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If Knol is struggling a lot, how is it that content farms are doing good business. Some people are characterizing eHow as a content farm. But as we know, eHow articles are good. Why some persons are characterizing it as a content farm?
My page views have today crossed the previous peak in daily as well as monthly numbers.
28.2.2011 Monthly visitors: 37,521 Historical record; Monthly Page views 53,506 Historical record
Daily visitors 1598 Historical record; Daily page views 2361 Historical record
Hope the numbers will double this year for me as well as all knol authors.

Here we can see an article in a web page in Argentina about the new algorithm in google.
The article is in Spanish, but there is a graphic in English with the losers in this new system:

I was surprised as well, that eHow was called a Content Farm. But I’ve had someone describe Knol as Google’s Adsense Farm, so who knows. I don’t think Knol is getting the amount of attention that Google had hoped for, otherwise they would be more proactive here. I’ve had good results when writing about obscure topics which a thousand other people hadn’t already covered.

@ WJ The marketing plan for Knol available on net expected million knols by 2009. Also it assumed two page views per knol per day. Whereas we are yet to reach million knols and page view per day is not even 0.5. That is why I am emphasizing now marketing of knols by authors. We now have adequate new knols. But they are to be shared, circulated and marketed by authors.
@ SK: Hope to see your interviews on TV channels as well as in print media.


@ (2011-02-24 / KVSS) & (2011-02-28 / KVSS @ SK)
your argumentation convinced me, so I made a board of my own .
context is readable here .


In December there was a big dip in page views. Now the page views have crossed the old peak. I hope at least 50 to 60% increase will be there in this year. In my case I hope Equity Research – Knol Book of Readings,Derivatives – Knol Book, and Foreign Exchange (FOREX) Trading – Knol Book become popular this year. I hope, I can find more relevant knols for these books and these books prove useful to readers (More).


I did not archive the post from SK .
I think we need at least one co-author who says : ok, this can be archived .

Page views are important at Knol platform level. When all knol authors try to increase page views for their knols, knol platform will benefit. There will be more good news about the platform. Of course, some authors have to emerge as top authors to give confidence and hope to many that they can also try for a big goal. If there are no role models, it will be difficult to attract more people. I just made a collection on ebooks writing and publishing. eBook Writing and Self-Publishing – Knol Book. We can see in the search link that there are 380 knols on ebooks but only 75 have three figure page views. There is scope for increasing the page views for their knols by authors.


we can not get rid of Gaddafi, unless the UN decides to destroy the infrastructure of his air force
the problem is that the mighty of this world determine the policies by their interests (oil, arms etc)
and do not want real democracy.

@ WJ the picture looks good. Knol book versus Kindle Ebook – Seems there is lot more money in Kindle ebook.
As you keep saying observing Google analytics periodically is important. Today I saw Cognitive Processes, Theories and Concepts in Organizational Behavior being visited by number of persons. There are many concepts listed in it on which I wrote more detailed articles. I could give links today.


300,000 page views in Google Analytics for Knol Portfolio
Knol Books versus Ebooks – Income could be same at lower end. In Buzz I saw the news that Amanda Hocking is making a million in Ebooks. I spent three days finding out more about ebooks. Earlier I made comparison between print books and knol books. I think Knol authors can also try to reach the goal similar to selling 1000 ebooks a month, achieved by 50 authors in the month of December 2010. All centurion authors can think of this as their target (More).
@ WJ What are your monthly page view figures in Google Analytics?

“.. and than you bring in an URL who is longer than the initial URL, LOL.”
but look what he himself is doing
he writes :
“When an author finds out that there is an other knol existing on the same Topic he could leave a message on that knol asking for back linking (reciprocal link) to his knol and himself needs to link to the other knol. This will interlink the knols and give everybody a better exposure on Internet… “
but google has done this long before .
if you create a link to a knol then this knol has an automatic backlink (see [Search for uses of this page▼])
so he suggests a reciprocal link which is already there . lol .


@ KS Stopped writing on Knol Help Page and Knol Discussion Page. Still page view momentum is on. Monthly visitors numbers crossed 39,000 and page number crossed 56,000.
Knol Page Views and Visitors – Historical Record – K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao
But the target has to be 300,000 page views per month in analytics and adsense statistics for many authors. How it can be achieved? There has to be good discussion and idea generation for it.


Substantial jump in daily visitors numbers today.
Monthly numbers Monthly visitors: 39,335 Historical record; Monthly Page views 56,606 Historical record
Knol Page Views and Visitors – Historical Record – K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao . I think many more authors are also having increase in visitors and page views. I generally observe that when page views are increasing for me, total page views for Knol also are increasing in Quantcast stats. Knol authors have to share their successes and motivate each other mutually.


as I already wrote : I am following you in not writing on knol help page and knol discussion page for three months (march, april, may) .
but a question is still concerning me.
what do you think about this rolex guy on knol discussion board ?
in your eyes this must be super-promotion 😉 ???

It does not seem to be for me. If the owner of a web page is first upset, then it is not promotion but destruction of goodwill. It is like sticking a poster on a wall where there is sign “no posters please.” But if the poster is interesting, others may see. But in this case even poster is not interesting for me.

what if you write on a board with many owners ?
where is the difference when I come to our board and see a link to rolex or a rule of a flat stomach ?


Monthly visitors numbers further went up to 40,517.





Started a crossword Crossword Puzzle – 1


Working on Software Engineering, Testing and Project Management – Knol Book to convert it into two stage format. This knol book has many articles written by number of authors. If some of them now look into gaps and write more articles, Knol will be able to provide a comprehensive book on this subject to readers. Probably in the subjects of computer science, Knol can provide very good knol books,
Visitors numbers are going up further. Knol Page Views and Visitors – Historical Record – K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao Today they touched 41,900 on a monthly basis. New knols posted are also close to 1000. Knol is in a boom phase. More and more authors are putting in good effort.


Knol is still lacking thorough articles (in English at least) about current events: Japan disaster (*), Arab upheaval…
Of course it is not possible for any knoller to improvise itself as an analyst of events and topics in which it is not a specialist or direct observer. A knol is not reading one’s newspaper in public
But this lack of competent commentators on important news seems to me to be a Knol weakness
(*) I added a sentence in the Democratic globalization knol :
The current events in Japan make wonder about the respective roles of individual nations and of the whole World itself as regards how to make safer for mankind the production of nuclear electricity.


for thousands of years things have become more and more complicated and now the shit hits the fan .
we need a radical and ingenious simplification .
we need a world without government nanny state (we all are the government) and a world without bank currency (we all are the bank).
and we need more nature (less people).
that is the message that I read it.

@ PG The point you made is right. To take care of it to some extent, I suggest that you start a knol author forum on international/global issues. I am trying to develop one Knol Authors and Visitors Forum. The innovation is to support the forum by Knol Authors and Visitors Forum – Topics. In the forum implemented through comments feature of collections Knol, we can create short items on various international events. Some authors may write more detailed pieces at some time based on these short pieces.

Yes, to create knol “stubs” within an ad’hoc forum could be a default solution. My experience with Yahoo forums has shown me that it is quite difficult to make such a forum live and grow. Entropy seems to strike after a while.
Btw, about nuclear electricity, there is a basic knol: Nuclear Energy and nuclear power plants but alas never developed and updated for more than 2 years.

I agree with you regarding the growth problems of forums. But we need to try. I request you to open one. I started Interesting New Knols. No activity for number of days. Today there are three entries. If we start them with a serious and useful intent, with some breaks even for long duration, they may once again start growing.


KS @ PG and KVSS
to make a forum live and grow is the same problem as to make a board live and grow .
why not start with our board (with us ourselves) I would be happy if PG and I can convince KVSS that we have to start with persons and not with things .
things are only interesting when they relate to persons .
to try to manipulate persons by things* is the contrary of emotional intelligence . it is (emotional) stupidity .
* our first president after the war was aked if he loves his country .”I love my wife”, he said .

I offer you 100 € for 100 w
all you have to do is to take part on google gold auction and change some whuffies into G’s .


I don’t like spam
it seems that japan now has a huge energy-wise spam problem .


Just wrote my White paper Hope it will clarify the topic


Expanding Knol Search Directory of Interesting Knols. Now giving yearwise breakup.
In the category of entertainment, in all years WJ is prominently visible. Congratulations WJ.
Specify categories to all your knols. Request all knol authors to provide categories to their knols. It will make your knols visible in the directory and also it is an important SEO step.
Knol has at least 25,000 interesting knols. These knols can be marketed by knol authors themselves and also by knol author association to generate 125,000 page views. Another 25,000 interesting knols are likely to be there in other languages. Thus 50,000 interesting knols can be there and they can generate 250,000 page views per day for Knol. What is lacking is marketing orientation.


there is a tree browser for categories .
Browsing the category tree
(when you are assigning categories, you are putting knols into groups …)
very good . but that was before knol had the collections.
now we have the collections and it would much more better to have a tree browser for collections .
do you think I’m right ?

Do you distinguish between search facility and browser?


if knol writes a new tree browser for collections, it can have integrated search facilities .
you can find each collection (and each knol) by its name .
there is a command line beneath the tree, where you can edit the tree
instead of categories we can have search tags by which you can find a knol .
but therefore you don’t need a tree browser .


Knol about Elizabeth Taylor by WJ attracting good traffic. Knol has traction.
Knol Books concept is succeeding. Knol Books – Catalogue 17,000 page views. Business Management – Knol Books – Catalogue 955 pv. Marketing Management – Knol Book of Readings 1632 pv. Encourage all authors to develop knol books. Request all others to suggest knols for inclusion in the books. Wherever there are no knols on topics, it will be good to create knols on those topics. Started a Facebook page on Knol books.


1000 page views per knol can be good target to aim at.
Page Views per Article on Article Platforms. We have to tell authors don’t have the policy of post and forget. Have the policy of Posting and Promoting.


I am about to report to the IRS the financial activity of our KAF. If any of our members have spent any money on KAF activities please post it here. I will be filing tax returns soon. The last date is April 15.

Open some facebook pages on KAF.



Today I found that was opened along with Knol. This site is given 7,785 rank by quantcast.
It has 261.5K US monthly visitors. Max. 293 K on 18/1/2011. Knol has maximum of 300K on 11/11/2010.
HubPages, Knol, Squidoo, Wikipedia and Other Article Sites – Comparison
Database Management Systems (DBMS) – Knol Book developed into two stage book. One knol collection for chapters and the other for topics of the chapter. Many chapters do not have appropriate knols. Hope Knol authors observe and write knols to fill the gaps.


(I’ll keep top-posting this until the surge peaks, then stop, it hasn’t peaked yet, 9000 views in one week)
Knol readers continue to declare this Elizabeth Taylor week:
Ancestry of Elizabeth Taylor, actress 2197 views so far this week
Biography of Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011), actress 1863 views so far this week
Montgomery Clift 1040 views so far this week (boosted by his work with her)
Early life of Sara Sothern, mother of Elizabeth Taylor 1006 views so far this week
Biography of Elizabeth Taylor, actress (Page 3) 995 views so far this week
Elizabeth Taylor Movies on YouTube 840 views so far this week
Biography of Elizabeth Taylor, actress (Page 4) 651 views so far this week
Biography of Elizabeth Taylor, actress (Page 2) 602 views so far this week

Congratulations WJ



A new initiative from Google maps and Google Street View. Cyber tour of some tourist places.
Cyber Tour of Historic Sites through Google Street View
Started Cyber Tour of World Cities – Knol Book


board 2011


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