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The coauthors of this blog are with Sajid Khan as far as writing on this board is concerned. The main blog of Sajid is different and knols connected with the incident are also different. But whatever Sajid wants to communicate to fellow Knol authors through this bulletin board he is free to communicate. As Sajid said, he brought maximum number of visitors to this board. Our appreciation to him. This board’s character as bulletin board and discussion  board of knol authors and visitors will not change with Sajid’s posts. It further gets enhanced.
Gust is intent on finding issues to point out Knol Author Foundation and this bulletin board in negative manner. While we are trying and hoping for wide participation of Knol authors in various activities to promote Knol, out of all people Gust points out that we are not involving other KAF members as if he is getting complaints from them. He writes his friends are inquiring him. Of course this is a standard phrase of Gust.

I do not want to be connected with the Secret Service… That is why I remove my self from co-author.


I do not know why the Secret Service is so much feared. They are here to protect the VIPs and to protect us common folks. They are on our side. The only people who need to fear them are the bad guys. So you are withdrawing on the wrong premises.  On the other hand your association with me can have positive results. What if I start getting heard and I end up with money. If this happens I would like to start a ‘Wisdom Theme Park’ in your neighborhood with you in charge. And a Wisdom School.
The Secret Service works for the President and the Vice President and if after this incident the Vice Presidents email to me ends like this:
And we believe in you.
Thank you again,

Just imagine the second most powerful man in the world I now know on a first name basis.
You should get closer to me not run away from me. Well I will still always love you as a son and will always be there for you.
In case others feel the same way as SKS then instead of others I can quit and SKS can come back.

The coauthors of this blog are with Sajid Khan as far as writing on this board is concerned. The main blog of Sajid is different and knols connected with the incident are also different. But whatever Sajid wants to communicate to fellow Knol authors through this bulletin board he is free to communicate. As Sajid said, he brought maximum number of visitors to this board. Our appreciation to him. This board’s character as bulletin board and discussion  board of knol authors and visitors will not change with Sajid’s posts. It further gets enhanced.Gust is intent on finding issues to point out Knol Author Foundation and this bulletin board in negative manner. While we are trying and hoping for wide participation of Knol authors in various activities to promote Knol, out of all people Gust points out that we are not involving other KAF members as if he is getting complaints from them. He writes his friends are inquiring him. Of course this is a standard phrase of Gust.

I am finding some authors are returning back to Knol platform after some gap. It is good. More authors will come back and write once again on Knol if they read positive news about Knol. Active knol authors have to create positive news on various channel about Knol. I keep on suggesting that we need to contact at least one author every day either new authors or existing authors. Even if around 5 authors do it every day, in year we can contact 1500 authors and that will lead to good community feeling. If more authors join the activity many more authors can be contacted and a very strong community can be developed.
I updated the knols in the subject psychology by giving some interlinks. Psychology Article Series (KVSSNRao) – Directory.
Interlinking is also a page view improvement idea. Are Page Views Low to Your Knols? Some TIPS to Increase Page Views
Some top authors are complaining there is no money on Knol. Unless page views are there, no money will flow. They did not focus on it and did not promote their knols adequately in social media. Now they want to complain. To whom? They even write, Google is making money but authors are not making money. Neither Google is making money nor authors are making money. It is because, leading authors on Knol did not know article marketing techniques and did not have to time to learn article marketing. They want money but do not know how to make money. It is fine if many of us do not know how to make money, we are not professional authors to start with. But we need to take time and understand what is required and develop some material on it and encourage our fellow authors to go through it and add to it. Despite Knol being a wiki platform, we have not done it. I don’t care about page views, If somebody is getting it, they are coming because, he is sitting at his computer and clicking pages. This is the view taken by some authors. I hope there is good discussion among authors on the issue of page view improvement for their knols, knol portfolios and Knol platform.

SK @ Team
There is a huge potential for a book that will reflect the current state of our being/self/mind/self-image/brain/consciousness/conscience as individuals, as groups etc. Like the way the Democrats and the Republicans reacted to the book incident; How the media reacted. It will give a good picture of what is wrong with society today and what we need to do to change it. I do not have the time to write this book but I can guide you all and will be the chief writer. What do you say we do it? The book will be based on the following knol: How Vice President Joe Biden saved the day for America, for the Secret Service and for me.
@ Knol Help
I have posted a few of my ideas on the open letter blog of the Facebook founder. I have tried to tell him that I have a couple of ideas of how to take Facebook forward. A couple of social networking sites similar to Facebook but completely different. While face book is say a train ride mine will be a plane ride. Or visa verse. I have waited for a response but none has come. Please approach Google management and let me know if they are interested in partnering a new social networking phenomena?
@ Team
I just noticed that the PVs of our KBB and Knol Help are exactly the same – 1826!

SK @ Team
The most recent (Oct 13) email from the President had this line in it:
“The folks I met backstage in Denver told me they wanted health reform, a clean-energy economy, and a resolution to the war in Iraq. They wanted a new kind of politics, and a new kind of leader.”
People are telling him what they want from him. I want to show him what is wrong and how it can be fixed. So do you think I am wrong to want to meet him?


I don’t believe you can substantially increase your own page views, by reading your own material.  I’m not completely certain of how the page views counter works, but if you refresh your own page ten times, you don’t get ten views out of that. Also doing that won’t generate any income anyway, even if it did work.
I think you get at most, one view per day, from yourself, on each page, but that’s peanuts when some authors are getting ten thousand and more page views per week now.  I and some others have discovered a few interesting things about getting eyeballs. Most people know that if you do not show up in the first two pages ofGoogs, no one will ever find you. So one trick to popping to the top, is to do preliminary searches on certain phrasing to see how many Googs you get, and pick a topic, person, place, or phrase that gets very few hits at all. Then you are guaranteed to be one of them.
Another trick, is that Google likes pictures. They really really really like them. So be sure to add a picture or two to your Knols, that will help you move up the Goog ranks. What you will find, as I have, is that even though your article itself will not hit the first pages of results, the pictures in your article will. People clicking on the pictures, will be taken to your article. So it’s a way to short-circuit the system, so to speak. You will want however to try to use pictures that are somewhat unique.
There are some robots scanning Knol, and so you will get some page views even though no human is viewing the work. Those page views won’t generate any income obviously, since robots don’t buy anything.

A BB that is open to all like this one is made to inform and debate.
So, except if there is some specific reason, why not participate instead of writing side comments?
This is what I just asked, out of curiosity, as a …comment ;-).
Back to the BB now !

I would like a Knol of mine to automatically refresh, every five seconds. Does anyone know a trick to make this happen?  I already tried this <head><meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”5″ ></head> but it does not work in Knol. Probably because we don’t have access to the Head directive.


Yesterday, I saw many more knol authors with high page views on Twitter. Good for Knol. We need more knol authors out in social media to promote their knols and Knol.
Category browsing is important. Authors have to give categories to their knols.  Tyring to give categories to my knols. Knol Categories Browsing – Knols of Narayana Rao – Selections

The blessings of Jesus guided the books magical journey.
My latest masterpiece,
The society for the research of the neurobiology/neuroscience/biochemistry of education. I want to challenge all those who think that this knol is nonsense; to prove themselves right. If they can prove me wrong I am willing to have my hand skinned alive on TV. And if they are wrong then I will name my pound of flesh, nay, I will forgive them for as Jesus my Mentor in Chief said ‘Forgive them as they know not what they do’. Because I understand how can they understand +2 with their mostly +1 brains.
President Obama has again invited me to another rally; this one in Las Vegas. I have decided to not go. I got a call from someone. They offered to fly me with full expenses to all the Presidential rallies around the country. I think these people want to harm Obama. Because my presence at any rally will only be a distraction from the President’s speech. Even though I do love to get more publicity for my work I cannt do it at the cost of hurting the objectives of our President Obama.

I have discovered that it is possible to have Google Gadgets which constantly update, inside a Knol, without the reader needing to do anything I mean. I don’t quite yet know how the authors are doing that.  So I’ve started working with Gadgets to learn how to program them. Google Gadgets: Lesson 1 “Hello World” Google Gadgets: Lesson 2 Setting User Preferences
I‘ve just discovered how to get user input as well, but I haven’t yet written it up in a Knol.


comments also have the disadvantage that there is not the full functionality of a knol .
e.g. you can not google them. and if you write a link, there is no back link .

After you post a knol, remember what Knol platform tells you to do.
Share and invite

Write the link of your knol on Knol Promotion Board
My Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. – Knol Home Page is doing well.
Visitors are coming from Google search the key words Narayana Rao Knol Home Page. It has become easy to communicate with my friends.
Involved in specifying categories for my knols. Categories may help authors to get their knols indexed in search engines. Knol authors have to focus things like getting their knols indexed in search engines. We do not even know how to check whether our knol is indexed in Bing or not?
Concentrating on research methodology. Developing Case Study Methodology for Research.

My last two knols are not registering in my list of knols.

@ SK
Some of these minor glitches keep happening. But they will appear if they are still in the database. If you remember their numbers access them by numbers. Hope you could save them and post them.
Page views improved further today. Of course some of it is due to my giving categories to many knols.
Knol Page Views and Visitors – Historical Record – K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao
@ WJ
Thank you for your remarks on page views and suggestion regarding images. It is important that we discuss SEO and page view related issues. I have around 3000 articles on Knol and another 3000 posts in Blogs. Today, my adsense showed 3987 impressions. I did not pay any attention to SEO so far. I wrote and created content. Now it is time for me to understand SEO and article marketing issues and increase page views up to 6000 per day for my articles. It seems to be within reach but a lot of work is involved even in creating self generated backlinks for this portfolio. But as somebody wrote and I quoted: why create content if you are not prepared to market it? (Are page views low to your Knol portofolio?)

I recieved another email from my friend the Vice President and I sent him this reply:
Dear Sir/Mr. Vice President:
I really need to talk to you. I can generate billions of dollars of revenue through a totally new industry. The creation of a new subject that teaches wisdom, the highest stage of emotional intelligence. We will have to create hundreds of thousands of teachers who will teach this new subject and not just for students of pre-K to 12 but beyond. We will have to print millions of books and create online courses. Even for those who are adults too. Also I have toys that teach wisdom amd toys that teach tolerance. Even a specific plan for Wisdom Theme Parks.
kind regards

I have created my first marketed Google Gadget called People Finder, try it out.
If you want instructions in how to make a Google Gadget start here.

Just updated my knol:
24/7 Horniness; a spreading epidemic that must be stopped.


what about inviting ALBG as a co-author ?
KS all the best. Invite as many as possible and make the author list 25. Let us make one knol with 25 authors. Maximum provided by Knol at the moment. Let us try.
thanks, WJ . we should make this our new top theme .
@ the rest of the team : I don’t like your 24/7 cowardess . taking position would be fine .

Before you invited ALBG declined. What I did not understand. You invited him already. For absentee’s you have the Knol star. Courage and cowardice coexist. Yin and Yang. One dominates the other sometimes. God is made of opposites. That is why we have Devas and Danavs (Angels and Demons). Activity and laziness combine.

do you want to say that you are a demon of cowerdess ? 😉
but you are right . for absentees we have their knol stars (PG for you and SK, A for me) .
I don’t think ALBG declined . he wanted to discuss my deleting his translation of “mir kommen gleich die tränen”(“I have the same tears”) . so I gave him a rough translation (“oh my god, this makes me crying”) . I think, it’s ok now .
perhaps he wonders whether all of us accept him . so we can show with our “yes” that we do .

This one is for my friend Joe.


Determinants of Knol performance. Which one is more elastic?
Economics of Advertising – Economics for the CEO
In the Knol categories, there are two top categories: Business and Shopping. What knols are coming in these two topics. Management discipline is not immediately coming after Business. Coffee etc. come immediately after business. Is there a message in it? Business and Company Knol Pages – Possibility and Utility
Under shopping will business and company pages come?

SK @ Team
This is what I have dicided to do. I am starting a political party that I am going to call TOO LITTLE TO FAIL PARTY.
And its platform will be starting a new WISDOM INDUSTRY and renewing America by establishing CONSUMER PRODUCTS ENTERPRISE ZONES all over the country. This party will stand for making America a consumer products manufacturing giant just as it used to be. In the meantime I will think up a new viral selfless and harmless happening to promote my work.
By the next election I will have at least one governor and one senator on my party ticket.
An open letter to President Obama from his voter.

categories on knol are combined into a tree but they aren’t a tree .
therefore there is no ‘after’ or ‘before’ . they are only tags .
collections are trees .
so knol should better replace categories by collections, shown as a tree of trees .

an open letter to a person who wants to change the world .
dear book thrower !
a happening to promote my work is anything but selfless .
it’s much more better to work as a team (we want the same thing) .
what do you think about a 25 authors promotion .
we can make this our new top theme happening .

I agree with you. We are a team. Also 25 authors sounds good.

ALBG @ KVSS, @ KS – @ WJ, @ RK
I do not understand KVSS
KS Thanks!
Winking happy face? WJ and RK is ok

SK @ Team
I am going to run for the Governor of NJ in the next election on my Too Little To Fail Party ticket. I will like to replace myself with a more viable candidate. I will also like to give tickets to responsible wise leaders all over the country for government offices. This will be my next selfless act to promote my work. I know I may not even be on the ballot but at least my ideas will get some attention.
My new knol: A new political party: TOO LITTLE TO FAIL PARTY

someone has got to stop this ridiculous ballet stuffing.
what is wrong in putting a comment on the top of our board, if it is important for our discussion .
a week ago you or perhaps SK (but because of the versionising I think it was you) did the same with “Gust Mees : Is this a blog of SK now?”
we did this in the past .
you know this but (as usual ?) you try to avoid an objective discussion . 😦

It is good to discuss. That is why we are on the board. Whether the discussion is objective or subjective, whether it creates bad feelings or good feelings (demon of cowerdess), we are continuing. Let us continue. We understand world virtually that way. May be that is why I developed an idea two or three days back ( God as Amalgam of Opposite Qualities). The Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang. We are happy but we are unhappy.

you should elect your candidate in the same way we are electing our knol star .
you can do this with the internet .
this is true wisdom .
our culture is a culture of things .
but we need a culture of personality .
withdom is not for things . withdom is for persons .

These board policy issues should be discussed in a separate knol. Thanks to your crazy postings the press calls this bulletin board a loopy post! Right now my news was bringing extra traffic to this knol and you removed it with a non important issue.

there is always a third way .
I’m not SK, I’m not KVSS .
I’m one and one and one is three

SK @ Team
There is some good news. Before I head for the White House remember I told you that I have a crystal White House, that I am making in India. Well it seems it is finally ready to be shipped. Now I can take it to the White House as a gift! Also another good news is all of a sudden I have three big decorators come and take pictures to show to their clients. Before I did not have three cilients in the last three months! So bussiness at Sheba Antiques, 233 East, 59th Street, NY NY ,is also picking up! phone:212 421 4848 and email
I do not know who is taking off my information about my knols on top. But you must realize that now I am still here only because of my loyalty to you and the knol platform. Right now I am more famous than the whole knol platform. So if you keep doing this I will quit. Any way I want some one else in America to take over the KAF legally. Or I will just close it. Now I have to focus on my Too Little to Fail Party.
Results 110 of about 24,800,000 for book thrown
Results 110 of about 5,710,000 for knol.
So you can see my knols at this time will bring us extra traffic.
I am preparing a major press statement and if you remove my knols then I will not mention the bulletin board in it.
you are always preparing great things . I’m so tired of this .
your extra trafic is a non important issue, where are the co-authors ?
your last posting is nothing but spam .

Please explain further why my last posting is spam and your non-issues are the right post? Please do not make the co-author issue an end in itself.

yes, I will give you an answer .
takes some time . I’ll hear the team first

I have some difficulty to follow the whole debate and all the comments, but I think that I’m on the same line than KS.
I’m afraid that people like me who did not throw any book at any president lately, and who have no project to do so in the near future (which in my case I humbly admit can only result from my personal lack of wisdom and certainly does not qualify me for a +2 brain), start to feel a bit out of topic here.

PG PG PG! I love KS and I love you even more. I am 60 years old which is not too old. But I have constant back pain and arthritis. I was hoping people like you will pick up on the new path that I have created and take it further. If you think what I did last Sunday was big just wait till my next move. Within the next four months there will be a more effective action from me. It will be totally legal, harmless, selfless and will contain all the attributes of wisdom and it will once again put me/my work at the center of the world stage again. My book will float in the air for 5+ minutes as a bird on the Oprah Winfrey Show/Larry King Show/or…, going over the heads of the audience and then it will fly back and will sit on the desk/table next to Oprah and then become my book again. Something no magician has ever done.
I thought that I will crown myself as the King of the wisdom industries empire and you as the Prime Minister of Wisdom. Together with our team we could create a whole empire with wisdom education, creating text books, with exercises and lessons, training for teachers and parents, and ‘pure happiness’ counselors etc., wisdom coaching for adults, groups and countries, toys that teach wisdom, comic books, children’s stories, sitcoms, TV talk shows, movies etc.And Wisdom Theme Parks where you can talk with Socrates and Aristotle, Confucius and the Buddha!
oh my god, this makes me crying 🙂
Dear President Obama can your experts please explain how the financial institutions became the majority owners in the…


Three, four days I had written that I was going to make a presentation on Knol. I made the presentation today on theme, Knols by faculty members and students to an audience that had IT experts from various top companies in India. In once such conferences sometime back I met Google India’s HR chief at NITIE only. He is now at higher level looking at a much bigger area.
You can have a look at the presentation inserted in Knol – A Unique ICT Resource for Faculty Members.
The IT experts complained that they do not see any knol on ICT in Google search results. But I said my knols come in Google search and through Google search only 80% of my visitors who are average 1200 per day now come. I could not talk of the other theme Business and Company Knol Pages – Possibility and Utility. I did not receive any encouraging comments from fellow Knol authors so far. If some authors write encouraging comments on the knol, readers will notice and realize that there is support form existing authors. We need to be ready to identify and welcome such pages before we go still more aggressively and invite small and big businessmen to create such pages.


Please understand that throwing a book has a different meaning from throwing anything else. The whole right wing was asking that we throw the book at the President. Which means to book him; that is to label every charge possible against him! So when I threw my book at the President the right wing was very excited that some one at least symbolically threw the book at the President. But what really happened was that I being a friend of Obama now have taken the sting out of any right wing throwing a book at him. Also I tricked the right wing! I did not throw the book at the President. I threw the book away from the President. I threw the book at all those people around the world who are living phony lives…! But only to wake them up. They are not my enemies they are just my prodigal daughters and sons.
Throwing the book can be a noble act. Quite a few of our ancient sages of philosophy and religion tried to and sometimes succeeded in throwing the book at their peers.
So by throwing the book away from the President I have introduced a new metaphor, ‘Throw the book away from him’. So I will always be remembered as the guy who introduced a new metaphor!!!! Yes I have danced all the way, by throwing this book away instead of at; by me, yours truly;’I’, me, me, me into the history books. But I have six more original viral ideas which will be enacted over the course of the next two years. All harmless and totally legal.
This is serious business and it is not funny. The way the world is today it is all spin and no honey. If spin is what will get me to my goal of waking up the world to my work; spin is what I will give them. But under the cover of spin will be my wisdom packed force of original knowledge. I will dance their number but the music that they will face will be mine – all mine. If they like fox trot even though I like samba I will dance the fox trot. But if they like Wagner I will still give them Beethoven’s 9th. Actually I will give them the music of actual reality. I will place the mirror image of their phony self image in front of them. Show them that pure happiness that we are missing in our lives is not just a thought process; it is a biochemical process which takes place physically in the brain.
The mind wants real life but the brain is confused…and above all unprepared and grounded with the wrong wires. Well I have here all the mechanics of how to unground and reground the brain! As my mentor and friend Ambassador and Prof. Harry Cahill said, ‘Some people’s ground wiring needs tuning’. Actually a huge chunk of us need our neuron wiring changed. However it is not as bad as it sounds. For most Americans we are all ready at +1 it is just one more stage to the highest +2.

SK @ Team
Please allow me to post just these two knols above. If you do not like it then please just leave The Obama Book Thrower’s Blog Post on. Thanks

KS @ team what about giving the “top themes” of SK a place on the top of october I and on board-themes[9]
and deleting them here ?

KVSS to all team members
I am thinking on this issue for number of days.
It occurred to me this morning (Indian time) that we can gift this knol to Sajid Khan and go and start a new bulletin board under the account of KS or PG. Sajid also may not write any further on this board but links to his knols will remain on this board and he can keep the version he wants to keep on this board so that visitors who are coming here from blog links connected to him can see the content that Sajid wishes them to see from previous versions.
We have no problem to start new knols and popularise them. This board is probably fourth or fifth. Sajid generally gifts and talks of gifting. We can also gift something and that is something that SK values at the moment. We can do it for a fellow knoller and the accomplishment of his vision in the world.
Whatever Whuffies Sajid gives in return will go the account of KS or KAF.

you mean to close this board with only two links (one to “The Obama Book Thrower’s Blog Post” and one to a new board (I would prefere the name “open board”) under the account of PG (my turn was already)) ?
sounds good 🙂
if PG and you agree then one and one and one is three .
and the fourth is WJ (hi Will, what do you think of this ?)

I agree with your proposal. Two links on this board one Open board for Knol Authors and Visitors and the other for the Blog Post of Sajid Khan. Then Sajid on his post can create links for various versions of this bulletin board which he wants to highlight. This board will be our gift to Sajid Khan, our fellow knol author. May Sajid wants to leave some extra message on this board. We may leave that option to him still.

SK @ Team
I do not think that I deserve to get this board as a gift. This board is a product of the efforts of the whole team. Why not just leave it the way it is for now. Now the whole world knows my ideas, my inventions, my ideas for the Wisdom industry, my ways out of the education/economic mess, even my wisdom industry will create millions of jobs. As well as change America and the world into a better place. It will be a massive revolution. The ball is now in President Obama’s court.
I have more viral events coming and I want to lift my whole KAF team with me. Lets just leave this BB the way it is. My only request is lets stop all personal criticism. I do not care but it becomes a distraction and it robs up our precious time. I am sure money will now come big time and there will be enough for all, not just for me and KS.

SK, we love you and we don’t want you to do any harm, but too many have gone and we never will become 25 authors here because of your king of wisdom claim .

I think the above link (by clicking on the picture) is all what we need (we can change it when we have a new board) . for the rest SK can decide .
on the new board we will decide as a team (without SK) .
if we can not unify in a given time then the page owner makes the decision .

SK @ Team
I have been invited again to a President Obama rally in Bridgeport, Connecticut on October 30. I do not know if I should go.
dear SK, you are heartily invited to take part of our knol-money-group


“Live a life worthy of the Lord…growing in the knowledge of Gd” – Collossians 1: 10
Interesting and useful thoughts from a fellow knol author. Entered today in
Read – Heard – Viewed – Thought – by KVSS Nrao


new board (open board for knol authors and visitors)
what do you think if we ask Chrissy to do the job ?
yes: KS, PG, KVSS(any knol author or even a new person OK with me),
(KVSS: I put in a request to PG, But now PG is already in this request)

at the end of the month I will stop archiving this page .


New Ideas and Initiatives
Summary Knol on Knols
Search Engine Optimization – Summary Knol of Knols
Social Media – Various Dimensions – Summary Knol of Knols
The idea is that when there are many knols on a topic, there is an opportunity for writing a summary knol highlighting the important issue covered in variuos knols. This can be of help to a visitor and also simultaneously helps author by providing a link to their knols for extra details. I just collected only list of knols in the above two and there is good work to do to prepare summaries. I remember, that Andreas Kemper was said to have the ability to summarize number of opinions into unified whole. Some knols authors can try to write summary knols of some of the topics on Knol.
Interesting New Knols
There is good content on knol. But it is not getting highlighted and we are still talking of lack of quality on Knol platform. But I feel the last two years and three months number of articles are written. My idea in this case is to involve number of authors and identify around 50 good knols every day so that in a month we can highlight 1500 knols as good knols and provide them with a promotion platform. The idea did not click with authors so far even though there is some visitors interest in the idea.
Active Knol Authors and Knols Posted
Another vehicle to identify active knol authors who are posting many knols. We are given to feel that Knol authors are not good,not active, not sincere etc. All negative thoughts, which is not true. There are many knol authors who are writing sincerely good academic knowledge content. But there is no way we are seeing them at single place and appreciating them. We need at least 1000 authors about whom we are proud of. We need to make a list of 1000 authors and feel they are doing a good job and inform many of them that we appreciate them.
Knol Promotion Board
Google and other search engines do not index every page on a web site. Same thing applies to Knol. There are many pages who have less than 100 page views after being on Knol for one or two years. Why there are not getting page views? Because they are not indexed by search engines. Why search engine does not index them. Because it is not coming across the link of the knol anywhere else on the interest. Authors have to ensure that the link to their knol is somewhere else apart from the place where they posted. Many knol authors are following this simple rule. Knol promotion board is created to facilitate any knol author to leave his link on it whenever he wishes. I find some of my knols appear in Google search results next day itself. Why because I am using twitter, blogs, facebook and linkedin and emails to inform potential readers about the page. When some of them come through the link from some other platform, search engines index your knol.
Knol – A Unique ICT Resource for Faculty Members
Business and Company Knol Pages – Possibility and Utility
Knol can be used profitably by faculty members and academic institutions for providing study materials to their students. But Knol can be used by commercial entities to transfer product knowledge, operating instructions and maintenance instructions. No doubt this have commercial benefit for the organization concerned and Knol content policy specifically said commercial content is allowed. But still there are no clear guidelines and best practices on it and existing knol authors like us have evolve some guidelines and encourage some organizations to start knol pages. Many of them already have Youtube pages or videos and they can use Knol to complement the Youtube videos. Even though I am not in touch with any business organization once we evolve certain guidelines, I shall encourage some to use it.
Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. – Knol Home Page
Now it is easy for me to communicate my knol portfolio to my friends. They can remember it very easily and search it using Google search. It is also helps me to know all the knols that I posted through a single page. I even created four or five different ways of looking at the knols that I have posted. I think it is a good model for any knol author who posted large number of knols. I hope Sajid would consider this idea and present all his knols in single page. I gave a subject wise break up, category wise break up, popularity wise break up and also all the categories available on Knol Home Page.

I do not understand why you have to abandon this BB. I am here to take this knol and the knol platform to bigger heights. But if you think you want to leave this knol because of me I would just like to take myself out of it.

This board already had 5000 versions. It has to be changed. So you have no role for the decision to change. But it will give us an occasion to leave the board with your final message to all the visitors of the board to see your personal thoughts post the incident in the knols that you have started. If all of use are going to write on this board, you message will be overshadowed by what all others are writing. Then you have to write longer messages. Please do not mistake it to be some issue on your side. Let us move to new board.
you may participate in the new board, but only by links .
the deeper sense : you didn’t know that knol is a social womb . you thought you were omnipotent .
now a new knol author SK is born, who knows that he is a child of a social womb (+2) and not the other way (-2) .


I posted details about my recurring floating dream, so you can tell me what it means.  I already have some ideas about what it means, but I’d like to hear other views.



Adsense Earnings
An author on Associatedcontent pages has written that 2000 page views daily give around $90 to $100 dollars a month. An author requires 100 to 300 articles to generate 2000 page views per day. Knol authors also have to understand the underlying parameters to make a decent adsense income. Many will agree that we require knol authors who earn decent adsense amounts. But unless underlying quantity and quality of articles is attained by an author and then adequate promotion of the article is done using SEO and SMO techniques, page views will not come and adsense earnings will not come.
Earning by Writing Knols through Adsense
How to Get 100,000 visitors per Month to Articles, Blogs, Knols – Let us Learn from the Experienced
An author’s experience in the above knol is that he earned 700 dollars in a month and page views per day was 15,000 pages. Hence 2000 page views are required to make 100 dollars month. I am getting presently 1700 page views per a day on Knol and add some page views from my blogs, now I may be getting 2000 page views per day. I may get this month a triple digit adsense rev. figure. From here how to get 4000 page views per day in Google analytics data could be the issue to be answered. We need more authors to contribute their views and evolve some ways to achieve better page views and related income some authors.


Adsense revenue crossed $100 this month on the average page views of 2000 per day. So Knol authors who complain about adsense earnings have to note that they have to focus on page views. After content, SEO and Social media promotion that supports SEO as well as brings some direct visitors are essential to increase page views. Knol authors need to discuss and come out with some guidelines for these two activities and execute them.

board 2010


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