board 2010 (november I)


this is a temporary board until we have found a new owner .
if you are interested to become the new owner please let us know .

if you klick on the top icon, you see the knol star page (PG is knol star again) .

Appreciate your message. Temporary board. We want a new owner. New person from the social womb.
Started Knol University – Writing Knols, Promoting Knols, Gaining Reputation and Making Money. I have to add many more knols to it and classify them into categories. But many authors have written their articles on the topic. Some more authors are likely to write on it.
Modified the format of the old board entries slightly.
Gave a twitter message of the new board. Also listed the new board some more knols. Gave categories but will not accept now because I am yet to be coauthor

new owner
only condition : all co-authors have to agree (social womb) .
what do you think ?


co-author :

A ? CK ? PG ? PM (Peter Mersch) ? RK ? SKS ? WJ ?
Invite all. We are an open team and even persons who are not coauthors can write on the board whenever they wish to communicate. Discussion solves many problems.


Happy to note, collect and inform that I posted more than 100 knols in the subject of industrial engineering.
Industrial Engineering – Knols of Narayana Rao K V S S
The page views to this subject knol portfolio also must have crossed 100,000. I proposed in the knol mentioned below that a textbook can have 300 knols. This is because 20 chapters can be there with 15 sections or 15 chapters with 20 sections. A revision chapter, which I write for management subjects is one knol for a chapter whereas a full textbook requires one knol for each section in the chapter. I plan to extend my knols in industrial engineering to a full text on Introduction to Industrial engineering.
Started Textbook Writing – Online Publishing Versus Print Publishing today and found some interesting information regarding income to authors in my search for content for this knol. Earnings from Knol may not be bad and will be comparable for a print publication for many authors provided they write seriously for an year like they do it when they write a textbook. Of course the issue is open to debate and posting of more facts on the issue.

please do not invite as many co-authors as possible.
we can make an open board because we can block a spammer or a vandal .
but we can not make open author-ship . as google says :
“any author of a knol can edit and modify the content of the knol at any time, .. .
make sure to only invite people you trust as co-authors.”

there is another reason :
open board means quantity, but team means quality .
you like to look at quantity, I think 😉
going through the question and answer process every time
you don’t like to say “yes” or “no”, I think 😉

I say yes now and keep saying yes. You should not get upset, that somebody did not answer.
Once it is an open board, coauthor is not a big issue further. I think.

yes, coauthor is not a problem of reading and writing (perhaps it’s a problem of ownership) .

As a technical distinction, coauthor is not a co-owner. But no reason to discuss the issue further. Whoever is concerned about can still put things to vote and decide. Whoever is not concerned, need not bother.

an author is an owner and a co-author is a co-owner (end of discussion 🙂


thought about quality . it’s like wisdom .
wisdom is for people, what quality is for things .

Quantity and Quality on Knol:
Growth Drivers for Knol in 2011 But for each driver, there have to execution guidelines from either Knol Help or Author groups. It at least some groups achieve some performance, they will become role models for others and in the process first contribute to the success of Knol.

perhaps we can see quantity as a process from one to many .
then quality is the process from many to one .
(all that we need is to see it together)
on knol a collection is a first step to quality .
to put things on the right place .
(all that we need is a collection browser)


let us make one knol with 25 authors.
this proposal of WJ (10/21) was the beginning of a process whose end is now a new board . heh Will, you are invited to be one of the 25 .
(I’m not really sure whether it is from you. is it ?)
(It is from KVSS first) .Dear WJ, please join asap (KVSS)

I believe in the idea that I put forward in Textbook Writing – Online Publishing Versus Print Publishing . To persuade others to follow your idea, you may need to show a concrete example and even succeed in it. Generally successful ideas are evaluated and embraced more quickly. Many unsuccessful ideas will be ignored naturally. Therefore I launched my textbook project. It will take two to three years to complete. But it began.Introduction to Industrial Engineering – Online Textbook on Knol. Initially some of my existing articles may form part of the chapters. But in due course all of them will be replaced by freshly written material that would be even prereviewed by my colleagues. An online textbook project would motivate colleagues to take more interest compared to a simple article on knol. I expect more active collaboration from my colleagues and alumni in online textbook projects. I shall initiate two more book projects – One on Equity Research and One on Research Methodology. I am presently teaching all the three subjects one each quarter in my institute. That way, any effort spend in developing these textbooks will directly support my day-to-day job.


Knol might help the G20
The G20 will meet again in a few days
Nobody expect much advance from those talks, although we need a full reshuffle of the world monetary system (actually the lack of a true world monetary system, with a risk of a general monetary collapse).
Also The World Economic Forum will meet in Davos at the end of January
Those exalted bodies need some food for thought.
Knol might bring them original stuff, something different from what the think tanks and activists with an agenda, or the usual official experts and their paradigms, or the self-serving politicians and business tycoons, can give.
I will write a knol about that issue. But this is obviously a complicate matter, thus I don’t feel ready to make a stand alone page. You might help in that research.
Anyway, to give a first approach, I inserted a few seeds of what could be a plan for a new monetary system in
my democratic-globalization knol


a world currency .. should be independent of national currencies.
its value should not be linked to them so as to be the universal standard of value.
the value of national currencies should refer to that standard,
but that standard should be self-standing and its value should not reflect a “basket” of national currencies,
to avoid a “circularity” that would contaminate the standard value with the vagaries of national currencies.

that’s right . all the national currencies are vagaries because they are made out of nothing (again and again).
if we believe in a global democracy we also need a universal standard of value (world currency)
for a long time gold was that standard but today we need a virtual gold because the physical gold is too bad to handle .
a virtual gold is also made out of nothing but only one time (like the numbers or like our language in general) .
so the idea of a universal currency is indeed its literal creation .
but that would not be enough,
it would be necessary to enlarge rapidly the role of that common unit of account as a reference in key economic and financial transactions.
because of the near collapse, of the world monetary system, or better said, the lack of a true world monetary system,
the politicians run the risk that their monetary power be overtaken, not by a common sovereign monetary body, but by the large economic and financial groups.
those private entities, fearing the instability and fragility of the present situation, that entail the risk of a general monetary meltdown,
could get tempted to create in an emergency their own common currency that would become the universal monetary reference.

I totaly agree .
financial groups will make there own money (again and again) in an undemocratic way .
we can rapidly enlarge the role of our universal currency by dividing it in smaller parts, selling these parts in an auction .
you can take part in this 🙂 .
we also need local money, which we can make by declaring every person to be a bank which can create a limited sum of this money .
sounds familiar 🙂

Happy to note that Textbook Writing – Online Publishing Versus Print Publishing and Introduction to Industrial Engineering – Online Textbook on Knol were noticed by Knol readers. There is a comment on this idea also. The IE text is a trending knol of the day. My work has now much more focus for the next three to four years. Developing three Knol Textbooks on Introduction to IE, Equity Research and Theory-Oriented Research Methodology. The work will proceed very slowly, but it will be useful output from my side. It will make my professional work better on a day-to-day basis. If the idea catches the imagination of many and if 1000 books are written on Knol, Knol platform will get 300,000 very useful knols.  As people from around 200 countries are visiting knol, we need only 5 authors from each country to write 1000 books.
Busy with a training course on Economic and Cost Control Skills for Technical Personnel for the next five days. Many knols will be utilized during the program. All the related knols are listed in:
Economic, Accuonting, Cost Control and Financial Analysis Skills for Technical Personnel


Course started.
There is good response to Textbook Writing – Online Publishing Versus Print Publishing. Some persons expressed interest in knowing more about the idea. Hope something good comes out of it. Late for class. Need to go.


Having good interaction with participants in the program.
Created knol textbook sites for equity research and research methodology
Equity Research – Online Textbook on Knol
Theory-Oriented Research Methodology – Online Textbook on Knol
One more book will be on the program that I am now conducting. The book-knols project will occupy me for the next three to four years minimum. My IE knol page has so far close to 10,000 page views. That gives me the confidence that if I write a book of knols, there will be definitely viewership. Writing a book slows you down, makes you think more, review your article number of times and also to the extent possible get the article pre-reviewed by colleagues.
Look forward to help from PG in Equity research book.


The individual counters work again
Maybe with some PV missing, a few feathers lost during the migration flight.
Anyway, my ranking progressed, thus a bit difficult for me to complain to the manager 😉
Btw, the KPG hernia is still polluting the tally.
And more generally the fact that all coauthors of a knol get the full PV number, instead of a portion, for knols in which they participate. I admit that it gives us, as board coauthors, some benefit, but it hides our real relative performance, and a misinformation about one’s performance is something that goes against one’s own management decisions (notably those that help to define priorities).
What about a knol on MIS (management information system) …and its traps (numeracy bias) ?
As for my work on a world currency, it needs a lot of attention to technicalities and it will not be ready soon. By the way I saw that I neglected the “currency” topic in my What is money knol, something I just repaired.

Jewels in Knol Trunk – A Comment on Knol Help
I strongly believe there are many jewels on Knol platform and thousands of knol authors have written them. Not one, two or ten,  but thousands of authors. Recognizing them, appreciating them and encouraging them is the only way that helps Knol to grow. On this board we are trying to do that. We are writing comments on number of authors appreciating their contribution as active authors, authors of interesting knols, trending knols, top viewed authors etc.
@ PG congratulations


make money, not war .
there is a fourth function of money : money as a peace maker .
thinking how the knol money group could make some whuffies to guarantee the google gold auction I had a splendid idea .
since PeB and MS tried to kill us asking knol help to delete our accounts
we could not make peace with them until they were willing to pay 100 w to KAF account each .
if they don’t accept the fine the community i,e, knol star has to decide .
what do you think ?

Above you say you are looking for a board owner, I am willing to become board owner.
On the pageviews, I have updated my page again of the List of Top Viewed Authors on Knol. Just the top few authors, I haven’t done the rest yet.  The pageview totals displayed by Knol do not match my own spreadsheet for myself, they are short by about 100,000 views in my case, or about 10 percent. I don’t know why that is.
On a third note, I just created a new directory entry for Lists of Knols by Author. This is for those of you who have created a Knol which is just a list of your Knols in some fashion. So you go to my new open collaboration knol there, and add a link to your list of your Knols.

that’s good news for our team.
is there any particular point, we have to discuss?

I welcome WJ as the new board owner.
KS:Yes, KVSS: Yes, PG: Yes,SK: Yes, AA:Yes

I suggest that the new owner has the right to move too spammy postings to a propper page

Yes no posts that take up the entire page mister 😉


Please add me at least as co-author so I can see this board in my list and don’t have to go hunting for it each time. And can we change the name to something better?
The latest knol that I’ve spent a lot of time creating Morty Manford (1950-92), Gay Rights Activist

I suggest that the new owner has the right to chose a name for our board .
may be he can ask us for suggestions and then make the decision .

I congratulate you by this board.
I think that in January we can initiate the Knol Bulletin Board 2011, as was the BB 2010 and all we want can write about their experience in Knol.

thank you AA,
I think we can make “Knol Bulletin Board 2010” the sub-title and then “Knol Bulletin Board 2011”


let’s start .
if the co-authors have moved, I will delete my page .

Why delete? Just make it an archive page of 2010.

Let’s start. We look forward to innovations from you in increasing participation on the board as well as in promoting board on twitter etc. There is a need to increase participation of knol authors in discussions and thereby in the Knol platform activities.


Knol book of readings seems to be an idea with high potential. To create chapters, I need to search for knols and I come across many good knols. By including them in chapters, I am making readers work easy and at the same time providing promotion to knols of my fellow knol authors. I feel confident that there will be good outcome from this initiative.
A sample chapter Concepts of Customer Value, Satisfaction, and Loyalty (11 knols of various authors included) from the knol book Marketing Management – Knol Book of Readings

I have made the new page here Bulletin Board 2010, for Authors and Visitors.
I copied the headers off the original BB and then I copied all the text below as well to my new page.
Please come there and let me know if anything else needs to be done.

Please add a note here, if you wish to be added as a co-author, and then I will add you. Thanks. Also a new rule, all authors must confine any comments to at most a half-page of display.PG
Thanks Will for starting the new board. Please add me as co-author

well done, Will . 30 W for you .
the new rule is ok for me .
who makes the archives ?

Anyone who wants to archive go ahead, once the page is say five pages or so. I don’t think anyone is going to want to read through all the old messages. Note: If you want to be added as a co-author, I don’t know anyway to do that without knowing your email address so I can send you an invitation. So you can post your email address here if you like, or email me privately at wjhonson(

We invite co-authors based on comments or contributions. Against their name ‘invite as coauthor’ appears and they can be invited through that link.



Are new active and popular authors emerging on Knol? Trying to assemble a knol to understand the issue.
Active Knol Authors – Year of Joining Knol Basis Lots of entries need to be done. But a beginning is made. The first focus in on authors of years 2010, and 2009.KS @ WJ
who will read it ?
americans : no . europeans : yes .
I’ll make the archiving if you make an open knol for that and invites me as a co-author .
as KVSS said : you don’t need an email for that, only a comment or a contribution .
there then is a button or link for that . the system knows the addresses .
@ all : I need 5 W per week for making it . it’s hard work . as you can see I purify all the html code .
so please join the knol money groupAA
Thank you WJ by this knol. I expect in January the BB 2011 and also that more authors will contribute. Let’s do Knol better each day.

board 2010


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