Board Posts – 2011- KS


what is death?
(he died two days later)


once again you made my day .
we have some possibillities to come together but experience on knol shows that we need one possibillity for all authors (blogger, w-p, …) all across the web .
maybe linking is the solution .
if there is a link A on B, there has to be a back link B (ping back (in knol: search for uses of this page)) on A (automatically) .
to block the spammers we can weight the back links .
I wish, Larry or Sergey or Matt or .. could hear us .


the problem is : how can we make a platform like this board on . seems impossible .
@ LA
how can I receive an email every time you publish a post at ?


@ LA
you are absolutely right .
it’s the link language (linkuage) which makes up the quality of a social network .


@ LA
you made my day .
(I support any initiative above with $4000.00) .
we should not give up our community .
on the contrary :
I just wrote to SK on knol help:
future of mankind starts here and now .
we need a world democracy, a world currency, a world language :
a tree of trust, a new gold, a web platform .
together we own the world .


my contribution for 2012:

I have given 20 w to each of us who has not yet participated in the new-gold auction (PG, WJ, AA, MAK, ALBG, LA (welcome Lyudmil)) to finish the H-gold auction.
then there were enough whuffies to double H (I-gold auction) and to start the J-gold auction .
now we have AA(-10), ALGB(40), KS(307), KVSS(53), LA(40), MAK(40), PG(155), SK(150), WJ(75) .

if you don’t know what to do with the whuffies, you may invest them in the J-gold auction .


@ LA : could not find “the battle of Pliska”


@ AA : do you want to overtake “una pequeña historia de la argentina” ?


how can we make a board on ?


we need to learn that 2012 can be an important year not only for the world and for knol but for what I call the trust community .
our brains will change . the right hemisphere will become more important .
there is a world behind the world (world = left hemisphere, meta-world = right hemisphere) .
there are only few knollers on w-p till now (see the petition(migration)-list (clicking the logo above)),
so our trust community board is still here .
thou knowest my program : world democracy, world currency, world language .
I will take it forward to w-p .


new destination .
I have ‘redirected’ the KS top link .


there is a life after knol .
did my migration wihin 15 minutes .
326 articles (knols), published and unpublished (draft ?) .
even all(?) comments .
the collections are empty .
better to delete all co.authorship before (even on this board) .
you can still migrate already .
you can easily delete any items on wordpress and you can delete redirekts on your knol list .
@ PG
refactoring, refactoring .
what about declaration of knollers independence ?
I deleted it on wordpress . do you want to take it over ?


kno2 has to be wikiblogging .
my experience on knol has shown me that we can do it better than google .
we can make it more simple .
the solution is hidden in the back pointers (referrers)
search for uses of this page ▼ = feedback
(Larry and Sergey must have guessed that in her youth, too, but then they have not further pursued it)
you understand ?
the referrers are the social net
there is a page A (motherboard)
you write a page B and mention A on it (connect it with A) .
now A gets automatically a referrer to B (it is clearly shown right hand of the page) .
if someone wants to reply on B s/he writes a page C and mention B on it .
now B gets automatically a referrer to C (it is clearly shown right hand of the page) .
there can be more referrers, you can arrange them according to their importance .
all we need is a browser similiar to the browser for knol-categories, which dealt with that .
@ WJ

how much money do you earn by knol adsense per month ?


I made my first wp-page where I copied the html-code from the knol-original (I tried a redirect but google says error) .
I think we don’t need annotum . we only need an account on . perhaps Aashish can make a knol2 for us (which is a reason why to migrate to wordpress and not to blogger) .
I will delete all my co-authors and leave voluntarily the following pages :

Knol Author Foundation, Knol Author Foundation-KAF, KAF Suggestion Board, The Knol of Wit and Wisdom, KAF Author Writing Contest .
perhaps we should remove our co-authorship on the bulletin board too .


From now through October 1, 2012, you can download your knols from . There will be a large section at the top of the page with links to either export your knols to or download them to a file. Clicking the latter will take you to Google Takeout where you can create your archive.
the procedure is for all your knos . so you don’t need to ‘view’ your knols
I think the redirects are also automatic .


here some hints (I hope) :
” ..I am sorry, but advertising is not allowed on free hosted blogs. The only exceptions are for high traffic blogs that qualify for and are accepted into the Ad Control program, and very high traffic blogs that qualify and are accepted into the paid VIP hosting program. ..”


AM (Aashish Mahaswary) wrote :
If some knollers can come together we are ready to help to build the similar platform like Knol.. where many authors can communicate and write.. as they are doing at knol .
sounds good .
I think, PG is right in making this board a board for all who want to survive as a community .
if nobody cares, I will change the logo into the “together we own the world” logo (see the bottom of this page)


@ KVSS : the world (and google knol) is made top down in a way that it works from bottom up (like a tree) .
so we can react now and reach a circle .
@ PG : despite the intentions of the pack we can now participate in google+ .
I am already thinking of a google++ :
everything (text, picture, sound) is a knol .
you can make knols and connect them (or connect connections) like in a programming language or in mathematics :
A + B, A = B, A @ B, … A c B .
this can become the new world language .
there are three (+ one) modalities (modes) .
closed : others can only read your knol connections .
moderated : others can use your connections as a part of their connections, but can not change them .
open : others can change your connections .
the fourth modality are circles in combination with the other three modalities :
only the members of a circle can read and write this knol connections .
important : a knol itself can only be changed by its creator, but can be copied (if open) . (and on creative commons , KVSS)

yes: the dyad is the basic element of a social graph 🙂


@ AK
ich suche noch jemand, der bei der jetzigen google-gold-auction die restlichen 24 H-anteile übernimmt (gegen 120 whuffies) .
du würdest dann 240 whuffies zurückbekommen (die verdoppelung ist schon gesichert) und ich würde dir davon 100 abkaufen (gegen 100 €) .
die restlichen whuffies könntest du wieder bei der J-auktion einsetzen .
(so leicht und so schnell hast du sicher noch keine 100 € verdient (aber angesichts der alten zeiten (1. knol-star und so 🙂 … )
incredibly high-quality content :
world democracy, world currency, world language .


what do you think of this layout (lines instead of bars) ?


I made an optimization of google knol petition .
@ SK & WJ
if you agree, I will put you on the list .
ok., with our tree of trust we are one step further, but we must help others to find the way .


what do you think about an auction of our board 2012 ? (I offer 5 w)
and to name the board ‘circle01’ ?


time with us is limited (could not reach knol for two days)
and money is needed .
we can use whuffie as a lever, because each of us is a little bank and can make its own money (up to 300 w) .
people are looking for an opportunity to put their money to recession-proof .
gold is not an option, but google-gold owns the future .
yes, anyone can convert their money into whuffie .


we can ask PG to judge about our proposals .
first of all we can make a list of all who are interested to take over the board for another year (including WJ) .
and then throwing the lot (if there is no better idea 🙂)


any ideas about our board 2012 (the year the world will change) ?


Google Knol petition is a good initiative . maybe the beginning of knol democracy .


facebook now provides its users with a timeline .
I did this long before 😉
knol can do this too with our knols, postings, comments, emails …


google+ is now open for everyone . they want me to change my account . I will not do that.
we can make circles on knol too . what about circle1 ? you are a member if you are a member of the knol star tree, the financial board and the bulletin board .

2011-09-21 @ KVSS

“money balances are zero” .
the sum of each booking is zero. so the sum of all bookings is also zero .
the sum of all whuffies is now 1342 (+) and 1342(-) .
the value of 1 w is 1/5 F (google gold) .
to generate whuffies for your system we need an account . maybe the KAF account .
this decision is made by our financial board . do you want to become a member of it ?

2011-09-19 @ SK

“standard reference book”
good idea .
there is already a foundation .
we can extract from it various collections for different services.

2011-09-06 @ SK
(with german sub-titles)


@ PG
germany has 1.7 trillion euros of debt.
the private property of germans amounted to 8.2 trillion euros.
by a levy of 20 percent on any property – from fixed deposit account from the share portfolio to the property – germany would be free of debt in one fell swoop.
because the richest ten percent of germans are a good 60 percent of total assets, they would bear the main burden of the debt-away action.
the prospects are enticing:
if the national debt in fact would be history from now on, the federal government, states and municipalities saved more than 60 billion € per year interest payments.
as a result, the taxes and social security contributions could fall dramatically. up to swiss standards.

private property has nothing to do with consumption .
you have assets, because you have not consumed them .
btw, the money has not disappeared, but ends up with the people where government is in debt .
so it is again in the circle .

@ SK
noah was sick to the bone when he saw the lifestyle of his contemporaries. but then he built an ark and floated over the grievances.
let’s build an ark (“financial board and tree of trust”) and escape the disaster.
we don’t need millionaires, we need (+2) persons.
jesus said: “what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and lose his own soul.”
@ PG do you really think, Alexander Dill (,1518,711589,00.html) is an idiot ?

2011-08-10 @ PG

not sure I understand on what philosophy (or economic model) would the financial board initiative be based and how it would work..
imagine knol as a model for a better world .
then we can make a world monetary standard managed by a world monetary institution (financial board) .
no more banknotes and coins, but whuffies
(made by every knol author (A @ B : 300  ->  B = 300, A = -300))
and every author has a say what to do with this money .
my suggestion is to have google gold (world money standard) as a reference
(you can buy it only with whuffies and you can also sell it only against whuffies . so it it has the function of gold) .


@ PG yes, this monetary system is corrupt, and they know it .
only on knol we can make a new system .
I ask you as our shop steward to make a financial board, where we can take part (I then will delete my provisionally board) .
@ team
do we need a financial board ?
yes : KS


Alexander DeVolpi wrote on knol help :
I’ve collected 7 of my Knols into a named “Collection.” My intent was to reduce my inventory of uncategorized Knols. Is there a way I can delete the Knols now in my collection from my inventory list of Knols, but keep them in my collection?
this is a very good question, but there was no answer .
instead, google made “plus one” with “circles” .
but circles are nothing than collections of persons .
so we need a google++ with collections of knols and collections of persons .
and a collection browser (tree browser) .

2011-07-17 dollar day (“next president for u.s.a” day)

hi Barack Obama : flatten the euro and declare the dollar for official world currency . you surely will become the next u.s. president .

2011-07-15 @ PG

without the French Revolution, perhaps there would be no democracy in Europe.
and without our very own PG there would be perhaps no longer a tree of trust on knol 🙂


how can I participate at plus one ?
“Have you given your email at site?
thank you . will try .
done .

2011-07-06 @ KVSS

“money balances are zero” .
the sum of each booking is zero. so the sum of all bookings is also zero .
to be accepted as money to buy some services it must be exchangeable to some extend in other money .
(not for services on knol but for other services)
that is the job of the financial board .

2011-07-04 @ KVSS

I request you to join our financial board with a donation .

2011-07-03 @ SK

please don’t use big headers

2011-06-30 @ KVSS

I request you to make your comments on knol help in the form of a knol discussion page .
together we are stronger .

yes, it’s temporary . all the better .
and yes, we need more authors . one alone can not convince anyone . two have not been refuted .
and if we are three,  the others will do too .
so .. .


from next month I will keep only my own archive (this) .
if anyone is interested, I’ll make’em a separate archive (5w/month) .
perhaps, from time to time one of us (WJ?) can make a copy from this board (there is a button for it)
and put it into the archive collection .

2011-06-24 @ team & team work

google gold is under development .
you can buy it now .

perhaps, from time to time one of us (WJ?) can make a copy from this board (there is a button for it)
and put it into the archive collection .

2011-06-21 @ SK

I think, if we can solve our problems on knol, we can solve our problems in america and all around the world (or, as Jesus said : “and why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?”)
if you become the president of our financial board, we (the knol community) can soon have enough money to buy knol from google .
I would bet that Obama will then listen to us.
and if not, it would no longer matter.
if google will listen to your words or to our speaker, this may be .
if not, we must buy knol 🙂


the knol-help page becomes more and more the platform of a new community .
together we are stronger.
@ PG
if china buys 10 – 100 billion euros then within a week the shares had risen by 5 cent .
if they sell it, then within a week the price dropped by 5 cents .
so, they can double the sum within 20 weeks .
well, I don’t understand 100% but it seems reasonable.
I still see black for the european porcelain .
buying dollars don’t move the dollar, but buying or selling euros move the euro .
thank you for joining the initiative .
but are humans numbers for you ? perhaps you hope that numbers give quality .
not autmatically .
btw. the knol help page has 2000 pv per week .

good words.
community, numbers, quality, humans, world, emotions, intelligence, patriarchy, matrichy
let’s write knols about them 🙂


time for knol to become a community . (see also : knol help, whuffie, knol star)
can we recover Randy and Chrissy as co-authors?

2011-06-08 @ PG

he, he,
now look why I prefere whuffies .
no secret service will give whuffie a chance .
they don’t see the coming world democracy .
btw. I don’t see why the chinese people should love the europeans, of which they were colonized in the past.
if china makes common cause with the united states, the euro is doomed.
@ PG
well, my question was : what if china uses its dollars to speculate against the euro (in a hidden way) ?
(it cannot speculate against the dollar, because it would be punished then) .

2011-06-07 @ PG

“dollar v. euro conspiracy” .
this would be a very interesting knol .


interesting thing .
you can compare it with wuffie and google gold .
money is what we think is money.
either way, we will soon have a world currency.
I just hope, along with a world democracy.

2011-05-27 @ PG

wuffies don’t refer to the us dollar, they refer to the google gold standard :
1G = 5w (where 1G = 1/64 A(world currency)) .
if you think 1/64 of the world currency is more than 5w you can buy it for 5w, split it to 2H and sell 1H for 5w (next auction) .
why should you do that ?
well, there is a market for it !
the financial board will guarantee the price of 5w for 1H . it will buy whuffies to do that .
I myself will buy up to 1000w (1w = (1dollar + 1 euro) / 2) .


made a “google knol, please wake up” comment on knol help . there were already two comments (MAK, RK) . proud, that all three comments are from KAF members .  @ PG : do you really think elephants can paint pictures?

yes, and KVSS has promised to follow us immediately ?


viva españa.
estas son nuestras armas: la democracia mundial, moneda mundial, el idioma del mundo .

2011-05-17 @ KVSS

let us start with a financial group (financial board) . we can give whuffies for good knols .

2011-05-11 @ KVSS

let us show wisdom .
when the three months are over, we can make a joined action .
we can join the 2011-05-10 comment of Gust MEES and make a maximum of comments to “wake up” google knol .
I hope we all can do this .
GM wants the right thing and it would also be good for his EGO ; – )

2011-05-08 @ KVSS

on 2011-02-24 you wrote on knol help:
I am willing not to post anything for next three months
please still hold on for two weeks. or do you want that they say: “he is an old man who may not hold the water?” 😉
as I have followed you in this, my disappointment is all the greater because my reputation is also at stake .
btw. you deleted me on kaf-author-writing-contest because I have given my voting allegedly a day early, do you remember ? 😦


#1 is dead .
Gaddafi is #2 .

2011-04-29 @ AA

nice idea .
you can make a little history of it : una-pequeña-historia-de-la-argentina 🙂


KVSS wrote :
But some people do in various ways and they are called mass leaders. But such people are not many and most of us cannot.
I don’t see such people .
I only see some great ideas and people which more or less try to realize these ideas .
ideas like world democracy, world currency, world language (the-cloud) …
what do you think ?

2011-04-24 @ MAK

congratulations . I am sure that your grandchild will have a whuffy account within a few years 😉


made a last not least edit on my bio page . wonder how many knollers will follow me .
I think, if we can solve our problems on knol, we can solve our problems in egypt and all around the world .
invite you to become a member of financial-board .

2011-04-18 @ PG

it’s not only knowledge, it’s your personality . les femmes appellent cela une bonne aura 🙂
most interesting point for me: “social networks” & knol ?
btw. what means “knol KS”

2011-04-18 @ KVSS

using the comment box has the advantage that you dont need a “@ ()” .
you can directly response to a comment .
but then your posting is invisible when you look at the page .
so some write always directly at the top of the comment box .
but then we can also immediately write on the page above. since we at least have the full knol functionality,
what the comment box does not have .
btw. if discussions can only branch out further and further, how can one sum up their parts again, linking them, and produce a result?


this is an example of a new form (option) .
the idea is that each post has a header of its own
this shows that each post is like a little knol (twitter knol) .
we can make this for a whole week or even for a month, so we can put our posts in a chronological top down order .
when it is filled, we can archive it and replace it with a new optional frame .
btw. I still miss a real discussion on our board .
may be a top down order is better to discuss a topic .


the rumors go, that google plans a new project named “cloud” .
there is a browser named “angel” by which you can make cloud “drops” .
a drop is an indexed piece of the cloud (also a combination (of combinations) of drops) .
you can combine drops by connecting them with a special sign, i.e. any of the ascii code .
the cloud
btw. you can now buy google gold directly from the google founders . google gold auction, journal, whuffieKAF accountKS account

2011-03-24 @ 2011-03-21 / KVSS

if knol writes a new tree browser for collections, it can have integrated search facilities .
you can find each collection (and each knol) by its name .
there is a command line beneath the tree, where you can edit the tree
instead of categories we can have search tags by which you can find a knol .
but therefore you don’t need a tree browser .

2011-03-21 @ KVSS

there is a tree browser for categories .
Browsing the category tree
(when you are assigning categories, you are putting knols into groups …)
very good, but that was before knol had the collections.
now we have the collections and it would much more better to have a tree browser for collections .
do you think I’m right ?


I don’t like spam
it seems that japan now has a huge energy-wise spam problem .

2011-03-18 @ WJ

I offer you 100 € for 100 w
all you have to do is to take part on google gold auction and change some whuffies into G’s .

2011-03-18 @ PG and KVSS

to make a forum live and grow is the same problem as to make a board live and grow .
why not start with our board (with us ourselves) I would be happy if PG and I can convince KVSS that we have to start with persons and not with things .
things are only interesting when they relate to persons .
to try to manipulate persons by things* is the contrary of emotional intelligence . it is (emotional) stupidity .
* our first president after the war was aked if he loves his country .”I love my wife”, he said .

2011-03-17 @ PG

for thousands of years things have become more and more complicated and now the shit hits the fan .
we need a radical and ingenious simplification .
we need a world without government nanny state (we all are the government) and a world without bank currency (we all are the bank).
and we need more nature (less people).
that is the message that I read it.

2011-03-09 @ 2011-03-09 / KVSS

what if you write on a board with many owners ?
where is the difference when I come to our board and see a link to rolex or a rule of a flat stomach ?

2011-03-09 @ 2011-03-07 / KVSS

as I already wrote : I am following you in not writing on knol help page and knol discussion page for three months (march, april, may) .
but a question is still concerning me.

what do you think about this rolex guy on knol discussion board ?
in your eyes this must be super-promotion 😉 ???


“.. and than you bring in an URL who is longer than the initial URL, LOL.”
but look what he himself is doing
he writes :
“When an author finds out that there is an other knol existing on the same Topic he could leave a message on that knol asking for back linking (reciprocal link) to his knol and himself needs to link to the other knol. This will interlink the knols and give everybody a better exposure on Internet… “
but google has done this long before .
if you create a link to a knol then this knol has an automatic backlink (see [Search for uses of this page▼])
so he suggests a reciprocal link which is already there . lol .


we can not get rid of Gaddafi, unless the UN decides to destroy the infrastructure of his air force
the problem is that the mighty of this world determine the policies by their interests (oil, arms etc)
and do not want real democracy.


I did not archive the post from SK .
we must look how we will handle the posts of non-co-authors .
I think we need at least one co-author who says : ok, this can be archived .


@ (2011-02-24 / KVSS) & (2011-02-28 / KVSS @ SK)
your argumentation convinced me, so I made a board of my own .
et voila, it’s also good for page views 🙂
context is readable here


Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

board 2011


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