board 2010 (november II)


Thank you WJ for your behind the scene mastery with the web.

Here’s a new type of Knol I’ve just created, that is mostly a reposting of Google results. I wonder if it will get many eyeballs? Michael Wolfensohn Must Resign
Peter is the only one so far who has asked me to be a co-author. I sent him an invite but so far I guess he hasn’t accepted it yet. Who else should be a co-author?


Sorry WJ, but I didn’t receive the invitation, normally it should appear on the side of this knol below the contributor list and I would receive a knol mail informing me. Of course I will accept it as soon as it appears.

Here’s a more fun Knol The FBI Crimes of the Century
OK Peter I sent you the invite again. It’s probably in your SPAM folder !


people who should be co-authors (feel free to delete every name you don’t accept or add new ones) :
A, AA, AJK(Andreas J. Kampe), CK(Chrissy), DMK(Douglas McKee), HA(Harry Amon), KS, KR(Klaus Rohde), KVSS, LW(Lena Waider), PG, PM(Peter Mersch), RK(Randy), SC(Seeger Carbajal), SKS(Spiros)


Got the invite and accepted the invite. PG and KS will see their invites and accept them. All our regular contributors know the process. They have to contribute first to get the invite. When any new person contributes, we need to invite him. May be there is some discussion to do that. If some person is specially to be invited we have to go to their knol and write a comment asking them to come and contribute on this knol and become a coauthor. I am for increasing the coauthor size to the maximum limit of 25.
I am now working with focus on knol books. List – Knol Book of Readings by Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. Would take three to four months to compile all the books that I want to compile in the areas of industrial engineering, management and one or two engineering areas. Then I shall concentrate on original textbooks. I am sure many more authors will take up Knol book compilation.

Someone told me about odd directions in Google maps, so I put one of them here.
Jet Ski Across the Pacific Ocean
This is not a map link, but simply a jpg. When the map was up on my screen, I positioned everything where I wanted to see it, then I hit the PrtScrn button on my keyboard, which copies your screen into your clipboard. Then I opened PAINT and edited the picture a bit more, then saved it as a JPG file and added it to the article.
Making print-screens, is a trick that apparently a lot of people don’t even know they can do.


Marketing Management – Knol Book of Readings is now more full. One more round of knol additions will be needed. But not many articles on marketing issues are there on Knol. There is still a lot of scope for authors on marketing to write on issues.

the page was now six pages . so I deleted one page .

Thank you. You are against using adsense. But I suggest you include adsense in your knols. The money may be small, but still it is something. Google is also benefited and authors are also benefited. Cents only make dollars. It is better if we encourage all authors to use adsense rather than discourage them.

does that mean you have to count 100,000,000 cents to become a millionaire ?
I think, there is a better way : kno money group


I developed Manufacturing Management – Knol Book further. Out of 35 chapters planned, I opened knols for around 25 chapters. Authors can easily find out topics on which knols are not there at the moment and write them if they have interest in the topic. I am encouraging students of our institute to contribute material on topics not having knols. It will take time but some of them will respond.

I have discovered why my article on the slightly obscure and long-dead actress Agnes Moorehead who never had a starring role, has been leaping up the pageview charts. It turns out that one of the pictures which I have of her, in my article, shows up as the first picture in Google Images. I believe this is the reason why I’m getting 800 views per week on her now, and why this is a recent phenomenon.

this is why I don’t look for page views .
never the less : 224 pv for this board already are great .


PG thanks for the invite.
I think the new Knol authors should be encouraged to write.
It will help not only post comments in their knols but also include their knols in collections and communicate with others authors that wirte on similar topics.

Bienvenida, AA !
I agree that when we detect new authors, or existing authors with interesting knols but few PVs, we have to encourage them and give them a boost..


welcome AA ! your co-authorship will surely strengthen our community .
you wrote about the development of democracy and this is what we can practise here . good luck .


Thanks AA for the statement.
I think the new Knol authors should be encouraged to write. It will help not only to post comments in their knols but also include their knols in collections and communicate with others authors that write on similar topics.
Hope your message is followed by many. It is good that PG already supported your message. Hope more people give similar messages.

Happy Happy Thanksgiving America! 

Thanks Sajid Khan. Thanks to all our friends in USA and thanks to all our friends in other countries.
Thanksgiving Day – USA – 4th Thursday of November

you can find the archives on A
so I deleted the ‘archives’ link .
don’t know whether to continue the archiving .


My latest Knol got 90 views on the day I was building it. That’s almost a record for me. Who knew a woman died for forty years would be so popular?

book thrower page Daily Message 11/24/10

dear Sajid
please stop this garbage production


@ WJ
congratulations for posting a trending knol.
Today I observed that Communication: Importance and Definition is having 744 page views in this week.
Knol book Marketing Management – Knol Book of Readings is fully organized now. If any knol author has a marketing knol to be included in a relevant chapter they can submit the knol. I shall also updated book with various knols periodically. The knol is well received by Knol readers with more than 250 page views so far.


Congratulations KVSS. Your “Communication” knol deserves its status of trending knol.
Communication within an organisation (whether a business or any other human group / institution) is a crucial management topic.
It may be even more important than the way the entity is formally / structurally / hierarchically organized. Good communication makes in some cases such a formal structure not needed as counterproductive (this is the case for Knol, whatever the attempt of KPG to rigidify it).

I agree .
team = communication + democracy


more people who should be co-authors (feel free to delete every name you don’t accept or add new ones) :
A, AA, AJK(Andreas J. Kampe), CK(Chrissy), DMK(Douglas McKee), HA(Harry Amon), JMC(Jesus Martin Calvo), KS, KR(Klaus Rohde), KVSS, LW(Lena Waider), MB(Minoo Bhagia), PG, PM(Peter Mersch), RK(Randy), SC(Seeger Carbajal), SKS(Spiros), KA (Khuda Dad Azara)

Applying the self-organization theory to Knol
(from chaos to self-organization and emergence)
At the start every author does what seems good it looks like chaos, but once the critical threshold is crossed, a cohesion emerges naturally, as in the “Langton ant” model
Play with it at:
* wait for “Java” to appear at the bottom of the page
* then wait for the playing grid to appear,
* then press “run” at the bottom of the grid
* then after a phase of chaos that lasts one or two minutes,
a self-organization emerges visually
(what mathematicians call an “attractor”
Have fun !
I also put a link to those ants in my “evolution, emergence” knol


PG @ KVSS, WJ and team
To create knol books for academics, students and professionals is a crucial programme, an important way to boost Knol usefulness, reputation and of course pageviews to reach a “critical threshold”. Thanks KVSS to promote that initiative and to show the example.
As I said several times, what Knol lacks the most are general interest articles. WJ is a great asset in this respect
I just launched (but I’m not a specialist) a collection titled Show business and pop stars Knol book. At the moment it is a nearly meatless skeleton but some more food might be gathered from existing knols, even if Knol is not too rich in this area.
At the difference of a full portal; like the one WJ created and is maintaining, this collection will give only a selection of the most famous shows, series and celebs, so that an extraterrestrial explorer sees at a glance what makes Earthlings tick in those areas.
So, WJ, I would like to have your comments and ideas, and if you agree with the approach, to invite you as coauthor.
Another thing, I wonder if it should stay in the form of a collection, or should become a standard knol article (something maybe more visible via the knol search tool), or even if the two forms could / should coexist. Do we have in this room some experts on collections that can give tips ?

Thank you for your comment. Appreciate you starting a knol book. Some comments and statements motivate people to do something more. I completed the first full version of Manufacturing Management – Knol Book.
I see no difference in search engine indexing between knols and knol collections. My knol collections are indexed as quickly as my knols are indexed. That does not mean that all my knols are indexed. There are many that were not indexed.

KS @ PG (from chaos to self-organization and emergence)
Langton ant” is a nice example . is another one .
yes, life, knol and also this board are dynamical systems and not for dogmatic thinkers .
still human anticipations are important to reach a goal .
(it’s not too difficult to anticipate that within some weeks KVSS and SK will ‘spam’ 😉 us with “merry christmas” and “happy new year” but this time they may relax for the benefit of others .)

When you say “general interest”, I think something like “popular culture”. That is, entertainment generally, movies, television, rock n roll. I started collecting links to movies and television shows, only because I wanted to listen to these as I worked on other things. I had no idea, at the time, that these articles, just for my own use, would become far more popular than any of the articles I was writing for Knol.
I’ve played with the collections type of knol, but I don’t really know the details of how it’s indexed in Google if at all, or in the Knol Search Toolkit. Google gets a million times the exposure of Knol so we want to make sure that any effort we make is indexed there. That’s why “Knols of Knols” or “Lists of Knols” can bypass Knol’s no-index policies on new Knols. Also re-posting lists of Knols outside Knol will work to expose a new Knol. For example to


@ KS
It seems only you can define what spam is? So you are making advance announcement that we should not say Happy New Year. Yes many things happen in team building and in the name of team building. We live in teams. See things members are doing. Listen things members are saying. And in virtual environment read what members are saying. And we also do, say and write. Some thing will come out as a result. You keep writing. We keep writing. We are together for two years. Likely to be together for many more years.

you are right, we are a (good) team .
I dont believe in santa claus, but perhaps others do .
they may wish all a “merry chistmas” .
we have our own tradition .
so what do you think of this :
Friends, Knollers, and Knol Authors
2010 has just gone
2011 has just begun
Our duty remains the same
The knol seed could be of a senior googler
The womb is built by a knol team
But each and every cell of knol men is built by us
Yes they are running the marathon race
But still we are a fledgling country
There are friends, frenemies and enemies
We need to work
We need to keep vigil
We need to provide useful knols
We need to clarify when comments are made
Miles and years to go
Before we rest and relax

@ KS
Thank you for the above passage.
Appreciate your memory and archiving.
I shall use it in my new year 2011 greeting knol.
And always remember and keep saying we are a good team. We are a performing team. May be we shout. But does not matter.
@ PG
Added your knol book to the collection: Entertainment – Knol Books – Catalogue

yes, WJ, PG and you made a fine collection .
added it to the collection A1



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