needs if there is a conflict between the two.

MAK to KS and ALL
Sorry, I can’t accept this way, We are not servants to anyone.. Please watch your words, otherwise the discussion level will drop down very low here.. We Need Respect, Please

dear MAK, you used very harsh words 😉 .
that means I or what I write upset you in a big way .
If saying, being servants to others is not appropriate, please suggest a different way of writing. We are all in a hurry, hard pressed for time, and develop certain natural ways of doing things. When they are not socially appropriate, some of us put in some effort and change to some extent. Not much, we are old and stick to our usual ways.
I think nobody among us can pass any instructions and others are going to follow them.
so it’s senseless to say : I request you .
it’s also senseless to say : you are my servant .
indeed you serve me as a member of the contest jury, but that’s your free will .
what do you mean, by saying we need respect .
in german, it’s something the mafia needs, or the big boss .
we prefer to say: we need love .


I just wrote a sentence.
Friendship results in results, fighting results in fractures.
Even Mahatma Gandhi had agreed that brothers fight and break each others heads.
But once again love blossoms many times and they are reunited. Gandhi our wisdom star believes in more homes and families and extended families where love dominates. (SK: How many times I mentioned wisdom day on this board?). I hope you are executing plans for both (wisdom day and thrift stores). Ground level activities along with online activities.

I would like to appreciate Alberto Auné for his very good comparison of  Associated Content and Knol inValuation of Knol – Google’s Wiki Article Platform. It is a trending knol (Trending Knols) of the day.
Also I appreciate PV Ariel for making us aware of a social media button that makes it each social media messages. Social Media Posting Using Social Media Buttons

my social media is knol, but if nobody cares please do it .

can we try to come to an agreement with MAK ?
perhaps he can help us to discuss “thrift stores or whuffy”
(if we want to give money to the poor, is it wisdom to take our online activities as the ground level ?)
to demonstrate what I mean by concentration :
please let us not discuss that topic unless MAK has given his opinion .

SK @ Team
I think we should keep personal tiffs personal, without airing them on knol. KS has a slight problem. He posts stuff that offends many people. In fact one of my best friends from knol is still AK. The only reason he quit KAF was because of KS’s rants. In the future we should move beyond personal attackes. When KS says something offensive we should just ignore it. All real roses come with thorns.
@ KS
The thrift store has been launched. I am busy with other stuff. A big book show is coming to New York and I am getting ready to promote my books there. I am a master of launching antique businesses. I have helped quite a few friends launch antique bussinesses and I know our thrift store will be successful. One of the biggest I helped launch is Olde Good Things, you can look it up on the web. I am also printing T-shirts that promote ‘Wisdom Day’.

KVSS @Team
Let us listen to SK, our wisdom expert and start things afresh. I liked Gandhi’s statement regarding brothers. When Gandhi was around also, many brothers fought. When Buddha was around, two of his disciples were killed by their sons or were seriously troubled by his sons. One more interesting thing about which I thought for considerable period of time and rationalized is a stotra by Adi Sankaracharya. It is ‘Kshamaparadha Stotram”, a prayer for forgiveness. He prays to God to forgive him for various errors and mistakes and sins that he has committed. Adi Sankara was the Jadguru for us. At the age of 20 or 22 itself he became World teacher sanyasi in India. Why should he write that prayer in his name? The rationalization is that he is still a human being. May be he is committing some errors either physically or mentally. Hence, he is doing the prayer asking God to forgive him.
So, whenever there is necessity, saying I am sorry is no big thing for many ordinary people. Let us move forward with our relationships with emphasis on persons.

dear SK, you are right .
I attacked wikipedia and I’ll attack it until it is dead and gone.
but in the meantime they will work for us and more and more authors will come to knol .
unfortunately, AK sticked at the policies of wp (like MS did) .
but now, please let’s concentrate on MAK .
as KVSS wrote : let us move forward with our relationships with emphasis on persons.


“I attacked wikipedia and I’ll attack it until it is dead and gone.” – This is exactly the kind of language that we must not use. Many, many knollers are siting references from Wikipedia in our knols. Wikipedia has its uses. It is an encyclopedia of the internet. As knowledge expands it can be changed instantly on Wikipedia, instead of having to print the changes once a year. AK and even MS are big assets to knol and the world. Just because of some personal tiffs their work and contributions to knol cannot be degraded.
no, wikipedia is a dragon breed . don’t tell me what I have to think about wikipedia . you have no experience . I have .

I am excited today for many reasons. Our trending knols are still trending. We have now many friends on twitter. They are tweeting our knols.

Peter Mersch gave encouraging statements on Knol discussion board. On twitter there was a question on knol and many answers were there. I also joined the discussion. Many knol authors are reporting their knols on twitter. I started following many of them.


The new edition of Knol Author News is posted. It took me three hours of my early morning time. But it is a trending knol and I need to put things in shape so that other authors can contribute even if I don’t on some days.
Potential 100,000 Page View Knol Authors project is going great guns. I see some knol authors really racing ahead as a part of this campaign. We are also helping them to some extent. Helping every month 50 authors. A good idea. Whether they become members of KAF or not. Whether they are authors on Bulletin board or not. We help every one for the progress of knol. Progress of a knol author is ultimately progress of knol. I agree with KS on concentrating on person.

Interesting statement by, wikipedia is a dragon breed .
Will you please give some more information on your experience. I don’t know anything about WP.
My mail id is kvssnrao50  at the rate I am not able to communicate with you on mail. Can you send a mail to me.
I am waiting for your yes to install social media button on this knol. The button makes twitter posting easy. Whenever any of us updates the knol, we can send a twitter message if we want to. I think knol authors have not used social media at all to promote knol. Why? I do not know. But now I got a role model knol author who informed me that he gets 40% of visitors from social media referrals. I am serious about social media. I should also get 40% from social media. Then my knol visitors will double. Why me alone. Every knol author’s visitors number has to double. Then only knol will prosper.

social media button : you have to ask A .

wikipedia boasts not being a democracy, we should not decay into that disastrous conception (dear SK ).
sea also your own comment on
email : no email please .
btw : Gandhi was a wise man . he wanted the english not doing the wrong . but first of all he wanted them to understand that they are doing the wrong . so he was even a friend to the english .

Happy to inform you that suddenly one and half years’ of our work is delivering results. Our efforts on KAF and this bulletin board are giving us tangible results. Twitter is now being seeded with knol terminology. Many of our friends are retweeting our knol information. Hence it is going to more and more people. Result we are getting regularly more page views. More knol authors are being encouraged by our visible results they are also joining. While Google may have reduced manpower allotment to knol, we are filling a void and doing some thing to promote knol in social media successfully. I am confident that some news paper or blog will pick up our efforts and report them. Technical savvy people among KAF members can come forward and start a KAF Knol Help Service. The need is there and there are competent people in KAF members. Somebody has to take the initiative. We got some new authors for Knol Author News and Trending Knols. We want more authors for them. We can have up to 25. I made announcement of Knol Author News on Knol Help Main Page.
@ KS
A is not accessible and not responding. I am worried. Is she very busy?
I like your explanation of Gandhi.
I can install. But you will remove it if you do not like it. So I am not installing. I encourage all knol authors to install it. But I cannot create displeasure because of it.


I wrote two postings (to WS and to MMN) because of the panic on knol-dicussion-page .

I updated my page Knol Bulletin (Message) Board for Authors and Visitors.
Yesterday one knol author made many tweets. Welcome. I hope many more authors do similarly. Found two new trending knols today. Trending Knols.
Made  Knol Author News  in a new format.
Added the Strathearn’s knol to trending knols. It is now trending. All authors visit trending knols go to Strathearn’s knol and express your current feelings about knol on it.
@ KS
Congratulations and thanks for your posts. You did the right thing.

at least GM woke up 😉

Many many thanksRandall Kleinert for installing translation buttons on Knol Author News. Now people of many languages can read KAN.

@ KS Your posting attracted more than 100 page views and became a trending knol. William will take notice of it. Let me create some sizeable 100,000 page view authors in the next three months and then try to establish contact with some big people in Google India as well as in headquarters. I can get access to many including founders of knol, but I should not without achieving anything for knol platform. Developing many authors into 100,000 page view authors and recruiting and encouraging authors even when things are gloomy will be achievements of worth. That will give me the confidence to present my case to the people that I can access.

I thank Sajid really for reposing a rare confidence in me when I am nothing on knol. Now that confidence resulted in some capability which should be converted into results. You want to beat WP with Knol and we are there with you. You know, on any blog, I did not allow people to praise WP and criticize Knol. I always protested.  Your public statement will be a reality. We will make knol a success. Your role in it is very significant. You supported us in situations where we could not do anything. We support your projects.

@ team
should we install social media button on this knol ?
MAK (yes) KVSS ( yes ) RK (yes) CK (yes) KS (yes)

there is no no . I think you should do it .

I guess we will have a scoop soon
GM asks us information about legal base
“Must be to organize the “guild
We have to be friendly, that is what friends are for

First by thanking him for being friendly *
Second, by thanking him also for its interest in KAF, a scoop in itself.*
Third by giving a positive vote to his comment. I always does it when I see one by Gust *
Fourth, by digging for him into medieval law *
We might also remember Gust that we have some pending questions with him
and his outfit, but that would be bad taste to embarrass a friend while he sendsfriendly message .


I have also invited Gust to become a coauthor of this knol .

OK ??? are we really able to concentrate on such a crying control-freak ?


I came across Andreas J. Kampe as he edited on of my knol lists. He is a multilingual knoller. German and English.

can you explain me the button ?

A good question. Normally that is how many speakers start answering a question.
Please right click on the button. In a new window, many social media site names will open. Select one of them. For example, Twitter. If you already have a twitter account, then twitter sign in page will open. We have to do the sign in. Once we do the sign in, the twitter home page will open with the name and url of the knol already written in the twittter message box. We can add some extra words. Say, updated and then press tweet. The message goes. I shall do it now once I close now. So that there is a message on twitter that says bulletin board is updated. Each time we post, if each author does this, there will be a number of twitter messages and search engines are catching it and using it for page ranking. Some twitterers come here and visit.

I think there was some problem in the earlier button. I reinstalled the button and used it successfully. I shall use it once again now after I close the editing.


Got up at 2.10 am Indian Standard Time. But good that I did. I could see  an important message on knol very early. My response is
My Page Views This Month Went up by 16%
Unfortunately, the tradition of celebration was not implemented on knol.

Come knol authors, come in large numbers and celebrate your small successes. The small successes could be due to your effort, your community’s effort and external economies. Environment now recognizes the worth of knol. Let it be any reason, you are the person who started it by writing the article. You deserve now celebration however small the scale is.

My response is I am now going to go deep into the Google to find volunteers and advocates for the Knol Project within Google.

One more thing to notice. I mentioned it two days back. This knol is trending towards the direction of trending knol. Page views are now 638 this week. It may become 700 today.

4.53 am IST
I tried to sleep. but could not. I started my campaign to acquire list of Google employees whom I can contact and find out about their 30% time for independent initiatives. I really do not know the details of the scheme. I hope I can contact some of them and find out the scope of the scheme first. I have a very big net work which I did not use so far for any personal purpose whatsoever and I hope they will respond for this venture where I am representing not myself but large number of active authors who want to share their knowledge with the society on this platform.

As I am opening my mail to contact one community, I came across this quote “It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit. ” (Harry S Truman) I really like it at this stage and would request everybody to do his bit. We do not whose bit will do the trick.

6.47 am (IST)
I sent the the emails and made community postings to various groups. I shall now make some specific emails. Planning to go to Hyderabad during 3rd week of June and meet Google people there. Hope in the meantime, I can find somebody who will be willing to speak to me.

You have given me a good idea. There is a huge google office in New York. I shall go there and try to meet some of the top brass. I am sure they must be coming to this city. Presently I am busy but will find time soon.

It will be good to meet some persons in Google office and personally convey there are substantial number of authors who are committed to the knol platform. I got an early lead in my efforts. Hope it will fructify soon.


@ PG
found this on a page of WS :
pageviews as they appear in the collection need to be tallied based on the time the knol was accepted into the collection, not from the time the knol was first published by the owner.
technically I think, it’s in our direction (it’s similiar to our problem), but helas it’s from 2 month’s ago .
nice button to achieve communication from any social media site to any other social media site in the internet
now imagine, there are only knols in the internet (means: everything is a knol) then it’s much more simpler.
found this in another page of WS :
We utilized the* suite of network connection primitives to achieve communication from any node to any other node in the cluster.
technically I think, it’s in our direction (cluster in this case means cloud computing) .
but as I always said : we need a node-browser for that .

Node-browser @KS what is your background. Computing, Economics. You know a lot, You dream a lot, You also suggest very interesting ideas. We are no where near you in the ideas you suggest. You are way ahead of us in the topics that you take interest.

cannot explain it . my english is too bad .
but I’m a little like our very own SK . only from the western side . KS|SK

Today’s trending knols have important feature. One one new author Tamron has two trending knols. On the second day of her knol presence, she has two trending knols! I think she is an experienced writer. My knol notes on SEO is also a trending knol. Any points on SEO, please inform me so that I can include them in that knol.
Search Engine Optimization – Theory and Practice by Knol Authors
If you find any trending knols in any manner whatsoever, please include them in the knol. We want to include every knol that is likely to have 100 page views in a day, or a knol having 700 weekly page views. No knol is excluded. No author is excluded. Either we have to find the knol or the author has to come to the knol and inform us or edit the knol. Your knol if it is included in trending knol may get many diggs. I got an idea. I told Andreas Kemper about it earlier. But now the authors of trending knols will implement it. You will know what is the idea shortly.

@ KS.
Yes, the suggestion regarding for collections is interesting. Btw, if the Guild was only a collection, the issue would be more simple. That could be an honorable escape door for the “Guild”
@ Team
I proposed some first seeds of a “declaration of knollers independence and rights” as a footnote in my
The strange case of the fictitious author knol.
Please have a look and give comments and ideas.
I intend to develop it into a full-fledged open collaboration knol once it gets more meat in it (or turnips, as vegetarians are obviously welcome ;-))

Got an interesting idea to write knols in Telugu. Simple but very powerful idea.
See my first knol on most classical telugu music more popularly known as Karnataka Sangit by the great composer Tyagaraja. Listen to the youtube video.

SK @ Team
The last two days I was busy at the BookExpo America.I met all kinds of people connected with the book industry. I attended a seminar of Google ebooks. I am convinced that we should all convert our knols into books and open Google books partner accounts. Google will be ready to sell books on the internet in about two months. Google is ready now to convert our pdf files into ebooks free of charge. Their strategy is to convert hardware into software and move the software into the cloud. By the way some people are confused about what is the cloud. The cloud is simply the internet, like storing files on the internet is storing files in the cloud. For each book Google will use all the power at their disposal. They will harness the power of the cloud for each and every book! All the information of how to become a Google books partner is available at ‘’.
So far there are only 4 million+ kindle readers while google ebooks will be available on all internet devices including phones. So there will be millions and millions of potential customers.


SK thank you for the information. I think knol will develop an arrangement with that project so that we can create knol books and for people who want hard copies, google books will provide them with a hard copy. I developed the idea of knol notes now and writing a knol notes on SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
I got an extra unexpected benefit from my knol involvement. How? Remember my post on my new knols in Telugu

I am now publishing a series of knols on the most classical devotional songs of South India. In a year’s time, I shall become a good listener and appreciator of our devotional music. I also expect the knols to do very well. It has become a trending knol with 87 page views so far.

You are correct Google has a program to promote physical books as well as ebooks.

hi folks .
I invited our very own MAK to our tree of trust .
here is what he told me :
for me, I want to make a connection to either RK (Randy) or SK (Sajid Khan) or KVSS
or maybe the three of them

how can we arrange this, any idea ?

Put him on his own branch and he will be connected to all of us.

I think we can make a good branch, where he can be connected to all of you, while RK holds the connection to PG . I will make a picture . yes, I think, that’s a good solution

PG @ Team
Knol management is rather deficient for sure, seems nobody at Google is anymore responsible.
Some authors (among our usual ambitious friends mostly :-)) seems ready to lobby so that one of their preferred author take the job.
See the long list of comments (starting with “Google Knol Site is a giant technological achievement” to the knol:
Toward a Pragmatic and Dynamic Knol Library
including my own comment in which I say that I’m not fully convinced but that if that hypothesis (which btw, I consider rather fanciful and with a very low probability) get taken seriously, an important condition of independence would have to be fulfilled by “the boss”.
To add your own comments to that knol could be useful.
This situation makes it all the more urgent that we advance in making a draft of a “knoller’s declaration of independence”, for which I brought my own humble seeds (nothing sexual of course ;-)) in my fictitious authorknol.
Seems that the agenda of some knollers make us enter a phase in which inside politics might interfere with what I call the “Knol Spirit”.

knol spirit 🙂
isn’t this wonderful :
we have focused on one person, and look what happened: the tree has got a wonderful branch.
if I had to die today, I can say : I have my work done .
@ PG — if we respond to TaPaDKL we should focuse on EC .
we can also wait, till he comes to our big board .
seems nobody at google is anymore responsible ?
no, they only have stopped PeB and MS, so we can still live .

Yes, your spirit soars over us, that is why last Sunday was “Pfingsten” 🙂

You are right about EC, he did all the good work and the others joined the knol as free riders. No surprise about that, hey? Anyway I just added something about that “entryism” to my comment to EC.

Yes, I don’t see Google handing the Knol key to one of our “good friends”, whatever their appetite for power. The real question is whether the project fits Google’s strategy and what it would do with it: Just wait and see with minimal efforts? Develop it? Or sell it?


little story :
George Orwell comes to the KPG .
GO : “can I publish a book on KPG ?”
MS : “title ?”
GO : “1984”
MS : “your name, please ?”
GO : “George Orwell”
MS : “no, you can’t . you are a fake . you are a socket-puppet . go away, idiot .”
so GO goes away . but before writing “1984” he now writes another book : “animal farm” .


Trending knols of the day
Advanced Technology Vehicle (ATV) Scramjet Technology Demonstrator (TD)

Green Cities and Towns of India – Green Certification of Indian Cities and Towns

could it be that you don’t know, that George Orwell is a pseudonym ?

Costas Bougalis becomes the 100,000 page view author. 126th author on knol to cross this milestone. Congratulations. All knol authors and visitors are very happy on this success of one more knol author.
For more details visit Some Potential 100,000 Page View Knol Authors

you were entirely right by stopping the discussion in the comment part .
it’s better to write on the top of this page where everyone will read it immediatly .
so it’s more obvious, if someone writes nonsense .
Gust would say it’s more honest 😉
also the postings come together and are not keep apart .


Please remove my initials (MAK) out from the trust tree or Knol Star. As I am no longer related to this tree.. Thank you very much
done . your name is no more on the page .
The “Internet” always find its way through situations like this. Internet was actually made for these things… So no matter how much we argue, how much we talk, the resolution will come by itself… 🙂

Thank you Spiros.
Internet buries the worst and brings up the best. There are many in the middle.
There is a web site evaluating web sites. It is giving score from 0 to100. Knol gets 78 from it. Knol authors can feel happy and make efforts to improve things further.

board 2010


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